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Maka, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * Feature contours fusion for determining segment boundaries in audio data
* Network on chips link bandwidth minimization of deadlock-free multi-path routing

Makabe, L.[Lilika] Co Author Listing * Shape-coded ArUco: Fiducial Marker for Bridging 2D and 3D Modalities

Makackas, D.[Dalius] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network-Based Approximation of Coverage Path Planning Results for Parking Lots

Makada, Y. Co Author Listing * Anchor point thinning using a skeleton based on the Euclidean distance transformation

Makadia, A.[Ameesh] Co Author Listing * ASIC: Aligning Sparse in-the-wild Image Collections
* Baselines for Image Annotation
* Co-segmentation of Textured 3D Shapes with Sparse Annotations
* Correspondence-free Structure from Motion
* De-rendering the World's Revolutionary Artefacts
* Deformable Shape Completion with Graph Convolutional Autoencoders
* Direct 3D-rotation estimation from spherical images via a generalized shift theorem
* Feature Tracking for Wide-Baseline Image Retrieval
* Fully Automatic Registration of 3D Point Clouds
* Generalizable Patch-Based Neural Rendering
* Harmonic Silhouette Matching for 3D Models
* Image processing in catadioptric planes: spatiotemporal derivatives and optical flow computation
* Infinite Nature: Perpetual View Generation of Natural Scenes from a Single Image
* KeypointDeformer: Unsupervised 3D Keypoint Discovery for Shape Control
* Learning 3D Part Detection from Sparsely Labeled Data
* Learning ABCs: Approximate Bijective Correspondence for isolating factors of variation with weak supervision
* Learning SO(3) Equivariant Representations with Spherical CNNs
* Learning to Transform for Generalizable Instance-wise Invariance
* Light Field Neural Rendering
* Local Implicit Grid Representations for 3D Scenes
* LU-NeRF: Scene and Pose Estimation by Synchronizing Local Unposed NeRFs
* New Baseline for Image Annotation, A
* Planar Ego-Motion Without Correspondences
* Radon-Based Structure from Motion without Correspondences
* Rotation estimation from spherical images
* Rotation Recovery from Spherical Images without Correspondences
* Shape-based object recognition in videos using 3D synthetic object models
* Spherical Correlation of Visual Representations for 3D Model Retrieval
* Wide-Baseline Relative Camera Pose Estimation with Directional Learning
Includes: Makadia, A.[Ameesh] Makadia, A.
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Makaga, L.[Loic] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Mega-Crown Leaf Turnover from Space
Includes: Makaga, L.[Loic] Makaga, L.[Loïc]

Makai, B. Co Author Listing * Efficiency of shape-adaptive 2-D transforms for coding of arbitrarily shaped image segments
* Functional Coding of Video Using a Shape-Adaptive DCT Algorithm and an Object-Based Motion Prediction Toolbox
* Improved H.264/AVC coding using texture analysis and synthesis
* Real-Time Estimation of Long-Term 3-D Motion Parameters for SNHC Face Animation and Model-Based Coding Applications
* Shape-adaptive DCT for generic coding of video

Makak, J.S. Co Author Listing * Congo Basin Forest Cover Change Estimate for 1990, 2000 and 2005 by Landsat Interpretation Using an Automated Object-Based Processing Chain

Makalic, E. Co Author Listing * Simple Sampler for the Horseshoe Estimator, A

Makansi, O.[Osama] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Learning of Video Super-Resolution with Motion Compensation
* Multimodal Future Localization and Emergence Prediction for Objects in Egocentric View With a Reachability Prior
* On Exposing the Challenging Long Tail in Future Prediction of Traffic Actors
* Overcoming Limitations of Mixture Density Networks: A Sampling and Fitting Framework for Multimodal Future Prediction
* Uncertainty Estimates and Multi-hypotheses Networks for Optical Flow
Includes: Makansi, O.[Osama] Makansi, O.

Makantasis, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Automatic Inspection of Cultural Monuments Using Deep and Tensor-Based Learning on Hyperspectral Imagery
* Content-Based Filtering for Fast 3D Reconstruction from Unstructured Web-Based Image Data
* Data-Driven Background Subtraction Algorithm for In-Camera Acceleration in Thermal Imagery
* Deep learning based human behavior recognition in industrial workflows
* Deep Learning-Based Man-Made Object Detection from Hyperspectral Data
* Deep reinforcement-learning-based driving policy for autonomous road vehicles
* Hyperspectral Image Classification with Tensor-Based Rank-R Learning Models
* Monocular Camera Fall Detection System Exploiting 3D Measures: A Semi-supervised Learning Approach
* Noise-tolerant Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Pixels and Sounds of Emotion: General-Purpose Representations of Arousal in Games, The
* Space-Time Domain Tensor Neural Networks: An Application on Human Pose Classification
* Tensor-Based Classification Models for Hyperspectral Data Analysis
* Variational Inference for Background Subtraction in Infrared Imagery
Includes: Makantasis, K.[Konstantinos] Makantasis, K.
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Makanyanga, J.C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Segmentation of Crohn's Disease Tissues From Abdominal MRI

Makanza, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * High-Throughput Phenotyping of Canopy Cover and Senescence in Maize Field Trials Using Aerial Digital Canopy Imaging

Makar, A.[Artur] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Modeling of the Tombolo Phenomenon in Sopot using Integrated Geodetic and Hydrographic Measurement Methods
* Simplified Method of Determination of the Sound Speed in Water on the Basis of Temperature Measurements and Salinity Prediction for Shallow Water Bathymetry
* Use of USV to Develop Navigational and Bathymetric Charts of Yacht Ports on the Example of National Sailing Centre in Gdansk, The

Makar, M. Co Author Listing * Direction-Adaptive Partitioned Block Transform for Color Image Coding
* Direction-adaptive partitioned block transform for image coding
* Efficient video search using image queries
* Gradient preserving quantization
* Interframe Coding of Feature Descriptors for Mobile Augmented Reality
* Quality-controlled view interpolation for multiview video
* Real-time video streaming with interactive region-of-interest
Includes: Makar, M. Makar, M.[Mina]
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Makar, R.S.[Randa S.] Co Author Listing * Proximal Soil Sensing of Low Salinity in Southern Xinjiang, China

Makarainen, M.[Meeri] Co Author Listing * Immersive 3D modeling with Blender and off-the-shelf hardware

Makarau, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Shadow Detection Using a Blackbody Radiator Model
* Classification accuracy increase using multisensor data fusion
* Data Processing for the Space-based DESIS Hyperspectral Sensor
* Discrete Graphical Models for Alphabet-Based Multisensory Data Fusion and Classification
* Estimating the Influence of Spectral and Radiometric Calibration Uncertainties on EnMAP Data Products: Examples for Ground Reflectance Retrieval and Vegetation Indices
* Haze Detection and Removal in Remotely Sensed Multispectral Imagery
* Hyperspectral Data Classification Using Factor Graphs
* New Hyperspectral Sensor Desis On The Multi-payload Platform Muses Installed on the ISS, The
Includes: Makarau, A. Makarau, A.[Aliaksei]
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Makarchuk, G.[Gleb] Co Author Listing * Ensembling Neural Networks for Digital Pathology Images Classification and Segmentation

Makaremi, I.[Iman] Co Author Listing * Blur invariants: A novel representation in the wavelet domain
* Generalized ordinary moment based blur invariant descriptors for face recognition with degraded images
* Wavelet Domain Blur Invariants for 1D Discrete Signals
* Wavelet-Domain Blur Invariants for Image Analysis

Makaremi, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * new method for detecting texture defects based on modified local binary pattern, A

Makarenko, M.[Maksim] Co Author Listing * Real-time Hyperspectral Imaging in Hardware via Trained Metasurface Encoders

Makarenko, V.N. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Image Registration in Dynamic Myocardial Perfusion CT Imaging

Makarenkov, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Minkowski central partition as a pointer to a suitable distance exponent and consensus partitioning, The

Makarewicz, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Empirical Relationships between Remote-Sensing Reflectance and Selected Inherent Optical Properties in Nordic Sea Surface Waters for the MODIS and OLCI Ocean Colour Sensors

Makarichev, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Discrete Atomic Transform-Based Lossy Compression of Three-Channel Remote Sensing Images with Quality Control

Makarieva, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Effect of Permafrost Thawing on Discharge of the Kolyma River, Northeastern Siberia
* Giant Aufeis: Unknown Glaciation in North-Eastern Eurasia According to Landsat Images 2013-2019
* Leveraging Soil Moisture Assimilation in Permafrost Affected Regions
* Satellite-Based Mapping of Gold-Mining-Related Land-Cover Changes in the Magadan Region, Northeast Russia

Makaroff, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Fast Marching Energy CNN

Makarov, A. Co Author Listing * Binary shape coding using finite automata
* Comparison of Background Extraction Based Intrusion Detection Algorithms
* Intrusion Detection Using Extraction of Moving Edges
* Self-Organizing Maps for Fingerprint Image Quality Assessment
Includes: Makarov, A. Makarov, A.[Aleksej] Makarov, A.[Anton]

Makarov, A.P. Co Author Listing * Application of Robotic System for Obtaining Information About the Area
* Using An Low-cost Stereo Camera for Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robot

Makarov, D.S.[Dmitry S.] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Observations of Microwave Brightness Temperatures over a Metropolitan Area: Comparison of Radiometric Data and Spectra Simulated with the Use of Radiosonde Measurements
* Validation of Atmospheric Absorption Models within the 20-60 GHz Band by Simultaneous Radiosonde and Microwave Observations: The Advantage of Using ECS Formalism
Includes: Makarov, D.S.[Dmitry S.] Makarov, D.S.[Dmitriy S.]

Makarov, I.[Ilya] Co Author Listing * Classifying Emotions and Engagement in Online Learning Based on a Single Facial Expression Recognition Neural Network
* Improving Picture Quality with Photo-Realistic Style Transfer

Makarov, M.[Mihail] Co Author Listing * Foldover-Free Image Warping

Makarov, P.A. Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Autofocus Technique Based on Spatial Frequency Domain Fragmentation

Makarov, S.B. Co Author Listing * Study of Digital Camera Calibration on A Flat Test Object

Makarova, A.[Anastasia] Co Author Listing * Cherry-Picking Gradients: Learning Low-Rank Embeddings of Visual Data via Differentiable Cross-Approximation
* Hierarchical Image Classification using Entailment Cone Embeddings
* Mean Decision Rules Method with Smart Sampling for Fast Large-Scale Binary SVM Classification
Includes: Makarova, A.[Anastasia] Makarova, A.[Alexandra]

Makarova, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Nitrous Oxide Profiling from Infrared Radiances (NOPIR): Algorithm Description, Application to 10 Years of IASI Observations and Quality Assessment

Makarovic, B. Co Author Listing * Image-based Digital Mapping

Makasy, C. Co Author Listing * ENMAP: The Future Hyperspectral Satellite Mission: Product Generation
* geometric simulator for the hyperspectral mission ENMAP, A
* Processing and calibration activities of the future hyperspectral satellite mission ENMAP
Includes: Makasy, C. Makasy, C.[Christine]

Makau, J.[Jack] Co Author Listing * Role of Earth Observation in an Integrated Deprived Area Mapping System for Low-to-Middle Income Countries, The

Makau, S.[Sospeter] Co Author Listing * Predicting Spatial Distribution of Key Honeybee Pests in Kenya Using Remotely Sensed and Bioclimatic Variables: Key Honeybee Pests Distribution Models

Makaveeva, M.[Milena] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Scale Invariant 3D Range Point Cloud Registration

Makay, G.[Geza] Co Author Listing * Method for Automatically Segmenting the Spinal Cord and Canal from 3D CT Images
Includes: Makay, G.[Geza] Makay, G.[Géza]

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