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Escobar lavin, E. Co Author Listing * first in-flight absolute calibration of the Chilean Earth Observation Satellite, A
Includes: Escobar lavin, E. Escobar-lavín, E.

Escobar, A. Co Author Listing * Registration of Complex Free-form Objects from 3D Image Edge Using the Hausdorff Distance

Escobar, D.E. Co Author Listing * 3-Camera Multispectral Digital Video Imaging-System, A

Escobar, I.A.[Ivan A.] Co Author Listing * Data Mining Applied to Acoustic Bird Species Recognition

Escobar, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Inferring Leaf Blade Development from Examples
Includes: Escobar, M.[Maria] Escobar, M.[María]

Escobar, M.J.[Maria Jose] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Using a Bio-Inspired Feedforward Spiking Network
* Action recognition via bio-inspired features: The richness of center-surround interaction
* Action Recognition with a Bio-inspired Feedforward Motion Processing Model: The Richness of Center-Surround Interactions
* bio-inspired synergistic virtual retina model for tone mapping, A
Includes: Escobar, M.J.[Maria Jose] Escobar, M.J.[Maria-Jose] Escobar, M.J.[María-José]

Escobedo, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Combined Classifier of Cry Units with New Acoustic Attributes, A

Escobedo, L.[Lizbeth] Co Author Listing * Object and Gesture Recognition to Assist Children with Autism during the Discrimination Training

Escoda, O.D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multimodal Signals Using Redundant Representations
* Depth estimation based on multiview matching with depth/color segmentation and memory efficient Belief Propagation
* global probabilistic framework for the foreground, background and shadow classification task, A
* Multi-view depth estimation based on visual-hull enhanced Hybrid Recursive Matching for 3D video conference systems
* Multiresolution Segmentation of Natural Images: From Linear to Nonlinear Scale-Space Representations
Includes: Escoda, O.D. Escoda, O.D.[Oscar Divorra] Escoda, O.D.[O. Divorra]

Escofet, J.[Jaume] Co Author Listing * Ground-based hyperspectral analysis of the urban nightscape
* Unsupervised novelty detection using Gabor filters for defect segmentation in textures

Escoffre, J.M. Co Author Listing * Development of a Fluid Dynamic Model for Quantitative Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging

Escola, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Method to Obtain Orange Crop Geometry Information Using a Mobile Terrestrial Laser Scanner and 3D Modeling, A
Includes: Escola, A.[Alexandre] Escolà, A.[Alexandre]

Escolano Ruiz, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * 6DOF entropy minimization SLAM for stereo-based wearable devices
* EBEM: An Entropy-based EM Algorithm for Gaussian Mixture Models
* First Steps towards Stereo-based 6DOF SLAM for the Visually Impaired
* Stereo-based Aerial Obstacle Detection for the Visually Impaired
* Two Entropy-Based Methods for Learning Unsupervised Gaussian Mixture Models

Escolano, C. Co Author Listing * Telepresence Mobile Robot Controlled With a Noninvasive Brain-Computer Interface, A

Escolano, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Bayesian optimization of the scale saliency filter
* Birkhoff polytopes, heat kernels and graph complexity
* Bragg Diffraction Patterns as Graph Characteristics
* Bypass information-theoretic shape similarity from non-rigid points-based alignment
* Commute Times in Dense Graphs
* Complexity Fusion for Indexing Reeb Digraphs
* Constellations and the Unsupervised Learning of Graphs
* Depth-based hypergraph complexity traces from directed line graphs
* Directed Depth-Based Complexity Traces of Hypergraphs from Directed Line Graphs
* Dirichlet Densifiers: Beyond Constraining the Spectral Gap
* Dirichlet Graph Densifiers
* Edge-Based Matching Kernel on Commute-Time Spanning Trees, An
* Entropy Estimation and Multi-Dimensional Scale Saliency
* Exploiting Information Theory for Filtering the Kadir Scale-Saliency Detector
* Flow Complexity: Fast Polytopal Graph Complexity and 3D Object Clustering
* From Points to Nodes: Inverse Graph Embedding through a Lagrangian Formulation
* Graph characterizations from von Neumann entropy
* Graph matching through entropic manifold alignment
* Graph Similarity through Entropic Manifold Alignment
* Graph-Based Methods for Retinal Mosaicing and Vascular Characterization
* Graph-based Representations Preface
* Heat Flow-Thermodynamic Depth Complexity in Directed Networks
* Heat Flow-Thermodynamic Depth Complexity in Networks
* How do image complexity, task demands and looking biases influence human gaze behavior?
* Information theoretic methods for learning generative models for relational structures
* Information Theory in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
* Information-Geometric Graph Indexing from Bags of Partial Node Coverages
* Information-theoretic Feature Selection from Unattributed Graphs
* Information-theoretic selection of high-dimensional spectral features for structural recognition
* Junction detection and grouping with probabilistic edge models and Bayesian A*
* Multi-dimensional Scale Saliency Feature Extraction Based on Entropic Graphs
* mutual information between graphs, The
* Mutual Information between Graphs, The
* New Feasible Approach to Multi-dimensional Scale Saliency, A
* On the Interplay Between Strong Regularity and Graph Densification
* Polytopal Graph Complexity, Matrix Permanents, and Embedding
* Protein classification by matching and clustering surface graphs
* Quantum vs. Classical Ranking in Segment Grouping
* Region and constellations based categorization of images with unsupervised graph learning
* robust Graph Transformation Matching for non-rigid registration, A
* Scene understanding and behaviour analysis
* Shape Simplification Through Graph Sparsification
* Skeletal Graphs from Schrödinger Magnitude and Phase
* Special issue on Graph-Based Representations in Computer Vision
* Tensor-based total Bregman divergences between graphs
* Two bayesian methods for junction classification
Includes: Escolano, F.[Francisco] Escolano, F.
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Escolano, S.O. Co Author Listing * HyperDepth: Learning Depth from Structured Light without Matching

Escolar, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * Off-line signature recognition based on dynamic methods

Escolar, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * 3D Tensor Normalization for Improved Accuracy in DTI Tensor Registration Methods

Escorcia, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * ActivityNet: A large-scale video benchmark for human activity understanding
* DAPs: Deep Action Proposals for Action Understanding
* Diagnosing Error in Temporal Action Detectors
* On the relationship between visual attributes and convolutional networks
* SCC: Semantic Context Cascade for Efficient Action Detection
* Spatio-temporal Human-Object Interactions for Action Recognition in Videos
* SST: Single-Stream Temporal Action Proposals
Includes: Escorcia, V.[Victor] Escorcia, V.
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Escorihuela, M.J.[Maria Jose] Co Author Listing * Consistency between In Situ, Model-Derived and High-Resolution-Image-Based Soil Temperature Endmembers: Towards a Robust Data-Based Model for Multi-Resolution Monitoring of Crop Evapotranspiration
* Correction to Evaluating an improved parameterization of the soil emission in L-MEB [Apr 11 1177-1189]
* Disaggregation of SMOS Soil Moisture to 100 m Resolution Using MODIS Optical/Thermal and Sentinel-1 Radar Data: Evaluation over a Bare Soil Site in Morocco
* Irrigation Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Time Series at Field Scale
Includes: Escorihuela, M.J.[Maria Jose] Escorihuela, M.J.[Maria-José] Escorihuela, M.J. Escorihuela, M.J.[Maria José]

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