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Alsubaei, F.S.[Faisal S.] Co Author Listing * Block-Scrambling-Based Encryption with Deep-Learning-Driven Remote Sensing Image Classification

Alsubai, S.[Shtwai] Co Author Listing * automated hyperparameter tuned deep learning model enabled facial emotion recognition for autonomous vehicle drivers, An
* Bald eagle search optimization with deep transfer learning enabled age-invariant face recognition model
* Enhancing fall prediction in the elderly people using LBP features and transfer learning model
* Face mask detection using deep convolutional neural network and multi-stage image processing
* Multimodal brain tumor detection and classification using deep saliency map and improved dragonfly optimization algorithm

Alsubaie, N. Co Author Listing * Feasibility Of 3d Point Cloud Generation from Smartphones, The

Alsubaie, N.M. Co Author Listing * Registration of time of flight terrestrial laser scanner data for stop-and-go mode
* Terrestrial Method for Airborne Lidar Quality Control and Assessment

Alsubaihi, S.[Salman] Co Author Listing * TrackingNet: A Large-Scale Dataset and Benchmark for Object Tracking in the Wild

Alsubhi, K.[Khalid] Co Author Listing * Smart Cloud and IoVT-Based Kernel Adaptive Filtering Framework for Parking Prediction, A

Alsubhi, Y.[Yazeed] Co Author Listing * New Risk-Based Method in Decision Making to Create Dust Sources Maps: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia, A
* Quantifying the Impact of Dust Sources on Urban Physical Growth and Vegetation Status: A Case Study of Saudi Arabia

Alsudays, N.[Njuod] Co Author Listing * AFPSNet: Multi-Class Part Parsing based on Scaled Attention and Feature Fusion

Alsufyani, A.[Abdulmajeed] Co Author Listing * Bayesian inference framework for bounded generalized Gaussian-based mixture model and its application to biomedical images classification

Alsufyani, N.[Nawal] Co Author Listing * Biometric Counter-Spoofing for Mobile Devices Using Gaze Information

Alsuhaibani, A.M.[Amnah Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Geospatial Modelling for Delineation of Crop Management Zones Using Local Terrain Attributes and Soil Properties

Alsuhibany, S.A.[Suliman A.] Co Author Listing * Automated Parts-Based Model for Recognizing Human-Object Interactions from Aerial Imagery with Fully Convolutional Network
* Robust Object Categorization and Scene Classification over Remote Sensing Images via Features Fusion and Fully Convolutional Network

Alsuhli, G.H.[Ghada H.] Co Author Listing * Bio-inspired metaheuristic framework for clustering optimisation in VANETs

Alsulaiman, M.[Mansour] Co Author Listing * Multi parallel U-net encoder network for effective polyp image segmentation

Alsulami, A.A.[Abdulaziz A.] Co Author Listing * Optimizing chest tuberculosis image classification with oversampling and transfer learning

Alsulami, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Enhancing brain tumor classification with transfer learning: Leveraging DenseNet121 for accurate and efficient detection

Alsulami, M.M.[Mashael M.] Co Author Listing * Deep learning network selection and optimized information fusion for enhanced COVID-19 detection

Alsultan, A.[Arwa] Co Author Listing * Free-text keystroke dynamics authentication for Arabic language
* Non-conventional keystroke dynamics for user authentication

Alsultan, K. Co Author Listing * simulated annealing algorithm for the clustering problem, A

Alsultan, S.H. Co Author Listing * Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Geospatial Information Infrastructure: An Initial Study

Alsultanny, Y.A.[Yas Abbas] Co Author Listing * Random-bit sequence generation from image data

Alsumaiti, T.S.[Tareefa S.] Co Author Listing * Development of Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) Curves over the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Using CHIRPS Satellite-Based Precipitation Products
* Performance of the CMORPH and GPM IMERG Products over the United Arab Emirates

Alsup, J.M.[James M.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for performing a discrete cosine transform of an input signal

Alsurayhi, H.[Halimah] Co Author Listing * Improved Weighted Average Reprojection Image Denoising Method, An

Alsusa, E. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Estimation of Path Loss in Interference Channels Without Primary-User CSI Feedback
* Efficient Multiple Lags Selection Method for Cyclostationary Feature Based Spectrum-Sensing, An
* Novel Transmitter-Based Selective-Precoding Technique for DS/CDMA Systems, A

Alsuwaidi, M. Co Author Listing * Using Modis Aerosol Optical Depth to Predict PM10 Over Al Ain Region, Uae

Alsuwaiyel, M.H.[Muhammad H.] Co Author Listing * Two Algorithms For Computing The Euclidean Distance Transform

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