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Lerma, A.N.[Alexandre Nicolae] Co Author Listing * Performance and Uncertainty of Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Empirical Approaches in an Energetic Coastal Environment
* Sea State from Single Optical Images: A Methodology to Derive Wind-Generated Ocean Waves from Cameras, Drones and Satellites

Lerma, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * 3D Data Fusion for Historical Analyses of Heritage Buildings Using Thermal Images: The Palacio de Colomina as a Case Study
* 3d Photorealistic Modelling Of Stone Monuments By Dense Image Matching
* 3DVEM Software Modules for Efficient Management of Point Clouds and Photorealistic 3D Models
* Application of Computer Vision Techniques to Support in the Restoration of Historical Buildings
* Augmented Experience to Disseminate Cultural Heritage: House of Commons Windows, Parliament Hill National Historic Site (Canada)
* Augmented reality and photogrammetry: A synergy to visualize physical and virtual city environments
* Automatic orientation and 3D modelling from markerless rock art imagery
* Bayesian multilevel random-effects model for estimating noise in image sensors
* Calibration and Direct Georeferencing Analysis of a Multi-Sensor System for Cultural Heritage Recording
* Characterisation of Intensity Values On Terrestrial Laser Scanning For Recording Enhancement
* Close range photogrammetry and enhanced recording of palaeolithic rock art
* Digital Reconstruction of the Church of San Ildefonso at Zamora (Spain) Using Orthoware
* Dominant Color Extraction with K-Means for Camera Characterization in Cultural Heritage Documentation
* Estimation of the Block Adjustment Error in UAV Photogrammetric Flights in Flat Areas
* Fully automatic smartphone-based photogrammetric 3D modelling of infant's heads for cranial deformation analysis
* Fusion of range-based data and image-based datasets for efficient documentation of cultural heritage objects and sites
* Geometric calibration of a terrestrial laser scanner with local additional parameters: An automatic strategy
* Geoportal Proposal for the Inventory of Cultural Heritage In NabÓn (Ecuador)
* High And Low Resolution Textured Models Of Complex Architectural Surfaces
* Image Based Architectural True-Orthophotographs
* Implementation of an Architectonic GIS on a Brickwork Farmhouse
* Integration of Surveying Techniques to Detect the Ideal Shape of A Dome: the Case of the Escuelas Pías Church in Valencia
* Merging Photogrammetry and Augmented Reality: The Canadian Library Of Parliament
* Unsupervised robust planar segmentation of terrestrial laser scanner point clouds based on fuzzy clustering methods
* virtual simulator for photogrammetry, A
* Web-Based Geoinformation System for Heritage Management and Geovisualisation in Canton Nabon (Ecuador), A
Includes: Lerma, J.L.[Jose Luis] Lerma, J.L.[José Luis] Lerma, J.L.
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Lerma, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Explainable Model for Localization of Spiculation in Lung Nodules

Lerma, N.[Nelson] Co Author Listing * Investigating Low-Cost Virtual Reality Technologies in the Context of an Immersive Maintenance Training Application

Lerma, Z.O.[Zuleica Ojeda] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of OMI NO2 Vertical Columns Using MAX-DOAS Observations over Mexico City

Lerman, G.[Gilad] Co Author Listing * Better Feature Tracking through Subspace Constraints
* Depth Descent Synchronization in SO(D)
* Enhancing feature tracking with gyro regularization
* Estimation of Camera Locations in Highly Corrupted Scenarios: All About that Base, No Shape Trouble
* Exact Camera Location Recovery by Least Unsquared Deviations
* Fast Subspace Search via Grassmannian Based Hashing
* Fast, Accurate and Memory-Efficient Partial Permutation Synchronization
* Hybrid Linear Modeling via Local Best-Fit Flats
* Kernel Spectral Curvature Clustering (KSCC)
* Median K-Flats for hybrid linear modeling with many outliers
* Motion segmentation by SCC on the hopkins 155 database
* New Approach to Two-View Motion Segmentation Using Global Dimension Minimization, A
* Overview of Robust Subspace Recovery, An
* Randomized hybrid linear modeling by local best-fit flats
* Robust Locally Linear Analysis with Applications to Image Denoising and Blind Inpainting
* Scalable Cluster-Consistency Statistics for Robust Multi-Object Matching
* Solving Jigsaw Puzzles by the Graph Connection Laplacian
* Spectral Curvature Clustering (SCC)
Includes: Lerman, G.[Gilad] Lerman, G.
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Lerman, J.S. Co Author Listing * Convex shape reconstruction from noisy ray probe measurements
* Multiresolution chain coding of contours

Lerman, K.[Kristina] Co Author Listing * Information-Theoretic Clustering of Neuroimaging Metrics Related to Cognitive Decline in the Elderly

Lerman, S.[Samuel] Co Author Listing * Explaining Local, Global, And Higher-Order Interactions In Deep Learning

Lerme, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Coupled Parallel Snakes for Segmenting Healthy and Pathological Retinal Arteries in Adaptive Optics Images
* Efficient graph cut optimization for shape from focus
* Fast and efficient reconstruction of digitized frescoes
* fully automatic method for segmenting retinal artery walls in adaptive optics images, A
* Multilayer Joint Segmentation Using MRF and Graph Cuts
* Numerical study of an optimization problem for mosaic active imaging
* Reducing graphs in graph cut segmentation
* Segmentation of Retinal Arteries in Adaptive Optics Images
* Simultaneous Segmentation and Filtering via Reduced Graph Cuts
Includes: Lerme, N.[Nicolas] Lermé, N.[Nicolas]
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Lermen, T.S.[Thiago S.] Co Author Listing * Omnidirectional 2.5D representation for COVID-19 diagnosis using chest CTs

Lermusiaux, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Systems for Geosciences: An Essential Research Agenda

Lermusiaux, P.F.J. Co Author Listing * Graph-Search and Differential Equations for Time-Optimal Vessel Route Planning in Dynamic Ocean Waves

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