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Alcacer Labrador, D.[Dorian] Co Author Listing * RichWPS Environment for Orchestration, The
Includes: Alcacer Labrador, D.[Dorian] Alcacer-Labrador, D.[Dorian]

Alcaide, A. Co Author Listing * Privacy-aware average speed monitoring system for vehicular ad-hoc networks

Alcaide, J.M.[Jose Maria] Co Author Listing * Combining Statistical and Semantic Knowledge for Sarcasm Detection in Online Dialogues
* Measuring the Quality of Annotations for a Subjective Crowdsourcing Task
Includes: Alcaide, J.M.[Jose Maria] Alcaide, J.M.[José María] Alcaide, J.M.[José M.]

Alcaim, A.[Abraham] Co Author Listing * Alignment by Phase of Vertical Coefficients in SA-DCT
* Edge-Preserving ADPCM and ECVQ Coding of Image Sub-Bands Using Subjective Criteria
* Identification of dominant coefficients in DCT image coders using weighted vector quantization
* Mathematical formulation of shape-adaptive 2-D transforms
* Strategies to improve the performance of very low bit rate speech coders and application to a variable rate 1.2 kb/s codec
* Subband decomposition strategies for object-based image coding
* Switching between the SA-DCT and the EI-DCT in arbitrarily shaped image coding
* Theoretical analysis and reduction of the quantization noise effects in the SA-DCT
Includes: Alcaim, A.[Abraham] Alcaim, A.
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Alcain, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Real-time patch-based medical image modality propagation by GPU computing
Includes: Alcain, E.[Eduardo] Alcaín, E.[Eduardo]

Alcaina Mateos, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * High and Medium Resolution Satellite Imagery to Evaluate Late Holocene Human-Environment Interactions in Arid Lands: A Case Study from the Central Sahara
Includes: Alcaina Mateos, J.[Jonas] Alcaina-Mateos, J.[Jonas]

Alcaine, S.[Sheila] Co Author Listing * Determining the optimal features in freezing of gait detection through a single waist accelerometer in home environments

Alcala Ramirez, V.[Vanessa] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Indoor Location Model for Smartphones Based on Magnetic Field: A Preliminary Approach, A
Includes: Alcala Ramirez, V.[Vanessa] Alcalá-Ramírez, V.[Vanessa]

Alcala, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * From Photons to Pixels: Processing Data from the Advanced Baseline Imager

Alcalde, G.[Gabriela] Co Author Listing * Anatomy of an Optical Biopsy Semantic Retrieval System, The

Alcalde, L.[Lucio] Co Author Listing * ConSLAM: Periodically Collected Real-world Construction Dataset for SLAM and Progress Monitoring

Alcan, G.[Gokhan] Co Author Listing * Single Droplet Tracking in Jet Flow

Alcaniz Raya, M.[Mariano] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical image segmentation using a correspondence with a tree model
* Outlining of the prostate using snakes with shape restrictions based on the wavelet transform
Includes: Alcaniz Raya, M.[Mariano] Alcañiz Raya, M.[Mariano]

Alcaniz, M. Co Author Listing * Aorta segmentation using the watershed algorithm for an augmented reality system in laparoscopic surgery
* Automatic Detection of Optic Disc Based on PCA and Mathematical Morphology
* Improved watershed transform for medical image segmentation using prior information
* new 3D paradigm for metal artifact reduction in dental CT, A
* Proposal for the Selection of Eye-Tracking Metrics for the Implementation of Adaptive Gameplay in Virtual Reality Based Games, A
Includes: Alcaniz, M. Alcañiz, M.[Mariano]

Alcantar Elizondo, N.[Norberto] Co Author Listing * Combining Global Geopotential Models, Digital Elevation Models, and GNSS/Leveling for Precise Local Geoid Determination in Some Mexico Urban Areas: Case Study
Includes: Alcantar Elizondo, N.[Norberto] Alcantar-Elizondo, N.[Norberto]

Alcantara Carrio, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Contribution of Reverse Dune Migration to Stabilization of a Transgressive Coastal Dune Field at Lagoa do Peixe National Park Dune Field (South of Brazil)
* Global Distribution and Morphodynamic Patterns of Paired Spits Developed at the Mouths of Interdistributary Bays of Deltas and within Coastal Channels
Includes: Alcantara Carrio, J.[Javier] Alcántara-Carrió, J.[Javier]

Alcantara, C.A. Co Author Listing * Geospatial Assessment and Modeling of Urban Heat Islands in Quezon City, Philippines Using Ols and Geographically Weighted Regression

Alcantara, C.K. Co Author Listing * Modelling of Land Surface Temperature Using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix and Random Forest Regression

Alcantara, D.A.[Dan A.] Co Author Listing * Exploration of Shape Variation Using Localized Components Analysis

Alcantara, E.[Enner] Co Author Listing * 2020 Hpakant Jade Mine Disaster, Myanmar: A multi-sensor investigation for slope failure, The
* Deforestation as the Prominent Driver of the Intensifying Wildfire in Cambodia, Revealed through Geospatial Analysis
* MORFO3D Foot Database, The
* Signal Classification of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Based on the Hemispherical-Conical Reflectance Factor Spectrum Shape in the Yellow and Red Regions
Includes: Alcantara, E.[Enner] Alcántara, E.[Enrique] Alcântara, E.

Alcantara, E.H.[Enner H.] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the feasibility of a space-borne sensor (SPOT-6) to estimate the height of submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) in inland waters
* Assessment of Scattering Error Correction Techniques for AC-S Meter in a Tropical Eutrophic Reservoir
* Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient Retrieval in CDOM Dominated Inland Water with High Chlorophyll-a Concentrations
* Editorial for the Special Issue Remote Sensing of Large Rivers
* Estimation of Chlorophyll-a Concentration from Optimizing a Semi-Analytical Algorithm in Productive Inland Waters
* Glint Removal Assessment to Estimate the Remote Sensing Reflectance in Inland Waters with Widely Differing Optical Properties
* Interactive Correlation Environment (ICE): A Statistical Web Tool for Data Collinearity Analysis
* Kd(PAR) and a Depth Based Model to Estimate the Height of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in an Oligotrophic Reservoir: A Case Study at Nova Avanhandava
* Parametrization and calibration of a quasi-analytical algorithm for tropical eutrophic waters
* Performance Analysis of MODIS 500-m Spatial Resolution Products for Estimating Chlorophyll-a Concentrations in Oligo- to Meso-Trophic Waters Case Study: Itumbiara Reservoir, Brazil
* Retrieval of Suspended Particulate Matter in Inland Waters with Widely Differing Optical Properties Using a Semi-Analytical Scheme
* Spectral-Spatial-Aware Unsupervised Change Detection With Stochastic Distances and Support Vector Machines
Includes: Alcantara, E.H.[Enner H.] Alcântara, E.H.[Enner H.] Alcântara, E.H.[Enner Herênio]
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Alcantara, M.[Marlon] Co Author Listing * Drone-borne Differential SAR Interferometry
* Fast and Accurate Gesture Recognition Based on Motion Shapes
* TX-CNN: Detecting tuberculosis in chest X-ray images using convolutional neural network
Includes: Alcantara, M.[Marlon] Alcântara, M.[Marlon] Alcantara, M.

Alcantara, M.S.[Marlon S.] Co Author Listing * Crop Growth Monitoring with Drone-Borne DInSAR
* Predicting Sugarcane Harvest Date and Productivity with a Drone-Borne Tri-Band SAR
Includes: Alcantara, M.S.[Marlon S.] Alcântara, M.S.[Marlon S.]

Alcantara, R.[Rafaela] Co Author Listing * Tsallis Entropy Extraction for Mammographic Region Classification
Includes: Alcantara, R.[Rafaela] Alcântara, R.[Rafaela]

Alcantarilla, P.F. Co Author Listing * Automatic LightBeam Controller for driver assistance
* Automatic Traffic Signs and Panels Inspection System Using Computer Vision
* Continuous Optimization Approach for Efficient and Accurate Scene Flow, A
* Deformable 3D Reconstruction with an Object Database
* Face pose estimation with automatic 3D model creation in challenging scenarios
* Fast Explicit Diffusion for Accelerated Features in Nonlinear Scale Spaces
* Gauge-SURF descriptors
* KAZE Features
* Mining Structure Fragments for Smart Bundle Adjustment
* Sea Ice Drift Tracking From Sequential SAR Images Using Accelerated-KAZE Features
* Towards Bounding-Box Free Panoptic Segmentation
Includes: Alcantarilla, P.F. Alcantarilla, P.F.[Pablo F.] Alcantarilla, P.F.[Pablo Fernández] Alcantarilla, P.F.[Pablo Fernandez]
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Alcaras, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * Automation of Pan-Sharpening Methods for Pléiades Images Using GIS Basic Functions
* New Orbiting Deployable System for Small Satellite Observations for Ecology and Earth Observation, A
* Normalized Burn Ratio Plus (NBR+): A New Index for Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Remotely Sensed Image Fast Classification and Smart Thematic Map Production
Includes: Alcaras, E.[Emanuele] Alcaras, E.

Alcaraz Segura, D.[Domingo] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Harmonic Modelling of Sparse and Irregular Satellite Remote Sensing Time Series of Vegetation Indexes: A Story of Clouds and Fires
* Deep-learning Versus OBIA for Scattered Shrub Detection with Google Earth Imagery: Ziziphus lotus as Case Study
* Detection of Fir Trees (Abies sibirica) Damaged by the Bark Beetle in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images with Deep Learning
* Environmental and Human Controls of Ecosystem Functional Diversity in Temperate South America
* Framework for Multi-Dimensional Assessment of Wildfire Disturbance Severity from Remotely Sensed Ecosystem Functioning Attributes, A
* Influences of Satellite Sensor and Scale on Derivation of Ecosystem Functional Types and Diversity
* Multi-Temporal Object-Based Image Analysis to Detect Long-Lived Shrub Cover Changes in Drylands, A
* Remotely Sensed Variables of Ecosystem Functioning Support Robust Predictions of Abundance Patterns for Rare Species
* Tree Cover Estimation in Global Drylands from Space Using Deep Learning
Includes: Alcaraz Segura, D.[Domingo] Alcaraz-Segura, D.[Domingo] Alcaraz-Segura, D.
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Alcaraz, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * new method for the characterization of telecine effect in video sequences, A

Alcaraz, C.[Carles] Co Author Listing * First Results of Phytoplankton Spatial Dynamics in Two NW-Mediterranean Bays from Chlorophyll-a Estimates Using Sentinel 2: Potential Implications for Aquaculture
* Towards the Combination of C2RCC Processors for Improving Water Quality Retrieval in Inland and Coastal Areas

Alcaraz, J.J. Co Author Listing * SAETA: A Smart Coaching Assistant for Professional Volleyball Training

Alcaraz, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Assessment of dispersion patterns for negative stress detection from electroencephalographic signals
* Review on Nonlinear Methods Using Electroencephalographic Recordings for Emotion Recognition, A
Includes: Alcaraz, R.[Raul] Alcaraz, R.[Raúl]

Alcarria, R.[Ramon] Co Author Listing * Framework Based on Nesting of Convolutional Neural Networks to Classify Secondary Roads in High Resolution Aerial Orthoimages, A
* Improving Road Surface Area Extraction via Semantic Segmentation with Conditional Generative Learning for Deep Inpainting Operations
* Optimizing the Recognition and Feature Extraction of Wind Turbines through Hybrid Semantic Segmentation Architectures
* State-Level Mapping of the Road Transport Network from Aerial Orthophotography: An End-to-End Road Extraction Solution Based on Deep Learning Models Trained for Recognition, Semantic Segmentation and Post-Processing with Conditional Generative Learning
* Volunteered Geographic Information System Design: Project and Participation Guidelines
Includes: Alcarria, R.[Ramon] Alcarria, R.[Ramón]

Alcayaga, H.[Hernan] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Chlorophyll-a Concentrations in Lanalhue Lake Using Sentinel-2 MSI Satellite Images
Includes: Alcayaga, H.[Hernan] Alcayaga, H.[Hernán]

Alcazar, G.V.[Guillermo Villa] Co Author Listing * approach to the radiometric aerotriangulation of photogrammetric images, An
Includes: Alcazar, G.V.[Guillermo Villa] Alcázar, G.V.[Guillermo Villa]

Alcazar, J.L. Co Author Listing * Active Speakers in Context
* APES: Audiovisual Person Search in Untrimmed Video
* End-to-End Active Speaker Detection
* Just a Glimpse: Rethinking Temporal Information for Video Continual Learning
* Learning to Cut by Watching Movies
* MAAS: Multi-modal Assignation for Active Speaker Detection
* MAD: A Scalable Dataset for Language Grounding in Videos from Movie Audio Descriptions
* MovieCuts: A New Dataset and Benchmark for Cut Type Recognition
* PIVOT: Prompting for Video Continual Learning
* vCLIMB: A Novel Video Class Incremental Learning Benchmark
Includes: Alcazar, J.L. Alcázar, J.L. Alcázar, J.L.[Juan León]
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