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Johal, G.S.[Gurmukh S.] Co Author Listing * GeoDLS: A Deep Learning-Based Corn Disease Tracking and Location System Using RTK Geolocated UAS Imagery

Joham, M. Co Author Listing * Covariance Matrix Estimation in Massive MIMO
* QoS Feasibility in MIMO Broadcast Channels With Widely Linear Transceivers

Johan, H.[Henry] Co Author Listing * 3D model alignment based on minimum projection area
* benchmark of simulated range images for partial shape retrieval, A
* comparison of 3D shape retrieval methods based on a large-scale benchmark supporting multimodal queries, A
* comparison of methods for sketch-based 3D shape retrieval, A
* Comparison Study on Two Multi-scale Shape Matching Schemes, A
* Enhanced waypoint graph for surface and volumetric path planning in virtual worlds
* ESLPV: enhanced subsurface light propagation volumes
* Interactive Region Matching for 2D Animation Coloring Based on Feature's Variation
* Non-rigid and Partial 3d Model Retrieval Using Hybrid Shape Descriptor and Meta Similarity
* Shape Retrieval of Non-rigid 3D Human Models
* SHREC'12 Track: Generic 3d Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'12 Track: Sketch-Based 3d Shape Retrieval
* Spectral caustic rendering of a homogeneous caustic object based on wavelength clustering and eye sensitivity
* View context based 2D sketch-3D model alignment
Includes: Johan, H.[Henry] Johan, H.
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Johann, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * Epoch-Based Height Reference System for Sea Level Rise Impact Assessment on the Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

Johann, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Digital high definition television: Dawning of the new era

Johann, J.A.[Jerry Adriani] Co Author Listing * Three Decades after: Landscape Dynamics in Different Colonisation Models Implemented in the Brazilian Legal Amazon

Johannes, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Recursive Convolutional Neural Networks for Epigenomics

Johannes, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Perceptual Organization as Object Recognition Divided by Two

Johannessen, J.A.[Johnny A.] Co Author Listing * Arctic Sea Level Budget Assessment during the GRACE/Argo Time Period
* Knowledge Gaps and Impact of Future Satellite Missions to Facilitate Monitoring of Changes in the Arctic Ocean
* Latent Heat Flux in the Agulhas Current
* Neural Network Method for Retrieving Sea Surface Wind Speed for C-Band SAR, A
* Retrieval of Sea Surface Range Velocities From Envisat ASAR Doppler Centroid Measurements
* Study of the Intensity of Tropical Cyclone Idai Using Dual-Polarization Sentinel-1 Data, A
Includes: Johannessen, J.A.[Johnny A.] Johannessen, J.A.

Johannessen, O.M. Co Author Listing * Classification of Sea Ice Types in ENVISAT Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Retrieval of Arctic Sea Ice Parameters by Satellite Passive Microwave Sensors: A Comparison of Eleven Sea Ice Concentration Algorithms

Johannesson, L. Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential of Predictive Control for Hybrid Vehicle Powertrains Using Stochastic Dynamic Programming

Johannesson, L.M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Three Electrochemical Energy Buffers Applied to a Hybrid Bus Powertrain With Simultaneous Optimal Sizing and Energy Management

Johannesson, M. Co Author Listing * Video-rate Pyramid Optical Flow Computations on the Linear SIMD Array IVP

Johannesson, R.J. Co Author Listing * Video-Based Automatic Incident Detection for Smart Roads: The Outdoor Environmental Challenges Regarding False Alarms

Johannsen, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Optimising Spatial and Tonal Data for Homogeneous Diffusion Inpainting

Johannsen, F.[Frederico] Co Author Listing * Cold Bias of ERA5 Summertime Daily Maximum Land Surface Temperature over Iberian Peninsula

Johannsen, O.[Ole] Co Author Listing * Dataset and Evaluation Methodology for Depth Estimation on 4D Light Fields, A
* Efficient Octree Design for Local Variational Range Image Fusion, An
* Inverse Lightfield Rendering for Shape, Reflection and Natural Illumination
* Layered Scene Reconstruction from Multiple Light Field Camera Views
* Light Field Intrinsics with a Deep Encoder-Decoder Network
* Neural Puppeteer: Keypoint-based Neural Rendering of Dynamic Shapes
* Occlusion-Aware Depth Estimation Using Sparse Light Field Coding
* On Linear Structure from Motion for Light Field Cameras
* Shadow and Specularity Priors for Intrinsic Light Field Decomposition
* Taxonomy and Evaluation of Dense Light Field Depth Estimation Algorithms, A
* What Sparse Light Field Coding Reveals about Scene Structure
Includes: Johannsen, O.[Ole] Johannsen, O.
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Johannsen, V.K.[Vivian K.] Co Author Listing * L-Band SAR Backscatter Related to Forest Cover, Height and Aboveground Biomass at Multiple Spatial Scales across Denmark

Johannsen, W. Co Author Listing * Blocking Artifact Free Video Coding Based on a Bilinear Forward Image Warping Model

Johansen, A.S.[Anders Skaarup] Co Author Listing * Chalearn LAP Seasons in Drift Challenge: Dataset, Design and Results
* Eye typing using Markov and active appearance models
* Semantic Segmentation Guided Real-World Super-Resolution
* Single-Loss Multi-task Learning For Improving Semantic Segmentation Using Super-Resolution
Includes: Johansen, A.S.[Anders Skaarup] Johansen, A.S. Johansen, A.S.[Anders S.]

Johansen, A.T.[Anna Torp] Co Author Listing * Emotional Features of Interactions with Empathic Agents

Johansen, D.[Dag] Co Author Listing * Arctic HARE: A Machine Learning-Based System for Performance Analysis of Cross-Country Skiers
* Capturing Nutrition Data for Sports: Challenges and Ethical Issues
* Ddanet: Dual Decoder Attention Network for Automatic Polyp Segmentation
* Kvasir-instrument: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool Segmentation Dataset in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
* Kvasir-seg: A Segmented Polyp Dataset
* Muithu: A Touch-Based Annotation Interface for Activity Logging in the Norwegian Premier League
* ScopeSense: An 8.5-Month Sport, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Lifelogging Dataset
* Sport and Nutrition Digital Analysis: A Legal Assessment
* Towards Consent-Based Lifelogging in Sport Analytic
* Wearable Cameras for Real-Time Activity Annotation
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Johansen, G.H.[Gunner Helweg] Co Author Listing * Simple Algorithm for Building the 3-D Convex Hull, A

Johansen, H.[Havard] Co Author Listing * Towards Consent-Based Lifelogging in Sport Analytic
Includes: Johansen, H.[Havard] Johansen, H.[Håvard]

Johansen, H.D.[Havard D.] Co Author Listing * Arctic HARE: A Machine Learning-Based System for Performance Analysis of Cross-Country Skiers
* Ddanet: Dual Decoder Attention Network for Automatic Polyp Segmentation
* Kvasir-instrument: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool Segmentation Dataset in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
* Kvasir-seg: A Segmented Polyp Dataset
Includes: Johansen, H.D.[Havard D.] Johansen, H.D.[Håvard D.]

Johansen, J.S.[Jared S.] Co Author Listing * Perils and Pitfalls of Block Design for EEG Classification Experiments, The

Johansen, K.[Kasper] Co Author Listing * Assessing Radiometric Correction Approaches for Multi-Spectral UAS Imagery for Horticultural Applications
* Automatic Geographic Object Based Mapping of Streambed and Riparian Zone Extent from LiDAR Data in a Temperate Rural Urban Environment, Australia
* Blending Landsat and MODIS Data to Generate Multispectral Indices: A Comparison of 'Index-then-Blend' and 'Blend-then-Index' Approaches
* Center pivot field delineation and mapping: A satellite-driven object-based image analysis approach for national scale accounting
* Characterisation of Banana Plant Growth Using High-Spatiotemporal-Resolution Multispectral UAV Imagery
* Characterising Upland Swamps Using Object-based Classification Methods And Hyper-spatial Resolution Imagery Derived From An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Characterizing the Spatial Structure of Mangrove Features for Optimizing Image-Based Mangrove Mapping
* Combining Nadir, Oblique, and Façade Imagery Enhances Reconstruction of Rock Formations Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Comparison of Analytical Approaches for the Spectral Discrimination and Characterisation of Mite Infestations on Banana Plants, A
* Current Practices in UAS-based Environmental Monitoring
* Detection of Banana Plants Using Multi-Temporal Multispectral UAV Imagery
* Estimating Changes in Leaf Area, Leaf Area Density, and Vertical Leaf Area Profile for Mango, Avocado, and Macadamia Tree Crowns Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* machine learning approach for identifying and delineating agricultural fields and their multi-temporal dynamics using three decades of Landsat data, A
* Mapping Banana Plantations from Object-oriented Classification of SPOT-5 Imagery
* Mapping Banana Plants from High Spatial Resolution Orthophotos to Facilitate Plant Health Assessment
* Mapping Land Cover Types from Very High Spatial Resolution Imagery: Automatic Application of an Object Based Classification Scheme
* Mapping Riparian Zones over Large Regions from High Spatial Resolution Satellite and Airborne Imagery: Specifications for Operational Mapping
* Mapping the condition of macadamia tree crops using multi-spectral UAV and WorldView-3 imagery
* Measuring Canopy Structure and Condition Using Multi-Spectral UAS Imagery in a Horticultural Environment
* Monitoring Irrigation Events and Crop Dynamics Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Object-Based Approach for Multi-Scale Mangrove Composition Mapping Using Multi-Resolution Image Datasets
* Operational Mapping of the Environmental Condition of Riparian Zones over Large Regions from LiDAR Data
* Optimising drone flight planning for measuring horticultural tree crop structure
* Overcoming the Challenges of Thermal Infrared Orthomosaics Using a Swath-Based Approach to Correct for Dynamic Temperature and Wind Effects
* Predicting Biomass and Yield At Harvest of Salt-stressed Tomato Plants Using UAV Imagery
* Retrospective Analysis of National-Scale Agricultural Development in Saudi Arabia from 1990 to 2021, A
* Suitability of Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Mapping Tree Crop Structural Metrics for Improved Orchard Management
* Time-series analysis of rainforest clearing in Sabah, Borneo using Landsat imagery
* Time-series analysis of rainforest clearing in Sabah, Borneo using Landsat imagery
* Using Multi-Spectral UAV Imagery to Extract Tree Crop Structural Properties and Assess Pruning Effects
Includes: Johansen, K.[Kasper] Johansen, K. Johansen, K.[Kylie]
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Johansen, P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Pattern Recognition
* Branch Points in One-Dimensional Gaussian Scale Space
* Brownian Warps for Non-Rigid Registration
* Gaussian Scale-Space Theory
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Statistics of Shapes and Textures
* Guest Editors' Introduction
* Method for Detecting Structure in Polyhedra, A
* Multi-scale Singularity Trees: Soft-Linked Scale-Space Hierarchies
* On the Classification of Top Points in Scale Space
* PDE Solution of Brownian Warping, A
* Preface: Selected Papers from The 11th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis SCIA '99
* What Genes Tell about Iris Appearance
Includes: Johansen, P. Johansen, P.[Peter]
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Johansen, R. Co Author Listing * Regionally and Locally Adaptive Models for Retrieving Chlorophyll-a Concentration in Inland Waters From Remotely Sensed Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery

Johansen, R.A.[Richard A.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Satellite Reflectance Algorithms for Estimating Phycocyanin Values and Cyanobacterial Total Biovolume in a Temperate Reservoir Using Coincident Hyperspectral Aircraft Imagery and Dense Coincident Surface Observations

Johansen, S.[Stian] Co Author Listing * Distributed Rate-Distortion Optimization for Rateless Coded Scalable Video in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
* Implementation of 3D Tools and Immersive Experience Interaction for Supporting Learning in a Library-Archive Environment. Visions and Challenges
* Rateless scalable video coding for overlay multisource streaming in MANETs
Includes: Johansen, S.[Stian] Johansen, S.

Johansen, S.S. Co Author Listing * Practical Implementation of a Graphics Turing Test

Johansen, T.A.[Tor A.] Co Author Listing * HYPSO-1 CubeSat: First Images and In-Orbit Characterization
* Parallel FPGA Implementation of the CCSDS-123 Compression Algorithm, A
* Pre-Launch Assembly, Integration, and Testing Strategy of a Hyperspectral Imaging CubeSat, HYPSO-1
* Real-time georeferencing of thermal images using small fixed-wing UAVs in maritime environments
* Robust and Reconfigurable On-Board Processing for a Hyperspectral Imaging Small Satellite
* Satellite-USV System for Persistent Observation of Mesoscale Oceanographic Phenomena, A
* Self-Organizing Maps for Clustering Hyperspectral Images On-Board a CubeSat
* Ship Collision Avoidance and COLREGS Compliance Using Simulation-Based Control Behavior Selection With Predictive Hazard Assessment
* Ship Collision Avoidance Utilizing the Cross-Entropy Method for Collision Risk Assessment
Includes: Johansen, T.A.[Tor A.] Johansen, T.A.[Tor Arne] Johansen, T.A.
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Johansen, T.F. Co Author Listing * Eigenspace Based Minimum Variance Beamforming Applied to Ultrasound Imaging of Acoustically Hard Tissues

Johanson, C. Co Author Listing * Procedural Modeling for Rapid-Prototyping of Multiple Building Phases

Johanson, D. Co Author Listing * Decentralized Cooperative Aerial Surveillance Using Fixed-Wing Miniature UAVs

Johanson, M.[Mathias] Co Author Listing * Latency impact on Quality of Experience in a virtual reality simulator for remote control of machines

Johanson, P.A.[Peter A.] Co Author Listing * Electronic half-tone generating means for facsimile reproduction system

Johansson, A. Co Author Listing * Quantitative abdominal fat estimation using MRI
* Strategic Hub-Based Platoon Coordination Under Uncertain Travel Times
Includes: Johansson, A. Johansson, A.[Alexander]

Johansson, A.M.[A. Malin] Co Author Listing * Assessment of RISAT-1 and Radarsat-2 for Sea Ice Observations from a Hybrid-Polarity Perspective
* Robustness of SAR Sea Ice Type Classification Across Incidence Angles and Seasons at L-Band
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing of Operational Platform Produced Water Releases

Johansson, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Combining shadow detection and simulation for estimation of vehicle size and position
* Detecting Rotational Symmetries Using Normalized Convolution
* Directional channel representation for multiple line-endings and intensity levels
* Fast Selective Detection of Rotational Symmetries Using Normalized Inhibition
* Patch-Duplets for Object Recognition and Pose Estimation
* Survey on: Contents Based Search in Image Databases, A
* View Synthesis and 3D Reconstruction of Piecewise Planar Scenes Using Intersection Lines between the Planes
* View Synthesis of Piecewise Planar Objects
Includes: Johansson, B.[Bjorn] Johansson, B. Johansson, B.[Björn]
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Johansson, B.T. Co Author Listing * Determining Planar Multiple Sound-Soft Obstacles from Scattered Acoustic Fields
* Source Localization of Reaction-Diffusion Models for Brain Tumors
Includes: Johansson, B.T. Johansson, B.T.[B. Tomas]

Johansson, C.B.[Carina B.] Co Author Listing * Improved Quantification of Bone Remodelling by Utilizing Fuzzy Based Segmentation
* Methods for Visualization of Bone Tissue in the Proximity of Implants
* Quantification of Bone Remodeling in SRmuCT Images of Implants
* Quantification of Bone Remodeling in the Proximity of Implants
* Registration of 2D Histological Images of Bone Implants with 3D SRmuCT Volumes

Johansson, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor Calibration Studies of AVHRR-Heritage Channel Radiances Using the Simultaneous Nadir Observation Approach
* Probabilistic Cloud Masking for the Generation of CM SAF Cloud Climate Data Records from AVHRR and SEVIRI Sensors

Johansson, F.[Fredrik] Co Author Listing * On the Robustness and Generalizability of Face Synthesis Detection Methods

Johansson, G.[Gustaf] Co Author Listing * Globally optimal displacement fields using local tensor metric
* Visual Motion Perception
* Visual Perception of Biological Motion and a Model for Its Analysis
Includes: Johansson, G.[Gustaf] Johansson, G.

Johansson, H. Co Author Listing * Efficacy of Hybrid Energy Beamforming With Phase Shifter Impairments and Channel Estimation Errors
* Optimal Least Squares Estimator and Precoder for Energy Beamforming Over IQ-Impaired Channels
* Polyphase Decomposition of Digital Fractional-Delay Filters

Johansson, J.[Johan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Local Feature Detectors and Descriptors for Infrared Images, An
* Out-of-the-loop crash prediction: the automation expectation mismatch (AEM) algorithm
Includes: Johansson, J.[Johan] Johansson, J.[Joel]

Johansson, J.O.[Jan Olof] Co Author Listing * Measuring homogeneity of planar point-patterns by using kurtosis
* Measuring Homogeneity of Planar Point-Patterns Using Kurtosis
* Parameter-estimation in the auto-binomial model using the coding- and pseudo-likelihood method approached with simulated annealing and numerical optimization
Includes: Johansson, J.O.[Jan Olof] Johansson, J.O.[Jan-Olof]

Johansson, K.H.[Karl Henrik] Co Author Listing * Coordinating Vehicle Platoons for Highway Bottleneck Decongestion and Throughput Improvement
* Distributed Framework for Coordinated Heavy-Duty Vehicle Platooning, A
* Fault Detection and Mitigation in Kirchhoff Networks
* Fuel-Efficient En Route Formation of Truck Platoons
* Heavy-Duty Vehicle Platoon Formation for Fuel Efficiency
* Impact of Network Topology on the Resilience of Vehicle Platoons
* Information Patterns in the Modeling and Design of Mobility Management Services
* Strategic Hub-Based Platoon Coordination Under Uncertain Travel Times
* Study of Truck Platooning Incentives Using a Congestion Game, A
Includes: Johansson, K.H.[Karl Henrik] Johansson, K.H.
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Johansson, M.[Mikael] Co Author Listing * 3D-City Modeling: A Semi-automatic Framework for Integrating Different Terrain Models
* Arctic Sea Ice Characterization Using Spaceborne Fully Polarimetric L-, C-, and X-Band SAR With Validation by Airborne Measurements
* Bayesian Model Selection for Markov, Hidden Markov, and Multinomial Models
* Creating Appropriate Trust in Automated Vehicle Systems: A Framework for HMI Design
* Distributed Newton Method Over Graphs: Can Sharing of Second-Order Information Eliminate the Condition Number Dependence?
* VISIRE: From Video to VRML
* Visire: Photorealistic 3D Reconstruction from Video Sequences
Includes: Johansson, M.[Mikael] Johansson, M.
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Johansson, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Motion compensation using backward prediction and prediction refinement

Johansson, R.[Rolf] Co Author Listing * Color-based detection robust to varying illumination spectrum
* Force/Vision Based Active Damping Control of Contact Transition in Dynamic Environments
* Information extraction from multimedia web documents: An open-source platform and testbed
Includes: Johansson, R.[Rolf] Johansson, R.[Richard]

Johansson, R.B. Co Author Listing * Interpretation and classification of fringe patterns

Johansson, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Egomotion Estimation in Monocular Infra-red Image Sequence for Night Vision Applications
* Retrieval of Water Vapour Profiles from GLORIA Nadir Observations
Includes: Johansson, S.[Stefan] Johansson, S.[Sören]

Johansson, T.[Therese] Co Author Listing * Can Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) and Forest Estimates Derived from Satellite Images Be Used to Predict Abundance and Species Richness of Birds and Beetles in Boreal Forest?
* Image Analysis Algorithms on General Purpose Parallel Architectures
* Parallel Algorithms on Compact Binary Objects
* Requirements, Development, and Evaluation of A National Building Standard: A Swedish Case Study
* Unbroken Digital Data Flow in The Built Environment Process - a Case Study in Sweden
Includes: Johansson, T.[Therese] Johansson, T. Johansson, T.[Tim]

Johansson, U.[Ulf] Co Author Listing * Rule extraction with guarantees from regression models

Johar, R.H.[Razuan Harmy] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Player Enjoyment in Game-Based Learning Arithmetic Drills via Racing Game, An

Johard, L.[Leonard] Co Author Listing * Self-organizing trajectories

Joharestani, M.Z.[Mehdi Zamani] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Vegetation Dynamic and Persistence under Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors

Johari, K.M.[Khairunnisa Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Automatic Robust Image Registration Algorithm for Aerial Mapping, An

Johari, M.[Mansour] Co Author Listing * Impacts of bus stop location and berth number on urban network traffic performance

Johari, M.M.[Mohammad Mahdi] Co Author Listing * DepthInSpace: Exploitation and Fusion of Multiple Video Frames for Structured-Light Depth Estimation
* GeoNeRF: Generalizing NeRF with Geometry Priors

Johary, R.[Rosa] Co Author Listing * Sentinel-1 Based Processing Chain for Detection of Cyclonic Flood Impacts, A

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