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Dere, A.D. Co Author Listing * Switching Rollover Controller Coupled With Closed-Loop Adaptive Vehicle Parameter Identification, A

Derech, N.[Niv] Co Author Listing * Solving archaeological puzzles
* Solving archaeological puzzles

Deregibus, E. Co Author Listing * Towards the Automotive HMI of the Future: Overview of the AIDE-Integrated Project Results

Deren, D. Co Author Listing * Segmentation by Minimum Length Encoding

Deren, L. Co Author Listing * International Summer Student Seminar (3s), From Idea To Realization

Derenne, B. Co Author Listing * Complementarity Between in Situ Studies and Photogrammetry: Methodological Feedback from A Roman Shipwreck in Caesarea, Israel

Deretta, G. Co Author Listing * Normalized Weighted Levensthein Distance and Triangle Inequality in the Context of Similarity Discrimination of Bilevel Images
* On the Application of Geometrical Form Description Techniques to Automatic Key-Sections Recognition

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