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Veena, R. Co Author Listing * Breast Cancer Tumor Image Classification Using Deep Learning Image Data Generator

Veena, S. Co Author Listing * New unbiased adaptive IIR filter: it's robust and variable step-size versions and application to active noise control
* Variable step-size Griffiths' algorithm for improved performance of feedforward/feedback active noise control

Veena, S.T. Co Author Listing * Quantitative steganalysis of spatial LSB based stego images using reduced instances and features

Veena, V.K. Co Author Listing * robust watermarking method based on Compressed Sensing and Arnold scrambling, A

Veenendaal, B. Co Author Listing * Building Interactivity In Higher Education To Support Student Engagement In Spatial Problem Solving and Programming
* Cloud/web mapping and geoprocessing services: Intelligently linking geoinformation
* Developing a Map Use Model for Web Mapping and GIS
* Eras Of Web Mapping Developments: Past, Present And Future
* Multimedia Data Visualization Based on Ad Hoc Communication Networks and Its Application to Disaster Management, A
* Review of Web Mapping: Eras, Trends and Directions
* Theme section Towards Intelligent Geoprocessing on the Web
Includes: Veenendaal, B. Veenendaal, B.[Bert]
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Veenland, J.F.[Jifke F.] Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition in Practice VI
* Suitability of texture features to assess changes in trabecular bone architecture
* Total Correlation-Based Groupwise Image Registration for Quantitative MRI
Includes: Veenland, J.F.[Jifke F.] Veenland, J.F.

Veenman, C.J. Co Author Listing * email: Veenman, C.J.: c j veenman AT its tudelft nl
* cellular coevolutionary algorithm for image segmentation, A
* Comparing compact codebooks for visual categorization
* Establishing motion correspondence using extended temporal scope
* eXPose Approach to Crosslier Detection, The
* fast and robust point tracking algorithm, A
* Kernel Codebooks for Scene Categorization
* LESS: A Model-Based Classifier for Sparse Subspaces
* Maximum Variance Cluster Algorithm, A
* Motion tracking as a constrained optimization problem
* Nearest Subclass Classifier: A Compromise between the Nearest Mean and Nearest Neighbor Classifier, The
* Resolving Motion Correspondence for Densely Moving Points
* Robust Scene Categorization by Learning Image Statistics in Context
* sparse nearest mean classifier for high dimensional multi-class problems, A
* Supervised Segmentation of NO2 Plumes from Individual Ships Using TROPOMI Satellite Data
* Verification of Video Source Camera Competition (CAMCOM 2010)
* Visual Word Ambiguity
* Weighted Nearest Mean Classifier for Sparse Subspaces, A
Includes: Veenman, C.J. Veenman, C.J.[Cor J.]
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Veenstra, A.[Arno] Co Author Listing * Do they like me? Using video cues to predict desires during speed-dates

Veenstra, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient Octree Generation from Silhouettes
* Generating Octrees from Object Silhouettes in Orthographic Views
* Line Drawings of Octree-Represented Objects

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