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Shah Hosseini, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * Automatic Multilevel Thresholding for Image Segmentation by the Growing Time Adaptive Self-Organizing Map
* TAPCA: Time Adaptive Self-organizing Maps for Adaptive Principal Components Analysis
* TASOM-based algorithm for active contour modeling, A
Includes: Shah Hosseini, H.[Hamed] Shah-Hosseini, H.[Hamed] Shah-Hosseini, H.

Shah Hosseini, R.[Reza] Co Author Listing * 3D-ResNet-BiLSTM Model: A Deep Learning Model for County-Level Soybean Yield Prediction with Time-Series Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 Imagery, and Daymet Data
* Active Fire Detection from Landsat-8 Imagery Using Deep Multiple Kernel Learning
* Automated and Improved Methodology to Retrieve Long-time Series of Evapotranspiration Based on Remote Sensing and Reanalysis Data, An
* Development and evaluation of a deep learning model for real-time ground vehicle semantic segmentation from UAV-based thermal infrared imagery
* Earthquake Damage Region Detection by Multitemporal Coherence Map Analysis of Radar and Multispectral Imagery
* Hybrid Kernel-Based Change Detection Method for Remotely Sensed Data in a Similarity Space, A
* Optimum Feature and Classifier Selection for Accurate Urban Land Use/Cover Mapping from Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery
Includes: Shah Hosseini, R.[Reza] Shah-Hosseini, R.[Reza]
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Shah, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive 2DCCA Based Approach for Improving Spatial Specificity of Activation Detection in Functional MRI
* BCP-BCS: Best-Fit Cascaded Matching Paradigm with Cohort Selection Using Bezier Curve for Individual Recognition
* Bringing Alive Blurred Moments
* Comparative analysis of feature extraction and fusion for blind authentication of digital images using chroma channels
* Efficient Dense-Graph Convolutional Network with Inductive Prior Augmentations for Unsupervised Micro-Gesture Recognition
* HaLP: Hallucinating Latent Positives for Skeleton-based Self-Supervised Learning of Actions
* HRF Estimation in fMRI Data With an Unknown Drift Matrix by Iterative Minimization of the Kullback-Leibler Divergence
* Image classification and information retrieval over wireless digital networks and the internet
* Integrated Framework for Joint HRF and Drift Estimation and HbO/HbR Signal Improvement in fNIRS Data, An
* Make-An-Animation: Large-Scale Text-conditional 3D Human Motion Generation
* Multi-View Action Recognition using Contrastive Learning
* novel approach for mitigating atmospheric turbulence using weighted average Sobolev gradient and Laplacian, A
* Object-Centric Unsupervised Image Captioning
* Open Vocabulary Semantic Segmentation with Patch Aligned Contrastive Learning
* Participatory Design Approach to Develop a VR-based Electrocardiogram Training Simulator, A
* Pose and Joint-Aware Action Recognition
* Raising the Bar on the Evaluation of Out-of-Distribution Detection
* Recognition based text localization from natural scene images
* Reinforcement Learning Approach for Rebalancing Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems, A
* Revisiting Kernel Temporal Segmentation as an Adaptive Tokenizer for Long-form Video Understanding
* Saliency map based improved segmentation
* STEPs: Self-Supervised Key Step Extraction and Localization from Unlabeled Procedural Videos
* Temporally Precise Action Spotting in Soccer Videos Using Dense Detection Anchors
Includes: Shah, A. Shah, A.[Adarsh] Shah, A.[Anshul] Shah, A.[Atif] Shah, A.[Alex] Shah, A.[Akbar] Shah, A.[Arpita] Shah, A.[Ashish] Shah, A.[Arnav] Shah, A.[Ankit] Shah, A.[Archit] Shah, A.[Avijit]
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Shah, A.B. Co Author Listing * Learning Based Single Image Blur Detection and Segmentation

Shah, A.F.M.S.[A.F.M. Shahen] Co Author Listing * CB-MAC: a novel cluster-based MAC protocol for VANETs

Shah, A.N.[Anupam N.] Co Author Listing * Pebble automata on arrays
* Texture Coarseness: Further Experiments
Includes: Shah, A.N.[Anupam N.] Shah, A.N.

Shah, A.V.[Anish V.] Co Author Listing * Parallel Hough Transform Algorithm Performance

Shah, B.[Bhavik] Co Author Listing * TikTok for good: Creating a diverse emotion expression database
* Using inverse image frequency for perception-based color image quantization
Includes: Shah, B.[Bhavik] Shah, B.

Shah, B.N.[Brijesh N.] Co Author Listing * seeded region growing algorithm for spot detection in medical image segmentation, A

Shah, C.[Chiranjibi] Co Author Listing * Enhanced TabNet: Attentive Interpretable Tabular Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* SC-MIL: Supervised Contrastive Multiple Instance Learning for Imbalanced Classification in Pathology
Includes: Shah, C.[Chiranjibi] Shah, C.[Chintan]

Shah, C.A. Co Author Listing * Automated Blur Detection And Removal In Airborne Imaging Systems Using Imu Data
* Automated geometric correction of multispectral images from High Resolution CCD Camera (HRCC) on-board CBERS-2 and CBERS-2B
* Automated Image Registration Based on Pseudoinvariant Metrics of Dynamic Land-Surface Features
* ICA mixture model based unsupervised classification of hyperspectral imagery
Includes: Shah, C.A. Shah, C.A.[Chintan A.]

Shah, D.[Darshil] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Based EEG Analysis Using Video Analytics
* Deformable Template Recognition of Multiple Occluded Objects
* Efficient Image Privacy-Preserving Scheme Based On Mixed Chaotic Map and Compression, An
* Event-Triggered Non-Switching Networked Sliding Mode Control for Active Suspension System With Random Actuation Network Delay
* method to measure data complexity of a complicated medical data set, A
* NASA's MODIS/VIIRS Global Water Reservoir Product Suite from Moderate Resolution Remote Sensing Data
* Projection Design for Compressive Source Separation Using Mean Errors and Cross-Validation
* Sketch Interface for Robust and Natural Robot Control, A
* Statistical Coding Method for Facial Features
Includes: Shah, D.[Darshil] Shah, D. Shah, D.[Dawood] Shah, D.[Dipesh] Shah, D.[Disheet] Shah, D.[Deep]
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Shah, D.B.[Dhiraj B.] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of land surface temperature from the Kalpana-1 VHRR data using a single-channel algorithm and its validation over western India

Shah, D.K.[Dhiraj Kumar] Co Author Listing * Evaluating multi-view plus depth coding solutions for 3D video scenarios

Shah, E.[Ekta] Co Author Listing * New Similarity Measure for Identification of Disease Genes, A

Shah, F.[Faiza] Co Author Listing * Feature selection and learning for graphlet kernel

Shah, F.A.[Faiz Ali] Co Author Listing * Video Summarization: Techniques and Classification

Shah, G.[Ghayoor] Co Author Listing * Prediction-Aware and Reinforcement Learning-Based Altruistic Cooperative Driving

Shah, G.A. Co Author Listing * Cross-Layer Framework for QoS Support in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Shah, H.[Hitesh] Co Author Listing * Automated Billboard Insertion in Video
* Automated Stroke Classification in Tennis
* DIME-FM: DIstilling Multimodal and Efficient Foundation Models
* EgoVLPv2: Egocentric Video-Language Pre-training with Fusion in the Backbone
* Fragments Based Parametric Tracking
* Information Slicing: An Application to Object Classification in Satellite Images
* Model for smoothing and segmentation of texture images using L0 norm
* Novel View Synthesis Using Locally Adaptive Depth Regularization
* Probabilistic egomotion from a statistical framework
* Sports Classification Using Cross-Ratio Histograms
Includes: Shah, H.[Hitesh] Shah, H.[Hardik] Shah, H.[Hina] Shah, H.[Hassan] Shah, H.
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Shah, I.[Imran] Co Author Listing * Bit-rate control for MPEG encoders

Shah, I.A. Co Author Listing * Analysis of interlaced video signals and its applications

Shah, J.[Jesal] Co Author Listing * Aircraft Wetland Inundation Experiment Using GNSS Reflectometry, An
* Boundary Detection by Minimizing Functionals
* Brainomaly: Unsupervised Neurologic Disease Detection Utilizing Unannotated T1-weighted Brain MR Images
* Common Framework for Curve Evolution, Segmentation and Anisotropic Diffusion, A
* Computationally Efficient Shape Analysis via Level Sets, A
* Curve Evolution and Segmentation Functionals: Application to Color Images
* Elastica with Hinges
* Enabling Safe ITS: EEG-Based Microsleep Detection in VANETs
* Extraction of Shape Skeletons from Grayscale Images
* From Template to Image: Reconstructing Fingerprints from Minutiae Points
* Functional MRI activity characterization using response time shift estimates from curve evolution
* Gray skeletons and segmentation of shapes
* Local Symmetries of Shapes in Arbitrary Dimension
* Minimax Entropy and Learning by Diffusion
* Nested Local Symmetry Set
* Nonlinear Diffusion Model for Discontinuous Disparity and Half-Occlusions in Stereo, A
* Optimal Approximations by Piecewise Smooth Functions and Variational Problems
* Ordinal Classification with Distance Regularization for Robust Brain Age Prediction
* Parameter estimation, multiscale representation and algorithms for energy-minimizing segmentations
* Reaction-Diffusion Equations and Learning
* Recovery of Shapes by Evolution of Zero-Crossings
* Recovery of Surfaces with Discontinuities by Fusing Shading and Range Data within a Variational Framework
* Representation of Shape, The
* Riemannian Drums, Anisotropic Curve Evolution, and Segmentation
* Segmentation as a Riemannian drum problem
* Segmentation by Nonlinear Diffusion
* Segmentation by Nonlinear Diffusion, II
* Segmentation of shapes
* Skeletons of 3D Shapes
* System for Interpretation of Line Drawings, A
* System for Recognition and Description of Graphics, A
Includes: Shah, J.[Jesal] Shah, J. Shah, J.[Jay] Shah, J.[Jayant] Shah, J.[Jash] Shah, J.[Jidnya]
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Shah, J.A.[Jawad A.] Co Author Listing * modified POCS-based reconstruction method for compressively sampled MR imaging, A
* Unmixing functional magnetic resonance imaging data using matrix factorization

Shah, J.H.[Jamal Hussain] Co Author Listing * Facial expressions classification and false label reduction using LDA and threefold SVM
* Lungs cancer classification from CT images: An integrated design of contrast based classical features fusion and selection
* Temporally scalable compression of animation geometry
* Traffic sign recognition using proposed lightweight twig-net with linear discriminant classifier for biometric application
Includes: Shah, J.H.[Jamal Hussain] Shah, J.H.

Shah, J.J.[Jami J.] Co Author Listing * Functional Requirements and Conceptual Design of the Feature-Based Modelling System

Shah, K.[Kunjal] Co Author Listing * Exploring semantic segmentation of related subclasses from a superset of classes
* HaLP: Hallucinating Latent Positives for Skeleton-based Self-Supervised Learning of Actions
* Improved Modeling of 3D Shapes with Multi-view Depth Maps
* Multi-View Action Recognition using Contrastive Learning
* SAF-BAGE: Salient Approach for Facial Soft-Biometric Classification - Age, Gender, and Facial Expression
* V2V and V2I Communication Using CAM Protocol in V2X Environments
Includes: Shah, K.[Kunjal] Shah, K.[Ketul] Shah, K. Shah, K.[Keval]

Shah, K.N.[Kushendra N.] Co Author Listing * Supervised Classification of RGB Aerial Imagery to Evaluate the Impact of a Root Rot Disease

Shah, K.S.[K. Shishir] Co Author Listing * Day on Campus: An Anomaly Detection Dataset for Events in a Single Camera, A

Shah, M.[Mubarak] Co Author Listing * $R^2$ Former: Unified Retrieval and Reranking Transformer for Place Recognition
* Home Page.
* email: Shah, M.[Mubarak]: shah AT cs ucf edu
* 3-Dimensional SIFT Descriptor and its Application to Action Recognition, A
* 3D Model based Object Class Detection in An Arbitrary View
* Abnormal crowd behavior detection using social force model
* Accurate Image Localization Based on Google Maps Street View
* Accurate Motion Layer Segmentation and Matting
* Action Localization in Videos through Context Walk
* Action MACH a spatio-temporal Maximum Average Correlation Height filter for action recognition
* Action recognition in videos acquired by a moving camera using motion decomposition of Lagrangian particle trajectories
* Actions Sketch: A Novel Action Representation
* Adaptive Region-Based Video Registration
* Adversarial Framework for Unsupervised Learning of Motion Dynamics in Videos
* Adversarial Learning for Personalized Tag Recommendation
* Algorithm for monitoring head/eye motion for driver alertness with one camera
* Analysis of Shape from Shading Techniques
* Anomaly Detection in Video via Self-Supervised and Multi-Task Learning
* Appearance Modeling for Tracking in Multiple Non-Overlapping Cameras
* Automated End-to-End Multi-Agent QoS Based Architecture for Selection of Geospatial Web Services, An
* Automated Multi-Camera Surveillance
* Automatic action annotation in weakly labeled videos
* Automatic Detection of Gadolinium-Enhancing Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in Brain MRI Using Conditional Random Fields
* Automatic Detection of Heads in Colored Images
* Automatic video annotation with adaptive number of key words
* Automatic visual recognition of armed robbery
* Automatically localising ROIs in hyperspectral images using background subtraction techniques
* Background-Agnostic Framework With Adversarial Training for Abnormal Event Detection in Video, A
* Batch regularization to converge the deep neural network for indoor RGBD scene understanding
* Bayesian Modeling of Dynamic Scenes for Object Detection
* Bayesian Object Detection in Dynamic Scenes
* Binary Quadratic Programing for Online Tracking of Hundreds of People in Extremely Crowded Scenes
* Bridging the Domain Gap for Ground-to-Aerial Image Matching
* Camera Calibration and Light Source Estimation from Images with Shadows
* Camera Handoff Tracking in Multiple Uncalibrated Stationary Cameras
* CapsuleVOS: Semi-Supervised Video Object Segmentation Using Capsule Routing
* CASEE: A Hierarchical Event Representation for the Analysis of Videos
* Chaotic Invariants for Human Action Recognition
* Chaotic invariants of Lagrangian particle trajectories for anomaly detection in crowded scenes
* City scale geo-spatial trajectory estimation of a moving camera
* Class Prototypes based Contrastive Learning for Classifying Multi-Label and Fine-Grained Educational Videos
* Classification of Cinematographic Shots Using Lie Algebra and its Application to Complex Event Recognition
* Classifying web videos using a global video descriptor
* ClusterNet: Detecting Small Objects in Large Scenes by Exploiting Spatio-Temporal Information
* COCOA: Tracking in Aerial Imagery
* Comparing two sets of corresponding six degree of freedom data
* Complex event recognition by latent temporal models of concepts
* Complex event recognition using constrained low-rank representation
* Complex Events Detection Using Data-Driven Concepts
* Composition Loss for Counting, Density Map Estimation and Localization in Dense Crowds
* Compressed spatio-temporal descriptors for video matching and retrieval
* Computer Vision for Nanoscale Imaging
* Computer Vision System for Monitoring Medication Intake, A
* Conditional Entropy Coding for Efficient Video Compression
* Consistent labeling of tracked objects in multiple cameras with overlapping fields of view
* Content based video matching using spatiotemporal volumes
* Contour-Based Object Tracking with Occlusion Handling in Video Acquired Using Mobile Cameras
* Conversation detection in feature films using finite state machines
* Count- and Similarity-aware R-CNN for Pedestrian Detection
* Creating Realistic Shadows of Composited Objects
* Cross-view action recognition via view knowledge transfer
* Cross-View Image Matching for Geo-Localization in Urban Environments
* CrowdFaceDB: Database and benchmarking for face verification in crowd
* CT-VOS: Cutout prediction and tagging for self-supervised video object segmentation
* Cycle-Consistency for Robust Visual Question Answering
* Cyclic Motion Detection for Motion Based Recognition
* DaMN: Discriminative and Mutually Nearest: Exploiting Pairwise Category Proximity for Video Action Recognition
* Decoding Brain Representations by Multimodal Learning of Neural Activity and Visual Features
* Deep Affinity Network for Multiple Object Tracking
* Deep Constrained Dominant Sets for Person Re-Identification
* Deep Learning Human Mind for Automated Visual Classification
* Deep Learning-Based Human Pose Estimation
* Deep Learning-Based Human Pose Estimation: A Survey
* Deep Machine Learning Based Possible Atmospheric and Ionospheric Precursors of the 2021 Mw 7.1 Japan Earthquake
* Deep Photo Cropper And Enhancer
* DeepSAR: Vessel Detection in SAR Imagery with Noisy Labels
* Dense Video Captioning With Early Linguistic Information Fusion
* Detecting Compromised Architecture/Weights of a Deep Model
* Detecting global motion patterns in complex videos
* Detecting Humans in Dense Crowds Using Locally-Consistent Scale Prior and Global Occlusion Reasoning
* Detection and Representation of Scenes in Videos
* Detection and Tracking of Large Number of Targets in Wide Area Surveillance
* Detection of Independently Moving Objects in Non-planar Scenes via Multi-Frame Monocular Epipolar Constraint
* Determining driver visual attention with one camera
* Determining Scale and Sea State From Water Video
* differential geometric approach to representing the human actions, A
* Diffusion Action Segmentation
* Diffusion Models in Vision: A Survey
* Discovering Motion Primitives for Unsupervised Grouping and One-Shot Learning of Human Actions, Gestures, and Expressions
* Discriminative Region-based Multi-Label Zero-Shot Learning
* Dogfight: Detecting Drones from Drones Videos
* EBSD image segmentation using a physics-based forward model
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* Establishing Motion Correspondence
* Estimating 3D motion and shape of multiple objects using Hough transform
* Estimating Geospatial Trajectory of a Moving Camera
* Estimation of rigid and non-rigid facial motion using anatomical face model
* Estimation of the radiometric response functions of a color camera from differently illuminated images
* Exploiting structured high-level knowledge for domain-specific visual classification
* Exploring Complementary Strengths of Invariant and Equivariant Representations for Few-Shot Learning
* Exploring the Space of a Human Action
* Face Image Retrieval with Attribute Manipulation
* Face Recognition in Movie Trailers via Mean Sequence Sparse Representation-Based Classification
* Fast Algorithm for Active Contours and Curvature Estimation, A
* Fast Algorithm for Active Contours, A
* Fast Linear Shape from Shading, A
* Fast Zero-Shot Image Tagging
* Feature Selection with Conjunctions of Decision Stumps and Learning from Microarray Data
* Flame recognition in video
* Floor Fields for Tracking in High Density Crowd Scenes
* Found a Reason for me? Weakly-supervised Grounded Visual Question Answering using Capsules
* Framework for Segmentation of Talk and Game Shows, A
* Framework for Semantic Classification of Scenes Using Finite State Machines, A
* From Genomics to Clinical Molecular Imaging
* From Shape from Shading to Object Recognition
* Gabriella: An Online System for Real-Time Activity Detection in Untrimmed Security Videos
* GabriellaV2: Towards better generalization in surveillance videos for Action Detection
* GAMa: Cross-View Video Geo-Localization
* General Framework for Temporal Video Scene Segmentation, A
* Generating Synthetic Video Sequences by Explicitly Modeling Object Motion
* Generation and Segmentation of Motion Trajectories
* Generative Adversarial Networks Conditioned by Brain Signals
* Geo-semantic segmentation
* Geodetic Alignment of Aerial Video Frames
* Geometric Constraints for Human Detection in Aerial Imagery
* Geometric constraints on 2D action models for tracking human body
* GIS-Assisted Object Detection and Geospatial Localization
* GMCP-Tracker: Global Multi-object Tracking Using Generalized Minimum Clique Graphs
* GMMCP tracker: Globally optimal Generalized Maximum Multi Clique problem for multiple object tracking
* GPS-Tag Refinement Using Random Walks with an Adaptive Damping Factor
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Section on Transformer Models in Vision
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Award Winning Papers from the IEEE CS Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)
* Guest Introduction: The Changing Shape of Computer Vision in the Twenty-First Century
* Handwriting Transformers
* Height Recovery From Intensity Gradient
* hierarchical approach to robust background subtraction using color and gradient information, A
* High-level event recognition in unconstrained videos
* Holistic object detection and image understanding
* Homographic Framework for the Fusion of Multi-view Silhouettes, A
* Human action recognition in drone videos using a few aerial training examples
* Human Action Recognition in Videos Using Kinematic Features and Multiple Instance Learning
* Human identity recognition in aerial images
* Human Pose Estimation in Videos
* Human Re-identification in Crowd Videos Using Personal, Social and Environmental Constraints
* Human Semantic Parsing for Person Re-identification
* Human Tracking in Multiple Cameras
* Identifying Behaviors in Crowd Scenes Using Stability Analysis for Dynamical Systems
* Illumination Invariant Background Model Using Mixture of Gaussians and SURF Features
* Image Geo-Localization Based on Multiple Nearest Neighbor Feature Matching Using Generalized Graphs
* Improved scene identification and object detection on egocentric vision of daily activities
* Improving an Object Detector and Extracting Regions Using Superpixels
* Improving Facial Attribute Prediction Using Semantic Segmentation
* Improving Mixture of Gaussians background model through adaptive learning and Spatio-Temporal voting
* Improving Semantic Concept Detection through the Dictionary of Visually-Distinct Elements
* Incremental action recognition using feature-tree
* Indexing Based on Algebraic Functions of Views
* Integrated Approach for Generic Object Detection Using Kernel PCA and Boosting, An
* Integrating and employing multiple levels of zoom for activity recognition
* Integrating multiple levels of zoom to enable activity analysis
* Integration of Shape from Shading and Stereo
* Integration of Shape from X Modules: Combining Stereo and Shading
* Interpretation of Motion Trajectories Using Focus of Expansion
* Ionospheric-Thermospheric Responses to Geomagnetic Storms from Multi-Instrument Space Weather Data
* Is it Safe to Drive? An Overview of Factors, Metrics, and Datasets for Driveability Assessment in Autonomous Driving
* iTAML: An Incremental Task-Agnostic Meta-learning Approach
* Iterative Projection and Matching: Finding Structure-Preserving Representatives and Its Application to Computer Vision
* Iterative Shape Recovery From Multiple Images
* Lagrangian Particle Dynamics Approach for Crowd Flow Segmentation and Stability Analysis, A
* large-scale benchmark dataset for event recognition in surveillance video, A
* Large-Scale Image Geo-Localization Using Dominant Sets
* Layer-based video registration
* Learning 4D action feature models for arbitrary view action recognition
* Learning a Deep Model for Human Action Recognition from Novel Viewpoints
* Learning affine transformations
* Learning Affine Transformations of the Plane for Model-Based Object Recognition
* Learning discriminative features and metrics for measuring action similarity
* Learning human actions via information maximization
* Learning motion patterns in crowded scenes using motion flow field
* Learning object motion patterns for anomaly detection and improved object detection
* Learning semantic features for action recognition via diffusion maps
* Learning semantic visual vocabularies using diffusion distance
* Learning Situation Hyper-Graphs for Video Question Answering
* Learning, detection and representation of multi-agent events in videos
* Localized adaptive learning of Mixture of Gaussians models for background extraction
* Macro-Class Selection for Hierarchical K-NN Classification of Inertial Sensor Data
* Matching actions in presence of camera motion
* Matching Motion Trajectories Using Scale-Space
* Matching Trajectories of Anatomical Landmarks Under Viewpoint, Anthropometric and Temporal Transforms
* MinGPU: a minimum GPU library for computer vision
* Modeling inter-camera space-time and appearance relationships for tracking across non-overlapping views
* Modeling Multi-Label Action Dependencies for Temporal Action Localization
* Modeling, Simulation and Visual Analysis of Crowds: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
* Monitoring Head/eye Motion for Driver Alertness with One Camera
* Monitoring human behavior from video taken in an office environment
* Motion and Appearance Contexts for Tracking and Re-Acquiring Targets in Aerial Videos
* Motion Estimation and Segmentation
* Motion Layer Based Object Removal in Videos
* Motion Layer Extraction in the Presence of Occlusion Using Graph Cuts
* Motion segmentation and estimation
* Motion Trajectories
* Motion-Based Recognition
* Motion-Based Recognition: A Survey
* Movie genre classification by exploiting audio-visual features of previews
* MP)2T: Multiple People Multiple Parts Tracker
* Multi feature path modeling for video surveillance
* Multi-agent event recognition by preservation of spatiotemporal relationships between probabilistic models
* Multi-Instrument Observation of the Ionospheric Irregularities and Disturbances during the 23-24 March 2023 Geomagnetic Storm
* Multi-level Framework for Video Shot Structuring, A
* Multi-source Multi-scale Counting in Extremely Dense Crowd Images
* Multi-target Tracking in Multiple Non-overlapping Cameras Using Fast-Constrained Dominant Sets
* Multi-view Action Recognition Using Cross-view Video Prediction
* Multiframe Many-Many Point Correspondence for Vehicle Tracking in High Density Wide Area Aerial Videos
* Multimodal Analysis for Identification and Segmentation of Moving-Sounding Objects
* Multiview Approach to Tracking People in Crowded Scenes Using a Planar Homography Constraint, A
* MutualNet: Adaptive ConvNet via Mutual Learning From Different Model Configurations
* New system performs persistent wide-area aerial surveillance
* NMF-KNN: Image Annotation Using Weighted Multi-view Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Noniterative Greedy Algorithm for Multiframe Point Correspondence, A
* Norm-Preservation: Why Residual Networks Can Become Extremely Deep?
* Novel View Video Prediction using a Dual Representation
* Object Based Segmentation of Video Using Color, Motion and Spatial Information
* Object Tracking across Multiple Independently Moving Aerial Cameras
* Object tracking: A survey
* On Detection, Data Association and Segmentation for Multi-Target Tracking
* On Symbiosis of Attribute Prediction and Semantic Segmentation
* On the Direct Estimation of the Fundamental Matrix
* On the Spacetime Geometry of Galilean Cameras
* On the use of anthropometry in the invariant analysis of human actions
* On the Use of Computable Features for Film Classification
* Online Detection and Classification of Moving Objects Using Progressively Improving Detectors
* Online Localization and Prediction of Actions and Interactions
* Ontology and taxonomy collaborated framework for meeting classification
* OpenLDN: Learning to Discover Novel Classes for Open-World Semi-Supervised Learning
* Out-of-Distribution Detection Using Union of 1-Dimensional Subspaces
* OW-DETR: Open-world Detection Transformer
* Part-based multiple-person tracking with partial occlusion handling
* Pay Attention! - Robustifying a Deep Visuomotor Policy Through Task-Focused Visual Attention
* Person and Vehicle Tracking in Surveillance Video
* Person Image Synthesis via Denoising Diffusion Model
* Person Tracking in UAV Video
* Person-on-person violence detection in video data
* Photography and Exploration of Tourist Locations Based on Optimal Foraging Theory
* Photomotion
* PivoTAL: Prior-Driven Supervision for Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* PLM: Partial Label Masking for Imbalanced Multi-label Classification
* Predicting the Where and What of Actors and Actions through Online Action Localization
* Prediction error expansion-based reversible data hiding in encrypted images with public key cryptosystem
* Preserving Modality Structure Improves Multi-Modal Learning
* probabilistic framework for object recognition in video, A
* Probabilistic Modeling of Scene Dynamics for Applications in Visual Surveillance
* probabilistic representation for efficient large scale visual recognition tasks, A
* PSTR: End-to-End One-Step Person Search With Transformers
* Query-Focused Extractive Video Summarization
* Real-time edge-enhanced dynamic correlation and predictive open-loop car-following control for robust tracking
* Real-World Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Videos
* Recognition of Complex Events: Exploiting Temporal Dynamics between Underlying Concepts
* Recognition Using Motion and Shape
* Recognizing 50 human action categories of web videos
* Recognizing Complex Events Using Large Margin Joint Low-Level Event Model
* Recognizing Hand Gestures
* Recognizing human actions
* Recognizing Human Actions in a Static Room
* Recognizing Human Actions in Videos Acquired by Uncalibrated Moving Cameras
* Recognizing human actions using multiple features
* Recognizing realistic actions from videos in the wild
* Reconstructing non-stationary articulated objects in monocular video using silhouette information
* Recovering 3D Motion and Structure of Multiple Objects Using Adaptive Hough Transform
* Recovering 3D Motion Of Multiple Objects Using Adaptive Hough Transform
* Relaxed Exponential Kernels for Unsupervised Learning
* RescueNet: Joint Building Segmentation and Damage Assessment from Satellite Imagery
* Resolving hand over face occlusion
* Robust Subspace Estimation Using Low-Rank Optimization: Theory and Applications
* robust technique for copy-move forgery detection and localization in digital images via stationary wavelet and discrete cosine transform, A
* scale-space chip, A
* Scenario Recognition from Video Using a Hierarchy of Dynamic Belief Networks
* Scene detection in Hollywood movies and TV shows
* Scene Labeling Using Sparse Precision Matrix
* Scene Modeling Using Co-Clustering
* Scene understanding by statistical modeling of motion patterns
* Segmentation of Neighboring Structures by Modeling Their Interaction
* Select to Better Learn: Fast and Accurate Deep Learning Using Data Selection From Nonlinear Manifolds
* Self-adaptive CodeBook (SACB) model for real-time background subtraction, A
* Self-calibration from turn-table sequences in presence of zoom and focus
* Self-Supervised Learning for Videos: A Survey
* Self-Supervised Masked Convolutional Transformer Block for Anomaly Detection
* Self-Supervised Predictive Convolutional Attentive Block for Anomaly Detection
* Semantic classification of movie scenes using finite state machines
* Semantic film preview classification using low-level computable features
* Semi Supervised Semantic Segmentation Using Generative Adversarial Network
* Semi-supervised Learning of Feature Hierarchies for Object Detection in a Video
* Shadow Casting Out Of Plane (SCOOP) Candidates for Human and Vehicle Detection in Aerial Imagery
* Shape from Dynamic Texture for Planes
* Shape from Intensity Gradient
* Shape from Photomotion
* Shape From Shading Using Linear-Approximation
* Shape from Shading with Variable Albedo
* Shape from Shading: A Survey
* Shape matching and modeling using skeletal context
* Similarity invariant classification of events by KL divergence minimization
* Simultaneous Detection and Tracking with Motion Modelling for Multiple Object Tracking
* Simultaneous Video Stabilization and Moving Object Detection in Turbulence
* Single Stage Adaptive Multi-Attention Network for Image Restoration
* SPAct: Self-supervised Privacy Preservation for Action Recognition
* Spatiotemporal Deformable Part Models for Action Detection
* SSMTL++: Revisiting self-supervised multi-task learning for video anomaly detection
* SSSDET: Simple Short and Shallow Network for Resource Efficient Vehicle Detection in Aerial Scenes
* Statistical Inference of Motion in the Invisible
* Stochastic Whitening Batch Normalization
* Story Segmentation in News Videos Using Visual and Text Cues
* Streakline Representation of Flow in Crowded Scenes, A
* Supervised Learning Framework for Generic Object Detection in Images, A
* Survey of Motion Analysis from Moving Light Displays, A
* Synchronized and Co-Located Ionospheric and Atmospheric Anomalies Associated with the 2023 Mw 7.8 Turkey Earthquake
* Tag-Based Attention Guided Bottom-Up Approach for Video Instance Segmentation
* Target Identity-aware Network Flow for online multiple target tracking
* TCLR: Temporal contrastive learning for video representation
* TeD-SPAD: Temporal Distinctiveness for Self-supervised Privacy-preservation for video Anomaly Detection
* TemporalBoost for Event Recognition
* Text Synopsis Generation for Egocentric Videos
* THUMOS challenge on action recognition for videos 'in the wild', The
* Time series prediction by chaotic modeling of nonlinear dynamical systems
* TimeBalance: Temporally-Invariant and Temporally-Distinctive Video Representations for Semi-Supervised Action Recognition
* TinyVIRAT: Low-resolution Video Action Recognition
* Toward 3-D Gesture Recognition
* Towards Realistic Semi-supervised Learning
* Towards VQA Models That Can Read
* Tracking across multiple cameras with disjoint views
* Tracking and Object Classification for Automated Surveillance
* Tracking in dense crowds using prominence and neighborhood motion concurrence
* Tracking in Uncalibrated Cameras with Overlapping Field of View
* Tracking Multiple Occluding People by Localizing on Multiple Scene Planes
* Tracking When the Camera Looks Away
* Training Faster by Separating Modes of Variation in Batch-Normalized Models
* Trajectory Association across Multiple Airborne Cameras
* Trajectory Association across Non-overlapping Moving Cameras in Planar Scenes
* Trajectory Primal Sketch: A Multi-Scale Scheme for Representing Motion Characteristics, The
* Transferable 3D Adversarial Textures using End-to-end Optimization
* TransGeo: Transformer Is All You Need for Cross-view Image Geo-localization
* Tri-view morphing
* Tube Convolutional Neural Network (T-CNN) for Action Detection in Videos
* Two-frame wide baseline matching
* two-stage reconstruction approach for seeing through water, A
* UBnormal: New Benchmark for Supervised Open-Set Video Anomaly Detection
* UCF101: A Dataset of 101 Human Action Classes from Videos in The Wild
* Uncertainty Estimation and Sample Selection for Crowd Counting
* Understanding human behavior from motion imagery
* Unfolding warping for object recognition
* UNICON: Combating Label Noise Through Uniform Selection and Contrastive Learning
* Unsupervised Action Discovery and Localization in Videos
* Unsupervised action proposal ranking through proposal recombination
* Unsupervised Discriminative Embedding for Sub-Action Learning in Complex Activities
* Using Algebraic Functions of Views for Indexing-Based Object Recognition
* Utilizing semantic word similarity measures for video retrieval
* Video background modeling: Recent Approaches, Issues and Our Proposed Techniques
* Video Categorization Using Semantics and Semiotics
* Video Classification Using Semantic Concept Co-occurrences
* Video Compression Using Spatiotemporal Regularity Flow
* Video Compression Using Structural Flow
* Video Description: A Survey of Methods, Datasets, and Evaluation Metrics
* Video Fill In the Blank Using LR/RL LSTMs with Spatial-Temporal Attentions
* Video Generation from Text Employing Latent Path Construction for Temporal Modeling
* Video Geo-Localization Employing Geo-Temporal Feature Learning and GPS Trajectory Smoothing
* Video Object Co-segmentation by Regulated Maximum Weight Cliques
* Video Object Segmentation through Spatially Accurate and Temporally Dense Extraction of Primary Object Regions
* Video Registration
* Video Registration Panel: Key Challenges and the Potential Impact of Their Solution to the End of Computer Vision
* Video Registration: A Perspective
* Video Scene Understanding Using Multi-scale Analysis
* Video-FocalNets: Spatio-Temporal Focal Modulation for Video Action Recognition
* View-Invariance in Action Recognition
* View-invariant alignment and matching of video sequences
* View-Invariant Representation and Learning of Human Action
* View-Invariant Representation and Recognition of Actions
* Virtual 3D Blackboard: 3D Finger Tracking using a Single Camera, A
* Visual Crowd Surveillance Through a Hydrodynamics Lens
* Visual Recognition of Activities, Gestures, Facial Expressions and Speech: An Introduction and a Perspective
* Visual Text Correction
* Visual Tracking: An Experimental Survey
* Visual-Textual Capsule Routing for Text-Based Video Segmentation
* Visually Recognizing Speech Using Eigen Sequences
* Vita-CLIP: Video and text adaptive CLIP via Multimodal Prompting
* Water video analysis
* Weakly Supervised Grounding for VQA in Vision-Language Transformers
* What If We Do Not have Multiple Videos of the Same Action? Video Action Localization Using Web Images
* When Do Curricula Work in Federated Learning?
* Where We Are and What We're Looking At: Query Based Worldwide Image Geo-localization Using Hierarchies and Scenes
* Who Do I Look Like? Determining Parent-Offspring Resemblance via Gated Autoencoders
* Xi-Net: Transformer based Seismic Waveform Reconstructor
* xYOLO: A Model For Real-Time Object Detection In Humanoid Soccer On Low-End Hardware
Includes: Shah, M.[Mubarak] Shah, M. Shah, M.[Mili] Shah, M.[Meet] Shah, M.[Mahek] Shah, M.[Munawar] Shah, M.[Megna] Shah, M.[Mohak] Shah, M.[Munir] Shah, M.[Mohsin]
389 for Shah, M.

Shah, M.A.[Mohd Asif] Co Author Listing * Automatic facial expression recognition combining texture and shape features from prominent facial regions
* Detecting Time-Varying Corners
* Edge Characterization Using Normalized Edge Detector
* Edge Contours using Multiple Scales
* Exploiting Non-Linear Redundancy for Neural Model Compression
* Modelling appearance variations in expressive and neutral face image for automatic facial expression recognition
* Multi-branch sustainable convolutional neural network for disease classification
* Normalized edge detector
* Optimal Corner Detector
* Optimal Strategies For Comparing Covariates To Solve Matching Problems
* Pulse and Staircase Edge Models
* Pulse and Staircase Models for Detecting Edges at Multiple Resolution
* Spatio-Temporal Regularity Flow (SPREF): Its Estimation and Applications
* Target tracking in airborne forward looking infrared imagery
* Target-Tracking in FLIR Imagery Using Mean-Shift and Global Motion Compensation
* Visual Saliency Detection Using Group Lasso Regularization in Videos of Natural Scenes
* VLSI Architecture for Computing Scale Space, A
Includes: Shah, M.A.[Mohd Asif] Shah, M.A. Shah, M.A.[Mubarak A.] Shah, M.A.[Muhammad A.] Shah, M.A.[Munam Ali]
17 for Shah, M.A.

Shah, M.H. Co Author Listing * Novel Feature Selection Method Using Bhattacharyya Distance for Neural Networks Based Automatic Modulation Classification
* Specific Emitter Identification Based on Multi-Scale Multi-Dimensional Approximate Entropy
Includes: Shah, M.H. Shah, M.H.[Maqsood Hussain]

Shah, M.I.[Muhammad Ismail] Co Author Listing * Word Spotting in Gray Scale Handwritten Pashto Documents

Shah, M.N.[Mangala N.] Co Author Listing * Applicability of Smoothing Techniques in Generation of Phenological Metrics of Tectona grandis L. Using NDVI Time Series Data
* Cap-Based Transcranial Optical Tomography in an Awake Infant
* Near-Infrared Fluorescence Tomography and Imaging of Ventricular Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow and Extracranial Outflow in Non-Human Primates
Includes: Shah, M.N.[Mangala N.] Shah, M.N. Shah, M.N.[Manish N.]

Shah, M.P. Co Author Listing * Leaf classification using marginalized shape context and shape-texture dual-path deep convolutional neural network

Shah, N.[Nishit] Co Author Listing * ARUBA: An Architecture-Agnostic Balanced Loss for Aerial Object Detection
* M2FNet: Multi-modal Fusion Network for Emotion Recognition in Conversation
* multi-plane block-coordinate frank-wolfe algorithm for training structural SVMs with a costly max-oracle, A
* Overcoming Calibration Problems in Pattern Labeling with Pairwise Ratings: Application to Personality Traits
* Pain Intensity Assessment in Sickle Cell Disease Patients Using Vital Signs During Hospital Visits
* SeAC: SDN-Enabled Adaptive Clustering Technique for Social-Aware Internet of Vehicles
Includes: Shah, N.[Nishit] Shah, N.[Nirmesh] Shah, N.[Neel] Shah, N.[Nihar] Shah, N.[Nirmish] Shah, N.[Nadir]

Shah, N.A.[Nisarg A.] Co Author Listing * ADAM Challenge: Detecting Age-Related Macular Degeneration from Fundus Images
* Dsrn: an Efficient Deep Network for Image Relighting
* Efficient Space-time Video Super Resolution using Low-Resolution Flow and Mask Upsampling
* Fast and Accurate Quantized Camera Scene Detection on Smartphones, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge for Defocus Deblurring Using Dual-pixel Images: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* Stacked Deep Multi-Scale Hierarchical Network for Fast Bokeh Effect Rendering from a Single Image
9 for Shah, N.A.

Shah, N.J.[N. Jon] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Parameter Mapping of Multiple-Echo Gradient-Echo Data Using Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction
* Analysis and Correction of Count Rate Reduction During Simultaneous MR-PET Measurements With the BrainPET Scanner
* Analysis of Features and Metrics for Alignment in Text-Dependent Voice Conversion
* Application of compressed sensing using chirp encoded 3D GRE and MPRAGE sequences
* Application of Evolution Strategies to the Design of SAR Efficient Parallel Transmit Multi-Spoke Pulses for Ultra-High Field MRI
* Design and Construction of a PET-Compatible Double-Tuned 1H/31P MR Head Coil
* Design of a Folded, Double-Tuned Loop Coil for ¹H/X-Nuclei MRI Applications
* Development and Implementation of a PIN-Diode Controlled, Quadrature-Enhanced, Double-Tuned RF Coil for Sodium MRI
* Fully-3D PET Image Reconstruction Using Scanner-Independent, Adaptive Projection Data and Highly Rotation-Symmetric Voxel Assemblies
* Linearized Fit Model for Robust Shape Parameterization of FET-PET TACs, A
* Multi-Exponential Relaxometry Using L_1-Regularized Iterative NNLS (MERLIN) With Application to Myelin Water Fraction Imaging
* Novel J-Shape Antenna Array for Simultaneous MR-PET or MR-SPECT Imaging, A
* On the problem of gradient calibration in diffusion weighted imaging
* Scatter Correction Based on GPU-Accelerated Full Monte Carlo Simulation for Brain PET/MRI
Includes: Shah, N.J.[N. Jon] Shah, N.J. Shah, N.J.[Nirmesh J.]
14 for Shah, N.J.

Shah, N.R. Co Author Listing * Multiframe spatial resolution enhancement of color video
* Resolution Enhancement of Color Video Sequences

Shah, P.[Parth] Co Author Listing * Computing Arterial Travel Time Distributions From Loop Detector and Probe Datasets
* Context enhancement to reveal a camouflaged target and to assist target localization by fusion of multispectral surveillance videos
* Facilitating the Funding for the Conservation Through Tradeable Development Rights: An Approach Through Mapping and Analyzing the Built Heritage at Ahmedabad, India
* Fast and Accurate Foreground Background Separation for Video Surveillance
* Growth Study of Chinese Ears Using 3D Scanning, A
* IGIS for Managing Cities Smartly - Urban Geoinformatics
* Multifocus and multispectral image fusion based on pixel significance using multiresolution decomposition
* Multimodal image/video fusion rule using generalized pixel significance based on statistical properties of the neighborhood
* On the Curve Reconstruction in Riemannian Manifolds
* Patient-Specific Bronchoscopy Visualization Through BRDF Estimation and Disocclusion Correction
* PeR-ViS: Person Retrieval in Video Surveillance using Semantic Description
* R-SpaRCS: An algorithm for foreground-background separation of compressively-sensed surveillance videos
* Real Time Inventory Management: Visual Survey of Interior Architecture Elements and Space Making Crafts of Gujarat, India
* Shadow-Free, Expeditious and Precise, Moving Object Separation from Video
* Simultaneous Registration and Segmentation by L1 Minimization
* Vector Graph Representation for Deformation Transfer Using Poisson Interpolation
Includes: Shah, P.[Parth] Shah, P.[Parul] Shah, P. Shah, P.[Pratik] Shah, P.[Parshwa]
16 for Shah, P.

Shah, P.B. Co Author Listing * Policy Driven Application of Remote Sensing In Mitigating Urban Sprawl: A Case Study of Developing Nation

Shah, P.H.[Parth Hiren] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fine-Grained Sketch-Based Image Retrieval

Shah, R. Co Author Listing * Bistatic Radar Measurements of Significant Wave Height Using Signals of Opportunity in L-, S-, and Ku-Bands
* Deep-Learning Approach to Soil Moisture Estimation with GNSS-R, A
* Detection of Radio Frequency Interference in Microwave Radiometers Operating in Shared Spectrum
* Evolutionary Algorithm Based Residual Block Search for Compression Artifact Removal
* Find Me a Sky: A Data-Driven Method for Color-Consistent Sky Search and Replacement
* From Traditional to Modern: Domain Adaptation for Action Classification in Short Social Video Clips
* Geometry-Aware Feature Matching for Structure from Motion Applications
* Image Model-Based on Occluding Object Images and Maximum-Entropy, An
* Initial Cross-Calibration of Landsat 8 and Landsat 9 Using the Simultaneous Underfly Event
* Inland Water Body Mapping Using CYGNSS Coherence Detection
* Interactive Video Manipulation Using Object Trajectories and Scene Backgrounds
* Long-term Visual Map Sparsification with Heterogeneous GNN
* Multistage SFM: Revisiting Incremental Structure from Motion
* Object Mining for Large Video data
* Robust Occluded Shape Recognition
* S3 Net: Semantic-Aware Self-supervised Depth Estimation with Monocular Videos and Synthetic Data
* Semiempirical Modeling of Soil Moisture, Vegetation, and Surface Roughness Impact on CYGNSS Reflectometry Data, A
* Unsupervised Image Style Embeddings for Retrieval and Recognition Tasks
* Using Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Investigate the Exceptionally Thick Deposits from the Storegga Tsunami in Northeastern Scotland
* Validation of Expanded Trend-to-Trend Cross-Calibration Technique and Its Application to Global Scale
* View-Graph Selection Framework for SfM
* Vision-Based Treatment Localization with Limited Data: Automated Documentation of Military Emergency Medical Procedures
Includes: Shah, R. Shah, R.[Rashmi] Shah, R.[Rajvi] Shah, R.[Ramita] Shah, R.[Ronak] Shah, R.[Raunak] Shah, R.[Rishi]
22 for Shah, R.

Shah, R.A.[Rizwan Ali] Co Author Listing * Two-stage coarse-to-fine image anomaly segmentation and detection model

Shah, R.M.[Ramisah M.] Co Author Listing * Automated Near-Real-Time Mapping and Monitoring of Rice Extent, Cropping Patterns, and Growth Stages in Southeast Asia Using Sentinel-1 Time Series on a Google Earth Engine Platform
* High-Resolution Mapping of Paddy Rice Extent and Growth Stages across Peninsular Malaysia Using a Fusion of Sentinel-1 and 2 Time Series Data in Google Earth Engine
Includes: Shah, R.M.[Ramisah M.] Shah, R.M.[Ramisah Mohd]

Shah, R.R. Co Author Listing * Exploring Classification of Histological Disease Biomarkers From Renal Biopsy Images
* Fake News in India: Scale, Diversity, Solution, and Opportunities
* GPS2Vec: Pre-Trained Semantic Embeddings for Worldwide GPS Coordinates
* Melody Generation from Lyrics Using Three Branch Conditional LSTM-GAN
* NEWSMAN: Uploading Videos over Adaptive Middleboxes to News Servers in Weak Network Infrastructures
* Suspect Identification Framework using Contrastive Relevance Feedback, A
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification Via Individual-Preserving and Environmental-Switching Cyclic Generation
Includes: Shah, R.R. Shah, R.R.[Rajiv Ratn]
7 for Shah, R.R.

Shah, S. Co Author Listing * 3D-aided profile-based face recognition
* Bayesian Segmentation Framework for Textured Visual Images, A
* Biconvex Relaxation for Semidefinite Programming in Computer Vision
* big data of violent events: algorithms for association analysis using spatio-temporal storytelling, The
* BIRDSAI: A Dataset for Detection and Tracking in Aerial Thermal Infrared Videos
* Depth estimation using stereo fish-eye lenses
* Document Language Classification: Hierarchical Model with Deep Learning Approach
* Estimating Sparse Signals with Smooth Support via Convex Programming and Block Sparsity
* Evaluation of the Spatiotemporal Distribution of Precipitation Using 28 Precipitation Indices and 4 IMERG Datasets over Nepal
* Facial component-landmark detection
* Fine-grained categorization of fish motion patterns in underwater videos
* Fingerprint Classification Using a Feedback-Based Line Detector
* framework for intelligence analysis using spatio-temporal storytelling, A
* Generating Synthetic Irises by Feature Agglomeration
* Hybrid Architecture for Performance Reasoning in Classification Systems, A
* Image computing for digital pathology
* image differencing method for interface level detection in separation cells, An
* Indexing and keyword search to ease navigation in lecture videos
* Intrinsic Parameter Calibration Procedure for a (High-Distortion) Fish-Eye Lens Camera with Distortion Model and Accuracy Estimation
* Joint Modeling of Algorithm Behavior and Image Quality for Algorithm Performance Prediction
* Kernel Optimization Using a Generalized Eigenvalue Approach
* Minimizing Illumination Differences for 3D to 2D Face Recognition Using Lighting Maps
* Mobile Robot Navigation and Scene Modeling Using Stereo Fish-Eye Lens System
* Monte-Carlo Siamese Policy on Actor for Satellite Image Super Resolution
* Multiple Feature Integration for Robust Object Localization
* Multisensor Integration for Scene Classification: an Experiment in Human Form Detection
* Object recognition and performance bounds
* Partial Face Recognition Using Radial Basis Function Networks
* Pose invariant facial component-landmark detection
* Purdue University Team Tackles Global Underwater-Vehicle Competition
* Robust Automatic Target Detection/recognition System in Second Generation FLIR Imagery
* Stacked U-Nets for Ground Material Segmentation in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Submodular Trajectory Optimization for Aerial 3D Scanning
* Synthetic document generator for annotation-free layout recognition
* TiDy-PSFs: Computational Imaging with Time-Averaged Dynamic Point-Spread-Functions
* Towards 3D-aided profile-based face recognition
* Understanding Failures of Deep Networks via Robust Feature Extraction
* Unsupervised Person Re-Identification in Aerial Imagery
* Video-Text Compliance: Activity Verification Based on Natural Language Instructions
* Weakly Supervised Learning of Heterogeneous Concepts in Videos
* Zero Norm Least Squares Proximal SVR
Includes: Shah, S. Shah, S.[Sohil] Shah, S.[Sumit] Shah, S.[Sarathi] Shah, S.[Suraj] Shah, S.[Shishir] Shah, S.[Sirish] Shah, S.[Sameena] Shah, S.[Sachin] Shah, S.[Shital] Shah, S.[Soham]
41 for Shah, S.

Shah, S.A.[Syed Afaq] Co Author Listing * Block Level Skip Connections Across Cascaded V-Net for Multi-Organ Segmentation
* novel multimodality anatomical image fusion method based on contrast and structure extraction, A
Includes: Shah, S.A.[Syed Afaq] Shah, S.A.[Syed Attique]

Shah, S.A.A.[Syed Afaq Ali] Co Author Listing * 3D Brain Registration with Intensity Shift Robustness
* 3D-Div: A novel local surface descriptor for feature matching and pairwise range image registration
* Automatic 3D face landmark localization based on 3D vector field analysis
* Continuous Gesture Segmentation and Recognition Using 3DCNN and Convolutional LSTM
* Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Segmentation of Dirt on Cattle Skin using Image Data
* Efficient Detection of Pixel-Level Adversarial Attacks
* Efficient Image Set Classification Using Linear Regression Based Image Reconstruction
* Improved colour-to-grey method using image segmentation and colour difference model for colour vision deficiency
* Keypoints-based surface representation for 3D modeling and 3D object recognition
* Large Scale Multi-View RGBD Visual Affordance Learning Dataset, A
* LCEval: Learned Composite Metric for Caption Evaluation
* Leveraging Linguistically-aware Object Relations and NASNet for Image Captioning
* Multi-Modal Co-Learning for Liver Lesion Segmentation on PET-CT Images
* NNEval: Neural Network Based Evaluation Metric for Image Captioning
* novel 3D vorticity based approach for automatic registration of low resolution range images, A
* Novel Local Surface Description for Automatic 3D Object Recognition in Low Resolution Cluttered Scenes, A
* Performance Evaluation of 3D Local Surface Descriptors for Low and High Resolution Range Image Registration
* Probability-Based Framework to Fuse Temporal Consistency and Semantic Information for Background Segmentation
* Real Time Object Tracking in a Video Sequence Using a Fixed Point DSP
* Reflective Field for Pixel-Level Tasks
* Role of Machine Learning in Game Development Domain: A Review of Current Trends and Future Directions, The
* Shapely Value Perspective on Adapting Transmit Power for Periodic Vehicular Communications
* Spatial Hierarchical Analysis Deep Neural Network for RGB-D Object Recognition
* SubICap: Towards Subword-informed Image Captioning
* Systematic Collection of Medical Image Datasets for Deep Learning, A
* Topology-Learnable Graph Convolution for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* WEmbSim: A Simple yet Effective Metric for Image Captioning
Includes: Shah, S.A.A.[Syed Afaq Ali] Shah, S.A.A. Shah, S.A.A.[Syed Aamir Ali]
27 for Shah, S.A.A.

Shah, S.B.[Siddhant B.] Co Author Listing * CrisisHateMM: Multimodal Analysis of Directed and Undirected Hate Speech in Text-Embedded Images from Russia-Ukraine Conflict
* On Complex Conjugate Pair Sums and Complex Conjugate Subspaces
* Real-time Wildfire Detection From Space - a Trade-off Between Sensor Quality, Physical Limitations and Payload Size
Includes: Shah, S.B.[Siddhant B.] Shah, S.B.

Shah, S.B.H.[Syed Bilal Hussain] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of IoT-Based Topology Maintenance Protocol in a Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring
* Smart Underwater Pollution Detection Based on Graph-Based Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Towards AUV-Based Network ITS
* Underwater Equipotential Line Tracking Based on Self-Attention Embedded Multiagent Reinforcement Learning Toward AUV-Based ITS

Shah, S.F.A.[S. Faisal A.] Co Author Listing * Low-Complexity Design of Noninteger Fractionally Spaced Adaptive Equalizers for Coherent Optical Receivers

Shah, S.G.[Syed Ghafoor] Co Author Listing * Use of leaf color images to identify nitrogen and potassium deficient tomatoes

Shah, S.H.[Syed Hassan] Co Author Listing * Optimized Approach of Dynamic Target Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network Using Bio Inspired Algorithms for Maritime Rescue, An
* Random Forest Machine Learning Approach for the Retrieval of Leaf Chlorophyll Content in Wheat, A
Includes: Shah, S.H.[Syed Hassan] Shah, S.H.[Syed Haleem]

Shah, S.H.H.[Syed Hammad Hussain] Co Author Listing * Interaction Paradigms for Air Traffic Control and Management in Mixed Reality
* Towards a Social VR-based Exergame for Elderly Users: An Exploratory Study of Acceptance, Experiences and Design Principles

Shah, S.I.A.[Syed Inayat Ali] Co Author Listing * Partially shaded sketch-based image search in real mobile device environments via sketch-oriented compact neural codes

Shah, S.K. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Discriminant Analysis Using Gauss-Markov Posterior Marginals
* 3D face recognition for partial data using Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning
* 3D facial expression recognition: A perspective on promises and challenges
* 3D-2D face recognition with pose and illumination normalization
* 3D/4D facial expression analysis: An advanced annotated face model approach
* 4D facial expression recognition
* Activity analysis in crowded environments using social cues for group discovery and human interaction modeling
* Annotated face model-based alignment: a robust landmark-free pose estimation approach for 3D model registration
* Automatic Cell Segmentation Using a Shape-Classification Model in Immunohistochemically Stained Cytological Images
* Benchmarking 3D Pose Estimation for Face Recognition
* Benchmarking asymmetric 3D-2D face recognition systems
* Change Detection in Dynamic Scenes using Local Adaptive Transform
* Commentary Paper on Person Tracking With Audio-Visual Cues Using the Iterative Decoding Framework
* Comparative evaluation of wavelet-based super-resolution from video for face recognition at a distance
* Contrastive Viewpoint-aware Shape Learning for Long-term Person Re-Identification
* CQNN: Convolutional Quadratic Neural Networks
* Decision fusion for urine particle classification in multispectral images
* Disparity Map Refinement for Video Based Scene Change Detection Using a Mobile Stereo Camera Platform
* End-to-End 3D Face Reconstruction with Deep Neural Networks
* Expressive Maps for 3D Facial Expression Recognition
* Fully Associative Ensemble Learning for Hierarchical Multi-Label Classification
* Gait-Assisted Person Re-identification in Wide Area Surveillance
* GoDP: Globally Optimized Dual Pathway deep network architecture for facial landmark localization in-the-wild
* Graph-Based Approach for Making Consensus-Based Decisions in Image Search and Person Re-Identification, A
* Hierarchical Group Structures in Multi-person Tracking
* Hierarchical Multi-label Classification using Fully Associative Ensemble Learning
* Illumination alignment using lighting ratio: Application to 3D-2D face recognition
* Illumination Normalization Using Self-lighting Ratios for 3D2D Face Recognition
* Level Set with Embedded Conditional Random Fields and Shape Priors for Segmentation of Overlapping Objects
* Local Feature Hashing for face recognition
* Modeling local behavior for predicting social interactions towards human tracking
* Modeling Motion of Body Parts for Action Recognition
* Modified Rider Optimization-Based V Channel Magnification for Enhanced Video Super Resolution
* Monocular 3D facial shape reconstruction from a single 2D image with coupled-dictionary learning and sparse coding
* Multiple person re-identification using part based spatio-temporal color appearance model
* Multispectral Integration for Segmentation of Chromosome Images
* Non-Rigid Image Registration based on Parameterized Surfaces: Application to 3D Cardiac Motion Image Analysis
* Nonrigid Medical Image Registration Based on Curves
* Part-based motion descriptor image for human action recognition
* Part-based spatio-temporal model for multi-person re-identification
* Performance Modeling and Algorithm Characterization for Robust Image Segmentation: Robust Image Segmentation
* Personalized 3D-Aided 2D Facial Landmark Localization
* Predicting Social Interactions for Visual Tracking
* Profile-based 3D-aided face recognition
* Quantitative comparison of metrics for change detection in video patrolling applications
* Regularized Multi-view Multi-metric Learning for Action Recognition
* Robust 3D Face Shape Reconstruction from Single Images via Two-Fold Coupled Structure Learning and Off-the-Shelf Landmark Detectors
* seeded region growing algorithm for spot detection in medical image segmentation, A
* Segmentation of crystalline lens in photorefraction video
* Segmenting Biological Particles in Multispectral Microscopy Images
* shape-driven MRF model for the segmentation of organs in medical images, A
* SHaPE: A Novel Graph Theoretic Algorithm for Making Consensus-Based Decisions in Person Re-identification Systems
* signal detection theory approach for camera tamper detection, A
* simplified error model for height estimation using a single camera, A
* Sparse Representation-Based Super Resolution for Face Recognition At a Distance
* Subject centric group feature for person re-identification
* survey of approaches and trends in person re-identification, A
* Temporal 3D Shape Modeling for Video-based Cloth-Changing Person Re-Identification
* To Track or To Detect? An Ensemble Framework for Optimal Selection
* Unsupervised Person Re-identification Based on Skeleton Joints Using Graph Convolutional Networks
* What Do I See? Modeling Human Visual Perception for Multi-person Tracking
* Which parts of the face give out your identity?
Includes: Shah, S.K. Shah, S.K.[Shishir K.] Shah, S.K.[Shishr K.] Shah, S.K.[Sanjeevani K.] Shah, S.K.[Said Khalid] Shah, S.K.[Satish K.]
62 for Shah, S.K.

Shah, S.M.Z.A.[Syed. M. Z. Abbas] Co Author Listing * Removal of specular reflections from image sequences using feature correspondences

Shah, S.S.A.[Syed Shakeel Ahmad] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Spatiotemporal Variation in Light-Absorbing AerosolsH Hindukush-Himalaya-Karakoram Region

Shah, S.W.[Syed W.] Co Author Listing * VID: Human identification through vein patterns captured from commodity depth cameras

Shah, T.[Tapan] Co Author Listing * Combining Remotely Sensed Imagery with Survival Models for Outage Risk Estimation of the Power Grid
* efficient construction of substitution box with fractional chaotic system, An
* Efficient Image Privacy-Preserving Scheme Based On Mixed Chaotic Map and Compression, An
* Epitome based transform domain Image Denoising
* new implementation of chaotic S-boxes in CAPTCHA, A
* Preface: A Data-driven Volumetric Prior for Few-shot Ultra High-resolution Face Synthesis
* TEGLO: High Fidelity Canonical Texture Mapping from Single-View Images
* YouMVOS: An Actor-centric Multi-shot Video Object Segmentation Dataset
Includes: Shah, T.[Tapan] Shah, T.[Tariq] Shah, T. Shah, T.[Tanmay] Shah, T.[Tanav]
8 for Shah, T.

Shah, U.[Utsav] Co Author Listing * Content Filtering in Streaming Video Using Domain Adaptation

Shah, V.[Vedant] Co Author Listing * Adapting Deep Neural Networks for Pedestrian-Detection to Low-Light Conditions without Re-training
* Assessing Reliability of Myocardial Blood Flow After Motion Correction With Dynamic PET Using a Bayesian Framework
* Deep Hybrid Approach for Hate Speech Analysis, A
* Efficient Medical Supply Chain Forecasting Using Time Series Analysis
* Machine Learning Based Framework for Human Recognition Using Gait Pattern Analysis
* statistical model for writer verification, A
Includes: Shah, V.[Vedant] Shah, V. Shah, V.[Vipul] Shah, V.[Vaishvi] Shah, V.[Veer]

Shah, V.D. Co Author Listing * Scan-Time Corrections for 80-100-min Standardizetd Uptake Volume Ratios to Measure the 18F-AV-1451 Tracer for Tau Imaging

Shah, V.P. Co Author Listing * Efficient Pan-Sharpening Method via a Combined Adaptive PCA Approach and Contourlets, An
* Systematic Approach to Wavelet-Decomposition-Level Selection for Image Information Mining From Geospatial Data Archives, A
Includes: Shah, V.P. Shah, V.P.[Vijay P.]

Shah, Y.A.[Yasir A.] Co Author Listing * K-Means Based Multiple Objects Tracking with Long-Term Occlusion Handling

Shah, Y.C. Co Author Listing * New Technique to Extract Range Information from Stereo Images, A

Shah, Z.[Zubair] Co Author Listing * Leveraging GANs for data scarcity of COVID-19: Beyond the hype
* Volumetric High-Resolution X-Ray Phase-Contrast Virtual Histology of Breast Specimens With a Compact Laboratory System
Includes: Shah, Z.[Zubair] Shah, Z.[Zoheb]

Shahab, A.[Asif] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Photo Time-Stamp Recognition
* ICDAR 2011 Robust Reading Competition Challenge 2: Reading Text in Scene Images

Shahab, M.B. Co Author Listing * Virtual User Pairing Scheme to Optimally Utilize the Spectrum of Unpaired Users in Non-orthogonal Multiple Access, A

Shahabaz, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Towards Automated Ethogramming: Cognitively-Inspired Event Segmentation for Streaming Wildlife Video Monitoring

Shahabi, C.[Cyrus] Co Author Listing * 3d Spatial Coverage Measurement of Aerial Images
* Alternative Solutions for Continuous K Nearest Neighbor Queries in Spatial Network Databases
* Automatic and Accurate Extraction of Road Intersections from Raster Maps
* Automatically and Accurately Conflating Raster Maps with Orthoimagery
* Automatically Conflating Road Vector Data with Orthoimagery
* Blind evaluation of location based queries using space transformation to preserve location privacy
* Crowdsourcing What Is Where: Community-Contributed Photos as Volunteered Geographic Information
* Efficient indexing and retrieval of large-scale geo-tagged video databases
* Image Retrieval By Shape: A Comparative Study
* Immersidata Analysis: Four Case Studies
* Integer-arithmetic-only Certified Robustness for Quantized Neural Networks
* Optimal group route query: Finding itinerary for group of users in spatial databases
* Processing Optimal Sequenced Route Queries Using Voronoi Diagrams
* query integrity assurance scheme for accessing outsourced spatial databases, A
* Recognizing Material of a Covered Object: A Case Study With Graffiti
* Road Network Embedding Technique for K-Nearest Neighbor Search in Moving Object Databases, A
* Shape Analysis and Retrieval of Multimedia Objects
* SKIF-P: a point-based indexing and ranking of web documents for spatial-keyword search
* Spatial Keyframe Extraction Of Mobile Videos For Efficient Object Detection At The Edge
* Task selection in spatial crowdsourcing from worker's perspective
* Towards Scalable and Efficient Client Selection for Federated Object Detection
* Users plan optimization for participatory urban texture documentation
* Utilizing Voronoi Cells of Location Data Streams for Accurate Computation of Aggregate Functions in Sensor Networks
* Validation of Automated Mobility Assessment Using a Single 3D Sensor
* Web data retrieval: solving spatial range queries using k-nearest neighbor searches
* Web-based Visualization Tool for 3d Spatial Coverage Measurement of Aerial Images, A
Includes: Shahabi, C.[Cyrus] Shahabi, C.
26 for Shahabi, C.

Shahabi, F. Co Author Listing * New Method for Writer Identification of Handwritten Farsi Documents, A

Shahabi, H.[Himan] Co Author Listing * Daily Water Level Prediction of Zrebar Lake (Iran): A Comparison between M5P, Random Forest, Random Tree and Reduced Error Pruning Trees Algorithms
* Flood Detection and Susceptibility Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Remote Sensing Data and a Machine Learning Approach: Hybrid Intelligence of Bagging Ensemble Based on K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier
* Flood Spatial Modeling in Northern Iran Using Remote Sensing and GIS: A Comparison between Evidential Belief Functions and Its Ensemble with a Multivariate Logistic Regression Model
* GIS-Based Machine Learning Algorithms for Gully Erosion Susceptibility Mapping in a Semi-Arid Region of Iran
* GIS-Based Machine Learning Algorithms for Gully Erosion Susceptibility Mapping in a Semi-Arid Region of Iran
* Landslide Detection and Susceptibility Mapping by AIRSAR Data Using Support Vector Machine and Index of Entropy Models in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
* Landslide Detection Using Multi-Scale Image Segmentation and Different Machine Learning Models in the Higher Himalayas
* Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in a Mountainous Area Using Machine Learning Algorithms
* Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Model for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) of Urban Residential Buildings
* Novel Integrated Approach of Relevance Vector Machine Optimized by Imperialist Competitive Algorithm for Spatial Modeling of Shallow Landslides, A
* Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Bivariate Statistical-Based Artificial Intelligence Algorithms for Spatial Prediction of Landslides
* Performance Evaluation of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 OLI Data for Land Cover/Use Classification Using a Comparison between Machine Learning Algorithms
* Shallow Landslide Prediction Using a Novel Hybrid Functional Machine Learning Algorithm
* Unsupervised Deep Learning for Landslide Detection from Multispectral Sentinel-2 Imagery
Includes: Shahabi, H.[Himan] Shahabi, H.[Hejar]
14 for Shahabi, H.

Shahabi, K.[Kaveh] Co Author Listing * comparative study of two approaches for supporting optimal network location queries, A

Shahabifar, R.[Ramita] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of the pulmonary nodule and the attached vessels in the CT scan of the chest using morphological features and topological skeleton of the nodule

Shahabinejad, M.[Mostafa] Co Author Listing * Toward Personalized Emotion Recognition: A Face Recognition Based Attention Method for Facial Emotion Recognition
* Video Action Recognition with Adaptive Zooming Using Motion Residuals

Shahabuddin, M. Co Author Listing * AnimalWeb: A Large-Scale Hierarchical Dataset of Annotated Animal Faces

Shahadat, N.[Nazmul] Co Author Listing * Cross channel weight sharing for image classification

Shaham, T. Co Author Listing * image-based mail facing and orientation system for enhanced postal automation, An

Shaham, T.R.[Tamar Rott] Co Author Listing * Deformation Aware Image Compression
* GANs Spatial Control via Inference-Time Adaptive Normalization
* Internal Diverse Image Completion
* SinGAN: Learning a Generative Model From a Single Natural Image
* Spatially-Adaptive Pixelwise Networks for Fast Image Translation
* Visualizing Image Priors
* xUnit: Learning a Spatial Activation Function for Efficient Image Restoration
Includes: Shaham, T.R.[Tamar Rott] Shaham, T.R.
7 for Shaham, T.R.

Shaham, U.[Uri] Co Author Listing * Learning by coincidence: Siamese networks and common variable learning

Shahamat, H.[Hossein] Co Author Listing * Face recognition under large illumination variations using homomorphic filtering in spatial domain

Shahamiri, M.[Masoud] Co Author Listing * Singularity Avoidance in Uncalibrated Visual Servoing

Shahan, J.[Julie] Co Author Listing * Potential of Satellite Remote Sensing Time Series to Uncover Wetland Phenology under Unique Challenges of Tidal Setting, The

Shahanoor, G. Co Author Listing * Team Halmstad Approach to Cooperative Driving in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 2016

Shahar, H. Co Author Listing * Micro Expression Classification using Facial Color and Deep Learning Methods

Shahar, M.[Moni] Co Author Listing * Two-Step Disentanglement Method, A

Shahar, O.[Ori] Co Author Listing * Fine-grained Angular Contrastive Learning with Coarse Labels
* Space-time super-resolution from a single video
Includes: Shahar, O.[Ori] Shahar, O.[Oded]

Shahar, S.[Suzana] Co Author Listing * Application of Information Visualization Techniques in Representing Patients' Temporal Personal History Data
* Web-Based Physical Activity Interventions for Older Adults: A Review

Shahar, Y.[Yuval] Co Author Listing * Knowledge-based Spatiotemporal Linear Abstraction

Shaharabany, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * Similarity Maps for Self-Training Weakly-Supervised Phrase Grounding

Shaharbany, T.[Tal] Co Author Listing * Box-Based Refinement for Weakly Supervised and Unsupervised Localization Tasks

Shaharuddin, R.A.[Raihanah Adawiyah] Co Author Listing * Controlling Traffic Congestion in Urbanised City: A Framework Using Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation Approach

Shaharudin, S.M.[Shazlyn Milleana] Co Author Listing * Regionalization of Rainfall Regimes Using Hybrid RF-Bs Couple with Multivariate Approaches

Shaharum, N.S.N. Co Author Listing * Image Classification for Mapping Oil Palm Distribution Via Support Vector Machine Using Scikit-learn Module
* UAV-based Hyperspectral Data Analysis for Urban Area Mapping

Shahateet, K.[Kaian] Co Author Listing * Geodetic Mass Balance of the South Shetland Islands Ice Caps, Antarctica, from Differencing TanDEM-X DEMs

Shahbaba, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * Signature test as statistical testing in clustering

Shahbahrami, A.[Asadollah] Co Author Listing * Facial expression recognition using a combination of enhanced local binary pattern and pyramid histogram of oriented gradients features extraction
* Features' value range approach to enhance the throughput of texture classification
* High performance implementation of texture features extraction algorithms using FPGA architecture
* Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using Combination of Scale-Invariant Feature Transform and Local Binary Pattern Features
* Image Denoising Using Sparse Representation and Principal Component Analysis
* Implementing the 2-D Wavelet Transform on SIMD-Enhanced General-Purpose Processors
* Improving visual quality in wireless capsule endoscopy images with contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization
* Iranis: A Large-scale Dataset of Iranian Vehicles License Plate Characters
* License plate detection using adaptive morphological closing and local adaptive thresholding
* Multi-Metric Re-Identification for Online Multi-Person Tracking
* Pedestrian detection in low-light conditions: A comprehensive survey
* unsupervised approach for traffic motion patterns extraction, An
* Vehicle counting method based on digital image processing algorithms
Includes: Shahbahrami, A.[Asadollah] Shahbahrami, A.
13 for Shahbahrami, A.

Shahbandeh, M.[Mahsa] Co Author Listing * Substantial Increase of Forest Cover in Central Poland Following Extensive Land Abandonment: Szydlowiec County Case Study, The
* Using CORONA Imagery to Study Land Use and Land Cover Change: A Review of Applications

Shahbaz Khan, F. Co Author Listing * Multi-Modal Fusion for End-to-End RGB-T Tracking

Shahbaz, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of background subtraction algorithms for video surveillance

Shahbazi, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * Content based multispectral image retrieval using principal component analysis

Shahbazi, L.[Leila] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Road Pavement Inspection and Defect Analysis for Smart City Maintenance

Shahbazi, M.[Mohamad] Co Author Listing * Arbitrary-Scale Image Synthesis
* Automatic Detection and Labelling of Photogrammetric Control Points In A Calibration Test Field
* Automatic Polyp Detection from CT Colonography Using Mathematical Morphology
* Continual Deepfake Detection Benchmark: Dataset, Methods, and Essentials, A
* DiffDreamer: Towards Consistent Unsupervised Single-view Scene Extrapolation with Conditional Diffusion Models
* Efficient Conditional GAN Transfer with Knowledge Propagation across Classes
* GNSS-free Unmanned Aerial Laser Scanning System, A
* High-density stereo image matching using intrinsic curves
* Implementation And Evaluation Of A Mobile Mapping System Based On Integrated Range And Intensity Images For Traffic Signs Localization
* Investigation Into The Behaviour And Modelling of Chromatic Aberrations In Non-metric Digital Cameras
* Mapping Quality Evaluation of Monocular Slam Solutions for Micro Aerial Vehicles
* motion model based on recurrent neural networks for visual object tracking, A
* NeRF-GAN Distillation for Efficient 3D-Aware Generation with Convolutions
* Orientation- and Scale-Invariant Multi-Vehicle Detection and Tracking from Unmanned Aerial Videos
* Probabilistic 3D motion model for object tracking in aerial applications
* Robust solution to three-dimensional pose estimation using composite extended Kalman observer and Kalman filter
* Robust Sparse Matching and Motion Estimation Using Genetic Algorithms
* Seamless Co-registration of Images From Multi-sensor Multispectral Cameras
* Semantic Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction of Concrete Cracks
* StyleGenes: Discrete and Efficient Latent Distributions for GANs
* Towards Object Driven Floor Plan Extraction From Laser Point Cloud
* Training Dynamics Aware Neural Network Optimization with Stabilization
* UAV-Based Point Cloud Generation for Open-Pit Mine Modelling
* Vehicle Tracking and Speed Estimation From Unmanned Aerial Videos
* Vision-based Approaches for Quantifying Cracks In Concrete Structures
Includes: Shahbazi, M.[Mohamad] Shahbazi, M. Shahbazi, M.[Mozhdeh] Shahbazi, M.[Mohammad]
25 for Shahbazi, M.

Shahbazkia, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Contour Profiling by Dynamic Ellipse Fitting
* Diatom identification: a double challenge called ADIAC
* Fast and accurate skin segmentation in color images
Includes: Shahbazkia, H.[Hamid] Shahbazkia, H.

Shahbazkia, H.R.[Hamid Reza] Co Author Listing * Automatic marker detection for blob images
* Iterative illumination correction with implicit regularization

Shahbazpanahi, S. Co Author Listing * Sum-Rate Maximization for Active Channels

Shahbeig, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic and quick blood vessels extraction algorithm in retinal images
* Fast and automatic algorithm for optic disc extraction in retinal images using principle-component-analysis-based preprocessing and curvelet transform
Includes: Shahbeig, S. Shahbeig, S.[Saleh]

Shahbeigi, S.[Sepeedeh] Co Author Listing * Integrity Monitoring of GNSS/INS Based Positioning Systems for Autonomous Vehicles: State-of-the-Art and Open Challenges

Shahbudin, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Human Posture Classification Using a Simplified Shock Graph

Shahdi, S.O.[Seyed Omid] Co Author Listing * Micro-Expression Recognition Using Histogram of Image Gradient Orientation on Diagonal Planes
* Spotting micro-movements in image sequence by introducing intelligent cubic-LBP

Shahdloo, M. Co Author Listing * Projection onto Epigraph Sets for Rapid Self-Tuning Compressed Sensing MRI

Shahdoosti, H.R.[Hamid Reza] Co Author Listing * automated GA-based fuzzy image enhancement method, An
* Image denoising using sparse representation classification and non-subsampled shearlet transform
* maximum likelihood filter using non-local information for despeckling of ultrasound images, A
* Transform-based watermarking algorithm maintaining perceptual transparency

Shahed Nejhum, S.M. Co Author Listing * Higher-Dimensional Affine Registration and Vision Applications
* Online visual tracking with histograms and articulating blocks
* Visual tracking with histograms and articulating blocks

Shahed, S.[Shahadat] Co Author Listing * Explicitly Semantic Guidance for Face Sketch Attribute Recognition With Imbalanced Data

Shaheen, A.[Abdallah] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Trends during the Dusty Season over Iran
* Analysis of the Winter AOD Trends over Iran from 2000 to 2020 and Associated Meteorological Effects
* Long-Term Dynamics of Atmospheric Sulfur Dioxide in Urban and Rural Regions of China: Urbanization and Policy Impacts

Shaheen, F.[Fatma] Co Author Listing * Impact of Automatic Feature Extraction in Deep Learning Architecture

Shaheen, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * comparison of 3d model-based tracking approaches for human motion capture in uncontrolled environments, A

Shaheen, S. Co Author Listing * Advances in Position Based Routing Towards ITS Enabled FoG-Oriented VANET: A Survey
* Constrained Convolutional Sparse Coding for Parametric Based Reconstruction of Line Drawings
* DCT of Spatially Adaptive Subsampled Interframes for Image Sequence Coding
* Human identification based on temporal lifting using 5/3 wavelet filters and radon transform
* Leveraging Big Data and Coordinated Charging for Effective Taxi Fleet Electrification: The 100% EV Conversion of Shenzhen, China
* Lowering Frame-Buffering Requirements of 3-D Wavelet Transform Coding of Interactive Video
* Three-Dimensional Video Compression Using Subband/Wavelet Transform with Lower Buffering Requirements
Includes: Shaheen, S. Shaheen, S.[Samir] Shaheen, S.[Susan]
7 for Shaheen, S.

Shaheen, S.A. Co Author Listing * Greenhouse Gas Emission Impacts of Carsharing in North America
* Urban Air Mobility: History, Ecosystem, Market Potential, and Challenges
Includes: Shaheen, S.A. Shaheen, S.A.[Susan A.]

Shaheen, S.I. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Resampling Algorithm for Image Zooming
* Model-Based Human Face Detection in Unconstrained Scenes
* Modular Computer Vision System for Picture Segmentation and Interpretation, A
* Modular Computer Vision System for Picture Segmentation, A
* Sign language recognition using a combination of new vision based features
* Some Experiments with the Interpretation Strategy of a Modular Computer Vision System
Includes: Shaheen, S.I. Shaheen, S.I.[Samir I.]

Shahein, H.I.[Hussein I.] Co Author Listing * Gabor wavelet based automatic coin classsification
* integer-coded evolutionary approach for mixture maximum likelihood clustering, An

Shahen Shah, A.F.M. Co Author Listing * Blockchain-Based Emergency Message Transmission Protocol for Cooperative VANET, A
* Novel MIMO-OFDM Based MAC Protocol for VANETs, A

Shahfahad Co Author Listing * Analysing Process and Probability of Built-Up Expansion Using Machine Learning and Fuzzy Logic in English Bazar, West Bengal
* Land-Use Land-Cover Classification by Machine Learning Classifiers for Satellite Observations: A Review

Shahgedanova, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Assessment of SEVIRI Imagery at Various Temporal Resolutions and the Effect on Accurate Dust Emission Mapping, An

Shahhamzeh, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Differentiation of COVID-19 pneumonia from other lung diseases using CT radiomic features and machine learning: A large multicentric cohort study

Shahhoseini, R. Co Author Listing * Drought Assessment of Iran Using The Mdi Index
* Full Polarimetric Uavsar Image Change Detection Based On Change Indices
* Hyperspectral Change Detection in Wetland and Water-body Areas Based On Machine Learning
* Transformation Based Algorithms for Change Detection in Full Polarimetric Remote Sensing Images

Shahhosseini, S. Co Author Listing * Pattern Matching Using Partial Fourier Spectrum

Shahi, K.R.[Kasra Rafiezadeh] Co Author Listing * Data Fusion Using a Multi-Sensor Sparse-Based Clustering Algorithm
* Hierarchical Sparse Subspace Clustering (HESSC): An Automatic Approach for Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* Validating the Predictive Power of Statistical Models in Retrieving Leaf Dry Matter Content of a Coastal Wetland from a Sentinel-2 Image

Shahi, T.B.[Tej Bahadur] Co Author Listing * Recent Advances in Crop Disease Detection Using UAV and Deep Learning Techniques

Shahid, A.R.[Ali Raza] Co Author Listing * Edge-aware motion based facial micro-expression generation with attention mechanism
* Effective data augmentation for brain tumor segmentation
* end-to-end brain tumor segmentation system using multi-inception-UNET, An
* Enhancing breast pectoral muscle segmentation performance by using skip connections in fully convolutional network
* Pedestrian detection using HOG, LUV and optical flow as features with AdaBoost as classifier
* SelfME: Self-Supervised Motion Learning for Micro-Expression Recognition
Includes: Shahid, A.R.[Ali Raza] Shahid, A.R.[Ahmad Raza] Shahid, A.R.[Ahmad R.] Shahid, A.R.

Shahid, F.[Farah] Co Author Listing * Lit me up: A reference free adaptive low light image enhancement for in-the-wild conditions

Shahid, I.[Imran] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Three-Hourly TMPA Rainfall Products Using Telemetric Rain Gauge Observations at Lai Nullah Basin in Islamabad, Pakistan
* Glacial Lakes Mapping Using Multi Satellite PlanetScope Imagery and Deep Learning
* WRF-Chem Simulation for Modeling Seasonal Variations and Distributions of Aerosol Pollutants over the Middle East

Shahid, K.[Kamran] Co Author Listing * Intelligent LIDAR scanning region selection for satellite pose estimation
* Learning context for collective activity recognition
* Stability Improvement of Vision Algorithms
* What are they doing?: Collective activity classification using spatio-temporal relationship among people
Includes: Shahid, K.[Kamran] Shahid, K.[Khuram] Shahid, K.

Shahid, K.T. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Kernelized Correlation-Based Hyperspectral Unmixing With Missing Pixels

Shahid, M. Co Author Listing * Aerial Cross-platform Path Planning Dataset
* Appraisal of Dynamic Bayesian Model Averaging-based Merged Multi-Satellite Precipitation Datasets Over Complex Topography and the Diverse Climate of Pakistan, An
* Comparisons of Visual Activity Primitives for Voice Activity Detection
* Developing an Ensemble Precipitation Algorithm from Satellite Products and Its Topographical and Seasonal Evaluations Over Pakistan
* No-reference image and video quality assessment: A classification and review of recent approaches
* On the improvement of no-reference mean opinion score estimation accuracy by following a frame-level regression approach
* Performance Assessment of SM2RAIN-CCI and SM2RAIN-ASCAT Precipitation Products over Pakistan
* Personality Traits Classification Using Deep Visual Activity-Based Nonverbal Features of Key-Dynamic Images
* RealVAD: A Real-World Dataset and A Method for Voice Activity Detection by Body Motion Analysis
* Retracted: Robust Retinal Vessel Segmentation using Vessel's Location Map and Frangi Enhancement Filter
* S-VVAD: Visual Voice Activity Detection by Motion Segmentation
* Voice Activity Detection by Upper Body Motion Analysis and Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Includes: Shahid, M. Shahid, M.[Muhammad]
12 for Shahid, M.

Shahid, M.U. Co Author Listing * Parallel H.264/AVC Fast Rate-Distortion Optimized Motion Estimation by Using a Graphics Processing Unit and Dedicated Hardware

Shahid, M.Z.[Muhammad Zeeshaan] Co Author Listing * WRF-Chem Simulation for Modeling Seasonal Variations and Distributions of Aerosol Pollutants over the Middle East

Shahid, N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Graph-Based Total Variation for Tomographic Reconstructions
* Robust Principal Component Analysis on Graphs
* Survant: An Innovative Semantics-based Surveillance Video Archives Investigation Assistant
Includes: Shahid, N. Shahid, N.[Nauman]

Shahid, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Classifying Eye-Tracking Data Using Saliency Maps

Shahid, S.[Shamsuddin] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Satellite-Based Precipitation Measurement Products over the Hot Desert Climate of Egypt
* Gatha: Relational Loss for enhancing text-based style transfer
* Identification of NO2 and SO2 Pollution Hotspots and Sources in Jiangsu Province of China
* Integrated Method for Identifying Present Status and Risk of Drought in Bangladesh, An
* Positive Affective Interactions: The Role of Repeated Exposure and Copresence
Includes: Shahid, S.[Shamsuddin] Shahid, S.[Simra] Shahid, S.[Suleman]

Shahid, S.A. Co Author Listing * Validation and Comparison of Physical Models for Soil Salinity Mapping over an Arid Landscape Using Spectral Reflectance Measurements and Landsat-OLI Data

Shahid, U.[Usman] Co Author Listing * High-Level Concepts for Affective Understanding of Images

Shahid, Z.[Zafar] Co Author Listing * Considering the reconstruction loop for data hiding of intra- and inter-frames of H.264/AVC
* Decryption of noisy encrypted images by statistical analysis
* Denoising and error correction in noisy AES-encrypted images using statistical measures
* Fast Protection of H.264/AVC by Selective Encryption of CAVLC and CABAC for I and P Frames
* H.264/AVC video watermarking for active fingerprinting based on Tardos code
* Selective and scalable encryption of enhancement layers for dyadic scalable H.264/AVC by scrambling of scan patterns
* Spread spectrum-based watermarking for Tardos code-based fingerprinting for H.264/AVC video
* Synchronization of texture and depth map by data hiding for 3D H.264 video
* Visual Protection of HEVC Video by Selective Encryption of CABAC Binstrings
Includes: Shahid, Z.[Zafar] Shahid, Z.
9 for Shahid, Z.

Shahidehpour, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Battery Charging and Swapping System Involved in Demand Response for Joint Power and Transportation Networks

Shahidi, M. Co Author Listing * Automated Assessment of Hemodynamics in the Conjunctival Microvasculature Network
* Automated Real-Time Conjunctival Microvasculature Image Stabilization
* Effect of aberrations and scatter on image resolution assessed by adaptive optics retinal section imaging
* Frequency-based local content adaptive filtering algorithm for automated photoreceptor cell density quantification
Includes: Shahidi, M. Shahidi, M.[Mahnaz]

Shahidi, R. Co Author Listing * Decorrelating the Structure and Texture Components of a Variational Decomposition Model
* Implementation, calibration and accuracy testing of an image-enhanced endoscopy system
* Variational Textured Image Decomposition with Improved Edge Segregation

Shahidian, S.[Shakib] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Patterns of Pasture Quality Based on NDVI Time-Series in Mediterranean Montado Ecosystem

Shahidinejad, J.[Javad] Co Author Listing * 3D Cadastral Database Systems: A Systematic Literature Review

Shahidl, R. Co Author Listing * Validation of medical image processing in image-guided therapy

Shahiduzzaman, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Improved Spatial Pyramid Matching for Image Classification

Shahidzadeh, A.H.[Amir Hossein] Co Author Listing * Vehicle trajectory prediction works, but not everywhere

Shahin Shamsabadi, A. Co Author Listing * Distributed One-Class Learning

Shahin, A. Co Author Listing * Ambiguity Concept and Switching Regression Models
* Image compression based on fuzzy segmentation and anisotropic diffusion
* New descriptors' combination for 3D mesh correspondence and retrieval
Includes: Shahin, A. Shahin, A.[Ahmad]

Shahin, A.I.[Ahmed I.] Co Author Listing * Exact and Heuristics Algorithms for Screen Line Problem in Large Size Networks: Shortest Path-Based Column Generation Approach

Shahin, F.S. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Two Image Compression Techniques for Softcopy Photogrammetry, A
* Efficient Handling of Large Digital Images in Geographic Information Systems

Shahin, M. Co Author Listing * Deep Recurrent Electricity Theft Detection in AMI Networks with Random Tuning of Hyper-parameters
* One-Class SVMs Based Pronunciation Verification Approach

Shahina, A. Co Author Listing * analysis of the effect of combining standard and alternate sensor signals on recognition of syllabic units for multimodal speech recognition, An
* G-Eyenet: A Convolutional Autoencoding Classifier Framework for the Detection of Glaucoma from Retinal Fundus Images
* Phoneme classification in reconstructed phase space with convolutional neural networks

Shahinfard, E.[Elham] Co Author Listing * motion adaptive deinterlacing method with hierarchical motion detection algorithm, A

Shahir, S.[Shahed] Co Author Listing * Stand-alone embedded vision system based on fuzzy associative database
* Stand-alone vision sensor design based on fuzzy associative database
Includes: Shahir, S.[Shahed] Shahir, S.

Shahira, K.A. Co Author Listing * Building Information Modelling of a Multi Storey Building Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Visualisation Using Potree: An Open Source Point Cloud Renderer

Shahjalal, N.A.[Nashid Alam] Co Author Listing * Pectoral Muscle Elimination on Mammogram Using K-Means Clustering Approach

Shahkar, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Sub-Surface Geotechnical Data Visualization of Inaccessible Sites Using GIS

Shahkolaei, A.[Atena] Co Author Listing * Blind quality assessment metric and degradation classification for degraded document images
* CorrC2G: Color to Gray Conversion by Correlation
* FSITM: A Feature Similarity Index For Tone-Mapped Images
* MUG: A Parameterless No-Reference JPEG Quality Evaluator Robust to Block Size and Misalignment
Includes: Shahkolaei, A.[Atena] Shahkolaei, A.

Shahlaei, D. Co Author Listing * Efficient and Robust Inverse Lighting of a Single Face Image Using Compressive Sensing
* Hierarchical Bayesian Inverse Lighting of Portraits with a Virtual Light Stage
* Lighting design for portraits with a virtual light stage
* Realistic inverse lighting from a single 2D image of a face, taken under unknown and complex lighting
Includes: Shahlaei, D. Shahlaei, D.[Davoud]

Shahmansoori, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * Adaptive blind calibration of timing offsets in a two-channel time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter through Lagrange interpolation
* Consecutive adaptive blind estimation of timing offsets for arbitrary channel time-interleaved ADCs
* Reconstruction of periodic nonuniform samples using Lagrange interpolation in time-interleaved ADCs
* Tracking Position and Orientation Through Millimeter Wave Lens MIMO in 5G Systems
Includes: Shahmansoori, A.[Arash] Shahmansoori, A.

Shahmoradi, M. Co Author Listing * Missing Surface Estimation Based on Modified Tikhonov Regularization: Application for Destructed Dental Tissue

Shahna, K.U. Co Author Listing * Novel hyper chaotic color image encryption based on pixel and bit level scrambling with diffusion

Shahnawaz, M. Co Author Listing * HRTF personalization based on weighted sparse representation of anthropometric features

Shahnawaz, S.[Sk] Co Author Listing * Generating Synthetic Computed Tomography (CT) Images to Improve the Performance of Machine Learning Model for Pediatric Abdominal Anomaly Detection

Shahnawazuddin, S. Co Author Listing * Creating speaker independent ASR system through prosody modification based data augmentation
* Effect of Prosody Modification on Children's ASR
* Improved Bases Selection in Acoustic Model Interpolation for Fast On-Line Adaptation
* Pitch-Normalized Acoustic Features for Robust Children's Speech Recognition

Shahnaz, C. Co Author Listing * Bi-spectral higher order statistics and time-frequency domain features for arithmetic task classification from EEG signals

Shahnovich, U. Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale histogram tone mapping algorithm enables better object detection in wide dynamic range images

Shahpasandzadeh, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Late Cenozoic to Present Kinematic of the North to Eastern Iran Orogen: Accommodating Opposite Sense of Fault Blocks Rotation

Shahpaski, M. Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Geometric and Radiometric Calibration of a Projector-Camera Pair

Shahraaray, B. Co Author Listing * Uniform Resampling of Digitized Contours

Shahrabadi, S.[Somayeh] Co Author Listing * Detection of Indoor and Outdoor Stairs

Shahrabi, H.S.[Hamid Salehi] Co Author Listing * Automatic canola mapping using time series of sentinel 2 images

Shahraiyni, H.T.[Hamid Taheri] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Statistical Study on Daytime Surface Urban Heat Island during Summer in Urban Areas, Case Study: Cairo and Its New Towns, A

Shahraki, F.F.[Farideh Foroozandeh] Co Author Listing * Bicycle Detection Using HOG, HSC and MLBP

Shahraki, H.[Hadi] Co Author Listing * Infrared Image Enhancement Based on Optimally Weighted Multi-Scale Laplacian of Gaussian and Local Statistics Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Shahraki, N.S. Co Author Listing * Inclined planes optimization algorithm in optimal architecture of MLP neural networks

Shahram, M. Co Author Listing * Imaging Below the Diffraction Limit: A Statistical Analysis
* near optimal coder for image geometry with adaptive partitioning, A
* ShearLab: A Rational Design of a Digital Parabolic Scaling Algorithm
Includes: Shahram, M. Shahram, M.[Morteza]

Shahrampour, S.[Shiva] Co Author Listing * Combining PropSeg and a convolutional neural network for automatic spinal cord segmentation in pediatric populations and patients with spinal cord injury
* TAKDE: Temporal Adaptive Kernel Density Estimator for Real-Time Dynamic Density Estimation
Includes: Shahrampour, S.[Shiva] Shahrampour, S.[Shahin]

Shahraray, B. Co Author Listing * Applications of video-content analysis and retrieval
* Method and means for detecting people in image sequences
* Method for detecting camera-motion induced scene changes
* On the Application of Multimedia Processing to Telecommunications
* Optimal Estiamtion of Contour Properties by Cross-Validated Regularization
* Robust Depth Estimation from Optical Flow
Includes: Shahraray, B. Shahraray, B.[Behzad]

Shahrashoub, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Globally optimal reconstruction of millimeter-wave radiometric images with belief propagation

Shahreza, H.O.[Hatef Otroshi] Co Author Listing * Blackbox Face Reconstruction from Deep Facial Embeddings Using A Different Face Recognition Model
* Comprehensive Vulnerability Evaluation of Face Recognition Systems to Template Inversion Attacks via 3D Face Reconstruction
* Face Reconstruction from Deep Facial Embeddings using a Convolutional Neural Network
* FRCSyn Challenge at WACV 2024: Face Recognition Challenge in the Era of Synthetic Data
* Multi-IVE: Privacy Enhancement of Multiple Soft-Biometrics in Face Embeddings
* Template Inversion Attack against Face Recognition Systems using 3D Face Reconstruction

Shahrezaei, I.H.[Iman Heidarpour] Co Author Listing * Resolutional Analysis of Multiplicative High-Frequency Speckle Noise Based on SAR Spatial De-Speckling Filter Implementation and Selection

Shahri, A.A.[Abbas Abbaszadeh] Co Author Listing * Subsurface Topographic Modeling Using Geospatial and Data Driven Algorithm

Shahri, H. Co Author Listing * Fast and efficient techniques for motion estimation using subband analysis
* On TB-SVQ based motion compensated DCT coding of videoconference sequences
* Scalar Vector Quantization of Medical Images

Shahri, R.P.[Reza Pourreza] Co Author Listing * complementary method for automated detection of microaneurysms in fluorescein angiography fundus images to assess diabetic retinopathy, A
* Unsupervised automated retinal vessel segmentation based on Radon line detector and morphological reconstruction

Shahrian, E.[Ehsan] Co Author Listing * Improving Image Matting Using Comprehensive Sampling Sets

Shahriar Sazzad, T.M. Co Author Listing * Type P63 Digitized Color Images Performs Better Identification than Other Stains for Ovarian Tissue Analysis

Shahriar, F.[Fazlul] Co Author Listing * Improved VIIRS and MODIS SST Imagery
* Quantitative Restoration for MODIS Band 6 on Aqua
Includes: Shahriar, F.[Fazlul] Shahriar, F.

Shahriar, M.[Muneem] Co Author Listing * Analysis Tool for Digitized Cervical and Lumbar Vertebrae Images
* Fault diagnosis of induction motors utilizing local binary pattern-based texture analysis
* Feature-based transfer learning to train a novel cotton imaging system
* machine vision system to estimate cotton fiber maturity from longitudinal view using a transfer learning approach, A
Includes: Shahriar, M.[Muneem] Shahriar, M.

Shahriari Mehr, G. Co Author Listing * Discover Points of Interest Based On Users' Internet Searches Through An Online Shopping Website

Shahriari, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * Class-Driven Color Transformation for Semantic Labeling
* Learning deep filter banks in parallel for texture recognition
* Learning of Separable Filters by Stacked Fisher Convolutional Autoencoders
* Parametric Learning of Texture Filters by Stacked Fisher Autoencoders
Includes: Shahriari, A.[Arash] Shahriari, A.

Shahriari, B. Co Author Listing * Taking the Human Out of the Loop: A Review of Bayesian Optimization

Shahriari, K.[Kyarash] Co Author Listing * Spatial Representation of Coastal Risk: A Fuzzy Approach to Deal with Uncertainty

Shahriari, M. Co Author Listing * Can Contextual Information Improve Scene Classification Performance?
* New Conflict Resolution Method for Multiple Mobile Robots in Cluttered Environments With Motion-Liveness, A
* Toward Safer Navigation of Heterogeneous Mobile Robots in Distributed Scheme: A Novel Time-to-Collision-Based Method
* Two-Stage Outdoor-Indoor Scene Classification Framework: Experimental Study for the Outdoor Stage, A
Includes: Shahriari, M. Shahriari, M.[Mohammadali]

Shahrier, M.[Mahir] Co Author Listing * Towards intelligent transportation system: A comprehensive review of electronic toll collection systems

Shahrior, A.[Ashef] Co Author Listing * Machine learning-based tri-stage classification of Alzheimer's progressive neurodegenerative disease using PCA and mRMR administered textural, orientational, and spatial features

Shahrisvand, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Empirical and Inteligent Methods for Dust Detection Using Modis Satellite Data, A
* Coseismic and Poseismic Gravity Changes Obtained from Grace Satellite Data During the Powerful Tohoku-Oki Earthquake of 11 March 2011

Shahriyar, S. Co Author Listing * Depth Sequence Coding With Hierarchical Partitioning and Spatial-Domain Quantization
* Efficient Coding of Depth Map by Exploiting Temporal Correlation
* Lossless Hyperspectral Image Compression Using Binary Tree Based Decomposition
* novel depth motion vector coding exploiting spatial and inter-component clustering tendency, A

Shahrokhi, M.[Marziye] Co Author Listing * Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using Combination of Scale-Invariant Feature Transform and Local Binary Pattern Features

Shahrokni, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Classification-Based Probabilistic Modeling of Texture Transition for Fast Line Search Tracking and Delineation
* Classifier-based Contour Tracking for Rigid and Deformable Objects
* Fast Texture-Based Tracking and Delineation Using Texture Entropy
* From Visual Query to Visual Portrayal
* Markov-based Silhouette Extraction for Three-Dimensional Body Tracking in Presence of Cluttered Background
* Mesh Based Semantic Modelling for Indoor and Outdoor Scenes
* Novel Shape Feature for Fast Region-Based Pedestrian Recognition, A
* PETS2009 and Winter-PETS 2009 results: A combined evaluation
* PETS2009: Dataset and challenge
* Robust data association for online applications
* Temporal Priors for Novel Video Synthesis
* Texture Boundary Detection for Real-Time Tracking
* Video Activity Extraction and Reporting with Incremental Unsupervised Learning
Includes: Shahrokni, A.[Ali] Shahrokni, A.
13 for Shahrokni, A.

Shahroudi, N.[Narges] Co Author Listing * Temperature and Moisture Sounding Performance of Current and Prospective Microwave Instruments under All-Sky Conditions

Shahroudnejad, A. Co Author Listing * CARISI: Convolutional Autoencoder-Based Inter-Slice Interpolation of Brain Tumor Volumetric Images

Shahroudy, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * Deep Multimodal Feature Analysis for Action Recognition in RGB+D Videos
* Feature Boosting Network For 3D Pose Estimation
* Multimodal Multipart Learning for Action Recognition in Depth Videos
* NTU RGB+D 120: A Large-Scale Benchmark for 3D Human Activity Understanding
* NTU RGB+D: A Large Scale Dataset for 3D Human Activity Analysis
* Recent advances in convolutional neural networks
* Skeleton-Based Action Recognition Using Spatio-Temporal LSTM Network with Trust Gates
* Skeleton-Based Online Action Prediction Using Scale Selection Network
* Spatio-Temporal LSTM with Trust Gates for 3D Human Action Recognition
* SSNet: Scale Selection Network for Online 3D Action Prediction
10 for Shahroudy, A.

Shahsavari, S. Co Author Listing * On the Optimal Two-Antenna Static Beamforming With Per-Antenna Power Constraints

Shahshahani, B.M.[Behzad M.] Co Author Listing * Effect of Unlabeled Samples in Reducing the Small Sample Size Problem and Mitigating the Hughes Phenomenon, The

Shahshahani, M.[Mehrdad] Co Author Listing * Eigen-Transform and Applications, The
* Image segmentation via local higher order statistics
* simple set of numerical invariants for the analysis of images, A

Shahtahmassebi, A.[AmirReza] Co Author Listing * Variability of Glacier Velocity and the Influencing Factors in the Muztag-Kongur Mountains, Eastern Pamir Plateau

Shahtahmassebi, A.R.[Amir Reza] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Historical Land Cover Type and Complexity by Synergistic Use of Landsat Multispectral Scanner and CORONA

Shahtakhtinskiy, A.[Aydin] Co Author Listing * Impact of Hurricane Harvey on the Upper Texas Coast: Using Airborne Lidar Data Sets with UAV-Derived Topographic Data to Monitor Change and Track Recovery
* Quantifying the Impact of Hurricane Harvey on Beach-Dune Systems of the Central Texas Coast and Monitoring Their Changes Using UAV Photogrammetry

Shahtalebi, K. Co Author Listing * Second order H-infinity optimal LMS and NLMS algorithms based on a second-order Markov model

Shahu, A. Co Author Listing * Computing Temporal Alignments of Human Motion Sequences in Wide Clothing Using Geodesic Patches

Shahu, D. Co Author Listing * Non-contact signal detection and processing techniques for cardio-respiratory thoracic activity

Shahul Hameed, K.A. Co Author Listing * P53immunostained cell nuclei segmentation in tissue images of oral squamous cell carcinoma

Shahulhameed, A.K.[Aneez Kadermohideen] Co Author Listing * Region-based all-in-focus light field rendering

Shahvandi, M.K.[Mostafa Kiani] Co Author Listing * Modeling the Differences between Ultra-Rapid and Final Orbit Products of GPS Satellites Using Machine-Learning Approaches

Shahvaran, A.R.[Ali Reza] Co Author Listing * Comparative Evaluation of Semi-Empirical Approaches to Retrieve Satellite-Derived Chlorophyll-a Concentrations from Nearshore and Offshore Waters of a Large Lake (Lake Ontario)

Shahvaran, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous vector-valued image segmentation and intensity nonuniformity correction using variational level set combined with Markov random field modeling

Shahverdi, A.[Abdolhossein] Co Author Listing * Efficient and robust segmentation and tracking of sperm cells in microscopic image sequences

Shahwan, A. Co Author Listing * Automated Contextual Annotation of B-Rep CAD Mechanical Components Deriving Technology And Symmetry Information To Support Partial Retrieval

Shahwani, H.[Hamayoun] Co Author Listing * novel multimodality anatomical image fusion method based on contrast and structure extraction, A

Shahwar, D.[Duri] Co Author Listing * Beacon trust management system and fake data detection in vehicular ad-hoc networks

Shahzad, A. Co Author Listing * Multispectral venous images analysis for optimum illumination selection
* Real-time automatic license plate recognition for CCTV forensic applications
* Solitons Interaction and their Stability Based on Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Includes: Shahzad, A. Shahzad, A.[Asim]

Shahzad, D.[Danish] Co Author Listing * Reliable Student: Addressing Noise in Semi-Supervised 3D Object Detection

Shahzad, F.[Farrukh] Co Author Listing * Secure biometric template generation for multi-factor authentication

Shahzad, G.[Ghazala] Co Author Listing * Deep learning-based automated detection of human knee joint's synovial fluid from magnetic resonance images with transfer learning

Shahzad, K. Co Author Listing * Energy-Efficient SRAM FPGA-Based Wireless Vision Sensor Node: SENTIOF-CAM
* Towards Interoperating CityGML and IFC Building Models: A Unified Model Based Approach
Includes: Shahzad, K. Shahzad, K.[Khurram]

Shahzad, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Alignment-free cancelable fingerprint templates with dual protection
* Automatic Detection and Reconstruction of 2-D/3-D Building Shapes From Spaceborne TomoSAR Point Clouds
* Buildings Detection in VHR SAR Images Using Fully Convolution Neural Networks
* Burnt Forest Estimation from Sentinel-2 Imagery of Australia using Unsupervised Deep Learning
* DUPL-VR: Deep Unsupervised Progressive Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Facade Reconstruction Using Multiview Spaceborne TomoSAR Point Clouds
* FGCN: Deep Feature-based Graph Convolutional Network for Semantic Segmentation of Urban 3D Point Clouds
* First Prismatic Building Model Reconstruction From Tomosar Point Clouds
* MFPANet: Multi-Scale Feature Perception and Aggregation Network for High-Resolution Snow Depth Estimation
* Person re-identification: A retrospective on domain specific open challenges and future trends
* Progressive Unsupervised Deep Transfer Learning for Forest Mapping in Satellite Image
* QuantYOLO: A High-Throughput and Power-Efficient Object Detection Network for Resource and Power Constrained UAVs
* Reconstructing 2-D/3-D Building Shapes from Spaceborne Tomographic Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Robust Reconstruction of Building Facades for Large Areas Using Spaceborne TomoSAR Point Clouds
* Segmentation and Crown Parameter Extraction of Individual Trees in an Airborne Tomosar Point Cloud
* VR-PROUD: Vehicle Re-identification using PROgressive Unsupervised Deep architecture
Includes: Shahzad, M.[Muhammad] Shahzad, M.
16 for Shahzad, M.

Shahzad, M.I.[Muhammad Imran] Co Author Listing * Assessment of MODIS, OMI, MISR and CALIOP Aerosol Products for Estimating Surface Visual Range: A Mathematical Model for Hong Kong
* Coastline Vulnerability Assessment through Landsat and Cubesats in a Coastal Mega City
* Evaluation of Empirical and Machine Learning Algorithms for Estimation of Coastal Water Quality Parameters
* First Experiences with the Landsat-8 Aquatic Reflectance Product: Evaluation of the Regional and Ocean Color Algorithms in a Coastal Environment
* Long-Term Variability of Atmospheric Visual Range (1980-2020) over Diverse Topography of Pakistan
* Spatial and Temporal Variability of Open-Ocean Barrier Islands along the Indus Delta Region

Shahzad, M.S.[Muhammad Saquib] Co Author Listing * Detailed Sentence Generation Architecture for Image Semantics Description

Shahzad, N.[Naeem] Co Author Listing * Approaches of Satellite Remote Sensing for the Assessment of Above-Ground Biomass across Tropical Forests: Pan-tropical to National Scales
* Ground Deformation and Its Causes in Abbottabad City, Pakistan from Sentinel-1A Data and MT-InSAR

Shahzad, R.[Rahil] Co Author Listing * Automated Cardiovascular Segmentation in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease from 3D CMR Scans: Combining Multi-atlases and Level-Sets
* Deep Machine Learning Based Possible Atmospheric and Ionospheric Precursors of the 2021 Mw 7.1 Japan Earthquake
* Ionospheric-Thermospheric Responses to Geomagnetic Storms from Multi-Instrument Space Weather Data
* Semi-automated Processing of Real-Time CMR Scans for Left Ventricle Segmentation
Includes: Shahzad, R.[Rahil] Shahzad, R.[Rasim]

Shahzad, S.[Saqib] Co Author Listing * Application of a Novel Hybrid Method for Flood Susceptibility Mapping with Satellite Images: A Case Study of Seoul, Korea
* Entropy information-based heterogeneous deep selective fused features using deep convolutional neural network for sketch recognition
Includes: Shahzad, S.[Saqib] Shahzad, S.[Sara]

Shahzadi, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * New flexible deterministic compressive measurement matrix based on finite Galois field

Shahzaman, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Multi-Year Reanalysis, Models, and Satellite Remote Sensing Products for Agricultural Drought Monitoring over South Asian Countries
* Monitoring of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide over Pakistan Using Satellite Dataset
* Remote Sensing Indices for Spatial Monitoring of Agricultural Drought in South Asian Countries
* Validation of GOSAT and OCO-2 against In Situ Aircraft Measurements and Comparison with CarbonTracker and GEOS-Chem over Qinhuangdao, China

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