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Hao, A. Co Author Listing * Accurate and Robust Video Saliency Detection via Self-Paced Diffusion
* Adaptive appearance modeling via hierarchical entropy analysis over multi-type features
* Compressing animated meshes with fine details using local spectral analysis and deformation transfer
* Context-Interactive CNN for Person Re-Identification
* Contextualized CNN for Scene-Aware Depth Estimation From Single RGB Image
* Cross-View Contextual Relation Transferred Network for Unsupervised Vehicle Tracking in Drone Videos
* Deep variance network: An iterative, improved CNN framework for unbalanced training datasets
* efficient FLIP and shape matching coupled method for fluid-solid and two-phase fluid simulations, An
* Learning from Weakly-Labeled Clinical Data for Automatic Thyroid Nodule Classification in Ultrasound Images
* Mesh Simplification Based on Texture Connected Areas
* Meta Transfer Learning for Adaptive Vehicle Tracking in UAV Videos
* Metaballs-based physical modeling and deformation of organs for virtual surgery
* Multi-scale, multi-level, heterogeneous features extraction and classification of volumetric medical images
* Multi-view multi-scale CNNs for lung nodule type classification from CT images
* Novel Bottom-Up Saliency Detection Method for Video With Dynamic Background, A
* Novel Material-Aware Feature Descriptor for Volumetric Image Registration in Diffusion Tensor Space, A
* parallelized 4D reconstruction algorithm for vascular structures and motions based on energy optimization, A
* Real-Time and Robust Object Tracking in Video via Low-Rank Coherency Analysis in Feature Space
* Real-time dissection of organs via hybrid coupling of geometric metaballs and physics-centric mesh-free method
* Robust salient motion detection in non-stationary videos via novel integrated strategies of spatio-temporal coherency clues and low-rank analysis
* Salient Object Detection via Multiple Instance Joint Re-Learning
* Structure-Sensitive Saliency Detection via Multilevel Rank Analysis in Intrinsic Feature Space
* Super-Resolution of Multi-Observed RGB-D Images Based on Nonlocal Regression and Total Variation
* Unsupervised Multi-Class Co-Segmentation via Joint-Cut Over L_1-Manifold Hyper-Graph of Discriminative Image Regions
* Video Saliency Detection via Spatial-Temporal Fusion and Low-Rank Coherency Diffusion
Includes: Hao, A. Hao, A.[Aimin]
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Hao, A.M.[Ai Min] Co Author Listing * Optimization-based key frame extraction for motion capture animation
Includes: Hao, A.M.[Ai Min] Hao, A.M.[Ai-Min]

Hao, B. Co Author Listing * Hardware-Oriented IME Algorithm for HEVC and Its Hardware Implementation, A
* Image Restoration Based on Adaptive MCMC Particle Filter
Includes: Hao, B. Hao, B.[Bing]

Hao, B.B.[Bin Bin] Co Author Listing * Combining Total Variation and Nonlocal Means Regularization for Edge Preserving Image Deconvolution
* Fast regularized iterative forward backward splitting with adaptive parameter selection for image restoration
* Wavelet iterative regularization for image restoration with varying scale parameter
Includes: Hao, B.B.[Bin Bin] Hao, B.B.[Bin-Bin]

Hao, B.F.[Bin Fei] Co Author Listing * Responses of Seasonal Indicators to Extreme Droughts in Southwest China
Includes: Hao, B.F.[Bin Fei] Hao, B.F.[Bin-Fei]

Hao, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection and Range Estimation of Point-Like Targets With Symmetric Spectrum
* Adaptive Detector with Range Estimation Capabilities for Partially Homogeneous Environment, An
* Adaptive Radar Detection and Range Estimation with Oversampled Data for Partially Homogeneous Environment
* iterated randomized search algorithm for large-scale texture synthesis and manipulations, An
* Learning linear parameter-varying control of small-scale helicopter using episodic natural actor-critic method
* Multilevel Model for Video Object Segmentation Based on Supervision Optimization
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Hao, C. Hao, C.[Chuanyan] Hao, C.[Chuanchuan] Hao, C.[Cong]
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Hao, C.H.[Cai Hong] Co Author Listing * Automatic Crop Classification in Northeastern China by Improved Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for Satellite Image Time Series
Includes: Hao, C.H.[Cai Hong] Hao, C.H.[Cai-Hong]

Hao, C.P.[Cheng Peng] Co Author Listing * Knowledge-Based Adaptive Detection: Joint Exploitation of Clutter and System Symmetry Properties
Includes: Hao, C.P.[Cheng Peng] Hao, C.P.[Cheng-Peng]

Hao, C.Y.[Chong Yang] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Extraction for VOI from CT Images Based on Volume Rendering
* Fast Analytical Reconstruction Of Gated Cardiac Spect With Non-uniform Attenuation Compensation
* fast block-matching algorithm based on adaptive search area and its VLSI architecture for H.264/AVC, A
* Winter Wheat Green-up Date Variation and its Diverse Response on the Hydrothermal Conditions over the North China Plain, Using MODIS Time-Series Data
Includes: Hao, C.Y.[Chong Yang] Hao, C.Y.[Chong-Yang] Hao, C.Y.[Cheng-Yuan]

Hao, D.[Dong_Sheng] Co Author Listing * ARGIS-based outdoor underground pipeline information system
* Histogram-based image segmentation using variational mode decomposition and correlation coefficients
* Improved Topography-Coupled Kernel-Driven Model for Land Surface Anisotropic Reflectance, An
* Radiative Transfer Model for Patchy Landscapes Based on Stochastic Radiative Transfer Theory, A
Includes: Hao, D.[Dong_Sheng] Hao, D.[Duo] Hao, D.

Hao, D.D.[Dong Dong] Co Author Listing * Accurate vessel extraction via tensor completion of background layer in X-ray coronary angiograms
Includes: Hao, D.D.[Dong Dong] Hao, D.D.[Dong-Dong]

Hao, D.L.[Da Lei] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Land Surface Anisotropic Reflectance over Rugged Terrain: A Review of Concepts and Recent Developments
* Exploring the Use of DSCOVR/EPIC Satellite Observations to Monitor Vegetation Phenology
* Modeling Anisotropic Reflectance Over Composite Sloping Terrain
* Modeling Discrete Forest Anisotropic Reflectance Over a Sloped Surface With an Extended GOMS and SAIL Model
* Multi-Scale Validation Strategy for Albedo Products over Rugged Terrain and Preliminary Application in Heihe River Basin, China, A
* Simulation and Analysis of the Topographic Effects on Snow-Free Albedo over Rugged Terrain
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Land Surface Albedo over the Tibet Plateau from 2001 to 2019
Includes: Hao, D.L.[Da Lei] Hao, D.L.[Da-Lei]
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Hao, D.N Co Author Listing * Infrared Thermography for Buried Landmine Detection: Inverse Problem Setting

Hao, D.N.[Dinh Nho] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Probabilistic Curvature Motion Filter for Positron Emission Tomography Images, A
* Passive infrared technique for buried object detection and classification

Hao, F. Co Author Listing * Collect and Select: Semantic Alignment Metric Learning for Few-Shot Learning
* Cryptanalyzing an Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Autoblocking and Electrocardiography
* Noise-insensitive and edge-preserving resolution upconversion scheme for digital image based on the spatial general autoregressive model
* Single Image Super Resolution via a Refined Densely Connected Inception Network
Includes: Hao, F. Hao, F.[Fei]

Hao, F.H.[Fang Hua] Co Author Listing * Combining and Comparing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Multiple Remote Sensing Satellites to Calculate Long-Term River Discharge in an Ungauged Water Source Region on the Tibetan Plateau
Includes: Hao, F.H.[Fang Hua] Hao, F.H.[Fang-Hua]

Hao, G.Q.[Guang Quan] Co Author Listing * design and implementation of a Visual Workflow Modeling tool based on Eclipse plug-ins, The
* prefix and suffix query of Chinese word segmentation algorithm for maximum matching, The
* Unsupervised place discovery for visual place classification
Includes: Hao, G.Q.[Guang Quan] Hao, G.Q.[Guang-Quan] Hao, G.Q.[Guo-Qing]

Hao, H. Co Author Listing * CE-Net: Context Encoder Network for 2D Medical Image Segmentation
* Deepfakes Detection with Automatic Face Weighting
* Differential Privacy Oriented Distributed Online Learning for Mobile Social Video Prefetching
* Evaluation of ground distances and features in EMD-based GMM matching for texture classification
* Fast Two-Dimensional Hartley Transform
* Feature Extraction and Grain Segmentation of Sandstone Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Image Clustering via Deep Embedded Dimensionality Reduction and Probability-Based Triplet Loss
* Integrative Approach to Assessing Property Owner Perceptions and Modeled Risk to Coastal Hazards, An
* Manipulation Detection in Satellite Images Using Deep Belief Networks
* RIT-18: A Novel Dataset for Compositional Group Activity Understanding
* Value of graph topology in vascular biometrics
Includes: Hao, H. Hao, H.[Hua] Hao, H.[Huili] Hao, H.[Hao]
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Hao, H.D.[Hua Dong] Co Author Listing * Data Processing Flow and Algorithms Study of Acquiring DEMs Using Interferometric SAR, The
Includes: Hao, H.D.[Hua Dong] Hao, H.D.[Hua-Dong]

Hao, H.W.[Hong Wei] Co Author Listing * Comparison of genetic algorithm and sequential search methods for classifier subset selection
* Confidence evaluation for combining diverse classifiers
* Diversity-Based Ensemble with Sample Weight Learning
* Effective text localization in natural scene images with MSER, geometry-based grouping and AdaBoost
* Framework for Quick and Accurate Access of Interesting Visual Events in Surveillance Videos, A
* Handwritten Chinese Character-Recognition by Metasynthetic Approach
* Intermediate multimedia node: Implantable spinal cord stimulator
* L0-norm based structural sparse least square regression for feature selection
* Multi-Orientation Scene Text Detection with Adaptive Clustering
* Rejection Strategies with Multiple Classifiers for Handwritten Character Recognition
* Robust Text Detection in Natural Scene Images
* Robust Vanishing Point Detection for MobileCam-Based Documents
* Segmenting the Subthalamic Nucleus Using Narrow Band Limited Variational Level Set Method
* Semi-supervised Learning for Cross-Device Visual Location Recognition
* Shallow Classification or Deep Learning: An Experimental Study
* Sorting-Based Dynamic Classifier Ensemble Selection
* Structural feature-based event clustering for short text streams
* Unified Framework for Tracking Based Text Detection and Recognition from Web Videos, A
Includes: Hao, H.W.[Hong Wei] Hao, H.W.[Hong-Wei]
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Hao, H.X.[Huai Xu] Co Author Listing * Fusing High-Spatial-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery and OpenStreetMap Data for Land Cover Classification Over Urban Areas
* group matching pursuit for image reconstruction, A
* Hierarchical semantic model and scattering mechanism based PolSAR image classification
* Hybrid Method of SAR Speckle Reduction Based on Geometric-Structural Block and Adaptive Neighborhood, A
* Interferometric Phase Image Estimation via Sparse Coding in the Complex Domain
* Local Maximal Homogeneous Region Search for SAR Speckle Reduction With Sketch-Based Geometrical Kernel Function
* Overcomplete Dictionary-Based Directional Estimation Model and Nonconvex Reconstruction Methods, The
Includes: Hao, H.X.[Huai Xu] Hao, H.X.[Huai-Xu] Hao, H.X.[Hong-Xia] Hao, H.X.[Hong-Xing]
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Hao, J.[Junming] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Using Remote Sensing-based Models to Estimate Ground Surface Soil Heat Flux on the Tibetan Plateau during the Freeze-thaw Process, An
* DeepFirearm: Learning Discriminative Feature Representation for Fine-grained Firearm Retrieval
* Ego-Motion Detection System Employing Directional-Edge-Based Motion Field Representations, An
* Estimating Surface Soil Heat Flux in Permafrost Regions Using Remote Sensing-Based Models on the Northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau under Clear-Sky Conditions
* Investigation of a Small Landslide in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau by InSAR and Absolute Deformation Model
* Large-Scale Face Recognition on Smart Devices
* Point of Interest Detection and Visual Distance Estimation for Sensor-Rich Video
* RELT: Visualizing Trees on Mobile Devices
* Research on Layout and Simulation of Human-Machine Interface in Vehicle, The
* Spatio-Temporal Traffic Scene Modeling for Object Motion Detection
* Tensor non-local low-rank regularization for recovering compressed hyperspectral images
Includes: Hao, J.[Junming] Hao, J. Hao, J.[Jia] Hao, J.[Jie]
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Hao, J.L.[Jian Liang] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Human Parsing with Multiple Feature Fusion and Augmented Pose Model
Includes: Hao, J.L.[Jian Liang] Hao, J.L.[Jian-Liang]

Hao, J.Q.[Jun Qing] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Distribution of Nonseismic Landslides during the Last 22 Years in Shaanxi Province, China
Includes: Hao, J.Q.[Jun Qing] Hao, J.Q.[Jun-Qing]

Hao, J.S.[Jian Sheng] Co Author Listing * Estimating Snow Depth Using Multi-Source Data Fusion Based on the D-InSAR Method and 3DVAR Fusion Algorithm
Includes: Hao, J.S.[Jian Sheng] Hao, J.S.[Jian-Sheng]

Hao, J.Y.[Jian Ye] Co Author Listing * Blind Image Denoising via Dependent Dirichlet Process Tree
* BRDF Representing Method Based on Gaussian Process, A
* Efficient Statistical Method for Image Noise Level Estimation, An
* From Noise Modeling to Blind Image Denoising
Includes: Hao, J.Y.[Jian Ye] Hao, J.Y.[Jian-Ye] Hao, J.Y.[Jian-Ying]

Hao, K. Co Author Listing * Affection-Based Dynamic Leader Selection Model for Formation Control in Multirobot Systems, An
* Non-Dominated Immune-Endocrine Short Feedback Algorithm for Multi-Robot Maritime Patrolling

Hao, K.R.[Kuang Rong] Co Author Listing * Trinocular matching realized by a monocular stereovision sensor for parallel manipulator
* Using line segments to train multi-stream stacked autoencoders for image classification
Includes: Hao, K.R.[Kuang Rong] Hao, K.R.[Kuang-Rong]

Hao, L. Co Author Listing * aligned bidirectional feature representation for person re-identification, An
* Automatic Crop Classification in Northeastern China by Improved Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for Satellite Image Time Series
* BiGeo: A Foundational PaaS Framework for Efficient Storage, Visualization, Management, Analysis, Service, and Migration of Geospatial Big Data: A Case Study of Sichuan Province, China
* Detection of the Coupling between Vegetation Leaf Area and Climate in a Multifunctional Watershed, Northwestern China
* Facial Action Unit Recognition Augmented by Their Dependencies
* Integrated metric learning with adaptive constraints for person re-identification
* Land Cover Classification Using Integrated Spectral, Temporal, and Spatial Features Derived from Remotely Sensed Images
* Learning biased distance metrics with diversity regularizer for person re-identification
* Pedestrian detection with dynamic iterative bootstrapping
Includes: Hao, L. Hao, L.[Lei] Hao, L.[Lina] Hao, L.[Lu]
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Hao, L.C.[Li Chun] Co Author Listing * Emulation of MBOC in GALILEO with SIMULINK
Includes: Hao, L.C.[Li Chun] Hao, L.C.[Li-Chun]

Hao, L.F.[Long Fei] Co Author Listing * Facial Action Unit Recognition and Intensity Estimation Enhanced Through Label Dependencies
* Knowledge-Augmented Multimodal Deep Regression Bayesian Networks for Emotion Video Tagging
* Multimodal Deep Regression Bayesian Network for Affective Video Content Analyses, A
Includes: Hao, L.F.[Long Fei] Hao, L.F.[Long-Fei]

Hao, L.V.[Le Viet] Co Author Listing * File Organization for Geographic Information Systems Based on Spatial Proximity, A

Hao, M.[Ming] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment Measures for Object Extraction from Remote Sensing Images
* Novel Adaptive Fuzzy Local Information C-Means Clustering Algorithm for Remotely Sensed Imagery Classification, A
* Novel Approach to Unsupervised Change Detection Based on a Robust Semi-Supervised FCM Clustering Algorithm
* Parallel and Adaptive Uniform-distributed Registration Method For Chang'e-1 Lunar Remote Sensed Imagery
* Scale-Driven Change Detection Method Incorporating Uncertainty Analysis for Remote Sensing Images, A
* Source Parameter Estimation of the 2009 Ms6.0 Yao'an Earthquake, Southern China, Using InSAR Observations
* Validation of Land Cover Products Using Reliability Evaluation Methods
Includes: Hao, M.[Ming] Hao, M.
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Hao, M.H.[Ming Hui] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Mobile Laser Scanning Data for Building Reconstruction in 3D Cadastre
Includes: Hao, M.H.[Ming Hui] Hao, M.H.[Ming-Hui]

Hao, M.M.[Meng Meng] Co Author Listing * On the Risk Assessment of Terrorist Attacks Coupled with Multi-Source Factors
* Simulating Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Terrorism Incidents on the Indochina Peninsula with GIS and the Random Forest Method
* Site Selection of Digital Signage in Beijing: A Combination of Machine Learning and an Empirical Approach
Includes: Hao, M.M.[Meng Meng] Hao, M.M.[Meng-Meng]

Hao, N.[Nan] Co Author Listing * Development and Application of HECORA Cloud Retrieval Algorithm Based On the O2-O2 477 nm Absorption Band
* Estimating Ground Level NO2 Concentrations over Central-Eastern China Using a Satellite-Based Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Model
* Facial Recognition Using Tensor-Tensor Decompositions
* Novel Methods for Multilinear Data Completion and De-noising Based on Tensor-SVD
* Tensor-Based Formulation and Nuclear Norm Regularization for Multienergy Computed Tomography
Includes: Hao, N.[Nan] Hao, N.[Ning]

Hao, P.[Pengyi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Weberfaces for occlusion-robust face representation and recognition
* Comparative Study of Color Transforms for Image Coding and Derivation of Integer Reversible Color Transform
* Connected Vehicle-Based Lane Selection Assistance Application
* Eco-Approach and Departure (EAD) Application for Actuated Signals in Real-World Traffic
* Efficient Large-Scale Video Retrieval via Discriminative Signatures
* Efficiently Finding Individuals from Video Dataset
* Geometric Method for Optimal Design of Color Filter Arrays, A
* Hilbert Scan Based Bag-of-Features for Image Retrieval
* Modal Activity-Based Stochastic Model for Estimating Vehicle Trajectories from Sparse Mobile Sensor Data
* Prediction-Based Eco-Approach and Departure at Signalized Intersections With Speed Forecasting on Preceding Vehicles
* Signal Timing Estimation Using Sample Intersection Travel Times
* Transferring Colours to Grayscale Images by Locally Linear Embedding
* Universal Demosaicking of Color Filter Arrays
* Vehicle Energy/Emissions Estimation Based on Vehicle Trajectory Reconstruction Using Sparse Mobile Sensor Data
Includes: Hao, P.[Pengyi] Hao, P. Hao, P.[Peng]
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Hao, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Co Author Listing * Multi-model direct generalised predictive control for automatic train operation system
Includes: Hao, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Hao, P.C.[Peng-Cheng]

Hao, P.W.[Peng Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive packet scheduling for scalable video streaming with network coding
* Bandwidth-Efficient Packet Scheduling for Live Streaming With Network Coding
* blind video watermark detection method based on 3D-DWT transform, A
* Clustering-Based Descriptors for Fingerprint Indexing and Fast Retrieval
* Co-histogram and Image Degradation Evaluation
* Co-histogram and its application in remote sensing image compression evaluation
* Comparative study of features for fingerprint indexing
* Compound image compression for real-time computer screen image transmission
* Converting Thermal Infrared Face Images into Normal Gray-Level Images
* Efficient Coding of Computer Generated Compound Images
* Finding representative landmarks of data on manifolds
* Fingerprint indexing based on composite set of reduced SIFT features
* Fingerprint Indexing Based on LAS Registration
* Fingerprint Indexing Based on Singular Point Correlation
* Fingerprint Reference Point Detection Based on Local Axial Symmetry
* Fingerprint Singular Points Detection and Direction Estimation with a T Shape Model
* Frequency Structure Matrix: A Representation of Color Filter Arrays, The
* Hallucinating faces from thermal infrared images
* Heavy-Tailed Model for Visual Tracking via Robust Subspace Learning
* Hierarchical Structuring of Data on Manifolds
* In-Focus Imaging by Mosaicking and Super-Resolution
* Infinity-Norm Rotation for Reversible Data Hiding
* Multi-generation packet scheduling for live streaming with network coding
* New color filter arrays of high light sensitivity and high demosaicking performance
* Online anomaly detection in videos by clustering dynamic exemplars
* Online Learning with Self-Organizing Maps for Anomaly Detection in Crowd Scenes
* Optimal ROS-Based Symmetric Phase-Only Filter for Fingerprint Verification, The
* Optimal Transform in Perceptually Uniform Color Space and Its Application in Image Coding
* Optimized scalable video transmission over P2P network with hierarchical network coding
* Refined Exponential Filter with Applications to Image Restoration and Interpolation
* Reliable Representation of Data on Manifolds
* Reversible integer KLT for progressive-to-lossless compression of multiple component images
* Robust real-time attention-based head-shoulder detection for video surveillance
* Scene geometric recognition from monocular image
* Shear-Resize Factorizations for Fast Image Registration
* Shear-resize factorizations for fast multi-modal volume registration
* Square Loss based regularized LDA for face recognition using image sets
* Stabilization and optimization of PLUS factorization and its application in image coding
* Stage-based 3D scene reconstruction from single image
Includes: Hao, P.W.[Peng Wei] Hao, P.W.[Peng-Wei]
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Hao, P.Y.[Peng Yu] Co Author Listing * Annual Cropland Mapping Using Reference Landsat Time Series: A Case Study in Central Asia
* Cross-domain representation learning by domain-migration generative adversarial network for sketch based image retrieval
* efficient video retrieval scheme based on facial signatures, An
* Feature Selection of Time Series MODIS Data for Early Crop Classification Using Random Forest: A Case Study in Kansas, USA
* Maximum correntropy criterion for discriminative dictionary learning
* New Workflow of Plastic-Mulched Farmland Mapping using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 data
* Potential of Time Series Merged from Landsat-5 TM and HJ-1 CCD for Crop Classification: A Case Study for Bole and Manas Counties in Xinjiang, China, The
* Reconstruction of Daily 30 m Data from HJ CCD, GF-1 WFV, Landsat, and MODIS Data for Crop Monitoring
* Unsupervised people organization and its application on individual retrieval from videos
* Using Moderate-Resolution Temporal NDVI Profiles for High-Resolution Crop Mapping in Years of Absent Ground Reference Data: A Case Study of Bole and Manas Counties in Xinjiang, China
Includes: Hao, P.Y.[Peng Yu] Hao, P.Y.[Peng-Yu] Hao, P.Y.[Peng-Yi]
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Hao, Q. Co Author Listing * Active Compressive Sensing via Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor for Human Situation Recognition
* Computational Hemodynamics in Intracranial Vessels Reconstructed from Biplane Angiograms
* Cyberphysical System With Virtual Reality for Intelligent Motion Recognition and Training
* Development of UAV-Based Target Tracking and Recognition Systems
* Effect of Ground Truth on Performance Evaluation of Hyperspectral Image Classification, The
* Extended-depth-of-field object detection with wavefront coding imaging system
* Game Theory-Based Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Gamma model and its analysis for phase measuring profilometry
* Human Movement Modeling and Activity Perception Based on Fiber-Optic Sensing System
* Improved Estimation of Regional Fractional Woody/Herbaceous Cover Using Combined Satellite Data and High-Quality Training Samples, An
* IR saliency detection via a GCF-SB visual attention framework
* Maximum SNR pattern strategy for phase shifting methods in structured light illumination
* Mobile Target Scenario Recognition Via Low-Cost Pyroelectric Sensing System: Toward a Context-Enhanced Accurate Identification
* Multilabel Sample Augmentation-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Novel De-Noising Method for Improving the Performance of Full-Waveform LiDAR Using Differential Optical Path, A
* Period Coded Phase Shifting Strategy for Real-time 3-D Structured Light Illumination
* Preprocessing Design in Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor-Based Human-Tracking System: On Sensor Selection and Calibration
* Reduced data set for multi-target recognition using compressed sensing frame
* Remote Sensing of Soil Alkalinity and Salinity in the Wuyu'er-Shuangyang River Basin, Northeast China
* Robust Active Stereo Vision Using Kullback-Leibler Divergence
* Study on the performance of three-dimensional ghost image affected by target
* Tissue Fate Prediction in Acute Ischemic Stroke Using Cuboid Models
* Vision Navigation Algorithm for MAVs Attitude Estimation Based on Radon Transformation, A
Includes: Hao, Q. Hao, Q.[Qing] Hao, Q.[Qun] Hao, Q.[Qi] Hao, Q.[Qian] Hao, Q.[Qiannan]
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Hao, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * 3D visual phrases for landmark recognition
* Efficient 2D-to-3D Correspondence Filtering for Scalable 3D Object Recognition
* Summarizing tourist destinations by mining user-generated travelogues and photos
* Virtual ads insertion in street building views for augmented reality
Includes: Hao, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Hao, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Hao, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] Co Author Listing * Blind Separation for Cabin Acoustic Signals in Complex Environment
Includes: Hao, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] Hao, Q.Q.[Qing-Qing]

Hao, R.F.[Rui Fang] Co Author Listing * Integrating Multiple Source Data to Enhance Variation and Weaken the Blooming Effect of DMSP-OLS Light
Includes: Hao, R.F.[Rui Fang] Hao, R.F.[Rui-Fang]

Hao, R.J.[Ru Jiang] Co Author Listing * Application of Cyclic Correlation Analysis to Gearbox Damage Assessment
Includes: Hao, R.J.[Ru Jiang] Hao, R.J.[Ru-Jiang]

Hao, R.Q.[Ru Qian] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of trichomonads based on an improved Kalman background reconstruction algorithm
* Leukocyte recognition in human fecal samples using texture features
Includes: Hao, R.Q.[Ru Qian] Hao, R.Q.[Ru-Qian]

Hao, S.[Shuji] Co Author Listing * Deep learning for sensor-based activity recognition: A survey
* Deep Network Architecture for Super-Resolution-Aided Hyperspectral Image Classification With Classwise Loss, A
* Joint Design of Excitation k-Space Trajectory and RF Pulse for Small-Tip 3D Tailored Excitation in MRI
* Labanotation Generation Based on Bidirectional Gated Recurrent Units with Joint and Line Features
* Research on the Etalon Effect in Dispersive Hyperspectral VNIR Imagers Using Back-Illuminated CCDs
* Two-Stream Deep Architecture for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Hao, S.[Shuji] Hao, S.

Hao, S.A.[Shu Ang] Co Author Listing * Higher Order Support Vector Random Fields for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Hao, S.A.[Shu Ang] Hao, S.A.[Shu-Ang]

Hao, S.D.[Shu Dong] Co Author Listing * Automated Chinese Essay Scoring from Topic Perspective Using Regularized Latent Semantic Indexing
* Automated Error Detection and Correction of Chinese Characters in Written Essays Based on Weighted Finite-State Transducer
Includes: Hao, S.D.[Shu Dong] Hao, S.D.[Shu-Dong]

Hao, S.F.[Shun Feng] Co Author Listing * Bandwidth optimisation and parameter analysis at two adjacent intersections based on set operations
Includes: Hao, S.F.[Shun Feng] Hao, S.F.[Shun-Feng]

Hao, S.J.[Shi Jie] Co Author Listing * Distribution-Based Active Contour Model for Medical Image Segmentation
* Intervertebral Disc Shape Analysis with Geodesic Metric in Shape Space
* novel scene-based non-uniformity correction method for SWIR push-broom hyperspectral sensors, A
* On-Orbit Calibration Data-Processing Technologies for the Space-Based Infrared Camera
* Scale-Aware Spatially Guided Mapping
Includes: Hao, S.J.[Shi Jie] Hao, S.J.[Shi-Jie] Hao, S.J.[Shi-Jing]

Hao, S.Q.[Shu Qing] Co Author Listing * Reverse circulation bit fluid field calculation
Includes: Hao, S.Q.[Shu Qing] Hao, S.Q.[Shu-Qing]

Hao, S.R.[Shi Rui] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Methods for Passive Microwave Snow Cover Mapping Using FY-3C/MWRI Data in China
* Fractional Snow Cover Mapping from FY-2 VISSR Imagery of China
Includes: Hao, S.R.[Shi Rui] Hao, S.R.[Shi-Rui]

Hao, S.S.[Shu Sheng] Co Author Listing * Color image segmentation using fuzzy C-means and eigenspace projections
Includes: Hao, S.S.[Shu Sheng] Hao, S.S.[Shu-Sheng]

Hao, S.X. Co Author Listing * Clustered car-following strategy for improving car-following stability under Cooperative Vehicles Infrastructure Systems
* Data-driven car-following model based on rough set theory
Includes: Hao, S.X. Hao, S.X.[Shen-Xue]

Hao, S.Y.[Shi Ying] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Self-Calibration Process in a Displacement Sensor in Applications of Hip or Knee Implants
* Combining multi-wavelet and CNN for palmprint recognition against noise and misalignment
* Improving Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution Mapping Based on the Spatial Attraction Model by Utilizing the Pansharpening Technique
* local phase based invariant feature for remote sensing image matching, A
* Semi-supervised classification for hyperspectral imagery based on spatial-spectral Label Propagation
* Semi-Supervised Classification of Hyperspectral Images Based on Extended Label Propagation and Rolling Guidance Filtering
Includes: Hao, S.Y.[Shi Ying] Hao, S.Y.[Shi-Ying] Hao, S.Y.[Si-Yuan]

Hao, T. Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Networks-Based Mitotic Event Detection in Time-Lapse Phase Contrast Microscopy Image Sequences of Stem Cell Populations
* Air-Ground Impedance Matching by Depositing Metasurfaces for Enhanced GPR Detection
* Assessing the Consistency of Remotely Sensed Multiple Drought Indices for Monitoring Drought Phenomena in Continental China
* Mitosis event recognition and detection based on evolution of feature in time domain
* Monitoring Droughts in the Greater Changbai Mountains Using Multiple Remote Sensing-Based Drought Indices
* Multi-View Representation Learning for Multi-View Action Recognition
* Multipe/Single-View Human Action Recognition via Part-Induced Multitask Structural Learning
Includes: Hao, T. Hao, T.[Tong] Hao, T.[Tianyi]
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Hao, W.[Wangli] Co Author Listing * empirical study on compressed sensing MRI using fast composite splitting algorithm and combined sparsifying transforms, An
* Generalized Multiclass AdaBoost and Its Applications to Multimedia Classification
* Image harmony for consumer images
* Improved blue sky detection using polynomial model fit
* Mixed Path Size Logit-Based Taxi Customer-Search Model Considering Spatio-Temporal Factors in Route Choice, A
* New digital camera sensor architecture for low light imaging
* New Parameter of Speech Character Based on the Bloomfield's Model, A
* Online video object segmentation via LRS representation
* Recognizing picture-taking environment from satellite images: A feasibility study
* Self-Weighting and Hypergraph Regularization for Multi-view Spectral Clustering
* Short-Term Prediction of Signal Cycle on an Arterial With Actuated-Uncoordinated Control Using Sparse Time Series Models
* Towards Learning a Generic Agent for Vision-and-Language Navigation via Pre-Training
Includes: Hao, W.[Wangli] Hao, W.[Wei] Hao, W. Hao, W.[Wang]
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Hao, W.F.[Wen Feng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Function Projective Synchronization Control and Parameters Identification of Different Uncertain Chaotic Systems
* Evaluation of Synoptic Snowfall on the Antarctic Ice Sheet Based on CloudSat, In-Situ Observations and Atmospheric Reanalysis Datasets
* Improved Digital Elevation Model of the Lunar Mons Rümker Region Based on Multisource Altimeter Data, An
Includes: Hao, W.F.[Wen Feng] Hao, W.F.[Wen-Feng] Hao, W.F.[Wei-Feng]

Hao, W.H.[Wan Hong] Co Author Listing * Direct Instantaneous Frequency Rate Estimation to Improve the Carrier Estimation Performance in Mars Entry, Descent, and Landing Flight
Includes: Hao, W.H.[Wan Hong] Hao, W.H.[Wan-Hong]

Hao, W.L.[Wang Li] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal distilled dense-connectivity network for video action recognition
Includes: Hao, W.L.[Wang Li] Hao, W.L.[Wang-Li]

Hao, W.Q.[Wen Qian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Denoising and Detection Approach for Underwater Sonar Image, An
Includes: Hao, W.Q.[Wen Qian] Hao, W.Q.[Wen-Qian]

Hao, X.[Xiaoli] Co Author Listing * Adaptive kernel learning for detection of clustered microcalcifications in mammograms
* BiRA-Net: Bilinear Attention Net for Diabetic Retinopathy Grading
* Cognitively Motivated Method for Classification of Occluded Traffic Signs, A
* Context-Aware Locality Measure for Inlier Pool Enrichment in Stepwise Image Registration, A
* Efficient Processing Approach for Colored Point Cloud-Based High-Throughput Seedling Phenotyping, An
* Fast Uyghur Text Detector for Complex Background Images, A
* Fusion Despeckling Based on Surface Variation Anisotropic Diffusion Filter and Ratio Image Filter
* Linguistic Dynamic Analysis of Traffic Flow Based on Social Media: A Case Study
* Multi-Level Residual Up-Projection Activation Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Multiscale Intensity Propagation to Remove Multiplicative Stripe Noise From Remote Sensing Images
* Orientation and Auto-Calibration of Image Triplets and Sequences
* Real-Time Superpixel Segmentation by DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm
* Reconstruction of Remotely Sensed Snow Albedo for Quality Improvements Based on a Combination of Forward and Retrieval Models
* Relative Camera Pose Estimation Method Using Optimization On The Manifold
* Seamless Warping of Diffusion Tensor Fields
* Simplified long short-term memory model for robust and fast prediction
* STAT: Spatial-Temporal Attention Mechanism for Video Captioning
* Statistical Analysis of Brain Morphology Using Wild Bootstrapping, A
* Vehicle Detection by a Context-Aware Multichannel Feature Pyramid
* Vessel Azimuth and Course Joint Re-Estimation Method for Compact HFSWR, A
Includes: Hao, X.[Xiaoli] Hao, X. Hao, X.[Xia] Hao, X.[Xin]
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Hao, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Co Author Listing * Angle Distance-Based Hierarchical Background Separation Method for Hyperspectral Imagery Target Detection
* Downscaling Snow Cover Fraction Data in Mountainous Regions Based on Simulated Inhomogeneous Snow Ablation
* Effective Method for Snow-Cover Mapping of Dense Coniferous Forests in the Upper Heihe River Basin Using Landsat Operational Land Imager Data, An
* novel multiscale nonlinear thresholding method for ultrasonic speckle suppressing, A
Includes: Hao, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Hao, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Hao, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Hao, X.H.[Xiao-Hua]

Hao, X.J.[Xian Jun] Co Author Listing * Daytime Rainy Cloud Detection and Convective Precipitation Delineation Based on a Deep Neural Network Method Using GOES-16 ABI Images
* Deep geometric convolutional network for automatic modulation classification
* Downscaling of Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval by Combining MODIS/Landsat and In Situ Measurements
* Feature extraction using two-dimensional neighborhood margin and variation embedding
* Intra-pulse modulation radar signal recognition based on Squeeze-and-Excitation networks
* Monitoring Extreme Agricultural Drought over the Horn of Africa (HOA) Using Remote Sensing Measurements
* Monitoring Surface Soil Moisture Content over the Vegetated Area by Integrating Optical and SAR Satellite Observations in the Permafrost Region of Tibetan Plateau
* Reprocessed Suomi NPP Satellite Observations, The
* Two-Dimensional Maximum Local Variation Based on Image Euclidean Distance for Face Recognition
Includes: Hao, X.J.[Xian Jun] Hao, X.J.[Xian-Jun] Hao, X.J.[Xiao-Jun] Hao, X.J.[Xiu-Juan] Hao, X.J.
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Hao, X.L.[Xiao Li] Co Author Listing * Lane detection method based on lane structural analysis and CNNs
* near-infrared imaging method for capturing the interior of a vehicle through windshield, A
* New Multispectral Method for Face Liveness Detection, A
* Robust Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Color Global and Local Oriented Edge Magnitude Patterns
* Traffic Sign Detection via Graph-Based Ranking and Segmentation Algorithms
Includes: Hao, X.L.[Xiao Li] Hao, X.L.[Xiao-Li]

Hao, X.P.[Xiao Peng] Co Author Listing * Robust Stereoscopic Crosstalk Prediction
Includes: Hao, X.P.[Xiao Peng] Hao, X.P.[Xiao-Peng]

Hao, X.Y.[Xiao Yan] Co Author Listing * Algorithm of Feature Selection and Feature Weighting Adjustment Based on Chinese FrameNet, An
* Deep convolutional networks super-resolution method for reconstructing high frequency information of the single image
* Integrating Stereo Images and Laser Altimeter Data of the ZY3-02 Satellite for Improved Earth Topographic Modeling
* Speckle Reduction by Directional Coherent Anisotropic Diffusion
Includes: Hao, X.Y.[Xiao Yan] Hao, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan] Hao, X.Y.[Xiang-Yang] Hao, X.Y.[Xiao-Yun]

Hao, Y. Co Author Listing * AMI-Net: Convolution Neural Networks With Affine Moment Invariants
* Anticipatory traveller information system for freeway-arterial networks
* Comparative Studies on Multispectral Palm Image Fusion for Biometrics
* Criterion Based on Fourier Transform for Segmentation of Connected Digits, A
* effective dual method for multiplicative noise removal, An
* Embedded Palmprint Recognition System on Mobile Devices
* Emotion-Aware Video QoE Assessment Via Transfer Learning
* Fast and efficient calculations of structural invariants of chirality
* Filtering, Sampling, and Reconstruction With Time-Varying Bandwidths
* Fingerprint matching based on error propagation
* Identity Verification by Using Handprint
* Image decomposition using adaptive second-order total generalized variation
* Image retargeting quality assessment based on content deformation measurement
* L_1/2 Norm and Spatial Continuity Regularized Low-Rank Approximation for Moving Object Detection in Dynamic Background
* Modality adversarial neural network for visible-thermal person re-identification
* Multi-Level Classification Based on Trajectory Features of Time Series for Monitoring Impervious Surface Expansions
* Multispectral palm image fusion for accurate contact-free palmprint recognition
* Naturally combined shape-color moment invariants under affine transformations
* Neighbourhood Structure Preserving Cross-Modal Embedding for Video Hyperlinking
* New Algorithm for Pattern Optimization in Protein-Protein Interaction Extraction System, A
* novel variational model for image decomposition, A
* Palmprint Recognition Based on Regional Rank Correlation of Directional Features
* Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of Physical and Anthropogenic Factors on Vegetation Spatial-Temporal Variation in Northern Tibet
* R2GAN: Cross-Modal Recipe Retrieval With Generative Adversarial Network
* Robust 3-D Human Detection in Complex Environments With a Depth Camera
* Variability and Changes in Climate, Phenology, and Gross Primary Production of an Alpine Wetland Ecosystem
* Visual Rhythm Prediction with Feature-Aligning Network
Includes: Hao, Y. Hao, Y.[Ying] Hao, Y.[Yu] Hao, Y.[Yan] Hao, Y.[You] Hao, Y.[Yuting] Hao, Y.[Yi] Hao, Y.[Yuzhu] Hao, Y.[Yanbin]
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Hao, Y.B.[Yan Bin] Co Author Listing * 3D human pose estimation via human structure-aware fully connected network
* Stochastic Multiview Hashing for Large-Scale Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval
* Unsupervised t-Distributed Video Hashing and Its Deep Hashing Extension
Includes: Hao, Y.B.[Yan Bin] Hao, Y.B.[Yan-Bin]

Hao, Y.C.[Yue Chan] Co Author Listing * Line-Direction-Free and Character-Orientation-Free On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition System, A
Includes: Hao, Y.C.[Yue Chan] Hao, Y.C.[Yue-Chan]

Hao, Y.H.[Yuan Hong] Co Author Listing * Face Hallucination Based on Modified Neighbor Embedding and Global Smoothness Constraint
* Locality preserving partial least squares for neighbor embedding-based face hallucination
* Modified neighbor embedding-based face hallucination using coupled mappings of partial least squares
* Robust virtual frontal face synthesis from a given pose using regularized linear regression
* Unified Regularization Framework for Virtual Frontal Face Image Synthesis, A
Includes: Hao, Y.H.[Yuan Hong] Hao, Y.H.[Yuan-Hong]

Hao, Y.J.[Ying Juan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive simplification of solution for support vector machine
* Landslide Image Captioning Method Based on Semantic Gate and Bi-Temporal LSTM
* Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Semantic Analysis Based on a Global Perspective
Includes: Hao, Y.J.[Ying Juan] Hao, Y.J.[Ying-Juan] Hao, Y.J.[Yuan-Jie]

Hao, Y.L.[Yan Ling] Co Author Listing * Diurnal Variation of Light Absorption in the Yellow River Estuary
* Dynamic Post-Earthquake Image Segmentation with an Adaptive Spectral-Spatial Descriptor
* New Method for Mapping Aquatic Vegetation Especially Underwater Vegetation in Lake Ulansuhai Using GF-1 Satellite Data, A
Includes: Hao, Y.L.[Yan Ling] Hao, Y.L.[Yan-Ling]

Hao, Y.M.[Ying Ming] Co Author Listing * Depth Map Regeneration via Improved Graph Cuts Using a Novel Omnidirectional Stereo Sensor
* Reliable Depth Map Regeneration Via a Novel Omnidirectional Stereo Sensor
Includes: Hao, Y.M.[Ying Ming] Hao, Y.M.[Ying-Ming]

Hao, Y.P.[Yong Ping] Co Author Listing * Multi-channel and large angle-of-view imaging systematic research of bio-inspired compound eye
* Research on the identification method of micro assembly part
Includes: Hao, Y.P.[Yong Ping] Hao, Y.P.[Yong-Ping]

Hao, Y.Q.[Yong Qi] Co Author Listing * Automatic Power Estimation Methodology for FPGA-Based Digital Signal Processing Systems, An
Includes: Hao, Y.Q.[Yong Qi] Hao, Y.Q.[Yong-Qi]

Hao, Y.R.[Ya Ru] Co Author Listing * Deviation of Color Matching Algorithm in the Field of Full-Color LED Display, The
Includes: Hao, Y.R.[Ya Ru] Hao, Y.R.[Ya-Ru]

Hao, Y.S.[Yu Sheng] Co Author Listing * novel method of text line segmentation for historical document image of the uchen Tibetan, A
* Region-Based Hierarchical Cross-Section Analysis for Individual Tree Crown Delineation Using ALS Data, A
Includes: Hao, Y.S.[Yu Sheng] Hao, Y.S.[Yu-Sheng] Hao, Y.S.[Yuan-Shuo]

Hao, Y.T.[Yong Tao] Co Author Listing * Improved Way of Camera Self-Calibration Technique, A
Includes: Hao, Y.T.[Yong Tao] Hao, Y.T.[Yong-Tao]

Hao, Y.X.[Yue Xing] Co Author Listing * Single image rain removal with reusing original input squeeze-and-excitation network
Includes: Hao, Y.X.[Yue Xing] Hao, Y.X.[Yue-Xing]

Hao, Y.Y.[Yang Yang] Co Author Listing * Feedback cascade regression model for face alignment
* Neural Ensemble Decoding of Rat's Motor Cortex by Kalman Filter and Optimal Linear Estimation
Includes: Hao, Y.Y.[Yang Yang] Hao, Y.Y.[Yang-Yang] Hao, Y.Y.[Yao-Yao]

Hao, Y.Z.[Yu Zhu] Co Author Listing * Bidirectional Segmented Detection of Land Use Change Based on Object-Level Multivariate Time Series
Includes: Hao, Y.Z.[Yu Zhu] Hao, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhu]

Hao, Z.[Zongbo] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition based on Subdivision-Fusion Model
* Controllable Video Generation with Sparse Trajectories
* Detail Preserving Depth Estimation from a Single Image Using Attention Guided Networks
* Detecting Winter Wheat Irrigation Signals Using SMAP Gridded Soil Moisture Data
* DualSDF: Semantic Shape Manipulation Using a Two-Level Representation
* Edge-Guided Image Object Detection in Multiscale Segmentation for High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Multidimensional Seismic Data Reconstruction Using Frequency-Domain Adaptive Prediction-Error Filter
* Pixel-Level Discrete Multiobjective Sampling for Image Matting
* PointFlow: 3D Point Cloud Generation With Continuous Normalizing Flows
* Practical Method for On-Orbit Estimation of Polarization Response of Satellite Ocean Color Sensor, A
* Scale-Aware Face Detection
Includes: Hao, Z.[Zongbo] Hao, Z.[Zekun] Hao, Z. Hao, Z.[Zhen]
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Hao, Z.F.[Zhi Feng] Co Author Listing * BASSUM: A Bayesian semi-supervised method for classification feature selection
* Linear Support Higher-Order Tensor Machine for Classification, A
* Sphere-Description-Based Approach for Multiple-Instance Learning, A
Includes: Hao, Z.F.[Zhi Feng] Hao, Z.F.[Zhi-Feng]

Hao, Z.H.[Zhao Hui] Co Author Listing * Correlation filter-based visual tracking via adaptive weighted CNN features fusion
* direct formulation for totally-corrective multi-class boosting, A
* Insect Target Classes Discerned from Entomological Radar Data
* Multiscale superpixel classification for tumor segmentation in breast ultrasound images
* Novel Dynamic Dispatching Method for Bicycle-Sharing System, A
* Novel Human Detection Approach Based on Depth Map via Kinect, A
* Robust long-term correlation tracking with multiple models
* Robust visual tracking via multi-feature response maps fusion using a collaborative local-global layer visual model
* Totally-Corrective Multi-class Boosting
Includes: Hao, Z.H.[Zhao Hui] Hao, Z.H.[Zhao-Hui] Hao, Z.H.[Zhi-Hui] Hao, Z.H.[Zhen-Hua] Hao, Z.H.[Zhi-Hao] Hao, Z.H.[Zhong-Hua]
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Hao, Z.W.[Zhi Wei] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction Method for Broken Contour Lines Based on Similar Contours, A
Includes: Hao, Z.W.[Zhi Wei] Hao, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei]

Hao, Z.X.[Zhi Xiang] Co Author Listing * Learning From Synthetic Photorealistic Raindrop for Single Image Raindrop Removal
Includes: Hao, Z.X.[Zhi Xiang] Hao, Z.X.[Zhi-Xiang]

Hao, Z.Z.[Zeng Zhou] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Ocean Color Remote Sensing in the Presence of High Aerosol Loads
* Changes and Predictions of Vertical Distributions of Global Light-Absorbing Aerosols Based on CALIPSO Observation
* Unified Algorithm for the Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Remote Sensing Data over Land and Ocean, A
* Validation of S-NPP VIIRS Sea Surface Temperature Retrieved from NAVO
Includes: Hao, Z.Z.[Zeng Zhou] Hao, Z.Z.[Zeng-Zhou]

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