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Guo sheng, R. Co Author Listing * Weak signal detection based on Duffing oscillator phase transition rate
Includes: Guo sheng, R. Guo-sheng, R.

Guo Zhong, S.[Su] Co Author Listing * Research On The Key Technology Of Large Scale Mapping From Low Altitude Photogrammetry
Includes: Guo Zhong, S.[Su] Guo-Zhong, S.[Su]

Guo, A.[Anting] Co Author Listing * Enabling Deep-Neural-Network-Integrated Optical and SAR Data to Estimate the Maize Leaf Area Index and Biomass with Limited In Situ Data
* Implementation of Pornographic Videos Detection System
* Implicit Shape Biased Few-Shot Learning for 3D Object Generalization
* Improving the representation of image descriptions for semantic image retrieval with RDF
* Integrating Remote Sensing and Meteorological Data to Predict Wheat Stripe Rust
* Landscape-Based Habitat Suitability Model (LHS Model) for Oriental Migratory Locust Area Extraction at Large Scales: A Case Study along the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yellow River, A
* Masked Face Recognition via Self-Attention Based Local Consistency Regularization
* MLSA-UNet: End-to-End Multi-Level Spatial Attention Guided UNet for Industrial Defect Segmentation
* Novel Vegetation Indices for Cotton Boll Opening Status Estimation Using Sentinel-2 Data
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Recovery Challenge and Data Set
* Recognition of Banana Fusarium Wilt Based on UAV Remote Sensing
* Self-trained prediction model and novel anomaly score mechanism for video anomaly detection
* Single View Computer Vision in Polyhedral World: Geometric Inference and Performance Characterization
* Using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Imagery to Detect Winter Wheat Fusarium Head Blight
* Visual Attention Based Image Quality Assessment
* VizWiz Grand Challenge: Answering Visual Questions from Blind People
Includes: Guo, A.[Anting] Guo, A.[Adi] Guo, A.[Aiyuan] Guo, A.[AiBin] Guo, A.[Anjing] Guo, A.[Aibin] Guo, A.[Aiwen] Guo, A.[Anan] Guo, A.
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Guo, A.D.[An Dong] Co Author Listing * Can Small Industrial Platforms Achieve Large Space Spillover? Identifying the Spatial Spillover Scope of Characteristic Towns Using the Gradient Difference Method
Includes: Guo, A.D.[An Dong] Guo, A.D.[An-Dong]

Guo, A.H.[An Hong] Co Author Listing * Order Picking with Head-Up Displays
* VizWiz-Priv: A Dataset for Recognizing the Presence and Purpose of Private Visual Information in Images Taken by Blind People
Includes: Guo, A.H.[An Hong] Guo, A.H.[An-Hong]

Guo, A.J.X. Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Spatial Feature Fusion Algorithm for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification, A
* Graph Regularized Multilinear Mixing Model for Nonlinear Hyperspectral Unmixing, A
* Robust Multilinear Mixing Model with l2,1 norm for Unmixing Hyperspectral Images, A
* Spectral-Spatial Feature Extraction and Classification by ANN Supervised With Center Loss in Hyperspectral Imagery
Includes: Guo, A.J.X. Guo, A.J.X.[Alan J. X.]

Guo, A.P.[Ai Ping] Co Author Listing * Approach of Image Fusion Based on General Image Quality Evaluation, An
Includes: Guo, A.P.[Ai Ping] Guo, A.P.[Ai-Ping]

Guo, A.T.[An Ting] Co Author Listing * Identification of Wheat Yellow Rust Using Spectral and Texture Features of Hyperspectral Images
* Wheat Yellow Rust Detection Using UAV-Based Hyperspectral Technology
Includes: Guo, A.T.[An Ting] Guo, A.T.[An-Ting]

Guo, A.Y.F.[Andy Yuan Fang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Predictor Structure Based Interpolation for Reversible Data Hiding
Includes: Guo, A.Y.F.[Andy Yuan Fang] Guo, A.Y.F.[Andy Yuan-Fang]

Guo, A.Z.[Alice Z.] Co Author Listing * Automated Autism Detection Based on Characterizing Observable Patterns From Photos
* Irregularity and Asymmetry Analysis of Skin Lesions Based on Multi-Scale Local Fractal Distributions
Includes: Guo, A.Z.[Alice Z.] Guo, A.Z.[An-Zhe]

Guo, B. Co Author Listing * ActiveCrowd: A Framework for Optimized Multitask Allocation in Mobile Crowdsensing Systems
* Analysis of Orbital Atmospheric Density from QQ-Satellite Precision Orbits Based on GNSS Observations
* Attention-Assisted Adversarial Model for Cerebrovascular Segmentation in 3D TOF-MRA Volumes
* Automated Mapping of Ms 7.0 Jiuzhaigou Earthquake (China) Post-Disaster Landslides Based on High-Resolution UAV Imagery
* BACA: Superpixel Segmentation with Boundary Awareness and Content Adaptation
* Bimodal Gaussian Inhomogeneous Poisson Algorithm for Bike Number Prediction in a Bike-Sharing System, A
* Boundary graph convolutional network for temporal action detection
* Building Change Detection Based on 3D Co-Segmentation Using Satellite Stereo Imagery
* CABAC Accelerating Algorithm Based on Adaptive Probability Estimation Update, A
* Capsule Boundary Network With 3D Convolutional Dynamic Routing for Temporal Action Detection
* Change Pattern and Its Dominant Driving Factors of Wetlands in the Yellow River Delta Based on Sentinel-2 Images, The
* Changes of Spatiotemporal Pattern of Rocky Desertification and Its Dominant Driving Factors in Typical Karst Mountainous Areas under the Background of Global Change, The
* Classification of airborne laser scanning data using JointBoost
* crowddeliver: Planning City-Wide Package Delivery Paths Leveraging the Crowd of Taxis
* CSWin Transformer: A General Vision Transformer Backbone with Cross-Shaped Windows
* Deep Learning for Sensor-Based Human Activity Recognition: Overview, Challenges, and Opportunities
* Delay-Rate-Distortion Optimization for Cloud Gaming With Hybrid Streaming
* Direct Visible Surface Interpolation
* Discriminative-Dictionary-Learning-Based Multilevel Point-Cluster Features for ALS Point-Cloud Classification
* Evaluation Method for Emergency Procedures in Automatic Metro Based on Complexity, An
* Exemplar-Based Human Action Pose Correction
* Exemplar-based human action pose correction and tagging
* Fast MRF-Based Hole Filling for View Synthesis
* Fast Neighborhood Graph Search Using Cartesian Concatenation
* Fast Shape Recognition Method Using Feature Richness Based on the Walking Minimum Bounding Rectangle over an Occluded Remote Sensing Target
* Feature-Oriented Rate Shaping of Pre-Compressed Image/Video
* Gesture-Radar: A Dual Doppler Radar Based System for Robust Recognition and Quantitative Profiling of Human Gestures
* Gradient clustering algorithm based on deep learning aerial image detection
* Ground Moving Target Indication via Multichannel Airborne SAR
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Situation, Activity, and Goal Awareness in Cyber-Physical Human-Machine Systems
* How to pay less: a location-specific approach to predict dynamic prices in ride-on-demand services
* Impact of Automation at Different Cognitive Stages on High-Speed Train Driving Performance
* Improved Method for Power-Line Reconstruction from Point Cloud Data, An
* KDD: A kernel density based descriptor for 3D point clouds
* Lake Area Changes and Their Influence on Factors in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions along the Silk Road
* Learning Texture Transformer Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Least Squares Compactly Supported Radial Basis Function for Digital Terrain Model Interpolation from Airborne Lidar Point Clouds
* Low Rank Multi-Label Classification with Missing Labels
* MobiGroup: Enabling Lifecycle Support to Social Activity Organization and Suggestion With Mobile Crowd Sensing
* Multi-Representations Encoding Framework for Adaptive HTTP Streaming
* Multilevel Point-Cluster-Based Discriminative Feature for ALS Point Cloud Classification, A
* Novel Adjustment Model for Mosaicking Low-Overlap Sweeping Images, A
* novel filtering model for the erotic images embedded in web pages, A
* Object-oriented remote sensing image information extraction method based on multi-classifier combination and deep learning algorithm
* Optimization Algorithm of Tilted Image Matching Based on Adaptive Initial Object Aspect
* Performance of TRMM Product in Quantifying Frequency and Intensity of Precipitation during Daytime and Nighttime across China
* Protecting Celebrities from DeepFake with Identity Consistency Transformer
* random forest classifier based on pixel comparison features for urban LiDAR data, A
* Real-Time Tracking with Online Constrained Compressive Learning
* Reconstruction and simplification of urban scene models based on oblique images
* Recurrent Adaptive Network: Balanced Learning for Road Crack Segmentation with High-Resolution Images, A
* Revisiting the JPEG-LS prediction scheme
* Smart City Development With Urban Transfer Learning
* SoDar: Multitarget Gesture Recognition Based on SIMO Doppler Radar
* Spatially Non-Stationary Relationships between Changing Environment and Water Yield Services in Watersheds of China's Climate Transition Zones
* Spatiotemporal and Multiscale Analysis of the Coupling Coordination Degree between Economic Development Equality and Eco-Environmental Quality in China from 2001 to 2020
* Stochastic Geometry Method for Pylon Reconstruction from Airborne LiDAR Data, A
* StyleSwin: Transformer-based GAN for High-resolution Image Generation
* Supporting Serendipitous Social Interaction Using Human Mobility Prediction
* Swin Transformer V2: Scaling Up Capacity and Resolution
* Systematical Evaluation of GPM IMERG and TRMM 3B42V7 Precipitation Products in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain, China
* Towards Temporal Dynamic Segmentation
* TripPlanner: Personalized Trip Planning Leveraging Heterogeneous Crowdsourced Digital Footprints
* Universal Optical Flow Based Real-Time Low-Latency Omnidirectional Stereo Video System, A
* Unsupervised SAR Image Change Detection Based on Histogram Fitting Error Minimization and Convolutional Neural Network
* Using a Two-Stage Scheme to Map Toxic Metal Distributions Based on GF-5 Satellite Hyperspectral Images at a Northern Chinese Opencast Coal Mine
* Vector Quantized Diffusion Model for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* Vehicle departure pattern and queue length prediction at an isolated intersection with automatic vehicle identity detection
* Why They Escape: Mining Prioritized Fuzzy Decision Rule in Crowd Evacuation
Includes: Guo, B. Guo, B.[Bibo] Guo, B.[Bin] Guo, B.[Baolong] Guo, B.[Bing] Guo, B.[Bo] Guo, B.[Baining] Guo, B.[Biao] Guo, B.[Beiyuan] Guo, B.[Bao] Guo, B.[Bu] Guo, B.[Bowen]
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Guo, B.B.[Bei Bei] Co Author Listing * Parameters determination and sensor correction method based on virtual CMOS with distortion for the GaoFen6 WFV camera
* SDFCNv2: An Improved FCN Framework for Remote Sensing Images Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Guo, B.B.[Bei Bei] Guo, B.B.[Bei-Bei]

Guo, B.C.[Bai Cang] Co Author Listing * Manifold Siamese Network: A Novel Visual Tracking ConvNet for Autonomous Vehicles
* Novel tile segmentation scheme for omnidirectional video
* Stacking-based ensemble learning method for cognitive distraction state recognition for drivers in traditional and connected environments
Includes: Guo, B.C.[Bai Cang] Guo, B.C.[Bai-Cang] Guo, B.C.[Bi-Chuan]

Guo, B.F.[Bao Feng] Co Author Listing * Customizing Kernel Functions for SVM-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Entropy-Mediated Decision Fusion for Remotely Sensed Image Classification
* fast separability-based feature-selection method for high-dimensional remotely sensed image classification, A
* Gait Feature Subset Selection by Mutual Information
* Human face recognition based on spatially weighted Hausdorff distance
* modified shape descriptor in wavelets compressed domain, A
* Signal-to-Noise Ratio Analyses of Spaceborne GNSS-Reflectometry from Galileo and BeiDou Satellites
* Use of Semantic Human Description as a Soft Biometric, The
Includes: Guo, B.F.[Bao Feng] Guo, B.F.[Bao-Feng] Guo, B.F.[Bo-Feng]
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Guo, B.H. Co Author Listing * Joint Density Based Rank-Score Fusion for Soft Biometric Recognition at a Distance, A

Guo, B.L.[Bao Long] Co Author Listing * Adaptive-SFSDAF for Spatiotemporal Image Fusion that Selectively Uses Class Abundance Change Information
* Aerial Video Images Registration Based on Optimal Derivative Filters with Scene-Adaptive Corners
* Age group classification in the wild with deep RoR architecture
* CONIC: Contour Optimized Non-Iterative Clustering Superpixel Segmentation
* Fractional-order tensor regularisation for image inpainting
* Improved structure tensor for fine-grained texture inpainting
* Merged region based image retrieval
* O2O Method for Fast 2D Shape Retrieval
* Pseudo-Log-Polar Fourier Transform for Image Registration
* Scale-Space Feature Based Image Watermarking in Contourlet Domain
Includes: Guo, B.L.[Bao Long] Guo, B.L.[Bao-Long] Guo, B.L.
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Guo, B.N.[Bai Ning] Co Author Listing * 3D cartoon face generation by local deformation mapping
* 3D cartoon face rigging from sparse examples
* 3D Image Interpolation Based on Directional Coherence
* Advancing High-Resolution Video-Language Representation with Large-Scale Video Transcriptions
* Asymptotically Admissible Texture Synthesis
* Directional Coherence Interpolation For Three-dimensional Gray-level Images
* Face X-Ray for More General Face Forgery Detection
* Interactive chromaticity mapping for multispectral images
* Kinect Identity: Technology and Experience
* Learning Pyramid-Context Encoder Network for High-Quality Image Inpainting
* Orientational Pyramid Matching for Recognizing Indoor Scenes
* Surface Reconstruction: From Points to Splines
* Swin Transformer: Hierarchical Vision Transformer using Shifted Windows
* System and method for real time lip synchronization
* Unsupervised Extraction of Video Highlights via Robust Recurrent Auto-Encoders
Includes: Guo, B.N.[Bai Ning] Guo, B.N.[Bai-Ning] Guo, B.N.
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Guo, B.Q.[Bing Qing] Co Author Listing * 3S-Net: Arbitrary Semantic-Aware Style Transfer With Controllable ROI Choice
* Interactive Style Space of Deep Features and Style Innovation
* Reliable identification of redundant kernels for convolutional neural network compression
Includes: Guo, B.Q.[Bing Qing] Guo, B.Q.[Bing-Qing] Guo, B.Q.[Bao-Qing]

Guo, B.R.[Bao Rui] Co Author Listing * Susceptibility Analysis of Land Subsidence along the Transmission Line in the Salt Lake Area Based on Remote Sensing Interpretation
Includes: Guo, B.R.[Bao Rui] Guo, B.R.[Bao-Rui]

Guo, B.S.[Bai Song] Co Author Listing * LAR-SR: A Local Autoregressive Model for Image Super-Resolution
Includes: Guo, B.S.[Bai Song] Guo, B.S.[Bai-Song]

Guo, B.X.[Bing Xuan] Co Author Listing * 3D Mesh Pre-Processing Method Based on Feature Point Classification and Anisotropic Vertex Denoising Considering Scene Structure Characteristics
* Accurate Mapping Method for UAV Photogrammetry Without Ground Control Points in the Map Projection Frame
* Automatic Seam-Line Detection in UAV Remote Sensing Image Mosaicking by Use of Graph Cuts
* Building Extraction Based on Dense Stereo Match and Edison Algorithm
* Efficient SfM for Large-Scale UAV Images Based on Graph-Indexed BoW and Parallel-Constructed BA Optimization
* Exploring the Influences of Point-of-Interest on Traffic Crashes during Weekdays and Weekends via Multi-Scale Geographically Weighted Regression
* Leveraging vocabulary tree for simultaneous match pair selection and guided feature matching of UAV images
* LIMOFilling: Local Information Guide Hole-Filling and Sharp Feature Recovery for Manifold Meshes
* Multi-View Stereo Matching Based on Self-Adaptive Patch and Image Grouping for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
* Novel OpenMVS-Based Texture Reconstruction Method Based on the Fully Automatic Plane Segmentation for 3D Mesh Models, A
* Precise Indoor Visual Positioning Approach Using a Built Image Feature Database and Single User Image from Smartphone Cameras, A
* Urban Building Mesh Polygonization Based on Plane-Guided Segmentation, Topology Correction and Corner Point Clump Optimization
Includes: Guo, B.X.[Bing Xuan] Guo, B.X.[Bing-Xuan]
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Guo, B.Y.[Bo Yang] Co Author Listing * Image restoration using spatially variant hyper-Laplacian prior
* Multi-Criterion Spatial Optimization of Future Police Stations Based on Urban Expansion and Criminal Behavior Characteristics
* Narrowband Notch Filter Using Feedback Structure Tips & Tricks
* NERNet: Noise estimation and removal network for image denoising
Includes: Guo, B.Y.[Bo Yang] Guo, B.Y.[Bo-Yang] Guo, B.Y.[Bao-Yu] Guo, B.Y. Guo, B.Y.[Bing-Yang]

Guo, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * 3D Rock Structure Digital Characterization Using Airborne LiDAR and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Techniques for Stability Analysis of a Blocky Rock Mass Slope
* Action2video: Generating Videos of Human 3D Actions
* Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
* Adversarial Defense Through Network Profiling Based Path Extraction
* AEnet: Automatic Picking of P-Wave First Arrivals Using Deep Learning
* AugFPN: Improving Multi-Scale Feature Learning for Object Detection
* Automatic Recognition of Printed Chinese Characters by Four Corner Codes
* Building Extraction from High Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on Improved Mask R-CNN
* Classification of Point Clouds for Indoor Components Using Few Labeled Samples
* Creep-Sliding Deformation Mechanism of the Jiaju Ancient Landslide in the Upstream of Dadu River, Tibetan Plateau, China, The
* Cyber-Physical System-Based Velocity-Profile Prediction Method and Case Study of Application in Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle, A
* Deep Neural Network Based Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection for Autonomous Driving: A Survey
* DHA: Supervised Deep Learning to Hash with an Adaptive Loss Function
* EcoMark 2.0: empowering eco-routing with vehicular environmental models and actual vehicle fuel consumption data
* Effect of Microgeometry on Modeling Accuracy of Fluid-Saturated Rock Using Dielectric Permittivity
* Emerging From Water: Underwater Image Color Correction Based on Weakly Supervised Color Transfer
* Enhanced User Interest and Expertise Modeling for Expert Recommendation
* Estimates of Power Shortages and Affected Populations during the Initial Period of the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict
* EventHPE: Event-based 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation
* Fast road scene segmentation using deep learning and scene-based models
* Few-Shot Multi-Class Ship Detection in Remote Sensing Images Using Attention Feature Map and Multi-Relation Detector
* FRSVC: Towards making support vector clustering consume less
* Generating Diverse and Natural 3D Human Motions from Text
* Hierarchical Features Driven Residual Learning for Depth Map Super-Resolution
* hierarchical threshold secret image sharing, A
* Human Performance Capture from Monocular Video in the Wild
* Illumination-Robust Subpixel Fourier-Based Image Correlation Methods Based on Phase Congruency
* Image Dehazing Transformer with Transmission-Aware 3D Position Embedding
* Investigation of Tightly Combined Single-Frequency and Single-Epoch Precise Positioning Using Multi-GNSS Data
* Isotropic wavevector domain image filters by a photonic crystal slab device
* Iterative Recovery of Dense Signals from Incomplete Measurements
* Jointly Learning Agent and Lane Information for Multimodal Trajectory Prediction
* Learning to Enhance Low-Light Image via Zero-Reference Deep Curve Estimation
* Low-Light Image and Video Enhancement Using Deep Learning: A Survey
* Machine learning and whale optimization algorithm based design of energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
* Mapping and Characterizing Displacements of Landslides with InSAR and Airborne LiDAR Technologies: A Case Study of Danba County, Southwest China
* Motion-Appearance Interactive Encoding for Object Segmentation in Unconstrained Videos
* Motion-Homogeneous-Based Fast Transcoding Method From H.264: AVC to HEVC
* Multi-Sensor Fusion Self-Supervised Deep Odometry and Depth Estimation
* Multi-stage feature-fusion dense network for motion deblurring
* multi-threshold secret image sharing scheme based on MSP, A
* Multigranular Event Recognition of Personal Photo Albums
* Multimodal ADAS System for Unmarked Urban Scenarios Based on Road Context Understanding, A
* Multiphase Level Set Evolution Scheme for Aerial Image Segmentation Using Multi-scale Image Geometric Analysis, A
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Night Photography Rendering
* Object Detection of Tobacco-Related Information Based on Visual Features
* PDR-Net: Perception-Inspired Single Image Dehazing Network With Refinement
* Physics-based Iterative Projection Complex Neural Network for Phase Retrieval in Lensless Microscopy Imaging
* PINA: Learning a Personalized Implicit Neural Avatar from a Single RGB-D Video Sequence
* Predicting Drug-Drug Interactions with Graph Attention Network
* Probabilistic Inference for Occluded and Multiview On-road Vehicle Detection
* Progressive Sparse Local Attention for Video Object Detection
* Pseudo low rank video representation
* Resolution Threshold Analysis of the Microwave Radar Coincidence Imaging
* Robust age estimation model using group-aware contrastive learning
* Robust Road Detection and Tracking in Challenging Scenarios Based on Markov Random Fields With Unsupervised Learning
* SA-UNet: Spatial Attention U-Net for Retinal Vessel Segmentation
* Self-Paced AutoEncoder
* Shape-Aware Multi-Person Pose Estimation from Multi-View Images
* Spatial Stochastic Vehicle Traffic Modeling for VANETs
* Spatial Variability of Electric Field Implied by Common Dielectric Effective Medium Models
* strong bilayer appearance model for human pose estimation from a high freedom still image, A
* Study on the Creep-Sliding Mechanism of the Giant Xiongba Ancient Landslide Based on the SBAS-InSAR Method, Tibetan Plateau, China
* Temporal Multimodal Graph Transformer With Global-Local Alignment for Video-Text Retrieval
* TM2T: Stochastic and Tokenized Modeling for the Reciprocal Generation of 3D Human Motions and Texts
* Underwater Image Enhancement via Medium Transmission-Guided Multi-Color Space Embedding
* User Profiling by Combining Topic Modeling and Pointwise Mutual Information (TM-PMI)
* Zero-Reference Deep Curve Estimation for Low-Light Image Enhancement
Includes: Guo, C.[Chen] Guo, C.[Chuan] Guo, C.[Chang] Guo, C.[Cong] Guo, C.[Chao] Guo, C. Guo, C.[Chi] Guo, C.[Changbao] Guo, C.[Chenjuan] Guo, C.[Caili] Guo, C.[Cheng] Guo, C.[Chun] Guo, C.[Chunle] Guo, C.[Chong] Guo, C.[Cai] Guo, C.[Cao] Guo, C.[Chaoxu] Guo, C.[Chengyu] Guo, C.[Changlu]
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Guo, C.A.[Charles A.] Co Author Listing * IDRLP: Image Dehazing Using Region Line Prior

Guo, C.B.[Chu Bing] Co Author Listing * hybrid method of detecting flame from video stream, A
Includes: Guo, C.B.[Chu Bing] Guo, C.B.[Chu-Bing]

Guo, C.C. Co Author Listing * Deep Ranking for Person Re-Identification via Joint Representation Learning
* Multi-shot Person Re-identification with Automatic Ambiguity Inference and Removal
Includes: Guo, C.C. Guo, C.C.[Chun-Chao]

Guo, C.E.[Cheng En] Co Author Listing * Conceptualization and Modeling of Visual Patterns
* Information Scaling Laws in Natural Scenes
* Modeling Visual Patterns by Integrating Descriptive and Generative Methods
* Non-purposive perceptual region grouping
* Perceptual grouping of segmented regions in color images
* Primal sketch: Integrating structure and texture
* Statistical Modeling of Texture Sketch
* Towards a mathematical theory of primal sketch and sketchability
* Visual Learning by Integrating Descriptive and Generative Methods
* What are Textons?
Includes: Guo, C.E.[Cheng En] Guo, C.E.[Cheng-En]
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Guo, C.G.[Cheng Gang] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Sparse Visual Tracking Using Circulant Reverse LASSO Model
* Research on a Simulation Model of a Skywave Over-the-Horizon Radar Sea Echo Spectrum
* Waterfront surveillance and trackability
Includes: Guo, C.G.[Cheng Gang] Guo, C.G.[Cheng-Gang] Guo, C.G.[Chao-Gang] Guo, C.G.[Chen-Gen]

Guo, C.H.[Chen Hao] Co Author Listing * KDD: A kernel density based descriptor for 3D point clouds
* Learning to rectify for robust learning with noisy labels
* SCOD: Dynamical Spatial Constraints for Object Detection
Includes: Guo, C.H.[Chen Hao] Guo, C.H.[Chen-Hao] Guo, C.H.[Chen-Hui] Guo, C.H.[Cheng-Hao]

Guo, C.L.[Chun Le] Co Author Listing * Designing an Illumination-Aware Network for Deep Image Relighting
* FocusCut: Diving into a Focus View in Interactive Segmentation
* hybrid method for underwater image correction, A
* Novel Multiresolution Spatiotemporal Saliency Detection Model and Its Applications in Image and Video Compression, A
* Spatio-temporal Saliency detection using phase spectrum of quaternion fourier transform
* Survey of connected automated vehicle perception mode: from autonomy to interaction
* Towards An End-to-End Framework for Flow-Guided Video Inpainting
* Underwater Image Enhancement Benchmark Dataset and Beyond, An
Includes: Guo, C.L.[Chun Le] Guo, C.L.[Chun-Le] Guo, C.L.[Chen-Lei] Guo, C.L.[Chai Lin]
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Guo, C.M. Co Author Listing * From Chinese Rooms to Irish Rooms: New Words on Visions for Language

Guo, C.Q.[Cheng Qian] Co Author Listing * Displacement Back Analysis of Reservoir Landslide Based on Multi-Source Monitoring Data: A Case Study of the Cheyiping Landslide in the Lancang River Basin, China
* Examining Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Ecological Quality in the Pan-Third Pole Region in the Past 20 Years
* Large-Scale Rice Mapping Using Multi-Task Spatiotemporal Deep Learning and Sentinel-1 SAR Time Series
* New Multispectral Method for Face Liveness Detection, A
* When do GANs replicate? On the choice of dataset size
Includes: Guo, C.Q.[Cheng Qian] Guo, C.Q.[Cheng-Qian] Guo, C.Q.[Chang-Qing] Guo, C.Q.[Chang-Qiang] Guo, C.Q.[Chen-Qi]

Guo, C.S.[Chun Sheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Graph-Cut Algorithm to Video Moving Objects Segmentation
* Batch quadratic programming network with maximum entropy constraint for anomaly detection
* Deep neural network with FGL for small dataset classification
* GRACE Data Explore Moho Change Characteristics Beneath the South America Continent near the Chile Triple Junction
* Seafloor Sediment Study from South China Sea: Acoustic & Physical Property Relationship
Includes: Guo, C.S.[Chun Sheng] Guo, C.S.[Chun-Sheng] Guo, C.S.[Chang-Sheng]

Guo, C.X.[Chao Xu] Co Author Listing * Cascaded temporal spatial features for video action recognition
* Imaging of Anisotropic Conductivities from Current Densities in Two Dimensions
* Joint spatial-temporal attention for action recognition
* Learned Monocular Depth Priors in Visual-Inertial Initialization
* PV-RCNN++: Point-Voxel Feature Set Abstraction With Local Vector Representation for 3D Object Detection
* PV-RCNN: Point-Voxel Feature Set Abstraction for 3D Object Detection
Includes: Guo, C.X.[Chao Xu] Guo, C.X.[Chao-Xu] Guo, C.X.[Chen-Xi] Guo, C.X.[Chao X.]

Guo, C.Y.[Chen Yang] Co Author Listing * AdaConfigure: Reinforcement Learning-Based Adaptive Configuration for Video Analytics Services
* Automatic segmentation technique for acetabulum and femoral head in CT images
* Classifying Textual Components of Bilingual Documents with Decision-Tree Support Vector Machines
* Fingerprints Matching Based on Quadrangle
* Recognition of Fragmented Characters Using Multiple Feature-Subset Classifiers
* Water Balance Analysis Based on a Quantitative Evapotranspiration Inversion in the Nukus Irrigation Area, Lower Amu River Basin
Includes: Guo, C.Y.[Chen Yang] Guo, C.Y.[Chen-Yang] Guo, C.Y.[Chang-Yong] Guo, C.Y.[Chien-Yang] Guo, C.Y.[Chang-You] Guo, C.Y. Guo, C.Y.[Chen-Yu]

Guo, C.Z.[Chun Zhao] Co Author Listing * Free Space, Visible and Missing Lane Marker Estimation using the PsiNet and Extra Trees Regression
* Global multi-scale grid integer coding and spatial indexing: A novel approach for big earth observation data
* Real-time Dense Disparity Estimation based on Multi-Path Viterbi for Intelligent Vehicle Applications
* Real-Time Lane Estimation Using Deep Features and Extra Trees Regression
* Real-time road surface and semantic lane estimation using deep features
* Semantic Graph of Traffic Scenes for Intelligent Vehicle Systems, A
Includes: Guo, C.Z.[Chun Zhao] Guo, C.Z.[Chun-Zhao] Guo, C.Z.[Cong-Zhou]

Guo, D.[Di] Co Author Listing * Accelerated MRI Reconstruction With Separable and Enhanced Low-Rank Hankel Regularization
* Annotation-Efficient Learning for Medical Image Segmentation Based on Noisy Pseudo Labels and Adversarial Learning
* Assessment of Influence of Image Processing On Fully Automatic UAV Photogrammetry
* Audio-Visual Segmentation
* Class-wise Metric Scaling for Improved Few-Shot Classification
* Color Me Right: Seamless Image Compositing
* Combined Effects of the ENSO and the QBO on the Ozone Valley over the Tibetan Plateau
* Comparison of Electrochemical Concentration Cell Ozonesonde and Microwave Limb Sounder Satellite Remote Sensing Ozone Profiles for the Center of the South Asian High
* Content-Based Mesh Design and Occlusion Adaptive GOP Structure
* Context-Aware Graph Inference With Knowledge Distillation for Visual Dialog
* Correcting over-exposure in photographs
* Customizable MPEG-4 Face Player Using Real-time 2D Image Sequence
* Degraded Image Semantic Segmentation With Dense-Gram Networks
* Detection of vehicle wheels from images using a pseudo-wavelet filter for analysis of congested traffic
* Digital face makeup by example
* Dynamic Monitoring of Forest Land in Fuling District Based on Multi-Source Time Series Remote Sensing Images
* Ecosystem-Dependent Responses of Vegetation Coverage on the Tibetan Plateau to Climate Factors and Their Lag Periods
* Effect of ENSO on the Ozone Valley over the Tibetan Plateau Based on the WACCM4 Model
* Effective and efficient video text extraction using key text points
* Enhancing the Accuracy and Temporal Transferability of Irrigated Cropping Field Classification Using Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* Estimating Frost during Growing Season and Its Impact on the Velocity of Vegetation Greenup and Withering in Northeast China
* Examining the Association of Economic Development with Intercity Multimodal Transport Demand in China: A Focus on Spatial Autoregressive Analysis
* Face2Face-rho: Real-Time High-Resolution One-Shot Face Reenactment
* Forecasting Short-Term Passenger Flow of Subway Stations Based on the Temporal Pattern Attention Mechanism and the Long Short-Term Memory Network
* Framework for Generating High Spatiotemporal Resolution Land Surface Temperature in Heterogeneous Areas, A
* From foot to head: Active face finding using deep Q-learning
* Global 3D Non-Rigid Registration of Deformable Objects Using a Single RGB-D Camera
* Graph-Based Multimodal Sequential Embedding for Sign Language Translation
* Guest editorial: special issue on spatial computing in emergency management
* Hierarchical Recurrent Deep Fusion Using Adaptive Clip Summarization for Sign Language Translation
* Human posture recognition in video sequence using pseudo 2-D hidden Markov models
* ICEAGE: Interactive Clustering and Exploration of Large and High-Dimensional Geodata
* Image-Question-Answer Synergistic Network for Visual Dialog
* Impact of Atmospheric Correction on Spatial Heterogeneity Relations Between Land Surface Temperature and Biophysical Compositions
* Improved marching tetrahedra algorithm based on hierarchical signed distance field and multi-scale depth map fusion for 3D reconstruction
* Informative Feature Disentanglement for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Iterative Context-Aware Graph Inference for Visual Dialog
* Joint Clustering and Discriminative Feature Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Large-Scale Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Changes of Net Ecosystem Production in Hindu Kush Himalayan Region
* Learning universal multi-view age estimator using video context
* Learning View-Invariant Features for Person Identification in Temporally Synchronized Videos Taken by Wearable Cameras
* Lesion detection using T1-weighted MRI: A new approach based on functional cortical ROIs
* Measuring Maximum Urban Capacity of Taxi-Based Logistics
* Mesospheric Bore Observations Using Suomi-NPP VIIRS DNB during 2013-2017
* Mismatch Removal for Wide-baseline Image Matching via Coherent Region-to-Region Correspondence
* Multi-agent Embodied Question Answering in Interactive Environments
* Multimodal architecture for video captioning with memory networks and an attention mechanism
* New hope for recognizing twins by using facial motion
* One-Dimensional Deep Low-Rank and Sparse Network for Accelerated MRI
* Order-Aware Generative Modeling Using the 3D-Craft Dataset
* Organ at Risk Segmentation for Head and Neck Cancer Using Stratified Learning and Neural Architecture Search
* Orthographic Reflectance Image for Planar Target Localization in Low Density TLS Point Clouds
* Parallel Temporal Encoder For Sign Language Translation
* Parsimonious Gap-Filling Models for Sub-Daily Actual Evapotranspiration Observations from Eddy-Covariance Systems
* Pointcontrast: Unsupervised Pre-training for 3d Point Cloud Understanding
* Projected Iterative Soft-Thresholding Algorithm for Tight Frames in Compressed Sensing Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Quantitative Analysis of the Research Trends and Areas in Grassland Remote Sensing: A Scientometrics Analysis of Web of Science from 1980 to 2020
* Robust flash deblurring
* SAM: Self-Supervised Learning of Pixel-Wise Anatomical Embeddings in Radiological Images
* Seasonal M2 Internal Tides in the Arabian Sea
* Sign language recognition based on adaptive HMMS with data augmentation
* Small Object Sensitive Segmentation of Urban Street Scene With Spatial Adjacency Between Object Classes
* Spatio-Temporal Flow Model of Urban Dockless Shared Bikes Based on Points of Interest Clustering, A
* Speedy and accurate image super-resolution via deeply recursive CNN with skip connection and network in network
* Structured Output-Associated Dictionary Learning for Haptic Understanding
* talking profile to distinguish identical twins, A
* Textual-Visual Reference-Aware Attention Network for Visual Dialog
* Transferable Discriminative Feature Mining for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Using Time Series Sentinel-1 Images for Object-Oriented Crop Classification in Google Earth Engine
* VGG-Embedded Adaptive Layer-Normalized Crowd Counting Net with Scale-Shuffling Modules
* Video-Based Action Detection Using Multiple Wearable Cameras
Includes: Guo, D.[Di] Guo, D.[Dong] Guo, D. Guo, D.[Dan] Guo, D.[Dashan] Guo, D.[Dabo] Guo, D.[Dongbai] Guo, D.[Da] Guo, D.[Danlu] Guo, D.[Daoliang] Guo, D.[Dongjun] Guo, D.[Danhuai] Guo, D.[Diansheng] Guo, D.[Dalu] Guo, D.[Deke] Guo, D.[Demi] Guo, D.[Dazhou] Guo, D.[Daquan] Guo, D.[Dewen]
71 for Guo, D.

Guo, D.B.[Dong Bin] Co Author Listing * Energy-Barycenter Based Waveform Centroid Algorithm for Pulse Lidar Ranging System
Includes: Guo, D.B.[Dong Bin] Guo, D.B.[Dong-Bin]

Guo, D.D.[Dan Dan] Co Author Listing * Deep Autoencoding Topic Model With Scalable Hybrid Bayesian Inference
* Matching Visual Features to Hierarchical Semantic Topics for Image Paragraph Captioning
* Self-attention-based conditional random fields latent variables model for sequence labeling
Includes: Guo, D.D.[Dan Dan] Guo, D.D.[Dan-Dan] Guo, D.D.[Dong-Dong]

Guo, D.F.[Dian Fan] Co Author Listing * Gap-Filling of 8-Day Terra MODIS Daytime Land Surface Temperature in High-Latitude Cold Region with Generalized Additive Models (GAM)
* High-Resolution Daily Emission Inventory of Biomass Burning in the Amur-Heilong River Basin Based on MODIS Fire Radiative Energy Data
* Transformer-Based Network for Anisotropic 3D Medical Image Segmentation, A
Includes: Guo, D.F.[Dian Fan] Guo, D.F.[Dian-Fan] Guo, D.F.[Dan-Feng]

Guo, D.H.[Dan Huai] Co Author Listing * Efficient CPS model based online opinion governance modeling and evaluation for emergency accidents
* Enhanced pipelined architecture of H.264/AVC intra prediction
* Evaluation of the MODIS LAI/FPAR Algorithm Based on 3D-RTM Simulations: A Case Study of Grassland
* Low Bit Rate Compression of Facial Images Based on Adaptive Over-Complete Sparse Representation
* OSCAR: a framework to integrate spatial computing ability and data aggregation for emergency management of public health
* Spatio-temporal Scenario Model for Emergency Decision, A
Includes: Guo, D.H.[Dan Huai] Guo, D.H.[Dong-Hui] Guo, D.H.[Dong-Hou] Guo, D.H.[Dong Hui] Guo, D.H.[Dan-Huai]

Guo, D.J.[De Jun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Line-of-Sight Tracking Control for a Tractor-Trailer Vehicle System With Multiple Constraints
* Maria Basalts Chronology of the Chang'E-5 Sampling Site
* Two-stage partial image-text clustering (TPIT-C)
Includes: Guo, D.J.[De Jun] Guo, D.J.[De-Jun] Guo, D.J.[Di-Jun] Guo, D.J.[Dong-Jin]

Guo, D.L.[Da Lei] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Based Automatic COVID-19 CT Segmentation
* Video Quality Assessment of Danmaku-Based Video Saliency Regions
Includes: Guo, D.L.[Da Lei] Guo, D.L.[Da-Lei] Guo, D.L.[Dong-Liang]

Guo, D.M.[Dong Mei] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Vertical Datum Parameters Using the GBVP Approach Based on the Combined Global Geopotential Models
* Liver MRI segmentation with edge-preserved intensity inhomogeneity correction
* Robust subspace clustering based on inter-cluster correlation reduction by low rank representation
Includes: Guo, D.M.[Dong Mei] Guo, D.M.[Dong-Mei]

Guo, D.N.[Ding Ning] Co Author Listing * Support structure representation learning for sequential data clustering
Includes: Guo, D.N.[Ding Ning] Guo, D.N.[Ding-Ning]

Guo, D.Q.[De Quan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Kernelized Correlation Filters with Multiple Features in the Tracking Application, An
Includes: Guo, D.Q.[De Quan] Guo, D.Q.[De-Quan]

Guo, D.S.[Dong Sheng] Co Author Listing * Cross-validation based weights and structure determination of Chebyshev-polynomial neural networks for pattern classification
* Fully Convolutional Network for Multiscale Temporal Action Proposals
* Image Harmonization with Transformer
* Low-Dose CT Image Restoration Based on Adaptive Prior Feature Matching and Nonlocal Means
* Painting from Part
* Prediction of Sea Surface Temperature in the China Seas Based on Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks
* Spiral Generative Network for Image Extrapolation
Includes: Guo, D.S.[Dong Sheng] Guo, D.S.[Dong-Sheng] Guo, D.S.[Da-Shan] Guo, D.S.[Dao-Shun]
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Guo, D.Y.[Dong Yan] Co Author Listing * Consistency-Aware Graph Network for Human Interaction Understanding
* Deep Learning Framework of Autonomous Pilot Agent for Air Traffic Controller Training, A
* End-to-end feature fusion Siamese network for adaptive visual tracking
* FlightBERT: Binary Encoding Representation for Flight Trajectory Prediction
* Graph Attention Tracking
* Human Interaction Understanding With Joint Graph Decomposition and Node Labeling
* Joint Classification and Regression for Visual Tracking with Fully Convolutional Siamese Networks
* Multiple Features Distance Preserving (MFDP) Model for Saliency Detection, A
* Multiple Kernel Learning Based Multi-view Spectral Clustering
* Saliency-based content-aware lifestyle image mosaics
* SiamCAR: Siamese Fully Convolutional Classification and Regression for Visual Tracking
* Towards multilingual end-to-end speech recognition for air traffic control
Includes: Guo, D.Y.[Dong Yan] Guo, D.Y.[Dong-Yan] Guo, D.Y.[Dong-Yue]
12 for Guo, D.Y.

Guo, E.[Enliang] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Land Desertification and Its Drivers on the Mongolian Plateau Using Intensity Analysis and the Geographical Detector Technique
* Extrinsic Camera Calibration by using a Nonuniform Subdivision Accumulator and Orthogonal Vanishing Points
* Influence of Energy and Water Cycle Key Parameters on Drought in Mongolian Plateau during 1979-2020
* Monitoring Vegetation Change and Its Potential Drivers in Inner Mongolia from 2000 to 2019
* Real-time Detection and Tracking Network with Feature Sharing
* Spatiotemporal Variation in Compound Dry and Hot Events and Its Effects on NDVI in Inner Mongolia, China
Includes: Guo, E.[Enliang] Guo, E.[Ente] Guo, E.

Guo, E.L.[En Liang] Co Author Listing * Characteristic Analysis of Droughts and Waterlogging Events for Maize Based on a New Comprehensive Index through Coupling of Multisource Data in Midwestern Jilin Province, China
* NDVI Indicates Long-Term Dynamics of Vegetation and Its Driving Forces from Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors in Mongolian Plateau
Includes: Guo, E.L.[En Liang] Guo, E.L.[En-Liang]

Guo, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * 3D arm movement tracking using adaptive particle filter
* 3D Human Motion Tracking using Manifold Learning
* Automatic geo-localization framework without GNSS data
* Beacons Selection Method under Random Interference for Indoor Positioning, A
* combination approach to forecast the spare parts faults of shipboard aircraft, A
* Cross-Stage Multi-Scale Interaction Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Dance Posture Recognition Using Wide-baseline Orthogonal Stereo Cameras
* DDNet: 3D densely connected convolutional networks with feature pyramids for nasopharyngeal carcinoma segmentation
* Deep Camera Pose Regression Using Motion Vectors
* Dense Traffic Detection at Highway-Railroad Grade Crossings
* Depth-assisted RefineNet for Indoor Semantic Segmentation
* Devil Is in the Details: Delving Into Unbiased Data Processing for Human Pose Estimation, The
* Discriminative Projection Learning With Adaptive Reversed Graph Embedding for Supervised and Semi-Supervised Dimensionality Reduction
* Effects of Higher-Order Ionospheric Terms on GPS Tropospheric Delay and Gradient Estimates, The
* efficient approach for 2D to 3D video conversion based on structure from motion, An
* Efficient Data Driven Algorithm for Multi-Sensor Alignment, An
* Efficient Salient Object Detection Model with Dilated Convolutional Networks
* Evaluating Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Population Density Using Cellular Data
* Fast Geo-Location Method Based on Panoramic Skyline in Hilly Area
* Fusion Despeckling Based on Surface Variation Anisotropic Diffusion Filter and Ratio Image Filter
* Glaucoma screening pipeline based on clinical measurements and hidden features
* Hough transform-based approach for estimating 3D rotation angles of vertebrae from biplanar radiographs using GPU-acceleration
* Human Movement Analysis for Interactive Dance
* Human Pose Inference from Stereo Cameras
* Improved BDS Satellite-Induced Code Bias Correction Model Considering the Consistency of Multipath Combinations, An
* Improved Method for Pan-Tropical Above-Ground Biomass and Canopy Height Retrieval Using CYGNSS, An
* Industrial Style Transfer with Large-scale Geometric Warping and Content Preservation
* Integration of GPS/BDS Real-Time Kinematic Positioning and Visual-Inertial Odometry Based on Smartphones, The
* Investigation of Extreme Weather Impact on Precipitable Water Vapor and Vegetation Growth: A Case Study in Zhejiang China, An
* Irregular Shape Symmetry Analysis: Theory and Application to Quantitative Galaxy Classification
* Learning and Inference of 3D Human Poses from Gaussian Mixture Modeled Silhouettes
* Localisation and segmentation of optic disc with the fractional-order Darwinian particle swarm optimisation algorithm
* Monocular 3D Tracking of Articulated Human Motion in Silhouette and Pose Manifolds
* Motion-Aware Rapid Video Saliency Detection
* New Method for Approximating Optimal Parameterization of Polynomial Curves, A
* New multiscale transforms, minimum total variation synthesis: applications to edge-preserving image reconstruction
* Nineteen Years of Trophic State Variation in Large Lakes of the Yangtze River Delta Region Derived from MODIS Images
* One Kind of Macrophages Images Segmentation and Labeling Method
* Plane Rectification Using a Circle and Points from a Single View
* Point Pattern Matching based on point pair local nonuniform ODT and Spectral Matching
* Point-pattern matching based on point pair local topology and probabilistic relaxation labeling
* Possible Seismo-Ionospheric Perturbations Recorded by the China-Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite, The
* probabilistic, hierarchical, and discriminant framework for rapid and accurate detection of deformable anatomic structure, A
* Pseudo Multi-Port SRAM Circuit for Image Processing in Display Drivers
* Quantification of Urban Heat Island-Induced Contribution to Advance in Spring Phenology: A Case Study in Hangzhou, China
* Radar Emitter Recognition Based on Parameter Set Clustering and Classification
* Rapidly Deployable Video Analysis Sensor units for wide area surveillance
* Recognition of Moving Object in High Dynamic Scene for Visual Prosthesis
* Revisiting Video Saliency: A Large-Scale Benchmark and a New Model
* Robust Arbitrary-View Gait Recognition Based on 3D Partial Similarity Matching
* robust non-rigid point set registration method based on inhomogeneous Gaussian mixture models, A
* SDRNet: An end-to-end shadow detection and removal network
* Search-Based Depth Estimation via Coupled Dictionary Learning with Large-Margin Structure Inference
* Semantic video event search for surveillance video
* Semantic Video-to-Video Search Using Sub-graph Grouping and Matching
* Semi-Supervised Adversarial Monocular Depth Estimation
* Singularity Detection and Consistent 3D Arm Tracking Using Monocular Videos
* Survey of Traffic Data Visualization, A
* Three Dimensional Deformation Measurements with Digital Holography
* Triple-Frequency GPS Un-Differenced and Uncombined PPP Ambiguity Resolution Using Observable-Specific Satellite Signal Biases
* Urban link travel time estimation using traffic states-based data fusion
* Video Mensuration Using a Stationary Camera
* Video Metrology Using a Single Camera
* Voxel-Based Fully Convolution Network and Continuous Max-Flow for Carotid Vessel-Wall-Volume Segmentation From 3D Ultrasound Images, A
* Wavelet Packet Decomposition-Based Multiscale CNN for Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbine Gearbox
Includes: Guo, F.[Feng] Guo, F.[Fan] Guo, F.[Fei] Guo, F.[Fu] Guo, F. Guo, F.[Fusheng] Guo, F.[Fugui] Guo, F.[Falei] Guo, F.[Fenghua] Guo, F.[Franck] Guo, F.[Fang] Guo, F.[Fengsheng] Guo, F.[Fucheng] Guo, F.[Fangce] Guo, F.[Fanghong]
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Guo, F.B.[Fu Bin] Co Author Listing * Domain-Adversarial-Guided Siamese Network for Unsupervised Cross-Domain 3-D Object Retrieval
Includes: Guo, F.B.[Fu Bin] Guo, F.B.[Fu-Bin]

Guo, F.C.[Feng Cheng] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Precise Orbit Determination for the HY2D Satellite Using Onboard GPS/BDS Observations
* Evaluating the Vertical Accuracy of DEM Generated from ZiYuan-3 Stereo Images in Understanding the Tectonic Morphology of the Qianhe Basin, China
* High-resolution direct position determination based on eigenspace using a single moving ULA
* Improvement and Assessment of the Absolute Positioning Accuracy of Chinese High-Resolution SAR Satellites
* Integrated Quantitative Evaluation Method of SAR Filters
* Non-Local Means De-Speckling Based on Multi-Directional Local Plane Inclination Angle
* Quantitative Analysis of Tectonic Geomorphology Research Based on Web of Science from 1981 to 2021
* Speckle Reduction by Directional Coherent Anisotropic Diffusion
* Speckle Suppression by Weighted Euclidean Distance Anisotropic Diffusion
* Stability Analysis of Geometric Positioning Accuracy of YG-13 Satellite
Includes: Guo, F.C.[Feng Cheng] Guo, F.C.[Feng-Cheng] Guo, F.C. Guo, F.C.[Feng-Chen]
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Guo, F.D.[Fang Da] Co Author Listing * Fast Single Image Super-Resolution via Self-Example Learning and Sparse Representation
Includes: Guo, F.D.[Fang Da] Guo, F.D.[Fang-Da]

Guo, F.F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy c-means algorithm based on local noise detecting for image segmentation
* Contrast Enhancement Framework with JPEG Artifacts Suppression, A
* sparsity-promoting image decomposition model for depth recovery, A
Includes: Guo, F.F. Guo, F.F.[Fang-Fang]

Guo, F.G.[Fu Gui] Co Author Listing * Algorithm to Assist the Robust Filter for Tightly Coupled RTK/INS Navigation System, An
Includes: Guo, F.G.[Fu Gui] Guo, F.G.[Fu-Gui]

Guo, F.H.[Feng Hua] Co Author Listing * Edge-preserving image denoising
* Probabilistic Spatial Distribution Prior Based Attentional Keypoints Matching Network
Includes: Guo, F.H.[Feng Hua] Guo, F.H.[Feng-Hua] Guo, F.H.[Fang-Hong]

Guo, F.J.[Feng Jun] Co Author Listing * Don't Forget Me: Accurate Background Recovery for Text Removal via Modeling Local-Global Context
* Efficient Candidate Set Size Reduction Method for Coarse-Classification in Chinese Handwriting Recognition, An
* Gesture Recognition Techniques in Handwriting Recognition Application
* Online Chinese character recognition system with handwritten Pinyin input
* Probabilistic Framework for Soft Target Learning in Online Cursive Handwriting Recognition, A
Includes: Guo, F.J.[Feng Jun] Guo, F.J.[Feng-Jun]

Guo, F.M.[Fu Min] Co Author Listing * Cardiac MRI Left Ventricular Segmentation and Function Quantification Using Pre-trained Neural Networks
* Multi-Scale LBP Texture Feature Learning Network for Remote Sensing Interpretation of Land Desertification
* Pipeline to Build and Test Robust 3D T1 Mapping-Based Heart Models for EP Interventions: Preliminary Results
* Variational Generative Adversarial Network with Crossed Spatial and Spectral Interactions for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Guo, F.M.[Fu Min] Guo, F.M.[Fu-Min] Guo, F.M.[Fang-Ming]

Guo, F.Q.[Fang Qing] Co Author Listing * Hybrid attention mechanism for few-shot relational learning of knowledge graphs
Includes: Guo, F.Q.[Fang Qing] Guo, F.Q.[Fang-Qing]

Guo, F.T.[Fang Tai] Co Author Listing * Estimation of 3D human hand poses with structured pose prior
Includes: Guo, F.T.[Fang Tai] Guo, F.T.[Fang-Tai]

Guo, F.X.[Fang Xia] Co Author Listing * comment on 'Translation and scale invariants of Tchebichef moments' by Hong-Qing Zhu [Pattern Recognition 40 (2007) 2530-2542], A
* Comments on The definition of half-Gabor filter by Lunke Fei
* Differences in Urban Morphology between 77 Cities in China and Europe
* Footstep-Identification System Based on Walking Interval
* Image analysis by circularly semi-orthogonal moments
* Multi-Scale Relationship between Land Surface Temperature and Landscape Pattern Based on Wavelet Coherence: The Case of Metropolitan Beijing, China
* On the Scale Effect of Relationship Identification between Land Surface Temperature and 3D Landscape Pattern: The Application of Random Forest
* Robust footstep identification system based on acoustic local features
* Rotation invariant analysis and orientation estimation method for texture classification based on Radon transform and correlation analysis
* Wavelet-Based Correlation Identification of Scales and Locations between Landscape Patterns and Topography in Urban-Rural Profiles: Case of the Jilin City, China
Includes: Guo, F.X.[Fang Xia] Guo, F.X.[Fang-Xia] Guo, F.X.[Feng-Xiang]
10 for Guo, F.X.

Guo, F.Y.[Fu Yun] Co Author Listing * Distribution Modeling and Factor Correlation Analysis of Landslides in the Large Fault Zone of the Western Qinling Mountains: A Machine Learning Algorithm
* Learning Temporary Block-Based Bidirectional Incongruity-Aware Correlation Filters for Efficient UAV Object Tracking
* Object Saliency-Aware Dual Regularized Correlation Filter for Real-Time Aerial Tracking
* Selecting Optimal Combination of Data Channels for Semantic Segmentation in City Information Modelling (CIM)
Includes: Guo, F.Y.[Fu Yun] Guo, F.Y.[Fu-Yun] Guo, F.Y.[Fu-Yu] Guo, F.Y.[Fang-Yu]

Guo, G. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Attack Against Deep Saliency Models Powered by Non-Redundant Priors
* Adversarial Path Sampling for Recommender Systems
* Attention-Based Pedestrian Attribute Analysis
* Automated Depression Diagnosis Based on Deep Networks to Encode Facial Appearance and Dynamics
* Automatic Image Cropping for Visual Aesthetic Enhancement Using Deep Neural Networks and Cascaded Regression
* Bayesian Optimized 1-Bit CNNs
* Cogradient Descent for Bilinear Optimization
* Colorization for in situ Marine Plankton Images
* Communication Scheduling and Control of a Platoon of Vehicles in VANETs
* Computing importance of 2D contour parts by reconstructability
* Deep Manifold Structure Transfer for Action Recognition
* Distributed MPC-Based String Stable Platoon Control of Networked Vehicle Systems
* Distributed Trajectory Optimization and Sliding Mode Control of Heterogenous Vehicular Platoons
* Event-Based Incremental Broad Learning System for Object Classification
* Face Authentication With Makeup Changes
* Finding Multiple Object Instances with Occlusion
* Finite-Time Stabilization of a Collection of Connected Vehicles Subject to Communication Interruptions
* Fixed-Time Prescribed Performance Adaptive Fixed-Time Sliding Mode Control for Vehicular Platoons With Actuator Saturation
* Fuel-Efficient En Route Speed Planning and Tracking Control of Truck Platoons
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on mobile biometrics
* Hierarchical Pyramid Diverse Attention Networks for Face Recognition
* Hotelling Model based Computation Offloading in Multi-access Edge Computing Assisted Mobile Network
* How is Gaze Influenced by Image Transformations? Dataset and Model
* Hybrid Distance Metric Learning for Real-Time Pedestrian Detection and Re-identification
* Improved Correlation Filter Tracking with Hard Negative Mining
* Incremental Kernel Null Foley-Sammon Transform for Person Re-identification
* Intelligent Cockpit for Intelligent Vehicle in Metaverse: A Case Study of Empathetic Auditory Regulation of Human Emotion
* interactive method for curve extraction, An
* Learning ensemble classifiers via restricted Boltzmann machines
* Learning From Examples in the Small Sample Case: Face Expression Recognition
* Learning Similarity for Texture Image Retrieval
* Linear Geo-Photometric Constraint for Image Matching, Structure Reconstruction, Image Synthesis and Object Recognition, The
* Multi-Channel Decomposition in Tandem With Free-Energy Principle for Reduced-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* New Linear Discriminant Analysis Method to Address the Over-Reducing Problem, A
* New Quadratic Spacing Policy and Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Platooning With Actuator Saturation, A
* Object Discovery via Cohesion Measurement
* PoseFlow: A Deep Motion Representation for Understanding Human Behaviors in Videos
* Precise Indoor Visual Positioning Approach Using a Built Image Feature Database and Single User Image from Smartphone Cameras, A
* Quality Evaluation of Image Dehazing Methods Using Synthetic Hazy Images
* Rebalancing and Charging Scheduling With Price Incentives for Car Sharing Systems
* Rebalancing of One-Way Car-Sharing Systems Considering Elastic Demand and Waiting Time
* Recovering Missing Contours for Occluded Object Detection
* Reducing examples to accelerate support vector regression
* Robust Gain-Scheduling Path Following Control of Autonomous Vehicles Considering Stochastic Network-Induced Delay
* Sampled-Data Control for Connected Vehicles With Markovian Switching Topologies and Communication Delay
* Sampled-Data Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control of Vehicles With Sensor Failures
* Separability-Oriented Subclass Discriminant Analysis
* Shape Reconstructability Measure of Object Part Importance with Applications to Object Detection and Localization, A
* Spontaneous Driver Emotion Facial Expression (DEFE) Dataset for Intelligent Vehicles: Emotions Triggered by Video-Audio Clips in Driving Scenarios, A
* User-perceived styling experience of smart vehicles: A method to combine eye tracking with semantic differences
* Vehicle Rebalancing With Charging Scheduling in One-Way Car-Sharing Systems
* Video-Based Depression Level Analysis by Encoding Deep Spatiotemporal Features
* Visually Interpretable Representation Learning for Depression Recognition from Facial Images
* What Is the Challenge for Deep Learning in Unconstrained Face Recognition?
* WiderPerson: A Diverse Dataset for Dense Pedestrian Detection in the Wild
Includes: Guo, G. Guo, G.[Guibing] Guo, G.[Guannan] Guo, G.[Ge] Guo, G.[Gang] Guo, G.[Gao] Guo, G.[Gongde]
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Guo, G.B.[Guang Bin] Co Author Listing * Transient Scattering Echo Simulation and ISAR Imaging for a Composite Target-Ocean Scene Based on the TDSBR Method
* User-based network embedding for opinion spammer detection
* VSE-fs: Fast Full-Sample Visual Semantic Embedding
Includes: Guo, G.B.[Guang Bin] Guo, G.B.[Guang-Bin] Guo, G.B.[Gui-Bing]

Guo, G.C.[Gen Cheng] Co Author Listing * Optimal Design of Noise-Enhanced Binary Threshold Detector Under AUC Measure
Includes: Guo, G.C.[Gen Cheng] Guo, G.C.[Gen-Cheng]

Guo, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * 25th ICPR: Real-time Visual Surveillance as-a-Service (VSaaS) for smart security solutions
* 3D Face Anti-Spoofing With Factorized Bilinear Coding
* 3D High-Fidelity Mask Face Presentation Attack Detection Challenge
* AAN-Face: Attention Augmented Networks for Face Recognition
* Age Synthesis and Estimation via Faces: A Survey
* Aggregation Signature for Small Object Tracking
* Anti-retroactive Interference for Lifelong Learning
* Anti-UAV: A Large-Scale Benchmark for Vision-Based UAV Tracking
* Attributes in Multiple Facial Images
* Automated cleaning of identity label noise in a large face dataset with quality control
* Auxiliary Demographic Information Assisted Age Estimation With Cascaded Structure
* Bayesian learning, global competition and unsupervised image segmentation
* Benchmarking deep learning techniques for face recognition
* Bi-level Doubly Variational Learning for Energy-based Latent Variable Models
* Binarized Neural Architecture Search for Efficient Object Recognition
* Cascaded Split-and-Aggregate Learning with Feature Recombination for Pedestrian Attribute Recognition
* CASIA-SURF CeFA: A Benchmark for Multi-modal Cross-Ethnicity Face Anti-spoofing
* ChaLearn Looking at People: IsoGD and ConGD Large-Scale RGB-D Gesture Recognition
* Class-dependent projection based method for text categorization
* Coarse-to-Fine Cascaded Networks with Smooth Predicting for Video Facial Expression Recognition
* Computational approach to body mass index estimation from dressed people in 3D space
* computational approach to body mass index prediction from face images, A
* Consensus Feature Network for Scene Parsing
* CR-Net: A Deep Classification-Regression Network for Multimodal Apparent Personality Analysis
* Cross-Age Face Recognition on a Very Large Database: The Performance versus Age Intervals and Improvement Using Soft Biometric Traits
* Cross-Batch Hard Example Mining With Pseudo Large Batch for ID vs. Spot Face Recognition
* Cross-ethnicity face anti-spoofing recognition challenge: A review
* Crowd counting by the dual-branch scale-aware network with ranking loss constraints
* Data-adaptive binary neural networks for efficient object detection and recognition
* Database for Face Presentation Attack Using Wax Figure Faces, A
* Depth-conditioned Dynamic Message Propagation for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Digital anti-aging in face images
* Dual-Path Attention Network for Compressed Sensing Image Reconstruction
* EAN: Event Adaptive Network for Enhanced Action Recognition
* Efficient Group-n Encoding and Decoding for Facial Age Estimation
* End-to-End Human-Gaze-Target Detection with Transformers
* Evaluating spatiotemporal interest point features for depth-based action recognition
* Exploiting Unlabeled Ages for Aging Pattern Analysis on a Large Database
* Explore Efficient Local Features from RGB-D Data for One-Shot Learning Gesture Recognition
* Face presentation attack detection in mobile scenarios: A comprehensive evaluation
* Face Recognition by Support Vector Machines
* Facial Depression Recognition by Deep Joint Label Distribution and Metric Learning
* Facial Expression Recognition Influenced by Human Aging
* Few-Shot Learning with Complex-Valued Neural Networks and Dependable Learning
* Fine-Grained Image Classification With Global Information and Adaptive Compensation Loss
* Flow driven attention network for video salient object detection
* framework for joint estimation of age, gender and ethnicity on a large database, A
* Fusing Spatiotemporal Features and Joints for 3D Action Recognition
* Gender from Body: A Biologically-Inspired Approach with Manifold Learning
* GiNet: Graph Interaction Network for Scene Parsing
* Head pose estimation: Classification or regression?
* Human age estimation using bio-inspired features
* Human age estimation: What is the influence across race and gender?
* IDARTS: Interactive Differentiable Architecture Search
* Image-Based Human Age Estimation by Manifold Learning and Locally Adjusted Robust Regression
* Image-to-Video Generation via 3D Facial Dynamics
* Iris Extraction Based on Intensity Gradient and Texture Difference
* Is gender recognition affected by age?
* Iwin: Human-Object Interaction Detection via Transformer with Irregular Windows
* Joint estimation of age, gender and ethnicity: CCA vs. PLS
* Joint Face Image Restoration and Frontalization for Recognition
* LAE: Long-Tailed Age Estimation
* Learning Non-Locally Regularized Compressed Sensing Network With Half-Quadratic Splitting
* Learning Similarity Measure for Natural Image Retrieval with Relevance Feedback
* Leveraging geometry and appearance cues for recognizing family photos
* Leveraging multiple cues for recognizing family photos
* Linear Combination Representation for Outlier Detection in Motion Tracking
* Locally Adjusted Robust Regression for Human Age Estimation
* Looking here or there? Gaze Following in 360-Degree Images
* Multi-scale feature aggregation and boundary awareness network for salient object detection
* Multiple feature fusion by subspace learning
* Nested Collaborative Learning for Long-Tailed Visual Recognition
* New Projection Space for Separation of Specular-Diffuse Reflection Components in Color Images, A
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* On visual BMI analysis from facial images
* Optimal local community detection in social networks based on density drop of subgraphs
* Pairwise Face Recognition
* Patch-based Image Correlation with Rapid Filtering
* Probabilistic Fusion Approach to human age prediction, A
* Rectified Binary Convolutional Networks with Generative Adversarial Learning
* Recurrent Bilinear Optimization for Binary Neural Networks
* SAR-Net: Shape Alignment and Recovery Network for Category-level 6D Object Pose and Size Estimation
* Self-Conditioned Probabilistic Learning of Video Rescaling
* Simultaneous dimensionality reduction and human age estimation via kernel partial least squares regression
* Simultaneous feature selection and classifier training via linear programming: a case study for face expression recognition
* Sparse approximation to discriminant projection learning and application to image classification
* Sparse to Dense Motion Transfer for Face Image Animation
* study of large-scale ethnicity estimation with gender and age variations, A
* Study on Apparent Age Estimation, A
* study on automatic age estimation using a large database, A
* Study on Cross-Population Age Estimation, A
* study on human age estimation under facial expression changes, A
* Study on Visible to Infrared Action Recognition, A
* Supervised Contrastive Learning for Facial Kinship Recognition
* Support vector machines for face recognition
* survey on 3D mask presentation attack detection and countermeasures, A
* survey on deep learning based face recognition, A
* survey on dorsal hand vein biometrics, A
* survey on still image based human action recognition, A
* SwiniPASSR: Swin Transformer based Parallax Attention Network for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
* Towards Compact 1-bit CNNs via Bayesian Learning
* TransFER: Learning Relation-aware Facial Expression Representations with Transformers
* Transformer-Based Feature Compensation and Aggregation for DeepFake Detection
* TriViews: A general framework to use 3D depth data effectively for action recognition
* Unsupervised Segmentation Based on Multi-Resolution Analysis, Robust Statistics and Majority Game Theory
* Unsupervised segmentation of color images
* Visual BMI estimation from face images using a label distribution based method
Includes: Guo, G.D.[Guo Dong] Guo, G.D.[Guo-Dong] Guo, G.D.[Gong-De] Guo, G.D.
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Guo, G.H.[Guan Hua] Co Author Listing * Estimates of Power Shortages and Affected Populations during the Initial Period of the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict
* Mixed Structure with 3D Multi-Shortcut-Link Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Guo, G.H.[Guan Hua] Guo, G.H.[Guan-Hua] Guo, G.H.[Gui-Hai]

Guo, G.J.[Gong Jian] Co Author Listing * Improved Back-Projection Algorithm for GNSS-R BSAR Imaging Based on CPU and GPU Platform, An
Includes: Guo, G.J.[Gong Jian] Guo, G.J.[Gong-Jian]

Guo, G.L.[Guang Li] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Evolution Law of Surface Subsidence Basin with Insufficient Exploitation of Deep Coal Resources in Aeolian Sand Area of Western China
Includes: Guo, G.L.[Guang Li] Guo, G.L.[Guang-Li]

Guo, G.M.[Guang Meng] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of the Aerosol Optical Depth within the Lowest Aerosol Layer over the Tibetan Plateau from 2007 to 2014, The
Includes: Guo, G.M.[Guang Meng] Guo, G.M.[Guang-Meng]

Guo, G.S.[Guang Shuai] Co Author Listing * Dual global-aware propagation for few-shot learning
Includes: Guo, G.S.[Guang Shuai] Guo, G.S.[Guang-Shuai]

Guo, G.Y.[Guang Yi] Co Author Listing * Carrier Phase Ranging with DTMB Signals for Urban Pedestrian Localization and GNSS Aiding
* Empirical Study on Retinex Methods for Low-Light Image Enhancement, An
* Enhanced Smartphone Indoor Positioning Scheme with Outlier Removal Using Machine Learning, An
* Learning Object Detectors With Semi-Annotated Weak Labels
* Locating Smartphone Indoors by Using Tightly Coupling Bluetooth Ranging and Accelerometer Measurements
* Low-delay and Robust Solution for Rapid Movement Detection Using UWB, A
* Pose Awareness Solution for Estimating Pedestrian Walking Speed, A
* Robust Dead Reckoning Algorithm Based on Wi-Fi FTM and Multiple Sensors, A
* Strengthen Learning Tolerance for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
Includes: Guo, G.Y.[Guang Yi] Guo, G.Y.[Guang-Yi] Guo, G.Y.[Gui-Yu] Guo, G.Y.[Guang-Yu] Guo, G.Y.
9 for Guo, G.Y.

Guo, H.[Hao] Co Author Listing * Abnormal area identification of corn ear based on semi-supervised learning
* Accurate fingertip detection from binocular mask images
* Adaptive feedback connection with a single-level feature for object detection
* Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
* Aesthetic Photo Retouching with an Image Inpainting Algorithm
* Analysis of the Spatial and Temporal Evolution Patterns of Grassland Health and Its Driving Factors in Xilingol
* Analyzing Ecological Vulnerability and Vegetation Phenology Response Using NDVI Time Series Data and the BFAST Algorithm
* Applicability Evaluation of Multisource Satellite Precipitation Data for Hydrological Research in Arid Mountainous Areas
* Approach for Horizon Extraction in Ocean Observation, An
* As-rigid-as-possible shape deformation and interpolation
* Assessing Snow Phenology and Its Environmental Driving Factors in Northeast China
* Assessment of Three Long-Term Satellite-Based Precipitation Estimates against Ground Observations for Drought Characterization in Northwestern China
* Automatic Feature Selection: A Hybrid Statistical Approach
* Automatic Method of Building 3D Morphable Face Model, An
* Background removal in image indexing and retrieval
* Breast cancer diagnosis using genetic programming generated feature
* Cascade Attention Network for Person Re-Identification
* ChildGuard: A Child-Safety Monitoring System
* Classification trees with neural network feature extraction
* Cloud-Snow Confusion with MODIS Snow Products in Boreal Forest Regions
* coarse-to-fine boundary refinement network for building footprint extraction from remote sensing imagery, A
* Combining multi-wavelet and CNN for palmprint recognition against noise and misalignment
* Conditional Probability Interpolation Method Based on a Space-Time Cube for MODIS Snow Cover Products Gap Filling, A
* Confidence-based Iterative Solver of Depths and Surface Normals for Deep Multi-view Stereo, A
* Context Aggregation Network for Semantic Labeling in Aerial Images 2
* Continuous Prediction of Lower-Limb Kinematics From Multi-Modal Biomedical Signals
* Correspondence estimation for non-rigid point clouds with automatic part discovery
* DANNet: A One-Stage Domain Adaptation Network for Unsupervised Nighttime Semantic Segmentation
* Deep embedding network for robust age estimation
* Deep Poisoning: Towards Robust Image Data Sharing against Visual Disclosure
* Dynamic Prediction of the Incident Duration Using Adaptive Feature Set
* Efficient Data Traffic Forwarding for Infrastructure-to-Infrastructure Communications in VANETs
* Efficient Staged Evacuation Planning Algorithm Applied to Multi-Exit Buildings, An
* Efficiently building 3D line model with points
* End-to-End Recommendation System for Urban Traffic Controls and Management Under a Parallel Learning Framework, An
* Estimations of Global Horizontal Irradiance and Direct Normal Irradiance by Using Fengyun-4A Satellite Data in Northern China
* Evaluating Sensor Reliability in Classification Problems Based on Evidence Theory
* Evaluating the Accuracy and Spatial Agreement of Five Global Land Cover Datasets in the Ecologically Vulnerable South China Karst
* Evaluation of PERSIANN-CDR for Meteorological Drought Monitoring over China
* Feature generation using genetic programming with application to fault classification
* Feature Importance-aware Transferable Adversarial Attacks
* Finding the Shortest Path in Stochastic Vehicle Routing: A Cardinality Minimization Approach
* Fine-Grained Motion Representation For Template-Free Visual Tracking
* Flood Mapping and Flood Dynamics of the Mekong Delta: ENVISAT-ASAR-WSM Based Time Series Analyses
* Gaze Target Estimation Inspired by Interactive Attention
* General Approach for Partitioning Web Page Content Based on Geometric and Style Information, A
* Grassland Aboveground Biomass Estimation through Assimilating Remote Sensing Data into a Grass Simulation Model
* Hierarchical projective invariant contexts for shape recognition
* High-Resolution PolSAR Scene Classification With Pretrained Deep Convnets and Manifold Polarimetric Parameters
* High-Spatial-Resolution Aerosol Optical Properties Retrieval Algorithm Using Chinese High-Resolution Earth Observation Satellite I
* Human attribute recognition by refining attention heat map
* Hyperspectral Imaging With Random Printed Mask
* Identifying Same Persons from Temporally Synchronized Videos Taken by Multiple Wearable Cameras
* Improved Forest Canopy Closure Estimation Using Multispectral Satellite Imagery within Google Earth Engine
* improved GPGPU-Accelerated parallelization for rotation invariant thinning algorithm, An
* Improved L2Net for Repetitive Texture Image Registration with Intensity Difference Heterogeneous SAR Images, An
* Improved SalBayes Model with GMM, An
* Improving the Accuracy of Land Cover Mapping by Distributing Training Samples
* Influence of Melt Ponds on the SSMIS-Based Summer Sea Ice Concentrations in the Arctic
* Integrated Data Processing Methodology for Airborne Repeat-pass Differential SAR Interferometry
* Integrating Multitemporal Sentinel-1/2 Data for Coastal Land Cover Classification Using a Multibranch Convolutional Neural Network: A Case of the Yellow River Delta
* Inter-Comparison of High-Resolution Satellite Precipitation Products over Central Asia
* Iterative Feature Matching for Self-Supervised Indoor Depth Estimation
* Joint bundled camera paths for stereoscopic video stabilization
* Joint Video Stitching and Stabilization From Moving Cameras
* Learning View-Invariant Features for Person Identification in Temporally Synchronized Videos Taken by Wearable Cameras
* Log-Gabor Feature-Based Quality Assessment Model for Screen Content Images, A
* Long-Tailed Multi-Label Visual Recognition by Collaborative Training on Uniform and Re-balanced Samplings
* Longitudinal Collision Avoidance and Lateral Stability Adaptive Control System Based on MPC of Autonomous Vehicles
* MAEANet: Multiscale Attention and Edge-Aware Siamese Network for Building Change Detection in High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Mask OBB: A Semantic Attention-Based Mask Oriented Bounding Box Representation for Multi-Category Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Monitoring and Predicting Drought Based on Multiple Indicators in an Arid Area, China
* Motion feature augmented recurrent neural network for skeleton-based dynamic hand gesture recognition
* Multi-Domain Pose Network for Multi-Person Pose Estimation and Tracking
* Multi-View 3D Object Retrieval With Deep Embedding Network
* Multiple human tracking in wearable camera videos with informationless intervals
* Multiscale bilateral filtering to detect 3D interest points
* Multisensor Data Synergy of Terra-MODIS, Aqua-MODIS, and Suomi NPP-VIIRS for the Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth and Land Surface Reflectance Properties
* Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Fusion Based on Regularized Coupled Non-Negative Block-Term Tensor Decomposition
* Multispectral Photometric Stereo for Spatially-Varying Spectral Reflectances
* Multispectral Photometric Stereo for Spatially-Varying Spectral Reflectances: A well posed problem?
* Multiview High Dynamic Range Image Synthesis Using Fuzzy Broad Learning System
* new geometric descriptor for symbols with affine deformations, A
* New Method and Benchmark for Detecting Co-Saliency Within a Single Image, A
* Nonlinear Model for InSAR Baseline Error
* Novel Symmetry Driven Siamese Network for THz Concealed Object Verification, A
* Object Detection Algorithm Based on Global Information Fusion
* ParticleSfM: Exploiting Dense Point Trajectories for Localizing Moving Cameras in the Wild
* Patch-Based Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo Under Natural Illumination
* Phenotyping of Corn Plants Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Images
* Power Pylon Reconstruction from Airborne LiDAR Data Based on Component Segmentation and Model Matching
* Real-time traffic signal control for intersections based on dynamic O-D estimation and multi-objective optimisation: combined model and algorithm
* Region ensemble network: Improving convolutional network for hand pose estimation
* Region-based two-stage MRI bone tissue segmentation of the knee joint
* Remote Sensing Analysis of the Status of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
* Remote Sensing Monitoring of Grasslands Based on Adaptive Feature Fusion with Multi-Source Data
* Research on the Cooperative Train Control Strategy to Reduce Energy Consumption
* Review of Estimation for Vehicle Tire-Road Interactions Toward Automated Driving, A
* Rotational Libra R-CNN Method for Ship Detection, A
* Scene-Driven Multitask Parallel Attention Network for Building Extraction in High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* shape matching framework using metric partition constraint, A
* Simultaneous noise reduction and SAR image data compression using best wavelet packet basis
* Spatial Context-Based Local Toponym Extraction and Chinese Textual Address Segmentation from Urban POI Data
* Spatial Stratification Method for the Sampling Design of LULC Classification Accuracy Assessment: A Case Study in Beijing, China
* Spatiotemporal Coverage of a Moon-Based Synthetic Aperture Radar: Theoretical Analyses and Numerical Simulations
* Spatiotemporal Distribution Pattern and Driving Factors Analysis of GPP in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region by Long-Term MODIS Data
* Spatiotemporal Monitoring of Soil CO2 Efflux in a Subtropical Forest during the Dry Season Based on Field Observations and Remote Sensing Imagery
* Spectral Reconstruction From Dispersive Blur: A Novel Light Efficient Spectral Imager
* Structural Nonlinear Damage Identification Method Based on the Kullback-Leibler Distance of Time Domain Model Residuals
* Studying the Regional Transmission and Inferring the Local/External Contribution of Fine Particulate Matter Based on Multi-Source Observation: A Case Study in the East of North China Plain
* Switching-Based Stochastic Model Predictive Control Approach for Modeling Driver Steering Skill
* Texture Image Retrieval by Universal Classification for Wavelet Transform Coefficients
* Three-dimensional salient point detection based on the Laplace-Beltrami eigenfunctions
* Timetable Optimization for Metro Lines Connecting to Intercity Railway Stations to Minimize Passenger Waiting Time
* Tiny Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Towards Good Practices for Video Object Segmentation
* Transformer-based Medical Visual Question Answering Model, A
* Two-Level Attention Network With Multi-Grain Ranking Loss for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Two-stream binocular network: Accurate near field finger detection based on binocular images
* Two-stream convolutional neural network for accurate RGB-D fingertip detection using depth and edge information
* ultrasonic positioning algorithm based on maximum correntropy criterion extended Kalman filter weighted centroid, An
* Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo Under Natural Illumination
* Understanding the Spatial Temporal Vegetation Dynamics in Rwanda
* Understanding the Spatial Temporal Vegetation Dynamics in Rwanda
* Unified Framework for Vehicle Rerouting and Traffic Light Control to Reduce Traffic Congestion, A
* Urban Green Space Planning Based on Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
* Video Denoising via Dynamic Video Layering
* Visual Attention Consistency for Human Attribute Recognition
* Visual Attention Consistency Under Image Transforms for Multi-Label Image Classification
* VisualGPT: Data-efficient Adaptation of Pretrained Language Models for Image Captioning
* Waveform and Image Compression Using the Burrows Wheeler Transform and the Wavelet Transform
* Wavelet based speckle reduction with application to SAR based ATD/R
* Wavelet-based post-processing of low bit rate transform coded images
* Weight Multispectral Reconstruction Strategy for Enhanced Reconstruction Accuracy and Stability With Cerenkov Luminescence Tomography
* Weighted Distance Transform Hyperspheres in Four Dimensions
* X2CT-GAN: Reconstructing CT From Biplanar X-Rays With Generative Adversarial Networks
Includes: Guo, H.[Hao] Guo, H. Guo, H.[Huinan] Guo, H.[Heng] Guo, H.[Heyi] Guo, H.[He] Guo, H.[Hui] Guo, H.[Hong] Guo, H.[Haonan] Guo, H.[Han] Guo, H.[Hengkai] Guo, H.[Huan] Guo, H.[Hengchang] Guo, H.[Hang] Guo, H.[Hairu] Guo, H.[Honglin] Guo, H.[Haowen] Guo, H.[Huiyong] Guo, H.[Hanlong]
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Guo, H.B.[Hong Bo] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction algorithm for fluorescence molecular tomography using sorted L-one penalized estimation
Includes: Guo, H.B.[Hong Bo] Guo, H.B.[Hong-Bo]

Guo, H.C.[Hou Cai] Co Author Listing * Outlier removal and feature point pairs optimization for piecewise linear transformation in the co-registration of very high-resolution optical remote sensing imagery
Includes: Guo, H.C.[Hou Cai] Guo, H.C.[Hou-Cai]

Guo, H.D.[Hua Dong] Co Author Listing * Algorithm on the Estimation of Residual Motion Errors in Airborne SAR Images
* Analysis of Comprehensive Multi-Factors on Station Selection for Moon-Based Earth Observation
* Analysis of Long-Term Moon-Based Observation Characteristics for Arctic and Antarctic
* Ancient Stone Tidal Weirs in Penghu Archipelago: Distribution, Category, Structure and Function, a Google Earth and GIS Approach
* Assessing Spatiotemporal Changes of SDG Indicators at the Neighborhood Level in Guilin, China: A Geospatial Big Data Approach
* Automated Extraction of the Archaeological Tops of Qanat Shafts from VHR Imagery in Google Earth
* Automatic Mapping of Karez in Turpan Basin Based on Google Earth Images and the YOLOv5 Model
* Compressive Sensing for Multibaseline Polarimetric SAR Tomography of Forested Areas
* Constructing a High-Accuracy Geometric Model for Moon-Based Earth Observation
* Detection of Tailings Dams Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and a Single Shot Multibox Detector in the Jing-Jin-Ji Region, China
* Distinguishing Glaciers between Surging and Advancing by Remote Sensing: A Case Study in the Eastern Karakoram
* Earth observation from the manned low Earth orbit platforms
* Effects of Solar Invasion on Earth Observation Sensors at a Moon-Based Platform
* Effects of the Time Sampling Interval on the Angular Combination Characteristics of Moon-Based Earth Observations
* Estimating the Earth's Outgoing Longwave Radiation Measured from a Moon-Based Platform
* Evaluation of Three MODIS-Derived Vegetation Index Time Series for Dryland Vegetation Dynamics Monitoring
* Experimental Results of Three-Dimensional Modeling and Mapping with Airborne Ka-Band Fixed-Baseline InSAR in Typical Topographies of China
* Extended Three-Stage Polarimetric SAR Interferometry Algorithm by Dual-Polarization Data
* Google Earth as a Powerful Tool for Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Applications: A Review
* Image Matching Method for SAR Orthophotos from Adjacent Orbits in Large Area Based on SAR-Moravec, An
* Improving the Geolocation Algorithm for Sensors Onboard the ISS: Effect of Drift Angle
* Influence of Anisotropic Surface Reflection on Earth's Outgoing Shortwave Radiance in the Lunar Direction, The
* Large-Area Landslides Monitoring Using Advanced Multi-Temporal InSAR Technique over the Giant Panda Habitat, Sichuan, China
* Modified Normalized Difference Impervious Surface Index (MNDISI) for Automatic Urban Mapping from Landsat Imagery, A
* Monitoring Urban Dynamics in the Southeast U.S.A. Using Time-Series DMSP/OLS Nightlight Imagery
* Novel Land Cover Classification Map Based on a MODIS Time-Series in Xinjiang, China, A
* Patterns of Typical Chinese Urban Agglomerations Based on Complex Spatial Network Analysis
* Prediction of Potential Geothermal Disaster Areas along the Yunnan-Tibet Railway Project
* Reconstruction of the Water Cultivation Paleoenvironment Dating Back to the Han and Tang Dynasties Surrounding the Yangguan Frontier Pass Using X- and L-Band SAR Data
* Satellite radar reveals land subsidence over coal mines
* SegDetector: A Deep Learning Model for Detecting Small and Overlapping Damaged Buildings in Satellite Images
* Simulation of Earth's Outward Radiative Flux and Its Radiance in Moon-Based View
* Spatio-Temporal Characteristics for Moon-Based Earth Observations
* Spatiotemporal Variation of Surface Urban Heat Islands in Relation to Land Cover Composition and Configuration: A Multi-Scale Case Study of Xi'an, China
* Special Section Guest Editorial: Earth Observation for Global Environmental Change
* Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Interferometry for Assessing Wenchuan Earthquake (2008) Deforestation in the Sichuan Giant Panda Site
* Temporal-Spatial Distribution of Shule River Alluvial Fan Units in China Based on SAR Data and OSL Dating, The
* Time-Series Monitoring of Dust-Proof Nets Covering Urban Construction Waste by Multispectral Images in Zhengzhou, China
* Urban Area Tomography Using a Sparse Representation Based Two-Dimensional Spectral Analysis Technique
* Urban Land Use Information Extraction Using the Ultrahigh-Resolution Chinese Airborne SAR Imagery
* Urban Sprawl and Changes in Land-Use Efficiency in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, China from 2000 to 2020: A Spatiotemporal Analysis Using Earth Observation Data
* Varying Scale and Capability of Envisat ASAR-WSM, TerraSAR-X Scansar and TerraSAR-X Stripmap Data to Assess Urban Flood Situations: A Case Study of the Mekong Delta in Can Tho Province
Includes: Guo, H.D.[Hua Dong] Guo, H.D.[Hua-Dong] Guo, H.D.
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Guo, H.F.[Hai Feng] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Low-Light Image Enhancement for Object Detection via End-to-End Training
* GAN-Based Short-Term Link Traffic Prediction Approach for Urban Road Networks Under a Parallel Learning Framework, A
* PRECOM: A Parallel Recommendation Engine for Control, Operations, and Management on Congested Urban Traffic Networks
Includes: Guo, H.F.[Hai Feng] Guo, H.F.[Hai-Feng]

Guo, H.G.[Hua Gui] Co Author Listing * Morphology, Dynamics and Potential Hotspots of Land Surface Temperature at a Local Scale in Urban Areas, The
Includes: Guo, H.G.[Hua Gui] Guo, H.G.[Hua-Gui]

Guo, H.J.[Hao Jia] Co Author Listing * Mapping Irregular Local Climate Zones from Sentinel-2 Images Using Deep Learning with Sequential Virtual Scenes
* Robust Facial Expression Recognition Based on Dual Branch Multi-feature Learning
* Sar2color: Learning Imaging Characteristics of SAR Images for SAR-to-Optical Transformation
* Uncertainty-Based Spatial-Temporal Attention for Online Action Detection
* Uncertainty-Guided Probabilistic Transformer for Complex Action Recognition
Includes: Guo, H.J.[Hao Jia] Guo, H.J.[Hao-Jia] Guo, H.J.[Hao-Jie] Guo, H.J.[Hong-Ji]

Guo, H.K.[Heng Kai] Co Author Listing * Region ensemble network: Towards good practices for deep 3D hand pose estimation
Includes: Guo, H.K.[Heng Kai] Guo, H.K.[Heng-Kai]

Guo, H.L.[Heng Liang] Co Author Listing * Continuous Intra-Annual Changes of Lake Water Level and Water Storage from 2000 to 2018 on the Tibetan Plateau
* CTD: Cascaded Temporal Difference Learning for the Mean-Standard Deviation Shortest Path Problem
* Fast matching via ergodic markov chain for super-large graphs
* Finding the faster path in vehicle routing
* Fine-grained image inpainting with scale-enhanced generative adversarial network
* GP3: Gaussian Process Path Planning for Reliable Shortest Path in Transportation Networks
* Improving the Performance of Transportation Networks: A Semi-Centralized Pricing Approach
* National BDS Augmentation Service System (NBASS) of China: Progress and Assessment
* Navigation with Time Limits in Transportation Networks: A Fourth Moment Approach
* Novel Algorithm to Estimate Phytoplankton Carbon Concentration in Inland Lakes Using Sentinel-3 OLCI Images, A
* Robust Deep Neural Networks for Road Extraction From Remote Sensing Images
* Structured dynamic time warping for continuous hand trajectory gesture recognition
* Three-Dimensional Measurements of Terminals of Line-Like Objects from Shadow Information
* Triplet Relationship Guided Sampling Consensus for Robust Model Estimation
* Wiresight: Robot Vision for Determining Three-Dimensional Geometry of Flexible Wires from Shadow Information
Includes: Guo, H.L.[Heng Liang] Guo, H.L.[Heng-Liang] Guo, H.L.[Hong-Liang] Guo, H.L.[Hong-Lin] Guo, H.L.[Hai-Lin] Guo, H.L.[Hong-Lei] Guo, H.L.[Heng-Li] Guo, H.L.[Han-Lin] Guo, H.L.
15 for Guo, H.L.

Guo, H.M.[Hui Min] Co Author Listing * complementary local feature descriptor for face identification, A
* Covariance discriminative learning: A natural and efficient approach to image set classification
* Crowd Density Estimation Using Fusion of Multi-Layer Features
* Discriminative Dictionary Learning with Pairwise Constraints
* Face Identification Using Large Feature Sets
* Face verification using sparse representations
* Image deraining with Adversarial Residual Refinement Network
* Manual-Label Free 3D Detection via An Open-Source Simulator
* Robust and Scalable Approach to Face Identification, A
* Unlocking the Potential of Deep Learning for Migratory Waterbirds Monitoring Using Surveillance Video
* Unsupervised Image Restoration With Quality-Task-Perception Loss
Includes: Guo, H.M.[Hui Min] Guo, H.M.[Hui-Min] Guo, H.M.[Hao-Ming] Guo, H.M.[Hui-Ming]
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Guo, H.N. Co Author Listing * EZCam: WYSWYG Camera Manipulator for Path Design
* Novel Image Classification Method with CNN-XGBoost Model, A
* Resolution Independent Real-Time Vector-Embedded Mesh for Animation
Includes: Guo, H.N. Guo, H.N.[Hao-Nan]

Guo, H.P.[Hai Peng] Co Author Listing * Grading Tai Chi Performance in Competition with RGBD Sensors
Includes: Guo, H.P.[Hai Peng] Guo, H.P.[Hai-Peng]

Guo, H.Q.[Hai Qiang] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impacts of Tidal Creeks on the Spatial Patterns of Coastal Salt Marsh Vegetation and Its Aboveground Biomass
* Infrared and visible image fusion based on total variation and augmented Lagrangian
* novel detail weighted histogram equalization method for brightness preserving image enhancement based on partial statistic and global mapping model, A
* Study on the Landscape Space of Typical Mining Areas in Xuzhou City from 2000 to 2020 and Optimization Strategies for Carbon Sink Enhancement
* Study on the Relationship between Topological Characteristics of Vegetation Ecospatial Network and Carbon Sequestration Capacity in the Yellow River Basin, China
* Understanding the Land Surface Phenology and Gross Primary Production of Sugarcane Plantations by Eddy Flux Measurements, MODIS Images, and Data-Driven Models
* Virtual Fluid-Flow-Model-Based Lane-Keeping Integrated With Collision Avoidance Control System Design for Autonomous Vehicles
Includes: Guo, H.Q.[Hai Qiang] Guo, H.Q.[Hai-Qiang] Guo, H.Q.[Han-Qi] Guo, H.Q.[Hua-Qiu] Guo, H.Q.[Hong-Qiong] Guo, H.Q.[Hong-Qiang]
7 for Guo, H.Q.

Guo, H.Q.A.[Hai Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Sugarcane Yield Using a Machine Learning Approach Based on UAV-LiDAR Data
* Impact of Climate Change on Vegetation Growth in Arid Northwest of China from 1982 to 2011
Includes: Guo, H.Q.A.[Hai Qi Ang] Guo, H.Q.A.[Hai-Qi-Ang]

Guo, H.R.[Hao Ran] Co Author Listing * CO-SNE: Dimensionality Reduction and Visualization for Hyperbolic Data
Includes: Guo, H.R.[Hao Ran] Guo, H.R.[Hao-Ran]

Guo, H.S.[Hu Sheng] Co Author Listing * active learning-based SVM multi-class classification model, An
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
Includes: Guo, H.S.[Hu Sheng] Guo, H.S.[Hu-Sheng] Guo, H.S.[Han-Sheng]

Guo, H.T.[Hai Tao] Co Author Listing * Multi-Feature Information Complementary Detector: A High-Precision Object Detection Model for Remote Sensing Images
* Object Detection Based on Adaptive Feature-Aware Method in Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Research on the Building Shadow Extraction and Elimination Method
* SMNet: Symmetric Multi-Task Network for Semantic Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images Based on CNN and Transformer
* SMPL-A: Modeling Person-Specific Deformable Anatomy
* Study On Height Information Extraction Of Cultural Features In Remote Sensing Images Based On Shadow Areas, The
Includes: Guo, H.T.[Hai Tao] Guo, H.T.[Hai-Tao] Guo, H.T.[Heng-Tao]

Guo, H.W.[Hong Wei] Co Author Listing * Analysis of drivers' performance in response to potential collision with pedestrians at urban crosswalks
* Blind phase shift estimation in phase-shifting interferometry
* Fast Partial Video Copy Detection Using KNN and Global Feature Database, A
* Fully Deformable Convolutional Network for Ship Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Multi-Scale Analysis of Contextual Information Within Spatio-Temporal Video Volumes for Anomaly Detection
* Multi-Scale Object Detection with the Pixel Attention Mechanism in a Complex Background
* Natural images scale invariance and high-fidelity image restoration
* Performance of deep learning in mapping water quality of Lake Simcoe with long-term Landsat archive
* Total Phosphorus and Nitrogen Dynamics and Influencing Factors in Dongting Lake Using Landsat Data
Includes: Guo, H.W.[Hong Wei] Guo, H.W.[Hong-Wei] Guo, H.W.[Hui-Wen] Guo, H.W.[Hao-Wen]
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Guo, H.X.[Hong Xiang] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Light Pollution Trends across Protected Areas in China Using Nighttime Light Remote Sensing Data
* Deep Implicit Moving Least-Squares Functions for 3D Reconstruction
* MDCS with fully encoding the information of local shape description for 3D Rigid Data matching
* Multi-Scale Water Extraction Convolutional Neural Network (MWEN) Method for GaoFen-1 Remote Sensing Images, A
* New Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network for Multi-Scale Land Surface Water Extraction from GaoFen-1D Satellite Images, A
* Novel Deep Learning Method for Automatic Recognition of Coseismic Landslides, A
* Patch-Wise Semantic Segmentation for Hyperspectral Images via a Cubic Capsule Network with EMAP Features
Includes: Guo, H.X.[Hong Xiang] Guo, H.X.[Hong-Xiang] Guo, H.X.[Hao-Xiang] Guo, H.X.[Hai-Xiang] Guo, H.X.[Hu-Xiang]
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Guo, H.Y.[Hai Yun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Variance Based Label Distribution Learning for Facial Age Estimation
* Attention CoupleNet: Fully Convolutional Attention Coupling Network for Object Detection
* Bridging the GAP Between Outputs: Domain Adaptation for Lung Cancer IHC Segmentation
* CenterNet++ model for ship detection in SAR images, A
* Graph Neural Networks Based Multi-granularity Feature Representation Learning for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Human Body Shape Prediction and Analysis Using Predictive Clustering Tree
* Hybrid Method for Human Interaction Recognition Using Spatio-temporal Interest Points, A
* Identity-guided Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-identification
* Impact of Errors in Environmental Correction on Gravity Field Recovery Using Interferometric Radar Altimeter Observations
* IQMA Network: Image Quality Multi-scale Assessment Network
* Learning deep compact descriptor with bagging auto-encoders for object retrieval
* Modular scheme for four-wheel-drive electric vehicle tire-road force and velocity estimation
* Moving horizon shared steering strategy for intelligent vehicle based on potential-hazard analysis
* Multi-Granularity Mutual Learning Network for Object Re-Identification
* Multiple deep features learning for object retrieval in surveillance videos
* Neural 3D Scene Reconstruction with the Manhattan-world Assumption
* New Joint Clustering and Diffeomorphism Estimation Algorithm for Non-Rigid Shape Matching, A
* Nonlinear Model Predictive Lateral Stability Control of Active Chassis for Intelligent Vehicles and Its FPGA Implementation
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* On Satellite-Borne GPS Data Quality and Reduced-Dynamic Precise Orbit Determination of HY-2C: A Case of Orbit Validation with Onboard DORIS Data
* PASS: Part-Aware Self-Supervised Pre-Training for Person Re-Identification
* Primitive Contrastive Learning for Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition
* Pseudo Label Rectification With Joint Camera Shift Adaptation and Outlier Progressive Recycling for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Relative Kinematic Orbit Determination for GRACE-FO Satellite by Jointing GPS and LRI
* Scale-Adaptive Deconvolutional Regression Network for Pedestrian Detection
* Semantic Alignment: Finding Semantically Consistent Ground-Truth for Facial Landmark Detection
* Tracking deformable parts via dynamic conditional random fields
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Re-identification with Feature Adversarial Learning and Self-similarity Clustering
* Validating Precise Orbit Determination from Satellite-Borne GPS Data of Haiyang-2D
* Variable step-size matching pursuit based on oblique projection for compressed sensing
Includes: Guo, H.Y.[Hai Yun] Guo, H.Y.[Hai-Yun] Guo, H.Y.[Hao-Yue] Guo, H.Y.[Hao-Yuan] Guo, H.Y.[Hong-Yu] Guo, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] Guo, H.Y.[Heng-Yang] Guo, H.Y.[Hai-Yang] Guo, H.Y.[Hong-Yan] Guo, H.Y.[Hao-Yu] Guo, H.Y.[Huan-Yin]
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Guo, H.Z.[Hui Zhi] Co Author Listing * Agent With Warm Start and Adaptive Dynamic Termination for Plane Localization in 3D Ultrasound
Includes: Guo, H.Z.[Hui Zhi] Guo, H.Z.[Hui-Zhi]

Guo, J.[Jian] Co Author Listing * Accurate Prediction of Earthquake-Induced Landslides Based on Deep Learning Considering Landslide Source Area
* Ada-Boost Algorithm, Classification, Naďve-
* adaptive group LASSO based multi-label regression approach for facial expression analysis, An
* Adaptive Hierarchical Trajectory Following Control Approach of Autonomous Four-Wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehicles, An
* Advanced Dropout: A Model-Free Methodology for Bayesian Dropout Optimization
* Algorithm for Detecting the Discontinuous Areas in Interferometric Phase Images, An
* Analysis and recognition of alphanumeric handprints by parts
* Analysis of GNSS-Derived Tropospheric Zenith Non-Hydrostatic Delay Anomaly during Sandstorms in Northern China on 15th March 2021
* Analysis of rainfall effects on road travel speed in Beijing, China
* Analysis of the Anomalous Environmental Response to the 2022 Tonga Volcanic Eruption Based on GNSS
* ArcFace: Additive Angular Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition
* Assessing Height Variations in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from Time-Varying Gravity Data and Hydrological Model
* Assessment of Improved Ross-Li BRDF Models Emphasizing Albedo Estimates at Large Solar Angles Using POLDER Data
* Assessment of Multi-Frequency PPP Ambiguity Resolution Using Galileo and BeiDou-3 Signals
* Assessment of the Hotspot Effect for the PROSAIL Model With POLDER Hotspot Observations Based on the Hotspot-Enhanced Kernel-Driven BRDF Model
* Atmospheric Correction for Tower-Based Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Observations at O2-A Band
* Attention-based video object segmentation algorithm
* Attribute Attention for Semantic Disambiguation in Zero-Shot Learning
* Automatic Color Correction for Multisource Remote Sensing Images with Wasserstein CNN
* Automatic Differentiation of u- and n-serrated Patterns in Direct Immunofluorescence Images
* Automatic Pulmonary Nodule Detection in CT Scans Using Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Maximum Intensity Projection
* Beyond Human Parts: Dual Part-Aligned Representations for Person Re-Identification
* Blind text images deblurring based on a generative adversarial network
* Blind Watermarking Via Pixel Modification with Regular Rule
* Blockchain-Based Secure Computation Offloading in Vehicular Networks
* Boundary Layer Heights as Derived From Ground-Based Radar Wind Profiler in Beijing
* Building Dual-Domain Representations for Compression Artifacts Reduction
* Building Hierarchical Representations for Oracle Character and Sketch Recognition
* Cancer diagnosis by nuclear morphometry using spatial information
* Cascaded Context Dependency: An Extremely Lightweight Module For Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Case Study on Ground Subsidence and Backfill Deformation Induced by Multi-Stage Filling Mining in a Steeply Inclined Ore Body, A
* CDFM: A cross-domain few-shot model for marine plankton classification
* CDnet: CNN-Based Cloud Detection for Remote Sensing Imagery
* CDnetV2: CNN-Based Cloud Detection for Remote Sensing Imagery With Cloud-Snow Coexistence
* Class-Aware Analysis Dictionary Learning for Pattern Classification
* Classification and Segmentation of Mining Area Objects in Large-Scale Spares Lidar Point Cloud Using a Novel Rotated Density Network
* Cluster-Guided Asymmetric Contrastive Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Codebook optimization using word activation forces for scene categorization
* Collaborative Distribution Alignment for 2D image-based 3D shape retrieval
* Collective Affinity Learning for Partial Cross-Modal Hashing
* Combination Load Balancing for Video-on-Demand Systems
* Comments on Globally Maximizing, Locally Minimizing: Unsupervised Discriminant Projection with Application to Face and Palm Biometrics
* Comparison of Lunar Topographic Models Derived from Multiple Sources Based on Least Squares Matching
* comprehensive evaluation framework for deep model robustness, A
* Comprehensive-perception dynamic reasoning for visual question answering
* Compressive Binary Patterns: Designing a Robust Binary Face Descriptor with Random-Field Eigenfilters
* Confidence Estimation and Reputation Analysis in Aspect Extraction
* Consistent Foreground Co-segmentation
* Constrained Sparse Subspace Clustering with Side-Information
* Crop Classification Based on Differential Characteristics of H/alpha Scattering Parameters for Multitemporal Quad- and Dual-Polarization SAR Images
* Crop Classification Using MSCDN Classifier and Sparse Auto-Encoders with Non-Negativity Constraints for Multi-Temporal, Quad-Pol SAR Data
* Deep Ensemble Tracking
* Deep Reinforcement Learning Method For Multimodal Data Fusion in Action Recognition, A
* Deep Surface Normal Estimation on the 2-sphere with Confidence Guided Semantic Attention
* Deep Vector Quantization Clustering Method for Polarimetric SAR Images, A
* DeepEmo: Real-world facial expression analysis via deep learning
* Depth Dropout: Efficient Training of Residual Convolutional Neural Networks
* Detecting the Starting Frame of Actions in Video
* Detection of Vehicle Manufacture Logos Using Contextual Information
* Development of the Direct-Estimation Albedo Algorithm for Snow-Free Landsat TM Albedo Retrievals Using Field Flux Measurements
* devil in the tail: Cluster consolidation plus cluster adaptive balancing loss for unsupervised person re-identification, The
* Devil is in the Channels: Mutual-Channel Loss for Fine-Grained Image Classification, The
* Distributed Compressed Video Sensing with Joint Optimization of Dictionary Learning and l1-Analysis Based Reconstruction
* DN-DETR: Accelerate DETR Training by Introducing Query DeNoising
* DS-UI: Dual-Supervised Mixture of Gaussian Mixture Models for Uncertainty Inference in Image Recognition
* Dual-attention Guided Dropblock Module for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* EAAT: Environment-Aware Adaptive Transmission for Split-Screen Video Streaming
* EANET: Efficient Attention-Augmented Network for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation
* Edge-Preserving Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks for SAR-to-Optical Image Translation
* Efficient Privacy-Preserving Anomaly Detection and Localization in Bitstream Video
* Elastic temporal alignment for few-shot action recognition
* Emerging From Water: Underwater Image Color Correction Based on Weakly Supervised Color Transfer
* Emulating biological strategies for uncontrolled face recognition
* Energy Flow Domain Reverse-Time Migration for Borehole Radar
* Enhanced IT2FCM* Algorithm Integrating Spectral Indices and Spatial Information for Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing Image Clustering, An
* Equidistant prototypes embedding for single sample based face recognition with generic learning and incremental learning
* Estimating Forest Canopy Height Using MODIS BRDF Data Emphasizing Typical-Angle Reflectances
* Estimating Summertime Precipitation from Himawari-8 and Global Forecast System Based on Machine Learning
* Estimation and Analysis of BDS-3 Differential Code Biases from MGEX Observations
* Estimation of Measurements for Block-Based Compressed Video Sensing: Study of Correlation Noise in Measurement Domain
* Evaluation of BRDF Information Retrieved from Time-Series Multiangle Data of the Himawari-8 AHI
* Evaluation of the Consistency of the Vegetation Clumping Index Retrieved from Updated MODIS BRDF Data
* Evaluation of the Snow Albedo Retrieved from the Snow Kernel Improved the Ross-Roujean BRDF Model
* Evolution Assessment of Mining Subsidence Characteristics Using SBAS and PS Interferometry in Sanshandao Gold Mine, China
* Examining Relationships between Heat Requirement of Remotely Sensed Green-Up Date and Meteorological Indicators in the Hulun Buir Grassland
* Experimental Study on Field Spectral Measurements to Determine Appropriate Daily Time for Distinguishing Fractional Vegetation Cover, An
* Exploiting Combined Multi-level Model for Document Sentiment Analysis
* Exploring Determinants of Housing Prices in Beijing: An Enhanced Hedonic Regression with Open Access POI Data
* Extended SRC: Undersampled Face Recognition via Intraclass Variant Dictionary
* Eyes of the Gods: A Survey of Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Methods Based on Remote Sensing Data, The
* Face Recognition via Collaborative Representation: Its Discriminant Nature and Superposed Representation
* Fast and Accurate Object Detector for Handwritten Digit String Recognition, A
* Feature Dimension Reduction Using Stacked Sparse Auto-Encoders for Crop Classification with Multi-Temporal, Quad-Pol SAR Data
* Field Operations and Progress of Chinese Airborne Survey In East Antarctica Through the Snow Eagle 601
* Finding the faster path in vehicle routing
* Fine-grained face verification: FGLFW database, baselines, and human-DCMN partnership
* Fine-Grained Instance-Level Sketch-Based Video Retrieval
* Fine-grained Visual Classification via Progressive Multi-granularity Training of Jigsaw Patches
* Fixed-Point Back-Propagation Training
* Framework for Classification and Segmentation of Branch Retinal Artery Occlusion in SD-OCT, A
* Freeway Traffic Control in Presence of Capacity Drop
* From one to many: Pose-Aware Metric Learning for single-sample face recognition
* Full Tensor Decomposition Network for Crop Classification with Polarization Extension, A
* Fused Text Segmentation Networks for Multi-oriented Scene Text Detection
* Fusion of LiDAR and Multispectral Data for Aboveground Biomass Estimation in Mountain Grassland
* Gap-Filling of MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Products via Non-Local Spatio-Temporal Filtering Based on Machine Learning Techniques
* Gaussian Patch Mixture Model Guided Low-Rank Covariance Matrix Minimization for Image Denoising
* General Learning Modeling for AUV Position Tracking
* General model for linear information extraction based on the shear transformation
* Generating Reliable Online Adaptive Templates for Visual Tracking
* Geometrical and Magnitude Invariants for Recognition of Articulated and Non-Standard Objects in MSTAR Images
* GLAVNet: Global-Local Audio-Visual Cues for Fine-Grained Material Recognition
* GPCA: A Probabilistic Framework for Gaussian Process Embedded Channel Attention
* Gradual adaption with memory mechanism for image-based 3D model retrieval
* Graph-based neural networks for explainable image privacy inference
* Guest Editorial Introduction to Special Section on Modern Reversible Data Hiding and Watermarking
* Habitat Prediction of Northwest Pacific Saury Based on Multi-Source Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Data Fusion
* Handwritten Chinese character recognition using Local Discriminant Projection with Prior Information
* HCL2000: A Large-scale Handwritten Chinese Character Database for Handwritten Character Recognition
* Heritage Landscape Conservation and Development
* Hierarchical Disentangled Representation Learning for Outdoor Illumination Estimation and Editing
* Hierarchical Features Driven Residual Learning for Depth Map Super-Resolution
* Horizontal Accuracy Assessment of Google Earth Data Over Typical Regions of Asia
* Horizontal Accuracy Assessment of Google Earth Data Over Typical Regions of Australia Using Worldview
* Human Detection In Dense Scene Of Classrooms
* Hybrid Models for Open Set Recognition
* Hyperspectral Pansharpening Using Deep Prior and Dual Attention Residual Network
* Image Decomposition and Representation in Large Image Database Systems
* image denoising algorithm for mixed noise combining nonlocal means filter and sparse representation technique, An
* Image Semantic Segmentation With Edge and Feature Level Attenuators
* Image Stitching Based on Semantic Planar Region Consensus
* Image-Based 3D Model Retrieval for Indoor Scenes by Simulating Scene Context
* Image-Based Virtual Try-on Network with Structural Coherence
* Improved image clustering with deep semantic embedding
* Improved iSAM Based on Flexible Re-Linearization Threshold and Error Learning Model for AUV in Large Scale Areas
* Improved Kernel Recursive Least Squares Algorithm Based Online Prediction for Nonstationary Time Series
* Improved side information generation algorithm based on naive Bayesian theory for distributed video coding
* Improving Retrieval Performance by Global Analysis
* Improving tag matrix completion for image annotation and retrieval
* Improving the Orbits of the BDS-2 IGSO and MEO Satellites with Compensating Thermal Radiation Pressure Parameters
* In Defense of Sparsity Based Face Recognition
* Increased Low Degree Spherical Harmonic Influences on Polar Ice Sheet Mass Change Derived from GRACE Mission
* Inference-Based Similarity Search in Randomized Montgomery Domains for Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification
* Instance-Level Coupled Subspace Learning for Fine-Grained Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Integrating Land-Use and Renewable Energy Planning Decisions: A Technical Mapping Guide for Local Government
* Integrative labeling based statistical color models with application to skin detection
* Interactive Object Segmentation System for MPEG Video, An
* Intercomparisons of Cloud Mask Products Among Fengyun-4A, Himawari-8, and MODIS
* Interlaced Double-Precision 2-D Angle Estimation Algorithm Using L-Shaped Nested Arrays
* Inverse halftoning with grouping singular value decomposition
* Inverse Simulation: Reconstructing Dynamic Geometry of Clothed Humans via Optimal Control
* Inversion of Regional Groundwater Storage Changes Based on the Fusion of GNSS and GRACE Data: A Case Study of Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia
* Is it Safe to Drive? An Overview of Factors, Metrics, and Datasets for Driveability Assessment in Autonomous Driving
* ISNet: Shape Matters for Infrared Small Target Detection
* Joint CRF and Locality-Consistent Dictionary Learning for Semantic Segmentation
* Joint Topology-preserving and Feature-refinement Network for Curvilinear Structure Segmentation
* Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Efficient and Robust Training of Face Recognition CNNs by Partial FC
* Learned Smartphone ISP on Mobile NPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Learning Actor Relation Graphs for Group Activity Recognition
* Learning Bundle Manifold by Double Neighborhood Graphs
* Learning Graph Topology Representation with Attention Networks
* Learning Invariant Visual Representations for Compositional Zero-Shot Learning
* Learning Meta Face Recognition in Unseen Domains
* Learning Semi-Supervised Representation Towards a Unified Optimization Framework for Semi-Supervised Learning
* Lighting-aware face frontalization for unconstrained face recognition
* Lightweight Face Recognition Challenge
* Linear Max K-min classifier, A
* Linear Ranking Analysis
* Local Sparse Representation Based Classification
* Locality preserving and global discriminant projection with prior information
* Locality sensitive discriminative dictionary learning
* Low-rank and structured sparse subspace clustering
* Magnetic Anomaly Detection and Localization Using Orthogonal Basis of Magnetic Tensor Contraction
* Making better use of edges via perceptual grouping
* Masked Face Recognition Challenge: The InsightFace Track Report
* Matching Image with Multiple Local Features
* Max-K-Min Distance Analysis for Dimension Reduction
* MDCT-Based 3-D Texture Classification of Emphysema and Early Smoking Related Lung Pathologies
* MDCT: Multi-Kernel Dilated Convolution and Transformer for One-Stage Object Detection of Remote Sensing Images
* Merging and Diverging Impact on Mixed Traffic of Regular and Autonomous Vehicles
* Microphysical Characteristics of Rainfall Observed by a 2DVD Disdrometer during Different Seasons in Beijing, China
* Model for Animal Home Range Estimation Based on the Active Learning Method, A
* Modeling Words for Qualitative Distance Based on Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets
* Modelling the Spectral Uncertainty of Geographic Features in High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images: Semi-Supervising and Weighted Interval Type-2 Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
* modified spectral conjugate gradient projection method for signal recovery, A
* Monitoring the Characteristics of Ecological Cumulative Effect Due to Mining Disturbance Utilizing Remote Sensing
* Monitoring the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Aeolian Desertification Using Google Earth Engine
* MPCCL: Multiview predictive coding with contrastive learning for person re-identification
* Multi-Dimensional Pruning: A Unified Framework for Model Compression
* Multi-head mutual-attention CycleGAN for unpaired image-to-image translation
* multi-label classification approach for Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Multi-modality Network with Visual and Geometrical Information for Micro Emotion Recognition
* Multi-Person Pose Estimation via Multi-Layer Fractal Network and Joints Kinship Pattern
* Multi-scale Joint Encoding of Local Binary Patterns for Texture and Material Classification
* Multi-task Deep Learning for Cerebrovascular Disease Classification and MRI-to-PET Translation
* Musicoder: A Universal Music-acoustic Encoder Based on Transformer
* New Method of Digital Holographic Reconstruction Based on EALCD and CCD, A
* New Orbit Determination Method for GEO Satellites Based on BeiDou Short-Message Communication Ranging
* Noise Reduction and Interpretation of Ice-penetrating Radar Data In Antarctic Ice Sheet Based On Variational Mode Decomposition
* Non-uniform motion deblurring with Kernel grid regularization
* Nonlinear Coordinated Steering and Braking Control of Vision-Based Autonomous Vehicles in Emergency Obstacle Avoidance
* Novel All-Weather Method to Determine Deflection of the Vertical by Combining 3D Laser Tracking Free-Fall and Multi-GNSS Baselines, A
* Novel Completion Algorithm for Color Images and Videos Based on Tensor Train Rank, A
* Novel Hierarchical Method of Ship Detection from Spaceborne Optical Image Based on Shape and Texture Features, A
* Novel Low-light Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Information Assistance, A
* Novel Perspective to Zero-Shot Learning: Towards an Alignment of Manifold Structures via Semantic Feature Expansion, A
* Novel Robust Modified Support Vector Machines, A
* On the Choice of the Third-Frequency Galileo Signals in Accelerating PPP Ambiguity Resolution in Case of Receiver Antenna Phase Center Errors
* On the Value of Available MODIS and Landsat8 OLI Image Pairs for MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Mapping Based on an Artificial Neural Network
* On-Orbit Spatial Quality Evaluation and Image Restoration of FengYun-3C/MERSI
* One-Shot Learning of Sketch Categories with Co-regularized Sparse Coding
* One-To-Many Network for Visually Pleasing Compression Artifacts Reduction
* Online burr video denoising by learning sparsifying transform
* Online Regression of Grandmother-Cell Responses with Visual Experience Learning for Face Recognition
* Optimized Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis (ONDA) for Supervised Pixel Classification
* Ordered histogram of shapemes: An ordered bag-of-features based shape descriptor for efficient shape matching
* OSLNet: Deep Small-Sample Classification With an Orthogonal Softmax Layer
* Pairwise Rotation Invariant Co-Occurrence Local Binary Pattern
* Pairwise Rotation Invariant Co-Occurrence Local Binary Pattern [Conf]
* PDR-Net: Perception-Inspired Single Image Dehazing Network With Refinement
* Perception of Image Characteristics with Compressive Measurements
* Perceptual grouping via untangling Gestalt principles
* Perimeter Control of Multiregion Urban Traffic Networks With Time-Varying Delays
* Petrophysical Parameter Calculation Based on NMR Echo Data in Tight Sandstone
* Phase Center Corrections for BDS IGSO and MEO Satellites in IGb14 and IGSR3 Frame
* PhysGAN: Generating Physical-World-Resilient Adversarial Examples for Autonomous Driving
* Polarization Aberrations in High-Numerical-Aperture Lens Systems and Their Effects on Vectorial-Information Sensing
* Potential of Spectral Indices in Detecting Various Stages of Afforestation over the Loess Plateau Region of China, The
* Prediction of shear stress distribution throughout 3D bone scaffold in perfusion environment
* Preliminary Long-period Magnetotelluric Investigation At the Edge Of Ice Sheet In East Antarctica
* Preliminary Quality Analysis of GF-7 Satellite Laser Altimeter Full Waveform Data
* Progressive Learning of Category-Consistent Multi-Granularity Features for Fine-Grained Visual Classification
* Progressive Refinement Network for Occluded Pedestrian Detection
* Prostate Segmentation Based on Variant Scale Patch and Local Independent Projection
* Prototype Calibration with Feature Generation for Few-Shot Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* Pruning ConvNets Online for Efficient Specialist Models
* PTNet3D: A 3D High-Resolution Longitudinal Infant Brain MRI Synthesizer Based on Transformers
* Pyramid Graph Networks With Connection Attentions for Region-Based One-Shot Semantic Segmentation
* Quality Inspection for Block Adjustment of the Zy3 Stereo Satellite Imagery
* Quality Inspection of Satellite Imagery Block Adjustment Without GCP
* Query by humming via hierarchical filters
* Re-ranking using compression-based distance measure for Content-based Commercial Product Image Retrieval
* Real-time hand detection based on multi-stage HOG-SVM classifier
* Real-Time Prediction of Seasonal Heteroscedasticity in Vehicular Traffic Flow Series
* Real-Time Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile NPUs, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Real-time rendering of refracting transmissive objects with multi-scale rough surfaces
* Real-time simulating and rendering of layered dust
* Recognition of Architectural and Electrical Symbols by COSFIRE Filters with Inhibition
* Recognition of Handwritten Characters Using Pattern Transformation Method with Cosine Function
* Recognizing Chinese Texts with 3D Convolutional Neural Network
* Recursive identification of FIR systems with binary-valued observations
* Reference-Based Scheme Combined With K-SVD for Scene Image Categorization
* Regional Decomposition Method for Recognizing Handprinted Characters, A
* ReMarNet: Conjoint Relation and Margin Learning for Small-Sample Image Classification
* Remote Sensing of Spatiotemporal Changes in Wetland Geomorphology Based on Type 2 Fuzzy Sets: A Case Study of Beidagang Wetland from 1975 to 2015
* Representative reference-set and betweenness centrality for scene image categorization
* RetinaFace: Single-Shot Multi-Level Face Localisation in the Wild
* Retrieval of Leaf Area Index by Linking the PROSAIL and Ross-Li BRDF Models Using MODIS BRDF Data
* Retrieval of Vertical Foliage Profile and Leaf Area Index Using Transmitted Energy Information Derived from ICESat GLAS Data
* Retrieving Forest Canopy Elements Clumping Index Using ICESat GLAS Lidar Data
* Review of Image Super-Resolution Approaches Based on Deep Learning and Applications in Remote Sensing, A
* Review of Land Surface Albedo: Variance Characteristics, Climate Effect and Management Strategy
* Review of Marine Gravity Field Recovery from Satellite Altimetry, A
* RLST: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Scene Text Detection Refinement
* Robust lyric search based on weighted syllable confusion matrix
* Robust, accurate and efficient face recognition from a single training image: A uniform pursuit approach
* RSDehazeNet: Dehazing Network With Channel Refinement for Multispectral Remote Sensing Images
* Scalability in Perception for Autonomous Driving: Waymo Open Dataset
* Scalable Computing Resources System for Remote Sensing Big Data Processing Using GeoPySpark Based on Spark on K8s, A
* Self-paced Bottom-up Clustering Network with Side Information for Person Re-Identification
* Self-Supervised Convolutional Subspace Clustering Network
* Self-synchronizing watermarking scheme for an arbitrarily shaped object
* Semantic Preserving Hash Coding Through VAE-GAN
* Sensitivity of Green-Up Date to Meteorological Indicators in Hulun Buir Grasslands of China
* Shifting of the Migration Route of White-Naped Crane (Antigone vipio) Due to Wetland Loss in China
* Significance Evaluation of Video Data Over Media Cloud Based on Compressed Sensing
* Single Image Highlight Removal with a Sparse and Low-Rank Reflection Model
* Single Tree Modeling and Forest Scene Rendering with SRTM and TM Data
* Single-Stage Joint Face Detection and Alignment
* Sketching by perceptual grouping
* SketchMate: Deep Hashing for Million-Scale Human Sketch Retrieval
* small sample size problem of ICA: A comparative study and analysis, The
* Small target detection based on reweighted infrared patch-image model
* Smooth Incremental Learning of Correlation Filters for Visual Tracking
* Solar Radiation Pressure Models for BeiDou-3 I2-S Satellite: Comparison and Augmentation
* Spatial and Temporal Variations of Aerosol Optical Thickness over the China Seas from Himawari-8
* Spatial Pyramid Attention for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Spatial Pyramid-Based Statistical Features for Person Re-Identification: A Comprehensive Evaluation
* Spatial Stochastic Vehicle Traffic Modeling for VANETs
* Spatial-invariant convolutional neural network for photographic composition prediction and automatic correction
* Spatiotemporal Distribution and Main Influencing Factors of Grasshopper Potential Habitats in Two Steppe Types of Inner Mongolia, China
* Stacked Sparse Autoencoder-Based Detector for Automatic Identification of Neuromagnetic High Frequency Oscillations in Epilepsy, A
* Structured Discriminative Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Study on intelligent algorithm of guide partition for emergency evacuation of a subway station
* Sub-center Arcface: Boosting Face Recognition by Large-scale Noisy Web Faces
* Survey on Long-Tailed Visual Recognition, A
* Survey on Vision Transformer, A
* Systematical Evaluation of GPM IMERG and TRMM 3B42V7 Precipitation Products in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain, China
* Tempo variation based multilayer filters for query by humming
* Temporal Analysis of Ground Movement at a Metal Mine in China
* Tensor Based Multiscale Low Rank Decomposition for Hyperspectral Images Dimensionality Reduction
* Texture classification with cross-covariance matrices in compressive measurement domain
* Three-Dimensional (3D) Parametric Modeling and Organization for Web-Based Visualization of City-Scale Pipe Network
* Towards Comprehensive Testing on the Robustness of Cooperative Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning
* Traffic Sign Detection via Graph-Based Ranking and Segmentation Algorithms
* Transform-Invariant PCA: A Unified Approach to Fully Automatic Face Alignment, Representation, and Recognition
* Transformed Principal Gradient Orientation for Robust and Precise Batch Face Alignment
* Typical and Reverse Other-Race Effect on Tibetan Students' Emotional Face Recognition
* Underwater image restoration based on minimum information loss principle and optical properties of underwater imaging
* Universal String Matching Approach to Screen Content Coding, A
* Unsupervised person re-identification via simultaneous clustering and mask prediction
* Unsupervised Sentiment-Bearing Feature Selection for Document-Level Sentiment Classification
* Upscaling Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence from an Instantaneous to Daily Scale Gives an Improved Estimation of the Gross Primary Productivity
* Using C3D to Detect Rear Overtaking Behavior
* Variational Bayesian Matrix Factorization for Bounded Support Data
* Variational Prototype Learning for Deep Face Recognition
* Vegetation Coverage in the Desert Area of the Junggar Basin of Xinjiang, China, Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology and Multisource Data
* Vegetation Monitoring of Protected Areas in Rugged Mountains Using an Improved Shadow-Eliminated Vegetation Index (SEVI)
* versatile homography computation method based on two real points, A
* Video Foreground Cosegmentation Based on Common Fate
* Video segmentation scheme based on AMC
* Visual Tracking Via Sparse Representation With Reliable Structure Constraint
* Wacnet: Word Segmentation Guided Characters Aggregation Net for Scene Text Spotting With Arbitrary Shapes
* Weakly supervised locality sensitive hashing for duplicate image retrieval
* Web Multimedia Object Classification Using Cross-Domain Correlation Knowledge
* Web Multimedia Object Clustering via Information Fusion
* Weighted multi-view common subspace learning method
* Withdrawn: Incremental subspace and probability mask constrained tracking in smart and autonomous systems
* Your Flamingo is My Bird: Fine-Grained, or Not
* Zero-Shot Learning via Latent Space Encoding
Includes: Guo, J.[Jian] Guo, J.[Jun] Guo, J. Guo, J.[Jing] Guo, J.[Jinyun] Guo, J.[Jifu] Guo, J.[Jia] Guo, J.[Jiang] Guo, J.[Jiayi] Guo, J.[Jiapan] Guo, J.[Jichang] Guo, J.[Jinxu] Guo, J.[Jie] Guo, J.[Jin] Guo, J.[Junting] Guo, J.[Junbo] Guo, J.[Jinyu] Guo, J.[Jia_Ming] Guo, J.[Jiao] Guo, J.[Jiale] Guo, J.[Jifa] Guo, J.[Jiabin] Guo, J.[Jinwei] Guo, J.[Junyan] Guo, J.[Junyi] Guo, J.[Jiaao] Guo, J.[Ju] Guo, J.[Jingfan] Guo, J.[Jinglei] Guo, J.[Jiacen] Guo, J.[Jiaan] Guo, J.[JiaMing] Guo, J.[Jingda] Guo, J.[Jianyuan] Guo, J.[Jinmei] Guo, J.[Juan]
330 for Guo, J.

Guo, J.B.[Jun Bo] Co Author Listing * Invariant visual patterns for video copy detection
* Real-time classification on oral ulcer images with residual network and image enhancement
* Understanding the influence of state of health on the range anxiety of battery electric vehicle drivers
* VideoMap: an interactive video retrieval system of MCG-ICT-CAS
Includes: Guo, J.B.[Jun Bo] Guo, J.B.[Jun-Bo] Guo, J.B.[Jian-Bin]

Guo, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Remote Sensing Image Attribute Learning for Active Object Detection
* Automatic Classification of Remote Sensing Image Using Ant Colony Clustering Algorithm
* Clouds in the Vicinity of the Stratopause Observed with Lidars at Midlatitudes (40.5-41°N) in China
* Cross-Domain Correlation Distillation for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Nighttime Semantic Segmentation
* EGAN: Non-uniform image deblurring based on edge adversarial mechanism and partial weight sharing network
* general multiview LCD stereo image composition method based on optical plate technology, A
* Hierarchical feature concatenation-based kernel sparse representations for image categorization
* hybrid method for underwater image correction, A
* Illumination-based adaptive saliency detection network through fusion of multi-source features
* improved multiview stereo video FGS scalable scheme, An
* LightenNet: A Convolutional Neural Network for weakly illuminated image enhancement
* Multivariate Image Texture by Multivariate Variogram for Multispectral Image Classification
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Objective quality assessment method of stereo images
* Real-time transmission of high-resolution multi-view stereo video over IP networks
* UIEC^2-Net: CNN-based underwater image enhancement using two color space
* Underwater Image Enhancement by Dehazing With Minimum Information Loss and Histogram Distribution Prior
* Very high resolution Image Segmentation by combined spectral and structural information
* Zero-Reference Deep Curve Estimation for Low-Light Image Enhancement
Includes: Guo, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Guo, J.C.[Jia-Cheng] Guo, J.C.[Jia-Chen] Guo, J.C.[Jian-Chun] Guo, J.C.[Ji-Chang] Guo, J.C.[Jian-Cong] Guo, J.C.
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Guo, J.F.[Ji Feng] Co Author Listing * Biclustering Collaborative Learning for Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification
* Enhanced pipelined architecture of H.264/AVC intra prediction
* Fast Convergent Ordered-Subsets Algorithm With Subiteration-Dependent Preconditioners for PET Image Reconstruction, A
* Hierarchical content importance-based video quality assessment for HEVC encoded videos transmitted over LTE networks
* L-Tracing: Fast Light Visibility Estimation on Neural Surfaces by Sphere Tracing
* Learning-Based Multi-Robot Formation Control With Obstacle Avoidance
* Median Stable Clustering and Global Distance Classification for Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification
* Neural Mean Discrepancy for Efficient Out-of-Distribution Detection
* Practical Poisoning Attacks on Neural Networks
* Re-Balancing Strategy for Class-Imbalanced Classification Based on Instance Difficulty, A
* Transformation Driven Visual Reasoning
Includes: Guo, J.F.[Ji Feng] Guo, J.F.[Ji-Feng] Guo, J.F.[Jie-Feng] Guo, J.F.[Jian-Feng] Guo, J.F.[Jian-Fei] Guo, J.F.[Jun-Feng] Guo, J.F.[Jia-Feng]
11 for Guo, J.F.

Guo, J.H.[Jing Hua] Co Author Listing * Adaptive dynamic surface longitudinal tracking control of autonomous vehicles
* Adaptive non-linear coordinated optimal dynamic platoon control of connected autonomous distributed electric vehicles on curved roads
* Adaptive non-linear trajectory tracking control for lane change of autonomous four-wheel independently drive electric vehicles
* Classification of Very-High-Spatial-Resolution Aerial Images Based on Multiscale Features with Limited Semantic Information
* Data-Driven Approach to Assess Street Safety: Large-Scale Analysis of the Microscopic Design
* Distributed adaptive robust H8 control of intelligent-connected electric vehicles platooning subject to communication delay
* DUPnet: Water Body Segmentation with Dense Block and Multi-Scale Spatial Pyramid Pooling for Remote Sensing Images
* Dynamic traffic demand uncertainty prediction using radio-frequency identification data and link volume data
* Evaluating the Vertical Accuracy of DEM Generated from ZiYuan-3 Stereo Images in Understanding the Tectonic Morphology of the Qianhe Basin, China
* Feature subset selection using naive Bayes for text classification
* Fractal and Multifractal Characteristics of Lineaments in the Qianhe Graben and Its Tectonic Significance Using Remote Sensing Images
* Landsat-8 OLI Multispectral Image Dehazing Based on Optimized Atmospheric Scattering Model
* Machine learning and whale optimization algorithm based design of energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
* Multi-model ensemble with rich spatial information for object detection
* Quantitative Analysis of Tectonic Geomorphology Research Based on Web of Science from 1981 to 2021
* RISE-Based Integrated Motion Control of Autonomous Ground Vehicles With Asymptotic Prescribed Performance
* Safe and Energy-Efficient Car-Following Control Strategy for Intelligent Electric Vehicles Considering Regenerative Braking
* Semi-Supervised Cloud Detection in Satellite Images by Considering the Domain Shift Problem
* Short-term traffic flow prediction using fuzzy information granulation approach under different time intervals
Includes: Guo, J.H.[Jing Hua] Guo, J.H.[Jing-Hua] Guo, J.H.[Jin-Hui] Guo, J.H.[Jin-Han] Guo, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Guo, J.H.[Jin-Hong]
19 for Guo, J.H.

Guo, J.I.[Jiun In] Co Author Listing * 3D depth map generation for embedded stereo applications
* Area-Efficient Variable Length Decoder IP Core Design for MPEG-1/2/4 Video Coding Applications, An
* Dynamic Quality-Adjustable H.264 Video Encoder for Power-Aware Video Applications, A
* Efficient 2-D DCT/IDCT Core Design Using Cyclic Convolution and Adder-Based Realization, An
* Efficient hierarchical chaotic image encryption algorithm and its VLSI realisation
* Energy-Aware IP Core Design for the Variable-Length DCT/IDCT Targeting at MPEG4 Shape-Adaptive Transforms, An
* generalized architecture for the one-dimensional discrete cosine and sine transforms, A
* High-Performance Direct 2-D Transform Coding IP Design for MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, A
* High-Throughput H.264/AVC High-Profile CABAC Decoder for HDTV Applications
* iVS Dataset and ezLabel: A Dataset and a Data Annotation Tool for Deep Learning Based ADAS Applications
* Memory-Efficient Realization of Cyclic Convolution and Its Application to Discrete Cosine Transform, A
* Verification-Aware Design Methodology for Thread Pipelining Parallelization, A
* VisoMT: A Collaborative Multithreading Multicore Processor for Multimedia Applications With a Fast Data Switching Mechanism
Includes: Guo, J.I.[Jiun In] Guo, J.I.[Jiun-In] Guo, J.I.
13 for Guo, J.I.

Guo, J.J.[Jing Jing] Co Author Listing * Application Oriented Scan-to-BIM Framework, An
* Design, simulation and experiment of a novel mass detection system with active control magnetic
* Effect of UV Scattering on Detection Limit of SO2 Cameras
* Enhancing the alignment between target words and corresponding frames for video captioning
* Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Diamond and Triangle Search Patterns, A
* ICRA: An Intelligent Clustering Routing Approach for UAV Ad Hoc Networks
* Lightweight Trustworthy Message Exchange in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Networks
* MA-LSTM: A Multi-Attention Based LSTM for Complex Pattern Extraction
* novel detail weighted histogram equalization method for brightness preserving image enhancement based on partial statistic and global mapping model, A
* Optimal polygonal approximation of digital planar curves using meta heuristics
* Performance Comparison of Filtering Algorithms for High-Density Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds over Complex LandScapes
* Relation-aware attention for video captioning via graph learning
* Research of an Embedded Processor Element for Multimedia Domain, The
* Research on Image Processing Algorithms of Image Stabilization Testing for Sighting Telescope Based on Cross Lines
* Scene text detection using adaptive color reduction, adjacent character model and hybrid verification strategy
* Semantic manifold modularization-based ranking for image recommendation
Includes: Guo, J.J.[Jing Jing] Guo, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Guo, J.J.[Jin-Jun] Guo, J.J.[Jian-Jun] Guo, J.J.[Jun-Jun] Guo, J.J.[Jing-Jie] Guo, J.J.[Jiao-Jiao] Guo, J.J.[Jun-Jie] Guo, J.J.[Jian-Jing]
16 for Guo, J.J.

Guo, J.K.[Jinn Kwei] Co Author Listing * 3-D cerebral vessel reconstruction from angiograms
* Detecting corners of polygonal and polyhedral objects
* Forgery Detection by Local Correspondence
* Local Correspondence for Detecting Random Forgeries
* Multi-polyhedron reconstruction in a three-view system using relaxation
* Off-line Skilled Forgery Detection Using Stroke and Substroke Properties
* Page classification through logical labelling
* Persistent Memory Residual Network for Single Image Super Resolution
* Polyhedron Recognition Using Three-View Analysis
* Separating handwritten material from machine printed text using hidden Markov models
Includes: Guo, J.K.[Jinn Kwei] Guo, J.K.[Jinn-Kwei] Guo, J.K.[Jinhong Katherine] Guo, J.K. Guo, J.K.[Jin-Kang]
10 for Guo, J.K.

Guo, J.L.[Jin Lin] Co Author Listing * Clipboard: A Visual Search and Browsing Engine for Tablet and PC
* Comparative Assessment of Three Nonlinear Approaches for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in a Coal Mine Area
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Bidirectional Image-Sentence Mapping
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Correlating Images and Sentences
* Efficient Image Codec based on Backward Coding of Wavelet Trees, An
* Label Incorporated Graph Neural Networks for Text Classification
* Model Compression for Faster Structural Separation of Macromolecules Captured by Cellular Electron Cryo-Tomography
* multi-step airport delay prediction model based on spatial-temporal correlation and auxiliary features, A
* Multi-step traffic speed prediction model with auxiliary features on urban road networks and its understanding
* Supporting browsing of user generated video on a tablet
* Utilizing Locality-Sensitive Hash Learning for Cross-Media Retrieval
Includes: Guo, J.L.[Jin Lin] Guo, J.L.[Jin-Lin] Guo, J.L.[Jian-Li] Guo, J.L.[Jiang-Ling] Guo, J.L.[Jun-Liang] Guo, J.L.[Jia-Liang] Guo, J.L.[Jin-Long]
11 for Guo, J.L.

Guo, J.M. Co Author Listing * Accurate Facial Landmark Extraction
* BARNet: Boundary Aware Refinement Network for Crack Detection
* Cascaded Background Subtraction Using Block-Based and Pixel-Based Codebooks
* Clustered-Dot Screen Design for Digital Multitoning
* Codec Information Assisted Framework for Efficient Compressed Video Super-Resolution, A
* Complete Printer Model in Error-Diffused Halftone Images, A
* Complexity Reduced Face Detection Using Probability-Based Face Mask Prefiltering and Pixel-Based Hierarchical-Feature Adaboosting
* Complexity-reduced and contrast-enhanced halftoning with hybrid model
* Conditional progressive network for clothing parsing
* Contact-free hand geometry identification system
* Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Error Diffusion Block Truncation Coding Features
* Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Features Extracted From Halftoning-Based Block Truncation Coding
* Content-based image retrieval with ordered dither block truncation coding features
* Contrast Enhancement Using Stratified Parametric-Oriented Histogram Equalization
* Controllable Success Fix Rate Threshold Determination Method for GNSS Ambiguity Acceptance Tests, A
* Data hiding in halftone images with noise-balanced error diffusion
* Data hiding in halftone images with secret-shared dot diffusion
* Data-Hiding in Halftone Images Using Adaptive Noise-Balanced Error Diffusion
* Differential Ground-Based Radar Interferometry for Slope and Civil Structures Monitoring: Two Case Studies of Landslide and Bridge
* Dot-Diffused Halftoning With Improved Homogeneity
* Double chain networks for monocular 3D human pose estimation
* Effective Image Retrieval System Using Dot-Diffused Block Truncation Coding Features
* Efficient and Adaptable Patch-Based Crack Detection
* Efficient Fusion-Based Defogging, An
* Efficient Halftoning Based on Multiple Look-Up Tables
* Error-Diffused Image Security Improving Using Overall Minimal-Error Searching
* Establishment and Assessment of a New GNSS Precipitable Water Vapor Interpolation Scheme Based on the GPT2w Model
* False-positive-free SVD-based image watermarking
* Fast Background Subtraction Based on a Multilayer Codebook Model for Moving Object Detection
* FastNet: Fast high-resolution network for human pose estimation
* Fusion of Deep Learning and Compressed Domain Features for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Halftone Image Classification Using LMS Algorithm and Naive Bayes
* Halftone-Image Security Improving Using Overall Minimal-Error Searching
* Halftoning-Based Block Truncation Coding image restoration
* Hiding Multitone Watermarks in Halftone Images
* Hierarchical Method for Foreground Detection Using Codebook Model
* High Capacity Data Hiding for Error-Diffused Block Truncation Coding
* High Efficiency Digital Halftoning with Two-Element Error Kernel
* High efficient Direct Binary Search using Multiple Lookup Tables
* High-capacity data hiding in halftone images using minimal error bit searching
* High-Capacity Data Hiding in Halftone Images Using Minimal-Error Bit Searching and Least-Mean Square Filter
* High-Quality Video Generation from Static Structural Annotations
* Hybrid hand tracking system
* Hybrid pixel-based data hiding and block-based watermarking for error-diffused halftone images
* Image indexing using the color and bit pattern feature fusion
* Impact of the Lips for Biometrics
* Improved Block Truncation Coding Based on the Void-and-Cluster Dithering Approach
* Improved Block Truncation Coding Using Extreme Mean Value Scaling and Block-Based High Speed Direct Binary Search
* Improved Block Truncation Coding Using Optimized Dot Diffusion
* Improved data hiding in halftone images with cooperating pair toggling human visual system
* Improved directional lifting-based discrete wavelet transform for low resolution moving object detection
* Improved Dot Diffusion by Diffused Matrix and Class Matrix Co-Optimization
* Improved Hand Tracking System
* Improved Low-Complexity Algorithm for 2-D Integer Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform Using Symmetric Mask-Based Scheme
* Improving Wi-Fi Fingerprint Positioning with a Pose Recognition-Assisted SVM Algorithm
* Influence of Different Modelling Factors on Global Temperature and Pressure Models and Their Performance in Different Zenith Hydrostatic Delay (ZHD) Models, The
* Inverse Halftoning Based on Bayesian Theorem
* Inverse Halftoning Based on the Bayesian Theorem
* Inverse Halftoning With Context Driven Prediction
* Joint Compression/Watermarking Scheme Using Majority-Parity Guidance and Halftoning-Based Block Truncation Coding
* Learning Object Deformation and Motion Adaption for Semi-supervised Video Object Segmentation
* Long-term correlation tracking via spatial-temporal context
* Low resolution pedestrian detection using light robust features and hierarchical system
* Memory-Efficient Hardware Architecture of 2-D Dual-Mode Lifting-Based Discrete Wavelet Transform
* Multimedia Classification Using Bipolar Relation Graphs
* New Class Tiling Design for Dot-Diffused Halftoning
* New Model-Based Digital Halftoning and Data Hiding Designed With LMS Optimization, A
* new progressive coding algorithm of dithered images, A
* new progressive coding scheme for halftone dithered images using bit-interleaving, A
* Novel Robust Watermarking Technique in Dithering Halftone Images
* Novel Ultra-Wideband Double Difference Indoor Positioning Method with Additional Baseline Constraint, A
* Ocular Recognition for Blinking Eyes
* Oriented Modulation for Watermarking in Direct Binary Search Halftone Images
* Paired Subimage Matching Watermarking Method on Ordered Dither Images and Its High-Quality Progressive Coding
* Panoramic Face Recognition
* Parallel and element-reduced Error-Diffused Block Truncation Coding
* Perspective Motion Segmentation via Collaborative Clustering
* Precise Orbit Determination of BeiDou Satellites with Contributions from Chinese National Continuous Operating Reference Stations
* Real-time 3D human pose estimation without skeletal a priori structures
* Real-Time GPS Precise Point Positioning-Based Precipitable Water Vapor Estimation for Rainfall Monitoring and Forecasting
* Real-Time Video Super-Resolution on Smartphones with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Regional Zenith Tropospheric Delay (ZTD) Model Based on GPT3 and ANN, A
* Reversible Data Hiding in Halftone Images Based on Dynamic Embedding States Group
* Signer-independence finger alphabet recognition using discrete wavelet transform and area level run lengths
* TMF: A GNSS Tropospheric Mapping Function for the Asymmetrical Neutral Atmosphere
* Tone-Replacement Error Diffusion for Multitoning
* Unified Data Embedding and Scrambling Method, A
* Vehicle Verification Using Features From Curvelet Transform and Generalized Gaussian Distribution Modeling
* Vehicle Verification Using Gabor Filter Magnitude with Gamma Distribution Modeling
* Video Co-segmentation for Meaningful Action Extraction
* Watermarking for position-mapping-based halftoning
* Watermarking in halftone images with mixed halftone techniques
* Watermarking in halftone images with noise balance strategy
* Wuhan Surface Subsidence Analysis in 2015-2016 Based on Sentinel-1A Data by SBAS-InSAR
Includes: Guo, J.M. Guo, J.M.[Jing-Ming] Guo, J.M.[Jia-Ming] Guo, J.M.[Ji-Ming] Guo, J.M.[Jian-Ming] Guo, J.M.[Jing Ming]
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Guo, J.N.[Jian Nan] Co Author Listing * Semi-supervised Active Learning for Semi-supervised Models: Exploit Adversarial Examples with Graph-based Virtual Labels
Includes: Guo, J.N.[Jian Nan] Guo, J.N.[Jian-Nan]

Guo, J.P.[Jian Ping] Co Author Listing * Boundary Layer Height as Estimated from Radar Wind Profilers in Four Cities in China: Relative Contributions from Aerosols and Surface Features
* Determination of Long-Term Soil Apparent Thermal Diffusivity Using Near-Surface Soil Temperature on the Tibetan Plateau
* Double Manifolds Regularized Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Data Representation
* Elucidating the Life Cycle of Warm-Season Mesoscale Convective Systems in Eastern China from the Himawari-8 Geostationary Satellite
* Evaluation of the AVHRR DeepBlue aerosol optical depth dataset over mainland China
* Globality constrained adaptive graph regularized non-negative matrix factorization for data representation
* Ground Clutter Mitigation for Slow-Time MIMO Radar Using Independent Component Analysis
* Hybrid Approach of Combining Random Forest with Texture Analysis and VDVI for Desert Vegetation Mapping Based on UAV RGB Data, A
* Inhibition-augmented trainable COSFIRE filters for keypoint detection and object recognition
* Investigation of Atmospheric Dynamic and Thermodynamic Structures of Typhoon Sinlaku (2020) from High-Resolution Dropsonde and Two-Way Rawinsonde Measurements
* Logarithmic Schatten-p Norm Minimization for Tensorial Multi-View Subspace Clustering
* Low Rank Representation on Product Grassmann Manifolds for Multi-view Subspace Clustering
* Multi-Attribute Subspace Clustering via Auto-Weighted Tensor Nuclear Norm Minimization
* Multiscale and multisource data fusion for full-coverage PM2.5 concentration mapping: Can spatial pattern recognition come with modeling accuracy?
* Observation of Turbulent Mixing Characteristics in the Typical Daytime Cloud-Topped Boundary Layer over Hong Kong in 2019
* Spatially gap free analysis of aerosol type grids in China: First retrieval via satellite remote sensing and big data analytics
* Urban-Rural Heterogeneity of Air Pollution in 35 Metropolitan Regions across China, The
* Vertica Wind Shear Modulates Particulate Matter Pollutions: A Perspective from Radar Wind Profiler Observations in Beijing, China
Includes: Guo, J.P.[Jian Ping] Guo, J.P.[Jian-Ping] Guo, J.P.[Ji-Peng] Guo, J.P.[Jin-Peng] Guo, J.P.[Jin-Ping] Guo, J.P.[Jia-Pan]
18 for Guo, J.P.

Guo, J.Q.[Jing Qiu] Co Author Listing * Bus Bridging Disruption in Rail Services With Frustrated and Impatient Passengers
* Cloud detection of GF-7 satellite laser footprint image
* deep learning network based end-to-end image composition, A
* Generic Approaches to Estimating Freeway Traffic State and Percentage of Connected Vehicles With Fixed and Mobile Sensing
* High-Resolution UAV Image Generation for Sorghum Panicle Detection
* Influence of Atmospheric Scattering on the Accuracy of Laser Altimetry of the GF-7 Satellite and Corrections
* Specific Drivers and Responses to Land Surface Phenology of Different Vegetation Types in the Qinling Mountains, Central China
* Weighted-learning-instance-based retrieval model using instance distance
Includes: Guo, J.Q.[Jing Qiu] Guo, J.Q.[Jing-Qiu] Guo, J.Q.[Jin-Quan] Guo, J.Q.[Jun-Qi] Guo, J.Q.[Jia-Qi]
8 for Guo, J.Q.

Guo, J.S.[Ji Shun] Co Author Listing * Multi-exposure photomontage with hand-held cameras
* Multi-Scale Piecewise Line Integral Strategy for Structure Integral Transform
* Novel Multi-scale Invariant Descriptor Based on Contour and Texture for Shape Recognition, A
Includes: Guo, J.S.[Ji Shun] Guo, J.S.[Ji-Shun] Guo, J.S.[Ji-Shan]

Guo, J.T.[Jia Teng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Discontinuity Traces from 3D Rock Mass Point Clouds Considering the Influence of Light Shadows and Color Change
* Construction of Space-Sky-Ground Integrated Collaborative Monitoring Framework for Surface Deformation in Mining Area
* DFAF3D:A dual-feature-aware anchor-free single-stage 3D detector for point clouds
* Facial parts swapping with generative adversarial networks
* New Method for Quantitative Analysis of Driving Factors for Vegetation Coverage Change in Mining Areas: GWDF-ANN, A
* Oceanic Mesoscale Eddies Identification Using B-Spline Surface Fitting Model Based on Along-Track SLA Data
* Secure watermarking scheme against watermark attacks in the encrypted domain
* Spatiotemporal Variations in Satellite-Derived Vegetation Phenological Parameters in Northeast China
* Storm Surge Hazard Assessment of the Levee of a Rapidly Developing City-Based on LiDAR and Numerical Models
* Towards Automatic and Topologically Consistent 3D Regional Geological Modeling from Boundaries and Attitudes
* Variability of Chlorophyll-a and Secchi Disk Depth (1997-2019) in the Bohai Sea Based on Monthly Cloud-Free Satellite Data Reconstructions
Includes: Guo, J.T.[Jia Teng] Guo, J.T.[Jia-Teng] Guo, J.T.[Jun-Ting] Guo, J.T.[Jin-Ting] Guo, J.T.[Jing-Tao] Guo, J.T.[Jian-Ting] Guo, J.T.[Jing-Tian]
11 for Guo, J.T.

Guo, J.W.[Jun Wen] Co Author Listing * BSCA-Net: Bit Slicing Context Attention network for polyp segmentation
* completely affine invariant image-matching method based on perspective projection, A
* Efficient Center Voting for Object Detection and 6D Pose Estimation in 3D Point Cloud
* Efficient triangulation of Poisson-disk sampled point sets
* Identity-Sensitive Knowledge Propagation for Cloth-Changing Person Re-Identification
* Learning 3D Keypoint Descriptors for Non-rigid Shape Matching
* Robust Local Spectral Descriptor for Matching Non-Rigid Shapes With Incompatible Shape Structures, A
* Single-Image Specular Highlight Removal via Real-World Dataset Construction
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Person Re-Identification by Camera-Aware Style Decoupling and Uncertainty Modeling
Includes: Guo, J.W.[Jun Wen] Guo, J.W.[Jun-Wen] Guo, J.W.[Jun-Wei] Guo, J.W.[Jian-Wei] Guo, J.W.[Jing-Wen]
9 for Guo, J.W.

Guo, J.X.[Jing Xue] Co Author Listing * 3D Interpretation of a Broadband Magnetotelluric Data Set Collected in the South of the Chinese Zhongshan Station at Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
* Alleviating Semantics Distortion in Unsupervised Low-Level Image-to-Image Translation via Structure Consistency Constraint
* Automated Extraction of Ground Fissures Due to Coal Mining Subsidence Based on UAV Photogrammetry
* Cell tracking using deep neural networks with multi-task learning
* Conditional Automated Channel Pruning for Deep Neural Networks
* Data Processing and Interpretation of Antarctic Ice-Penetrating Radar Based on Variational Mode Decomposition
* Evaluation of Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Landsat 8/TIRS Images before and after Stray Light Correction Using the SURFRAD Dataset
* How to Account for Changes in Carbon Storage from Coal Mining and Reclamation in Eastern China? Taking Yanzhou Coalfield as an Example to Simulate and Estimate
* Inversion of Geothermal Heat Flux under the Ice Sheet of Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Sentinel-3A Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer, Using a Split-Window Algorithm
* Multi-Label Softmax Networks for Pulmonary Nodule Classification Using Unbalanced and Dependent Categories
* Noise Removal and Feature Extraction in Airborne Radar Sounding Data of Ice Sheets
* On the Feasibility of Seafloor Topography Estimation from Airborne Gravity Gradients: Performance Analysis Using Real Data
* Online Continual Learning with Contrastive Vision Transformer
* Radar-derived Internal Layering and Basal Roughness Characterization Along A Traverse From Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
* Radar-Derived Internal Structure and Basal Roughness Characterization along a Traverse from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
* Scientific Operations of Snow Eagle 601 in Antarctica in the Past Five Austral Seasons, The
* Study on Pedestrian Re-identification Based on Transfer Learning, A
* Visual Navigation Perspective for Category-Level Object Pose Estimation, A
Includes: Guo, J.X.[Jing Xue] Guo, J.X.[Jing-Xue] Guo, J.X.[Jia-Xian] Guo, J.X.[Jia-Xin] Guo, J.X.[Ji-Xiang] Guo, J.X.[Jin-Xin] Guo, J.X.[Jia-Xi]
19 for Guo, J.X.

Guo, J.Y.[Jin Yang] Co Author Listing * 3D-Pruning: A Model Compression Framework for Efficient 3D Action Recognition
* Accurate Localization of Oil Tanks in Remote Sensing Images via FGMRST-Based CNN
* Achieving Super-Resolution Remote Sensing Images via the Wavelet Transform Combined With the Recursive Res-Net
* Analysis of Precise Orbit Predictions for a HY-2A Satellite with Three Atmospheric Density Models Based on Dynamic Method
* APSNet: Toward Adaptive Point Sampling for Efficient 3D Action Recognition
* Brain-inspired Multilayer Perceptron with Spiking Neurons
* CMT: Convolutional Neural Networks Meet Vision Transformers
* Coarse-To-Fine Deep Video Coding with Hyperprior-Guided Mode Prediction
* Constructing a New Inter-Calibration Method for DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light
* CoupleFace: Relation Matters for Face Recognition Distillation
* Detection of Particulate Matter Changes Caused by 2020 California Wildfires Based on GNSS and Radiosonde Station
* Distilling Object Detectors via Decoupled Features
* Few-Shot SAR-ATR Based on Instance-Aware Transformer
* Fuzzy Logic Modeling of Land Degradation in a Loess Plateau Watershed, China
* GhostNet: More Features From Cheap Operations
* GhostNets on Heterogeneous Devices via Cheap Operations
* greedy-based multiquadric method for LiDAR-derived ground data reduction, A
* High-Resolution Interannual Mass Anomalies of the Antarctic Ice Sheet by Combining GRACE Gravimetry and ENVISAT Altimetry
* Hire-MLP: Vision MLP via Hierarchical Rearrangement
* Hit-Detector: Hierarchical Trinity Architecture Search for Object Detection
* HourNAS: Extremely Fast Neural Architecture Search Through an Hourglass Lens
* Image Patch is a Wave: Phase-Aware Vision MLP, An
* Influence of Open-Pit Coal Mining on Ground Surface Deformation of Permafrost in the Muli Region in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
* Interannual and Seasonal Vegetation Changes and Influencing Factors in the Extra-High Mountainous Areas of Southern Tibet
* Inversion of Deflection of the Vertical in the South China Sea Using ICESat-2 Sea Surface Height Data
* JointPruning: Pruning Networks Along Multiple Dimensions for Efficient Point Cloud Processing
* Maintaining accuracy of cellular Yule-Nielsen spectral Neugebauer models for different ink cartridges using principal component analysis
* Mean Sea Surface Model over the Sea of Japan Determined from Multi-Satellite Altimeter Data and Tide Gauge Records
* Memory-Augmented Transformer for Remote Sensing Image Semantic Segmentation
* Model Compression Using Progressive Channel Pruning
* Model-based Approach To Hair Region Segmentation, A
* Monitoring 2019 Forest Fires in Southeastern Australia with GNSS Technique
* Multi-baseline SAR 3D reconstruction of vehicle from very sparse aspects: A generative adversarial network based approach
* Multi-Dimension and Multi-Channel Seismic-Ionospheric Coupling: Case Study of Mw 8.8 Concepcion Quake on 27 February 2010
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Methods and Results
* OCNet: Object Context for Semantic Segmentation
* On Satellite-Borne GPS Data Quality and Reduced-Dynamic Precise Orbit Determination of HY-2C: A Case of Orbit Validation with Onboard DORIS Data
* Patch Slimming for Efficient Vision Transformers
* Positive-Unlabeled Data Purification in the Wild for Object Detection
* Question classification based on co-training style semi-supervised learning
* Reference-Based Multi-Level Features Fusion Deblurring Network for Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Refining Altimeter-Derived Gravity Anomaly Model from Shipborne Gravity by Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network: A Case in the South China Sea
* Relative Kinematic Orbit Determination for GRACE-FO Satellite by Jointing GPS and LRI
* Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution via Residual-Dense Hybrid Attention Network
* Seasonal Variation of GPS-Derived the Principal Ocean Tidal Constituents' Loading Displacement Parameters Based on Moving Harmonic Analysis in Hong Kong
* Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Drought Events and Their Effects on Vegetation: A Case Study in Southern Tibet, China
* ST-PN: A Spatial Transformed Prototypical Network for Few-Shot SAR Image Classification
* Structural projection points estimation and context priors for oil tank storage estimation in SAR image
* Super-Resolution of Single Remote Sensing Image Based on Residual Dense Backprojection Networks
* TomoSAR 3D Reconstruction for Buildings Using Very Few Tracks of Observation: A Conditional Generative Adversarial Network Approach
* Transformer3D-Det: Improving 3D Object Detection by Vote Refinement
* Understanding Water Level Changes in the Great Lakes by an ICA-Based Merging of Multi-Mission Altimetry Measurements
* Unsupervised Learning of Accurate Siamese Tracking
* Urban 3D imaging using airborne TomoSAR: Contextual information-based approach in the statistical way
* Validating Precise Orbit Determination from Satellite-Borne GPS Data of Haiyang-2D
Includes: Guo, J.Y.[Jin Yang] Guo, J.Y.[Jin-Yang] Guo, J.Y.[Jia-Yi] Guo, J.Y.[Jin-Yun] Guo, J.Y.[Jian-Yuan] Guo, J.Y.[Jin-Yu] Guo, J.Y.[Jian-Ying] Guo, J.Y.[Jun-Yi] Guo, J.Y.[Jun-Yu] Guo, J.Y.[Jian-Yang] Guo, J.Y.[Jin-Yi] Guo, J.Y.[Jessica Y.] Guo, J.Y.[Jing-Yu] Guo, J.Y.[Jian-Yi]
56 for Guo, J.Y.

Guo, J.Z.[Jian Zhong] Co Author Listing * Application of entropy-based multi-attribute decision-making method to structured selection of settlement
* Beyond 3DMM Space: Towards Fine-grained 3D Face Reconstruction
* Dimensionality Reduction by Locally Linear Discriminant Analysis for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Domain Balancing: Face Recognition on Long-Tailed Domains
* Few-Shot Building Footprint Shape Classification with Relation Network
* Towards Fast, Accurate and Stable 3d Dense Face Alignment
* TriangleConv: A Deep Point Convolutional Network for Recognizing Building Shapes in Map Space
* Using Attributes Explicitly Reflecting User Preference in a Self-Attention Network for Next POI Recommendation
Includes: Guo, J.Z.[Jian Zhong] Guo, J.Z.[Jian-Zhong] Guo, J.Z.[Jian-Zhu] Guo, J.Z.[Jin-Zhi]
8 for Guo, J.Z.

Guo, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition From Video Using Feature Covariance Matrices
* Action Recognition in Video by Sparse Representation on Covariance Manifolds of Silhouette Tunnels
* Action Recognition Using Sparse Representation on Covariance Manifolds of Optical Flow
* Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Tube for Fast Motion Segments Extraction of Videos
* Alleviation of Perceptual Blindness During Driving in Urban Areas Guided by Saccades Recommendation, The
* Augmented Bi-path Network for Few-shot Learning
* BodyFusion: Real-Time Capture of Human Motion and Surface Geometry Using a Single Depth Camera
* Characterization and Analysis of Edges Using the Continuous Shearlet Transform
* Compressive sensing measurement matrix construction based on improved size compatible array LDPC code
* Cooperative Moving-Target Enclosing Control for Multiple Nonholonomic Vehicles Using Feedback Linearization Approach
* Cross View Capture for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
* Development of a Single-Wavelength Airborne Bathymetric LiDAR: System Design and Data Processing
* Driver's eye state detecting method design based on eye geometry feature
* Dual Dynamic Spatial-Temporal Graph Convolution Network for Traffic Prediction
* Dynamic Graph Convolution Network for Traffic Forecasting Based on Latent Network of Laplace Matrix Estimation
* End-to-End Trajectory Distribution Prediction Based on Occupancy Grid Maps
* Error Budget in the Validation of Radiometric Products Derived from OLCI around the China Sea from Open Ocean to Coastal Waters Compared with MODIS and VIIRS
* Error Overbounding Method Based on a Gaussian Mixture Model with Uncertainty Estimation for a Dual-Frequency Ground-Based Augmentation System, An
* Errors of Airborne Bathymetry LiDAR Detection Caused by Ocean Waves and Dimension-Based Laser Incidence Correction
* Exploring a Humanoid Video-Understanding Algorithm Guided by Behavior
* Face super-resolution using 8-connected Markov Random Fields with embedded prior
* Fast Hyperspectral Unmixing via Reweighted Sparse Regression
* Function4D: Real-time Human Volumetric Capture from Very Sparse Consumer RGBD Sensors
* Gaussian Half-Wavelength Progressive Decomposition Method for Waveform Processing of Airborne Laser Bathymetry
* Geometry-Aware Single-Image Full-Body Human Relighting
* Human-Factors-in-Driving-Loop: Driver Identification and Verification via a Deep Learning Approach using Psychological Behavioral Data
* HumanGPS: Geodesic PreServing Feature for Dense Human Correspondences
* Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Inversion and Monitoring of Organic Matter in Black Soil Based on Dynamic Fitness Inertia Weight Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Network
* image segmentation based on optimized spatial feature of superpixel, The
* Interpolating fine textures with fields of experts prior
* Ionospheric Anomaly Monitor Based on the One Class Support Vector Algorithm for the Ground-Based Augmentation System, An
* Joint Intrinsic-Extrinsic Prior Model for Retinex, A
* Learning-based super-resolution method with a combining of both global and local constraints
* Lightweight Image Super-Resolution With Expectation-Maximization Attention Mechanism
* LLTO: Towards efficient lesion localization based on template occlusion strategy in intelligent diagnosis
* Multicast with cache (Mcache): An adaptive zero-delay video-on-demand service
* Multiscale Semilocal Interpolation With Antialiasing
* NeuralHOFusion: Neural Volumetric Rendering under Human-object Interactions
* NeuralHumanFVV: Real-Time Neural Volumetric Human Performance Rendering using RGB Cameras
* Optimal Bounded Ellipsoid Identification With Deterministic and Bounded Learning Gains: Design and Application to Euler-Lagrange Systems
* Optimized Graph Convolution Recurrent Neural Network for Traffic Prediction
* Performances of Polarization-Retrieve Imaging in Stratified Dispersion Media
* Person Foreground Segmentation by Learning Multi-Domain Networks
* Physics-Driven Synthetic Data Learning for Biomedical Magnetic Resonance: The imaging physics-based data synthesis paradigm for artificial intelligence
* Planning flexible and smooth paths for lane-changing manoeuvres of autonomous vehicles
* POSEFusion: Pose-guided Selective Fusion for Single-view Human Volumetric Capture
* Private Video Foreground Extraction Through Chaotic Mapping Based Encryption in the Cloud
* Quadruplet Network With One-Shot Learning for Fast Visual Object Tracking
* Road Edge Recognition Using the Stripe Hough Transform From Millimeter-Wave Radar Images
* Robust Non-rigid Motion Tracking and Surface Reconstruction Using L_0 Regularization
* Safety Flight Control Design of a Quadrotor UAV With Capability Analysis
* Spectrally Improved Point Cloud Classification Method For Multispectral Lidar, A
* Study of the Ionospheric Scintillation Radio Propagation Characteristics with Cosmic Observations
* Towards efficient medical lesion image super-resolution based on deep residual networks
* Transferability of a Visible and Near-Infrared Model for Soil Organic Matter Estimation in Riparian Landscapes
* Transform-Domain Fast Sum of the Squared Difference Computation for H.264/AVC Rate-Distortion Optimization
* True-Color Three-Dimensional Imaging and Target Classification BASED on Hyperspectral LiDAR
* TwinFusion: High Framerate Non-rigid Fusion through Fast Correspondence Tracking
* Two-class support vector data description
* Ultra-Wideband and Odometry-Based Cooperative Relative Localization With Application to Multi-UAV Formation Control
* Using HSI Color Space to Improve the Multispectral Lidar Classification Error Caused by Measurement Geometry
* What has been missed for real life driving? an inspirational thinking from human innate biases
* Zero shot augmentation learning in internet of biometric things for health signal processing
Includes: Guo, K.[Kai] Guo, K.[Kaina] Guo, K.[Kun] Guo, K.[Kan] Guo, K.[Kaiwen] Guo, K.[Kanghui] Guo, K. Guo, K.[Kexin] Guo, K.[Kehua] Guo, K.[Keyou] Guo, K.[Ke] Guo, K.[Kaiwu] Guo, K.[Kunyuan] Guo, K.[Konghui] Guo, K.[Kui] Guo, K.[Kuanghui]
63 for Guo, K.

Guo, K.H.[Kong Hui] Co Author Listing * Cooperative chassis control system of electric vehicles for agility and stability improvements
Includes: Guo, K.H.[Kong Hui] Guo, K.H.[Kong-Hui]

Guo, K.K.[Kang Kang] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Seismic Impedance Inversion Based on Multi-Scale Strategy
* NaGAN: Nadir-like Generative Adversarial Network for Off-Nadir Object Detection of Multi-View Remote Sensing Imagery
Includes: Guo, K.K.[Kang Kang] Guo, K.K.[Kang-Kang]

Guo, K.L.[Kai Ling] Co Author Listing * novel incremental weighted PCA algorithm for visual tracking, A
Includes: Guo, K.L.[Kai Ling] Guo, K.L.[Kai-Ling]

Guo, K.M.[Kun Ming] Co Author Listing * Driving Factors of Recent Vegetation Changes in Hexi Region, Northwest China Based on a New Classification Framework
Includes: Guo, K.M.[Kun Ming] Guo, K.M.[Kun-Ming]

Guo, K.T.[Kai Tai] Co Author Listing * Video representation learning for temporal action detection using global-local attention
Includes: Guo, K.T.[Kai Tai] Guo, K.T.[Kai-Tai]

Guo, K.W.[Kai Wen] Co Author Listing * DDRNet: Depth Map Denoising and Refinement for Consumer Depth Cameras Using Cascaded CNNs
* DoubleFusion: Real-Time Capture of Human Performances with Inner Body Shapes from a Single Depth Sensor
* HybridFusion: Real-Time Performance Capture Using a Single Depth Sensor and Sparse IMUs
Includes: Guo, K.W.[Kai Wen] Guo, K.W.[Kai-Wen]

Guo, K.X.[Kai Xuan] Co Author Listing * Biomedical image segmentation based on full-Resolution network
* Triple-Input-Unsupervised neural Networks for deformable image registration
Includes: Guo, K.X.[Kai Xuan] Guo, K.X.[Kai-Xuan]

Guo, K.Y.[Kuang Ye] Co Author Listing * Annotation and taxonomy of gestures in lecture videos
* Evaluating Anthropogenic CO2 Bottom-Up Emission Inventories Using Satellite Observations from GOSAT and OCO-2
Includes: Guo, K.Y.[Kuang Ye] Guo, K.Y.[Kuang-Ye] Guo, K.Y.[Kai-Yuan]

Guo, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * 3d Convolutional Long-Short Term Memory Network for Spatiotemporal Modeling of fMRI Data
* Accurate and fast single shot multibox detector
* Adaptive dynamic surface longitudinal tracking control of autonomous vehicles
* Airborne Lidar feature Selection for urban classification using random forests
* Analysis of the Contribution Rate of the Influencing Factors to Land Subsidence in the Eastern Beijing Plain, China Based on Extremely Randomized Trees (ERT) Method
* Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Variation in Land Subsidence on the Beijing Plain, China
* Analytical Resolution Evaluation Approach for Bistatic GEOSAR Based on Local Feature of Ambiguity Function, An
* Anomaly Matters: An Anomaly-Oriented Model for Medical Visual Question Answering
* Arousal Recognition Using Audio-Visual Features and FMRI-Based Brain Response
* Attention-Guided Siamese Fusion Network for Change Detection of Remote Sensing Images
* Auto-Encoder-Based Shared Mid-Level Visual Dictionary Learning for Scene Classification Using Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Automatic attention object extraction from images
* Automatic Weakly Supervised Object Detection From High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images via Dynamic Curriculum Learning
* Background Prior-Based Salient Object Detection via Deep Reconstruction Residual
* Background Subtraction Using Local SVD Binary Pattern
* Bayesian Adversarial Spectral Clustering With Unknown Cluster Number
* Blind Image Steganalysis Based on Statistical Analysis of Empirical Matrix
* Bridging the Semantic Gap via Functional Brain Imaging
* Calibrated Frequency-Division Distorted Born Iterative Tomography for Real-Life Head Imaging
* Cervical Histopathology Dataset for Computer Aided Diagnosis of Precancerous Lesions, A
* Changes in Glaciers and Glacial Lakes in the Bosula Mountain Range, Southeast Tibet, over the past Two Decades
* Characteristics Analysis of Raw Multi-GNSS Measurement from Xiaomi Mi 8 and Positioning Performance Improvement with L5/E5 Frequency in an Urban Environment
* Classification of Remote Sensing Data Using Margin-Based Ensemble Methods
* Classifying Stages of Mild Cognitive Impairment via Augmented Graph Embedding
* Comprehensive Monitoring Approach of Abnormal Problems for the Ecological Environment in Qinling Region, A
* Comprehensive Survey on Video Saliency Detection With Auditory Information: The Audio-Visual Consistency Perceptual is the Key!, A
* Computationally Efficient and Hierarchical Control Strategy for Velocity Optimization of On-Road Vehicles, A
* Constructing Fiber Atlases for Functional ROIs via fMRI-Guided DTI Image Registration
* Construction of the Calibration Set through Multivariate Analysis in Visible and Near-Infrared Prediction Model for Estimating Soil Organic Matter
* Context- and Knowledge-Aware Graph Convolutional Network for Multimodal Emotion Recognition
* Contextual Query Expansion for Image Retrieval
* Contribution of airborne full-waveform lidar and image data for urban scene classification
* COVID-19 lung infection segmentation from chest CT images based on CAPA-ResUNet
* Creating 3D Bounding Box Hypotheses From Deep Network Score-Maps
* Decoupled Object-Independent Image Features for Fine Phasing of Segmented Mirrors Using Deep Learning
* Deep learning-based real-time VPN encrypted traffic identification methods
* Delaunay Triangulation Parallel Construction Method And Its Application In Map Generalization
* Detection Method for Collapsed Buildings Combining Post-Earthquake High-Resolution Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, A
* Detection of Seasonal Deformation of Highway Overpasses Using the PS-InSAR Technique: A Case Study in Beijing Urban Area
* Direction field diffusion on cortical surface via graph cuts
* Disturbance-Observer-Based Fault Tolerant Control of High-Speed Trains: A Markovian Jump System Model Approach
* DLA-MatchNet for Few-Shot Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* Driver's eye state detecting method design based on eye geometry feature
* Effective and Efficient Midlevel Visual Elements-Oriented Land-Use Classification Using VHR Remote Sensing Images
* Efficient continuous top-k spatial keyword queries on road networks
* Efficient Multiregion FEM-BIM for Composite Scattering From an Arbitrary Dielectric Target Above Dielectric Rough Sea Surfaces, An
* Efficient, simultaneous detection of multi-class geospatial targets based on visual saliency modeling and discriminative learning of sparse coding
* Efficiently computing and deriving topological relation matrices between complex regions with broad boundaries
* Emotion Recognition With Multimodal Transformer Fusion Framework Based on Acoustic and Lexical Information
* Ensemble margin framework for image classification
* Estimating Soil Organic Carbon of Cropland Soil at Different Levels of Soil Moisture Using VIS-NIR Spectroscopy
* Estimating the Changes in Glaciers and Glacial Lakes in the Xixabangma Massif, Central Himalayas, between 1974 and 2018 from Multisource Remote Sensing Data
* Estimating Tree-Root Biomass in Different Depths Using Ground-Penetrating Radar: Evidence from a Controlled Experiment
* Estimation of Organic Carbon in Anthropogenic Soil by VIS-NIR Spectroscopy: Effect of Variable Selection
* Evaluation of Three Gridded Precipitation Products in Characterizing Extreme Precipitation over the Hengduan Mountains Region in China
* Evaluation of Three Gridded Precipitation Products to Quantify Water Inputs over Complex Mountainous Terrain of Western China
* Evolution of Influence Ranges of Neolithic-Bronze Age Cities in the Songshan Mountain Region of Central China Based on GIS Spatial Analysis
* Exploration into Single Image Super-Resolution via Self Similarity by Sparse Representation
* Exploring Brain Hemodynamic Response Patterns via Deep Recurrent Autoencoder
* Exploring Hierarchical Convolutional Features for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Exploring the Influence of Spatial Resolution on the Digital Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon by Airborne Hyperspectral VNIR Imaging
* Exploring the Role of the Spatial Characteristics of Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance in Predicting Soil Organic Carbon Density
* Exploring the Sensitivity of Sampling Density in Digital Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon and Its Application in Soil Sampling
* Extraction of Anisotropic Characteristics of Scattering Centers and Feature Enhancement in Wide-Angle SAR Imagery Based on the Iterative Re-Weighted Tikhonov Regularization
* Eye gaze pattern analysis for fatigue detection based on GP-BCNN with ESM
* Fast Data Selection for SVM Training Using Ensemble Margin
* Feasibility assessment of tree-level flower intensity quantification from UAV RGB imagery: A triennial study in an apple orchard
* Focusing of Medium-Earth-Orbit SAR Using an ASE-Velocity Model Based on MOCO Principle
* Fusion Based Blind Image Steganalysis by Boosting Feature Selection
* Gate Level Information Flow analysis for multi-valued logic system
* Generalized Gamma-DBN for High-Resolution SAR Image Classification, The
* GIS-Based Support Vector Machine Model for Flash Flood Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping in China, A
* GPR-Based Automatic Identification of Root Zones of Influence Using HDBSCAN
* Graph Clustering via Variational Graph Embedding
* Graph-Based Framework to Bridge Movies and Synopses, A
* Gridless Direction of Arrival Estimation Exploiting Sparse Linear Array
* Groupwise Segmentation Improves Neuroimaging Classification Accuracy
* Hierarchical coherency sensitive hashing and interpolation with RANSAC for large displacement optical flow
* Hierarchical Energy-Efficient Control for CAVs at Multiple Signalized Intersections Considering Queue Effects
* Hierarchical quadtree-based flexible block ordering in HEVC intra coding
* Hierarchical Spatial Pyramid Network For Cervical Precancerous Segmentation By Reconstructing Deep Segmentation Networks
* High-Quality Proposals for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* High-Speed Maneuvering Platforms Squint Beam-Steering SAR Imaging Without Subaperture
* Identification of Abnormal Cortical 3-hinge Folding Patterns on Autism Spectral Brains
* Image Aesthetic Evaluation Using Parallel Deep Convolution Neural Network
* Improved Digital Orthorectification Map Generation Approach Using the Integrating of ZY3 and GF3 Image
* Improved Extreme Learning Machine with Parallelized Feature Mapping Structures, An
* Improved Global 1:50000 Scale Surveying and Mapping 4D Product Generation Approach Using the Public Geographic Information Data
* Improved SAR DSM Generation Approach Using the High-Precise 1:10000 Scale Surveying and Mapping Optical DSM
* Inferring Group-Wise Consistent Multimodal Brain Networks via Multi-View Spectral Clustering
* Integral MR-EPT With the Calculation of Coil Current Distributions
* Integrated Land Classification Approach for the Giant Panda National Park, An
* Integrating Stereo Images and Laser Altimetry Points Derived from the Same Satellite for High-Accuracy Stereo Mapping
* Integration of Satellite Precipitation Data and Deep Learning for Improving Flash Flood Simulation in a Poor-Gauged Mountainous Catchment
* Intelligent Edge Computing in Internet of Vehicles: A Joint Computation Offloading and Caching Solution
* Interprovincial Joint Prevention and Control of Open Straw Burning in Northeast China: Implications for Atmospheric Environment Management
* Investigating Redundant Internet Video Streaming Traffic on iOS Devices: Causes and Solutions
* Investigating the Recent Surge in the Monomah Glacier, Central Kunlun Mountain Range with Multiple Sources of Remote Sensing Data
* Investigation on THz EM Wave Scattering From Oil-Covered Sea Surface: Exploration for an Approach to Probe the Thickness of Oil Film
* Joint Computing and Caching in 5G-Envisioned Internet of Vehicles: A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Traffic Control System
* Joint Framework for Denoising and Estimating Diffusion Kurtosis Tensors Using Multiple Prior Information, A
* Knowledge Discovery Method for Landslide Monitoring Based on K-Core Decomposition and the Louvain Algorithm, A
* Knowledge-Based Auxiliary Channel STAP for Target Detection in Shipborne HFSWR, A
* Land Subsidence and Ground Fissures in Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA): Evidence from Quasi-PS InSAR Analysis
* Learning coarse-to-fine sparselets for efficient object detection and scene classification
* Light-Guided and Cross-Fusion U-Net for Anti-Illumination Image Super-Resolution
* Local Compact Binary Patterns for Background Subtraction in Complex Scenes
* Locop: Local Collaborative Object Presence for Semantic Labeling Via Score Map Re-Inference
* Margin-based ordered aggregation for ensemble pruning
* Mechanism of Land Subsidence Mutation in Beijing Plain under the Background of Urban Expansion
* memorization learning model for image retrieval, A
* Merging Neuroimaging and Multimedia: Methods, Opportunities, and Challenges
* Minimum-Entropy-Based Autofocus Algorithm for SAR Data Using Chebyshev Approximation and Method of Series Reversion, and Its Implementation in a Data Processor
* MixNet: A Better Promising Approach for Chromosome Classification based on Aggregated Residual Architecture
* Modeling and querying approximate direction relations
* Modeling Task fMRI Data Via Deep Convolutional Autoencoder
* Modified CSA Based on Joint Time-Doppler Resampling for MEO SAR Stripmap Mode, A
* modified variational method for large displacement optical flow, A
* Multi-Band and Polarization SAR Images Colorization Fusion
* Multi-class geospatial object detection and geographic image classification based on collection of part detectors
* Multi-Level Image Thresholding Based on Histogram Voting
* Multi-Source Time Series Remote Sensing Feature Selection and Urban Forest Extraction Based on Improved Artificial Bee Colony
* Natural and Political Determinants of Ecological Vulnerability in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: A Case Study of Shannan, China
* new image retrieval system supporting query by semantics and example, A
* New Reference Frame Recompression Algorithm and Its VLSI Architecture for UHDTV Video Codec, A
* Normalized and Geometry-Aware Self-Attention Network for Image Captioning
* Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images Based on Weakly Supervised Learning and High-Level Feature Learning
* Object detection in remote sensing imagery using a discriminatively trained mixture model
* Object-Oriented Visual Saliency Detection Framework Based on Sparse Coding Representations, An
* Online Scheduling and Route Planning for Shared Buses in Urban Traffic Networks
* Online-Offline Extreme Learning Machine with Concept Drift Tracking for Time Series Data
* Opportunistic Scheduling With BIA Under Block Fading Broadcast Channels
* Opportunities of UAVS in Orchard Management
* Optimal contrast based saliency detection
* Optimal Energy Management for HEVs in Eco-Driving Applications Using Bi-Level MPC
* Pairwise Attentive Adversarial Spatiotemporal Network for Cross-Domain Few-Shot Action Recognition-R2, A
* Parameter optimisation of path-following fuzzy controller for a six-wheel lunar rover
* PARN: Position-Aware Relation Networks for Few-Shot Learning
* Part-Pose Guided Amur Tiger Re-Identification
* Perceptual Image Compression using Relativistic Average Least Squares GANs
* PID controller design for output PDFs of stochastic systems using linear matrix inequalities
* Pioneering GML Deployment for NSDI: Case Study of USTIGER/GML
* Practical Learned Lossless JPEG Recompression with Multi-Level Cross-Channel Entropy Model in the DCT Domain
* Precise Onboard Real-Time Orbit Determination with a Low-Cost Single-Frequency GPS/BDS Receiver
* Predicting Movie Trailer Viewer's Like/Dislike via Learned Shot Editing Patterns
* Prediction of Soil Organic Carbon based on Landsat 8 Monthly NDVI Data for the Jianghan Plain in Hubei Province, China
* Price Suggestion for Online Second-hand Items
* Rapid 3D face reconstruction by fusion of SFS and Local Morphable Model
* Real-Time Predictive Cruise Control for Eco-Driving Taking into Account Traffic Constraints
* Real-Time Source Apportionment of PM2.5 Highlights the Importance of Joint Controls on Atmospheric Pollution in Cold Region of China
* Reducing power consumption of HEVC codec with lossless reference frame recompression
* Refined Model for Quad-Polarimetric Reconstruction from Compact Polarimetric Data, A
* Reflective Tomography Lidar Image Reconstruction for Long Distance Non-Cooperative Target
* Relevance of airborne lidar and multispectral image data for urban scene classification using Random Forests
* Representing and Retrieving Video Shots in Human-Centric Brain Imaging Space
* Research on Analysis Method of Characteristics Generation of Urban Rail Transit
* Research on the Dynamic Monitoring Technology of Road Subgrades with Time-Lapse Full-Coverage 3D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
* Residual Networks of Residual Networks: Multilevel Residual Networks
* Responses of Stream Geomorphic Indices to Piedmont Fault Activity in the Northern Segment of the Red River Fault Zone
* Retrieving video shots in semantic brain imaging space using manifold-ranking
* Robust common visual pattern discovery using graph matching
* Robust natural image segmentation by using spatially constrained multivariate mixed Student's t-distribution and TV flow edge
* Robust object detection by cuboid matching with local plane optimization in indoor RGB-D images
* Root-Soil Water Relationship Is Spatially Anisotropic in Shrub-Encroached Grassland in North China: Evidence from GPR Investigation, The
* Safety Flight Control Design of a Quadrotor UAV With Capability Analysis
* Salient region detection using background contrast
* SAM-Net: Semantic probabilistic and attention mechanisms of dynamic objects for self-supervised depth and camera pose estimation in visual odometry applications
* Sampling-Based Density Peaks Clustering Algorithm for Large-Scale Data, A
* SAR image classification based on multi-feature fusion decision convolutional neural network
* Satellite Laser Altimetry Data-Supported High-Accuracy Mapping of GF-7 Stereo Images
* Self-adaptive frequency agility realized with FPGA
* Self-Learning Optimal Cruise Control Based on Individual Car-Following Style
* Semantic Annotation of High-Resolution Satellite Images via Weakly Supervised Learning
* Sentiment Similarity-oriented Attention Model with Multi-task Learning for Text-based Emotion Recognition, A
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* shape-based image retrieval method using salient edges, A
* Show, Tell, and Polish: Ruminant Decoding for Image Captioning
* sparser reduced set density estimator by introducing weighted L_1 penalty term, A
* Spatiotemporal 3D Models of Aging Fruit from Multi-view Time-Lapse Videos
* Speaker-aware Speech Emotion Recognition by Fusing Amplitude and Phase Information
* Species-preserved Structural Connections Revealed by Sparse Tensor CCA
* Stitching Video from Webcams
* Structure-Preserving and Color-Restoring Up-Sampling for Single Low-Light Image
* Study on method of detecting preceding vehicle based on monocular camera
* Super Edge 4-Points Congruent Sets-Based Point Cloud Global Registration
* Super-Twisting-Like Algorithm and Its Application to Train Operation Control With Optimal Utilization of Adhesion Force, A
* Supervised Dictionary Learning for Inferring Concurrent Brain Networks
* Support Vectors Selection for Supervised Learning Using an Ensemble Approach
* Temperature/Emissivity Separation of Typical Grassland of Northwestern China Based on Hyper-CAM and Its Potential for Grassland Drought Monitoring
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge - PBVS 2020
* Towards an Operative Predictive Model for the Songshan Area during the Yangshao Period
* TransMatting: Enhancing Transparent Objects Matting with Transformers
* Tree Root Automatic Recognition in Ground Penetrating Radar Profiles Based on Randomized Hough Transform
* Triplet-path Dilated Network for Detection and Segmentation of General Pathological Images
* two-pass random forests classification of airborne lidar and image data on urban scenes, A
* Two-Stage Learning to Predict Human Eye Fixations via SDAEs
* Uncertainty and Variation of Remotely Sensed Lake Ice Phenology across the Tibetan Plateau
* Understanding the Influence of Building Loads on Surface Settlement: A Case Study in the Central Business District of Beijing Combining Multi-Source Data
* Unsupervised multiphase color-texture image segmentation based on variational formulation and multilayer graph
* Using a New Search Strategy to Improve the Performance of N-FINDR Algorithm for End-Member Determination
* Varying Amplitude Vibration Phase Suppression Algorithm in ISAL Imaging
* Verification and Analysis of Overseas 1:50000 Scale Surveying and Mapping 4D Products Quality Generated by the ZY3 and TH1 Satellite Imagery
* VPRNet: Virtual Points Registration Network for Partial-to-Partial Point Cloud Registration
* Water Conservation Estimation Based on Time Series NDVI in the Yellow River Basin
* When Deep Learning Meets Metric Learning: Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification via Learning Discriminative CNNs
Includes: Guo, L.[Lei] Guo, L.[Lie] Guo, L.[Li] Guo, L.[Lin] Guo, L. Guo, L.[Limei] Guo, L.[Long] Guo, L.[Lili] Guo, L.[Liting] Guo, L.[Liang] Guo, L.[Lulu] Guo, L.[Luo] Guo, L.[Lanbo] Guo, L.[Lv] Guo, L.[Leifeng] Guo, L.[Lantian] Guo, L.[Lina] Guo, L.[Linyan] Guo, L.[Liru] Guo, L.[Ling] Guo, L.[Leida] Guo, L.[Lintao] Guo, L.[Linan]
205 for Guo, L.

Guo, L.B.[Lian Bo] Co Author Listing * Roof Plane Segmentation from Airborne LiDAR Data Using Hierarchical Clustering and Boundary Relabeling
Includes: Guo, L.B.[Lian Bo] Guo, L.B.[Lian-Bo]

Guo, L.F.[Li Feng] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Vegetation Dynamics and Ecosystem Resilience in the Context of Climate Change and Drought in the Horn of Africa
* Effects of the Temporal Aggregation and Meteorological Conditions on the Parameter Robustness of OCO-2 SIF-Based and LUE-Based GPP Models for Croplands
* Influence of discretization in image space on Hough transform
* modified Hough transform for line detection and its performance, A
* Psnr-Based Optimization of JPEG Baseline Compression on Color Images
* Retrieval of Daily PM2.5 Concentrations Using Nonlinear Methods: A Case Study of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, China
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Vegetation Dynamics as a Response to Climate Variability and Drought Patterns in the Semiarid Region, Eritrea
* use of entropy minimization for the solution of blind source separation problems in image analysis, The
Includes: Guo, L.F.[Li Feng] Guo, L.F.[Li-Feng] Guo, L.F.[Lin-Feng] Guo, L.F.[Liang-Feng]
8 for Guo, L.F.

Guo, L.H.[Li Hua] Co Author Listing * From Easy to Difficult: A Self-Paced Multi-Task Joint Sparse Representation Method
* Intelligent Ship Detection in Remote Sensing Images Based on Multi-Layer Convolutional Feature Fusion
* Laplacian Support Vector Machines with Multi-Kernel Learning
* Locality-Constrained Multi-Task Joint Sparse Representation for Image Classification
* Manifold Kernel Metric Learning for Larger-Scale Image Annotation
* novel feature extraction method using Pyramid Histogram of Orientation Gradients for smile recognition, A
* Novel Workflow for Crop Type Mapping with a Time Series of Synthetic Aperture Radar and Optical Images in the Google Earth Engine, A
* Revealing the Fingerprint of Climate Change in Interannual NDVI Variability among Biomes in Inner Mongolia, China
* Smile Expression Classification Using the Improved BIF Feature
* Two-stage aware attentional Siamese network for visual tracking
* Winter Wheat Green-up Date Variation and its Diverse Response on the Hydrothermal Conditions over the North China Plain, Using MODIS Time-Series Data
Includes: Guo, L.H.[Li Hua] Guo, L.H.[Li-Hua] Guo, L.H.[Li-Hong] Guo, L.H.[Ling-Hui]
11 for Guo, L.H.

Guo, L.J.[Li Jie] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Evaluation of Key Tropospheric Parameters from ERA5 and MERRA-2 Reanalysis Products Using Radiosonde Data and GNSS Measurements, A
* HLFNet: High-low Frequency Network for Person Re-Identification
* Laplacian Lp norm least squares twin support vector machine
* Multi-Label Hashing for Dependency Relations Among Multiple Objectives
* Pixel Block Intensity Modulation: Adding Spatial Detail to TM Band-6 Thermal Imagery
* Self-Label Refining for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Self-trained prediction model and novel anomaly score mechanism for video anomaly detection
* Unsupervised Multi-Shot Person Re-Identification Method via Mutual Normalized Sparse Representation and Stepwise Learning, An
* Unsupervised Multi-shot Person Re-identification via Dynamic Bi-directional Normalized Sparse Representation
* Video human segmentation based on multiple-cue integration
Includes: Guo, L.J.[Li Jie] Guo, L.J.[Li-Jie] Guo, L.J.[Li-Jun] Guo, L.J.
10 for Guo, L.J.

Guo, L.L.[Lin Lin] Co Author Listing * Rice Mapping and Growth Monitoring Based on Time Series GF-6 Images and Red-Edge Bands
* Robust Image Fingerprinting via Distortion-Resistant Sparse Coding
* WiID: Precise WiFi-based Person Identification via Bio-electromagnetic Information
Includes: Guo, L.L.[Lin Lin] Guo, L.L.[Lin-Lin]

Guo, L.M.[Li Min] Co Author Listing * Continuous Road Network-Based Skyline Query for Moving Objects
* Detecting Chinese calligraphy style consistency by deep learning and one-class SVM
* Dynamic Grid-Based Spatial Density Visualization and Rail Transit Station Prediction
* Dynamic Weighted Road Network Based Multi-Vehicles Navigation and Evacuation
* Novel Heuristic Emergency Path Planning Method Based on Vector Grid Map, A
* Novel Traffic Flow Reduction Method Based on Incomplete Vehicle History Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Data, A
* Novel Trajectory Based Prediction Method for Urban Subway Design, A
* Skyline-Based Sorting Approach for Rail Transit Stations Visualization
* Speed and Direction Aware Skyline Query for Moving Objects
* Visual Analysis of Land Use Characteristics Around Urban Rail Transit Stations
Includes: Guo, L.M.[Li Min] Guo, L.M.[Li-Min] Guo, L.M.[Lu-Ming]
10 for Guo, L.M.

Guo, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Iterative Nonlinear Filter Based on Posterior Distribution Approximation via Penalized Kullback-Leibler Divergence Minimization, An
* Prediction Potential of Remote Sensing-Related Variables in the Topsoil Organic Carbon Density of Liaohekou Coastal Wetlands, Northeast China
Includes: Guo, L.P.[Li Ping] Guo, L.P.[Li-Ping]

Guo, L.Q.[Lan Qing] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Non-Local Priors via Self-Convolution for Highly-Efficient Image Restoration
* Multi-Scale Feature Guided Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Quaternion Fourier-Mellin moments for color images
Includes: Guo, L.Q.[Lan Qing] Guo, L.Q.[Lan-Qing] Guo, L.Q.[Li-Qiang]

Guo, L.T.[Long Teng] Co Author Listing * MSCap: Multi-Style Image Captioning With Unpaired Stylized Text
* Multi-camera Microenvironment to Capture Multi-view Time-Lapse Videos for 3D Analysis of Aging Objects
Includes: Guo, L.T.[Long Teng] Guo, L.T.[Long-Teng] Guo, L.T.[Lin-Tao]

Guo, L.W.[Li Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive motion vector resolution with implicit signaling
* Alternate motion-compensated prediction for error resilient video coding
* Color palette for screen content coding
* Error Resilient Video Coding Using B Pictures in H.264
* Image deblocking using convex optimization
* Integration of Recursive Temporal LMMSE Denoising Filter Into Video Codec
* Multihypothesis Motion-Compensated Temporal Filter for Video Denoising, A
* New Motion Compensation Approach for Error Resilient Video Coding, A
* Novel Analytic Quantization-Distortion Model for Hybrid Video Coding, A
* Simplified geometry-adaptive block partitioning for video coding
* Temporal Video Denoising Based on Multihypothesis Motion Compensation
Includes: Guo, L.W.[Li Wei] Guo, L.W.[Li-Wei]
11 for Guo, L.W.

Guo, L.X.[Li Xin] Co Author Listing * 3D Sea Surface Electromagnetic Scattering Prediction Model Based on IPSO-SVR
* Accelerated Hybrid Method for Electromagnetic Scattering of a Composite Target-Ground Model and Its Spotlight SAR Image, An
* Anticipative and Predictive Control of Automated Vehicles in Communication-Constrained Connected Mixed Traffic
* Calibration and Evaluation of Precipitable Water Vapor From MODIS Infrared Observations at Night
* Characteristics and Applications of the Ground-Based X Band Low Elevation Angle Brightness Temperatures under Low Sea State Based on Measured Data
* Cubic Phase Distortion and Irregular Degradation on SAR Imaging Due to the Ionosphere
* Effects of Atmospheric Stability and Wind Fetch on Microwave Sea Echoes
* Electromagnetic Scattering and Doppler Spectrum Simulation of Land-Sea Junction Composite Rough Surface
* Fast EPILE Combined With FBM for Electromagnetic Scattering From Dielectric Targets Above and Below the Dielectric Rough Surface, The
* New Method of Tipping Calibration for Ground-Based Microwave Radiometer in Cloudy Atmosphere, A
* Particle Scattering Induced Orbital Angular Momentum Spectrum Change of Vector Bessel-Gaussian Vortex Beam
* Sensitivity Analysis of 1,3-Butadiene Monitoring Based on Space-Based Detection in the Infrared Band
* Simulation and Feature Extraction of the Dynamic Electromagnetic Scattering of a Hypersonic Vehicle Covered with Plasma Sheath
* Study on Ship Kelvin Wake Detection in Numerically Simulated SAR Images
* Transient Scattering Echo Simulation and ISAR Imaging for a Composite Target-Ocean Scene Based on the TDSBR Method
Includes: Guo, L.X.[Li Xin] Guo, L.X.[Li-Xin] Guo, L.X.[Long-Xiang]
15 for Guo, L.X.

Guo, L.Y.[Li Ying] Co Author Listing * Bibliometric Analysis of OGC Specifications between 1994 and 2020 Based on Web of Science (WoS)
* Data encryption based blockchain and privacy preserving mechanisms towards big data
* Enhanced Deep Convolutional Model for Spatiotemporal Image Fusion, An
* Remote Sensing of Urban Poverty and Gentrification
* SIM-MFR: Spatial interactions mechanisms based multi-feature representation for background modeling
Includes: Guo, L.Y.[Li Ying] Guo, L.Y.[Li-Ying] Guo, L.Y.[Lei-Yong] Guo, L.Y.[Long-Yuan]

Guo, L.Z.[Lan Zhe] Co Author Listing * Towards Safe Weakly Supervised Learning
Includes: Guo, L.Z.[Lan Zhe] Guo, L.Z.[Lan-Zhe]

Guo, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive rate control for motion JPEG2000
* Adversarial Defense Through Network Profiling Based Path Extraction
* Antivibration Time-Delay Integration CMOS Image Sensor With Online Deblurring Algorithm, An
* Badminton Stroke Recognition Based on Body Sensor Networks
* blind image copyright protection scheme for e-government, A
* Cross-Site Severity Assessment of COVID-19 From CT Images via Domain Adaptation
* Dark Target Algorithm for the GOSAT TANSO-CAI Sensor in Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval over Land, A
* Deep Spatial-Angular Regularization for Light Field Imaging, Denoising, and Super-Resolution
* Dense Light Field Reconstruction from Sparse Sampling Using Residual Network
* Different Vegetation Information Inputs Significantly Affect the Evapotranspiration Simulations of the PT-JPL Model
* Dynamic Change Monitoring of Qianlong Garden Rockery In Forbidden City Based on Insar and Lidar Technology
* Dynamic Task Prioritization for Multitask Learning
* Effective constructing training sets for object detection
* Face Morph Detection Method Based on Convolutional Neural Networks and Occlusion Test, A
* Feasibility of Using MODIS Products to Simulate Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) in Boreal Forests
* Feature extraction using HHT-based locally optimized short-time fractional Fourier transform for speaker recognition
* Fingerprint Verification Based on Multistage Minutiae Matching
* Fusion Strategy of 2D and 3D Information Based on Deep Learning: A Review, The
* Fuzzy extractors for asymmetric biometric representations
* Groundwater Depletion Estimated from GRACE: A Challenge of Sustainable Development in an Arid Region of Central Asia
* Hidden conditional random field for lung nodule detection
* High Capacity Data Hiding for Binary Image Authentication
* Human-Human Interactional Synchrony Analysis Based on Body Sensor Networks
* Inspecting Ingredients of Starches in Starch-Noodle based on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
* Integrated Spatial Indexing of Huge Point Image Model, An
* Joint Learning of Fuzzy k-Means and Nonnegative Spectral Clustering With Side Information
* Jointly Learning Agent and Lane Information for Multimodal Trajectory Prediction
* Learning and Application of Feedback Path Database for Feedback Control in Hearing Aids
* Learning Dynamic Interpolation for Extremely Sparse Light Fields with Wide Baselines
* Locality-Based Discriminant Feature Selection with Trace Ratio
* Long-Term Satellite Detection of Post-Fire Vegetation Trends in Boreal Forests of China
* Many Faces of Robustness: A Critical Analysis of Out-of-Distribution Generalization, The
* Modified Aerosol Free Vegetation Index Algorithm for Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval Using GOSAT TANSO-CAI Data, A
* Multisensor Multiclassifier Hierarchical Fusion Model Based on Entropy Weight for Human Activity Recognition Using Wearable Inertial Sensors, A
* Neural Graph Matching Networks for Fewshot 3D Action Recognition
* New Directional Canopy Emissivity Model Based on Spectral Invariants, A
* new method for mammographic mass segmentation based on parametric active contour model, A
* On Acoustic Feedback Cancellation Using Probe Noise in Multiple-Microphone and Single-Loudspeaker Systems
* Online Hyper-Parameter Learning for Auto-Augmentation Strategy
* Parametric Local Multiview Hamming Distance Metric Learning
* Performance Analysis for Uniform Linear Arrays Exploiting Two Coprime Frequencies
* Practical Wyner-Ziv Switching Scheme for Multiple Bit-Rate Video Streaming
* Quantitative Analysis on Coastline Changes of Yangtze River Delta Based on High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Self-Weighted Adaptive Locality Discriminant Analysis
* SMe: explicit & implicit constrained-space probabilistic threshold range queries for moving objects
* Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Trends and Mechanisms in Different Ecosystems in Northeastern China
* TempNet: Online Semantic Segmentation on Large-scale Point Cloud Series
* Traffic Volume Estimate Based on Low Penetration Connected Vehicle Data at Signalized Intersections: A Bayesian Deduction Approach
* Validation of MODIS Aerosol Optical Thickness Product Distributed by NSMC Over Seas Around China and Its Adjacent Area
* Vehicle and Pedestrian Detection Algorithm Based on Lightweight YOLOv3-Promote and Semi-Precision Acceleration
* When NAS Meets Robustness: In Search of Robust Architectures Against Adversarial Attacks
* Witsenhausen-Wyner Video Coding
* Wyner-Ziv Switching Scheme for Multiple Bit-Rate Video Streaming
Includes: Guo, M. Guo, M.[Minyi] Guo, M.[Man] Guo, M.[Meng] Guo, M.[Mantang] Guo, M.[Mengjing] Guo, M.[Michelle] Guo, M.[Maozu] Guo, M.[Ming] Guo, M.[Mingen] Guo, M.[Muchuan] Guo, M.[Meiyu] Guo, M.[Minan] Guo, M.[Mike] Guo, M.[Miao] Guo, M.[Mei] Guo, M.[Mao] Guo, M.[Mengdi] Guo, M.[Mingtao]
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Guo, M.H.[Ming Hao] Co Author Listing * AM-LFS: AutoML for Loss Function Search
* Combining Exemplar-Based Approach and learning-Based Approach for Light Field Super-Resolution Using a Hybrid Imaging System
* Dual-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Deformable Face Tracking
* Event-Guided Structured Output Tracking of Fast-Moving Objects Using a CeleX Sensor
* IRLAS: Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Architecture Search
* Learning Reasoning-Decision Networks for Robust Face Alignment
* Texture Memory-Augmented Deep Patch-Based Image Inpainting
* Towards Evaluating and Training Verifiably Robust Neural Networks
Includes: Guo, M.H.[Ming Hao] Guo, M.H.[Ming-Hao] Guo, M.H.[Meng-Han]
8 for Guo, M.H.

Guo, M.K.[Ming Kun] Co Author Listing * CSNet: Cascade stereo matching network using multi-information cost volume
Includes: Guo, M.K.[Ming Kun] Guo, M.K.[Ming-Kun]

Guo, M.L.[Mu Ling] Co Author Listing * On Adaptive Wavelet Transform for Unified Progressive Coding
Includes: Guo, M.L.[Mu Ling] Guo, M.L.[Mu-Ling]

Guo, M.M.[Meng Meng] Co Author Listing * Riemannian Framework for Detecting Stimulus-Relevant Fiber Pathways, A
* See the World Through Network Cameras
Includes: Guo, M.M.[Meng Meng] Guo, M.M.[Meng-Meng] Guo, M.M.

Guo, M.Q.[Ming Qiang] Co Author Listing * Accessibility Assessment of Buildings Based on Multi-Source Spatial Data: Taking Wuhan as a Case Study
* Adaptive Unsupervised-Shadow-Detection Approach for Remote-Sensing Image Based on Multichannel Features
* Building Extraction Based on U-Net with an Attention Block and Multiple Losses
* Detecting Persuasive Atypicality by Modeling Contextual Compatibility
* Learning Part Segmentation through Unsupervised Domain Adaptation from Synthetic Vehicles
* ME-Net: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Extracting Mangrove Using Sentinel-2A Data
* NDSRGAN: A Novel Dense Generative Adversarial Network for Real Aerial Imagery Super-Resolution Reconstruction
* Optimizing Cruising Routes for Taxi Drivers Using a Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Model
* Robust Rigid Registration Framework of 3D Indoor Scene Point Clouds Based on RGB-D Information, A
* Task-Oriented Knowledge Base for Geospatial Problem-Solving, A
Includes: Guo, M.Q.[Ming Qiang] Guo, M.Q.[Ming-Qiang] Guo, M.Q.[Mei-Qi] Guo, M.Q.[Meng-Qi]
10 for Guo, M.Q.

Guo, M.Q.A.[Ming Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Driven Geospatially Enabled Framework for Geological Big Data, A
Includes: Guo, M.Q.A.[Ming Qi Ang] Guo, M.Q.A.[Ming-Qi-Ang]

Guo, M.R.[Ming Rui] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Design Patent Image Retrieval Using Structured Features and Multiple Feature Fusion
Includes: Guo, M.R.[Ming Rui] Guo, M.R.[Ming-Rui]

Guo, M.T.[Man Tang] Co Author Listing * Deep Spatial-angular Regularization for Compressive Light Field Reconstruction over Coded Apertures
* novel CNN structure for fine-grained classification of Chinese calligraphy styles, A
Includes: Guo, M.T.[Man Tang] Guo, M.T.[Man-Tang] Guo, M.T.[Ming-Tao]

Guo, M.X.[Meng Xi] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
Includes: Guo, M.X.[Meng Xi] Guo, M.X.[Meng-Xi]

Guo, M.Y.[Meng Yuan] Co Author Listing * Motion Vector-based Steganographic Algorithm for HEVC with MTB Mapping Strategy, A
* Unsupervised Extraction of Video Highlights via Robust Recurrent Auto-Encoders
Includes: Guo, M.Y.[Meng Yuan] Guo, M.Y.[Meng-Yuan] Guo, M.Y.[Min-Yi]

Guo, M.Z.[Ming Zhe] Co Author Listing * Deep Generative Mixture Model for Robust Imbalance Classification
* Deep Generative Model for Robust Imbalance Classification
Includes: Guo, M.Z.[Ming Zhe] Guo, M.Z.[Ming-Zhe]

Guo, N.[Nan] Co Author Listing * C-MIDN: Coupled Multiple Instance Detection Network With Segmentation Guidance for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Closed-Form Two-Way TOA Localization and Synchronization for User Devices With Motion and Clock Drift
* Efficient Query Algorithm for Trajectory Similarity Based on Fréchet Distance Threshold, An
* Frequency Domain Long-Term Prediction for Low Delay General Audio Coding
* Gradient Matters: Designing Binarized Neural Networks via Enhanced Information-Flow
* Image Retrieval Based on Statistical and Geometry Features
* Integrating Orientation Cue With EOH-OLBP-Based Multilevel Features for Human Detection
* Optimization of the Local Split-Window Algorithm for FY-4A Land Surface Temperature Retrieval
* Optimization Scheme of Object Detection Model Based on CNN Feature Visualization Method, An
* Regulation of Evapotranspiration in Different Precipitation Zones and Its Application in High-Temperature and Drought Monitoring
* Road Extraction from Very High Resolution Images Using Weakly labeled OpenStreetMap Centerline
* Satellite Imaging Direction Angles Estimation Method Based on Rational Polynomial Coefficients
* Selection of Lunar South Pole Landing Site Based on Constructing and Analyzing Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
* UTSM: A Trajectory Similarity Measure Considering Uncertainty Based on an Amended Ellipse Model
* Variational Context-Deformable ConvNets for Indoor Scene Parsing
Includes: Guo, N.[Nan] Guo, N.[Ningyan] Guo, N.[Ning] Guo, N.[Nianhui] Guo, N.[Ni] Guo, N. Guo, N.[Ningbo]
15 for Guo, N.

Guo, N.K.[Nai Kun] Co Author Listing * Predicting Future Locations of Moving Objects by Recurrent Mixture Density Network
Includes: Guo, N.K.[Nai Kun] Guo, N.K.[Nai-Kun]

Guo, N.N.[Nan Nan] Co Author Listing * Effects of New Level-1B Data on GRACE Temporal Gravity Field Models and Precise Orbit Determination Solutions
* Sparse Representation-Based Sample Pseudo-Labeling Method for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Validation of Multi-Year Galileo Orbits Using Satellite Laser Ranging
Includes: Guo, N.N.[Nan Nan] Guo, N.N.[Nan-Nan]

Guo, N.Y.[Ning Yuan] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Based Cruise Control of Connected and Automated Vehicles Under Cyber-Physical System Framework
Includes: Guo, N.Y.[Ning Yuan] Guo, N.Y.[Ning-Yuan]

Guo, P.[Ping] Co Author Listing * 2-D Spatially Variant Motion Error Compensation for High-Resolution Airborne SAR Based on Range-Doppler Expansion Approach
* Action Detection in Crowded Videos Using Masks
* Adaptive Online Mutual Learning Bi-Decoders for Video Object Segmentation
* Aligned to the Object, Not to the Image: A Unified Pose-Aligned Representation for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Attention Concatenation Volume for Accurate and Efficient Stereo Matching
* Bottom-Up Merging Segmentation for Color Images With Complex Areas
* Case Study of Land-Surface-Temperature Impact from Large-Scale Deployment of Wind Farms in China from Guazhou, A
* Classification of Very-High-Spatial-Resolution Aerial Images Based on Multiscale Features with Limited Semantic Information
* Complete Two-Dimensional PCA for Face Recognition
* Context-aware event-driven stereo matching
* Continual Neural Mapping: Learning An Implicit Scene Representation from Sequential Observations
* Coupled Observation Decomposed Hidden Markov Model for Multiperson Activity Recognition
* CUID: A New Study Of Perceived Image Quality And Its Subjective Assessment
* Curvilinear Flight Synthetic Aperture Radar (CF-SAR): Principles, Methods, Applications, Challenges and Trends
* Cycle and Self-Supervised Consistency Training for Adapting Semantic Segmentation of Aerial Images
* Deep Learning vs. Traditional Algorithms for Saliency Prediction of Distorted Images
* Discriminative correlation hashing for supervised cross-modal retrieval
* Ensemble Classification Model With Unsupervised Representation Learning for Driving Stress Recognition Using Physiological Signals, An
* Estimation of Soil Salinization by Machine Learning Algorithms in Different Arid Regions of Northwest China
* Evaluating Calibration and Spectral Variable Selection Methods for Predicting Three Soil Nutrients Using Vis-NIR Spectroscopy
* Extended Polar Format Algorithm (EPFA) for High-Resolution Highly Squinted SAR
* Fast Sub-Volume Search Method for Human Action Detection, A
* Feature extraction based on sparse representation with application to epileptic EEG classification
* Feature-Level Collaboration: Joint Unsupervised Learning of Optical Flow, Stereo Depth and Camera Motion
* Focusing High-Resolution Airborne SAR with Topography Variations Using an Extended BPA Based on a Time/Frequency Rotation Principle
* Focusing Hypersonic Vehicle-Borne SAR Data Using Radius/Angle Algorithm
* Gradient Boosting Estimation of the Leaf Area Index of Apple Orchards in UAV Remote Sensing
* Implementation Method of Automotive Video SAR (ViSAR) Based on Sub-Aperture Spectrum Fusion
* Improved Image Enhancement Method Based-on Reformative Histogram Specification and its Application in Continuous Cast Slab, An
* Improved Spatially Variant MOCO Approach Based on an MDA for High-Resolution UAV SAR Imaging with Large Measurement Errors, An
* Learning scene-specific object detectors based on a generative-discriminative model with minimal supervision
* Long-Term Variations of Plasmaspheric Total Electron Content from Topside GPS Observations on LEO Satellites
* Low-light Color Imaging via Dual Camera Acquisition
* Managing Agricultural Water Considering Water Allocation Priority Based on Remote Sensing Data
* Mapping the Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Fall Armyworm in China by Coupling Multi-Factors
* Masks based human action detection in crowded videos
* MetricOpt: Learning to Optimize Black-Box Evaluation Metrics
* Modeling and Precise Processing for Spaceborne Transmitter/Missile-Borne Receiver SAR Signals
* Modeling peripheral vision impact on perceptual quality of immersive images
* New Constraints on Slip Behavior of the Jianshui Strike-Slip Fault from Faulted Stream Channel Risers and Airborne Lidar Data, SE Tibetan Plateau, China
* New Mapping Function for Spaceborne TEC Conversion Based on the Plasmaspheric Scale Height, A
* Pairwise Confusion for Fine-Grained Visual Classification
* Performance of BDS B1 Frequency Standard Point Positioning during the Main Phase of Different Classified Geomagnetic Storms in China and the Surrounding Area
* Processing of Monostatic SAR Data With General Configurations
* rank minimization-based late fusion method for multi-label image annotation, A
* Real Time Human Action Recognition in a Long Video Sequence
* Real-time human body parts localization from dynamic vision sensor
* Recent Progress on Vegetation Remote Sensing Using Spaceborne GNSS-Reflectometry
* Remote-Sensed Monitoring of Dominant Plant Species Distribution and Dynamics at Jiuduansha Wetland in Shanghai, China
* Remotely-Sensed Identification of a Transition for the Two Ecosystem States Along the Elevation Gradient: A Case Study of Xinjiang Tianshan Bogda World Heritage Site
* Removal of high-intensity impulse noise by Weber's law Noise Identifier
* ResiDualGAN: Resize-Residual DualGAN for Cross-Domain Remote Sensing Images Semantic Segmentation
* Retrieval of Water Cloud Optical and Microphysical Properties from Combined Multiwavelength Lidar and Radar Data
* Robust High Dynamic Range (hdr) Imaging with Complex Motion and Parallax
* Semantic Network Interpretation
* study of regularized Gaussian classifier in high-dimension small sample set case based on MDL principle with application to spectrum recognition, A
* Subspace-PnP: A Geometric Constraint Loss for Mutual Assistance of Depth and Optical Flow Estimation
* Two Practical Methods to Retrieve Aerosol Optical Properties from Coherent Doppler Lidar
* Two-Parts Step-by-Step Ionospheric Assimilation Based on Ground-Based/Spaceborne Observations and Its Verification, The
Includes: Guo, P.[Ping] Guo, P.[Pinxue] Guo, P. Guo, P.[Peng] Guo, P.[Peilian] Guo, P.[Pinglin] Guo, P.[Pengju] Guo, P.[Peiyao] Guo, P.[Pengsheng] Guo, P.[Pei] Guo, P.[Pupu] Guo, P.[Pan]
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Guo, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Co Author Listing * novel optimization algorithm for BP neural network based on RS-MEA, A
* Research on automatic determining clustering centers algorithm based on linear regression analysis
Includes: Guo, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Guo, P.C.[Peng-Cheng]

Guo, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Anatomic and Molecular MR Image Synthesis Using Confidence Guided CNNs
* Auto-FedRL: Federated Hyperparameter Optimization for Multi-institutional Medical Image Segmentation
* Closing the Generalization Gap of Cross-Silo Federated Medical Image Segmentation
* Escaping Data Scarcity for High-Resolution Heterogeneous Face Hallucination
* Metric for Quantifying Image Quality Induced Saliency Variation, A
* Multi-institutional Collaborations for Improving Deep Learning-based Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Using Federated Learning
* Multi-person 3d Pose Estimation in Crowded Scenes Based on Multi-view Geometry
* On Supporting Identification in a Hand-Based Biometric Framework
* Palmprints: A Cooperative Co-evolutionary Algorithm For Clustering Hand Images
* Underwater Image Quality Assessment: Subjective and Objective Methods
Includes: Guo, P.F.[Peng Fei] Guo, P.F.[Peng-Fei] Guo, P.F.[Pei-Fang] Guo, P.F.[Pei F.]
10 for Guo, P.F.

Guo, P.H.[Pei Hong] Co Author Listing * Geometric Correspondence Fields: Learned Differentiable Rendering for 3d Pose Refinement in the Wild
* Interactive Super-Resolution through Neighbor Embedding
Includes: Guo, P.H.[Pei Hong] Guo, P.H.[Pei-Hong]

Guo, P.J.[Peng Ju] Co Author Listing * Method of Segmenting Apples Based on Gray-Centered RGB Color Space, A
Includes: Guo, P.J.[Peng Ju] Guo, P.J.[Peng-Ju]

Guo, P.L.[Pei Lian] Co Author Listing * Weighted locality collaborative representation based on sparse subspace
Includes: Guo, P.L.[Pei Lian] Guo, P.L.[Pei-Lian]

Guo, P.P.[Pei Pei] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Terrain Feature Lines from Elevation Contours Using a Directed Adjacent Relation Tree
* Improved Jitter Elimination and Topology Correction Method for the Split Line of Narrow and Long Patches
Includes: Guo, P.P.[Pei Pei] Guo, P.P.[Pei-Pei]

Guo, P.R.[Pei Rong] Co Author Listing * Attention-based Fine-grained Classification of Bone Marrow Cells
Includes: Guo, P.R.[Pei Rong] Guo, P.R.[Pei-Rong]

Guo, P.S.[Peng Sheng] Co Author Listing * Fast and Explicit Neural View Synthesis
Includes: Guo, P.S.[Peng Sheng] Guo, P.S.[Peng-Sheng]

Guo, P.Y.[Peng Yi] Co Author Listing * Comparison of reconstruction algorithms for optical diffraction tomography
* Image Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Kernel Extreme Learning Machines
* Superresolution imaging from limited-aperture optical diffracted field data
Includes: Guo, P.Y.[Peng Yi] Guo, P.Y.[Peng-Yi] Guo, P.Y.[Pei-Yu]

Guo, Q.[Qian] Co Author Listing * 2017 Noneruptive Unrest at the Caldera of Cerro Azul Volcano (Galápagos Islands) Revealed by InSAR Observations and Geodetic Modelling, The
* Adaptive Fusion Algorithm for Visible and Infrared Videos Based on Entropy and the Cumulative Distribution of Gray Levels, An
* AF: An Association-Based Fusion Method for Multi-Modal Classification
* Almost Regular Metrics on Groups and Lipschitz-Continuity of Distance Transforms
* Approximate ML Estimator for the Location Parameter of the Generalized Gaussian Distribution With p=5, An
* Attribute-controlled face photo synthesis from simple line drawing
* Auto-Exposure Fusion for Single-Image Shadow Removal
* Auxiliary Variable-Aided Hybrid Message Passing Approach to Joint Channel Estimation and Decoding for MIMO-OFDM, An
* Can Satellite and Atmospheric Reanalysis Products Capture Compound Moist Heat Stress-Floods?
* Can You Spot the Chameleon? Adversarially Camouflaging Images from Co-Salient Object Detection
* CD_HIEFNet: Cloud Detection Network Using Haze Optimized Transformation Index and Edge Feature for Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* Condition Number-Constrained Matrix Approximation With Applications to Signal Estimation in Communication Systems
* Continuous action segmentation and recognition using hybrid convolutional neural network-hidden Markov model model
* Contrasting the Performance of Eight Satellite-Based GPP Models in Water-Limited and Temperature-Limited Grassland Ecosystems
* Countering Malicious DeepFakes: Survey, Battleground, and Horizon
* DARTSRepair: Core-failure-set guided DARTS for network robustness to common corruptions
* Deep Learning Inversion of Electrical Resistivity Data
* Deep Learning Inversion of Electrical Resistivity Data by One-Sided Mapping
* Detail Preserved Single Image Dehazing Algorithm Based on Airlight Refinement
* Detection and Identification of Mesoscale Eddies in the South China Sea Based on an Artificial Neural Network Model: YOLOF and Remotely Sensed Data
* Developing a Subswath-Based Wind Speed Retrieval Model for Sentinel-1 VH-Polarized SAR Data Over the Ocean Surface
* Development of Economic Velocity Planning Algorithm for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
* Differentiable neural architecture learning for efficient neural networks
* Dynamic Saliency-Aware Regularization for Correlation Filter-Based Object Tracking
* Efficient SVD-Based Method for Image Denoising, An
* Exploring the Effects of Blur and Deblurring to Visual Object Tracking
* Extraction of Olive Crown Based on UAV Visible Images and the U2-Net Deep Learning Model
* Fast and robust superpixel generation method
* Field Cognitive Styles on Visual Cognition in the Event Structure Design of Bivariate Interactive Dorling Cartogram: The Similarities and Differences of Field-Independent and Field-Dependent Users
* Fixed-Point Back-Propagation Training
* Focal Flow: Measuring Distance and Velocity with Defocus and Differential Motion
* Focal Flow: Velocity and Depth from Differential Defocus Through Motion
* Focal Track: Depth and Accommodation with Oscillating Lens Deformation
* Haze and Thin Cloud Removal Using Elliptical Boundary Prior for Remote Sensing Image
* Hybrid Seismic Inversion Based on Multi-Order Anisotropic Markov Random Field
* Image deep clustering based on local-topology embedding
* Image denoising algorithm based on contourlet transform for optical coherence tomography heart tube image
* Image Restoration Using Probability-Inducing Nuclear Norm Minimization
* Improved Method Combining ANN and 1D-Var for the Retrieval of Atmospheric Temperature Profiles from FY-4A/GIIRS Hyperspectral Data, An
* Improved Method Combining CNN and 1D-Var for the Retrieval of Atmospheric Humidity Profiles from FY-4A/GIIRS Hyperspectral Data, An
* Improved Spatial Collocation and Parallax Correction Approaches for Calibration Accuracy Validation of Thermal Emissive Band on Geostationary Platform
* Influence of Different Spatial Resolutions on the Retrieval Accuracy of Sea Surface Wind Speed With C-2PO Models Using Full Polarization C-Band SAR, The
* Integrated Conservation of the Cantonese Opera Art Museum and Intangible Cultural Heritage
* Inversion of Regional Groundwater Storage Changes Based on the Fusion of GNSS and GRACE Data: A Case Study of Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia
* Irregular Shape Symmetry Analysis: Theory and Application to Quantitative Galaxy Classification
* Learning Dynamic Siamese Network for Visual Object Tracking
* Learning to Adversarially Blur Visual Object Tracking
* Let There Be Light: Improved Traffic Surveillance via Detail Preserving Night-to-Day Transfer
* Light-Weight Cloud Detection Network for Optical Remote Sensing Images with Attention-Based DeeplabV3+ Architecture
* LPSNet: A lightweight solution for fast panoptic segmentation
* Maximum Likelihood Approach to Joint Image Registration and Fusion, A
* MISF:Multi-level Interactive Siamese Filtering for High-Fidelity Image Inpainting
* Modified Generative Adversarial Nets Integrated With Stochastic Approach for Realizing Super-Resolution Reservoir Simulation, A
* Monitoring Method Based on Vegetation Abnormal Information Applied to the Case of Jizong Shed-Tunnel Landslide, A
* MSFD: Multi-Scale Receptive Field Face Detector
* Multi-face detection algorithm suitable for video surveillance
* Multi-level features extraction network with gating mechanism for crowd counting
* Multi-Perspective Tracking for Intelligent Vehicle
* Multiscale Analysis of Reflected Radiation on Lunar Surface Region Based on MRRT Model
* Naturalness Preserved Nonuniform Illumination Estimation for Image Enhancement Based on Retinex
* New Accuracy Assessment Method for One-Class Remote Sensing Classification, A
* Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
* Novel Finite-Time-Gain-Adjustment Controller Design Method for UAVs Tracking Time-Varying Targets, A
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Methods and Results
* Object-Aware Ghost Identification and Elimination for Dynamic Scene Mosaic
* Pan-Sharpening Based on CNN+ Pyramid Transformer by Using No-Reference Loss
* Pasadena: Perceptually Aware and Stealthy Adversarial Denoise Attack
* Portal Vein and Hepatic Vein Segmentation in Multi-Phase MR Images Using Flow-Guided Change Detection
* Positive and Unlabeled Learning Algorithm for One-Class Classification of Remote-Sensing Data, A
* Prestack Seismic Inversion Based on Anisotropic Markov Random Field
* Prestack Seismic Inversion With Data-Driven MRF-Based Regularization
* Probabilistic spatio-temporal resource search
* Remote Sensing Image Fusion Based on Discrete Fractional Random Transform for Modified IHS
* Research on the Problems of Equipment Dynamic Maintenance Dispatch to Make the Amount of Restoration Maximum
* Retrieving 2-D Leaf Angle Distributions for Deciduous Trees From Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data
* Scattering Enhanced Attention Pyramid Network for Aircraft Detection in SAR Images
* Selective Spatial Regularization by Reinforcement Learned Decision Making for Object Tracking
* Sender-Adaptive and Receiver-Driven Layered Multicast for Scalable Video Over the Internet
* Separating the Structural Components of Maize for Field Phenotyping Using Terrestrial LiDAR Data and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Single Image Defogging Based on Illumination Decomposition for Visual Maritime Surveillance
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* Spark: Spatial-aware Online Incremental Attack Against Visual Tracking
* Sparse Patch-Based Label Fusion for Multi-Atlas Segmentation
* Spatiotemporal Statistics for Video Quality Assessment
* Stem-Leaf Segmentation and Phenotypic Trait Extraction of Individual Maize Using Terrestrial LiDAR Data
* Structure-Regularized Compressive Tracking With Online Data-Driven Sampling
* Tackling 3D ToF Artifacts Through Learning and the FLAT Dataset
* Towards thinner convolutional neural networks through gradually global pruning
* TSDM: Tracking by SiamRPN++ with a Depth-refiner and a Mask-generator
* UAV-Assisted Physical Layer Security in Multi-Beam Satellite-Enabled Vehicle Communications
* Urban Tree Classification Based on Object-Oriented Approach and Random Forest Algorithm Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Multispectral Imagery
* WDBSTF: A Weighted Dual-Branch Spatiotemporal Fusion Network Based on Complementarity between Super-Resolution and Change Prediction
* Withdrawn: Fast compressive tracking with robust example selection based on multiple instance learning in smart and autonomous systems
Includes: Guo, Q.[Qian] Guo, Q. Guo, Q.[Qi] Guo, Q.[Qintian] Guo, Q.[Qing] Guo, Q.[Qiang] Guo, Q.[Qun] Guo, Q.[Quan] Guo, Q.[Qiuyi] Guo, Q.[Qingbei] Guo, Q.[Qiuying] Guo, Q.[Qingpei] Guo, Q.[Qimiao]
95 for Guo, Q.

Guo, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive iterative global image denoising method based on SVD
* Adaptive sparse coding on PCA dictionary for image denoising
* Anisotropic 3D Reconstruction and Restoration for Rotation-Scanning 4D Echocardiographic Images Based on MAP-MRF
* Bistatic ISAR Imaging Incorporating Interferometric 3-D Imaging Technique
* Conjugate gradient algorithm for efficient covariance tracking with Jensen-Bregman LogDet metric
* Continuous action recognition based on hybrid CNN-LDCRF model
* Convolutional recurrent neural networks with hidden Markov model bootstrap for scene text recognition
* Deep Neural Network with Attention Model for Scene Text Recognition
* Generating image descriptions with multidirectional 2D long short-term memory
* Generating video description with Long-Short Term Memory
* Holistic Vertical Regional Proposal Network for Scene Text Detection
* Hybrid CNN-HMM Model for Street View House Number Recognition
* Image denoising by low-rank approximation with estimation of noise energy distribution in SVD domain
* Image Interpolation Based on Weighted and Blended Rational Function
* In-Orbit Spectral Response Function Correction and Its Impact on Operational Calibration for the Long-Wave Split-Window Infrared Band (12.0 µm) of FY-2G Satellite
* Monitoring and Assessment of the Oasis Ecological Resilience Improved by Rational Water Dispatching Using Multiple Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study of the Heihe River Basin, Silk Road
* Research on modeling for submarine cable monitoring system based on timed colored Petri Nets
* Research on the model of submarine cable route monitoring based on improved Petri Nets
* Robust Text Detection with Vertically-Regressed Proposal Network
* Satellite Monitoring the Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Desertification in Response to Climate Change and Human Activities across the Ordos Plateau, China
* Scale estimation-based visual tracking with optimized convolutional activation features
* Spatial-Response Matched Filter and Its Application in Radiometric Accuracy Improvement of FY-2 Satellite Thermal Infrared Band
Includes: Guo, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Guo, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]
22 for Guo, Q.A.

Guo, Q.C.[Qi Chang] Co Author Listing * Elevation Ambiguity Resolution Method Based on Segmentation and Reorganization of TomoSAR Point Cloud in 3D Mountain Reconstruction, An
* Fourfold Bounce Scattering-Based Reconstruction of Building Backs Using Airborne Array TomoSAR Point Clouds
* Novel Estimation Method of Water Surface Micro-Amplitude Wave Frequency for Cross-Media Communication, A
Includes: Guo, Q.C.[Qi Chang] Guo, Q.C.[Qi-Chang]

Guo, Q.D.[Qian Dong] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Imagery Classification Based on Multiscale Superpixel-Level Constraint Representation
Includes: Guo, Q.D.[Qian Dong] Guo, Q.D.[Qian-Dong]

Guo, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Co Author Listing * Artificial Mangrove Species Mapping Using Pléiades-1: An Evaluation of Pixel-Based and Object-Based Classifications with Selected Machine Learning Algorithms
* Automatic Registration of Airborne Images with Complex Local Distortion
* bottom-up approach to segment individual deciduous trees using leaf-off lidar point cloud data, A
* BP-MF-EP Based Iterative Receiver for Joint Phase Noise Estimation, Equalization, and Decoding, A
* Delineating Individual Trees from Lidar Data: A Comparison of Vector- and Raster-based Segmentation Approaches
* Development and Performance Evaluation of a Very Low-Cost UAV-Lidar System for Forestry Applications
* Discrete time convolution for fast event-based stereo
* Efficiency of Extreme Gradient Boosting for Imbalanced Land Cover Classification Using an Extended Margin and Disagreement Performance
* Efficient Hodge-Helmholtz decomposition of motion fields
* Evaluating the Performance of Sentinel-2, Landsat 8 and Pléiades-1 in Mapping Mangrove Extent and Species
* framework of region-based spatial relations for non-overlapping features and its application in object based image analysis, A
* Impact of Error in Lidar-Derived Canopy Height and Canopy Base Height on Modeled Wildfire Behavior in the Sierra Nevada, California, USA
* Improved progressive TIN densification filtering algorithm for airborne LiDAR data in forested areas
* Influence of Vegetation Characteristics on Individual Tree Segmentation Methods with Airborne LiDAR Data, The
* Iterative Frequency Domain Equalization With Generalized Approximate Message Passing
* LiDAR Reveals the Process of Vision-Mediated Predator-Prey Relationships
* Lidar sheds new light on plant phenomics for plant breeding and management: Recent advances and future prospects
* Lidar with multi-temporal MODIS provide a means to upscale predictions of forest biomass
* Loess Landslide Detection Using Object Detection Algorithms in Northwest China
* Mapping China's planted forests using high resolution imagery and massive amounts of crowdsourced samples
* Mapping Global Forest Aboveground Biomass with Spaceborne LiDAR, Optical Imagery, and Forest Inventory Data
* Mapping Regional Urban Extent Using NPP-VIIRS DNB and MODIS NDVI Data
* Mapping the Global Mangrove Forest Aboveground Biomass Using Multisource Remote Sensing Data
* Mapping US Urban Extents from MODIS Data Using One-Class Classification Method
* marker-free method for registering multi-scan terrestrial laser scanning data in forest environments, A
* Message Passing Based Robust Target Localization in Distributed MIMO Radars in the Presence of Outliers
* Message Passing Based Target Localization Under Range Deception Jamming in Distributed MIMO Radar
* Modeling of Correlated Complex Sea Clutter Using Unsupervised Phase Retrieval
* Novel Framework to Automatically Fuse Multiplatform LiDAR Data in Forest Environments Based on Tree Locations, A
* Object-Based Strategy for Improving the Accuracy of Spatiotemporal Satellite Imagery Fusion for Vegetation-Mapping Applications, An
* One-Class Classification of Airborne LiDAR Data in Urban Areas Using a Presence and Background Learning Algorithm
* practical method for SRTM DEM correction over vegetated mountain areas, A
* Quantifying the shape of urban street trees and evaluating its influence on their aesthetic functions based on mobile lidar data
* Restoration of Information Obscured by Mountainous Shadows Through Landsat TM/ETM+ Images Without the Use of DEM Data: A New Method
* Retrieving the gap fraction, element clumping index, and leaf area index of individual trees using single-scan data from a terrestrial laser scanner
* Segmenting tree crowns from terrestrial and mobile LiDAR data by exploring ecological theories
* SRTM DEM Correction in Vegetated Mountain Areas through the Integration of Spaceborne LiDAR, Airborne LiDAR, and Optical Imagery
* Transferability of Random Forest in Canopy Height Estimation from Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data, The
* Turbo Equalization Using Partial Gaussian Approximation
Includes: Guo, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Guo, Q.H.[Qing-Hua] Guo, Q.H.[Qing-Hai] Guo, Q.H.[Qing-Hong]
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Guo, Q.J.[Qi Jia] Co Author Listing * Compressive Beamforming Based on Multiconstraint Bayesian Framework
* Image Annotation with Multiple Quantization
* Integrating image segmentation and annotation using supervised PLSA
Includes: Guo, Q.J.[Qi Jia] Guo, Q.J.[Qi-Jia] Guo, Q.J.[Qiao-Jin]

Guo, Q.K.[Qi Kun] Co Author Listing * Facial depth map enhancement via neighbor embedding
Includes: Guo, Q.K.[Qi Kun] Guo, Q.K.[Qi-Kun]

Guo, Q.L.[Qin Ling] Co Author Listing * ECFFNet: Effective and Consistent Feature Fusion Network for RGB-T Salient Object Detection
* Multitemporal Hyperspectral Images Change Detection Based on Joint Unmixing and Information Coguidance Strategy
* Multitemporal Images Change Detection Based on AMMF and Spectral Constraint Strategy
* TSFNet: Two-Stage Fusion Network for RGB-T Salient Object Detection
Includes: Guo, Q.L.[Qin Ling] Guo, Q.L.[Qin-Ling] Guo, Q.L.[Qing-Le]

Guo, Q.P.[Qing Pei] Co Author Listing * Switch-BERT: Learning to Model Multimodal Interactions by Switching Attention and Input
Includes: Guo, Q.P.[Qing Pei] Guo, Q.P.[Qing-Pei]

Guo, Q.Q.[Qiong Qiong] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-Fine Network for Ship Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images, A
* Novel Multi-Model Decision Fusion Network for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images, A
* R2Net: Residual refinement network for salient object detection
* RPNet: Gait Recognition With Relationships Between Each Body-Parts
Includes: Guo, Q.Q.[Qiong Qiong] Guo, Q.Q.[Qiong-Qiong] Guo, Q.Q.[Qian-Qian] Guo, Q.Q.[Qing-Qiang]

Guo, Q.R.[Qing Rong] Co Author Listing * Contrast enhancement of medical images using fuzzy set theory and nonsubsampled shearlet transform
Includes: Guo, Q.R.[Qing Rong] Guo, Q.R.[Qing-Rong]

Guo, Q.S.[Qing Sheng] Co Author Listing * Contextual Building Selection Based on a Genetic Algorithm in Map Generalization
* Dynamic Recursive Neural Network
* Graphic Simplification and Intelligent Adjustment Methods of Road Networks for Navigation with Reduced Precision
* Integrated Visualization Approach for Real-Time and Dynamic Assessment of Storm Surge Disasters for China's Seas
* Online Knowledge Distillation via Collaborative Learning
* Reducing Building Conflicts in Map Generalization with an Improved PSO Algorithm
* Research on a road displacement model and parameters determination based on structure mechanics
* Scale-Equivalent Distillation for Semi-Supervised Object Detection
* Street Centralities and Land Use Intensities Based on Points of Interest (POI) in Shenzhen, China
* Study on a Matching Algorithm for Urban Underground Pipelines, A
Includes: Guo, Q.S.[Qing Sheng] Guo, Q.S.[Qing-Sheng] Guo, Q.S.[Qiu-Shan]
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Guo, Q.Y.[Qiao Ying] Co Author Listing * Assessing Global Ocean Wind Energy Resources Using Multiple Satellite Data
* Assessment of China's Offshore Wind Resources Based on the Integration of Multiple Satellite Data and Meteorological Data
* Embedding-Augmented Generalized Matrix Factorization for Recommendation With Implicit Feedback
* Investigation of Atmospheric Dynamic and Thermodynamic Structures of Typhoon Sinlaku (2020) from High-Resolution Dropsonde and Two-Way Rawinsonde Measurements
* Multi-level Fusion Based Deep Convolutional Network for Image Quality Assessment
* Satellite-Derived Climatological Analysis of Urban Heat Island over Shanghai during 2000-2013, A
Includes: Guo, Q.Y.[Qiao Ying] Guo, Q.Y.[Qiao-Ying] Guo, Q.Y.[Qing-Yu] Guo, Q.Y.[Qi-Yun] Guo, Q.Y.[Qian-Yu]

Guo, Q.Z.[Qiao Zhen] Co Author Listing * Spatial Pattern of Highway Transport Dominance in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at the County Scale
Includes: Guo, Q.Z.[Qiao Zhen] Guo, Q.Z.[Qiao-Zhen]

Guo, R.[Rongkai] Co Author Listing * 3DUIdol: 6th annual 3DUI contest
* AFFPN: Attention Fusion Feature Pyramid Network for Small Infrared Target Detection
* Analysis of Change in Maize Plantation Distribution and Its Driving Factors in Heilongjiang Province, China
* Automatic Threshold Selection Based on Histogram Modes and a Discriminant Criterion
* CFSNet: Toward a Controllable Feature Space for Image Restoration
* Co-Evolution of Emerging Multi-Cities: Rates, Patterns and Driving Policies Revealed by Continuous Change Detection and Classification of Landsat Data
* Collaborative Wi-fi Fingerprinting Indoor Positioning Using Near Relation
* Contrastive Graph Convolutional Network for Toe-Tapping Assessment in Parkinson's Disease, A
* Crop Yield Prediction Based on Agrometeorological Indexes and Remote Sensing Data
* Crowdsourcing Rapid Assessment of Collapsed Buildings Early after the Earthquake Based on Aerial Remote Sensing Image: A Case Study of Yushu Earthquake
* Deep multi-scale and multi-modal fusion for 3D object detection
* Deep tree-structured face: A unified representation for multi-task facial biometrics
* Deeply-Learned Feature for Age Estimation
* Density-Adaptive Kernel based Re-Ranking for Person Re-Identification
* Digital breast tomosynthesis improves diagnostic accuracy of breast microcalcifications
* Efficient Preconditioner for 3-D Finite Difference Modeling of the Electromagnetic Diffusion Process in the Frequency Domain, An
* Efficient Shadow Detection and Removal using Synthetic Data with Domain Adaptation
* Facial Expression Recognition Influenced by Human Aging
* Facial feature parsing and landmark detection via low-rank matrix decomposition
* FBSA: A Self-adjustable Multi-source Data Scheduling Algorithm for P2P Media Streaming
* Game cane: An assistive 3DUI for rehabilitation games
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Through Spectral Unmixing and Dictionary-Based Low-Rank Decomposition
* I-CenterNet: Road infrared target detection based on improved CenterNet
* Image fusion using weighted multiscale fundamental form
* Improved ASD classification using dynamic functional connectivity and multi-task feature selection
* Interference Suppression Algorithm for SAR Based on Time-Frequency Transform
* Joint Inversion of Audio-Magnetotelluric and Seismic Travel Time Data With Deep Learning Constraint
* Latency and avatars in Virtual Environments and the effects on gait for persons with mobility impairments
* LeafMask: Towards Greater Accuracy on Leaf Segmentation
* Learning Convolution Feature Aggregation via Edge Attention Convolution Network for Person Re-Identification
* Learning patch-dependent kernel forest for person re-identification
* Learning Stable Deep Predictive Coding Networks with Weight Norm Supervision
* Locking Status and Earthquake Potential Hazard along the Middle-South Xianshuihe Fault
* Machine Learning-Enabled High-Resolution Dynamic Deuterium MR Spectroscopic Imaging
* Method of Whole-Network Adjustment for Clock Offset Based on Satellite-Ground and Inter-Satellite Link Observations, A
* Mixed Noise Estimation Model for Optimized Kernel Minimum Noise Fraction Transformation in Hyperspectral Image Dimensionality Reduction
* Model Construction and System Design of Natural Grassland-Type Recognition Based on Deep Learning
* Monitoring Regional-Scale Surface Deformation of the Continuous Permafrost in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with Time-Series InSAR Analysis
* Multi-Scale Sparse Graph Convolutional Network For the Assessment of Parkinsonian Gait
* Multichannel HRWS SAR Imaging Based on Range-Variant Channel Calibration and Multi-Doppler-Direction Restriction Ambiguity Suppression
* Multimodal weighted dictionary learning
* New Orbit Determination Method for GEO Satellites Based on BeiDou Short-Message Communication Ranging
* No embedding: A novel image cryptosystem for meaningful encryption
* Novel Moving Target Imaging Algorithm for HRWS SAR Based on Local Maximum-Likelihood Minimum Entropy, A
* Optimized Topology Maintenance Framework for P2P Media Streaming, An
* Physics-Embedded Machine Learning for Electromagnetic Data Imaging: Examining three types of data-driven imaging methods
* Pixel-Wise Classification Method for High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Deep Neural Networks
* Point cloud classification by dynamic graph CNN with adaptive feature fusion
* Preliminary Analysis and Evaluation of BDS-3 RDSS Timing Performance
* QoS Adaptive Data Organizing and Delivery Framework for P2P Media Streaming
* Radarnet: Exploiting Radar for Robust Perception of Dynamic Objects
* Refined Model for Quad-Polarimetric Reconstruction from Compact Polarimetric Data, A
* Reflective Tomography Lidar Image Reconstruction for Long Distance Non-Cooperative Target
* Registration of Multi-View Point Sets Under the Perspective of Expectation-Maximization
* Rethinking Closed-Loop Training for Autonomous Driving
* Robust Channel-Calibration Algorithm for Multi-Channel in Azimuth HRWS SAR Imaging Based on Local Maximum-Likelihood Weighted Minimum Entropy, A
* Robust Clutter Suppression and Moving Target Imaging Approach for Multichannel in Azimuth High-Resolution and Wide-Swath Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Roles of Urban Buildings and Vegetation in Adjusting Seasonal And Daily Air Temperature, The
* Segmenting Shape Using Deformation Information
* Self-paced Bottom-up Clustering Network with Side Information for Person Re-Identification
* Self-Supervised Metric Learning Framework for the Arising-From-Chair Assessment of Parkinsonians With Graph Convolutional Networks, A
* Shape mensuration and recognition by DDS approach
* SIGNet: Semantic Instance Aided Unsupervised 3D Geometry Perception
* SOTR: Segmenting Objects with Transformers
* Spatial Resolution Matching of Microwave Radiometer Data with Convolutional Neural Network
* Study on Pseudorange Biases in BDS B1I/B3I Signals and the Impacts on Beidou Wide Area Differential Services, A
* Supervised Descent Learning Technique for Solving Directional Electromagnetic Logging-While-Drilling Inverse Problems, A
* Synchronization, Decoupling, and Regime Shift of Urban Thermal Conditions in Xi'an, an Ancient City in China under Rapid Expansion
* Time-Dependent Urban Customized Bus Routing With Path Flexibility
* Validating GEV Model for Reflection Symmetry-Based Ocean Ship Detection with Gaofen-3 Dual-Polarimetric Data
Includes: Guo, R.[Rongkai] Guo, R.[Runze] Guo, R.[Rui] Guo, R. Guo, R.[Ruomi] Guo, R.[Ruosan] Guo, R.[Ruohao] Guo, R.[Rumeng] Guo, R.[Rong] Guo, R.[Ran] Guo, R.[Runsheng] Guo, R.[Ruiqi] Guo, R.[Ruopei]
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Guo, R.B.[Rui Bin] Co Author Listing * Fast Visual Odometry Based Sparse Geometric Constraint for RGB-D Camera
* Hypergraph Matching Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter for Group Targets Tracking, A
Includes: Guo, R.B.[Rui Bin] Guo, R.B.[Rui-Bin]

Guo, R.H.[Ren Hong] Co Author Listing * Distribution of Actual Evapotranspiration over Qaidam Basin, an Arid Area in China
* Powering One-shot Topological NAS with Stabilized Share-parameter Proxy
Includes: Guo, R.H.[Ren Hong] Guo, R.H.[Ren-Hong] Guo, R.H.[Rong-Hao]

Guo, R.J.[Ren Jie] Co Author Listing * Ongoing Greening in Southwest China despite Severe Droughts and Drying Trends, The
* Parallel Top-N Video Big Data Retrieval Method Based on Multi-features, A
Includes: Guo, R.J.[Ren Jie] Guo, R.J.[Ren-Jie]

Guo, R.L.[Ruo Lin] Co Author Listing * Indoor Floor Localization Based on Multi-Intelligent Sensors
Includes: Guo, R.L.[Ruo Lin] Guo, R.L.[Ruo-Lin]

Guo, R.Q.[Rui Qi] Co Author Listing * Beyond the Line of Sight: Labeling the Underlying Surfaces
* Complete 3D Scene Parsing from an RGBD Image
* Fast Orthogonal Projection Based on Kronecker Product
* Labeling Complete Surfaces in Scene Understanding
* Multi-scale Orderless Pooling of Deep Convolutional Activation Features
* Paired Regions for Shadow Detection and Removal
* Single-image shadow detection and removal using paired regions
* Support Surface Prediction in Indoor Scenes
Includes: Guo, R.Q.[Rui Qi] Guo, R.Q.[Rui-Qi]
8 for Guo, R.Q.

Guo, R.S.[Rui Shu] Co Author Listing * Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Method Based on Improved Convolutional Neural Network Using Fine-Tuning
Includes: Guo, R.S.[Rui Shu] Guo, R.S.[Rui-Shu]

Guo, R.W.[Rong Wei] Co Author Listing * Extreme learning machine with feature mapping of kernel function
Includes: Guo, R.W.[Rong Wei] Guo, R.W.[Rong-Wei]

Guo, R.X.[Rong Xin] Co Author Listing * JMLNet: Joint Multi-Label Learning Network for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation in Aerial Images
Includes: Guo, R.X.[Rong Xin] Guo, R.X.[Rong-Xin]

Guo, R.Z.[Ren Zhong] Co Author Listing * 3D Space Shift from CityGML LoD3-Based Multiple Building Elements to a 3D Volumetric Object
* Combined Rule-Based and Hypothesis-Based Method for Building Model Reconstruction from Photogrammetric Point Clouds
* Distribution Pattern of the Railway Network in China at the County Level, The
* Intra-Urban Scaling Properties Examined by Automatically Extracted City Hotspots from Street Data and Nighttime Light Imagery
* Localization and Extraction of Road Poles in Urban Areas from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Near Relation-Based Indoor Positioning Method under Sparse Wi-Fi Fingerprints
* New Cloud-edge-terminal Resources Collaborative Scheduling Framework For Multi-level Visualization Tasks of Large-scale Spatio-temporal Data, A
* Optimal Self-Calibration Strategies in the Combined Bundle Adjustment of Aerial-Terrestrial Integrated Images
* Pole-Like Street Furniture Segmentation and Classification in Mobile LiDAR Data by Integrating Multiple Shape-Descriptor Constraints
* PolySimp: A Tool for Polygon Simplification Based on the Underlying Scaling Hierarchy
* Quantitative Description Model for Direction Relations Based on Direction Groups, A
* Sampling Strategy for Detailed Urban Land Use Classification: A Systematic Analysis in Shenzhen
* Spatial Context-Based Local Toponym Extraction and Chinese Textual Address Segmentation from Urban POI Data
* Supervoxel-Based Random Forest Method for Robust and Effective Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Classification, A
* Understanding Chinese Urban Form: The Universal Fractal Pattern of Street Networks over 298 Cities
* Urban Building Extraction and Modeling Using GF-7 DLC and MUX Images
Includes: Guo, R.Z.[Ren Zhong] Guo, R.Z.[Ren-Zhong] Guo, R.Z.
16 for Guo, R.Z.

Guo, S.[Shihui] Co Author Listing * Action snapshot with single pose and viewpoint
* AdaMixer: A Fast-Converging Query-Based Object Detector
* Airborne Passive Bistatic Radar Clutter Suppression Algorithm Based on Root Off-Grid Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Automatic Diagnosis Based on Spatial Information Fusion Feature for Intracranial Aneurysm
* automatic plant leaf stoma detection method based on YOLOv5, An
* Better Exploiting OS-CNNs for Better Event Recognition in Images
* Blind Night-Time Image Quality Assessment: Subjective and Objective Approaches
* Book Retrieval and Location System Based on Real-Scene 3D, A
* Cloud-Based Actor Identification With Batch-Orthogonal Local-Sensitive Hashing and Sparse Representation
* Combining Spectral and Textural Information from UAV RGB Images for Leaf Area Index Monitoring in Kiwifruit Orchard
* Cross-Architecture Self-supervised Video Representation Learning
* CurriculumNet: Weakly Supervised Learning from Large-Scale Web Images
* Customization and fabrication of the appearance for humanoid robot
* Data Quality Evaluation of Sentinel-1 and GF-3 SAR for Wind Field Inversion
* Decoupled Learning Scheme for Real-world Burst Denoising from Raw Images, A
* Deep Spatial-Temporal 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Traffic Data Forecasting
* Density-Aware Feature Embedding for Face Clustering
* Design and Experimental Verification of a Hip Exoskeleton Based on Human-Machine Dynamics for Walking Assistance
* Detection and Characterization of Cracks in Highway Pavement with the Amplitude Variation of GPR Diffracted Waves: Insights from Forward Modeling and Field Data
* Differentiable Two-stage Alignment Scheme for Burst Image Reconstruction with Large Shift, A
* Distilling Reflection Dynamics for Single-Image Reflection Removal
* DMCP: Differentiable Markov Channel Pruning for Neural Networks
* Dynamic Differential Pricing of High-Speed Railway Based on Improved GBDT Train Classification and Bootstrap Time Node Determination
* Edge Based Segmentation of Left and Right Ventricles Using Two Distance Regularized Level Sets
* Effect of the Long-Term Mean and the Temporal Stability of Water-Energy Dynamics on China's Terrestrial Species Richness
* Efficient Data Scheduling Scheme for P2P Storage-Constrained IPTV System, An
* Efficient Long-Range Attention Network for Image Super-Resolution
* evaluation system for string extraction in the airline coupon project, An
* Evolving Instability of the Scar Inlet Ice Shelf based on Sequential Landsat Images Spanning 2005-2018
* Exact and Convergent Iterative Methods to Compute the Orthogonal Point-to-Ellipse Distance
* Examining the Nonlinear Impacts of Origin-Destination Built Environment on Metro Ridership at Station-to-Station Level
* Fast binary image set operations on a run-based representation
* Fusing Hyperspectral and Multispectral Images via Low-Rank Hankel Tensor Representation
* Generic Reversible Visible Watermarking via Regularized Graph Fourier Transform Coding
* HDR Video Reconstruction: A Coarse-to-fine Network and A Real-world Benchmark Dataset
* High-Resolution Oscillating Steady-State fMRI Using Patch-Tensor Low-Rank Reconstruction
* How to pay less: a location-specific approach to predict dynamic prices in ride-on-demand services
* HyperLiteNet: Extremely Lightweight Non-Deep Parallel Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Image Dehazing via Pyramid Exposure Fusion
* iMaterialist Fashion Attribute Dataset, The
* Improved Fuzzy Region Competition-Based Framework for the Multiphase Segmentation of SAR Images, An
* improved Hough transform voting scheme utilizing surround suppression, An
* Improvement of Lithological Mapping Using Discrete Wavelet Transformation from Sentinel-1 SAR Data
* Iterative fusion convolutional neural networks for classification of optical coherence tomography images
* Joint Denoising and Demosaicking With Green Channel Prior for Real-World Burst Images
* Knowledge Guided Disambiguation for Large-Scale Scene Classification With Multi-Resolution CNNs
* Label-PEnet: Sequential Label Propagation and Enhancement Networks for Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation
* Land Subsidence Monitoring Method in Regions of Variable Radar Reflection Characteristics by Integrating PS-InSAR and SBAS-InSAR Techniques
* Laser-slam Algorithm For Indoor Mobile Mapping, A
* Latency-Aware Adaptive Video Summarization for Mobile Edge Clouds
* Layer-wised Model Aggregation for Personalized Federated Learning
* Learned Dynamic Guidance for Depth Image Reconstruction
* Learning Dynamic Guidance for Depth Image Enhancement
* Locally Supervised Deep Hybrid Model for Scene Recognition
* Low Cost and Latency Event Camera Background Activity Denoising
* Mapping Plant Functional Types over Broad Mountainous Regions: A Hierarchical Soft Time-Space Classification Applied to the Tibetan Plateau
* MSCPT: Toward Cross-Place Transportation Mode Recognition Based on Multi-Sensor Neural Network Model
* Multi-directional Camera 3-d Vision System for Micro-operation
* multi-layer memory sharing network for video captioning, A
* Non-Line-of-Sight Target Detection Based on Dual-View Observation with Single-Channel UWB Radar
* Novel Method For Estimation Of Glacier Surface Motion In 1960s From Argon Kh-5 Optical Imagery, A
* Novel Perspective to Zero-Shot Learning: Towards an Alignment of Manifold Structures via Semantic Feature Expansion, A
* Novel Semantic Matching Method for Indoor Trajectory Tracking, A
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Online Multiple Object Tracking with Cross-Task Synergy
* Parallel Agent-as-a-Service (P-AaaS) Based Geospatial Service in the Cloud
* Past is important: Improved image captioning by looking back in time
* real-time head tracker for autostereoscopic display, A
* Recursive Inception Network for Super-Resolution
* Representation Sharing for Fast Object Detector Search and Beyond
* Research on Lhasa Tibetan prosodic model of journalese based on respiratory signal
* Robust Histogram Shape-Based Method for Image Watermarking
* Selective Privacy-Preserving Approach for Multimedia Data, A
* Semi-Supervised Learning via Convolutional Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Short-Term Prediction of Urban Rail Transit Passenger Flow in External Passenger Transport Hub Based on LSTM-LGB-DRS
* Similarity weighted sparse representation for classification
* SmartEle: Smart Electricity Dashboard for Detecting Consumption Patterns: A Case Study at a University Campus
* Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of China's Terrestrial Biodiversity: A Dynamic Habitat Index Diagnostic
* Spatiotemporal changes of glacier and seasonal snow fluctuations over the Namcha Barwa-Gyala Peri massif using object-based classification from Landsat time series
* Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity Analysis of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration: Evidence from Nighttime Light Data (2001-2019)
* Stability Analysis of Unmixing-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion Model: A Case of Land Surface Temperature Product Downscaling
* Statistical Edge Detection in CT Image by Kernel Density Estimation and Mean Square Error Distance
* Supervised versus Semi-Supervised Urban Functional Area Prediction: Uncertainty, Robustness and Sensitivity
* SwiniPASSR: Swin Transformer based Parallax Attention Network for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
* Text Prior Guided Scene Text Image Super-Resolution
* Total3DUnderstanding: Joint Layout, Object Pose and Mesh Reconstruction for Indoor Scenes From a Single Image
* Toward Convolutional Blind Denoising of Real Photographs
* Towards Automatic Detection of Monkey Faces
* Two viewpoints based real-time recognition for hand gestures
* Unsupervised Multiregion Partitioning of Fully Polarimetric SAR Images With Advanced Fuzzy Active Contours
* Urban Impervious Surface Extraction Based on Deep Convolutional Networks Using Intensity, Polarimetric Scattering and Interferometric Coherence Information from Sentinel-1 SAR Images
* Urbanization and Spillover Effect for Three Megaregions in China: Evidence from DMSP/OLS Nighttime Lights
* Visual Security Evaluation of Perceptually Encrypted Images Based on Image Importance
* WaveCNet: Wavelet Integrated CNNs to Suppress Aliasing Effect for Noise-Robust Image Classification
* Wavelet Integrated CNNs for Noise-Robust Image Classification
Includes: Guo, S.[Shihui] Guo, S.[Sheng] Guo, S.[Shuai] Guo, S. Guo, S.[Siyu] Guo, S.[Song] Guo, S.[Shi] Guo, S.[Shili] Guo, S.[Siye] Guo, S.[Shuxu] Guo, S.[Shan] Guo, S.[Sen] Guo, S.[Sizhen] Guo, S.[Sirui] Guo, S.[Suiming] Guo, S.[Siying] Guo, S.[Siming] Guo, S.[Senmiao] Guo, S.[Shuangfeng] Guo, S.[Shasha] Guo, S.[Shanqing] Guo, S.[Shisheng] Guo, S.[Sha] Guo, S.[Shuang] Guo, S.[Shuni] Guo, S.[Shanchuan] Guo, S.[Shanxin] Guo, S.[Shuli] Guo, S.[Songjing]
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Guo, S.C.[San Chuan] Co Author Listing * Binary classification based linear rate estimation model for HEVC RDO
* Experimental Study of Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Nowcasting with Multisource Data Based on a Video Prediction Method
* Improved Approach for Soil Moisture Estimation in Gully Fields of the Loess Plateau Using Sentinel-1A Radar Images, An
* Learnable Gated Convolutional Neural Network for Semantic Segmentation in Remote-Sensing Images
* Monitoring Land Cover Change and Disturbance of the Mount Wutai World Cultural Landscape Heritage Protected Area, Based on Remote Sensing Time-Series Images from 1987 to 2018
Includes: Guo, S.C.[San Chuan] Guo, S.C.[San-Chuan] Guo, S.C.[Shu-Chang] Guo, S.C.[Shan-Chuan] Guo, S.C.[Shi-Chen]

Guo, S.G.[Shu Gang] Co Author Listing * New Wavelet Lifting Scheme for Image Compression Applications, A
Includes: Guo, S.G.[Shu Gang] Guo, S.G.[Shu-Gang]

Guo, S.H.[Shi Hui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive motion synthesis for virtual characters: a survey
* Estimation of Soil Freeze Depth in Typical Snowy Regions Using Reanalysis Dataset: A Case Study in Heilongjiang Province, China
* Improved Spatial-Temporal Downscaling Method for TRMM Precipitation Datasets in Alpine Regions: A Case Study in Northwestern China's Qilian Mountains, An
* ISDNet: Integrating Shallow and Deep Networks for Efficient Ultra-high Resolution Segmentation
* Online tracking of ants based on deep association metrics: Method, dataset and evaluation
* Rethinking Efficient Lane Detection via Curve Modeling
* Revealing the Morphological Evolution of Krakatau Volcano by Integrating SAR and Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Semi-Supervised Texture Filtering With Shallow to Deep Understanding
* Shallow2Deep: Indoor scene modeling by single image understanding
Includes: Guo, S.H.[Shi Hui] Guo, S.H.[Shi-Hui] Guo, S.H.[Shu-Hai] Guo, S.H.[Shao-Hua]
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Guo, S.J.[Song Jing] Co Author Listing * IHS-GTF: A Fusion Method for Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Urban Tree Classification Based on Object-Oriented Approach and Random Forest Algorithm Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Multispectral Imagery
Includes: Guo, S.J.[Song Jing] Guo, S.J.[Song-Jing] Guo, S.J.[Shi-Jie]

Guo, S.K.[Shi Kai] Co Author Listing * domain-of-influence based pricing strategy for task assignment in crowdsourcing package delivery, A
Includes: Guo, S.K.[Shi Kai] Guo, S.K.[Shi-Kai]

Guo, S.L.[Sheng Lian] Co Author Listing * Discharge Estimation Using Integrated Satellite Data and Hybrid Model in the Midstream Yangtze River
* Evaluating the Temporal Dynamics of Uncertainty Contribution from Satellite Precipitation Input in Rainfall-Runoff Modeling Using the Variance Decomposition Method
* Mesospheric Bore Observations Using Suomi-NPP VIIRS DNB during 2013-2017
* On the Contribution of Satellite Altimetry-Derived Water Surface Elevation to Hydrodynamic Model Calibration in the Han River
* Using the Global Hydrodynamic Model and GRACE Follow-On Data to Access the 2020 Catastrophic Flood in Yangtze River Basin
Includes: Guo, S.L.[Sheng Lian] Guo, S.L.[Sheng-Lian] Guo, S.L.[Sheng-Li]

Guo, S.M. Co Author Listing * boundary method for outlier detection based on support vector domain description, A
* efficient algorithm for incremental and interactive high utility itemset mining, An
* Evolutionary Fuzzy Block-Matching-Based Camera Raw Image Denoising
* Fast large-scale image enlargement method with a novel evaluation approach: benchmark function-based peak signal-to-noise ratio
* Genetic-based fuzzy image filter and its application to image processing
* Survey and comparative analysis of entropy and relative entropy thresholding techniques
Includes: Guo, S.M. Guo, S.M.[Shi-Ming] Guo, S.M.[Shu-Mei]

Guo, S.N.[Sheng Nan] Co Author Listing * CPRQ: Cost Prediction for Range Queries in Moving Object Databases
* Linguistic Steganalysis Merging Semantic and Statistical Features
Includes: Guo, S.N.[Sheng Nan] Guo, S.N.[Sheng-Nan]

Guo, S.P.[Shao Peng] Co Author Listing * Differentiable Dynamic Wirings for Neural Networks
* Evaluation of InSAR Tropospheric Delay Correction Methods in a Low-Latitude Alpine Canyon Region
* Ground Deformation in Yuxi Basin Based on Atmosphere-Corrected Time-Series InSAR Integrated with the Latest Meteorological Reanalysis Data
* Identification and Analysis of Landslides in the Ahai Reservoir Area of the Jinsha River Basin Using a Combination of DS-InSAR, Optical Images, and Field Surveys
* Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Multiple Chaos and Wavelet Transform, An
* Incorporating Convolution Designs into Visual Transformers
Includes: Guo, S.P.[Shao Peng] Guo, S.P.[Shao-Peng] Guo, S.P.[Shi-Peng] Guo, S.P.[Shi-Ping]

Guo, S.Q.[Shang Qi] Co Author Listing * Adjacency Constraint for Efficient Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
* CSNet: Cascade stereo matching network using multi-information cost volume
* Fine-Grained Hashing With Double Filtering
* M3LH: Multi-modal Multi-label Hashing for Large Scale Data Search
* SOMH: A Self-Organizing Map Based Topology Preserving Hashing Method
* State-Temporal Compression in Reinforcement Learning With the Reward-Restricted Geodesic Metric
* Supervised Class Graph Preserving Hashing for Image Retrieval and Classification
Includes: Guo, S.Q.[Shang Qi] Guo, S.Q.[Shang-Qi] Guo, S.Q.[Si-Qi] Guo, S.Q.[Shan-Qing]
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Guo, S.S.[Sha Sha] Co Author Listing * Fine-grained Video Deblurring with Event Camera
Includes: Guo, S.S.[Sha Sha] Guo, S.S.[Sha-Sha]

Guo, S.T.[Sheng Tao] Co Author Listing * Challenging Benchmark of Anime Style Recognition, A
* Robust patchmatch HDR image reconstruction for deghosting
* Taxi-Passenger's Destination Prediction via GPS Embedding and Attention-Based BiLSTM Model
Includes: Guo, S.T.[Sheng Tao] Guo, S.T.[Sheng-Tao] Guo, S.T.[Song-Tao]

Guo, S.W.[Shang Wei] Co Author Listing * Byzantine-Resilient Decentralized Stochastic Gradient Descent
* Onboard Real-Time Dense Reconstruction in Large Terrain Scene Using Embedded UAV Platform
* Ownership Verification of DNN Architectures via Hardware Cache Side Channels
* Privacy-preserving Collaborative Learning with Automatic Transformation Search
* SensIR: Towards privacy-sensitive image retrieval in the cloud
* Topology-Aware Differential Privacy for Decentralized Image Classification
Includes: Guo, S.W.[Shang Wei] Guo, S.W.[Shang-Wei]

Guo, S.X.[Shao Xiang] Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Pose Estimation From Monocular RGB With Feature Interaction Module
* Adaptive Distance-Weighted Voronoi Tessellation for Remote Sensing Image Segmentation
* attention model based on spatial transformers for scene recognition, An
* Data-Gap Filling to Understand the Dynamic Feedback Pattern of Soil
* Deep Learning Network Intensification for Preventing Noisy-Labeled Samples for Remote Sensing Classification
* Encoder-Decoder Network with Residual and Attention Blocks for Full-Face 3D Gaze Estimation, An
* Fast coding algorithm for HEVC based on video contents
* Frame-Based Feature Model for Violence Detection from Surveillance Cameras Using ConvLSTM Network, A
* Graph-Based CNNs With Self-Supervised Module for 3D Hand Pose Estimation From Monocular RGB
* High Quality Object Detection for Multiresolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Cascaded Multi-Stage Detectors
* Identification of Short-Rotation Eucalyptus Plantation at Large Scale Using Multi-Satellite Imageries and Cloud Computing Platform
* Improved SRGAN for Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution Across Locations and Sensors
* Integration of Time Series Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Imagery for Crop Type Mapping over Oasis Agricultural Areas
* Short-term Precipitation Occurrence Prediction for Strong Convective Weather Using FY2-G Satellite Data: A Case Study of Shenzhen,south China
* Vein Pattern Extraction Based on the Position-Gray-Profile Curve
Includes: Guo, S.X.[Shao Xiang] Guo, S.X.[Shao-Xiang] Guo, S.X.[Shan-Xin] Guo, S.X.[Shu-Xuan] Guo, S.X.[Shu-Xu]
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Guo, S.Y.[Si Ying] Co Author Listing * Dual-Channel Capsule Generation Adversarial Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Dynamic Sign Language Recognition Based on Improved R(2+1)D Algorithm
* Multiple kernel learning from sets of partially matching image features
* NAS-Guided Lightweight Multiscale Attention Fusion Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* novel MEDLINE topic indexing method using image presentation, A
Includes: Guo, S.Y.[Si Ying] Guo, S.Y.[Si-Ying] Guo, S.Y.[Song-Yi] Guo, S.Y.[Sheng-Yang] Guo, S.Y.[Shu-Yu]

Guo, S.Z.[Shao Zhi] Co Author Listing * fusion representation for face learning by low-rank constrain and high-frequency texture components, A
* Image Retrieval Based on Structured Local Binary Kirsch Pattern
* Review of Human Violence Recognition Algorithms
* Spectral clustering based on high-frequency texture components for face datasets
Includes: Guo, S.Z.[Shao Zhi] Guo, S.Z.[Shao-Zhi] Guo, S.Z.[Shi-Ze] Guo, S.Z.[Shao-Zhe]

Guo, T. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment Of Underwater Photogrammetric Three Dimensional Modelling For Coral Reefs
* Adaptive Transform Domain Image Super-Resolution via Orthogonally Regularized Deep Networks
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Video Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Clustering social audiences in business information networks
* Collusive Attacks to Partition Authentication Visual Cryptography Scheme
* Cross-modal propagation network for generalized zero-shot learning
* Deep Networks with Shape Priors for Nucleus Detection
* Depth-Assisted Joint Detection Network for Monocular 3d Object Detection
* Domain-Adaptive Pedestrian Detection in Thermal Images
* Downscaling of SMAP Soil Moisture Product By Data Fusion With VIIRS LST/EVI Product
* Ensemble Dehazing Networks for Non-homogeneous Haze
* Flexible Visual Cryptography Scheme without Distortion
* Generalized and Robust Method Towards Practical Gaze Estimation on Smart Phone, A
* Generating Red-Edge Images at 3 M Spatial Resolution by Fusing Sentinel-2 and Planet Satellite Products
* Graph Filter-Based Fast Motion Matching for Inter Frame Coding of MPEG G-PCC
* Improving the visual quality of size invariant visual cryptography scheme
* Information Security Display Technology with Multi-view Effect
* Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Based on Weighted Gradient Boosting Decision Tree in Wanzhou Section of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area (China)
* Low-Rank Approximation-Based Transductive Support Tensor Machine for Semisupervised Classification, A
* Mapping Crop Status From An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle For Precision Agriculture Applications
* Meta-Pixel-Driven Embeddable Discriminative Target and Background Dictionary Pair Learning for Hyperspectral Target Detection
* MuCAN: Multi-correspondence Aggregation Network for Video Super-resolution
* Neighboring Discriminant Component Analysis for Asteroid Spectrum Classification
* NOMA-Enabled Framework for Relay Deployment and Network Optimization in Double-Layer Airborne Access VANETs, A
* NonLocal Channel Attention for NonHomogeneous Image Dehazing
* NTIRE 2021 Depth Guided Image Relighting Challenge
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* On Positive-Unlabeled Classification in GAN
* On the Impact of Varying Region Proposal Strategies for Raindrop Detection and Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Optical and SAR Based Fusion Approach for Mapping Surface Water Dynamics over Mainland China, An
* Physically Inspired Dense Fusion Networks for Relighting
* Pointar: Efficient Lighting Estimation for Mobile Augmented Reality
* Pre-Trained Image Processing Transformer
* Prior Information Guided Regularized Deep Learning for Cell Nucleus Detection
* Privacy Monitor
* Reduced Prediction Saturation and View Effects for Estimating the Leaf Area Index of Winter Wheat
* Remote Prediction of Oilseed Rape Yield via Gaofen-1 Images and a Crop Model
* Smartphone-Based Person Travel Survey System: Data Collection, Trip Extraction, and Travel Mode Detection, The
* Study of the Mainlobe Misorientation of the First-Order Steerable Differential Array in the Presence of Microphone Gain and Phase Errors
* Teeth category classification via seven-layer deep convolutional neural network with max pooling and global average pooling
* Temporal Integration Based Visual Cryptography Scheme and Its Application
Includes: Guo, T. Guo, T.[Taian] Guo, T.[Ting] Guo, T.[Teng] Guo, T.[Tingyi] Guo, T.[Tai] Guo, T.[Tian] Guo, T.[Tao] Guo, T.[Tan] Guo, T.[Tiantong] Guo, T.[Tianyu] Guo, T.[Tangyi]
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Guo, T.C.[Tian Cai] Co Author Listing * Examining view angle effects on leaf N estimation in wheat using field reflectance spectroscopy
* Monitoring of Wheat Powdery Mildew Disease Severity Using Multiangle Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* VirFace: Enhancing Face Recognition via Unlabeled Shallow Data
Includes: Guo, T.C.[Tian Cai] Guo, T.C.[Tian-Cai] Guo, T.C. Guo, T.C.[Tian-Chu]

Guo, T.D.[Tian De] Co Author Listing * DFS: A Diverse Feature Synthesis Model for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Fast minutiae extractor using neural network
* Fingerprint Compression Based on Sparse Representation
* novel fingerprint classification method based on deep learning, A
* Registration and matching method for directed point set with orientation attributes and local information
* Single Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction Based on Edge-Preserving with External and Internal Gradient Prior Knowledge
* Singular Points Detection Based on Zero-Pole Model in Fingerprint Images
* Voltage Flicker Analysis Based on Second Order Blind Identification
Includes: Guo, T.D.[Tian De] Guo, T.D.[Tian-De] Guo, T.D.[Tian-Dong]
8 for Guo, T.D.

Guo, T.H.[Tian Hao] Co Author Listing * Block-Scale FFT Filter Based on Spatial Autocorrelation Features of Speckle Noise in SAR Image, A
* Dynamic Cosine Method for Normalizing Incidence Angle Effect on C-band Radar Backscattering Coefficient for Maize Canopies Based on NDVI
Includes: Guo, T.H.[Tian Hao] Guo, T.H.[Tian-Hao]

Guo, T.S.[Tian Sheng] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Gained Deep Image Compression With Continuous Rate Adaptation
* Propagating Updates of Residential Areas in Multi-Representation Databases Using Constrained Delaunay Triangulations
* Time-Domain Simulation System of MICAP L-Band Radiometer for Pre-Launch RFI Processing Study, A
* Variable Rate Image Compression with Content Adaptive Optimization
Includes: Guo, T.S.[Tian Sheng] Guo, T.S.[Tian-Sheng] Guo, T.S.[Tai-Sheng] Guo, T.S.[Tian-Shu]

Guo, T.T.[Tian Tong] Co Author Listing * Deep MR Brain Image Super-Resolution Using Spatio-Structural Priors
* Deep MR Image Super-Resolution Using Structural Priors
* Deep Wavelet Prediction for Image Super-Resolution
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
* Performance Evaluation of IPTV Over Wireless Home Networks
Includes: Guo, T.T.[Tian Tong] Guo, T.T.[Tian-Tong] Guo, T.T.[Tian-Tian]

Guo, T.X.[Tian Xiao] Co Author Listing * What and how well you exercised? An efficient analysis framework for fitness actions
Includes: Guo, T.X.[Tian Xiao] Guo, T.X.[Tian-Xiao]

Guo, T.Y.[Tian Yu] Co Author Listing * EDD-Net: An Efficient Defect Detection Network
* Learning Student Networks in the Wild
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* Optimizing Latent Distributions for Non-Adversarial Generative Networks
* Relative view based holistic-separate representations for two-person interaction recognition using multiple graph convolutional networks
Includes: Guo, T.Y.[Tian Yu] Guo, T.Y.[Tian-Yu]

Guo, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Enhancement Technique Based on Image Characteristic, An
* Analyzing Space-Time Dynamics of Theft Rates Using Exchange Mobility
* Analyzing Urban Human Mobility Patterns through a Thematic Model at a Finer Scale
* Anisotropic Diffusion for Improved Crime Prediction in Urban China
* Attention aware cost volume pyramid based multi-view stereo network for 3D reconstruction
* AugFCOS: Augmented fully convolutional one-stage object detection network
* Automatic Estimation of Crop Disease Severity Levels Based on Vegetation Index Normalization
* Back to MLP: A Simple Baseline for Human Motion Prediction
* Biases Characteristics Assessment of the Advanced Geosynchronous Radiation Imager (AGRI) Measurement on Board Fengyun-4A Geostationary Satellite
* Boundary-Aware RGBD Salient Object Detection With Cross-Modal Feature Sampling
* Box Spline Wavelet Frames for Image Edge Analysis
* Brightness Temperature Calculation of Lunar Crater: Interpretation of Topographic Effect on Microwave Data From Chang'E
* Cascaded networks for the embryo classification on microscopic images using the residual external-attention
* Characterizing Land Cover Impacts on the Responses of Land Surface Phenology to the Rainy Season in the Congo Basin
* Civil Aircraft Cockpit Control Device Design Using Mixed Reality Device, A
* Classification of EEG Signals on VEP-Based BCI Systems With Broad Learning
* Comparison of Tropical Rainforest Phenology Retrieved From Geostationary (SEVIRI) and Polar-Orbiting (MODIS) Sensors Across the Congo Basin, A
* Contour Line Group Simplification Method Based on Classified Terrain Features, A
* Deep-Learning-Based Multispectral Image Reconstruction from Single Natural Color RGB Image: Enhancing UAV-Based Phenotyping
* Detection and Attribution of Alpine Inland Lake Changes by Using Random Forest Algorithm
* Development of Cadastral Domain Model Oriented At Unified Real Estate Registration of China Based On Ontology, The
* Disparity estimation in stereo video sequence with adaptive spatiotemporally consistent constraints
* Domain Adaptation for Plant Organ Detection with Style Transfer
* Drone-Based Remote Sensing for Research on Wind Erosion in Drylands: Possible Applications
* Dust and Smoke Detection for Multi-Channel Imagers
* Dynamic Convolution With Global-Local Information for Session-Invariant Speaker Representation Learning
* EasyIDP: A Python Package for Intermediate Data Processing in UAV-Based Plant Phenotyping
* Efficient Method for Estimating Wheat Heading Dates Using UAV Images, An
* Efficient Unsupervised Dimension Reduction for Streaming Multiview Data
* Estimation, smoothing, and characterization of apparent diffusion coefficient profiles from high angular resolution DWI
* Evaluation of Seed Emergence Uniformity of Mechanically Sown Wheat with UAV RGB Imagery
* Exploring the Spatiotemporal Characteristics of COVID-19 Infections among Healthcare Workers: A Multi-Scale Perspective
* Extended Feature Pyramid Network with Adaptive Scale Training Strategy and Anchors for Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Feature Aggregation in Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Transfer Using Multilingual BERT
* Geometric imbalanced deep learning with feature scaling and boundary sample mining
* Geospatial Object Detection in High Resolution Satellite Images Based on Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Network
* Geospatial Web Services Composition Framework Supporting Real-time Status Monitoring, A
* HDR-GAN: HDR Image Reconstruction From Multi-Exposed LDR Images With Large Motions
* Heterogeneity of Increases in Net Primary Production under Intensified Human Activity and Climate Variability on the Loess Plateau of China
* Heterogeneous Attention Nested U-Shaped Network for Blur Detection
* Hierarchical and Multi-Level Cost Aggregation for Stereo Matching
* Hilbert-Huang Transform-based Local Regions Descriptors
* HY-2A Radar Altimeter Ultrastable Oscillator Drift Estimation Using Reconstructive Transponder With Its Validation By Multimission Cross Calibration
* Image Quality Assessment for Color Correction Based on Color Contrast Similarity and Color Value Difference
* Improving Fractional Impervious Surface Mapping Performance through Combination of DMSP-OLS and MODIS NDVI Data
* Improving the Security of LTE-R for High-Speed Railway: From the Access Authentication View
* Initial Results of Microwave Radiometric Imaging With Mirrored Aperture Synthesis
* Kalman Prediction-Based Neighbor Discovery and Its Effect on Routing Protocol in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Kernel Learning for Dynamic Texture Synthesis
* Kinect-Based Real-Time RGB-D Image Fusion Method
* Kml-based Approach for Distributed Collaborative Interpretation Of Remote Sensing Images In The Geo-browser, A
* Learning From Visual Demonstrations via Replayed Task-Contrastive Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning
* Learning General-Purpose Representations for Cross-Domain Hyperspectral Images Classification with Small Samples
* Leveraging Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Point Symbol Recognition in Scanned Topographic Maps
* Local Colocation Patterns of Crime and Land-Use Features in Wuhan, China, The
* Map-Aided Indoor Positioning Algorithm with Complex Deployed BLE Beacons
* Mapping Impervious Surface Distribution with Integration of SNNP VIIRS-DNB and MODIS NDVI Data
* Master Key backdoor for universal impersonation attack against DNN-based face verification, A
* Max-Confidence Boosting With Uncertainty for Visual Tracking
* MPANET: Multi-Scale Pyramid Aggregation Network for Stereo Matching
* Multi-Dimensional Traffic Congestion Detection Based on Fusion of Visual Features and Convolutional Neural Network
* Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning Combining Hierarchical Context and its Application to Image Annotation
* Multi-Person Extreme Motion Prediction
* Multi-Scale Cascading Network with Compact Feature Learning for RGB-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* Multi-Scale Fully Convolutional Network for Fast Face Detection
* Multilayer Obstacle-Avoiding X-Architecture Steiner Minimal Tree Construction Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
* Multimodal Event-Aware Network for Sentiment Analysis in Tourism
* New Detail-Preserving Regularization Scheme, A
* New Noise Removing Algorithm, A
* Pan-information Location Map
* PI-Net: Pose Interacting Network for Multi-Person Monocular 3D Pose Estimation
* Pixel size of aerial imagery constrains the applications of unmanned aerial vehicle in crop breeding
* Processing Laser Point Cloud in Fully Mechanized Mining Face Based on DGCNN
* Progressive downsampling and adaptive guidance networks for dynamic scene deblurring
* Re-Attention for Visual Question Answering
* Real-Time Deep Hair Matting on Mobile Devices
* Reconstruction of Synthetic Aperture Radar Raw Data under Analog-To-Digital Converter Saturation Distortion for Large Dynamic Range Scenes
* Region-Aware Image Denoising by Exploring Parameter Preference
* Research on Extension of SPARQL Ontology Query Language Considering the Computation of Indoor Spatial Relations
* Route Backtracking Method Based On Video And Road Network, A
* Ship Size Extraction for Sentinel-1 Images Based on Dual-Polarization Fusion and Nonlinear Regression: Push Error Under One Pixel
* Shrink-Branch-Bound Algorithm for eLoran Pseudorange Positioning Initialization, A
* Signal coordination scheme based on traffic emission
* Single-Image Super-Resolution via an Iterative Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Method
* Slimmer Network with Polymorphic and Group Attention Modules for More Efficient Object Detection in Aerial Images, A
* Superpixel segmentation algorithm based on local network modularity increment
* Swin Transformer-Based Encoding Booster Integrated in U-Shaped Network for Building Extraction, A
* Td-VOS: Tracking-Driven Single-Object Video Object Segmentation
* Template Enhancement and Mask Generation for Siamese Tracking
* Three-Step Imaging Algorithm for the Constellation of Geostationary and Low Earth Orbit SAR (ConGaLSAR), A
* Toward an Enhanced Human-Machine Interface for Upper-Limb Prosthesis Control With Combined EMG and NIRS Signals
* Understanding drivers' perspective on parking guidance information
* Urban Link Travel Time Prediction Based on a Gradient Boosting Method Considering Spatiotemporal Correlations
* Variational Pansharpening Approach Based on Reproducible Kernel Hilbert Space and Heaviside Function, A
* Visual attention based small object segmentation in natual images
* Web Objectionable Video Recognition Based on Deep Multi-Instance Learning With Representative Prototypes Selection
Includes: Guo, W.[Wei] Guo, W.[Wenyue] Guo, W.[Wen] Guo, W. Guo, W.[Wu] Guo, W.[Weili] Guo, W.[Wenshan] Guo, W.[Wenliang] Guo, W.[Weikun] Guo, W.[Wenya] Guo, W.[Wenyan]
96 for Guo, W.

Guo, W.B.[Wen Bin] Co Author Listing * Different Patterns of Medication Administration Between Inside and Outside the Patient Room Using Electronic Medical Record Log Data
Includes: Guo, W.B.[Wen Bin] Guo, W.B.[Wen-Bin]

Guo, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * CA-SSL: Class-Agnostic Semi-Supervised Learning for Detection and Segmentation
* Remote Sensing Data Based Artificial Neural Network Approach for Predicting Climate-Sensitive Infectious Disease Outbreaks: A Case Study of Human Brucellosis, A
* Tencent-MVSE: A Large-Scale Benchmark Dataset for Multi-Modal Video Similarity Evaluation
* Web Multimedia Object Classification Using Cross-Domain Correlation Knowledge
Includes: Guo, W.D.[Wei Dong] Guo, W.D.[Wei-Dong]

Guo, W.F.[Wen Fei] Co Author Listing * Design and Validation of a Cascading Vector Tracking Loop in High Dynamic Environments
Includes: Guo, W.F.[Wen Fei] Guo, W.F.[Wen-Fei]

Guo, W.H.[Wen Hui] Co Author Listing * CNN-Combined Graph Residual Network with Multilevel Feature Fusion for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Deep Learning to Near-Surface Humidity Retrieval from Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Data over the China Seas
* Edge Guided Reconstruction for Compressive Imaging
* Effect of intelligent speed adaptation technology on older drivers: driving performance
* Feature-Grouped Network With Spectral-Spatial Connected Attention for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Image Segmentation with Adaptive Spatial Priors from Joint Registration
* Investigation of older driver's takeover performance in highly automated vehicles in adverse weather conditions
* Nonnegative and Nonlocal Sparse Tensor Factorization-Based Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
* PCM-TV-TFV: A Novel Two-Stage Framework for Image Reconstruction from Fourier Data
* Research on classification and influencing factors of metro commuting patterns by combining smart card data and household travel survey data
* Short-term forecasting of available parking space using wavelet neural network model
* Using Non-Parametric Kernel to Segment and Smooth Images Simultaneously
Includes: Guo, W.H.[Wen Hui] Guo, W.H.[Wen-Hui] Guo, W.H.[Wei-Hao] Guo, W.H.[Wei-Hong]
12 for Guo, W.H.

Guo, W.J.[Wen Jie] Co Author Listing * Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Method Based on Improved Convolutional Neural Network Using Fine-Tuning
* Prior Knowledge Guided Small Object Detection on High-Resolution Images
* Regularized MSBL algorithm with spatial correlation for sparse hyperspectral unmixing
* Research on the Measurement Accuracy of Shipborne Rayleigh Scattering Lidar
* Retrieval and Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon Using Sentinel-2A Spectral Images from Bare Cropland in Autumn
* Seamless Mosaicking of UAV-Based Push-Broom Hyperspectral Images for Environment Monitoring
* UnityShip: A Large-Scale Synthetic Dataset for Ship Recognition in Aerial Images
* Wide-Area and Real-Time Object Search System of UAV
Includes: Guo, W.J.[Wen Jie] Guo, W.J.[Wen-Jie] Guo, W.J.[Wei-Jun] Guo, W.J.[Wen-Jun] Guo, W.J.[Wen-Jing] Guo, W.J.[Wen-Ji] Guo, W.J.[Wei-Jie]
8 for Guo, W.J.

Guo, W.K.[Wei Kuo] Co Author Listing * X-GACMN: An X-Shaped Generative Adversarial Cross-Modal Network with Hypersphere Embedding
Includes: Guo, W.K.[Wei Kuo] Guo, W.K.[Wei-Kuo]

Guo, W.L.[Wu Long] Co Author Listing * 3D object recognition from cluttered and occluded scenes with a compact local feature
* Deep-Learned Regularization and Proximal Operator for Image Compressive Sensing
* Few-Shot Aircraft Detection in Satellite Videos Based on Feature Scale Selection Pyramid and Proposal Contrastive Learning
* First Challenge on Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Satellite Videos: Methods and Results, The
* Improved Faraday Rotation Estimation in Spaceborne PolSAR Data Using Total Variation Denoising
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Siamese Graph Attention Networks for robust visual object tracking
Includes: Guo, W.L.[Wu Long] Guo, W.L.[Wu-Long] Guo, W.L.[Wen-Long] Guo, W.L.[Wei-Long]
7 for Guo, W.L.

Guo, W.M.[Wei Min] Co Author Listing * New Urban Space Analysis Method Based on Space Syntax and Geographic Information System Using Multisource Data, A
Includes: Guo, W.M.[Wei Min] Guo, W.M.[Wei-Min]

Guo, W.P.[Wen Ping] Co Author Listing * Security design for Instant Messaging system based on RSA and triple DES
Includes: Guo, W.P.[Wen Ping] Guo, W.P.[Wen-Ping]

Guo, W.Q.[Wen Qi] Co Author Listing * Deep Temporal Iterative Clustering for Satellite Image Time Series Land Cover Analysis
* Determining the Events in a Glacial Disaster Chain at Badswat Glacier in the Karakoram Range Using Remote Sensing
* Glacier Variations at Xinqingfeng and Malan Ice Caps in the Inner Tibetan Plateau Since 1970
* Influence of Topographic Shading on the Mass Balance of the High Mountain Asia Glaciers
* SI-STSAR-7: A Large SAR Images Dataset with Spatial and Temporal Information for Classification of Winter Sea Ice in Hudson Bay
Includes: Guo, W.Q.[Wen Qi] Guo, W.Q.[Wen-Qi] Guo, W.Q.[Wan-Qin] Guo, W.Q.[Wei-Qi]

Guo, W.S.[Wei Shin] Co Author Listing * error bound of relative image blur analysis, An
Includes: Guo, W.S.[Wei Shin] Guo, W.S.[Wei-Shin]

Guo, W.W.[Wei Wei] Co Author Listing * Discriminative 3D human pose estimation from monocular images via topological preserving hierarchical affinity clustering
* Higher Rank Support Tensor Machines
* Higher rank Support Tensor Machines for visual recognition
* Improving Query Efficiency of Black-box Adversarial Attack
* Learning Output-kernel-dependent Regression for Human Pose Estimation
* PHNet: Parasite-Host Network for Video Crowd Counting
* Preliminary exploration of introducing spatial correlation information into the probabilistic patch-based similarity measure
* Semi-supervised visual recognition with constrained graph regularized non negative matrix factorization
* Targeted Attack for Deep Hashing Based Retrieval
* Tensor Learning for Regression
* Traffic demand estimation for lane groups at signal-controlled intersections using travel times from video-imaging detectors
Includes: Guo, W.W.[Wei Wei] Guo, W.W.[Wei-Wei]
11 for Guo, W.W.

Guo, W.X.[Wen Xuan] Co Author Listing * Continuous Monitoring of Cotton Stem Water Potential using Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Cotton Stand Counting from Unmanned Aerial System Imagery Using MobileNet and CenterNet Deep Learning Models
* Retrieving Surface Soil Water Content Using a Soil Texture Adjusted Vegetation Index and Unmanned Aerial System Images
* S2-PCM: Super-Resolution Structural Point Cloud Matching for High-Accuracy Video-SAR Image Registration
* Three-Dimensional Index for Characterizing Crop Water Stress, A
Includes: Guo, W.X.[Wen Xuan] Guo, W.X.[Wen-Xuan]

Guo, W.Y.[Wei Yu] Co Author Listing * Context-Enhanced Stereo Transformer
* Deep Multiview Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* LD-MAN: Layout-Driven Multimodal Attention Network for Online News Sentiment Recognition
* Predicting User Activity Intensity Using Geographic Interactions Based on Social Media Check-In Data
* Research On Visual Analysis Methods Of Terrorism Events
* RotateConv: Making Asymmetric Convolutional Kernels Rotatable
Includes: Guo, W.Y.[Wei Yu] Guo, W.Y.[Wei-Yu] Guo, W.Y.[Wen-Yue] Guo, W.Y.[Wen-Ya]

Guo, W.Z.[Wei Zhi] Co Author Listing * D2-TPred: Discontinuous Dependency for Trajectory Prediction Under Traffic Lights
* Data equilibrium based automatic image annotation by fusing deep model and semantic propagation
* Dense small face detection based on regional cascade multi-scale method
* Efficient Deep Embedded Subspace Clustering
* Evaluation of visual saliency analysis algorithms in noisy images
* Granularity-aware distillation and structure modeling region proposal network for fine-grained image classification
* Improving Vehicle Positioning Performance in Urban Environment with Tight Integration of Multi-GNSS PPP-RTK/INS
* Joint Sample Enhancement and Instance-Sensitive Feature Learning for Efficient Person Search
* LocalFace: Learning significant local features for deep face recognition
* Multi-scale saliency detection via inter-regional shortest colour path
* No-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment using a multi-task CNN and registered distortion representation
* Sparse Multigraph Embedding for Multimodal Feature Representation
* Three-Dimensional Object Co-Localization from Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds
* Unsupervised deep clustering via contractive feature representation and focal loss
* Weakly supervised fine-grained image classification via two-level attention activation model
Includes: Guo, W.Z.[Wei Zhi] Guo, W.Z.[Wei-Zhi] Guo, W.Z.[Wen-Zhong] Guo, W.Z.[Wen-Zhuo]
15 for Guo, W.Z.

Guo, X.[Xiefan] Co Author Listing * ABPN: Adaptive Blend Pyramid Network for Real-Time Local Retouching of Ultra High-Resolution Photo
* Accelerating CNN Training by Pruning Activation Gradients
* Advanced weight graph transformation matching algorithm
* Analysis of Land Use Change and Driving Mechanisms in Vietnam during the Period 2000-2020
* Anchor-supported multi-modality hashing embedding for person re-identification
* Application of Digital Line Graphs and Map in the Network Environment, The
* Arbitrary-sized motion detection in screen video coding
* Automatic Shape-based Target Extraction For Close-range Photogrammetry
* Boundary Layer Heights as Derived From Ground-Based Radar Wind Profiler in Beijing
* Cascaded convolutional neural networks for object detection
* CNN-Based Distributed Adaptive Control for Vehicle-Following Platoon With Input Saturation
* Context-Aware Matrix Factorization for the Identification of Urban Functional Regions with POI and Taxi OD Data
* Cross-task and cross-domain SAR target recognition: A meta-transfer learning approach
* DanceIt: Music-Inspired Dancing Video Synthesis
* Deep Learning Inversion of Electrical Resistivity Data
* Deep Local Feature Descriptor Learning With Dual Hard Batch Construction
* Delay-Rate-Distortion Optimization for Cloud Gaming With Hybrid Streaming
* Design of an autofocus capsule endoscope system and the corresponding 3D reconstruction algorithm
* Differentiation of Six Grassland/Forage Types in Three Canadian Ecoregions Based on Spectral Characteristics
* Discriminative Patch Descriptor Learning With Focal Triplet Loss Function
* Distributed Adaptive Integrated-Sliding-Mode Controller Synthesis for String Stability of Vehicle Platoons
* Double-Task Deep Q-Learning with Multiple Views
* Dynamic data-driven computation method for the number of waiting passengers and waiting time in the urban rail transit network
* Dynamic Refinement Network for Oriented and Densely Packed Object Detection
* Edge-Labeling Based Directed Gated Graph Network for Few-Shot Learning
* Effective Color Image Segmentation Method for Handling Images under Uneven Illumination, An
* Efficient GPU-Based Inter Prediction for Video Decoder
* Empirical Evaluation on HIT-OR3C Database, An
* End-to-End Compression Framework Based on Convolutional Neural Networks, An
* Estimating Brain Age with Global and Local Dependencies
* Estimating Fine-Scale Heat Vulnerability in Beijing Through Two Approaches: Spatial Patterns, Similarities, and Divergence
* Evaluating the Impact of Grazing Cessation and Reintroduction in Mixed Prairie Using Raster Time Series Analysis of Landsat Data
* Evaluating the Potential of Different Evapotranspiration Datasets for Distributed Hydrological Model Calibration
* Evaluation of Street Dynamic Vitality and Its Influential Factors Based on Multi-Source Big Data, An
* Exploration of Loggerhead Shrike Habitats in Grassland National Park of Canada Based on in Situ Measurements and Satellite-Derived Adjusted Transformed Soil-Adjusted Vegetation Index (ATSAVI)
* Extracting the Urban Landscape Features of the Historic District from Street View Images Based on Deep Learning: A Case Study in the Beijing Core Area
* FACIAL: Synthesizing Dynamic Talking Face with Implicit Attribute Learning
* Find dominant bins of a histogram by sparse representation
* Fine-Grained Age Estimation in the Wild With Attention LSTM Networks
* Fine-Grained Age Group Classification in the wild
* Full-Aperture Azimuth Spatial-Variant Autofocus Based on Contrast Maximization for Highly Squinted Synthetic Aperture Radar
* FuseGAN: Learning to Fuse Multi-Focus Image via Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
* GAN with Multivariate Disentangling for Controllable Hair Editing
* GPU-based optimization for sample adaptive offset in HEVC
* GPU-Based Supervoxel Generation With a Novel Anisotropic Metric
* Graph Neural Networks for Image Understanding Based on Multiple Cues: Group Emotion Recognition and Event Recognition as Use Cases
* Grassland Phenology Response to Drought in the Canadian Prairies
* High Capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Patch-Level Sparse Representation
* Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphones With WiFi Signals
* Hyperspectral Image Noise Reduction Based on Rank-1 Tensor Decomposition
* Identifying facial expression using adaptive sub-layer compensation based feature extraction
* Impact of Non-Photosynthetic Vegetation on LAI Estimation by NDVI in Mixed Grassland, The
* Impact of NPV on the Spectral Parameters in the Yellow-Edge, Red-Edge and NIR Shoulder Wavelength Regions in Grasslands, The
* Incremental generalized multiple maximum scatter difference with applications to feature extraction
* Inter-View Direct Mode for Multiview Video Coding
* Interference Cancellation for High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar
* Internal generative mechanism inspired reduced reference image quality assessment with entropy of primitive
* Investigation of Urbanization Effects on Land Surface Phenology in Northeast China during 2001-2015
* Is the Gridded Data Accurate? Evaluation of Precipitation and Historical Wet and Dry Periods from ERA5 Data for Canadian Prairies
* Joint intermodal and intramodal correlation preservation for semi-paired learning
* Joint Optimization of Constellation With Mapping Matrix for SCMA Codebook Design
* Land-Use/Land-Cover change detection based on a Siamese global learning framework for high spatial resolution remote sensing imagery
* Landslide Detection from Open Satellite Imagery Using Distant Domain Transfer Learning
* Learn to Threshold: ThresholdNet With Confidence-Guided Manifold Mixup for Polyp Segmentation
* Learning non-negative locality-constrained Linear Coding for human action recognition
* Learning urban region representations with POIs and hierarchical graph infomax
* Learning Video Representations of Human Motion from Synthetic Data
* LIME: Low-Light Image Enhancement via Illumination Map Estimation
* Linked Data and SDI: The case on Web geoprocessing workflows
* LMR: Learning a Two-Class Classifier for Mismatch Removal
* Local Feature Descriptors with Deep Hypersphere Learning
* Long-term Monitoring of Environmental Changes Along China-Europe Railway Express (CER Express) Using Multi-source Remotely Sensed Data
* Low-Rank Matrix Recovery Via Robust Outlier Estimation
* machine learning-based method for automatic diagnosis of ankle fracture using X-ray images, A
* Mapping Morphodynamic Variabilities of a Meso-Tidal Flat in Shanghai Based on Satellite-Derived Data
* Metaverse-Based Teaching Building Evacuation Training System With Deep Reinforcement Learning, A
* Metric learning via perturbing hard-to-classify instances
* Multi-Branch Context-Aware Network for Person Re-Identification
* Multi-domain Learning for Updating Face Anti-spoofing Models
* Multimodal fusion for indoor sound source localization
* Multiscale Decomposition Prediction of Propagation Loss in Oceanic Tropospheric Ducts
* Multiscale Feature Fusion for the Multistage Denoising of Airborne Single Photon LiDAR
* Multistation coordinated and dynamic passenger inflow control for a metro line
* new approach to create 3D fixation density maps for stereoscopic images, A
* New Approach to Earth's Gravity Field Modeling Using GPS-Derived Kinematic Orbits and Baselines, A
* New Approach to Track Multiple Vehicles With the Combination of Robust Detection and Two Classifiers, A
* New Technique for the Estimation of Cardiac Motion in Echocardiography Based on Transverse Oscillations: A Preliminary Evaluation In Silico and a Feasibility Demonstration In Vivo, A
* new video denoising method using texture metric and adaptive structure variance, A
* novel mode decision for depth map coding in 3D-AVS, A
* Novel Semi-Supervised Dimensionality Reduction Framework, A
* Novel View Synthesis from only a 6-DoF Camera Pose by Two-stage Networks
* Occluded Joints Recovery in 3D Human Pose Estimation based on Distance Matrix
* Parallel BRDF-based infrared radiation simulation of aerial targets implemented on Intel Xeon processor and Xeon Phi coprocessor
* Person Re-Identification by Deep Learning Muti-Part Information Complementary
* Person re-identification using matrix completion
* Phase and Amplitude Calibrations of Rotating Equispaced Circular Array for Geostationary Microwave Interferometric Radiometers: Theory and Methods
* pitch tracking method mixing ACF and AMDF algorithms based on correlations, A
* Plane-Based Optimization of Geometry and Texture for RGB-D Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes
* Precise Orbit Determination of FY-3C with Calibration of Orbit Biases in BeiDou GEO Satellites
* Prediction of Sea Surface Temperature by Combining Interdimensional and Self-Attention with Neural Networks
* Quadrotor Autonomous Navigation in Semi-Known Environments Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Rain Streak Removal Using Layer Priors
* Real-Time GPU-Aided Lung Tumor Tracking
* Real-time object detection by a multi-feature fully convolutional network
* Remote Sensing Techniques in Monitoring Post-Fire Effects and Patterns of Forest Recovery in Boreal Forest Regions: A Review
* Rethinking Minimal Sufficient Representation in Contrastive Learning
* Robust Object Co-detection
* robust UAV landing site detection system using mid-level discriminative patches, A
* Rosetta CONSERT Data as a Testbed for In Situ Navigation of Space Probes and Radiosciences in Orbit/Escort Phases for Small Bodies of the Solar System
* SDTGAN: Generation Adversarial Network for Spectral Domain Translation of Remote Sensing Images of the Earth Background Based on Shared Latent Domain
* Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning with Meta-Contrastive Network
* Semantic-aligned Fusion Transformer for One-shot Object Detection
* Simplified AMVP for High Efficiency Video Coding
* Single image depth prediction using super-column super-pixel features
* Single Image Rain Streak Decomposition Using Layer Priors
* single-pass based adaptive interpolation filtering algorithm for video coding, A
* Single-Pass-Based Localized Adaptive Interpolation Filter for Video Coding, A
* Smile Detection in the Wild Based on Transfer Learning
* Spatial Angular Compounding of Photoacoustic Images
* Spatial complexity based optimal initial quantization parameter determination
* Spatio-temporal quality pooling adaptive to distortion distribution and visual attention
* Spatio-Temporal Reconstruction for 3D Motion Recovery
* SSAN: Separable Self-Attention Network for Video Representation Learning
* Statistical mechanical analysis for unweighted and weighted stock market networks
* Study of infrared reflection characteristics of aerial target using MODIS data on GPU
* Study on Hyperlipidemia Serum Ultraviolet Visible Absorption Spectra Based on Wavelet Transform
* Support Tensor Machines for Classification of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* SyncSpecCNN: Synchronized Spectral CNN for 3D Shape Segmentation
* Systematic Review on the Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS to Forest and Grassland Ecosystem Health Attributes, Indicators, and Measures, A
* TETFN: A text enhanced transformer fusion network for multimodal sentiment analysis
* Thermal Infrared and Ionospheric Anomalies of the 2017 Mw6.5 Jiuzhaigou Earthquake
* Three dimensional moment invariants under rigid transformation
* Time-Domain Simulation System of MICAP L-Band Radiometer for Pre-Launch RFI Processing Study, A
* Timetable Optimization for Regenerative Energy Utilization in Subway Systems
* Total Variation Regularized RPCA for Irregularly Moving Object Detection Under Dynamic Background
* Towards Photo-Realistic Virtual Try-On by Adaptively Generating?Preserving Image Content
* Transient Interference Excision in Over-the-Horizon Radar Using Adaptive Time-Frequency Analysis
* Tree-based Shape Descriptor for scalable logo detection
* Urban Change Detection Based on Dempster-Shafer Theory for Multitemporal Very High-Resolution Imagery
* Urban Land Use Mapping by Combining Remote Sensing Imagery and Mobile Phone Positioning Data
* Using a Two-Stage Scheme to Map Toxic Metal Distributions Based on GF-5 Satellite Hyperspectral Images at a Northern Chinese Opencast Coal Mine
* Using Multi-Source Real Landform Data to Predict and Analyze Intercity Remote Interference of 5G Communication with Ducting and Troposcatter Effects
* Vegetation Greenness Trend in Dry Seasons and Its Responses to Temperature and Precipitation in Mara River Basin, Africa
* Weighted hybrid fusion with rank consistency
* Wi-Counter: Smartphone-Based People Counter Using Crowdsourced Wi-Fi Signal Data
* Wyner-Ziv Video Coding Based on Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Tree
* Wyner-Ziv-Based Multiview Video Coding
Includes: Guo, X.[Xiefan] Guo, X.[Xin] Guo, X.[Xuan] Guo, X. Guo, X.[Xun] Guo, X.[Xian] Guo, X.[Xiansheng] Guo, X.[Xulin] Guo, X.[Xinyi] Guo, X.[Xutao] Guo, X.[Xiao] Guo, X.[Xiaohu] Guo, X.[Xuyang] Guo, X.[Xing] Guo, X.[Xi] Guo, X.[Xu] Guo, X.[Xia] Guo, X.[Xingjie] Guo, X.[Xiwang] Guo, X.[Xinyao] Guo, X.[Xingchen] Guo, X.[Xiaocui] Guo, X.[Xiang] Guo, X.[Xiue] Guo, X.[Xutong] Guo, X.[Xianan] Guo, X.[Xinya]
147 for Guo, X.

Guo, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Co Author Listing * BEFSR: A Multiple Attention-Based Model Considering Bidirectional Entity Information Flows and Few-Shot Relations
* Cross-Architecture Self-supervised Video Representation Learning
* DRPL: Deep Regression Pair Learning for Multi-Focus Image Fusion
* Joint compressive autoencoders for full-image-to-image hiding
* Multi-Modal Identification of State-Sponsored Propaganda on Social Media
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Super-Resolution and Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Dataset, Methods and Results
Includes: Guo, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Guo, X.B.[Xiao-Bo] Guo, X.B.[Xiao-Bao] Guo, X.B.[Xing-Bei]

Guo, X.C.[Xing Chen] Co Author Listing * 3D Visualization of Trees Based on a Sphere-Board Model
* Direction of arrival estimation for indoor environments based on acoustic composition model with a single microphone
* Quality Control of DLG and MAP Product
* Texture Classification Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and LS-SVM
* Thermodynamic motif analysis for directed stock market networks
* Weighted Local Ratio-Difference Contrast Method for Detecting an Infrared Small Target against Ground-Sky Background
Includes: Guo, X.C.[Xing Chen] Guo, X.C.[Xing-Chen] Guo, X.C. Guo, X.C.[Xiao-Chun]

Guo, X.D.[Xu Dong] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Natural Ecological Land Change in Function-Oriented Planning Regions Using the National Land Use Survey Data from 2009 to 2018 in China
* Gait Recognition in the Wild: A Benchmark
* Quantitative Remote Sensing of Metallic Elements for the Qishitan Gold Polymetallic Mining Area, NW China
* SSAN: Separable Self-Attention Network for Video Representation Learning
Includes: Guo, X.D.[Xu Dong] Guo, X.D.[Xu-Dong] Guo, X.D.[Xian-Da] Guo, X.D.[Xiao-Dong]

Guo, X.E.[X. Edward] Co Author Listing * In vivo precision of digital topological skeletonization based individual trabecula segmentation (ITS) analysis of trabecular microstructure at the distal radius and tibia by HR-pQCT

Guo, X.F.[Xi Feng] Co Author Listing * Appearance changes detection during tracking
* Automatic UAV Forced Landing Site Detection Using Machine Learning
* Comprehensive Remote Sensing Technology for Monitoring Landslide Hazards and Disaster Chain in the Xishan Mining Area of Beijing
* Deep graph clustering with multi-level subspace fusion
* Evaluating Automatic Road Detection across a Large Aerial Imagery Collection
* Grouping-based Oversampling in Kernel Space for Imbalanced Data Classification
* Image Inpainting via Conditional Texture and Structure Dual Generation
* Image Representation Learning by Transformation Regression
* Projective Multiple Kernel Subspace Clustering
* Quality Based Frame Selection for Face Clustering in News Video
* scSE-LinkNet Deep Learning Model for Daytime Sea Fog Detection, A
* simple approach for unsupervised domain adaptation, A
* Walking to singular points of fingerprints
Includes: Guo, X.F.[Xi Feng] Guo, X.F.[Xi-Feng] Guo, X.F.[Xu-Feng] Guo, X.F.[Xue-Fei] Guo, X.F.[Xiao-Fang] Guo, X.F.[Xie-Fan] Guo, X.F.[Xiao-Fei]
13 for Guo, X.F.

Guo, X.G.[Xiang Gui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Pseudo-PID Sliding-Mode Control for High-Speed Train With Integral Quadratic Constraints and Actuator Saturation
* BLF-Based Neuroadaptive Fault-Tolerant Control for Nonlinear Vehicular Platoon With Time-Varying Fault Directions and Distance Restrictions
* OD Flow Clustering Method Based on Vector Constraints: A Case Study for Beijing Taxi Origin-Destination Data, An
Includes: Guo, X.G.[Xiang Gui] Guo, X.G.[Xiang-Gui] Guo, X.G.[Xiao-Gang]

Guo, X.H.[Xiao Hu] Co Author Listing * ArticulatedFusion: Real-Time Reconstruction of Motion, Geometry and Segmentation Using a Single Depth Camera
* Blind invisible watermarking for 3D meshes with textures
* CDANet: Common-and-Differential Attention Network for Object Detection and Instance Segmentation
* Fine-Grained Detection of Driver Distraction Based on Neural Architecture Search
* Human mobility semantics analysis: A probabilistic and scalable approach
* Joint Topology-preserving and Feature-refinement Network for Curvilinear Structure Segmentation
* Medial-axis-driven shape deformation with volume preservation
* Multiscale Self-Adaptive Attention Network for Remote Sensing Scene Classification, A
* Reconstruction of High-Resolution Sea Surface Salinity over 2003-2020 in the South China Sea Using the Machine Learning Algorithm LightGBM Model
* Shape and Appearance Repair for Incomplete Point Surfaces
* Spectral mesh deformation
* Study on intelligent algorithm of guide partition for emergency evacuation of a subway station
* Topology-Change-Aware Volumetric Fusion for Dynamic Scene Reconstruction
* URL-based system model for web service unified ID authorization, A
Includes: Guo, X.H.[Xiao Hu] Guo, X.H.[Xiao-Hu] Guo, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Guo, X.H.[Xu-Hong] Guo, X.H.[Xiang-Hui] Guo, X.H.[Xiao-Hong] Guo, X.H.[Xian-Hai]
14 for Guo, X.H.

Guo, X.J.[Xiao Jie] Co Author Listing * Adaptively Unified Semi-Supervised Dictionary Learning with Active Points
* Application of UAV Remote Sensing for a Population Census of Large Wild Herbivores: Taking the Headwater Region of the Yellow River as an Example
* Beyond Brightening Low-light Images
* Boosting semantic segmentation via feature enhancement
* DAAL: Deep activation-based attribute learning for action recognition in depth videos
* Dependence-Aware Feature Coding for Person Re-Identification
* Exclusivity-Consistency Regularized Multi-view Subspace Clustering
* Face Inverse Rendering via Hierarchical Decoupling
* FIND: A Neat Flip Invariant Descriptor
* Generalized Tensor Total Variation minimization for visual data recovery?
* Good match exploration using triangle constraint
* Guided Locality Preserving Feature Matching for Remote Sensing Image Registration
* Image Deblurring via Enhanced Low-Rank Prior
* Image Retrieval and Ranking via Consistently Reconstructing Multi-attribute Queries
* Locality Preserving Matching
* Low-light Image Enhancement via Breaking Down the Darkness
* MIFT: A framework for feature descriptors to be mirror reflection invariant
* MIFT: A Mirror Reflection Invariant Feature Descriptor
* Multi-view subspace clustering with intactness-aware similarity
* Mutually Guided Image Filtering
* novel method for speckle noise reduction and ship target detection in SAR images, A
* Processing Laser Point Cloud in Fully Mechanized Mining Face Based on DGCNN
* Research on image processing of intelligent building environment based on pattern recognition technology
* Robust Feature Matching Using Spatial Clustering With Heavy Outliers
* Robust Foreground Detection Using Smoothness and Arbitrariness Constraints
* Robust Separation of Reflection from Multiple Images
* Scene Text Deblurring Using Text-Specific Multiscale Dictionaries
* SDPNet: A Deep Network for Pan-Sharpening With Enhanced Information Representation
* Self-augmented Unpaired Image Dehazing via Density and Depth Decomposition
* Single Image Deraining: A Comprehensive Benchmark Analysis
* Single image rain removal via a deep decomposition-composition network
* SLED: Semantic Label Embedding Dictionary Representation for Multilabel Image Annotation
* Spatial Pattern of Soil Erosion Drivers and the Contribution Rate of Human Activities on the Loess Plateau from 2000 to 2015: A Boundary Line from Northeast to Southwest
* SYM-FISH: A Symmetry-Aware Flip Invariant Sketch Histogram Shape Descriptor
* Triangle-Constraint for Finding More Good Features
* U2Fusion: A Unified Unsupervised Image Fusion Network
* Video Editing with Temporal, Spatial and Appearance Consistency
* Water Reflection Detection Using a Flip Invariant Shape Detector
Includes: Guo, X.J.[Xiao Jie] Guo, X.J.[Xiao-Jie] Guo, X.J.[Xing-Jian] Guo, X.J.[Xi-Jian] Guo, X.J.[Xiao-Jun] Guo, X.J.[Xiu-Juan]
38 for Guo, X.J.

Guo, X.L.[Xu Liang] Co Author Listing * 3D Model Editing from Contour Drawings on Orthographic Projection Views
* Contour loss for instance segmentation via k-step distance transformation image
* Green Vegetation Cover Dynamics in a Heterogeneous Grassland: Spectral Unmixing of Landsat Time Series from 1999 to 2014
* Implicit Block Diagonal Low-Rank Representation
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Landsat 8 TIRS: Comparison between Radiative Transfer Equation-Based Method, Split Window Algorithm and Single Channel Method
* Quantifying Responses of Spectral Vegetation Indices to Dead Materials in Mixed Grasslands
* Robust Low-rank subspace segmentation with finite mixture noise
* Study of Soil Line Simulation from Landsat Images in Mixed Grassland, A
* Visual Localization for Autonomous Driving: Mapping the Accurated Location in the City Maze
Includes: Guo, X.L.[Xu Liang] Guo, X.L.[Xu-Liang] Guo, X.L.[Xiao-Long] Guo, X.L.[Xu-Lin] Guo, X.L.[Xiang-Lin] Guo, X.L.[Xiao-Lei]
9 for Guo, X.L.

Guo, X.M.[Xiu Mei] Co Author Listing * Collaborative representation with HM-LBP features for palmprint recognition
* Compressive classification of human motion using pyroelectric infrared sensors
* Dynamic Human Fatigue Detection Using Feature-Level Fusion
* Event-driven daily activity recognition with enhanced emergent modeling
* Gabor-based dynamic representation for human fatigue monitoring in facial image sequences
* HDM-RRT: A Fast HD-Map-Guided Motion Planning Algorithm for Autonomous Driving in the Campus Environment
* Homography-based block motion estimation for video coding of PTZ cameras
* Multi-scale dynamic human fatigue detection with feature level fusion
* Perception-motivated visualization for 3D city scenes
* Variational Bayesian image restoration with multi-structured model of wavelet transform coefficients
Includes: Guo, X.M.[Xiu Mei] Guo, X.M.[Xiu-Mei] Guo, X.M.[Xue-Mei] Guo, X.M.[Xiu-Ming] Guo, X.M.[Xiao-Min] Guo, X.M.[Xiao-Ming]
10 for Guo, X.M.

Guo, X.N.[Xiao Na] Co Author Listing * Global Affective Video Content Regression Based on Complementary Audio-visual Features
* High-Resolution Mapping of Seaweed Aquaculture along the Jiangsu Coast of China Using Google Earth Engine (2016-2022)
Includes: Guo, X.N.[Xiao Na] Guo, X.N.[Xiao-Na]

Guo, X.P.[Xiao Peng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based In-Loop Filter for VVC
* Multi-focus image fusion with Siamese self-attention network
* One-for-All: An Efficient Variable Convolution Neural Network for In-Loop Filter of VVC
* Prob-POS: A Framework for Improving Visual Explanations from Convolutional Neural Networks for Remote Sensing Image Classification
Includes: Guo, X.P.[Xiao Peng] Guo, X.P.[Xiao-Peng] Guo, X.P.[Xian-Peng]

Guo, X.Q.[Xin Qing] Co Author Listing * Barcode Imaging Using a Light Field Camera
* D2-Net: Dual Disentanglement Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation With Missing Modalities
* Graph-Based Surgical Instrument Adaptive Segmentation via Domain-Common Knowledge
* Integration-and-Diffusion Network for Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Line Assisted Light Field Triangulation and Stereo Matching
* MetaCorrection: Domain-aware Meta Loss Correction for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Multilayer Backpropagation Saliency Detection Algorithm Based on Depth Mining, A
* New Shadow Removal Method Using Color-Lines, A
* Semantic-Oriented Labeled-to-Unlabeled Distribution Translation for Image Segmentation
* SimT: Handling Open-set Noise for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* Super-Resolution Enhanced Medical Image Diagnosis With Sample Affinity Interaction
* Unknown-Oriented Learning for Open Set Domain Adaptation
Includes: Guo, X.Q.[Xin Qing] Guo, X.Q.[Xin-Qing] Guo, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing] Guo, X.Q.[Xiao-Qiang]
12 for Guo, X.Q.

Guo, X.R.[Xin Rong] Co Author Listing * Noise-Robust ISAR Translational Motion Compensation via HLPT-GSCFT
* Unambiguous ISAR Imaging Method for Complex Maneuvering Group Targets
Includes: Guo, X.R.[Xin Rong] Guo, X.R.[Xin-Rong]

Guo, X.S.[Xian Sheng] Co Author Listing * Deep knowledge integration of heterogeneous features for domain adaptive SAR target recognition
Includes: Guo, X.S.[Xian Sheng] Guo, X.S.[Xian-Sheng]

Guo, X.T.[Xiao Tang] Co Author Listing * Joint Video Frame Set Division and Low-Rank Decomposition for Background Subtraction
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The
* Validation and Comparison of Seven Land Surface Evapotranspiration Products in the Haihe River Basin, China
Includes: Guo, X.T.[Xiao Tang] Guo, X.T.[Xiao-Tang] Guo, X.T.[Xiao-Tao] Guo, X.T.[Xiao-Tong]

Guo, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Ask amp;Confirm: Active Detail Enriching for Cross-Modal Retrieval with Partial Query
* Automatic script identification in the wild
* Distilled Person Re-Identification: Towards a More Scalable System
* Do Not Disturb Me: Person Re-identification Under the Interference of Other Pedestrians
* Domain-Guided Noise-Optimization-Based Inversion Method for Facial Image Manipulation, A
* Inversion Based on a Detached Dual-Channel Domain Method for StyleGAN2 Embedding
* Mixed Structure with 3D Multi-Shortcut-Link Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Part-aware Progressive Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification
* Pyramidal Person Re-IDentification via Multi-Loss Dynamic Training
* Semi-Supervised Adversarial Monocular Depth Estimation
* Transformer-based Dual Relation Graph for Multi-label Image Recognition
* Unsupervised Person Re-Identification by Soft Multilabel Learning
Includes: Guo, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Guo, X.W.[Xiao-Wei] Guo, X.W.[Xi-Wang] Guo, X.W.[Xin-Wei]
12 for Guo, X.W.

Guo, X.X.[Xiao Xin] Co Author Listing * Automatic localization of optic disk based on texture orientation voting
* Design and Analysis of a Prediction System About Influenza-Like Illness From the Latent Temporal and Spatial Information
* Fashion IQ: A New Dataset Towards Retrieving Images by Natural Language Feedback
* Identification and Recognition Based on Point for Blood Vessel of Ocular Fundus, The
* Investigation of the Influences of SWOT Sampling and Errors on Ocean Eddy Observation, An
* Optical Flow Computation with Fourth Order Partial Differential Equations
* Path tracking control based on tube MPC and time delay motion prediction
* Realization and Evaluation of an Instructor-Like Assistance System for Collision Avoidance
* Support vector machine classification combined with multimodal magnetic resonance imaging in detection of patients with schizophrenia
* Vegetation Horizontal Occlusion Index (VHOI) from TLS and UAV Image to Better Measure Mangrove LAI
Includes: Guo, X.X.[Xiao Xin] Guo, X.X.[Xiao-Xin] Guo, X.X.[Xiao-Xiang] Guo, X.X.[Xiao-Xiao] Guo, X.X.[Xue-Xun] Guo, X.X.[Xiao-Xia] Guo, X.X.[Xian-Xian]
10 for Guo, X.X.

Guo, X.Y.[Xiao Yang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Feature Interpolation for Low-Shot Image Generation
* Applicability of Susceptibility Model for Rock and Loess Earthquake Landslides in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau
* Assessment of Night-Time Lighting for Global Terrestrial Protected and Wilderness Areas
* Asymmetric Effects of Daytime and Nighttime Warming on Boreal Forest Spring Phenology
* Augmenting Vision Language Pretraining by Learning Codebook with Visual Semantics
* Blue-Sky Albedo Reduction and Associated Influencing Factors of Stable Land Cover Types in the Middle-High Latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere during 1982-2015
* Camera-Space Hand Mesh Recovery via Semantic Aggregation and Adaptive 2D-1D Registration
* Comparison of land surface phenology in the Northern Hemisphere based on AVHRR GIMMS3g and MODIS datasets
* Data Assimilation of the High-Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Obtained from the Aqua-Terra Satellites (MODIS-SST) Using an Ensemble Kalman Filter
* Detecting the Temporal Scaling Behavior of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Time Series in China Using a Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
* Distribution and Characteristics of Damming Landslides Triggered by 1920 M~8 Haiyuan Earthquake, NW China
* DSSNet: A Deep Sequential Sleep Network for Self-Supervised Representation Learning Based on Single-Channel EEG
* Embedded Feature Selection and Machine Learning Methods for Flash Flood Susceptibility-Mapping in the Mainstream Songhua River Basin, China
* Estimating Frost during Growing Season and Its Impact on the Velocity of Vegetation Greenup and Withering in Northeast China
* Experimental Investigation of Text-Based CAPTCHA Attacks and Their Robustness, An
* Face Detection by Aggregating Visible Components
* Fine Classification of Rice Paddy Based on RHSI-DT Method Using Multi-Temporal Compact Polarimetric SAR Data
* General Non-Lipschitz Infimal Convolution Regularized Model: Lower Bound Theory and Algorithm, A
* Group-Wise Correlation Stereo Network
* Image style disentangling for instance-level facial attribute transfer
* Improved Perceptron of Subsurface Chlorophyll Maxima by a Deep Neural Network: A Case Study with BGC-Argo Float Data in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean
* Improving Monocular Depth Estimation by Leveraging Structural Awareness and Complementary Datasets
* Learning Monocular Depth by Distilling Cross-Domain Stereo Networks
* LIGA-Stereo: Learning LiDAR Geometry Aware Representations for Stereo-based 3D Detector
* LR-RoadNet: A long-range context-aware neural network for road extraction via high-resolution remote sensing images
* Maize Plant Phenotyping: Comparing 3D Laser Scanning, Multi-View Stereo Reconstruction, and 3D Digitizing Estimates
* Mapping plastic materials in an urban area: Development of the normalized difference plastic index using WorldView-3 superspectral data
* MobRecon: Mobile-Friendly Hand Mesh Reconstruction from Monocular Image
* multiphase region-based framework for image segmentation based on least square method, A
* Neural Network Encapsulation
* novel visual classification framework on panoramic attention mechanism network, A
* Object Counting in Remote Sensing via Triple Attention and Scale-Aware Network
* Representations, Metrics and Statistics for Shape Analysis of Elastic Graphs
* Scattering Intensity Analysis and Classification of Two Types of Rice Based on Multi-Temporal and Multi-Mode Simulated Compact Polarimetric SAR Data
* Spatial and Temporal Changes in Vegetation Phenology at Middle and High Latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere over the Past Three Decades
* Study on the method of colour image noise reduction based on optimal channel-processing
* survey on algorithms of hole filling in 3D surface reconstruction, A
* Variations of Land Surface Phenology in Northeast China and Its Responses to Climate Change from 1982 to 2013, The
* Vegetation Productivity Dynamics in Response to Climate Change and Human Activities under Different Topography and Land Cover in Northeast China
* Visual complexity assessment of painting images
* Wildfires on the Mongolian Plateau: Identifying Drivers and Spatial Distributions to Predict Wildfire Probability
Includes: Guo, X.Y.[Xiao Yang] Guo, X.Y.[Xiao-Yang] Guo, X.Y.[Xin-Yi] Guo, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi] Guo, X.Y.[Xiao-Yuan] Guo, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan] Guo, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Guo, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu] Guo, X.Y.[Xian-Yu] Guo, X.Y.[Xue-Yan] Guo, X.Y.[Xu-Yang] Guo, X.Y.[Xiao-Ye] Guo, X.Y. Guo, X.Y.[Xiao-Ying] Guo, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu] Guo, X.Y.[Xiao-Yun]
41 for Guo, X.Y.

Guo, X.Z.[Xiao Zheng] Co Author Listing * Discrepancies in the Simulated Global Terrestrial Latent Heat Flux from GLASS and MERRA-2 Surface Net Radiation Products
* ERTFM: An Effective Model to Fuse Chinese GF-1 and MODIS Reflectance Data for Terrestrial Latent Heat Flux Estimation
* Fusion of Five Satellite-Derived Products Using Extremely Randomized Trees to Estimate Terrestrial Latent Heat Flux over Europe
* GBRT-Based Estimation of Terrestrial Latent Heat Flux in the Haihe River Basin from Satellite and Reanalysis Datasets
* Novel NIR-Red Spectral Domain Evapotranspiration Model From the Chinese GF-1 Satellite: Application to the Huailai Agricultural Region of China, A
* Robust Method for Generating High-Spatiotemporal-Resolution Surface Reflectance by Fusing MODIS and Landsat Data, A
* Satellite-Derived Estimation of Grassland Aboveground Biomass in the Three-River Headwaters Region of China during 1982-2018
* Simplified Priestley-Taylor Model to Estimate Land-Surface Latent Heat of Evapotranspiration from Incident Shortwave Radiation, Satellite Vegetation Index, and Air Relative Humidity
* Tree Recognition on the Plantation Using UAV Images with Ultrahigh Spatial Resolution in a Complex Environment
* Unsupervised Optical Flow Estimation for Lidar Image Sequences, An
Includes: Guo, X.Z.[Xiao Zheng] Guo, X.Z.[Xiao-Zheng] Guo, X.Z.[Xu-Zhan] Guo, X.Z.[Xue-Zhou]
10 for Guo, X.Z.

Guo, Y.[Yanlin] Co Author Listing * email: Guo, Y.[Yanlin]: yguo AT sarnoff com
* 3d Manipulation of Motion Imagery
* Absolute 3D Human Pose Estimation via Weakly-supervised Learning
* Accurate tumor segmentation in FDG-PET images with guidance of complementary CT images
* ACNet: Strengthening the Kernel Skeletons for Powerful CNN via Asymmetric Convolution Blocks
* Acoustic Echo Control with Frequency-Domain Stage-Wise Regression
* Action Recognition With Motion Diversification and Dynamic Selection
* Active Mask Segmentation of Fluorescence Microscope Images
* Adaptive Block Coding Order for Intra Prediction in HEVC
* Adaptive Patch Prior for Single Image Blind Deblurring, An
* Adjusting the imbalance ratio by the dimensionality of imbalanced data
* Adversarial Margin Maximization Networks
* Adversarial Sticker: A Stealthy Attack Method in the Physical World
* AE-OT-GAN: Training GANs from Data Specific Latent Distribution
* Affinity Fusion Graph-Based Framework for Natural Image Segmentation
* Affinity Pansharpening and Image Fusion
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
* AMANet: Adaptive Multi-Path Aggregation for Learning Human 2D-3D Correspondences
* Analysis and Correction of Antenna Pattern Effects in AMAO Spaceborne SAR Images
* Angle estimation of coherent multi-target for MIMO bistatic radar
* application of a ZigBee based wireless sensor network in the LED street lamp control system, The
* Application of Augmented Reality GIS in Architecture
* Approach to the Vanishing Line Identification Based on Normalized Barycentric Coordinates, An
* artificial intelligence based data-driven approach for design ideation, An
* Atmospheric Correction Comparison of Spot-5 Image Based On Model Flaash And Model Quac
* Attention Based Multi-Instance Thyroid Cytopathological Diagnosis with Multi-Scale Feature Fusion
* Attentive Weights Generation for Few Shot Learning via Information Maximization
* Auto-Embedding Generative Adversarial Networks For High Resolution Image Synthesis
* Automatic Mathematical Expression Understanding System, An
* Beacons Selection Method under Random Interference for Indoor Positioning, A
* Blind image watermarking method based on linear canonical wavelet transform and QR decomposition
* BoMW: Bag of Manifold Words for One-Shot Learning Gesture Recognition From Kinect
* BrainGB: A Benchmark for Brain Network Analysis With Graph Neural Networks
* Breast Cancer Histology Image Classification Based on Deep Neural Networks
* Camera Pose Estimation Based on Angle Constraints
* Carrier Characteristic Bias Estimation between GNSS Signals and Its Calibration in High-Precision Joint Positioning
* Cascaded convolutional neural networks for object detection
* Class-Aware Analysis Dictionary Learning for Pattern Classification
* Closed-Loop Matters: Dual Regression Networks for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Clutter Suppression Method Based on NSS-RPCA in Heterogeneous Environments for SAR-GMTI, A
* Cognitive Sparse Imaging Method for MIMO Radar under Wideband Interference
* Combinational Fusion and Global Attention of the Single-Shot Method for Synthetic Aperture Radar Ship Detection
* Common Visual Pattern Discovery via Nonlinear Mean Shift Clustering
* Comparison Between Three Sparse Unmixing Algorithms Using a Large Library of Shortwave Infrared Mineral Spectra, A
* Comparison of Face Detection Algorithms on Mobile Devices
* Comparison of Modelling Strategies to Estimate Phenotypic Values from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Spectral and Temporal Vegetation Indexes
* Comparison of Two Simulation Methods of the Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index (TVDI) for Drought Monitoring in Semi-Arid Regions of China
* Compound Neural Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation, A
* comprehensive benchmark analysis for sand dust image reconstruction, A
* Conditional Automated Channel Pruning for Deep Neural Networks
* Conditional Variational Capsule Network for Open Set Recognition
* Constrained Sparse Representation Model for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection, A
* Content-Aware Video2Comics With Manga-Style Layout
* Continuous Human Activity Recognition through Parallelism LSTM with Multi-Frequency Spectrograms
* Continuous Sensing of Water Temperature in a Reservoir with Grid Inversion Method Based on Acoustic Tomography System
* Contrastive Neural Architecture Search with Neural Architecture Comparators
* Contrastive Vision-Language Pre-training with Limited Resources
* Contribution-based feature transfer for JPEG mismatched steganalysis
* Cortical Surface Shape Analysis Based on Alexandrov Polyhedra
* Coupled Real-Synthetic Domain Adaptation for Real-World Deep Depth Enhancement
* Creation and Scene Composition for High-Resolution Panoramas
* Cross Array and Rank-1 MUSIC Algorithm for Acoustic Highway Lane Detection
* CubeNet: X-shape connection for camouflaged object detection
* DAGAN: Deep De-Aliasing Generative Adversarial Networks for Fast Compressed Sensing MRI Reconstruction
* Data Modeling and Optimization for Wireless Drive-Through Applications
* Data-Uncertainty Guided Multi-Phase Learning for Semi-Supervised Object Detection
* DATA: Differentiable ArchiTecture Approximation With Distribution Guided Sampling
* Deep Fusion uNet for Mapping Forests at Tree Species Levels with Multi-Temporal High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery, A
* Deep Inter Coding with Interpolated Reference Frame for Hierarchical Coding Structure
* Deep Learning Architecture for Short-Term Passenger Flow Forecasting in Urban Rail Transit
* deep learning framework for remote sensing image registration, A
* Deep Learning Framework for Road Marking Extraction, Classification and Completion from Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds, A
* Deep Learning Segmentation and Classification for Urban Village Using a Worldview Satellite Image Based on U-Net
* Deep Likelihood Network for Image Restoration With Multiple Degradation Levels
* Deep Multi-View Feature Learning for Person Re-Identification
* Deep View Synthesis via Self-Consistent Generative Network
* Deepfake Forensics via an Adversarial Game
* Deformable 3D Convolution for Video Super-Resolution
* Deformable model for estimating clothed and naked human shapes from a single image
* Deformable MR Prostate Segmentation via Deep Feature Learning and Sparse Patch Matching
* Denoising of Hyperspectral Images Using Nonconvex Low Rank Matrix Approximation
* Density Map-based vehicle counting in remote sensing images with limited resolution
* DeOccNet: Learning to See Through Foreground Occlusions in Light Fields
* Descriptor Learning Based on Fisher Separation Criterion for Texture Classification
* Design and Implementation of Geospatial Information Verification Middle Platform for Natural Resources Government Affairs, The
* Detection and Localization for Multiple Stationary Human Targets Based on Cross-Correlation of Dual-Station SFCW Radars
* Development of a New Phenology Algorithm for Fine Mapping of Cropping Intensity in Complex Planting Areas Using Sentinel-2 and Google Earth Engine
* Deviation based clustering for unsupervised person re-identification
* DFCNN-Based Semantic Recognition of Urban Functional Zones by Integrating Remote Sensing Data and POI Data
* DGPolarNet: Dynamic Graph Convolution Network for LiDAR Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation on Polar BEV
* dHCPS: decentralized hierarchically clustered p2p video streaming
* Differentiation between COVID-19 and bacterial pneumonia using radiomics of chest computed tomography and clinical features
* Discrimination-Aware Network Pruning for Deep Model Compression
* Discriminative Bimodal Networks for Visual Localization and Detection with Natural Language Queries
* Discriminative features for texture description
* Discriminative Multi-Modality Speech Recognition
* Disentangling, Embedding and Ranking Label Cues for Multi-Label Image Recognition
* Distortion-Aware Monocular Depth Estimation for Omnidirectional Images
* DOA Estimation Method Based on Cascaded Neural Network for Two Closely Spaced Sources
* domain-adaptive method with cycle perceptual consistency adversarial networks for vehicle target detection in foggy weather, A
* Drone-Based Car Counting via Density Map Learning
* Drought Monitoring over Yellow River Basin from 2003-2019 Using Reconstructed MODIS Land Surface Temperature in Google Earth Engine
* DSRF: A flexible trajectory descriptor for articulated human action recognition
* Dual Graph Regularized Latent Low-Rank Representation for Subspace Clustering
* Dynamic Channel Selection of Microwave Temperature Sounding Channels under Cloudy Conditions
* Dynamic Evaluation of Agricultural Drought Hazard in Northeast China Based on Coupled Multi-Source Data
* Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition Using Longitudinal Facial Expression Atlases
* Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition With Atlas Construction and Sparse Representation
* Dynamic Texture Synthesis in Space with a Spatio-temporal Descriptor
* Dynamic texture synthesis using a spatial temporal descriptor
* Ear recognition using a new local matching approach
* Edge Heuristic GAN for Non-Uniform Blind Deblurring
* Effective Sequential Classifier Training for SVM-Based Multitemporal Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Efficient and Deep Person Re-identification Using Multi-level Similarity
* Efficient Chroma Sub-Sampling and Luma Modification for Color Image Compression
* Efficient GPU Computing Framework of Cloud Filtering in Remotely Sensed Image Processing
* Efficient Image Appearance Description Using Dense Sampling Based Local Binary Patterns
* Efficient nearest neighbor query based on extended B+-tree in high-dimensional space
* Elastic temporal alignment for few-shot action recognition
* Empirical study of Data-Free Quantization's Tuning Robustness, An
* End-to-End Deep Fusion Model for Mapping Forests at Tree Species Levels with High Spatial Resolution Satellite Imagery, An
* End-to-End Multi-Task Learning Model for Drivable Road Detection via Edge Refinement and Geometric Deformation, An
* Energy clustering for unsupervised person re-identification
* Error Resilient Coding and Error Concealment in Scalable Video Coding
* Error Resilient Mode Decision in Scalable Video Coding
* Estimate the Earliest Phenophase for Garlic Mapping Using Time Series Landsat 8/9 Images
* Estimations of Global Horizontal Irradiance and Direct Normal Irradiance by Using Fengyun-4A Satellite Data in Northern China
* Evaluating the Effectiveness of Integrated Connected Automated Vehicle Applications Applied to Freeway Managed Lanes
* Evaluation of Assimilating FY-3C MWHS-2 Radiances Using the GSI Global Analysis System
* Experimental Research on Evaluation of Soil Water Content Using Ground Penetrating Radar and Wavelet Packet-Based Energy Analysis
* Extensive Evaluation of Four Satellite Precipitation Products and Their Hydrologic Applications over the Yarlung Zangbo River
* Extensive Study of Cycle-Consistent Generative Networks for Image-to-Image Translation, An
* Eye-Tracking for Performance Evaluation and Workload Estimation in Space Telerobotic Training
* Face Denoising and 3D Reconstruction from A Single Depth Image
* Face Recognition by Auto-associative Radial Basis Function Network
* Fake Generated Painting Detection Via Frequency Analysis
* Fast Adaptive Meta-Learning for Few-Shot Image Generation
* Fast and Accurate Registration of Structured Point Clouds with Small Overlaps
* Fast Approximate Spectral Unmixing Algorithm Based on Segmentation, A
* Fast Back-Projection SAR Imaging Algorithm Based on Wavenumber Spectrum Fusion for High Maneuvering Platforms, A
* fast coding method for distortion-free data hiding in high dynamic range image, A
* Fast density clustering strategies based on the k-means algorithm
* Fast Tumor Detector in Whole-Slide Image With Dynamic Programing Based Monte Carlo Sampling
* Fast, Nonlocal and Neural: A Lightweight High Quality Solution to Image Denoising
* FCNet: A feature context network based on ensemble framework for image retrieval
* Feature Learning for SAR Target Recognition with Unknown Classes by Using CVAE-GAN
* Feature Space Independent Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation via Kernel Matching
* Fractional-integral-operator-based improved SVM for filtering salt-and-pepper noise
* Framework of Mixed Sparse Representations for Remote Sensing Images, A
* Freeway speed harmonisation experiment using connected and automated vehicles
* Frequency-aware Deep Dual-path Feature Enhancement Network for Image Dehazing
* Fuzzy quantization based bit transform for low bit-resolution motion estimation
* Fuzzy Sparse Autoencoder Framework for Single Image Per Person Face Recognition
* Fuzzy Superpixels Based Semi-Supervised Similarity-Constrained CNN for PolSAR Image Classification
* Gaussian Patch Mixture Model Guided Low-Rank Covariance Matrix Minimization for Image Denoising
* GDP: Stabilized Neural Network Pruning via Gates with Differentiable Polarization
* GLAVNet: Global-Local Audio-Visual Cues for Fine-Grained Material Recognition
* Global-Aware Registration of Less-Overlap RGB-D Scans
* Graph-Based Temporal Attention Framework for Multi-Sensor Traffic Flow Forecasting, A
* Grassland Conservation Effectiveness of National Nature Reserves in Northern China
* Ground-to-Aerial Image Geo-Localization With a Hard Exemplar Reweighting Triplet Loss
* Halftone Image Watermarking by Content Aware Double-Sided Embedding Error Diffusion
* Handwritten English Word Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* HCE: Hierarchical Context Embedding for Region-Based Object Detection
* Hierarchical Clustering With Hard-Batch Triplet Loss for Person Re-Identification
* Hierarchical Context Embedding for Region-based Object Detection
* Hierarchical Disentangled Representation Learning for Outdoor Illumination Estimation and Editing
* Hierarchical Model for Human Action Recognition From Body-Parts, A
* Hierarchical Neural Architecture Search for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Hierarchical Reasoning Network for Pedestrian Attribute Recognition
* High-Quality Color Image Compression by Quantization Crossing Color Spaces
* High-Resolution Interactive Panoramas with MPEG-4
* Homography Estimation from Ellipse Correspondences Based on the Common Self-Polar Triangle
* Human Mobility Modeling for Robot-Assisted Evacuation in Complex Indoor Environments
* Hybrid Models for Open Set Recognition
* Hyperspectral Video Target Tracking Based on Deep Edge Convolution Feature and Improved Context Filter
* I2T2I: Learning text to image synthesis with textual data augmentation
* Image Deblurring via Extreme Channels Prior
* Image Fusion of X-Ray and Electron Tomograms
* Image Retargeting Using Mesh Parametrization
* Image-Based 3D Model Retrieval for Indoor Scenes by Simulating Scene Context
* Image-Based Visual Speech Animation System, An
* Improved Equivalent Squint Range Model and Imaging Approach for Sliding Spotlight SAR Based on Highly Elliptical Orbit, An
* Improving Building Extraction by Using Knowledge Distillation to Reduce the Impact of Label Noise
* Improving Generative Adversarial Networks With Local Coordinate Coding
* Improving Robustness by Enhancing Weak Subnets
* Improving the User Acceptability of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Based on Different Driving Styles: A Case Study of Lane Change Warning Systems
* Indoor scene modeling from a single image using normal inference and edge features
* Information-Growth Swin Transformer Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Integrated Online Prediction Model for IoT Data
* Intermediate-Level Attack Framework on the Basis of Linear Regression, An
* Iterative learning control of wheeled robot trajectory tracking
* Joint Computing and Caching in 5G-Envisioned Internet of Vehicles: A Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Traffic Control System
* Joint CRF and Locality-Consistent Dictionary Learning for Semantic Segmentation
* Joint Design for Electric Fleet Operator and Charging Service Provider: Understanding the Non-Cooperative Nature
* Joint Optimal Quantization and Aggregation of Federated Learning Scheme in VANETs
* Joint Raindrop and Haze Removal From a Single Image
* KAMA: 3D Keypoint Aware Body Mesh Articulation
* Kernel Sparse Subspace Clustering on Symmetric Positive Definite Manifolds
* Learning for Disparity Estimation Through Feature Constancy
* Learning Human-Robot Interaction for Robot-Assisted Pedestrian Flow Optimization
* Learning Multiple Views with Orthogonal Denoising Autoencoders
* Learning spatiotemporal embedding with gated convolutional recurrent networks for translation initiation site prediction
* Learning to Detect Head Movement in Unconstrained Remote Gaze Estimation in the Wild
* Learning-Based Point Cloud Registration for 6D Object Pose Estimation in the Real World
* LiCHy: The CAF's LiDAR, CCD and Hyperspectral Integrated Airborne Observation System
* Lifting construction based on Bernstein bases and application in image compression
* Lightweight Discriminative Tracker Based on Classification and Similarity, A
* Lightweight Photometric Stereo for Facial Details Recovery
* LMSD-YOLO: A Lightweight YOLO Algorithm for Multi-Scale SAR Ship Detection
* Local Deep Descriptor for Remote Sensing Image Feature Matching
* Local Gabor phase difference pattern for face recognition
* Local spatiotemporal features for dynamic texture synthesis
* Local-Manifold-Learning-Based Graph Construction for Semisupervised Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Long-term Object Tracking with Instance Specific Proposals
* Loss reweight in scale dimension: A simple while effective feature selection strategy for anchor-free detectors
* Low-Complexity 2D DOA Estimation and Self-Calibration for Uniform Rectangle Array with Gain-Phase Error
* Low-complexity rate control based on rho-domain model for Scalable Video Coding
* Low-Light Image Enhancement With Semi-Decoupled Decomposition
* Machine learning based feature selection and knowledge reasoning for CBR system under big data
* Mapping the Northern Limit of Double Cropping Using a Phenology-Based Algorithm and Google Earth Engine
* Mapping the Thermal State of Permafrost in Northeast China Based on the Surface Frost Number Model
* Mapping Winter Crops Using a Phenology Algorithm, Time-Series Sentinel-2 and Landsat-7/8 Images, and Google Earth Engine
* Mass Segmentation in Mammograms Based on the Combination of the Spiking Cortical Model (SCM) and the Improved CV Model
* Mathematical Analysis and Implementation of Residual Interpolation Demosaicking Algorithms, A
* MEA-Net: A Lightweight SAR Ship Detection Model for Imbalanced Datasets
* Meaningful ciphertext encryption algorithm based on bit scrambling, discrete wavelet transform, and improved chaos
* Median Robust Extended Local Binary Pattern for Texture Classification
* Method for Estimating the Optimal Coefficient of L1C/B1C Signal Correlator Joint Receiving
* Method of Fabric Defect Detection Using Local Contrast Deviation, A
* minimal solution for plane motion and structure from two perspective views, A
* MLCFNet: Multi-Level Context Fusion Network for 3D Object Tracking
* Model Predictive Control for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Platooning Using Slope Information
* Model-Based Iterative Restoration for Binary Document Image Compression with Dictionary Learning
* Modeling Semantic Correlation and Hierarchy for Real-World Wildlife Recognition
* Modeling the Space of Point Landmark Constrained Diffeomorphisms
* Monocular 3D multi-person pose estimation via predicting factorized correction factors
* MSFD: Multi-Scale Receptive Field Face Detector
* MTRBNet: Multi-Branch Topology Residual Block-Based Network for Low-Light Enhancement
* Multi-band Gradient Component Pattern (MGCP): A New Statistical Feature for Face Recognition
* Multi-graph convolutional network for short-term passenger flow forecasting in urban rail transit
* Multi-keyframe abstraction from videos
* Multi-Label Image Recognition With Graph Convolutional Networks
* Multi-modal 3d reconstruction and measurements of zebrafish larvae and its organs using axial-view microscopy
* Multi-source transfer learning based on label shared subspace
* Multi-view 3D analysis with applications for augmented reality and enhanced video visualization
* Multi-View 3D Estimation and Applications to Match Move
* Multi-View Stereo and Depth Priors Guided NeRF for View Synthesis
* Multi-View Video Summarization
* Multichannel Cross-Modal Fusion Framework for Electron Tomography, A
* Multimodal medical image fusion based on the spectral total variation and local structural patch measurement
* Multiple Landmark Feature Point Mapping for Robust Face Recognition
* Multiple Robustness Enhancements for Image Adaptive Steganography in Lossy Channels
* Multiscale matters for part segmentation of instruments in robotic surgery
* Multiview Cauchy Estimator Feature Embedding for Depth and Inertial Sensor-Based Human Action Recognition
* Near-Earth Remote Sensing Images Used to Determine the Phenological Characteristics of the Canopy of Populus tomentosa B301 under Three Methods of Irrigation
* Network Sketching: Exploiting Binary Structure in Deep CNNs
* new denoising method of SAR images in curvelet domain, A
* New Gabor Phase Difference Pattern for Face and Ear Recognition, A
* new method for mammographic mass segmentation based on parametric active contour model, A
* New Polyphase Down-Sampling-Based Multiple Description Image Coding, A
* Non-rigid Object Tracking via Deformable Patches Using Shape-Preserved KCF and Level Sets
* note on the number of solutions of the coplanar P4P problem, A
* Novel Approach To Camera Calibration Method For Smart Phones Under Road Environment, A
* Novel Imaging Algorithm for High-Resolution Wide-Swath Space-Borne SAR Based on a Spatial-Variant Equivalent Squint Range Model, A
* Novel Measurement Matrix Based on Regression Model for Block Compressed Sensing, A
* Novel Moving Target Detection Method Based on RPCA for SAR Systems, A
* Novel Multitemporal Image-Fusion Algorithm: Method and Application to GOCI and Himawari Images for Inland Water Remote Sensing, A
* Novel Segmentation Method for Left Ventricular from Cardiac MR Images Based on Improved Markov Random Field Model, A
* Novel Solution to the P4P Problem for an Uncalibrated Camera, A
* Novel Ultra-High Resolution Imaging Algorithm Based on the Accurate High-Order 2-D Spectrum for Space-Borne SAR, A
* Object Detection and Tracking Under Occlusion for Object-Level RGB-D Video Segmentation
* Oblique Projection-Based Beamforming Method for Coherent Signals Receiving, An
* On Connections Between Regularizations for Improving DNN Robustness
* One-Shot Face Recognition via Generative Learning
* Optimised blind image watermarking method based on firefly algorithm in DWT-QR transform domain
* Pan-sharpening via a gradient-based deep network prior
* PANDA: A Gigapixel-Level Human-Centric Video Dataset
* Parameter Selection for Regularized Electron Tomography Without a Reference Image
* PCA-based adaptive color decorrelation algorithm for HEVC
* Peer-to-Peer Streaming of Layered Video: Efficiency, Fairness and Incentive
* Perceptual Extreme Super Resolution Network with Receptive Field Block
* Performance Analysis of Microwave Humidity and Temperature Sounder Onboard the FY-3D Satellite From Prelaunch Multiangle Calibration Data in Thermal/Vacuum Test
* Person Re-Identification by Dual-Regularized KISS Metric Learning
* Personalized training through Kinect-based games for physical education
* Physics Inspired Optimization on Semantic Transfer Features: An Alternative Method for Room Layout Estimation
* Physics-based Human Motion Estimation and Synthesis from Videos
* Pixel size of aerial imagery constrains the applications of unmanned aerial vehicle in crop breeding
* Point Light Source Interference Removal Method for Image Dehazing, A
* Point-wise saliency detection on 3D point clouds via covariance descriptors
* Porous Structure Design in Tissue Engineering Using Anisotropic Radial Basis Functions
* Postgraduate Student Depression Assessment by Multimedia Gait Analysis
* Random Error Modeling and Analysis of Airborne Lidar Systems
* Rate control for screen content coding based on picture classification
* Real Spike: Learning Real-Valued Spikes for Spiking Neural Networks
* Real-time calibration of space zoom cameras based on fixed stars
* Real-time estimation and prediction of lateral stability of coaches: a hybrid approach based on EKF, BPNN, and online autoregressive integrated moving average algorithm
* Real-time hand detection based on multi-stage HOG-SVM classifier
* Real-time object detection by a multi-feature fully convolutional network
* Real-Time UAV Patrol Technology in Orchard Based on the Swin-T YOLOX Lightweight Model
* Recent Advances in Large Margin Learning
* rectilinear Gaussian model for estimating straight-line parameters, A
* Reducing Information Loss for Spiking Neural Networks
* Representation, Coding and Interactive Rendering of High-Resolution Panoramic Images and Video Using MPEG-4
* Restricted Boltzmann machine approach to couple dictionary training for image super-resolution
* Rethinking Low-Light Enhancement via Transformer-GAN
* Retrieving SPAD Values of Summer Maize Using UAV Hyperspectral Data Based on Multiple Machine Learning Algorithm
* Riemannian dynamic generalized space quantization learning
* Robust 3D face reconstruction from single noisy depth image through semantic consistency
* Robust and Effective Identification Method for Point-Distributed Coded Targets in Digital Close-Range Photogrammetry, A
* RRV: A Spatiotemporal Descriptor for Rigid Body Motion Recognition
* Saliency detection via local single Gaussian model
* Scalable Video Multicast in Hybrid 3G/Ad-Hoc Networks
* Scale-Consistent Fusion: From Heterogeneous Local Sampling to Global Immersive Rendering
* Sea Ice Concentration Estimation Methodology Utilizing ICESat-2 Photon-Counting Laser Altimeter in the Arctic, A
* Selective Light Field Refocusing for Camera Arrays Using Bokeh Rendering and Superresolution
* Selective Multi-Source Total Variation Image Restoration
* Self-Supervised Gait Encoding Approach With Locality-Awareness for 3D Skeleton Based Person Re-Identification, A
* Semantic Image Synthesis via Adversarial Learning
* Semi-Online Multiple Object Tracking Using Graphical Tracklet Association
* Semi-supervised 3D Face Representation Learning from Unconstrained Photo Collections
* Semi-Supervised Pixel-Level Scene Text Segmentation by Mutually Guided Network
* Semi-Supervised PolSAR Image Classification Based on Improved Tri-Training With a Minimum Spanning Tree
* Siamese Detail Difference and Self-Inverse Network for Forest Cover Change Extraction Based on Landsat 8 OLI Satellite Images
* SIMGAN: Photo-Realistic Semantic Image Manipulation Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Soft Cost Aggregation with Multi-resolution Fusion
* Spatially Consistent Supervoxel Correspondences of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Images
* Spoofing Traction Strategy Based on the Generation of Traction Code
* SpotTune: Transfer Learning Through Adaptive Fine-Tuning
* Stacking-based ensemble learning method for the recognition of the preceding vehicle lane-changing manoeuvre: A naturalistic driving study on the highway
* Subspace Clustering for Sequential Data
* Superpixel-Based Adaptive Kernel Selection for Angular Effect Normalization of Remote Sensing Images With Kernel Learning
* Supervised Segmentation of Un-Annotated Retinal Fundus Images by Synthesis
* Synthesizing a talking mouth
* Tackling Long-Tailed Category Distribution Under Domain Shifts
* Tensor Manifold Discriminant Projections for Acceleration-Based Human Activity Recognition
* Tensor Rank Preserving Discriminant Analysis for Facial Recognition
* Tensor-Based Target Parameter Estimation Algorithm for FDA-MIMO Radar with Array Gain-Phase Error
* Texture Classification using a Linear Configuration Model based Descriptor
* Three-Dimensional Vulnerability Assessment of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) Based on Comprehensive Drought Index and Vulnerability Surface: A Case Study of Shandong Province, China
* To See in the Dark: N2DGAN for Background Modeling in Nighttime Scene
* Towards Accurate and Compact Architectures via Neural Architecture Transformer
* Towards lifelong object recognition: A dataset and benchmark
* Towards Part-aware Monocular 3d Human Pose Estimation: An Architecture Search Approach
* Tracking Human Body Motion Based on a Stick Figure Model
* TVPCF: A Spatial and Temporal Filter for Small Target Detection in IR Images
* Twin Kernel Embedding
* Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging Using Combined Transmissions With Cross-Coherence-Based Reconstruction
* Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging With Cascaded Dual-Polarity Waves
* Understanding Human Motion Patterns
* Unified Framework for Fault Detection of Freight Train Images Under Complex Environment, A
* Unsupervised Deep Video Hashing via Balanced Code for Large-Scale Video Retrieval
* Unsupervised Discovery of Object Landmarks as Structural Representations
* Unsupervised Hierarchical Semantic Segmentation with Multiview Cosegmentation and Clustering Transformers
* Urban Built Environment Assessment Based on Scene Understanding of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Validity of Five Satellite-Based Latent Heat Flux Algorithms for Semi-arid Ecosystems
* Video Object Co-Segmentation via Subspace Clustering and Quadratic Pseudo-Boolean Optimization in an MRF Framework
* Video Texture Synthesis With Multi-Frame LBP-TOP and Diffeomorphic Growth Model
* Video Vectorization via Tetrahedral Remeshing
* W-Penalty and Its Application to Alpha Matting with Sparse Labels, The
* Watch to Listen Clearly: Visual Speech Enhancement Driven Multi-modality Speech Recognition
* weakly supervised deep active contour model for nodule segmentation in thyroid ultrasound images, A
* Weather-degraded image semantic segmentation with multi-task knowledge distillation
* Winter Wheat Phenology Variation and Its Response to Climate Change in Shandong Province, China
* X-Trans2Cap: Cross-Modal Knowledge Transfer using Transformer for 3D Dense Captioning
* Zero-Shot Classification with Discriminative Semantic Representation Learning
Includes: Guo, Y.[Yanlin] Guo, Y. Guo, Y.[Yu] Guo, Y.[Yiwen] Guo, Y.[Ying] Guo, Y.[Yang] Guo, Y.[Yanwen] Guo, Y.[Yi] Guo, Y.[Yuyu] Guo, Y.[Yanan] Guo, Y.[Yiduo] Guo, Y.[Yuan] Guo, Y.[Yan] Guo, Y.[Yike] Guo, Y.[Yao] Guo, Y.[Yong] Guo, Y.[Yige] Guo, Y.[Ya] Guo, Y.[Yunrui] Guo, Y.[Yiyou] Guo, Y.[Ye] Guo, Y.[Yinan] Guo, Y.[Yanhe] Guo, Y.[Yubin] Guo, Y.[Yinong] Guo, Y.[Yimo] Guo, Y.[Yufei] Guo, Y.[Yu'ang] Guo, Y.[Yitao] Guo, Y.[Youlin] Guo, Y.[Yuhan] Guo, Y.[Yuke] Guo, Y.[Yue] Guo, Y.[Yongcun] Guo, Y.[Yuwei] Guo, Y.[Yinkun] Guo, Y.[Yanni] Guo, Y.[Yecai] Guo, Y.[Yijia] Guo, Y.[Yunrong] Guo, Y.[Yanbu] Guo, Y.[Yantao] Guo, Y.[Yiyu] Guo, Y.[Yunhui] Guo, Y.[Youzheng] Guo, Y.[Ya'nan] Guo, Y.[Yuyan] Guo, Y.[Yubei] Guo, Y.[Yumei] Guo, Y.[Yibo] Guo, Y.[Yubo] Guo, Y.[Yingshi] Guo, Y.[Yaqi] Guo, Y.[Yongcai] Guo, Y.[Yalei] Guo, Y.[Yuehao] Guo, Y.[Yiru]
366 for Guo, Y.

Guo, Y.B.[Yun Biao] Co Author Listing * Blind Copy-Paste Detection Using Improved SIFT Ring Descriptor
* Model Semantic Relations with Extended Attributes
Includes: Guo, Y.B.[Yun Biao] Guo, Y.B.[Yun-Biao]

Guo, Y.C.[Yu Cheng] Co Author Listing * 3-d Oral Shape Retrieval Using Registration Algorithm
* 3D semantic segmentation based on spatial-aware convolution and shape completion for augmented reality applications
* Blind VQA on 360° Video via Progressively Learning From Pixels, Frames, and Video
* Centripetal SGD for Pruning Very Deep Convolutional Networks With Complicated Structure
* Collective Matrix Factorization Hashing for Multimodal Data
* Convolutional factor analysis model with application to radar automatic target recognition
* DECODE: Deep Confidence Network for Robust Image Classification
* Does text attract attention on e-commerce images: A novel saliency prediction dataset and method
* Face2Face-rho: Real-Time High-Resolution One-Shot Face Reenactment
* Factors Influencing Seasonal Changes in Inundation of the Daliyaboyi Oasis, Lower Keriya River Valley, Central Tarim Basin, China
* FC-RRT*: An Improved Path Planning Algorithm for UAV in 3D Complex Environment
* Hierarchical Bayesian LSTM for Head Trajectory Prediction on Omnidirectional Images
* Hypergraph Neural Network for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Image retargeting quality assessment based on content deformation measurement
* Individual retrieval based on oral cavity point cloud data and correntropy-based registration algorithm
* Joint Learning of 3D Lesion Segmentation and Classification for Explainable COVID-19 Diagnosis
* Large-Scale Cross-Modality Search via Collective Matrix Factorization Hashing
* LAU-Net: Latitude Adaptive Upscaling Network for Omnidirectional Image Super-resolution
* Learning to Hash With Optimized Anchor Embedding for Scalable Retrieval
* Method for Reduced-Reference Color Image Quality Assessment, A
* Multi-Scale Coal Fire Detection Based on an Improved Active Contour Model from Landsat-8 Satellite and UAV Images
* Multifeature extracting CNN with concatenation for image denoising
* NeRFReN: Neural Radiance Fields with Reflections
* Novel Illumination Normalization Method for Face Recognition, A
* Optimized projection for hashing
* ResRep: Lossless CNN Pruning via Decoupling Remembering and Forgetting
* Robust and precise isotropic scaling registration algorithm using bi-directional distance and correntropy
* Robust Quantization for General Similarity Search
* SAR Target Detection Based on Domain Adaptive Faster R-CNN with Small Training Data Size
* Semi-Supervised SAR Target Detection Based on an Improved Faster R-CNN
* Sketch2Model: View-Aware 3D Modeling from Single Free-Hand Sketches
* Transfer Sparse Coding for Robust Image Representation
* Two-Stream Deep Fusion Network Based on VAE and CNN for Synthetic Aperture Radar Target Recognition
* Zero-Shot Learning With Transferred Samples
* Zero-shot multi-label learning via label factorisation
Includes: Guo, Y.C.[Yu Cheng] Guo, Y.C.[Yu-Cheng] Guo, Y.C.[Yun-Chih] Guo, Y.C.[Yi-Chen] Guo, Y.C.[Yu-Chen] Guo, Y.C.[Yuan-Chen] Guo, Y.C.[Yu-Chuan] Guo, Y.C.[Yi-Cong] Guo, Y.C.[Ying-Chun] Guo, Y.C.[Yue-Cheng] Guo, Y.C.[Yong-Cun] Guo, Y.C.[Yu-Cong]
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Guo, Y.D.[Yan Dong] Co Author Listing * 2nd 106-point Lightweight Facial Landmark Localization Grand Challenge, The
* 3D Face From X: Learning Face Shape From Diverse Sources
* AD-NeRF: Audio Driven Neural Radiance Fields for Talking Head Synthesis
* Adaptive Patch Exiting for Scalable Single Image Super-Resolution
* Adaptive Video Presentation for Small Display While Maximize Visual Information
* Adaptive Waveform Optimization for MIMO Radar Imaging Based on Sparse Recovery
* Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
* CNN-Based Real-Time Dense Face Reconstruction with Inverse-Rendered Photo-Realistic Face Images
* Comparative Analysis of Two Machine Learning Algorithms in Predicting Site-Level Net Ecosystem Exchange in Major Biomes
* CRIS: CLIP-Driven Referring Image Segmentation
* DARTS-PD: Differentiable Architecture Search with Path-Wise Weight Sharing Derivation
* Deep Two-Stream Video Inference for Human Body Pose and Shape Estimation
* Denoising Saliency Map for Region of Interest Extraction
* Distributed and Efficient Object Detection via Interactions Among Devices, Edge, and Cloud
* Dynamic hierarchical dictionary design for multi-page binary document image compression
* Efficient Meta-Tuning for Content-Aware Neural Video Delivery
* Image quality evaluation using image quality ruler and graphical model
* Improving the robustness of adversarial attacks using an affine-invariant gradient estimator
* Large Scale Incremental Learning
* Learning Personalized Image Aesthetics From Subjective and Objective Attributes
* MS-Celeb-1M: A Dataset and Benchmark for Large-Scale Face Recognition
* MV-TAL: Mulit-view Temporal Action Localization in Naturalistic Driving
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Personalized Image Aesthetics Assessment with Rich Attributes
* Prior-Guided Multi-View 3D Head Reconstruction
* Self-Distillation from the Last Mini-Batch for Consistency Regularization
* Single-Stage is Enough: Multi-Person Absolute 3D Pose Estimation
* StereoPIFu: Depth Aware Clothed Human Digitization via Stereo Vision
* Structured Local Radiance Fields for Human Avatar Modeling
* Towards Real-world Shadow Removal with a Shadow Simulation Method and a Two-stage Framework
* Video Object Matting via Hierarchical Space-Time Semantic Guidance
* View-Guided Point Cloud Completion
* Virtual Multi-Modality Self-Supervised Foreground Matting for Human-Object Interaction
Includes: Guo, Y.D.[Yan Dong] Guo, Y.D.[Yan-Dong] Guo, Y.D.[Yu-Dong] Guo, Y.D.[Yi-Duo] Guo, Y.D.[Yue-Dong] Guo, Y.D.[Yun-Di]
33 for Guo, Y.D.

Guo, Y.F.[Yuan Fang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for JPEG Images, An
* Airborne Downward-Looking Sparse Linear Array 3-D SAR Imaging via 2-D Adaptive Iterative Reweighted Atomic Norm Minimization
* Arbitrary factor image interpolation by convolution kernel constrained 2-D autoregressive modeling
* Bi-GCN: Binary Graph Convolutional Network
* Binarized Mode Seeking for Scalable Visual Pattern Discovery
* Discriminant neighborhood embedding for classification
* Efficient adaptive prediction based reversible image watermarking
* Efficient Feature Extraction for Image Classification
* egoPortray: Visual Exploration of Mobile Communication Signature from Egocentric Network Perspective
* Exploring the Impacts of Data Source, Model Types and Spatial Scales on the Soil Organic Carbon Prediction: A Case Study in the Red Soil Hilly Region of Southern China
* Feature Extraction Method Based on the Generalised Fisher Discriminant Criterion and Facial Recognition
* generalized Foley-Sammon transform based on generalized Fisher discriminant criterion and its application to face recognition, A
* Halftone image watermarking via optimization
* HCSC: Hierarchical Contrastive Selective Coding
* Hiding a Secret Pattern into Color Halftone Images
* Image de-quantization via spatially varying sparsity prior
* Image Interpolation Using Autoregressive Model and Gauss-Seidel Optimization
* Magnitude and Angle Combined Optical Flow Feature for Microexpression Spotting, A
* Metric learning by discriminant neighborhood embedding
* MFAUNet: Multiscale feature attentive U-Net for cardiac MRI structural segmentation
* Mitigating Range Ambiguity Method Based on DDMA for SAR Systems
* Multi-scale analysis of color and texture for salient object detection
* Multi-Scale Background Suppression Anomaly Detection In Surveillance Videos
* Nonparametric Distribution Prior Model for Image Segmentation
* Null Foley-Sammon transform
* Parcel-Level Mapping of Horticultural Crop Orchards in Complex Mountain Areas Using VHR and Time-Series Images
* Person Re-Identification in Panoramic Views Based on Bayesian Transformers
* Quotient Set-based Nonlinear Manifold for Image Restoration
* RecDis-SNN: Rectifying Membrane Potential Distribution for Directly Training Spiking Neural Networks
* Region Based Image Retrieval Incorporated with Camera Metadata
* Self-similarity-based image colorization
* Subpixel-Based Image Scaling for Grid-like Subpixel Arrangements: A Generalized Continuous-Domain Analysis Model
* Temporal and Visual Analysis-Based Approach to Commercial Detection in News Video, A
* Weakly Supervised Salient Object Detection Via Double Object Proposals Guidance
Includes: Guo, Y.F.[Yuan Fang] Guo, Y.F.[Yuan-Fang] Guo, Y.F.[Yi-Fan] Guo, Y.F.[Yue-Fei] Guo, Y.F.[Yuan-Fan] Guo, Y.F.[Yi-Fei] Guo, Y.F.[Yan-Fei] Guo, Y.F.[Yong-Fan] Guo, Y.F.[Yu-Fei]
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Guo, Y.G.[Ya Guang] Co Author Listing * coarse to fine network for fast and accurate object detection in high-resolution images, A
Includes: Guo, Y.G.[Ya Guang] Guo, Y.G.[Ya-Guang]

Guo, Y.H.[Yi Hui] Co Author Listing * 3D model perceptual feature metric based on global height field, A
* Adaptive Active Learning for Image Classification
* Adaptive Object Detection with Dual Multi-label Prediction
* Automated breast cancer detection and classification using ultrasound images: A survey
* Broader Study of Cross-domain Few-shot Learning, A
* Clipped Hyperbolic Classifiers Are Super-Hyperbolic Classifiers
* CO-SNE: Dimensionality Reduction and Visualization for Hyperbolic Data
* Color texture image segmentation based on neutrosophic set and wavelet transformation
* Comparison of Multi-Methods for Identifying Maize Phenology Using PhenoCams
* Data Acquisition and Preparation for Dual-Reference Deep Learning of Image Super-Resolution
* efficient and robust hybrid method for segmentation of zebrafish objects from bright-field microscope images, An
* Fast intra partition algorithm for HEVC screen content coding
* Graph-Based Kinship Recognition
* Integrated UAV-Based Multi-Source Data for Predicting Maize Grain Yield Using Machine Learning Approaches
* Integrating Spectral and Textural Information for Monitoring the Growth of Pear Trees Using Optical Images from the UAV Platform
* Machine Learning-Based Approaches for Predicting SPAD Values of Maize Using Multi-Spectral Images
* Multi-Label Zero-Shot Learning With Transfer-Aware Label Embedding Projection
* Multi-level Adaptive Active Learning for Scene Classification
* Multi-scale classification network for road crack detection
* NCM: Neutrosophic c-means clustering algorithm
* Neutrosophic approach of MRI denoising, A
* New neutrosophic approach to image segmentation
* novel diagnostic map for computer-aided diagnosis of skin cancer, A
* novel Hough transform based on eliminating particle swarm optimization and its applications, A
* novel optimized neutrosophic k-means using genetic algorithm for skin lesion detection in dermoscopy images, A
* Object Co-occurrence Assisted Hierarchical Model for Scene Understanding, An
* Object Detection in 20 Years: A Survey
* Optimised halftoning and inverse halftoning of dermoscopic images for supporting teledermoscopy system
* Progressive Ensemble Networks for Zero-Shot Recognition
* QoE-driven optimization for cloud-assisted DASH-based scalable interactive multiview video streaming over wireless network
* Semi-Supervised Zero-Shot Classification with Label Representation Learning
* Temporal Self-Ensembling Teacher for Semi-Supervised Object Detection
* Translation Invariant Directional Framelet Transform Combined With Gabor Filters for Image Denoising
* UAV Multispectral Image-Based Urban River Water Quality Monitoring Using Stacked Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms: A Case Study of the Zhanghe River, China
* Underwater Image Enhancement Using Pre-trained Transformer
* Varied channels region proposal and classification network for wildlife image classification under complex environment
Includes: Guo, Y.H.[Yi Hui] Guo, Y.H.[Yi-Hui] Guo, Y.H.[Yu-Hong] Guo, Y.H.[Yan-Hui] Guo, Y.H.[Yun-Hui] Guo, Y.H.[Ya-Hui] Guo, Y.H.[Yuan-Hao] Guo, Y.H.[Yu-Hui] Guo, Y.H.[Yi-Hua] Guo, Y.H.[Yu-Hua] Guo, Y.H.[Yu-Hang]
36 for Guo, Y.H.

Guo, Y.J.[Y. Jay] Co Author Listing * 3-D Terahertz Imaging Based on Piecewise Constant Doppler Algorithm and Step- Frequency Continuous-Wave Signaling
* BDPK: Bayesian Dehazing Using Prior Knowledge
* Combining Dilution of Precision and Kalman Filtering for UWB Positioning in a Narrow Space
* Comparative Study on Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection via 3d Convolutional Neural Networks, A
* Construction of a COVID-19 Pandemic Situation Knowledge Graph Considering Spatial Relationships: A Case Study of Guangzhou, China
* Detail-Preserving Trajectory Summarization Based on Segmentation and Group-Based Filtering
* Development of a Novel Bidirectional Canopy Reflectance Model for Row-Planted Rice and Wheat
* DGFNet: Dual Gate Fusion Network for Land Cover Classification in Very High-Resolution Images
* Efficient Synthesis of Filter-and-Sum Array With Scanned Wideband Frequency-Invariant Beam Pattern and Space-Frequency Notching
* Exploring the Vertical Distribution of Structural Parameters and Light Radiation in Rice Canopies by the Coupling Model and Remote Sensing
* Gamma-Correction-Based Visibility Restoration for Single Hazy Images
* Generalized Continuous Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar for High Resolution and Wide Swath Remote Sensing
* IDE: Image Dehazing and Exposure Using an Enhanced Atmospheric Scattering Model
* Identity Authentication Based on Dynamic Touch Behavior on Smartphone
* IDGCP: Image Dehazing Based on Gamma Correction Prior
* Mapping Large-Scale Mangroves along the Maritime Silk Road from 1990 to 2015 Using a Novel Deep Learning Model and Landsat Data
* Millimeter-Wave GCW-SAR Based on Deramp-on-Receive and Piecewise Constant Doppler Imaging, A
* Multi-modality Image Registration Using Mutual Information Based on Gradient Vector Flow
* Novel Integrated Framework of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Road Traffic for Energy-Efficient Delay-Sensitive Delivery
* Optimal Routing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Joint Goods Delivery and in-Situ Sensing
* Smart_Auth: User Identity Authentication Based on Smartphone Motion Sensors
* Spatiotemporal Changes in Supply-Demand Patterns of Carbon Sequestration Services in an Urban Agglomeration under China's Rapid Urbanization
Includes: Guo, Y.J.[Y. Jay] Guo, Y.J. Guo, Y.J.[Yun-Jian] Guo, Y.J.[Yi-Jun] Guo, Y.J.[Yue-Jun] Guo, Y.J.[Yong-Jiu] Guo, Y.J.[Yong-Jie] Guo, Y.J.[Yin-Jing] Guo, Y.J.[Yu-Juan] Guo, Y.J.[Yu-Jun] Guo, Y.J.[Yu-Jie]
22 for Guo, Y.J.

Guo, Y.K.[Yu Kun] Co Author Listing * Attention Enhanced U-Net for Building Extraction from Farmland Based on Google and WorldView-2 Remote Sensing Images
* Parameter Flexible Wildfire Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques: Forward and Inverse Modelling
* Quantitatively Assessing the Impact of Driving Factors on Vegetation Cover Change in China's 32 Major Cities
* Runoff Responses of Various Driving Factors in a Typical Basin in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area
* Three-Dimensional Visualization and Optimization Method of Landslide Disaster Scenes Guided by Knowledge, A
* Virtual Reality Simulation Method for Crowd Evacuation in a Multiexit Indoor Fire Environment, A
Includes: Guo, Y.K.[Yu Kun] Guo, Y.K.[Yu-Kun] Guo, Y.K.[Yi-Ke] Guo, Y.K.[Yin-Kun] Guo, Y.K.[Yi-Kai]

Guo, Y.L.[Yu Lan] Co Author Listing * 3-D Road Boundary Extraction From Mobile Laser Scanning Data via Supervoxels and Graph Cuts
* 3D free form object recognition using rotational projection statistics
* 3D Highway Curve Reconstruction From Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds
* 3D object recognition and pose estimation for random bin-picking using Partition Viewpoint Feature Histograms
* 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Scenes with Local Surface Features: A Survey
* 3D pointcloud registration algorithm based on fast coherent point drift, A
* 3DAC: Learning Attribute Compression for Point Clouds
* 3DMAX-Net: A Multi-Scale Spatial Contextual Network for 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* 3DPointCaps++: Learning 3D Representations with Capsule Networks
* Accurate and Robust Range Image Registration Algorithm for 3D Object Modeling, An
* Action exemplar based real-time action detection
* Adv-Depth: Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation With an Adversarial Loss
* Aerial video surveillance and exploitation
* Bilateral Grid Learning for Stereo Matching Networks
* Boosting Weakly Supervised Object Detection via Learning Bounding Box Adjusters
* Characteristics of the Total Suspended Matter Concentration in the Hongze Lake during 1984-2019 Based on Landsat Data
* Color Transfer Based on Earth Mover's Distance and Color Categorization
* Comprehensive Performance Evaluation of 3D Local Feature Descriptors, A
* Decadal Changes in Glacier Area, Surface Elevation and Mass Balance for 2000-2020 in the Eastern Tanggula Mountains Using Optical Images and TanDEM-X Radar Data
* Decoupling Makes Weakly Supervised Local Feature Better
* Deep Differentiable Random Forests for Age Estimation
* Deep Learning for 3D Point Clouds: A Survey
* Deep learning for 3D vision
* Deep neural networks on graph signals for brain imaging analysis
* Deep point-to-subspace metric learning for sketch-based 3D shape retrieval
* Deep Regression Forests for Age Estimation
* Deep Video Super-Resolution Using HR Optical Flow Estimation
* Deformable Pedal Curves and Surfaces: Hybrid Geometric Active Models for Shape Recovery
* Dense Nested Attention Network for Infrared Small Target Detection
* Depth Estimation by Combining Binocular Stereo and Monocular Structured-Light
* Differential Geometry in Edge Detection: Accurate Estimation of Position, Orientation and Curvature
* Disentangling Light Fields for Super-Resolution and Disparity Estimation
* efficient 3D face recognition approach using local geometrical signatures, An
* Efficient rotation estimation for 3D registration and global localization in structured point clouds
* EI3D: Expression-invariant 3D face recognition based on feature and shape matching
* Exploring Fine-Grained Sparsity in Convolutional Neural Networks for Efficient Inference
* Exploring Sparsity in Image Super-Resolution for Efficient Inference
* Exploring the Relationship between the Arid Valley Boundary's Displacement and Climate Change during 1999-2013 in the Upper Reaches of the Min River, China
* First Challenge on Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Satellite Videos: Methods and Results, The
* Flickr1024: A Large-Scale Dataset for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
* GEN-Lanenet: A Generalized and Scalable Approach for 3d Lane Detection
* Geometric Transformer for Fast and Robust Point Cloud Registration
* Global Context Reasoning for Semantic Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on RGB-D Vision: Methods and Applications
* Heterogeneous Feature-based Image Alignment Method, A
* Improved Unmixing-Based Fusion Method: Potential Application to Remote Monitoring of Inland Waters, An
* Independent Motion Detection in 3D Scenes
* Indoor 3D Human Trajectory Reconstruction Using Surveillance Camera Videos and Point Clouds
* Iris Recognition at a Distance
* Landsat-Based Long-Term Monitoring of Total Suspended Matter Concentration Pattern Change in the Wet Season for Dongting Lake, China
* Learnable Depth-Sensitive Attention for Deep RGB-D Saliency Detection with Multi-modal Fusion Architecture Search
* Learnable Lookup Table for Neural Network Quantization
* Learning A Single Network for Scale-Arbitrary Super-Resolution
* Learning Actions Using Robust String Kernels
* Learning for Video Super-Resolution Through HR Optical Flow Estimation
* Learning Multi-View Representation With LSTM for 3-D Shape Recognition and Retrieval
* Learning Parallax Attention for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
* Learning Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale Point Clouds With Random Sampling
* Learning-Based Building Outline Detection from Multiple Aerial Images
* Light Field Image Super-Resolution Using Deformable Convolution
* Local binary features for texture classification: Taxonomy and experimental study
* Local-to-Global Cost Aggregation for Semantic Correspondence
* Matching vehicles under large pose transformations using approximate 3D models and piecewise MRF model
* Method and apparatus for detecting independent motion in three-dimensional scenes
* Multi-stage Approach to Curve Extraction, A
* Multiple Cue Integrated Action Detection
* Not All Points Are Equal: Learning Highly Efficient Point-based Detectors for 3D LiDAR Point Clouds
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Occlusion-Aware Cost Constructor for Light Field Depth Estimation
* OmniFusion: 360 Monocular Depth Estimation via Geometry-Aware Fusion
* On evaluating methods for recovering image curve fragments
* Pairwise registration of TLS point clouds using covariance descriptors and a non-cooperative game
* Pano-SfMLearner: Self-Supervised Multi-Task Learning of Depth and Semantics in Panoramic Videos
* Parallax Attention for Unsupervised Stereo Correspondence Learning
* PEET: Prototype Embedding and Embedding Transition for Matching Vehicles over Disparate Viewpoints
* Performance Evaluation of 3D Local Feature Descriptors
* PoP-Net: Pose over Parts Network for Multi-Person 3D Pose Estimation from a Depth Image
* Projective distribution entropy and point clouds mosaic algorithm
* Pseudo-LiDAR Point Cloud Interpolation Based on 3D Motion Representation and Spatial Supervision
* RandLA-Net: Efficient Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale Point Clouds
* Rapid Localization and Extraction of Street Light Poles in Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds: A Supervoxel-Based Approach
* RayMVSNet: Learning Ray-based 1D Implicit Fields for Accurate Multi-View Stereo
* repeatable and robust local reference frame for 3D surface matching, A
* Robust and Real-Time Object Tracking Using Scale-Adaptive Correlation Filters
* Robust Object Matching for Persistent Tracking with Heterogeneous Features
* Robust procedural model fitting with a new geometric similarity estimator
* Rotational Projection Statistics for 3D Local Surface Description and Object Recognition
* Scale space clustering evolution for salient region detection on 3D deformable shapes
* Semantic Context Encoding for Accurate 3D Point Cloud Segmentation
* Semantic segmentation of 3D indoor LiDAR point clouds through feature pyramid architecture search
* Semantic-Aware Domain Generalized Segmentation
* SGHs for 3D local surface description
* Signal, image and video processing special issue: Semantic representations for social behavior analysis in video surveillance systems
* Simultaneous Context Feature Learning and Hashing for Large Scale Loop Closure Detection
* Snake Pedals: Compact and Versatile Geometric Models with Physics-Based Control
* Snake Pedals: Geometric Models with Physics-Based Control
* Soft Exemplar Highlighting for Cross-View Image-Based Geo-Localization
* Sparse-to-dense Feature Matching: Intra and Inter domain Cross-modal Learning in Domain Adaptation for 3D Semantic Segmentation
* Spatial-angular Interaction for Light Field Image Super-resolution
* Spatial-Spectral Total Variation Regularized Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Spatial-Temporal Transformer for 3D Point Cloud Sequences
* SpinNet: Learning a General Surface Descriptor for 3D Point Cloud Registration
* SQN: Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation of Large-Scale 3D Point Clouds
* Stereo Attention Module for Stereo Image Super-Resolution, A
* Stereo Matching Using Multi-Level Cost Volume and Multi-Scale Feature Constancy
* Symmetric Parallax Attention for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
* Symmetry and Uncertainty-Aware Object SLAM for 6DoF Object Pose Estimation
* Techniques and systems for developing high-resolution imagery
* Two-Phase Weighted Collaborative Representation for 3D partial face recognition with single sample, A
* Unsupervised Degradation Representation Learning for Blind Super-Resolution
* Unsupervised Primitive Discovery for Improved 3D Generative Modeling
* Use of Remote Sensing to Quantitatively Assess the Visual Effect of Urban Landscape-A Case Study of Zhengzhou, China, The
* Variable remapping of images from very different sources
* Vehicle Fingerprinting for Reacquisition and Tracking in Videos
* You Only Train Once: Learning General and Distinctive 3D Local Descriptors
Includes: Guo, Y.L.[Yu Lan] Guo, Y.L.[Yu-Lan] Guo, Y.L.[Yan-Lin] Guo, Y.L.[Yue-Lin] Guo, Y.L.[Yu-Long] Guo, Y.L.[Yi-Lin] Guo, Y.L.[Yan-Long] Guo, Y.L.[Yi-Lu] Guo, Y.L.[Yi-Luan] Guo, Y.L.[Yu-Liang] Guo, Y.L.[Ya-Lin]
115 for Guo, Y.L.

Guo, Y.M.[Ya Min] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval over Bright Areas Using Landsat 8 OLI Images
* Atmospheric turbulence degraded image restoration using a modified dilated convolutional network
* Bag of Surrogate Parts Feature for Visual Recognition
* Bag of Surrogate Parts: one inherent feature of deep CNNs
* Comparative Study of Bulk Parameterization Schemes for Estimating Cloudy-Sky Surface Downward Longwave Radiation, A
* Comparison of Different Missing-Imputation Methods for MAIAC (Multiangle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction) AOD in Estimating Daily PM2.5 Levels
* CycleMatch: A cycle-consistent embedding network for image-text matching
* Feasibility of Estimating Cloudy-Sky Surface Longwave Net Radiation Using Satellite-Derived Surface Shortwave Net Radiation
* Learn to Extract Building Outline from Misaligned Annotation through Nearest Feature Selector
* Learn to Recover Visible Color for Video Surveillance in a Day
* Learning a Recurrent Residual Fusion Network for Multimodal Matching
* Learning visual and textual representations for multimodal matching and classification
* Multi-label learning with globAl densiTy fusiOn Mapping features
* New Space-to-Ground Microwave-Based Two-Way Time Synchronization Method for Next-Generation Space Atomic Clocks, A
* On the Exploration of Convolutional Fusion Networks for Visual Recognition
* review of semantic segmentation using deep neural networks, A
* Special issue on deep learning in image and video retrieval
* Stacked Fully Convolutional Networks with Feature Alignment Framework for Multi-Label Land-cover Segmentation, A
* What Convnets Make for Image Captioning?
Includes: Guo, Y.M.[Ya Min] Guo, Y.M.[Ya-Min] Guo, Y.M.[Yi-Ming] Guo, Y.M.[Yan-Ming] Guo, Y.M.[Yu-Ming] Guo, Y.M.[Yi-Min] Guo, Y.M.[Yu-Meng]
19 for Guo, Y.M.

Guo, Y.N.[Yi Nan] Co Author Listing * Feature selection with kernelized multi-class support vector machine
* Framework of Spatio-Temporal Fusion Algorithm Selection for Landsat NDVI Time Series Construction, A
Includes: Guo, Y.N.[Yi Nan] Guo, Y.N.[Yi-Nan] Guo, Y.N.[Yang-Nan]

Guo, Y.P. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of cells from microscopic imagery using ellipse detection
* Blind Restoration of Images Degraded by Space-Variant Blurs Using Iterative Algorithms for Both Blur Identification and Image Restoration
* Credit risk assessment of P2P lending platform towards big data based on BP neural network
* Estimating Community-Level Plant Functional Traits in a Species-Rich Alpine Meadow Using UAV Image Spectroscopy
* Multichannel Image Restorations Using an Iterative Algorithm in Space Domain
* Planted Forest Mapping Method Based on Long-Term Change Trend Features Derived from Dense Landsat Time Series in an Ecological Restoration Region, A
* Printer forensics based on page document's geometric distortion
Includes: Guo, Y.P. Guo, Y.P.[Yi-Ping] Guo, Y.P.[Yan-Pei]
7 for Guo, Y.P.

Guo, Y.Q.[Ying Qian] Co Author Listing * Acceptance of Online Mapping Technology among Older Adults: Technology Acceptance Model with Facilitating Condition, Compatibility, and Self-Satisfaction
* Adversarial Analysis for Source Camera Identification
* Amplitude-adaptive spread-spectrum data embedding
* Artistic Style Discovery with Independent Components
* Binary Code Reranking Method Based on Bit Importance
* BLAN: Bi-directional ladder attentive network for facial attribute prediction
* Displacement Prediction of the Muyubao Landslide Based on a GPS Time-Series Analysis and Temporal Convolutional Network Model
* Driver emotion recognition of multiple-ECG feature fusion based on BP network and D-S evidence
* Driver's Intention Identification With the Involvement of Emotional Factors in Two-Lane Roads
* Early Detection of Crop Injury from Glyphosate on Soybean and Cotton Using Plant Leaf Hyperspectral Data
* Fine-grained visual categorization with fine-tuned segmentation
* Generalized transfer component analysis for mismatched JPEG steganalysis
* Image Piece Learning for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Locality sensitive discriminative dictionary learning
* Method to Reconstruct the Solar-Induced Canopy Fluorescence Spectrum from Hyperspectral Measurements, A
* Multi-scale Multi-attention Network for Moiré Document Image Binarization
* Multi-task Facial Activity Patterns Learning for micro-expression recognition using Joint Temporal Local Cube Binary Pattern
* Nomination-favoured opinion pool for optical-SAR-synergistic rice mapping in face of weakened flooding signals
* Plant species richness prediction from DESIS hyperspectral data: A comparison study on feature extraction procedures and regression models
* Quantitative Estimation of Fluorescence Parameters for Crop Leaves with Bayesian Inversion
* Remote sensing image super-resolution based on convolutional blind denoising adaptive dense connection
* Retinal vessel segmentation based on an improved deep forest
* Secure spread-spectrum data embedding with PN-sequence masking
* Survey of Deep Facial Attribute Analysis, A
* Trajectory Planning for an Autonomous Vehicle in Spatially Constrained Environments
* Transition characteristics of driver's intentions triggered by emotional evolution in two-lane urban roads
Includes: Guo, Y.Q.[Ying Qian] Guo, Y.Q.[Ying-Qian] Guo, Y.Q.[Yan-Qing] Guo, Y.Q.[Ying-Quan] Guo, Y.Q.[Yong-Qing] Guo, Y.Q.[Yi-Qing] Guo, Y.Q.[Yu-Qiang] Guo, Y.Q.[Ying-Qing] Guo, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing]
26 for Guo, Y.Q.

Guo, Y.R.[Yu Rong] Co Author Listing * Channel-Wise and Feature-Points Reweights DenseNet for Image Classification
* Distribution-Based Active Contour Model for Medical Image Segmentation
* Editorial Deep Multi-Source Data Analysis
* Exploring Self-Attention Graph Pooling With EEG-Based Topological Structure and Soft Label for Depression Detection
* Hierarchical Lung Field Segmentation With Joint Shape and Appearance Sparse Learning
* Hierarchical Prototype Refinement With Progressive Inter-Categorical Discrimination Maximization for Few-Shot Learning
* Hippocampus Segmentation from MR Infant Brain Images via Boundary Regression
* Intervertebral Disc Shape Analysis with Geodesic Metric in Shape Space
* Learning Calibrated Class Centers for Few-Shot Classification by Pair-Wise Similarity
* Novel Multi-Atlas Segmentation by Matrix Completion
* Regression Guided Deformable Models for Segmentation of Multiple Brain ROIs
* Robust Anatomical Correspondence Detection by Graph Matching with Sparsity Constraint
* Robust Anatomical Correspondence Detection by Hierarchical Sparse Graph Matching
* Scale-Aware Spatially Guided Mapping
* Semantic segmentation of RGBD images based on deep depth regression
Includes: Guo, Y.R.[Yu Rong] Guo, Y.R.[Yu-Rong] Guo, Y.R.[Yan-Rong]
15 for Guo, Y.R.

Guo, Y.S.[Yan Shuang] Co Author Listing * Potential Mechanism of the Satellite Thermal Infrared Seismic Anomaly Based on Change in Temperature Caused by Stress Variation: Theoretical, Experimental and Field Investigations, A
* Superior PM2.5 Estimation by Integrating Aerosol Fine Mode Data from the Himawari-8 Satellite in Deep and Classical Machine Learning Models
Includes: Guo, Y.S.[Yan Shuang] Guo, Y.S.[Yan-Shuang] Guo, Y.S.[Yu-Shan]

Guo, Y.T.[Yu Tang] Co Author Listing * Efficient quantization of color sift for image classification
* Improved Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Using Parametric Binary Tree Labeling, An
* Meta Transfer Learning for Adaptive Vehicle Tracking in UAV Videos
* practical spatial re-ranking method for instance search from videos, A
* TrajGen: Generating Realistic and Diverse Trajectories With Reactive and Feasible Agent Behaviors for Autonomous Driving
* unsupervised generative adversarial network for single image deraining, An
Includes: Guo, Y.T.[Yu Tang] Guo, Y.T.[Yu-Tang] Guo, Y.T.[Yu-Ting] Guo, Y.T.[You-Tian]

Guo, Y.W.[Yu Wei] Co Author Listing * Cluster Alignment With Target Knowledge Mining for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Semantic Segmentation
* consistent pixel-wise blur measure for partially blurred images, A
* Cosegmentation for Object-Based Building Change Detection From High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Images
* Deep Surface Normal Estimation on the 2-sphere with Confidence Guided Semantic Attention
* Discriminative Nonorthogonal Binary Subspace Tracking
* Exploiting feature correspondence constraints for image recognition
* Fast Non-Local Algorithm for Image Denoising
* Image Stitching Based on Semantic Planar Region Consensus
* MinEnt: Minimum entropy for self-supervised representation learning
* novel dynamic rough subspace based selective ensemble, A
* Object tracking using learned feature manifolds
* Pointly-supervised scene parsing with uncertainty mixture
* Ridgelet-Nets With Speckle Reduction Regularization for SAR Image Scene Classification
* Sufficient Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Tensor Discriminant Analysis via Compact Feature Representation for Hyperspectral Images Dimensionality Reduction
* Yet Another Intermediate-level Attack
Includes: Guo, Y.W.[Yu Wei] Guo, Y.W.[Yu-Wei] Guo, Y.W.[Yan-Wen] Guo, Y.W.[Yi-Wen]
16 for Guo, Y.W.

Guo, Y.X.[You Xing] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control for high-speed train using multi-body dynamics model
* Indoor Scene Generation from a Collection of Semantic-Segmented Depth Images
* Multi-Modal Human Authentication Using Silhouettes, Gait and RGB
* New Design and Implementation of the Butterfly Unit on FPGA, A
* Prediction of Changeable Eddy Structures around Luzon Strait Using an Artificial Neural Network Model
* Quantitative Assessment of Impact of Climate Change and Human Activities on Streamflow Changes Using an Improved Three-Parameter Monthly Water Balance Model
* Risk Prediction of Coastal Hazards Induced by Typhoon: A Case Study in the Coastal Region of Shenzhen, China
* Semantic Segmentation of Panoramic Images for Real-Time Parking Slot Detection
Includes: Guo, Y.X.[You Xing] Guo, Y.X.[You-Xing] Guo, Y.X.[Yu-Xiao] Guo, Y.X.[Yu-Xiang] Guo, Y.X.[Yi-Xiong] Guo, Y.X.[Yun-Xia] Guo, Y.X.[Yu-Xue] Guo, Y.X.[Yi-Xin]
8 for Guo, Y.X.

Guo, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Co Author Listing * Assessing Community-Level Livability Using Combined Remote Sensing and Internet-Based Big Geospatial Data
* Automated analysis of pedestrian walking behaviour at a signalised intersection in China
* Chairs Can Be Stood On: Overcoming Object Bias in Human-Object Interaction Detection
* CubemapSLAM: A Piecewise-Pinhole Monocular Fisheye SLAM System
* Fine-Grained Predicates Learning for Scene Graph Generation
* Fingerprint Liveness Detection Using Multiple Static Features and Random Forests
* From General to Specific: Informative Scene Graph Generation via Balance Adjustment
* Learned Hyperspectral Compression Using a Student's T Hyperprior
* Loss Re-Scaling VQA: Revisiting the Language Prior Problem From a Class-Imbalance View
* Novel Freeze-Thaw State Detection Algorithm Based on L-Band Passive Microwave Remote Sensing, A
* Recurrent Tissue-Aware Network for Deformable Registration of Infant Brain MR Images
* Relation Regularized Scene Graph Generation
* Remotely Sensed Winter Habitat Indices Improve the Explanation of Broad-Scale Patterns of Mammal and Bird Species Richness in China
* Spatiotemporal Volumetric Interpolation Network for 4D Dynamic Medical Image, A
* survey on deep learning methods for scene flow estimation, A
Includes: Guo, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Guo, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan] Guo, Y.Y.[Yan-Yong] Guo, Y.Y.[Yang-Yang] Guo, Y.Y.[Yang-Yan] Guo, Y.Y.[Yu-Yu] Guo, Y.Y.[Yan-Yan] Guo, Y.Y.[Yi-You]
15 for Guo, Y.Y.

Guo, Y.Z.[Yu Zhu] Co Author Listing * Cryptanalysis of a chaotic image encryption scheme based on permutation-diffusion structure
* Exploring Robustness of Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Spatio-Temporal-Spectral Hierarchical Graph Convolutional Network with Semisupervised Active Learning for Patient-Specific Seizure Prediction
Includes: Guo, Y.Z.[Yu Zhu] Guo, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhu] Guo, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhi]

Guo, Z.[Zhe] Co Author Listing * 2D representation of facial surfaces for multi-pose 3D face recognition
* Accurate Building Extraction from Fused DSM and UAV Images Using a Chain Fully Convolutional Neural Network
* adaptive intra-frame parallel method based on complexity estimation for HEVC, An
* Adaptive Perona-Malik Model Based on the Variable Exponent for Image Denoising
* Adaptive Sensor Placement and Boundary Estimation for Monitoring Mass Objects
* Adaptive Video Streaming With Optimized Bitstream Extraction and PID-Based Quality Control
* APL: Adaptive Preloading of Short Video with Lyapunov Optimization
* Automatic Ship Detection in Remote Sensing Images from Google Earth of Complex Scenes Based on Multiscale Rotation Dense Feature Pyramid Networks
* Automating Parameter Learning for Classifying Terrestrial LiDAR Point Cloud Using 2D Land Cover Maps
* Book Retrieval and Location System Based on Real-Scene 3D, A
* Color-Guided Depth Recovery via Joint Local Structural and Nonlocal Low-Rank Regularization
* Context-Aware Text-Based Binary Image Stylization and Synthesis
* Controllable Artistic Text Style Transfer via Shape-Matching GAN
* Cooperation of Boundary Attention and Negative Matrix L1 Regularization Loss Function for Polyp Segmentation
* Crowd Counting with Fully Convolutional Neural Network
* D3R-Net: Dynamic Routing Residue Recurrent Network for Video Rain Removal
* Data fusion of high-resolution satellite imagery and GIS data for automatic building extraction
* development and comparison of face recognition algorithms based on different technical characteristics, The
* Distinct Discriminant Canonical Correlation Analysis Network based Deep Information Quality Representation for Image Classification*, A
* Distributed Kalman filter based on Metropolis-Hastings sampling strategy
* Door Knob Hand Recognition System
* End-to-end Building Change Detection Model In Aerial Imagery And Digital Surface Model Based on Neural Networks
* Enhanced Statistical Estimation of Air Temperature Incorporating Nighttime Light Data
* Erase or Fill? Deep Joint Recurrent Rain Removal and Reconstruction in Videos
* Expressive Talking Head Generation with Granular Audio-Visual Control
* Extracting region of interest for palmprint by convolutional neural networks
* Fast Forward Full-Duplex Cooperative Relay Scheme for Securing Wireless Communications, A
* Fast perceptual region tracking with coding-depth sensitive access for stream transcoding
* Fine-Scale Face Fitting and Texture Fusion With Inverse Renderer
* Framework of Joint Graph Embedding and Sparse Regression for Dimensionality Reduction, A
* Fusing disparate object signatures for salient object detection in video
* Generalizing Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation in the Wild
* Generating Diverse and Descriptive Image Captions Using Visual Paraphrases
* Graph Neural Network Based Multi-feature Fusion for Building Change Detection
* Image Coding for Machines with Omnipotent Feature Learning
* Impact of Winter Snowfall on Vegetation Greenness in Central Asia
* Improving Stereo Matching Generalization via Fourier-Based Amplitude Transform
* Irregularly Sampled Seismic Data Reconstruction Using Multiscale Multidirectional Adaptive Prediction-Error Filter
* Joint-Feature Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution With Face Priors
* Label Distribution-Based Facial Attractiveness Computation by Deep Residual Learning
* Land Subsidence Monitoring Method in Regions of Variable Radar Reflection Characteristics by Integrating PS-InSAR and SBAS-InSAR Techniques
* Learned Video Compression with Feature-level Residuals
* Learning Discriminant Direction Binary Palmprint Descriptor
* Local ternary pattern based on path integral for steganalysis
* Loss-Based Attention for Interpreting Image-Level Prediction of Convolutional Neural Networks
* Low-Cost Beamforming and DOA Estimation Based on One-Bit Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface
* Mask-Guided Transformer Network with Topic Token for Remote Sensing Image Captioning, A
* MetaPruning: Meta Learning for Automatic Neural Network Channel Pruning
* Model-Based Analysis of the Influence of Forest Structures on the Scattering Phase Center at L-Band
* Modeling and Analysis of Skype Video Calls: Rate Control and Video Quality
* Multi-Modal Topic Model for Image Annotation Using Text Analysis, A
* Multi-Pose 3D Face Recognition Based on 2D Sparse Representation
* Multi-Scale and Multi-Level Spectral-Spatial Feature Fusion Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Multiplicative Noise Removal for Texture Images Based on Adaptive Anisotropic Fractional Diffusion Equations
* Nearest Neighbors Meet Deep Neural Networks for Point Cloud Analysis
* Novel Graph-Based Framework for Classifying Urban Functional Zones with Multisource Data and Human Mobility Patterns, A
* Novel Multicamera System for High-Speed Touchless Palm Recognition, A
* Object localization in weakly labeled data using regularized attention networks
* Object-Distortion Based Image Quality Similarity, An
* On semantic image segmentation using deep convolutional neural network with shortcuts and easy class extension
* optimal spatial-temporal smoothness approach for tile-based 360-degree video streaming, An
* Panoptic Scene Graph Generation
* Parametric Human Shape Reconstruction via Bidirectional Silhouette Guidance
* Perceptual Friendly Variable Rate Image Compression
* Permutation-Invariant Feature Restructuring for Correlation-Aware Image Set-Based Recognition
* Physically Interpretable Rice Field Extraction Model for PolSAR Imagery, A
* PointCLIP: Point Cloud Understanding by CLIP
* Pore and Microfracture Characterization in Tight Gas Sandstone Reservoirs with a New Rock-Physics-Based Seismic Attribute
* PrefCache: Edge Cache Admission With User Preference Learning for Video Content Distribution
* QoE-Driven Adaptive K-Push for HTTP/2 Live Streaming
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Dead-Zone Plus Uniform Threshold Scalar Quantization and Its Application: Part II: Two-Pass VBR Coding for H.264/AVC
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Dead-Zone Plus Uniform Threshold Scalar Quantization and Its Application: Part I: Fundamental Theory
* Reference-Guided Deep Super-Resolution via Manifold Localized External Compensation
* Restoration of Unevenly Illuminated Images
* Robust and automatic video colorization via multiframe reordering refinement
* Robust Facial Expression Recognition Based on Dual Branch Multi-feature Learning
* Robust Texture Image Representation by Scale Selective Local Binary Patterns
* Sar2color: Learning Imaging Characteristics of SAR Images for SAR-to-Optical Transformation
* Scalable Optimization Mechanism for Pairwise Based Discrete Hashing, A
* Scale-Free Single Image Deraining Via Visibility-Enhanced Recurrent Wavelet Learning
* SCRDet: Towards More Robust Detection for Small, Cluttered and Rotated Objects
* Shadow removal with background difference method based on shadow position and edges attributes
* Single Path One-shot Neural Architecture Search with Uniform Sampling
* SketchBird: Learning to Generate Bird Sketches from Text
* Statistical Learning Based Congestion Control for Real-Time Video Communication
* Structure-Guided Image Inpainting Using Homography Transformation
* Three-Dimensional Coherent Radar Backscatter Model and Simulations of Scattering Phase Center of Forest Canopies
* Unsupervised Learning from Linked Documents
* Updated Experimental Model of IG12 Indices Over the Antarctic Region via the Assimilation of IRI2016 With GNSS TEC, An
* Video Captioning With Attention-Based LSTM and Semantic Consistency
* Wireless Video Multicast With Cooperative and Incremental Transmission of Parity Packets
Includes: Guo, Z.[Zhe] Guo, Z.[Zihui] Guo, Z. Guo, Z.[Zhi] Guo, Z.[Zhou] Guo, Z.[Zhengnan] Guo, Z.[Zheng] Guo, Z.[Zhen] Guo, Z.[Zhizhi] Guo, Z.[Zhong] Guo, Z.[Zuwei] Guo, Z.[Zongyu] Guo, Z.[Zengkun] Guo, Z.[Zihao] Guo, Z.[Ziyu] Guo, Z.[Zhang] Guo, Z.[Zujin] Guo, Z.[Zihuan] Guo, Z.[Zhiqi] Guo, Z.[Zichao] Guo, Z.[Zehua] Guo, Z.[Zhao]
91 for Guo, Z.

Guo, Z.B.[Zheng Bing] Co Author Listing * dynamic routing CapsNet based on increment prototype clustering for overcoming catastrophic forgetting, A
Includes: Guo, Z.B.[Zheng Bing] Guo, Z.B.[Zheng-Bing]

Guo, Z.C.[Zi Chao] Co Author Listing * Angle-based Search Space Shrinking for Neural Architecture Search
* Assessing Snow Phenology and Its Environmental Driving Factors in Northeast China
* Detecting the Sources of Methane Emission from Oil Shale Mining and Processing Using Airborne Hyperspectral Data
* Doubly Degenerate Diffusion Model Based on the Gray Level Indicator for Multiplicative Noise Removal, A
* Dynamic Region-Aware Convolution
* Fast Fully Parallel Thinning Algorithms
* Linear Reaction-Diffusion System with Interior Degeneration for Color Image Compression, A
* Monitoring and Analyzing Mountain Glacier Surface Movement Using SAR Data and a Terrestrial Laser Scanner: A Case Study of the Himalayas North Slope Glacier Area
* Monitoring Desertification Using Machine-Learning Techniques with Multiple Indicators Derived from MODIS Images in Mu Us Sandy Land, China
* Multi-Modal Video Reasoning and Analyzing Competition, The
* Multiplicative Noise Removal Based on the Smooth Diffusion Equation
* New Application of Random Forest Algorithm to Estimate Coverage of Moss-Dominated Biological Soil Crusts in Semi-Arid Mu Us Sandy Land, China, A
* Parallel Thinning with Two-Subiteration Algorithms
* Salt-and-Pepper Noise Removal via Local Hölder Seminorm and Nonlocal Operator for Natural and Texture Image
* Spectral Response Assessment of Moss-Dominated Biological Soil Crust Coverage Under Dry and Wet Conditions
Includes: Guo, Z.C.[Zi Chao] Guo, Z.C.[Zi-Chao] Guo, Z.C.[Ze-Cheng] Guo, Z.C.[Zhao-Cheng] Guo, Z.C.[Zhi-Chang] Guo, Z.C.[Zi-Cheng] Guo, Z.C.[Zi-Chen] Guo, Z.C.[Zhi-Cheng]
15 for Guo, Z.C.

Guo, Z.D.[Zi Dong] Co Author Listing * Defect Inspection using Gravitation Loss and Soft Labels
* Domain Adaptation Gaze Estimation by Embedding with Prediction Consistency
* Towards Accurate Facial Landmark Detection via Cascaded Transformers
Includes: Guo, Z.D.[Zi Dong] Guo, Z.D.[Zi-Dong]

Guo, Z.F.[Zhen Fang] Co Author Listing * Acceleration Framework for Super-resolution Network via Region Difficulty Self-adaption, An
* Monitoring tree-crown scale autumn leaf phenology in a temperate forest with an integration of PlanetScope and drone remote sensing observations
* National Forest Aboveground Biomass Mapping from ICESat/GLAS Data and MODIS Imagery in China
* Penetration Depth Derived from the Synthesis of ALOS/PALSAR InSAR Data and ASTER GDEM for the Mapping of Forest Biomass, The
* Replacing the Red Band with the Red-SWIR Band (0.74 rho red+0.26 rho swir) Can Reduce the Sensitivity of Vegetation Indices to Soil Background
* Transmission and visualization of large geographical maps
Includes: Guo, Z.F.[Zhen Fang] Guo, Z.F.[Zhen-Fang] Guo, Z.F.[Zheng-Fei] Guo, Z.F.[Zhi-Feng]

Guo, Z.G.[Zhi Gao] Co Author Listing * Bayesian approach to learn Bayesian networks using data and constraints
* Learning Bayesian networks using the constrained maximum a posteriori probability method
* Online Learning Collaborative Method for Traffic Forecasting and Routing Optimization, An
* Structure Learning of Bayesian Networks by Finding the Optimal Ordering
Includes: Guo, Z.G.[Zhi Gao] Guo, Z.G.[Zhi-Gao] Guo, Z.G.[Zhen-Gang]

Guo, Z.H.[Zhao Hong] Co Author Listing * 2D License Plate Recognition based on Automatic Perspective Rectification
* AACP: Model Compression by Accurate and Automatic Channel Pruning
* Active learning via local structure reconstruction
* Adversarial Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Conditional and Label Shift: Infer, Align and Iterate
* Anchor-Based Self-Ensembling for Semi-Supervised Deep Pairwise Hashing
* Background Subtraction with Dynamic Noise Sampling and Complementary Learning
* Beyond Bounding-Box: Convex-hull Feature Adaptation for Oriented and Densely Packed Object Detection
* Completed Modeling of Local Binary Pattern Operator for Texture Classification, A
* Convex-Hull Feature Adaptation for Oriented and Densely Packed Object Detection
* Dense-scale Feature Learning in Person Re-identification
* DVS-Voltmeter: Stochastic Process-Based Event Simulator for Dynamic Vision Sensors
* Dynamic background estimation and complementary learning for pixel-wise foreground/background segmentation
* ECG-based personal recognition using a convolutional neural network
* Empirical study of light source selection for palmprint recognition
* Face Anti-Spoofing Using Spatial Pyramid Pooling
* Face recognition by sparse discriminant analysis via joint L2,1-norm minimization
* Feature Band Selection for Multispectral Palmprint Recognition
* Fusing Local Patterns of Gabor and Non-subsampled Contourlet Transform for Face Recognition
* Hierarchical multiscale LBP for face and palmprint recognition
* Image Harmonization with Transformer
* Intrinsic Image Harmonization
* Is White Light the Best Illumination for Palmprint Recognition?
* Joint learning for voice based disease detection
* Joint Super-Resolution and Deformable Registration Network for 3D Brain Images, A
* L(1/2) Regularization for ISAR Imaging and Target Enhancement of Complex Image
* Monogenic-LBP: A new approach for rotation invariant texture classification
* Multi-Task Neural Network for Action Recognition with 3D Key-Points, A
* multiscale competitive code via sparse representation for palmprint verification, The
* new color image encryption scheme based on DNA encoding and spatiotemporal chaotic system, A
* Non-rigid medical image registration using image field in Demons algorithm
* Novel Fully Coupled Physical-Statistical-Deep Learning Method for Retrieving Near-Surface Air Temperature from Multisource Data, A
* NTIRE 2022 Image Inpainting Challenge: Report
* Palmprint gender classification by convolutional neural network
* Palmprint verification using binary orientation co-occurrence vector
* Palmprint Verification using Complex Wavelet Transform
* Palmprint verification using consistent orientation coding
* Phase congruency induced local features for finger-knuckle-print recognition
* Prior Aided Streaming Network for Multi-task Affective Analysis
* Recognition of Multiple Anxiety Levels Based on Electroencephalograph, The
* Rotation invariant texture classification using adaptive LBP with directional statistical features
* Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Using Binary Filter Response Pattern (BFRP)
* Rotation invariant texture classification using LBP variance (LBPV) with global matching
* SAR-NAS: Skeleton-based action recognition via neural architecture searching
* Self-learning for face clustering
* Self-paced resistance learning against overfitting on noisy labels
* Similarity mapping for robust face recognition via a single training sample per person
* split Bregman method for non-negative sparsity penalized least squares with applications to hyperspectral demixing, A
* Two-Dimensional Whitening Reconstruction for Enhancing Robustness of Principal Component Analysis
* Weakly Supervised Fingerprint Pore Extraction With Convolutional Neural Network
* Within-class penalty based multi-class support vector machine
Includes: Guo, Z.H.[Zhao Hong] Guo, Z.H.[Zhao-Hong] Guo, Z.H.[Zhen-Hua] Guo, Z.H.[Zong-Hao] Guo, Z.H.[Zong-Hui] Guo, Z.H.[Zeng-Hong] Guo, Z.H.[Zi-Hui] Guo, Z.H.[Zhong-Hua] Guo, Z.H.[Zun-Hu] Guo, Z.H.[Zheng-Hao] Guo, Z.H.[Zhao-Hui]
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Guo, Z.J.[Zi Jie] Co Author Listing * Deep Active Learning for Human Pose Estimation Via Consistency Weighted Core-Set Approach
* new method of target recognition based on Rough Set and Support Vector Machine, A
* Trend Changes of the Vegetation Activity in Northeastern East Asia and the Connections with Extreme Climate Indices
* Vector Field Approach to Estimating Environmental Exposure Using Human Activity Data, A
Includes: Guo, Z.J.[Zi Jie] Guo, Z.J.[Zi-Jie] Guo, Z.J.[Zhi-Jun] Guo, Z.J.[Zi-Jing] Guo, Z.J.[Zi-Jian]

Guo, Z.K.[Zheng Kun] Co Author Listing * adaptive infrared image segmentation method based on fusion SPCNN, An
* Estimation of Photosynthetic and Non-Photosynthetic Vegetation Coverage in the Lower Reaches of Tarim River Based on Sentinel-2A Data
* IR saliency detection via a GCF-SB visual attention framework
* Placepedia: Comprehensive Place Understanding with Multi-faceted Annotations
* Semi-supervised image super-resolution with attention CycleGAN
Includes: Guo, Z.K.[Zheng Kun] Guo, Z.K.[Zheng-Kun] Guo, Z.K.[Zeng-Kun] Guo, Z.K.[Zheng-Kui] Guo, Z.K.[Zhao-Kang]

Guo, Z.L.[Zhi Ling] Co Author Listing * Aerial imagery for roof segmentation: A large-scale dataset towards automatic mapping of buildings
* Assessing the visual effect of non-periodic temporal variation of quantization stepsize in compressed video
* Automatic Building Segmentation of Aerial Imagery Using Multi-Constraint Fully Convolutional Networks
* Boundary Regulated Network for Accurate Roof Segmentation and Outline Extraction, A
* DAIR-V2X: A Large-Scale Dataset for Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative 3D Object Detection
* Fault Slip Model of the 2018 Mw 6.6 Hokkaido Eastern Iburi, Japan, Earthquake Estimated from Satellite Radar and GPS Measurements
* Identification of Village Building via Google Earth Images and Supervised Machine Learning Methods
* Learn to Recover Visible Color for Video Surveillance in a Day
* method of inpainting moles and acne on the high-resolution face photos, A
* Stacked Fully Convolutional Networks with Feature Alignment Framework for Multi-Label Land-cover Segmentation, A
Includes: Guo, Z.L.[Zhi Ling] Guo, Z.L.[Zhi-Ling] Guo, Z.L.[Zhi-Li] Guo, Z.L.[Zheng-Long] Guo, Z.L.[Ze-Long] Guo, Z.L.[Zi-Liang]
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Guo, Z.M.[Zong Ming] Co Author Listing * Adaptive autoregressive model with window extension via explicit geometry for image interpolation
* Adaptive General Scale Interpolation Based on Weighted Autoregressive Models
* Autoregressive image interpolation via context modeling and multiplanar constraint
* Awesome Typography: Statistics-Based Text Effects Transfer
* Bit allocation for joint spatial-quality scalability in H.264/SVC
* Bit Allocation for Spatial Scalability Coding of H.264/SVC With Dependent Rate-Distortion Analysis
* Co-Grounding Networks with Semantic Attention for Referring Expression Comprehension in Videos
* Collision-detection based rate-adaptation for video multicasting over IEEE 802.11 wireless networks
* Context-Aware Sparse Decomposition for Image Denoising and Super-Resolution
* control theory based rate adaption scheme for dash over multiple servers, A
* control-theoretic approach to rate adaptation for dynamic HTTP streaming, A
* Control-Theoretic Approach to Rate Adaption for DASH Over Multiple Content Distribution Servers, A
* Controllable Sketch-to-Image Translation for Robust Face Synthesis
* Cross-entropy based antenna selection for scalable video streaming over MIMO wireless networks
* Deep Edge Guided Recurrent Residual Learning for Image Super-Resolution
* Deep Joint Rain Detection and Removal from a Single Image
* Deep Plastic Surgery: Robust and Controllable Image Editing with Human-drawn Sketches
* Deep Residual Dual-Attention Network for Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Remote Sensing Images
* Delay-constrained rate control for real-time video streaming over wireless networks
* DIG: A Data-Driven Impact-Based Grouping Method for Video Rebuffering Optimization
* Efficient arbitrary ratio downscale transcoding for HEVC
* Efficient dead-zone plus uniform threshold scalar quantization of generalized Gaussian random variables
* Efficient Generalized Integer Transform for Reversible Watermarking
* Exploiting multi-scale spatial structures for sparsity based single image super-resolution
* fairness-aware smooth rate adaptation approach for dynamic HTTP streaming, A
* Feature-based detection and classification of moving objects using LiDAR sensor
* feature-based solution for 3D registration of CT and MRI images of human knee, A
* Fully Connected Imaging Network for Near-Field Synthetic Aperture Interferometric Radiometer
* General scale interpolation based on fine-grained isophote model with consistency constraint
* Guided image filtering using signal subspace projection
* Illumination-invariant non-local means based video denoising
* Image super resolution using saliency-modulated context-aware sparse decomposition
* Image Super-Resolution Based on Structure-Modulated Sparse Representation
* Image super-resolution by structural sparse coding
* Image transformation using limited reference with application to photo-sketch synthesis
* Implementation of HEVC decoder on x86 processors with SIMD optimization
* Improved Reversible Visible Watermarking Based on Adaptive Block Partition
* Isophote-Constrained Autoregressive Model With Adaptive Window Extension for Image Interpolation
* Joint image denoising using self-similarity based low-rank approximations
* Joint Rain Detection and Removal from a Single Image with Contextualized Deep Networks
* Learning to Recognize Human Actions From Noisy Skeleton Data Via Noise Adaptation
* Local Frequency Interpretation and Non-Local Self-Similarity on Graph for Point Cloud Inpainting
* low-latency peer-to-peer live and VOD streaming system based on scalable video coding, A
* Markov decision based rate adaption approach for dynamic HTTP streaming, A
* MARLow: A Joint Multiplanar Autoregressive and Low-Rank Approach for Image Completion
* mDASH: A Markov Decision-Based Rate Adaptation Approach for Dynamic HTTP Streaming
* Modality Compensation Network: Cross-Modal Adaptation for Action Recognition
* Multi-pose face hallucination via neighbor embedding for facial components
* new reversible data hiding scheme exploiting high-dimensional prediction-error histogram, A
* Novel Efficient HEVC Decoding Solution on General-Purpose Processors
* novel JSCC scheme for scalable video transmission over MIMO systems, A
* Novel JSCC Scheme for UEP-Based Scalable Video Transmission Over MIMO Systems, A
* novel parallel encoding framework for scalable video coding, A
* Novel Two-Step Integer-pixel Motion Estimation Algorithm for HEVC Encoding on a GPU, A
* Novel Wavefront-Based High Parallel Solution for HEVC Encoding, A
* Objective Quality Assessment of Screen Content Images by Uncertainty Weighting
* Optimal Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Based on Multiple Histograms Modification
* optimized real-time multi-thread HEVC decoder, An
* Patch-based image deblocking using geodesic distance weighted low-rank approximation
* Point Cloud Attribute Inpainting in Graph Spectral Domain
* Point Cloud Inpainting on Graphs from Non-Local Self-Similarity
* Practical rate control algorithm for temporal scalability in scalable video coding
* Prediction-error Value Ordering for High-fidelity Reversible Data Hiding
* Predictive Generalized Graph Fourier Transform for Attribute Compression of Dynamic Point Clouds
* Probabilistic chunk scheduling approach in parallel multiple-server DASH
* Pyramid Information Distillation Attention Network for Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Remote Sensing Images
* Rain-Prior Injected Knowledge Distillation for Single Image Deraining
* Real-time deep image super-resolution via global context aggregation and local queue jumping
* Real-Time Reversible Data Hiding Based on Multiple Histogram Modification
* Recent Spatiotemporal Trends in Glacier Snowline Altitude at the End of the Melt Season in the Qilian Mountains, China
* Reduced-Reference Quality Assessment of Image Super-Resolution by Energy Change and Texture Variation
* Retrieval Compensated Group Structured Sparsity for Image Super-Resolution
* Robust Video Watermarking Scheme Via Temporal Segmentation and Middle Frequency Component Adaptive Modification, A
* Salp swarm algorithm based on golden section and adaptive and its application in target tracking
* Similarity modulated block estimation for image interpolation
* Single pass dependent bit allocation for H.264 temporal scalability
* Software Solution for HEVC Encoding and Decoding
* Spatiotemporal Variability in the Glacier Snowline Altitude across High Mountain Asia and Potential Driving Factors
* STC: FoV Tracking Enabled High-Quality 16K VR Video Streaming on Mobile Platforms
* Structure-Revealing Low-Light Image Enhancement Via Robust Retinex Model
* Text effects transfer via distribution-aware texture synthesis
* TFDASH: A Fairness, Stability, and Efficiency Aware Rate Control Approach for Multiple Clients Over DASH
* Towards simple and smooth rate adaption for VBR video in DASH
* Typography With Decor: Intelligent Text Style Transfer
* Unequal error protection for real-time video streaming using expanding window Reed-Solomon code
* Unpaired Person Image Generation With Semantic Parsing Transformation
* Unsupervised Person Image Generation With Semantic Parsing Transformation
* Variation learning guided convolutional network for image interpolation
* Video super-resolution based on spatial-temporal recurrent residual networks
Includes: Guo, Z.M.[Zong Ming] Guo, Z.M.[Zong-Ming] Guo, Z.M.[Zhi-Ming] Guo, Z.M.[Zi-Ming] Guo, Z.M.[Zhi-Min] Guo, Z.M.[Zhong-Ming]
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Guo, Z.P.[Zhen Peng] Co Author Listing * Background subtraction via time continuity and texture consistency constraints
Includes: Guo, Z.P.[Zhen Peng] Guo, Z.P.[Zhen-Peng]

Guo, Z.Q.[Zhi Qing] Co Author Listing * data augmentation framework by mining structured features for fake face image detection, A
* Fake face detection via adaptive manipulation traces extraction network
* Forest 3D Reconstruction and Individual Tree Parameter Extraction Combining Close-Range Photo Enhancement and Feature Matching
* Modified Syn2real Network for Nighttime Rainy Image Restoration, A
* New Seismic Inversion Scheme Using Fluid Dispersion Attribute for Direct Gas Identification in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs, A
* Novel computer-aided lung cancer detection based on convolutional neural network-based and feature-based classifiers using metaheuristics
* Prediction of ship collision risk based on CART
* Robust detection of dehazed images via dual-stream CNNs with adaptive feature fusion
* Single image deraining using Context Aggregation Recurrent Network
Includes: Guo, Z.Q.[Zhi Qing] Guo, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qing] Guo, Z.Q.[Zheng-Qi] Guo, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang] Guo, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qi]
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Guo, Z.Q.A.[Zhi Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Short-term passenger flow forecast of urban rail transit based on GPR and KRR
Includes: Guo, Z.Q.A.[Zhi Qi Ang] Guo, Z.Q.A.[Zhi-Qi-Ang]

Guo, Z.S.[Zhi Shuai] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Deep Learning with Millions of Classes
* COMO: Efficient Deep Neural Networks Expansion With COnvolutional MaxOut
* Water-Body Segmentation for SAR Images: Past, Current, and Future
Includes: Guo, Z.S.[Zhi Shuai] Guo, Z.S.[Zhi-Shuai] Guo, Z.S.[Zhi-Shan] Guo, Z.S.[Zhi-Shun]

Guo, Z.W.[Zheng Wei] Co Author Listing * Azimuth Signal-Reconstruction Method Based on Two-Step Projection Technology for Spaceborne Azimuth Multi-Channel High-Resolution and Wide-Swath SAR, An
* Deep Learning with Adaptive Attention for Seismic Velocity Inversion
* Discrimination of Algal-Bloom Using Spaceborne SAR Observations of Great Lakes in China
* experimental framework for evaluation of facial feature extraction methods, An
* Finite-Time Tracking Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Without Velocity Measurements
* Identification of Crop Type Based on C-AENN Using Time Series Sentinel-1A SAR Data
* Improved RFI Mitigation Approach for SAR Based on Low-Rank Sparse Decomposition: From the Perspective of Useful Signal Protection, An
* Multiple-Phases-Sectionalized-Modulation SAR Barrage Jamming Method Based on NLFM Signal
* Novel High-Squint Spotlight SAR Raw Data Simulation Scheme in 2-D Frequency Domain, A
* Novel Method for Layover Detection in Mountainous Areas with SAR Images, A
* Repeater-Type SAR Deceptive Jamming Method Based on Joint Encoding of Amplitude and Phase in the Intra-Pulse and Inter-Pulse, A
* Retrieval of Farmland Surface Soil Moisture Based on Feature Optimization and Machine Learning
* Ring-Regularized Cosine Similarity Learning for Fine-Grained Face Verification
* Water-Body Segmentation for SAR Images: Past, Current, and Future
Includes: Guo, Z.W.[Zheng Wei] Guo, Z.W.[Zheng-Wei] Guo, Z.W.[Zhen-Wei] Guo, Z.W.[Zhong-Wei] Guo, Z.W.[Zhi-Wen]
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Guo, Z.X.[Zhi Xia] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Three-Cornered Hat (BTCH) Method: Improving the Terrestrial Evapotranspiration Estimation, A
* Context-Aware Faster RCNN for CSI-Based Human Action Perception
* Decoupled Pose and Similarity Based Graph Neural Network for Video Person Re-Identification
* DMDN: Degradation model-based deep network for multi-focus image fusion
* Estimating 2D Multi-hand Poses from Single Depth Images
* Evaluating Road Lighting Quality Using High-Resolution JL1-3B Nighttime Light Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study in Nanjing, China
* Evaluation of SMAP, SMOS-IC, FY3B, JAXA, and LPRM Soil Moisture Products over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Its Surrounding Areas
* Graph-based multiple instance learning for action recognition
* hypergraph based semi-supervised band selection method for hyperspectral image classification, A
* Improved Point Transformation Methods For Self-Supervised Depth Prediction
* Low-rate Image Compression with Super-resolution Learning
* Post-Attention Modulator for Dense Video Captioning
* Rebuilding a Microwave Soil Moisture Product Using Random Forest Adopting AMSR-E/AMSR2 Brightness Temperature and SMAP over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
* Weak segmentation supervised deep neural networks for pedestrian detection
Includes: Guo, Z.X.[Zhi Xia] Guo, Z.X.[Zhi-Xia] Guo, Z.X.[Zheng-Xin] Guo, Z.X.[Zi-Xuan] Guo, Z.X.[Zhi-Xin] Guo, Z.X.[Zhe-Xiao] Guo, Z.X.[Zi-Xin] Guo, Z.X.[Zhou-Xiao]
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Guo, Z.Y.[Zong Yu] Co Author Listing * 3-D Context Entropy Model for Improved Practical Image Compression
* Adaptive Descriptor Design for Object Recognition in the Wild, An
* Automated Extraction of Built-Up Areas by Fusing VIIRS Nighttime Lights and Landsat-8 Data
* Causal Contextual Prediction for Learned Image Compression
* CMT: Context-Matching-Guided Transformer for 3D Tracking in Point Clouds
* Comparative Analysis of Two Machine Learning Algorithms in Predicting Site-Level Net Ecosystem Exchange in Major Biomes
* Cross-Domain Object Recognition Via Input-Output Kernel Analysis
* De-Noising of Magnetotelluric Signals by Discrete Wavelet Transform and SVD Decomposition
* Deep Contrastive Self-Supervised Hashing for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Estimation of National Forest Aboveground Biomass from Multi-Source Remotely Sensed Dataset with Machine Learning Algorithms in China
* Implementation of multidirectional moire computerized tomography: multidirectional affine calibration
* Mapping National-Scale Croplands in Pakistan by Combining Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm and Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise
* Motion Estimation Using Region-Level Segmentation and Extended Kalman Filter for Autonomous Driving
* Multi-Modal Graph Learning for Disease Prediction
* Multi-Turn Video Question Generation via Reinforced Multi-Choice Attention Network
* Multilabel Image Classification via Feature/Label Co-Projection
* Novel 3D Gradient LBP Descriptor for Action Recognition, A
* Novel Parallel Algorithm with Map Segmentation for Multiple Geographical Feature Label Placement Problem, A
* One-shot Recognition Using Unsupervised Attribute-Learning
* Performances of Polarization-Retrieve Imaging in Stratified Dispersion Media
* Query by humming via hierarchical filters
* Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Aided Sparse DOA Estimation Method With Non-ULA
* Resistance Welding Spot Defect Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Simultaneous Prediction of Soil Properties and Vegetation Coverage from Vis-NIR Hyperspectral Data with a One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network: A Laboratory Simulation Study, The
* TaoHighlight: Commodity-Aware Multi-Modal Video Highlight Detection in E-Commerce
* Tempo variation based multilayer filters for query by humming
* Time-dependent lane change trajectory optimisation considering comfort and efficiency for lateral collision avoidance
* Unsupervised Hierarchical Feature Learning Framework for One-Shot Image Recognition, An
* VisDrone-DET2018: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* Vision Inspection System for the Defects of Resistance Spot Welding Based on Neural Network, A
* Weakly Supervised Image Classification with Coarse and Fine Labels
Includes: Guo, Z.Y.[Zong Yu] Guo, Z.Y.[Zong-Yu] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Guo, Z.Y.[Zi-Yan] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yang] Guo, Z.Y.[Zi-Yu] Guo, Z.Y.[Zi-Yang] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhong-Yang] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yan] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yu] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yuan] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yang] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhong-Yi] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yuan] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhi-Ye] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhi-Ying] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhong-Yin] Guo, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yao]
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Guo, Z.Z.[Zi Zheng] Co Author Listing * Displacement Prediction of the Muyubao Landslide Based on a GPS Time-Series Analysis and Temporal Convolutional Network Model
* Integrating Landslide Typology with Weighted Frequency Ratio Model for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping: A Case Study from Lanzhou City of Northwestern China
* Investigation on Mining Subsidence Based on Multi-Temporal InSAR and Time-Series Analysis of the Small Baseline Subset: Case Study of Working Faces 22201-1/2 in Bu'ertai Mine, Shendong Coalfield, China
* Landslide Susceptibility Prediction Based on Remote Sensing Images and GIS: Comparisons of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Models
* Parallel Point Clouds: Hybrid Point Cloud Generation and 3D Model Enhancement via Virtual-Real Integration
* StyleSwap: Style-Based Generator Empowers Robust Face Swapping
* Uncertainties Analysis of Collapse Susceptibility Prediction Based on Remote Sensing and GIS: Influences of Different Data-Based Models and Connections between Collapses and Environmental Factors
* Using GNSS-IR Snow Depth Estimation to Monitor the 2022 Early February Snowstorm over Southern China
Includes: Guo, Z.Z.[Zi Zheng] Guo, Z.Z.[Zi-Zheng] Guo, Z.Z.[Zeng-Zhang] Guo, Z.Z.[Zhong-Zheng] Guo, Z.Z.[Zhi-Zhi] Guo, Z.Z.[Zhi-Zhou]
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