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Lian, C. Co Author Listing * Accurate tumor segmentation in FDG-PET images with guidance of complementary CT images
* Joint Tumor Segmentation in PET-CT Images Using Co-Clustering and Fusion Based on Belief Functions
* One-Shot Generative Adversarial Learning for MRI Segmentation of Craniomaxillofacial Bony Structures
* Spatially-Constrained Fisher Representation for Brain Disease Identification With Incomplete Multi-Modal Neuroimages
* Weakly Supervised Deep Learning for Brain Disease Prognosis Using MRI and Incomplete Clinical Scores

Lian, C.F.[Chun Feng] Co Author Listing * Deep Multi-Scale Mesh Feature Learning for Automated Labeling of Raw Dental Surfaces From 3D Intraoral Scanners
* evidential classifier based on feature selection and two-step classification strategy, An
* Hierarchical Fully Convolutional Network for Joint Atrophy Localization and Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis Using Structural MRI
Includes: Lian, C.F.[Chun Feng] Lian, C.F.[Chun-Feng]

Lian, C.J.[Chung Jr] Co Author Listing * Analysis and architecture design of block-coding engine for EBCOT in JPEG 2000
* Computation reduction technique for lossy JPEG2000 encoding through EBCOT tier-2 feedback processing
* On-Chip Memory Optimization Scheme for VLSI Implementation of Line-Based Two-Dimentional Discrete Wavelet Transform
* Parallel Embedded Block Coding Architecture for JPEG 2000
* System Analysis of VLSI Architecture for Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering
* Word-Level Parallel Architecture of JPEG 2000 Embedded Block Coding Decoder
Includes: Lian, C.J.[Chung Jr] Lian, C.J.[Chung-Jr] Lian, C.J.

Lian, C.Q.[Chuan Qiang] Co Author Listing * Near-Optimal Tracking Control of Mobile Robots Via Receding-Horizon Dual Heuristic Programming
Includes: Lian, C.Q.[Chuan Qiang] Lian, C.Q.[Chuan-Qiang]

Lian, D.[Dongze] Co Author Listing * Believe It or Not, We Know What You Are Looking At!
* Future Frame Prediction for Anomaly Detection - A New Baseline
* Single-Image Piece-Wise Planar 3D Reconstruction via Associative Embedding
Includes: Lian, D.[Dongze] Lian, D.

Lian, D.Z.[Dong Ze] Co Author Listing * Density Map Regression Guided Detection Network for RGB-D Crowd Counting and Localization
* Evaluating Capability of Deep Neural Networks for Image Classification via Information Plane
* Local to Global Learning: Gradually Adding Classes for Training Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Lian, D.Z.[Dong Ze] Lian, D.Z.[Dong-Ze]

Lian, F.L. Co Author Listing * Introduction to the Special Issue on Applications and Systems for Collaborative Driving

Lian, G.[Guoyun] Co Author Listing * Rotation invariant color texture classification using multiple sub-DLBPs
* Transformation of portraits to Picasso's cubism style
Includes: Lian, G.[Guoyun] Lian, G.[Guanyu]

Lian, G.Y.[Guo Yun] Co Author Listing * Matching of Tracked Pedestrians Across Disjoint Camera Views Using CI-DLBP
* People consistent labeling between uncalibrated cameras without planar ground assumption
* Spatial-temporal consistent labeling of tracked pedestrians across non-overlapping camera views
Includes: Lian, G.Y.[Guo Yun] Lian, G.Y.[Guo-Yun]

Lian, H.[Heng] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis Using Random Fields
* On feature selection with principal component analysis for one-class SVM
* Total variation, adaptive total variation and nonconvex smoothly clipped absolute deviation penalty for denoising blocky images
* Variational Local Structure Estimation for Image Super-Resolution

Lian, H.C.[Hui Cheng] Co Author Listing * Fast Fingerprint Retrieval with Line Detection
* Scale specified single shot multibox detector
* TDCC: top-down semantic aggregation for colour constancy
Includes: Lian, H.C.[Hui Cheng] Lian, H.C.[Hui-Cheng] Lian, H.C.[Hui-Chen]

Lian, J. Co Author Listing * Accurate Segmentation of CT Male Pelvic Organs via Regression-Based Deformable Models and Multi-Task Random Forests
* Automated recognition and discrimination of human-animal interactions using Fisher vector and hidden Markov model
* Classification of Driving Postures by Support Vector Machines
* CT Male Pelvic Organ Segmentation via Hybrid Loss Network With Incomplete Annotation
* Deblurring retinal optical coherence tomography via a convolutional neural network with anisotropic and double convolution layer
* Driver's fatigue expressions recognition by combined features from pyramid histogram of oriented gradient and contourlet transform with random subspace ensembles
* Estimating CT Image From MRI Data Using Structured Random Forest and Auto-Context Model
* Fast Chinese character detection from complex scenes
* Hierarchical Patch-Based Sparse Representation: A New Approach for Resolution Enhancement of 4D-CT Lung Data
* High-Resolution Encoder-Decoder Networks for Low-Contrast Medical Image Segmentation
* Improved Listless Zerotree Image Compression Algorithm and Application
* Knockoff filter-based feature selection for discrimination of non-small cell lung cancer in CT image
* Multi-source Information Gain for Random Forest: An Application to CT Image Prediction from MRI Data
* Ocular multi-spectral imaging deblurring via regularization of mutual information
* Quick response barcode deblurring via L_0 regularisation based sparse optimisation
* Recognition of driving postures by contourlet transform and random forests
* Reconstruction of super-resolution lung 4D-CT using patch-based sparse representation
* Sparse Patch-Based Label Propagation for Accurate Prostate Localization in CT Images
* Traffic Scene Segmentation Based on RGB-D Image and Deep Learning
Includes: Lian, J. Lian, J.[Jian] Lian, J.[Jie] Lian, J.[Jun] Lian, J.[Jing]
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Lian, J.A.[Jian Ao] Co Author Listing * Construction of energy preserving QMF
* Dilation-3 PR QMF for image processing
* Energy Preserving QMF for Image Processing
Includes: Lian, J.A.[Jian Ao] Lian, J.A.[Jian-Ao]

Lian, J.T.[Ji Ting] Co Author Listing * Detailed Mapping of Urban Land Use Based on Multi-Source Data: A Case Study of Lanzhou
Includes: Lian, J.T.[Ji Ting] Lian, J.T.[Ji-Ting]

Lian, L.[Lishu] Co Author Listing * Applicability Evaluation of Multisource Satellite Precipitation Data for Hydrological Research in Arid Mountainous Areas
* Dynamic Facial Expression Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Networks with Dense Connections
* Emission factor calibration and signal timing optimisation for isolated intersections
* Low-Rank Laplacian-Uniform Mixed Model for Robust Face Recognition
* Robust face recognition based on iterative sparse coding and pixel selection
Includes: Lian, L.[Lishu] Lian, L.[Lina] Lian, L.[Lian] Lian, L.

Lian, L.J.[Li Jhih] Co Author Listing * Validation of a Primary Production Algorithm of Vertically Generalized Production Model Derived from Multi-Satellite Data around the Waters of Taiwan
Includes: Lian, L.J.[Li Jhih] Lian, L.J.[Li-Jhih]

Lian, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Forest Fire Smoke Detection Using Back-Propagation Neural Network Based on MODIS Data
Includes: Lian, L.P.[Li Ping] Lian, L.P.[Li-Ping]

Lian, M.J.[Meng Jia] Co Author Listing * Circumferential Binary Feature Extraction and Matching Search Algorithms
Includes: Lian, M.J.[Meng Jia] Lian, M.J.[Meng-Jia]

Lian, N.X.[Nai Xiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Filtering for Color Filter Array Demosaicking
* Color Image Denoising Using Wavelets and Minimum Cut Analysis
* Edge-Preserving Image Denoising via Optimal Color Space Projection
* Efficient and Effective Color Filter Array Demosaicking Method, An
* Error Inhomogeneity of Wavelet Image Compression
* Groupwise morphometric analysis based on morphological appearance manifold
* Improved Color Filter Array Demosaicking by Accurate Luminance Estimation
* Retinal Vessel Detection using Self-Matched Filtering
* Reversing Demosaicking and Compression in Color Filter Array Image Processing: Performance Analysis and Modeling
* Reversing Demosaicking and Compression in Color Filter Array Images
Includes: Lian, N.X.[Nai Xiang] Lian, N.X.[Nai-Xiang] Lian, N.X.
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Lian, Q. Co Author Listing * Compressed sensing magnetic resonance imaging based on dictionary updating and block-matching and three-dimensional filtering regularisation
* Constructing Self-Motivated Pyramid Curriculums for Cross-Domain Semantic Segmentation: A Non-Adversarial Approach
* Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation Through Structure Enhancement
Includes: Lian, Q. Lian, Q.[Qing]

Lian, Q.S.[Qiu Sheng] Co Author Listing * iPiano-Net: Nonconvex optimization inspired multi-scale reconstruction network for compressed sensing
* Multi-scale Cross-path Concatenation Residual Network for Poisson denoising
Includes: Lian, Q.S.[Qiu Sheng] Lian, Q.S.[Qiu-Sheng]

Lian, S. Co Author Listing * Anchor Free Network for Multi-Scale Face Detection
* Attention guided U-Net for accurate iris segmentation
* Collusion-Traceable Secure Multimedia Distribution Based on Controllable Modulation
* Deep Learning Based Wearable Assistive System for Visually Impaired People
* Facial Pose Estimation by Deep Learning from Label Distributions
* Falls Prediction Based on Body Keypoints and Seq2Seq Architecture
* Feature Aggregation Network for Video Face Recognition
* Leveraging Virtual and Real Person for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Realistic Face-to-Face Conversation System Based on Deep Neural Networks, A
* Reliable JPEG steganalysis based on multi-directional correlations
* Small Obstacle Avoidance Based on RGB-D Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Lian, S. Lian, S.[Sheng] Lian, S.[Shiguo]
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Lian, S.B.[Ssu Bin] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Visibility Monitoring Using Digital Image Analysis Techniques
* Constraints on the Neighborhood Size in LLE
Includes: Lian, S.B.[Ssu Bin] Lian, S.B.[Ssu-Bin] Lian, S.B.[Shuai-Bin]

Lian, S.G.[Shi Guo] Co Author Listing * Commutative Encryption and Watermarking in Video Compression
* Desynchronization in Compression Process for Collusion Resilient Video Fingerprint
* Desynchronized image fingerprint for large scale distribution
* fast video encryption scheme based on chaos, A
* Multi-stream 3D video distribution over peer-to-peer networks
* Secure Distribution Scheme for Compressed Data Streams
* Secure video distribution scheme based on partial encryption
* Secure Video Multicast Based on Desynchronized Fingerprint and Partial Encryption
* TV Content Analysis: Techniques and Applications
Includes: Lian, S.G.[Shi Guo] Lian, S.G.[Shi-Guo]
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Lian, S.H.[Shiz Hong] Co Author Listing * Probability-based Statistical Method To Extract Water Body Of Tm Images With Missing Information, A
Includes: Lian, S.H.[Shiz Hong] Lian, S.H.[Shiz-Hong]

Lian, S.L.[Shi Liu] Co Author Listing * Removal of Baseline Wander from Dynamic Electrocardiogram Signals
Includes: Lian, S.L.[Shi Liu] Lian, S.L.[Shi-Liu]

Lian, S.W.[Shi Wei] Co Author Listing * Method of Mining Association Rules for Geographical Points of Interest, A
Includes: Lian, S.W.[Shi Wei] Lian, S.W.[Shi-Wei]

Lian, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Distribution-Oriented Aesthetics Assessment With Semantic-Aware Hybrid Network
* Hippocampus Segmentation Based on Iterative Local Linear Mapping With Representative and Local Structure-Preserved Feature Embedding
* NPP-VIIRS DNB Daily Data in Natural Disaster Assessment: Evidence from Selected Case Studies
* Soft Prototyping Camera Designs for Car Detection Based on a Convolutional Neural Network
* Stacked Omnistereo for virtual reality with six degrees of freedom
Includes: Lian, T.[Tao] Lian, T. Lian, T.[Ting]

Lian, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * concave optimization algorithm for matching partially overlapping point sets, A
* Efficient Globally Optimal Algorithm for Asymmetric Point Matching, An
* Low-rank path-following algorithm for 3D similarity registration
* Parallel Attentive Correlation Tracking
* Path-following Algorithm for Robust Point Matching, A
* Point Matching in the Presence of Outliers in Both Point Sets: A Concave Optimization Approach
* quadratic programming based cluster correspondence projection algorithm for fast point matching, A
* Robust Point Matching Revisited: A Concave Optimization Approach
* Rotation Invariant Non-rigid Shape Matching in Cluttered Scenes
* Rotation-Invariant Nonrigid Point Set Matching in Cluttered Scenes
* Visual tracking using spatio-temporally nonlocally regularized correlation filter
Includes: Lian, W.[Wei] Lian, W.
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Lian, W.J.[Wen Jie] Co Author Listing * Topology Preserving Gridding Method for Vector Features in Discrete Global Grid Systems, A
Includes: Lian, W.J.[Wen Jie] Lian, W.J.[Wen-Jie]

Lian, W.Q.[Wei Qi] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Verification of Airborne Large-Footprint Lidar Based on Terrain Features
Includes: Lian, W.Q.[Wei Qi] Lian, W.Q.[Wei-Qi]

Lian, X. Co Author Listing * Lossless Frame Memory Compression Using Pixel-Grain Prediction and Dynamic Order Entropy Coding
* Neural Architecture Search for Lightweight Non-Local Networks
* Parallel Content-Aware Adaptive Quantization-Oriented Lossy Frame Memory Recompression for HEVC
* Study on the Method for Cleaning and Repairing the Probe Vehicle Data, A

Lian, X.C.[Xiao Chen] Co Author Listing * Max-Margin Dictionary Learning for Multiclass Image Categorization
* Parsing Semantic Parts of Cars Using Graphical Models and Segment Appearance Consistency
* PASCAL Boundaries: A Semantic Boundary Dataset with a Deep Semantic Boundary Detector
* Pixel-grain prediction and K-order UEG-rice entropy coding oriented lossless frame memory compression for motion estimation in HEVC
* Probabilistic models for supervised dictionary learning
* Time and space efficient spectral clustering via column sampling
Includes: Lian, X.C.[Xiao Chen] Lian, X.C.[Xiao-Chen] Lian, X.C.[Xiao-Cong]

Lian, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Co Author Listing * Ecology-inspired Admission Control scheme in heterogeneous wireless Networks
Includes: Lian, X.P.[Xiao Ping] Lian, X.P.[Xiao-Ping]

Lian, X.T.[Xin Tao] Co Author Listing * VisDrone-DET2018: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
Includes: Lian, X.T.[Xin Tao] Lian, X.T.[Xin-Tao]

Lian, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Co Author Listing * Multi-receptive field graph convolutional neural networks for pedestrian detection
Includes: Lian, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Lian, X.Y.[Xin-Yu]

Lian, Y.[Yi] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Extracting Prior BRDF from MODIS BRDF Data
* Full RDO-Support Power-Aware CABAC Encoder With Efficient Context Access
* Novel Spatial and Temporal Context-Aware Approach for Drone-Based Video Object Detection, A
* Quantifying the Reflectance Anisotropy Effect on Albedo Retrieval from Remotely Sensed Observations Using Archetypal BRDFs
* Recognition of visual speech elements using adaptively boosted hidden Markov models
* Study of Coal Fire Propagation with Remotely Sensed Thermal Infrared Data, A
Includes: Lian, Y.[Yi] Lian, Y. Lian, Y.[Yong]

Lian, Y.C.[Yan Chao] Co Author Listing * Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* VisDrone-VID2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Video Challenge Results
Includes: Lian, Y.C.[Yan Chao] Lian, Y.C.[Yan-Chao]

Lian, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Co Author Listing * Development of identification of tire-road friction conditions
* Emotion information visualization through learning of 3D morphable face model
* Gain-scheduling control of dynamic lateral lane change for automated and connected vehicles based on the multipoint preview
Includes: Lian, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Lian, Y.F.[Yu-Feng] Lian, Y.F.[Yuan-Feng]

Lian, Y.J.[Yong Jian] Co Author Listing * Detecting and inferring repetitive elements with accurate locations and shapes from fašades
* Detecting repetitive elements with accurate locations and shapes from urban facade
Includes: Lian, Y.J.[Yong Jian] Lian, Y.J.[Yong-Jian]

Lian, Y.Q.[Yan Qing] Co Author Listing * Drought-Induced Reduction in Net Primary Productivity across Mainland China from 1982 to 2015
Includes: Lian, Y.Q.[Yan Qing] Lian, Y.Q.[Yan-Qing]

Lian, Z. Co Author Listing * Classification Assisted Segmentation Network for Human Parsing
* Common Framework for Interactive Texture Transfer, A
* comparison of methods for non-rigid 3D shape retrieval, A
* Contour-Seed Pairs Learning-Based Framework for Simultaneously Detecting and Segmenting Various Overlapping Cells/Nuclei in Microscopy Images
* Controllable Person Image Synthesis With Attribute-Decomposed GAN
* Locally Low-Rank Regularized Video Stabilization With Motion Diversity Constraints
* Shape Retrieval of Non-rigid 3D Human Models
* SHREC'09 Track: Generic Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'10 Track: Generic 3d Warehouse
* SHREC'10 Track: Large Scale Retrieval
* SHREC'10 Track: Non-Rigid 3d Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'10 Track: Robust Shape Retrieval
* SHREC'11 Track: Shape Retrieval On Non-Rigid 3d Watertight Meshes
Includes: Lian, Z. Lian, Z.[Zhouhui]
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Lian, Z.C.[Zhi Chao] Co Author Listing * efficient illumination normalization method in a transformed domain, An
* Local Line Derivative Pattern for face recognition
* novel adaptive kernel correlation filter tracker with multiple feature integration, A
* novel efficient local illumination compensation method based on DCT in logarithm domain, A
* Novel Face Recognition Approach under Illumination Variations Based on Local Binary Pattern, A
Includes: Lian, Z.C.[Zhi Chao] Lian, Z.C.[Zhi-Chao]

Lian, Z.F.[Zi Feng] Co Author Listing * Variable length dominant Gabor local binary pattern (VLD-GLBP) for face recognition
Includes: Lian, Z.F.[Zi Feng] Lian, Z.F.[Zi-Feng]

Lian, Z.H.[Zhou Hui] Co Author Listing * Awesome Typography: Statistics-Based Text Effects Transfer
* Boosting scene character recognition by learning canonical forms of glyphs
* CM-BOF: visual similarity-based 3D shape retrieval using Clock Matching and Bag-of-Features
* Content-independent font recognition on a single Chinese character using sparse representation
* Data-Driven Personalized Digital Ink for Chinese Characters, A
* Deepstroke: Understanding Glyph Structure with Semantic Segmentation and Tabu Search
* DynTypo: Example-Based Dynamic Text Effects Transfer
* Feature-Preserved 3D Canonical Form
* Feature-Preserved Canonical Form for Non-rigid 3D Meshes, A
* Font Recognition in Natural Images via Transfer Learning
* Image-driven unsupervised 3D model co-segmentation
* Incremental Kernel Null Space Discriminant Analysis for Novelty Detection
* new convexity measurement for 3D meshes, A
* Non-rigid 3D shape retrieval using Multidimensional Scaling and Bag-of-Features
* Non-rigid point set registration for Chinese characters using structure-guided coherent point drift
* Rectilinearity of 3D Meshes
* Structure-Aware Image Resizing for Chinese Characters
* Text Detection in Natural Images Using Localized Stroke Width Transform
* Text effects transfer via distribution-aware texture synthesis
Includes: Lian, Z.H.[Zhou Hui] Lian, Z.H.[Zhou-Hui]
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Lianfu, J.[Jin] Co Author Listing * Recognizing faces with expressions: Within-class space and between-class space

Liang, A.[Antoni] Co Author Listing * Accurate Facial Landmarks Detection for Frontal Faces with Extended Tree-Structured Models
* CO2 Profile Retrieving Method Based on Chebyshev Fitting for Ground-Based DIAL, A
* Comparison of Satellite-Observed XCO2 from GOSAT, OCO-2, and Ground-Based TCCON
* Face Recognition Despite Wearing Glasses
* Feasibility Study on Measuring Atmospheric CO2 in Urban Areas Using Spaceborne CO2-IPDA LIDAR
* Novel Landmark Detector System for Multi Resolution Frontal Faces, A
* On-line Wavelength Calibration Of Pulsed Laser For Co2 Differential Absorption Lidar
* Performance Evaluation for China's Planned CO2-IPDA
Includes: Liang, A.[Antoni] Liang, A. Liang, A.[Ailin]
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Liang, B.[Bin] Co Author Listing * 3D Motion Trail Model Based Pyramid Histograms of Oriented Gradient for Action Recognition
* Blind Image Deconvolution Using a Robust GCD Approach
* BRoPH: An efficient and compact binary descriptor for 3D point clouds
* Development of ground experiment system for space robot performing fine manipulation
* Discussion about the effect of digital plants library on the plants landscape restoration in Yuanmingyuan
* Face Retrieval in Video Sequences Using a Single Face Sample
* Focusing Improvement of Curved Trajectory Spaceborne SAR Based on Optimal LRWC Preprocessing and 2-D Singular Value Decomposition
* Improving Depth Image Acquisition Using Polarized Light
* Look More Than Once: An Accurate Detector for Text of Arbitrary Shapes
* LV contour tracking in MRI sequences based on the generalized fuzzy GVF
* Measurement Errors in Polarization Vision Systems
* Multi-modal Gesture Recognition Using Skeletal Joints and Motion Trail Model
* Multifrequency 3-D Inversion of GREATEM Data by BCGS-FFT-BIM
* Periodic Relations between Terrestrial Vegetation and Climate Factors across the Globe
* pose measurement method of a non-cooperative GEO spacecraft based on stereo vision, A
* Recent Advances of Deep Learning for Sign Language Recognition
* semi-physical simulation system for binocular vision guided rendezvous, A
* Spatio-temporal pyramid cuboid matching for action recognition using depth maps
* Specificity and Latent Correlation Learning for Action Recognition Using Synthetic Multi-View Data From Depth Maps
* Stochastic Airline Fleet Assignment With Risk Aversion
* Survey on Human Action Recognition Using Depth Sensors, A
* Three Dimensional Motion Trail Model for Gesture Recognition
* Two-Dimensional Blind Deconvolution Using a Robust GCD Approach
* Two-Step Accuracy Improvement of Motion Compensation for Airborne SAR With Ultrahigh Resolution and Wide Swath
* Unsupervised Sequential Outlier Detection With Deep Architectures
* Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning for Bone Age Classification
Includes: Liang, B.[Bin] Liang, B. Liang, B.[Bing] Liang, B.[Borong] Liang, B.[Boyi]
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Liang, B.D.[Bo Dong] Co Author Listing * Stereo Matching by Interpolation
* Viewpoint Determination of Image by Interpolation over Sparse Samples
Includes: Liang, B.D.[Bo Dong] Liang, B.D.[Bo-Dong]

Liang, B.J.[Bo Jian] Co Author Listing * method of visual metrology from uncalibrated images, A
* Mobile Robot Visual Navigation Using Multiple Features
* Monocular obstacle detection using reciprocal-polar rectification
* Plane Segmentation from Two Views in Reciprocal-Polar Image Space
* Uncalibrated two-view metrology
* Viewpoint independent matching of planar curves in 3D space
Includes: Liang, B.J.[Bo Jian] Liang, B.J.[Bo-Jian] Liang, B.J.

Liang, B.Q.[Bing Qing] Co Author Listing * Urban Surface Biophysical Descriptors and Land Surface Temperature Variations
Includes: Liang, B.Q.[Bing Qing] Liang, B.Q.[Bing-Qing]

Liang, B.X.[Bin Xiu] Co Author Listing * Dense Semantic Labeling with Atrous Spatial Pyramid Pooling and Decoder for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
Includes: Liang, B.X.[Bin Xiu] Liang, B.X.[Bin-Xiu]

Liang, B.Y.[Bing Yang] Co Author Listing * 3-D Full-Wave Inversion of Helicopter Transient Electromagnetic Data in Frequency Domain
* Accurate Near-Field Millimeter-Wave Imaging of Concave Objects: A Case Study of Dihedral Structures Under Monostatic Array Configurations
* New Inversion Method Based on Distorted Born Iterative Method for Grounded Electrical Source Airborne Transient Electromagnetics, A
Includes: Liang, B.Y.[Bing Yang] Liang, B.Y.[Bing-Yang] Liang, B.Y.[Bing-Yuan]

Liang, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * 1D Camera Geometry and Its Application to Circular Motion Estimation
* 1D Camera Geometry and Its Application to the Self-Calibration of Circular Motion Sequences
* 3D Deep Attention Network for Survival Prediction from Magnetic Resonance Images in Glioblastoma
* 3D Human Action Recognition Using a Single Depth Feature and Locality-Constrained Affine Subspace Coding
* 3D reconstruction using silhouettes from unordered viewpoints
* Adaptive Estimating Centroid Method for Measurement of Human Eye Aberration, An
* Auto-Calibration and Motion Recovery from Silhouettes for Turntable Sequences
* Automated Test Approach Based on All Paths Covered Optimal Algorithm and Sequence Priority Selected Algorithm
* Beyond local image features: Scene calssification using supervised semantic representation
* Beyond visual word ambiguity: Weighted local feature encoding with governing region
* Camera Compensation Using a Feature Projection Matrix for Person Reidentification
* Camera Network Based Person Re-identification by Leveraging Spatial-Temporal Constraint and Multiple Cameras Relations
* Complex 3D Shape Recovery Using a Dual-Space Approach
* Coupled-View Based Ranking Optimization for Person Re-identification
* dHCPS: decentralized hierarchically clustered p2p video streaming
* Equidistance constrained metric learning for person re-identification
* Estimating Azimuth Offset With Double-Difference Interferometric Phase: The Effect of Azimuth FM Rate Error in Focusing
* Extracting Surface Representations from Rim Curves
* Faster Seam Carving for Video Retargeting
* Generating video animation from single still image in social media based on intelligent computing
* Grading Tai Chi Performance in Competition with RGBD Sensors
* Hand gesture recognition using view projection from point cloud
* Hygroscopicity of Different Types of Aerosol Particles: Case Studies Using Multi-Instrument Data in Megacity Beijing, China
* Identity-Aware Face Super-Resolution for Low-Resolution Face Recognition
* Image Class Prediction by Joint Object, Context, and Background Modeling
* Image classification by non-negative sparse coding, correlation constrained low-rank and sparse decomposition
* Image classification using spatial pyramid robust sparse coding
* Improving Action Recognition Using Collaborative Representation of Local Depth Map Feature
* InSAR Time Series Analysis of L-Band Wide-Swath SAR Data Acquired by ALOS-2
* Interferometric Processing of ScanSAR Data Using Stripmap Processor: New Insights From Coregistration
* Interferometry With ALOS-2 Full-Aperture ScanSAR Data
* Ionospheric Correction of InSAR Time Series Analysis of C-band Sentinel-1 TOPS Data
* Laplacian affine sparse coding with tilt and orientation consistency for image classification
* Local sparse appearance model with specific structural information in infrared pedestrian tracking
* Manifold Projection for Adversarial Defense on Face Recognition
* Measuring Azimuth Deformation With L-Band ALOS-2 ScanSAR Interferometry
* Motion energy guided multi-scale heterogeneous features for 3D action recognition
* Moving Object Classification Using a Combination of Static Appearance Features and Spatial and Temporal Entropy Values of Optical Flows
* Multi-Correlation Filters With Triangle-Structure Constraints for Object Tracking
* Multi-scale FCN with Cascaded Instance Aware Segmentation for Arbitrary Oriented Word Spotting in the Wild
* Multi-scale Triplet Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Person Re-identification, A
* Multi-Similarity Re-Ranking for Person Re-Identification
* Novel Chroma Sampling Methods for CFA Video Compression in AVC, HEVC and VVC
* Object Detection in Low-Resolution Image via Sparse Representation
* One-shot Face Recognition with Feature Rectification via Adversarial Learning
* Pedestrian detection from salient regions
* Person Re-identification Using Data-Driven Metric Adaptation
* Person Reidentification via Discrepancy Matrix and Matrix Metric
* Person Reidentification via Ranking Aggregation of Similarity Pulling and Dissimilarity Pushing
* Public Security Video and Image Analysis Challenge: A Retrospective
* RBM-LBP: Joint Distribution of Multiple Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification
* Real- Time Video Denoising on Mobile Phones
* Reflection and Rotation Invariant Uniform Patterns for Texture Classification
* Research on an Urban Building Area Extraction Method with High-Resolution PolSAR Imaging Based on Adaptive Neighborhood Selection Neighborhoods for Preserving Embedding
* Robust Recovery of Shapes with Unknown Topology from the Dual Space
* Robust tracking via saliency-based appearance model
* Roughness Classification with Aggregated Discrete Fourier Transform
* S3D: Scalable Pedestrian Detection via Score Scale Surface Discrimination
* Script-to-Movie: A Computational Framework for Story Movie Composition
* Sparsity-Based Occlusion Handling Method for Person Re-identification
* Spatial Constrained Fine-Grained Color Name for Person Re-identification
* Steadiface: Real-Time Face-Centric Stabilization On Mobile Phones
* TVParser: An automatic TV video parsing method
* Undoing the codebook bias by linear transformation with sparsity and F-norm constraints for image classification
* Zero-Shot Person Re-identification via Cross-View Consistency
Includes: Liang, C.[Chen] Liang, C. Liang, C.[Chun] Liang, C.[Ci] Liang, C.[Chao] Liang, C.[Chaoyun] Liang, C.[Chenbin]
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Liang, C.C. Co Author Listing * 3-D Model-Data Correspondence and Nonrigid Deformation
* Iterative Edge Linking Algorithm with Noise Removal Capability, An
* Multiresolution 3D facial model compression
* Optimal Polyline Tracking for Artery Motion Compensation in Coronary Angiography
* System for monitoring eyes for detecting sleep behavior
Includes: Liang, C.C. Liang, C.C.[Cheng-Chung]

Liang, C.H.[Chia Hsin] Co Author Listing * Spatial Filtering with Multi-scale Segmentation Based on Gaussian Function
Includes: Liang, C.H.[Chia Hsin] Liang, C.H.[Chia-Hsin]

Liang, C.J.[Chu Jin] Co Author Listing * Modulation Effect of Mesoscale Eddies on Sequential Typhoon-Induced Oceanic Responses in the South China Sea
Includes: Liang, C.J.[Chu Jin] Liang, C.J.[Chu-Jin]

Liang, C.K. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Compensation of Rolling Shutter Effect
* Content-Aware Display Adaptation and Interactive Editing for Stereoscopic Images
* Efficient message reduction algorithm for stereo matching using belief propagation
* Hardware-Efficient Belief Propagation
* Hardware-efficient belief propagation
* Image Enhancement for Backlight-Scaled TFT-LCD Displays
* Image Quality Enhancement for Low Backlight TFT-LCD Displays
* Improved VIIRS Day/Night Band Imagery With Near-Constant Contrast
* Integration of Digital Stabilizer With Video Codec for Digital Video Cameras
* JND-based enhancement of perceptibility for dim images
* Light Field Acquisition using Programmable Aperture Camera
* Light Field Analysis for Modeling Image Formation
* Single Image Realism Assessment and Recoloring by Color Compatibility
Includes: Liang, C.K. Liang, C.K.[Chia-Kai]
13 for Liang, C.K.

Liang, C.R.[Chuang Run] Co Author Listing * Generative Low-Bitwidth Data Free Quantization
* On the Phase Compensation of Short ScanSAR Burst Focused by Long Matched Filter for Interferometric Processing
Includes: Liang, C.R.[Chuang Run] Liang, C.R.[Chuang-Run] Liang, C.R.[Cun-Ren]

Liang, C.Y.[Che Yuan] Co Author Listing * Musical Onset Detection Using Constrained Linear Reconstruction
* novel semi-blind-and-semi-reversible robust watermarking scheme for 3D polygonal models, A
Includes: Liang, C.Y.[Che Yuan] Liang, C.Y.[Che-Yuan] Liang, C.Y.[Chan-Yu]

Liang, C.Z.[Chuan Zhuang] Co Author Listing * Greening and Wetting of the Sahel Have Leveled off since about 1999 in Relation to SST, The
Includes: Liang, C.Z.[Chuan Zhuang] Liang, C.Z.[Chuan-Zhuang]

Liang, D. Co Author Listing * 3D Spatially Weighted Network for Segmentation of Brain Tissue From MRI, A
* Adaptive Dictionary Learning in Sparse Gradient Domain for Image Recovery
* Adaptive image decomposition via dictionary learning with stuctural incoherence
* Adaptive local spatial modeling for online change detection under abrupt dynamic background
* Adaptive Ranking Mutation Operator Based Differential Evolution for Constrained Optimization
* Advanced Phase Synchronization Scheme for LT-1, An
* Augmented Lagrangian-Based Sparse Representation Method with Dictionary Updating for Image Deblurring
* Co-occurrence Background Model with Hypothesis on Degradation Modification for Object Detection in Strong Background Changes, A
* Co-occurrence probability-based pixel pairs background model for robust object detection in dynamic scenes
* Co-occurrence-based adaptive background model for robust object detection
* Comment on 'Measurement of Ionospheric TEC in Spaceborne SAR Data'
* Context-Anchors for Hybrid Resolution Face Detection
* Contextual and Multitemporal Active-Fire Detection Algorithm Based on FengYun-2G S-VISSR Data, A
* Cross-domain action recognition via collective matrix factorization with graph Laplacian regularization
* Dedicated 36-Channel Receive Array for Fetal MRI at 3T, A
* Deep convolutional BiLSTM fusion network for facial expression recognition
* Deep Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction: Inverse Problems Meet Neural Networks
* Dual-Attention Dilated Residual Network for Liver Lesion Classification and Localization on CT Images, A
* Dynamic Recursive Neural Network
* Estimation of oil thickness and aging from hyperspectral signature
* Evaluation of the Consistency of MODIS Land Cover Product (MCD12Q1) Based on Chinese 30 m GlobeLand30 Datasets: A Case Study in Anhui Province, China
* facial expression recognition system based on supervised locally linear embedding, A
* Feature Comparison and Optimization for 30-M Winter Wheat Mapping Based on Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Data Using Random Forest Algorithm
* Field-of-Experts Filters Guided Tensor Completion
* First Demonstration of Multipath Effects on Phase Synchronization Scheme for LT-1
* Foreground Detection With Simultaneous Dictionary Learning and Historical Pixel Maintenance
* FOTS: Fast Oriented Text Spotting with a Unified Network
* GcsDecolor: Gradient Correlation Similarity for Efficient Contrast Preserving Decolorization
* Grayscale-Thermal Tracking via Inverse Sparse Representation-Based Collaborative Encoding
* Grid pattern based residential area detection from Hyperion data
* Highly Undersampled Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Using Two-Level Bregman Method With Dictionary Updating
* Integrated Skeleton Extraction and Pruning Method for Spatial Recognition of Maize Seedlings in MGV and UAV Remote Images, An
* Kernel-Based Low-Rank (KLR) Model for Low-Dimensional Manifold Recovery in Highly Accelerated Dynamic MRI, A
* KerNL: Kernel-Based Nonlinear Approach to Parallel MRI Reconstruction
* Knowledge Distillation via Route Constrained Optimization
* Laplacian spectral method for stereo correspondence, A
* Learning Joint-Sparse Codes for Calibration-Free Parallel MR Imaging
* Local image descriptor based on spectral embedding
* Modeling Active Microwave Remote Sensing of Snow Using Dense Media Radiative Transfer (DMRT) Theory With Multiple-Scattering Effects
* Motion Tracking of the Carotid Artery Wall From Ultrasound Image Sequences: a Nonlinear State-Space Approach
* MR Image Reconstruction with Convolutional Characteristic Constraint (CoCCo)
* Multi-bit quantisation for similarity-preserving hashing
* Multi-bit quantization based on neighboring structure preservation
* Multi-Channel and Multi-Model-Based Autoencoding Prior for Grayscale Image Restoration
* Multi-Stream Scale-Insensitive Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Liver Tumor Detection in Dynamic Ct Images
* Novel Approach to Doppler Centroid and Channel Errors Estimation in Azimuth Multi-Channel SAR, A
* Novel observation model for probabilistic object tracking
* Online Knowledge Distillation via Collaborative Learning
* PolarMask: Single Shot Instance Segmentation With Polar Representation
* R3 Adversarial Network for Cross Model Face Recognition
* Recognition of Wheat Spike from Field Based Phenotype Platform Using Multi-Sensor Fusion and Improved Maximum Entropy Segmentation Algorithms
* Relevance feedback based on non-negative matrix factorisation for image retrieval
* Reprocessed Suomi NPP Satellite Observations, The
* Rich Convolutional Features Fusion for Crowd Counting
* Robust multi-feature visual tracking via multi-task kernel-based sparse learning
* Robust pedestrian detection in thermal infrared imagery using a shape distribution histogram feature and modified sparse representation classification
* Robust visual tracking via multi-view discriminant based sparse representation
* Robust visual tracking via nonlocal regularized multi-view sparse representation
* Rotation Consistent Margin Loss for Efficient Low-Bit Face Recognition
* SGTD: Structure Gradient and Texture Decorrelating Regularization for Image Decomposition
* Shape Representation and Clustering Based on Laplacian Spectrum
* Tensor RPCA by Bayesian CP Factorization with Complex Noise
* Texture-Distortion-Constrained Joint Source-Channel Coding of Multi-View Video Plus Depth-Based 3D Video
* Traffic-Sign Detection and Classification in the Wild
* Unsupervised Teacher-Student Model for Large-Scale Video Retrieval
* Using Neural Network to Identify the Severity of Wheat Fusarium Head Blight in the Field Environment
Includes: Liang, D. Liang, D.[Dong] Liang, D.[Dandan] Liang, D.[Ding] Liang, D.[Daan] Liang, D.[Dawei] Liang, D.[Don]
66 for Liang, D.

Liang, D.C.[Da Chuan] Co Author Listing * Saliency detection using adaptive background template
Includes: Liang, D.C.[Da Chuan] Liang, D.C.[Da-Chuan]

Liang, D.J.[Dao Jun] Co Author Listing * Multi-sample inference network
Includes: Liang, D.J.[Dao Jun] Liang, D.J.[Dao-Jun]

Liang, D.L. Co Author Listing * Popular biorthogonal wavelet filters via a lifting scheme and its application in image compression

Liang, D.N.[Dian Nong] Co Author Listing * new method based on the BP neural network to improve the accuracy of inversion of the vegetation height, A
Includes: Liang, D.N.[Dian Nong] Liang, D.N.[Dian-Nong]

Liang, D.P.[De Peng] Co Author Listing * Facial age estimation by using stacked feature composition and selection
Includes: Liang, D.P.[De Peng] Liang, D.P.[De-Peng]

Liang, D.Q.[De Qun] Co Author Listing * hybrid parallel projection approach to object-based image restoration, A
* Joint Segmentation and Recognition of License Plate Characters
* Joint trajectory tracking and recognition based on bi-directional nonlinear learning
* New Video Compression Algorithm for Very Low Bandwidth Using Curve Fitting Method, A
* Probabilistic Contour Extraction Using Hierarchical Shape Representation
Includes: Liang, D.Q.[De Qun] Liang, D.Q.[De-Qun]

Liang, D.S.[Da Sheng] Co Author Listing * Research on Expression Method of GDP Data Based on GRID
Includes: Liang, D.S.[Da Sheng] Liang, D.S.[Da-Sheng]

Liang, D.W.[Da Wei] Co Author Listing * DRM: dynamic region matching for image retrieval using probabilistic fuzzy matching and boosting feature selection
* Extracting 3D information from broadcast soccer video
* Mean-Shift Blob Tracking with Adaptive Feature Selection and Scale Adaptation
* Object tracking using incremental 2D-LDA learning and Bayes inference
* Self-calibration Based 3D Information Extraction and Application in Broadcast Soccer Video
Includes: Liang, D.W.[Da Wei] Liang, D.W.[Da-Wei]

Liang, D.X.[Dong Xue] Co Author Listing * Deformable strokes towards temporally coherent video painting
Includes: Liang, D.X.[Dong Xue] Liang, D.X.[Dong-Xue]

Liang, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Location-based image retrieval for urban environments
* Visual Navigation System for Automonous Land Vehicles, A
Includes: Liang, E.[Eric] Liang, E.

Liang, E.H. Co Author Listing * Efficient Method for Obtaining Morphological Skeletons, An
* Hierarchical Algorithms for Morphological Image Processing

Liang, F.[Fuxun] Co Author Listing * 3D local feature BKD to extract road information from mobile laser scanning point clouds
* Accurate Method to Distinguish Between Stationary Human and Dog Targets Under Through-Wall Condition Using UWB Radar, An
* Automatic Extraction of High-Voltage Power Transmission Objects from UAV Lidar Point Clouds
* Automatic registration of large-scale urban scene point clouds based on semantic feature points
* Computing multiple aggregation levels and contextual features for road facilities recognition using mobile laser scanning data
* Cooperative Hybrid Digital-Analog Video Transmission in D2D Networks
* End-to-End Blind Image Quality Prediction With Cascaded Deep Neural Network
* Feature based inter prediction optimization for non-translational video coding in cloud
* Fully Quantized Network for Object Detection
* Heterogeneous feature machines for visual recognition
* Hierarchical Gaussianization for image classification
* Hierarchical registration of unordered TLS point clouds based on binary shape context descriptor
* Hybrid Digital-Analog Video Delivery With Shannon-Kotel'nikov Mapping
* Improved Detection of Human Respiration Using Data Fusion Based on a Multistatic UWB Radar
* Improved hybrid layered image compression using deep learning and traditional codecs
* Iterative Global Similarity Points: A Robust Coarse-to-Fine Integration Solution for Pairwise 3D Point Cloud Registration
* Joint Bayesian-Incorporating Estimation of Multiple Gaussian Graphical Models to Study Brain Connectivity Development in Adolescence
* Learning Locally-Adaptive Decision Functions for Person Verification
* light-weight HEVC encoder for image coding, A
* MHHT-Based Method for Analysis of Micro-Doppler Signatures for Human Finer-Grained Activity Using Through-Wall SFCW Radar
* Mining Evolution Patterns from Complex Trajectory Structures: A Case Study of Mesoscale Eddies in the South China Sea
* Novel Prescreening Method for Land-Mine Detection in UWB SAR Based on Feature Point Matching, A
* novel skyline context descriptor for rapid localization of terrestrial laser scans to airborne laser scanning point clouds, A
* Pedestrian detection based on sparse coding and transfer learning
* Quantitative Association between Nighttime Lights and Geo-Tagged Human Activity Dynamics during Typhoon Mangkhut
* Scene-aware perceptual video coding
* SIMGAN: Photo-Realistic Semantic Image Manipulation Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Superimposed Modulation for Soft Video Delivery With Hidden Resources
* Texture-based Fast Cu Size Decision and Intra Mode Decision Algorithm for Vvc
* Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data For Features Extraction Of High Accuracy Driving Maps
Includes: Liang, F.[Fuxun] Liang, F.[Fulai] Liang, F.[Fei] Liang, F. Liang, F.[Feng] Liang, F.[Fuyuan] Liang, F.[Feidie] Liang, F.[Fan]
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Liang, F.F.[Fang Fang] Co Author Listing * CoCNN: RGB-D deep fusion for stereoscopic salient object detection
Includes: Liang, F.F.[Fang Fang] Liang, F.F.[Fang-Fang]

Liang, F.M.[Fa Ming] Co Author Listing * Dynamic agglomerative clustering of gene expression profiles
Includes: Liang, F.M.[Fa Ming] Liang, F.M.[Fa-Ming]

Liang, F.X.[Fu Xun] Co Author Listing * novel binary shape context for 3D local surface description, A
* Registration of large-scale terrestrial laser scanner point clouds: A review and benchmark
Includes: Liang, F.X.[Fu Xun] Liang, F.X.[Fu-Xun]

Liang, F.Y.[Fu Yuan] Co Author Listing * Clustering Complex Trajectories Based on Topologic Similarity and Spatial Proximity: A Case Study of the Mesoscale Ocean Eddies in the South China Sea
Includes: Liang, F.Y.[Fu Yuan] Liang, F.Y.[Fu-Yuan]

Liang, G. Co Author Listing * Cross-View Person Identification Based on Confidence-Weighted Human Pose Matching
* Efficient Sub-Regional Multiple-Source Detection Based on Subspace Matrix Filtering
* Expectation-Maximization Algorithm With Local Adaptivity
* General Framework for Unmet Demand Prediction in On-Demand Transport Services, A
* Multi-Spectral Fusion Based Approach for Arbitrarily Oriented Scene Text Detection in Video Images
* new wavelet-Laplacian method for arbitrarily-oriented character segmentation in video text lines, A
* Pedestrian detection via a leg-driven physiology framework
* Shape-Based Statistical Inversion Method for EIT/URT Dual-Modality Imaging, A
* Video Compression by Mean-Corrected Motion Compensation of Partial Quadtrees
* Volumetric Topological Analysis: A Novel Approach for Trabecular Bone Classification on the Continuum Between Plates and Rods
Includes: Liang, G. Liang, G.[Gang] Liang, G.[Guozhu]
10 for Liang, G.

Liang, G.L.[Guo Long] Co Author Listing * new method of target recognition based on Rough Set and Support Vector Machine, A
* Underwater Passive Location Technology Using Dummy Time-Reversal Mirror
Includes: Liang, G.L.[Guo Long] Liang, G.L.[Guo-Long]

Liang, G.M.[Gang Ming] Co Author Listing * New colour morphological operators on hypergraph
Includes: Liang, G.M.[Gang Ming] Liang, G.M.[Gang-Ming]

Liang, G.Q.[Guo Qiang] Co Author Listing * Human pose estimation based on human limbs
* Limb-Based Graphical Model for Human Pose Estimation, A
Includes: Liang, G.Q.[Guo Qiang] Liang, G.Q.[Guo-Qiang]

Liang, G.S.[Guang Sheng] Co Author Listing * Scalable Prototype Learning Using GPUs
Includes: Liang, G.S.[Guang Sheng] Liang, G.S.[Guang-Sheng]

Liang, G.Y.[Guo Yuan] Co Author Listing * Affine correspondence based head pose estimation for a sequence of images by using a 3D model
* Novel Visual Detecting and Positioning Method for Screw Holes, A
* Real-time running detection system for UAV imagery based on optical flow and deep convolutional networks
Includes: Liang, G.Y.[Guo Yuan] Liang, G.Y.[Guo-Yuan]

Liang, H.[Hui] Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Efficient and Robust Hand Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images
* Content-Aware Enhancement of Images With Filamentous Structures
* Content-aware neuron image enhancement
* Coupled Dictionary Learning for the Detail-Enhanced Synthesis of 3-D Facial Expressions
* Edge-based texture granularity detection
* Effects of ACC and CACC vehicles on traffic flow based on an improved variable time headway spacing strategy
* Efficient Online Spatio-Temporal Filtering for Video Event Detection
* Estimating The Spatial Resolution of Overhead Imagery Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Evaluation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Rice Growth Monitoring
* Fingertips Detection and Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Discrete Curve Evolution with a Kinect Sensor
* Fractional Snow-Cover Mapping Based on MODIS and UAV Data over the Tibetan Plateau
* generic denoising framework via guided principal component analysis, A
* Glasses-free 3D display with glasses-assisted quality: Key innovations for smart directional backlight autostereoscopy
* Green Energy and Content-Aware Data Transmissions in Maritime Wireless Communication Networks
* Hand gesture-based interactive puppetry system to assist storytelling for children
* Hough Forest With Optimized Leaves for Global Hand Pose Estimation With Arbitrary Postures
* Looking Into Saliency Model via Space-Time Visualization
* Minimizing Height Effects in MTInSAR for Deformation Detection Over Built Areas
* Model-based hand pose estimation via spatial-temporal hand parsing and 3D fingertip localization
* Modeling In-Use Steel Stock in China's Buildings and Civil Engineering Infrastructure Using Time-Series of DMSP/OLS Nighttime Lights
* Nonparametric Estimation of DEM Error in Multitemporal InSAR
* novel local derivative quantized binary pattern for object recognition, A
* novel multi-image super-resolution reconstruction method using anisotropic fractional order adaptive norm, A
* Object recognition using rotation invariant local binary pattern of significant bit planes
* Object-Based Change Detection in Urban Areas from High Spatial Resolution Images Based on Multiple Features and Ensemble Learning
* Opinion dynamics in networks with bounded confidence and influence
* Parsing the Hand in Depth Images
* Pattern of Spatial Distribution and Temporal Variation of Atmospheric Pollutants during 2013 in Shenzhen, China
* Quantifying Changes of Villages in the Urbanizing Beijing Metropolitan Region: Integrating Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis
* Random Forest with Suppressed Leaves for Hough Voting
* Real-Time 3D Hand Pose Estimation with 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
* Remote spectral imaging with simultaneous extraction of 3D topography for historical wall paintings
* Resolving Ambiguous Hand Pose Predictions by Exploiting Part Correlations
* Robust 3D Hand Pose Estimation From Single Depth Images Using Multi-View CNNs
* Robust 3D Hand Pose Estimation in Single Depth Images: From Single-View CNN to Multi-View CNNs
* Structure-Based Intensity Propagation for 3-D Brain Reconstruction With Multilayer Section Microscopy
* Toward Mitigating Stratified Tropospheric Delays in Multitemporal InSAR: A Quadtree Aided Joint Model
* Tracking Snow Variations in the Northern Hemisphere Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data (2000-2015)
* Video Coding Scheme Based on Joint Spatiotemporal and Adaptive Prediction, A
* Wideband Sonar Signal Design for Moving Target Parameter Estimation
Includes: Liang, H.[Hui] Liang, H. Liang, H.[Huan] Liang, H.[Haoyi] Liang, H.[Hanwei] Liang, H.[Hu] Liang, H.[Hao] Liang, H.[Haili] Liang, H.[Hong] Liang, H.[Hanmei] Liang, H.[Haida]
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Liang, H.B.[Hong Bao] Co Author Listing * Deformation Response of Seismogenic Faults to the Wenchuan MS 8.0 Earthquake: A Case Study for the Southern Segment of the Longmenshan Fault Zone
* GPS-Derived Fault Coupling of the Longmenshan Fault Associated with the 2008 Mw Wenchuan 7.9 Earthquake and Its Tectonic Implications
Includes: Liang, H.B.[Hong Bao] Liang, H.B.[Hong-Bao]

Liang, H.D.[Hua Dong] Co Author Listing * Protein functional annotation refinement based on graph regularized l1-norm PCA
Includes: Liang, H.D.[Hua Dong] Liang, H.D.[Hua-Dong]

Liang, H.G.[Hua Gang] Co Author Listing * Deep convolutional BiLSTM fusion network for facial expression recognition
Includes: Liang, H.G.[Hua Gang] Liang, H.G.[Hua-Gang]

Liang, H.H.[Hai Hua] Co Author Listing * Huffman-code based retrieval for encrypted JPEG images
Includes: Liang, H.H.[Hai Hua] Liang, H.H.[Hai-Hua]

Liang, H.L.[Hua Lou] Co Author Listing * blind source separation-based method for multiple images encryption, A
Includes: Liang, H.L.[Hua Lou] Liang, H.L.[Hua-Lou]

Liang, H.M.[He Ming] Co Author Listing * Dynamic 3D Simulation of Flood Risk Based on the Integration of Spatio-Temporal GIS and Hydrodynamic Models
* Hyperspectral Imagery Classification Using Sparse Representations of Convolutional Neural Network Features
* New Insights in Regional Climate Change: Coupled Land Albedo Change Estimation in Greenland from 1981 to 2017
Includes: Liang, H.M.[He Ming] Liang, H.M.[He-Ming]

Liang, H.N. Co Author Listing * Study on Preparation and Characterization of Magnetic Paper with Bleached Chemical Pulp
* Visualization Principles for Facilitating Strategy Development Process in the Organization
Includes: Liang, H.N. Liang, H.N.[Hai-Ning]

Liang, H.Q.[Hai Qin] Co Author Listing * Optimal control problem of multi-vehicle cooperative autonomous parking trajectory planning in a connected vehicle environment
Includes: Liang, H.Q.[Hai Qin] Liang, H.Q.[Hai-Qin]

Liang, H.X.[Hai Xia] Co Author Listing * Half-Quadratic Algorithm for lp-lq Problems with Applications to TV-l1 Image Restoration and Compressive Sensing
Includes: Liang, H.X.[Hai Xia] Liang, H.X.[Hai-Xia]

Liang, H.Y.[Hao Yi] Co Author Listing * Blind quality assessment of multiply-distorted images based on structural degradation
* Comparison-Based Image Quality Assessment for Selecting Image Restoration Parameters
* Denoising method selection by comparison-based image quality assessment
* Investigation of Slow-Moving Artificial Slope Failure with Multi-Temporal InSAR by Combining Persistent and Distributed Scatterers: A Case Study in Northern Taiwan
* Investigation of Slow-Moving Landslides from ALOS/PALSAR Images with TCPInSAR: A Case Study of Oso, USA
* Several key problems in model-based image sequence compression by using interframe AUs correlation
* Spatio-Temporal Variation in AOD and Correlation Analysis with PAR and NPP in China from 2001 to 2017
* Using Neural Network to Identify the Severity of Wheat Fusarium Head Blight in the Field Environment
Includes: Liang, H.Y.[Hao Yi] Liang, H.Y.[Hao-Yi] Liang, H.Y.[Hong-Yu] Liang, H.Y.[Hui-Ying] Liang, H.Y.[Hong-Yi]
8 for Liang, H.Y.

Liang, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * 3D local derivative pattern for hyperspectral face recognition
* 3D Plant Modelling via Hyperspectral Imaging
* 3D Reconstruction from Hyperspectral Images
* Adaptation Approaches in Unsupervised Learning: A Survey of the State-of-the-Art and Future Directions
* Adaptive runlength coding
* Adaptive system on a chip (ASOC): a backbone for power-aware signal processing cores
* Additive Adversarial Learning for Unbiased Authentication
* Advancing the Mapping of Mangrove Forests at National-Scale Using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time-Series Data with Google Earth Engine: A Case Study in China
* Aggregating Randomized Clustering-Promoting Invariant Projections for Domain Adaptation
* Analysis, Understanding and Representation of Chinese Newspaper with Complex Layout
* Approximate message passing-based compressed sensing reconstruction with generalized elastic net prior
* Attention-Aware Polarity Sensitive Embedding for Affective Image Retrieval
* Auroral Sequence Representation and Classification Using Hidden Markov Models
* Automated Motion Correction for In Vivo Optical Projection Tomography
* Automated Polyp Detection in Colonoscopy Videos Using Shape and Context Information
* Automating Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Video Interpretation with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Camera-based analysis of text and documents: a survey
* Camera-Based Document Image Mosaicing
* Car detection and classification using cascade model
* Cardiac Motion Estimation from Tagged MRI Using 3D-HARP and NURBS Volumetric Model
* CIST: An Improved ISAR Imaging Method Using Convolution Neural Network
* Clinical Skin Lesion Diagnosis Using Representations Inspired by Dermatologist Criteria
* Clustering ensemble selection for categorical data based on internal validity indices
* Color-Sensitivity-Based Combined PSNR for Objective Video Quality Assessment
* Comparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video Colonoscopy: Results From the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge
* Complete large margin linear discriminant analysis using mathematical programming approach
* Compression Artifact Removal with Stacked Multi-Context Channel-Wise Attention Network
* Consistent Partition and Labelling of Text Blocks
* Continuous rotation invariant local descriptors for texton dictionary-based texture classification
* Convolutional neural network-based depth image artifact removal
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Image Analysis: Full Training or Fine Tuning?
* Convolutional Recurrent Network for Road Boundary Extraction
* DAGMapper: Learning to Map by Discovering Lane Topology
* DCSN-Cast: Deep compressed sensing network for wireless video multicast
* Deep Spatial Feature Reconstruction for Partial Person Re-identification: Alignment-free Approach
* Delay-Cognizant Interactive Streaming of Multiview Video With Free Viewpoint Synthesis
* Depth-Bin-Based Graphical Model for Fast View Synthesis Distortion Estimation, A
* Depth-resolved and auto-focus imaging through scattering layer with wavelength compensation
* Directional Lapped Transforms for Image Coding
* Distant Supervised Centroid Shift: A Simple and Efficient Approach to Visual Domain Adaptation
* Distortion Estimation-Based Adaptive Power Allocation for Hybrid Digital-Analog Video Transmission
* Distributed Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation in Sensor Networks
* Document Layout Structure Extraction Using Bounding Boxes of Different Entities
* Driver and Passenger Identification From Smartphone Data
* Dynamic Match Kernel With Deep Convolutional Features for Image Retrieval
* dynamical neighborhood selection based on the sampling density and manifold curvature for isometric data embedding, The
* EAST: An Efficient and Accurate Scene Text Detector
* edge detection with automatic scale selection approach to improve coherent visual attention model, An
* efficient accelerator for attribute reduction from incomplete data in rough set framework, An
* Encoder-Driven Inpainting Strategy in Multiview Video Compression
* End-to-End Deep Structured Models for Drawing Crosswalks
* End-to-end distortion estimation for H.264 with unconstrained intra prediction
* Error Resilient Pre/Post-Filtering for DCT-Based Block Coding Systems
* Estimating Daily Inundation Probability Using Remote Sensing, Riverine Flood, and Storm Surge Models: A Case of Hurricane Harvey
* Exploring uncertainty in pseudo-label guided unsupervised domain adaptation
* Factorial HMM and Parallel HMM for Gait Recognition
* Fair P2P Scalable Video Streaming Scheme Using Improved Priority Index Assignment and Multi-hierarchical Topology, A
* Far-field super-oscillation imaging based on the super-oscillation elements and PSF feature extraction algorithm
* Fast density clustering strategies based on the k-means algorithm
* Fast synthesized and predicted just noticeable distortion maps for perceptual multiview video coding
* Fast transmission distortion estimation and adaptive error protection for H.264/AVC-based embedded video conferencing systems
* Filter Model Based on Hidden Generalized Mixture Transition Distribution Model for Intrusion Detection System in Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks, A
* Fine-Tuning Convolutional Neural Networks for Biomedical Image Analysis: Actively and Incrementally
* Fingerprint classification by a hierarchical classifier
* Fingerprint Singular Point Detection Based on Multiple-Scale Orientation Entropy
* Flattening Curved Documents in Images
* Frame structure optimization for interactive multiview video streaming with bounded network delay
* Further results on DCT-based linear phase paraunitary filter banks
* Garden of Forking Paths: Towards Multi-Future Trajectory Prediction, The
* Geometric Rectification of Camera-Captured Document Images
* Geometric understanding of point clouds using Laplace-Beltrami operator
* Graph-Based Transform for 2D Piecewise Smooth Signals With Random Discontinuity Locations
* Hybrid phase-amplitude superoscillation element for nonscanning optical superresolution imaging
* Image Fusion Using Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition
* Image registration model and algorithm for multi-focus images
* Image-Coding Using Translation Invariant Wavelet Transforms with Symmetrical Extensions
* Impact of Cluster Representatives on the Convergence of the K-Modes Type Clustering, The
* Impacts of AOD Correction and Spatial Scale on the Correlation between High-Resolution AOD from Gaofen-1 Satellite and In Situ PM2.5 Measurements in Shenzhen City, China
* Improved hybrid layered image compression using deep learning and traditional codecs
* improved rate-distortion model for multiview video coding, An
* Improving Adversarial Robustness via Guided Complement Entropy
* Joint Acne Image Grading and Counting via Label Distribution Learning
* Joint Source-Channel Coding of JPEG 2000 Image Transmission Over Two-Way Multi-Relay Networks
* JPEG XR optimization with graph-based soft decision quantization
* Just noticeable distortion map prediction for perceptual multiview video coding
* key binding system based on n-nearest minutiae structure of fingerprint, A
* Learning Fixed Points in Generative Adversarial Networks: From Image-to-Image Translation to Disease Detection and Localization
* Learning-Based Cloth Material Recovery from Video
* Light field all-in-focus image fusion based on spatially-guided angular information
* Local Energy Pattern for Texture Classification Using Self-Adaptive Quantization Thresholds
* Local Semantic-Aware Deep Hashing With Hamming-Isometric Quantization
* Logical Labeling of Document Images Using Layout Graph Matching with Adaptive Learning
* Long-Term Land Subsidence Monitoring of Beijing (China) Using the Small Baseline Subset (SBA
* Low complexity M-channel multiple description coding with two-rate predictive coding and staggered quantization
* M-Channel Multiple Description Coding With Two-Rate Coding and Staggered Quantization
* Material based salient object detection from hyperspectral images
* Methodology for Special Symbol Recognitions, A
* Minutia handedness: A novel global feature for minutiae-based fingerprint matching
* Mosaicing of camera-captured document images
* Multi-resolution compressed sensing reconstruction via approximate message passing
* Multi-Weights Intra Prediction with Double Reference Lines
* Multiple Description Coding With Prediction Compensation
* Multiple Description Coding With Randomly and Uniformly Offset Quantizers
* Multiple Description Image Coding with Prediction Compensation
* Multiple-Feature Reuse Network to Extract Buildings from Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* New Framework of Vehicle Collision Prediction by Combining SVM and HMM, A
* New label propagation algorithm with pairwise constraints
* New Power-Line Extraction Method Based on Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Data, A
* new shape prior model with rotation invariance, A
* Noncausal directional intra prediction: Theoretical analysis and simulation
* Nonlinear Discrete Cross-Modal Hashing for Visual-Textual Data
* novel ant colony optimization algorithm for large-distorted fingerprint matching, A
* novel attribute weighting algorithm for clustering high-dimensional categorical data, A
* Novel perspective invariant feature transform for RGB-D images, A
* On Destination Prediction Based on Markov Bridging Distributions
* On Mugshot-based Arbitrary View Face Recognition
* On the Critical Point of Gradient Vector Flow Snake
* On the Sampling Strategy for Evaluation of Spectral-Spatial Methods in Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Optimal Block Boundary Pre/Postfiltering for Wavelet-Based Image and Video Compression
* Optimizing frame structure with real-time computation for interactive multiview video streaming
* Over-sampled and under-sampled Pre/post-filters for block DCT coders
* Page classification through logical labelling
* Phase Retrieval via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* Pixel-Level View Synthesis Distortion Estimation for 3D Video Coding
* PolyTransform: Deep Polygon Transformer for Instance Segmentation
* Power and sub-channel optimization of JPEG 2000 image transmission over OFDM-based cognitive radio networks
* Processing Camera-Captured Document Images: Geometric Rectification, Mosaicing, and Layout Structure Recognition
* Programmable DSP platform for digital still cameras
* Progress in camera-based document image analysis
* QoE-Driven Cross-Layer Optimization for Wireless Dynamic Adaptive Streaming of Scalable Videos Over HTTP
* QoE-driven optimization for cloud-assisted DASH-based scalable interactive multiview video streaming over wireless network
* Rate-complexity tradeoff for client-side free viewpoint image rendering
* Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Images Based on Estimation of Spinning Target Parameters in Radar Network
* Rectification-Based View Interpolation and Extrapolation for Multiview Video Coding
* Recursive projection twin support vector machine via within-class variance minimization
* Retrieval of Fine-Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) in Semiarid Urban Areas Using Landsat Data: A Case Study in Urumqi, NW China
* Robust tensor factorization using maximum correntropy criterion
* Saliency Analysis and Gaussian Mixture Model-Based Detail Extraction Algorithm for Hyperspectral Pansharpening
* Salient object detection in hyperspectral imagery
* Scale invariant texture representation based on frequency decomposition and gradient orientation
* Scanning Imaging Restoration of Moving or Dynamically Deforming Objects
* Semisupervised Online Multikernel Similarity Learning for Image Retrieval
* Sense-Through-Foliage target detection using UWB radar sensor networks
* Shape-Aware Human Pose and Shape Reconstruction Using Multi-View Images
* Sharp feature extraction in point clouds
* Simultaneous color-depth super-resolution with conditional generative adversarial networks
* Simultaneous Subspace Clustering and Cluster Number Estimating Based on Triplet Relationship
* Spectrally Constrained Unimodular Sequence Design Without Spectral Level Mask
* Steady-State Mean-Square Error Analysis for Adaptive Filtering under the Maximum Correntropy Criterion
* Stereo matching-based definition of saliency via sample-based Kullback-Leibler divergence estimation
* Sub-GAN: An Unsupervised Generative Model via Subspaces
* Subspace Clustering via Good Neighbors
* Tensor morphological profile for hyperspectral image classification
* Testing the performance of CIECAM02 model using two distinct glossinesses of color printing atlas
* three-layer algorithm for M-channel multiple description image coding, A
* TorontoCity: Seeing the World with a Million Eyes
* two-dimensional translation invariant wavelet representation and its applications, A
* Undersampled Boundary Pre-/Postfilters for Low Bit-Rate DCT-Based Block Coders
* UNet++: Redesigning Skip Connections to Exploit Multiscale Features in Image Segmentation
* United Snakes
* UW-ISL Document Image Analysis Toolbox: An Experimental Environment
* Vector Collection Method Based on LiDAR Point Cloud Data, A
* View Synthesis Distortion Estimation With a Graphical Model and Recursive Calculation of Probability Distribution
* Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation for Joint Key Local Structure Localization and Classification of Aurora Image
* Weighted Graph Embedding-Based Metric Learning for Kinship Verification
* Wiener Filter-Based Error Resilient Time-Domain Lapped Transform
* Windows Media Video 9: Overview and Applications
* X-GACMN: An X-Shaped Generative Adversarial Cross-Modal Network with Hypersphere Embedding
* Zone Classification Using Texture Features
Includes: Liang, J.[Jie] Liang, J.[Jiye] Liang, J.[Jian] Liang, J. Liang, J.[Jimin] Liang, J.[Jun] Liang, J.[Jia] Liang, J.[Jiadian] Liang, J.[Justin] Liang, J.[Jinbo] Liang, J.[Jiayu] Liang, J.[Jiayong] Liang, J.[Jingtian] Liang, J.[Jing]
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Liang, J.B.[Jun Bang] Co Author Listing * Hyper-Lapse From Multiple Spatially-Overlapping Videos
Includes: Liang, J.B.[Jun Bang] Liang, J.B.[Jun-Bang]

Liang, J.D.[Jia Dian] Co Author Listing * HQ-ISNet: High-Quality Instance Segmentation for Remote Sensing Imagery
Includes: Liang, J.D.[Jia Dian] Liang, J.D.[Jia-Dian]

Liang, J.F.[Jian Feng] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Patterns and Morphological Characteristics of Ulva prolifera Distribution in the Yellow Sea, China in 2016-2018
Includes: Liang, J.F.[Jian Feng] Liang, J.F.[Jian-Feng]

Liang, J.J.[Jian Juan] Co Author Listing * Character-Position-Free On-Line Handwritten Japanese Text Recognition by Two Segmentation Methods
* Implementation of velocity optimisation strategy based on preview road information to trade off transport time and fuel consumption for hybrid mining trucks
* new approach to classification of brainwaves, A
* Retrieval of Internal Solitary Wave Amplitude in Shallow Water by Tandem Spaceborne SAR
Includes: Liang, J.J.[Jian Juan] Liang, J.J.[Jian-Juan] Liang, J.J.[Jie-Junyi] Liang, J.J.[Joseph J.] Liang, J.J.[Jian-Jun]

Liang, J.L.[Jing Lian] Co Author Listing * Affective interaction recognition using spatio-temporal features and context
* Multiple instance learning based on positive instance selection and bag structure construction
* Robust Ellipse Fitting Based on Sparse Combination of Data Points
* Robust Ellipse Fitting via Half-Quadratic and Semidefinite Relaxation Optimization
* Secure Relay and Jammer Selection for Physical Layer Security
Includes: Liang, J.L.[Jing Lian] Liang, J.L.[Jing-Lian] Liang, J.L.[Jun-Li]

Liang, J.M.[Jia Ming] Co Author Listing * Accelerating information entropy-based feature selection using rough set theory with classified nested equivalence classes
* Accurate polyp segmentation for 3D CT colongraphy using multi-staged probabilistic binary learning and compositional model
* Analyzing the Influence of Urban Street Greening and Street Buildings on Summertime Air Pollution Based on Street View Image Data
* Applications and impacts of Google Earth: A decadal review (2006-2016)
* Automated Detection of Major Thoracic Structures with a Novel Online Learning Method
* Automatic Sky View Factor Estimation from Street View Photographs: A Big Data Approach
* Factorial Hidden Markov Models for Gait Recognition
* Frame difference energy image for gait recognition with incomplete silhouettes
* Gait recognition based on improved dynamic Bayesian networks
* Generating Orthorectified Multi-Perspective 2.5D Maps to Facilitate Web GIS-Based Visualization and Exploitation of Massive 3D City Models
* Heterogeneous Distributed Virtual Geographic Environment: Potential Application in Spatiotemporal Behavior Experiments, A
* Introduction to the Special Issue: State-of-the-Art Virtual/Augmented Reality and 3D Modeling Techniques for Virtual Urban Geographic Experiments
* Logistic dynamic texture model for human activity and gait recognition
* Multiple Instance Learning of Pulmonary Embolism Detection with Geodesic Distance along Vascular Structure
* Novel Hybrid Segmentation Method for Medical Images Based on Level Set, A
* novel online boosting algorithm for automatic anatomy detection, A
* Simultaneous Detection and Registration for Ileo-Cecal Valve Detection in 3D CT Colonography
* Solar3D: An Open-Source Tool for Estimating Solar Radiation in Urban Environments
* Sparse Voxel Octree-Based Framework for Computing Solar Radiation Using 3D City Models, A
Includes: Liang, J.M.[Jia Ming] Liang, J.M.[Jia-Ming] Liang, J.M.[Jian-Ming] Liang, J.M.[Ji-Min]
19 for Liang, J.M.

Liang, J.N.[Jian Ning] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection Based on Run Covering
* Image matching based on orientation-magnitude histograms and global consistency
* Invariant optimal feature selection: A distance discriminant and feature ranking based solution
Includes: Liang, J.N.[Jian Ning] Liang, J.N.[Jian-Ning]

Liang, J.Q.[Jian Qing] Co Author Listing * Efficient multi-modal geometric mean metric learning
Includes: Liang, J.Q.[Jian Qing] Liang, J.Q.[Jian-Qing]

Liang, J.R.[Ji Ren] Co Author Listing * Iris Recognition Using Fourier-Wavelet Features
Includes: Liang, J.R.[Ji Ren] Liang, J.R.[Ji-Ren]

Liang, J.S.[Ji Sheng] Co Author Listing * email: Liang, J.S.[Ji Sheng]: jliang AT insightful com
* Optimization Methodology for Document Structure Extraction on Latin Character Documents, An
* Performance Evaluation of Document Structure Extraction Algorithms
Includes: Liang, J.S.[Ji Sheng] Liang, J.S.[Ji-Sheng]

Liang, J.W.[Jing Wei] Co Author Listing * Activity Identification and Local Linear Convergence of Douglas-Rachford/ADMM under Partial Smoothness
* Argus: Efficient Activity Detection System for Extended Video Analysis
* Focal Visual-Text Attention for Memex Question Answering
* Focal Visual-Text Attention for Visual Question Answering
* Minding the Gaps in a Video Action Analysis Pipeline
* On the convergence rates of proximal splitting algorithms
* Peeking Into the Future: Predicting Future Person Activities and Locations in Videos
* Retinex by Higher Order Total Variation L1 Decomposition
Includes: Liang, J.W.[Jing Wei] Liang, J.W.[Jing-Wei] Liang, J.W.[Jun-Wei]
8 for Liang, J.W.

Liang, J.X.[Jin Xiu] Co Author Listing * Advancing Image Understanding in Poor Visibility Environments: A Collective Benchmark Study
* Barzilai-Borwein-based adaptive learning rate for deep learning
* Evaluation of local feature descriptors and their combination for pedestrian representation
* Fast Pedestrian Detection with Laser and Image Data Fusion
* Pedestrian Detection in Video Images via Error Correcting Output Code Classification of Manifold Subclasses
* Updated version of an interim connection space LabPQR for spectral color reproduction: LabLab
Includes: Liang, J.X.[Jin Xiu] Liang, J.X.[Jin-Xiu] Liang, J.X.[Ji-Xiang] Liang, J.X.[Jing-Xing]

Liang, J.Y.[Jia Yong] Co Author Listing * Automatic Registration of Multisensor Images Using an Integrated Spatial and Mutual Information (SMI) Metric
* local thresholding approach to flood water delineation using Sentinel-1 SAR imagery, A
* Non-uniform image blind deblurring by two-stage fully convolution network
* Visualization Simulation Of Remote-sensing Satellite System, The
* Watching photons on the fly
Includes: Liang, J.Y.[Jia Yong] Liang, J.Y.[Jia-Yong] Liang, J.Y.[Ji-Yun] Liang, J.Y.[Jing-Yong] Liang, J.Y.[Jin-Yang]

Liang, J.Z.[Jiu Zhen] Co Author Listing * Background modeling using Local Binary Patterns Of Motion Vector
* Defect inspection research on fabric based on template correction and primitive decomposition
* Different lighting processing and feature extraction methods for efficient face recognition
* efficient face classification method based on shared and class-specific dictionary learning, An
* Fast Object Detecting-Tracking Method in Compressed Domain, A
* Guest Editorial Low-Dose CT: What Has Been Done, and What Challenges Remain?
* Introduction to the Special Section on Virtual Endoscopy
* Learning arbitrary-shape object detector from bounding-box annotation by searching region-graph
* Supervised bilateral two-dimensional locality preserving projection algorithm based on Gabor wavelet
* Weighted similarity and distance metric learning for unconstrained face verification with 3D frontalisation
Includes: Liang, J.Z.[Jiu Zhen] Liang, J.Z.[Jiu-Zhen] Liang, J.Z.
10 for Liang, J.Z.

Liang, J.Z.R.[Jerome Zheng Rong] Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial: Medical Imaging Informatics: An Information Processing From Image Formation To Visualization
Includes: Liang, J.Z.R.[Jerome Zheng Rong] Liang, J.Z.R.[Jerome Zheng-Rong]

Liang, K Y. Co Author Listing * Development of a Cooperative Heavy-Duty Vehicle for the GCDC 2011: Team Scoop, The
Includes: Liang, K Y. Liang, K-Y.

Liang, K.[Kang] Co Author Listing * Application of Landsat Imagery to Investigate Lake Area Variations and Relict Gull Habitat in Hongjian Lake, Ordos Plateau, China
* Changes in Lake Area in Response to Climatic Forcing in the Endorheic Hongjian Lake Basin, China
* Local spatial correlation-based stripe non-uniformity correction algorithm for single infrared images
* Multi layer multi objective extreme learning machine
* Quantifying Streamflow Variations in Ungauged Lake Basins by Integrating Remote Sensing and Water Balance Modelling: A Case Study of the Erdos Larus relictus National Nature Reserve, China
Includes: Liang, K.[Kang] Liang, K.[Kun] Liang, K.

Liang, K.C. Co Author Listing * Embedded Wavelet Coder with Multistage Vector Quantization
* Progressive Image Indexing and Retrieval Based on Embedded Wavelet Coding
* WaveGuide: A Joint Wavelet-Based Image Representation and Description System

Liang, K.H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Scale Fixing for Multiscale Texture Segmentation
* Bounded Diffusion for Multiscale Edge Detection Using Regularized Cubic B-Spline Fitting
* Roof Edge-Detection Using Regularized Cubic B-Spline Fitting
Includes: Liang, K.H. Liang, K.H.[Kung-Hao]

Liang, K.M. Co Author Listing * Comparison between adaptive search and bit allocation algorithms for image compression using vector quantization
* Detecting Pornographic Images
* Free Form Shape Representation Using NURBS Modeling
* real time aggressive human behaviour detection system in cage environment across multiple cameras, A
* Representation Learning with Smooth Autoencoder
* Unified Multiplicative Framework for Attribute Learning, A
* Unifying Visual Attribute Learning with Object Recognition in a Multiplicative Framework
Includes: Liang, K.M. Liang, K.M.[Kim Meng] Liang, K.M.[Kong-Ming]
7 for Liang, K.M.

Liang, K.W.[Kai Wen] Co Author Listing * Intra mode prediction for H.266/FVC video coding based on convolutional neural network
Includes: Liang, K.W.[Kai Wen] Liang, K.W.[Kai-Wen]

Liang, K.Y. Co Author Listing * Distributed Framework for Coordinated Heavy-Duty Vehicle Platooning, A
* Heavy-Duty Vehicle Platoon Formation for Fuel Efficiency

Liang, L.[Lin] Co Author Listing * AAM based face tracking with temporal matching and face segmentation
* Accuracy Evaluation and Consistency Analysis of Four Global Land Cover Products in the Arctic Region
* Accurate Face Alignment using Shape Constrained Markov Network
* Adaptive Label Propagation for Facial Appearance Transfer
* Adaptive Landweber method to deblur images
* Analyzing Gully Planform Changes in GIS Based on Multi-level Topological Relations
* Automatic detection of subcellular particles in fluorescence microscopy via feature clustering and bayesian analysis
* Automatic Radiofrequency Ablation Planning for Liver Tumors With Multiple Constraints Based on Set Covering
* Beyond Comparing Image Pairs: Setwise Active Learning for Relative Attributes
* Bibliometric Analysis of Remote Sensing Research Trend in Crop Growth Monitoring: A Case Study in China
* Boosted translation-tolerable classifiers for fast object detection
* Compressive Sensing for Multibaseline Polarimetric SAR Tomography of Forested Areas
* Cross Comparison of Spatiotemporally Enhanced Springtime Phenological Measurements From Satellites and Ground in a Northern U.S. Mixed Forest, A
* DCT coefficients generation model for film grain noise and its application in super-resolution
* Deep-Learning-Based Wireless Resource Allocation With Application to Vehicular Networks
* Detail-recovery Image Deraining via Context Aggregation Networks
* Dual-Tree Cosine-Modulated Filter Bank With Linear-Phase Individual Filters: An Alternative Shift-Invariant and Directional-Selective Transform
* Edge-Aware Label Propagation for Mobile Facial Enhancement on the Cloud
* Estimation of leaf area index using an angular vegetation index based on in situ measurements and Chris/proba data
* Estimation of Leaf Nitrogen Content in Wheat Using New Hyperspectral Indices and a Random Forest Regression Algorithm
* Evaluation and Comparison of Long-Term MODIS C5.1 and C6 Products against AERONET Observations over China
* Face Alignment Via Component-Based Discriminative Search
* Fast object detection using boosted co-occurrence histograms of oriented gradients
* FaultNet3D: Predicting Fault Probabilities, Strikes, and Dips With a Single Convolutional Neural Network
* Geographic and Climatic Attributions of Autumn Land Surface Phenology Spatial Patterns in the Temperate Deciduous Broadleaf Forest of China
* ImagePairs: Realistic Super Resolution Dataset via Beam Splitter Camera Rig
* Integrated Model for Accurate Shape Alignment, An
* L1 regularized projection pursuit for additive model learning
* Land Use Simulation of Guangzhou Based on Nighttime Light Data and Planning Policies
* Mapping Mountain Pine Beetle Mortality through Growth Trend Analysis of Time-Series Landsat Data
* migration of training samples towards dynamic global land cover mapping, The
* Monitoring Annual Urban Changes in a Rapidly Growing Portion of Northwest Arkansas with a 20-Year Landsat Record
* Multiscale Sampling Based Texture Image Classification
* no-reference perceptual blur metric using histogram of gradient profile sharpness, A
* Nonuniform Directional Filter Banks With Arbitrary Frequency Partitioning
* Novel Multiple Hypothesis Based Particle Tracking Method for Clathrin Mediated Endocytosis Analysis Using Fluorescence Microscopy, A
* Post-Earthquake Night-Time Light Piecewise (PNLP) Pattern Based on NPP/VIIRS Night-Time Light Data: A Case Study of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake
* R2-ResNeXt: A ResNeXt-Based Regression Model with Relative Ranking for Facial Beauty Prediction
* Real-time 3D face tracking based on active appearance model constrained by depth data
* Region-aware scattering convolution networks for facial beauty prediction
* Research on Vision-Based Service Robot Oriented Facial Expression Recognition
* Retrain-free fully connected layer optimization using matrix factorization
* Robust Variational Bayesian Point Set Registration
* Scale and Orientation Aware EPI-Patch Learning for Light Field Depth Estimation
* Scribble-a-Secret: Similarity-based password authentication using sketches
* SCUT-FBP5500: A Diverse Benchmark Dataset for Multi-Paradigm Facial Beauty Prediction
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Ice Sheet Snowmelt in Antarctica and Greenland Using Microwave Radiometer Data
* Spectral error correcting output codes for efficient multiclass recognition
* SPICE-Based SAR Tomography over Forest Areas Using a Small Number of P-Band Airborne F-SAR Images Characterized by Non-Uniformly Distributed Baselines
* Strip Features for Fast Object Detection
* Team Formation Mapping and Sequential Ball Motion State Based Event Recognition for Automatic Data Volley
* Unequal Error Protection Techniques Based on Wyner-Ziv Coding
* Urban Area Tomography Using a Sparse Representation Based Two-Dimensional Spectral Analysis Technique
Includes: Liang, L.[Lin] Liang, L.[Li] Liang, L. Liang, L.[Lei] Liang, L.[Liang] Liang, L.[Lucy] Liang, L.[Luhong] Liang, L.[Lili] Liang, L.[Long] Liang, L.[Lu]
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Liang, L.C.[Li Chen] Co Author Listing * Extraction of 3d microtubules axes from cellular electron tomography images
Includes: Liang, L.C.[Li Chen] Liang, L.C.[Li-Chen]

Liang, L.F.[Ling Fei] Co Author Listing * Hybrid of extended locality-constrained linear coding and manifold ranking for salient object detection
* Image Denoise Using Auto-Adapted Empirical Mode Decomposition Algorithm
* Salient object detection in complex scenes via D-S evidence theory based region classification
* Structural difference histogram representation for texture image classification
* Vehicle logo recognition based on Bag-of-Words
Includes: Liang, L.F.[Ling Fei] Liang, L.F.[Ling-Fei] Liang, L.F.[Long-Fei]

Liang, L.G.[Li Gang] Co Author Listing * Mapping of Urban Surface Water Bodies from Sentinel-2 MSI Imagery at 10 m Resolution via NDWI-Based Image Sharpening
Includes: Liang, L.G.[Li Gang] Liang, L.G.[Li-Gang]

Liang, L.H.[Lu Hong] Co Author Listing * audio-visual speaker identification using coupled hidden Markov models, A
* Bayesian Approach to Audio-Visual Speaker Identification, A
* Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Audio-Visual Speech Recognition
* Fast car detection using image strip features
* Fast intra mode selection for stereo video coding using epipolar constraint
* Improved shot boundary detection method based on text edges
* No-reference perceptual image quality metric using gradient profiles for JPEG2000
* Sample Pre-mapping Method Enhancing Boosting for Object Detection, A
* Study on the Background Parameter Quantization Method of Remote Sensing Data Processing
* unified framework for locating and recognizing human actions, A
Includes: Liang, L.H.[Lu Hong] Liang, L.H.[Lu-Hong] Liang, L.H.[Liu-Hong] Liang, L.H.[Li-Heng]
10 for Liang, L.H.

Liang, L.L.[Lin Lin] Co Author Listing * new SVM-based relevance feedback image retrieval using probabilistic feature and weighted kernel function, A
Includes: Liang, L.L.[Lin Lin] Liang, L.L.[Lin-Lin]

Liang, L.M.[Lu Ming] Co Author Listing * 3D Pose Tracking With Multitemplate Warping and SIFT Correspondences
* Image Interpolation by Blending Kernels
* Spin Contour
Includes: Liang, L.M.[Lu Ming] Liang, L.M.[Lu-Ming]

Liang, L.S. Co Author Listing * Multisource Data Fusion for Landslide Classification Using Generalized Positive Boolean Functions
* Uncertainties in CERES Top-of-Atmosphere Fluxes Caused by Changes in Accompanying Imager
Includes: Liang, L.S. Liang, L.S.[Lu-Sheng]

Liang, L.W. Co Author Listing * Robust Object Segmentation System Using a Probability-Based Background Extraction Algorithm, A

Liang, L.X.[Li Xin] Co Author Listing * Gesture recognition for human-machine interaction in table tennis video based on deep semantic understanding
Includes: Liang, L.X.[Li Xin] Liang, L.X.[Li-Xin]

Liang, L.Y.[Ling Yu] Co Author Listing * Facial Skin Beautification Using Adaptive Region-Aware Masks
* Gesture recognition based on depth difference distribution
* SCUT-HCCDoc: A new benchmark dataset of handwritten Chinese text in unconstrained camera-captured documents
* Similar handwritten Chinese character recognition by kernel discriminative locality alignment
* Similar Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using Discriminative Locality Alignment Manifold Learning
Includes: Liang, L.Y.[Ling Yu] Liang, L.Y.[Ling-Yu] Liang, L.Y.[Lin-Yan]

Liang, M.[Meng] Co Author Listing * Advances on Medical Imaging and Computing
* Boosting deep attribute learning via support vector regression for fast moving crowd counting
* Counting and Classification of Highway Vehicles by Regression Analysis
* Deep Continuous Fusion for Multi-sensor 3D Object Detection
* Defense Against Adversarial Attacks Using High-Level Representation Guided Denoiser
* Feature Selection in Supervised Saliency Prediction
* Identifying Simple Shapes to Classify the Big Picture
* Learning Joint 2D-3D Representations for Depth Completion
* Multi-Mode Two-Step Floating Catchment Area (2SFCA) Method to Measure the Potential Spatial Accessibility of Healthcare Services
* Multi-Task Multi-Sensor Fusion for 3D Object Detection
* New Restoration Scheme for Defocus Blurred Image using Multiscale-Decomposition, A
* Object Classification in Traffic Scene Surveillance Based on Online Semi-supervised Active Learning
* Orientation and analysis of XFEL serial diffraction patterns from fibrous molecular assemblies
* Physically Realizable Adversarial Examples for LiDAR Object Detection
* PnPNet: End-to-End Perception and Prediction With Tracking in the Loop
* Predicting Eye Fixations With Higher-Level Visual Features
* Recurrent convolutional neural network for object recognition
* Reverse Hierarchy Model for Predicting Eye Fixations, A
* Semi-supervised learning in traffic scene surveillance based on label-propagation
* Simultaneous Recognition and Modeling for Learning 3-D Object Models From Everyday Scenes
* Super-resolution reconstruction based on multisource bidirectional similarity and non-local similarity matching
* Using diagonals of orthogonal projection matrices for affine invariant contour matching
Includes: Liang, M.[Meng] Liang, M.[Meiyu] Liang, M.[Mingpei] Liang, M.[Ming] Liang, M. Liang, M.[Megan] Liang, M.[Min]
22 for Liang, M.

Liang, M.C. Co Author Listing * Design Methodology for Highly Reliable Character Recognition Systems, A

Liang, M.J.[Ming Jie] Co Author Listing * Local Consistent Alignment for 3D modeling with an RGB-D camera
Includes: Liang, M.J.[Ming Jie] Liang, M.J.[Ming-Jie]

Liang, M.M.[Miao Miao] Co Author Listing * Deep Fully Convolutional Network-Based Spatial Distribution Prediction for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Fully Dense Multiscale Fusion Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Multipath Residual Network for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Superpixel-Based Relational Auto-Encoder for Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Images, A
Includes: Liang, M.M.[Miao Miao] Liang, M.M.[Miao-Miao]

Liang, M.Q.[Min Qun] Co Author Listing * Motion coding of image primitives
Includes: Liang, M.Q.[Min Qun] Liang, M.Q.[Min-Qun]

Liang, M.X.[Meng Xia] Co Author Listing * Fast binary image set operations on a run-based representation
Includes: Liang, M.X.[Meng Xia] Liang, M.X.[Meng-Xia]

Liang, M.Y.[Meng Yu] Co Author Listing * Regionalization of Coarse Scale Soil Moisture Products Using Fine-Scale Vegetation Indices: Prospects and Case Study
Includes: Liang, M.Y.[Meng Yu] Liang, M.Y.[Meng-Yu]

Liang, N. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Long-Term Tracking With Prediction-Detection-Correction
* Using a New Search Strategy to Improve the Performance of N-FINDR Algorithm for End-Member Determination
Includes: Liang, N. Liang, N.[Nan]

Liang, N.X.[Ning Xin] Co Author Listing * Real-time hand posture recognition using hand geometric features and Fisher Vector
Includes: Liang, N.X.[Ning Xin] Liang, N.X.[Ning-Xin]

Liang, P.[Ping] Co Author Listing * email: Liang, P.[Ping]: liang AT ucrengr ucr edu
* 3D Shape and Motion Analysis from Image Blur and Smear: A Unified Approach
* Adaptive Objectness for Object Tracking
* Computational Geometric Methods in Volumetric Intersection for 3D Reconstruction
* Cross-Modality Learning Approach for Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images, A
* Digital Soil Mapping over Large Areas with Invalid Environmental Covariate Data
* Efficient geometric algorithms for parsing in two dimensions
* From Manual to Intelligent: A Review of Input Data Preparation Methods for Geographic Modeling
* general framework for robot hand-eye coordination, A
* Learning Non-Generative Grammatical Models for Document Analysis
* Linking People in Videos with Their Names Using Coreference Resolution
* Local Scale Controlled Anisotropic Diffusion with Local Noise Estimate for Image Smoothing and Edge Detection
* Method for Broadband Full-Duplex MIMO Radio, A
* Multiscale Self-Adaptive Attention Network for Remote Sensing Scene Classification, A
* New Method for Computing Intrinsic Surface Properties, A
* New Transform For Curve Detection, A
* Online Active Extreme Learning Machine With Discrepancy Sampling for PolSAR Classification
* Orientation-Based Differential Geometric Representations for Computer Vision Applications
* Orientation-based Unique Representation for Planar Curves and Shapes
* Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Stacked Denoising Autoencoder
* Representation and Recognition of Surface Shapes in Range Images: A Differential Geometry Approach
* Robust image fusion with block sparse representation and online dictionary learning
* Segmented Local Offset Method for Imbalanced Data Classification Using Quasi-Linear Support Vector Machine, A
* Statistical Analysis of H.264/AVC FME Mode Reduction, A
* Three Dimensional Shape Reconstruction from Image by Minimum Energy Principle
* Video Event Understanding Using Natural Language Descriptions
Includes: Liang, P.[Ping] Liang, P. Liang, P.[Peng] Liang, P.[Percy] Liang, P.[Pujiang] Liang, P.[Pan]
26 for Liang, P.

Liang, P.P.[Peng Peng] Co Author Listing * Blur-Resilient Tracking Using Group Sparsity
* Encoding color information for visual tracking: Algorithms and benchmark
* Robust multi-atlas label propagation by deep sparse representation
* Social-IQ: A Question Answering Benchmark for Artificial Social Intelligence
Includes: Liang, P.P.[Peng Peng] Liang, P.P.[Peng-Peng] Liang, P.P.[Pei-Peng] Liang, P.P.[Paul Pu]

Liang, Q.[Qi] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Dalk Glacier in East Antarctica Derived from Multisource Satellite Observations Since 2000
* Isointensity directional smoothing for edge-preserving noise reduction
* Model Predictive Control for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Platooning Using Slope Information
* MODIS-Based Novel Method to Distinguish Surface Cyanobacterial Scums and Aquatic Macrophytes in Lake Taihu, A
* multiscale dynamic programming procedure for boundary detection in ultrasonic artery images, A
* Sense-Through-Foliage target detection using UWB radar sensor networks
* Vision-Based Positioning for Internet-of-Vehicles
Includes: Liang, Q.[Qi] Liang, Q.[Quan] Liang, Q. Liang, Q.[Qichun] Liang, Q.[Qilian]
7 for Liang, Q.

Liang, Q.H.[Qiu Hua] Co Author Listing * Effective Identification of Terrain Positions from Gridded DEM Data Using Multimodal Classification Integration
* Object segmentation in multiple views without camera calibration
Includes: Liang, Q.H.[Qiu Hua] Liang, Q.H.[Qiu-Hua] Liang, Q.H.[Qing-Hua]

Liang, Q.L.[Qi Lian] Co Author Listing * Automatic target recognition using waveform diversity in radar sensor networks
Includes: Liang, Q.L.[Qi Lian] Liang, Q.L.[Qi-Lian]

Liang, Q.S.[Qian Sheng] Co Author Listing * Experimental Epicardial Potential Mapping in Mouse Ventricles: Effects of Fiber Architecture
* Experimental Measures of the Minimum Time Derivative of the Extracellular Potentials as an Index of Electrical Activity During Metabolic and Hypoxic Stress
Includes: Liang, Q.S.[Qian Sheng] Liang, Q.S.[Qian-Sheng]

Liang, Q.X.[Qing Xiao] Co Author Listing * Regression-Based Three-Dimensional Pose Estimation for Texture-Less Objects
Includes: Liang, Q.X.[Qing Xiao] Liang, Q.X.[Qing-Xiao]

Liang, R.[Ruiyu] Co Author Listing * Attention-Based Dense LSTM for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Coupled Dictionary Learning for the Detail-Enhanced Synthesis of 3-D Facial Expressions
* Looking Into Saliency Model via Space-Time Visualization
* Multi-task learning for captioning images with novel words
* Novel Bimodal Emotion Database from Physiological Signals and Facial Expression, A
* Real-Time Generic Object Tracking via Recurrent Regression Network
* Real-Time Object Tracking on a Drone With Multi-Inertial Sensing Data
* Salient Feature Extraction Algorithm for Speech Emotion Recognition, A
* Spectral Features Based on Local Hu Moments of Gabor Spectrograms for Speech Emotion Recognition
Includes: Liang, R.[Ruiyu] Liang, R. Liang, R.[Rui]
9 for Liang, R.

Liang, R.H.[Rung Huei] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Continuous Gesture Recognition System for Sign Language, A
* Sparse Learning with Stochastic Composite Optimization
Includes: Liang, R.H.[Rung Huei] Liang, R.H.[Rung-Huei] Liang, R.H.[Rong-Hua]

Liang, R.N.[Rong Na] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Detect Index for Structural Small Damage Based on Wavelet Analysis Under Strong Background Noise
Includes: Liang, R.N.[Rong Na] Liang, R.N.[Rong-Na]

Liang, R.Y.[Rui Yu] Co Author Listing * Combining Siamese Network and Regression Network for Visual Tracking
* Facial Expression Recognition via Regression-Based Robust Locality Preserving Projections
Includes: Liang, R.Y.[Rui Yu] Liang, R.Y.[Rui-Yu]

Liang, R.Z.[Run Ze] Co Author Listing * Example-Guided Style-Consistent Image Synthesis From Semantic Labeling
* Optimizing top precision performance measure of content-based image retrieval by learning similarity function
Includes: Liang, R.Z.[Run Ze] Liang, R.Z.[Run-Ze] Liang, R.Z.[Ru-Ze]

Liang, S.[Shu] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Hallucination from a Single Depth Frame
* 3D tree skeletonization from multiple images based on PyrLK optical flow
* Adaptive illumination-invariant face recognition via local nonlinear multi-layer contrast feature
* Adaptive Least-Squares Collocation Algorithm Considering Distance Scale Factor for GPS Crustal Velocity Field Fitting and Estimation
* Assessment of Long-Term Sensor Radiometric Degradation Using Time Series Analysis
* Attribute Recognition from Adaptive Parts
* Beware of per-pixel characterization of land cover
* Cascaded hand pose regression
* Class Agnostic Image Common Object Detection
* Compositional Human Pose Regression
* Compositional Human Pose Regression
* Consistent Comparison of Remotely Sensed Sea Ice Concentration Products with ERA-Interim Reanalysis Data in Polar Regions
* Deep Kinematic Pose Regression
* Description method of Illumination invariant image features
* Design and Implementation of a Robust Decision Support System for Marine Space Resource Utilization
* Design and Modeling of the Generally Adopted Progressive Image Transmission Regulator and Its Application
* Effects of Winter Snow Cover on Spring Soil Moisture Based on Remote Sensing Data Product over Farmland in Northeast China
* Empirical Algorithms to Map Global Broadband Emissivities Over Vegetated Surfaces
* Estimating the Hemispherical Broadband Longwave Emissivity of Global Vegetated Surfaces Using a Radiative Transfer Model
* Estimation of the Ocean Water Albedo From Remote Sensing and Meteorological Reanalysis Data
* Evaluation of Three Long Time Series for Global Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR) Products
* Head Reconstruction from Internet Photos
* Image watermark detection in the wavelet domain using Bessel K densities
* Impact of Air Temperature Inversion on the Clear-Sky Surface Downward Longwave Radiation Estimation
* Implementation of Texture-Based Video Up-Scaling on Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture, The
* Improving Satellite Estimates of the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation Through Data Integration: Methodology and Validation
* Integral Human Pose Regression
* Integrating Binary Mask Estimation With MRF Priors of Cochleagram for Speech Separation
* Inverting a canopy reflectance model using a neural network
* Investigation on the Patterns of Global Vegetation Change Using a Satellite-Sensed Vegetation Index
* ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Theme Issue 'Integrated Imaging and Sensor Fusion for Rapid Response and Monitoring Applications'
* Learning best views of 3D shapes from sketch contour
* Linear time symmetric axis search based on palindrome detection
* locality-aware peer-to-peer approach for geospatial web services discovery, A
* Locally Optimal Detection of Image Watermarks in the Wavelet Domain Using Bessel K Form Distribution
* Long-Term Ship Speed Prediction for Intelligent Traffic Signaling
* Method for Consistent Estimation of Multiple Land Surface Parameters From MODIS Top-of-Atmosphere Time Series Data, A
* Multi-View Spatial Aggregation Framework for Joint Localization and Segmentation of Organs at Risk in Head and Neck CT Images
* Object proposal by multi-branch hierarchical segmentation
* Overview of the OGC CDB Standard for 3D Synthetic Environment Modeling and Simulation
* Pseudo Mask Augmented Object Detection
* Quality Index for Benchmarking Image Inpainting Algorithms with Guided Regional Statistics
* Robust offline handwritten character recognition through exploring writer-independent features under the guidance of printed data
* Saliency Optimization from Robust Background Detection
* Scheme of Parameter Estimation for Generalized Gamma Distribution and Its Application to Ship Detection in SAR Images
* Segmentation of Handwritten Interference Marks Using Multiple Directional Stroke Planes and Reformalized Morphological Approach
* Segmentation Of Touching Characters In Printed Document Recognition
* Simultaneous Estimation of Leaf Area Index, Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation, and Surface Albedo From Multiple-Satellite Data
* Size and Location Matter: A New Baseline for Salient Object Detection
* Sketch Matching on Topology Product Graph
* Sketch retrieval and relevance feedback with biased SVM classification
* Spatiotemporal Dynamics of the Northern Limit of Winter Wheat in China Using MODIS Time Series Images
* Trajectory Length Prediction for Intelligent Traffic Signaling: A Data-Driven Approach
* Unequal error protection for MPEG-2 video transmission over wireless channels
* Unsupervised feature selection by manifold regularized self-representation
* Use of In Situ and Airborne Multiangle Data to Assess MODIS- and Landsat-Based Estimates of Directional Reflectance and Albedo
* Using collaborative recommendations to enhance sensor web's utility as a decision making tool
Includes: Liang, S.[Shu] Liang, S.[Shuang] Liang, S.[Shan] Liang, S.[Shichuan] Liang, S. Liang, S.[Shuxiu] Liang, S.[Steve] Liang, S.[Song] Liang, S.[Shefang] Liang, S.[Sling]
57 for Liang, S.

Liang, S.C.[Sung Chung] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Recovery with Registration Assisted Stereo Matching
* Model-based 3D pose estimation for pick-and-place application
Includes: Liang, S.C.[Sung Chung] Liang, S.C.[Sung-Chung] Liang, S.C.

Liang, S.H.[Shao Heng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Cropping: A Computational Complexity Study
Includes: Liang, S.H.[Shao Heng] Liang, S.H.[Shao-Heng]

Liang, S.H.L.[Steve H. L.] Co Author Listing * AHS Model: Efficient Topological Operators for a Sensor Web Publish/Subscribe System
* Bottom-Up Approach for Automatically Grouping Sensor Data Layers by their Observed Property, A
* Hybrid Pull-push System for Near Real-time Notifications On Sensor Web, A
* Semantic Interoperability of Sensor Data with Volunteered Geographic Information: A Unified Model
Includes: Liang, S.H.L.[Steve H. L.] Liang, S.H.L.[Steve H.L.]

Liang, S.L.[Shun Lin] Co Author Listing * Assessing Terrestrial Ecosystem Resilience using Satellite Leaf Area Index
* Assessment of Sentinel-2 MSI Spectral Band Reflectances for Estimating Fractional Vegetation Cover
* Assessment of the Suomi NPP VIIRS Land Surface Albedo Data Using Station Measurements and High-Resolution Albedo Maps
* Atmospheric correction of landsat ETM+ land surface imagery Part I: Methods
* Atmospheric correction of landsat ETM+ land surface imagery Part II: Validation and Applications
* Combining Estimation of Green Vegetation Fraction in an Arid Region from Landsat 7 ETM+ Data
* Comparative Study of Three Land Surface Broadband Emissivity Datasets from Satellite Data, A
* Comparison of Four Machine Learning Methods for Generating the GLASS Fractional Vegetation Cover Product from MODIS Data
* Design of a Novel Spectral Albedometer for Validating the MODerate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer Spectral Albedo Product
* Developing an Integrated Remote Sensing Based Biodiversity Index for Predicting Animal Species Richness
* Developing Land Surface Directional Reflectance and Albedo Products from Geostationary GOES-R and Himawari Data: Theoretical Basis, Operational Implementation, and Validation
* direct algorithm for estimating land surface broadband albedos from MODIS imagery, A
* Direct Estimation of Land Surface Albedo From Simultaneous MISR Data
* Direct-Estimation Algorithm for Mapping Daily Land-Surface Broadband Albedo From MODIS Data
* Editorial for Special Issue: Remotely Sensed Albedo
* Effects of Warming Hiatuses on Vegetation Growth in the Northern Hemisphere
* Estimating Fractional Vegetation Cover From Landsat-7 ETM Reflectance Data Based on a Coupled Radiative Transfer and Crop Growth Model
* Estimating Land Surface Temperature from Feng Yun-3C/MERSI Data Using a New Land Surface Emissivity Scheme
* Estimating Surface Downward Shortwave Radiation over China Based on the Gradient Boosting Decision Tree Method
* Estimating the Fractional Vegetation Cover from GLASS Leaf Area Index Product
* Estimating Top-of-Atmosphere Daily Reflected Shortwave Radiation Flux Over Land From MODIS Data
* Estimation and Validation of Land Surface Broadband Albedos and Leaf Area Index from EO-1 ALI Data
* Estimation of 1-km all-weather remotely sensed land surface temperature based on reconstructed spatial-seamless satellite passive microwave brightness temperature and thermal infrared data
* Estimation of Daily Surface Shortwave Net Radiation From the Combined MODIS Data
* Evaluating the Spatial Representativeness of the MODerate Resolution Image Spectroradiometer Albedo Product (MCD43) at AmeriFlux Sites
* Evaluation of Five Satellite Top-of-Atmosphere Albedo Products over Land
* Evaluation of the Reanalysis Surface Incident Shortwave Radiation Products from NCEP, ECMWF, GSFC, and JMA Using Satellite and Surface Observations
* Extended Data-Based Mechanistic Method for Improving Leaf Area Index Time Series Estimation with Satellite Data
* Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation Method Through Dynamic Bayesian Network Combining Radiative Transfer Model and Crop Growth Model
* Framework for Consistent Estimation of Leaf Area Index, Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation, and Surface Albedo from MODIS Time-Series Data, A
* From Geometric-Optical Remote Sensing Modeling to Quantitative Remote Sensing Science: In Memory of Academician Xiaowen Li
* Fusion of Multiple Gridded Biomass Datasets for Generating a Global Forest Aboveground Biomass Map
* Fusion of Satellite Land Surface Albedo Products Across Scales Using a Multiresolution Tree Method in the North Central United States
* GLASS Daytime All-Wave Net Radiation Product: Algorithm Development and Preliminary Validation
* Global Estimates for High-Spatial-Resolution Clear-Sky Land Surface Upwelling Longwave Radiation From MODIS Data
* Global Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation Algorithm for VIIRS Reflectance Data Based on Machine Learning Methods
* Global Land Surface Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation Using General Regression Neural Networks From MODIS Surface Reflectance
* Global Land Surface Satellite (GLASS) Remote Sensing Data Processing System and Products, The
* Intercomparison of Machine-Learning Methods for Estimating Surface Shortwave and Photosynthetically Active Radiation
* Land cover classification of finer resolution remote sensing data integrating temporal features from time series coarser resolution data
* Land Cover Classification of Landsat Data with Phenological Features Extracted from Time Series MODIS NDVI Data
* Land Surface Albedo Estimation from Chinese HJ Satellite Data Based on the Direct Estimation Approach
* Large Differences in Terrestrial Vegetation Production Derived from Satellite-Based Light Use Efficiency Models
* Local Adaptive Calibration of the Satellite-Derived Surface Incident Shortwave Radiation Product Using Smoothing Spline
* Long-Time-Series Global Land Surface Satellite Leaf Area Index Product Derived From MODIS and AVHRR Surface Reflectance
* Lookup Table-Based Method for Estimating Sea Surface Hemispherical Broadband Emissivity Values (8-13.5 Ám), A
* Mapping Climatological Bare Soil Albedos over the Contiguous United States Using MODIS Data
* Mapping Surface Broadband Albedo from Satellite Observations: A Review of Literatures on Algorithms and Products
* Merging the MODIS and Landsat Terrestrial Latent Heat Flux Products Using the Multiresolution Tree Method
* New Method for Retrieving Daily Land Surface Albedo From VIIRS Data, A
* New Set of MODIS Land Products (MCD18): Downward Shortwave Radiation and Photosynthetically Active Radiation, A
* Operational Approach for Generating the Global Land Surface Downward Shortwave Radiation Product From MODIS Data, An
* Quantitatively Assessing and Attributing Land Use and Land Cover Changes on China's Loess Plateau
* Recent Progress in Quantitative Land Remote Sensing in China
* Recognition Algorithm for Letter Digital Images Based on the Centroid, A
* Reconstruction of Satellite-Retrieved Land-Surface Reflectance Based on Temporally-Continuous Vegetation Indices
* Removal of Noise by Wavelet Method to Generate High Quality Temporal Data of Terrestrial MODIS Products
* Responses of Natural Vegetation to Different Stages of Extreme Drought during 2009-2010 in Southwestern China
* Retrieval of Global Orbit Drift Corrected Land Surface Temperature from Long-term AVHRR Data
* Retrieval of Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPA
* Retrieving leaf area index with a neural network method: simulation and validation
* Review of Regional and Global Gridded Forest Biomass Datasets, A
* Robust Algorithm for Estimating Surface Fractional Vegetation Cover from Landsat Data, A
* Semi-Automatic Mapping of Tidal Cracks in the Fast Ice Region near Zhongshan Station in East Antarctica Using Landsat-8 OLI Imagery
* Simultaneous inversion of multiple land surface parameters from MODIS optical-thermal observations
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis and Uncertainty of Fractional Vegetation Cover Change over Northern China during 2001-2012 Based on Multiple Vegetation Data Sets
* Spatio-Temporal Patterns and Climate Variables Controlling of Biomass Carbon Stock of Global Grassland Ecosystems from 1982 to 2006
* Surface Daytime Net Radiation Estimation Using Artificial Neural Networks
* Surface Shortwave Net Radiation Estimation from FengYun-3 MERSI Data
* Surface Shortwave Net Radiation Estimation from Landsat TM/ETM+ Data Using Four Machine Learning Algorithms
* Use of General Regression Neural Networks for Generating the GLASS Leaf Area Index Product From Time-Series MODIS Surface Reflectance
* Validation and Application of the Modified Satellite-Based Priestley-Taylor Algorithm for Mapping Terrestrial Evapotranspiration
* Validation and Spatiotemporal Analysis of CERES Surface Net Radiation Product
* Validity of Five Satellite-Based Latent Heat Flux Algorithms for Semi-arid Ecosystems
* VIIRS Sea-Ice Albedo Product Generation and Preliminary Validation, The
Includes: Liang, S.L.[Shun Lin] Liang, S.L.[Shun-Lin] Liang, S.L.[Shu-Ling]
75 for Liang, S.L.

Liang, S.M.[Shi Ming] Co Author Listing * Geodetic Model of the 2017 Mw 6.5 Mainling Earthquake Inferred from GPS and InSAR Data
Includes: Liang, S.M.[Shi Ming] Liang, S.M.[Shi-Ming]

Liang, S.Q.[Si Quan] Co Author Listing * Repairing Incomplete Measured Data with Haptic Interaction
Includes: Liang, S.Q.[Si Quan] Liang, S.Q.[Si-Quan]

Liang, S.T.[Song Tao] Co Author Listing * Freeze/Thaw-Induced Deformation Monitoring and Assessment of the Slope in Permafrost Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanner and GNSS
* Intelligent Video Smoother for Multimedia Communications
Includes: Liang, S.T.[Song Tao] Liang, S.T.[Song-Tao] Liang, S.T.

Liang, S.X.[Song Xin] Co Author Listing * Blind Image Deblurring Using Elastic-Net Based Rank Prior
Includes: Liang, S.X.[Song Xin] Liang, S.X.[Song-Xin]

Liang, S.Y.[Si Ying] Co Author Listing * Efficient Hierarchical Near-duplicate Video Detection Algorithm Based on Deep Semantic Features, An
* Three-Phase Approach to Photometric Calibration for Multi-projector Display Using LCD Projectors, A
Includes: Liang, S.Y.[Si Ying] Liang, S.Y.[Si-Ying] Liang, S.Y.[Si-Yu]

Liang, S.Z.[Shou Zhen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Two-Component Model-Based Decomposition for Polarimetric SAR Data Without Assumption of Reflection Symmetry
* Impacts of Building Orientation on Polarimetric Orientation Angle Estimation and Model-Based Decomposition for Multilook Polarimetric SAR Data in Urban Areas, The
Includes: Liang, S.Z.[Shou Zhen] Liang, S.Z.[Shou-Zhen]

Liang, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Relative Orientation of Aerial Images
* Cross-Domain Semantic Segmentation via Domain-Invariant Interactive Relation Transfer
* Evaluation of Remote Sensing Inversion Error for the Above-Ground Biomass of Alpine Meadow Grassland Based on Multi-Source Satellite Data
* Fractional Snow-Cover Mapping Based on MODIS and UAV Data over the Tibetan Plateau
* Modeling of Alpine Grassland Cover Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology and Multi-Factor Methods: A Case Study in the East of Tibetan Plateau, China
* On Feature Motion Decorrelation in Ultrasound Speckle Tracking
* Shapelearner: Towards Shape-based Visual Knowledge Harvesting
* Spatio-Temporal Change of Snow Cover and Its Response to Climate over the Tibetan Plateau Based on an Improved Daily Cloud-Free Snow Cover Product
* Variational Representation Learning for Vehicle Re-Identificati
Includes: Liang, T. Liang, T.[Tao] Liang, T.[Tiangang] Liang, T.[Ti]
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Liang, T.A.[Tiang Ang] Co Author Listing * Ecological Risk Assessment and Impact Factor Analysis of Alpine Wetland Ecosystem Based on LUCC and Boosted Regression Tree on the Zoige Plateau, China
Includes: Liang, T.A.[Tiang Ang] Liang, T.A.[Tiang-Ang]

Liang, T.C.[Tian Cai] Co Author Listing * Novel Online Bayes Classifier, A
Includes: Liang, T.C.[Tian Cai] Liang, T.C.[Tian-Cai]

Liang, T.G.[Tian Gang] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Alpine Grassland Forage Nitrogen Coupled with Hyperspectral Characteristics during Different Growth Periods on the Tibetan Plateau
* Mapping the Forage Nitrogen-Phosphorus Ratio Based on Sentinel-2 MSI Data and a Random Forest Algorithm in an Alpine Grassland Ecosystem of the Tibetan Plateau
* Modeling alpine grassland forage phosphorus based on hyperspectral remote sensing and a multi-factor machine learning algorithm in the east of Tibetan Plateau, China
* MODIS Fractional Snow Cover Mapping Using Machine Learning Technology in a Mountainous Area
* Potential of hyperspectral data and machine learning algorithms to estimate the forage carbon-nitrogen ratio in an alpine grassland ecosystem of the Tibetan Plateau
* Remote Sensing Image Extraction and Precision Analysis for Alpine Wetland Based on Coupling Analysis of Multispectral Factor PCA and Decision Tree
* Snow Disaster Early Warning in Pastoral Areas of Qinghai Province, China
* Toward Improved Daily Cloud-Free Fractional Snow Cover Mapping with Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data in China
* Tracking Snow Variations in the Northern Hemisphere Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data (2000-2015)
Includes: Liang, T.G.[Tian Gang] Liang, T.G.[Tian-Gang]
9 for Liang, T.G.

Liang, T.M.[Tian Ming] Co Author Listing * new image classification method based on modified condensed nearest neighbor and convolutional neural networks, A
Includes: Liang, T.M.[Tian Ming] Liang, T.M.[Tian-Ming]

Liang, T.S. Co Author Listing * Modified Robust Embedding Scheme for Faithful Watermark Extraction, A

Liang, T.W.[Ting Wen] Co Author Listing * Image Restoration Based on Smooth Gray-level Detection and Line Prediction Method for Large Missing Regions
Includes: Liang, T.W.[Ting Wen] Liang, T.W.[Ting-Wen]

Liang, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * 3D head pose estimation with convolutional neural network trained on synthetic images
* Action recognition feedback-based framework for human pose reconstruction from monocular images
* Chinese Character Localization Method Based on Intergrating Structure and CC-Clustering for Advertising Images, A
* Continuous Hand Gesture Recognition in the Learned Hierarchical Latent Variable Space
* Cross-Layer Framework for QoS Support in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
* deep Coarse-to-Fine network for head pose estimation from synthetic data, A
* Depth Super-resolution by Fusing Depth Imaging and Stereo Vision with Structural Determinant Information Inference
* Discriminative human action recognition in the learned hierarchical manifold space
* Face pose estimation with combined 2D and 3D HOG features
* Graph Based Subspace Semi-supervised Learning Framework for Dimensionality Reduction, A
* High-Resolution SAR Image Classification Using Context-Aware Encoder Network and Hybrid Conditional Random Field Model
* Human action recognition using discriminative models in the learned hierarchical manifold space
* Improved structure tensor for fine-grained texture inpainting
* Incremental discriminant-analysis of canonical correlations for action recognition
* Incremental discriminative-analysis of canonical correlations for action recognition
* Novel Italic Detection and Rectification Method for Chinese Advertising Images, A
* Novel Video Classification Method Based on Hybrid Generative/Discriminative Models, A
* Packed Dense Interest Points for Scene Image Retrieval
* Pixel-Wise PolSAR Image Classification via a Novel Complex-Valued Deep Fully Convolutional Network
* Recognising human interaction from videos by a discriminative model
* SAR and Optical Image Registration Using Nonlinear Diffusion and Phase Congruency Structural Descriptor
* Similarity-based image classification via kernelized sparse representation
* Smoothing Adversarial Domain Attack and P-Memory Reconsolidation for Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification
* Spatial Calibration for Thermal-RGB Cameras and Inertial Sensor System
* Tracking articulated objects by learning intrinsic structure of motion
* Transferring Objects: Joint Inference of Container and Human Pose
* Unified Spatio-Temporal Model for Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction, A
Includes: Liang, W.[Wei] Liang, W.[Weifa] Liang, W. Liang, W.[Wenkai]
27 for Liang, W.

Liang, W.B.[Wei Bin] Co Author Listing * Emotion Recognition of Affective Speech Based on Multiple Classifiers Using Acoustic-Prosodic Information and Semantic Labels
* Polarimetric Calibration of the GaoFen-3 Mission Using Active Radar Calibrators and the Applicable Conditions of System Model for Radar Polarimeters
Includes: Liang, W.B.[Wei Bin] Liang, W.B.[Wei-Bin]

Liang, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * Automated analysis of brachial ultrasound image sequences: early detection of cardiovascular disease via surrogates of endothelial function
Includes: Liang, W.D.[Wei Dong] Liang, W.D.[Wei-Dong]

Liang, W.J.[Wen Jing] Co Author Listing * Particle Center Supported Plane for Subsurface Target Classification based on Full Polarimetric Ground Penetrating Radar
* Properties Analysis of Lunar Regolith at Chang'E-4 Landing Site Based on 3D Velocity Spectrum of Lunar Penetrating Radar
* Tree Structure Sparsity Pattern Guided Convex Optimization for Compressive Sensing of Large-Scale Images
Includes: Liang, W.J.[Wen Jing] Liang, W.J.[Wen-Jing] Liang, W.J.[Wei-Jie]

Liang, W.K.[Wen Kai] Co Author Listing * Synthetic aperture radar image segmentation using non-linear diffusion-based hierarchical triplet Markov fields model
Includes: Liang, W.K.[Wen Kai] Liang, W.K.[Wen-Kai]

Liang, W.T.[Wei Tai] Co Author Listing * Exponential sparsity preserving projection with applications to image recognition
Includes: Liang, W.T.[Wei Tai] Liang, W.T.[Wei-Tai]

Liang, W.W.[Wan Wan] Co Author Listing * Mapping Vegetation at Species Level with High-Resolution Multispectral and Lidar Data Over a Large Spatial Area: A Case Study with Kudzu
Includes: Liang, W.W.[Wan Wan] Liang, W.W.[Wan-Wan]

Liang, W.X.[Wei Xin] Co Author Listing * CU-Net: Component Unmixing Network for Textile Fiber Identification
Includes: Liang, W.X.[Wei Xin] Liang, W.X.[Wei-Xin]

Liang, W.Y. Co Author Listing * Multisource Data Fusion for Landslide Classification Using Generalized Positive Boolean Functions

Liang, W.Z.[Wen Zhang] Co Author Listing * 3D Pose Tracking With Multitemplate Warping and SIFT Correspondences
Includes: Liang, W.Z.[Wen Zhang] Liang, W.Z.[Wen-Zhang]

Liang, X.[Xinan] Co Author Listing * 3D holographic display with optically addressed spatial light modulator
* Accurate derivation of stem curve and volume using backpack mobile laser scanning
* Attention-Aware Face Hallucination via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Auto-FPN: Automatic Network Architecture Adaptation for Object Detection Beyond Classification
* Automated fusion of forest airborne and terrestrial point clouds through canopy density analysis
* Better and Faster: Exponential Loss for Image Patch Matching
* Bidirectional Graph Reasoning Network for Panoptic Segmentation
* Block-Wisely Supervised Neural Architecture Search With Knowledge Distillation
* Clothes Co-Parsing Via Joint Image Segmentation and Labeling With Application to Clothing Retrieval
* Clothing Co-parsing by Joint Image Segmentation and Labeling
* Comparing features of single and multi-photon lidar in boreal forests
* Complex Background Subtraction by Pursuing Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Models
* Data Association at the Level of Narrative Plots to Support Analysis of Spatiotemporal Evolvement of Conflict: A Case Study in Nigeria
* Deciduous-Coniferous Tree Classification Using Difference between First and Last Pulse Laser Signatures
* Deep Blind Synthesized Image Quality Assessment with Contextual Multi-Level Feature Pooling
* Deep Learning Based Supervised Semantic Segmentation of Electron Cryo-Subtomograms
* Detecting and characterizing downed dead wood using terrestrial laser scanning
* Dynamic Privacy-Preserving Key Management Scheme for Location-Based Services in VANETs, A
* Editorial for the Special Issue Frontiers in Spectral Imaging and 3D Technologies for Geospatial Solutions
* Efficient Hyperspectral Image Retrieval Method: Deep Spectral-Spatial Feature Extraction with DCGAN and Dimensionality Reduction Using t-SNE-Based NM Hashing, An
* Evaluation of Close-Range Photogrammetry Image Collection Methods for Estimating Tree Diameters
* Example-Based Image Colorization Using Locality Consistent Sparse Representation
* Fashion Editing With Adversarial Parsing Learning
* Fashion Parsing With Video Context
* Fast 3-D Imaging Algorithm Based on Unitary Transformation and Real-Valued Sparse Representation for MIMO Array SAR
* Fast detection and segmentation of partial image blur based on discrete Walsh-Hadamard transform
* Fast pruning superfluous support vectors in SVMs
* Feasibility of Terrestrial laser scanning for collecting stem volume information from single trees
* First Demonstration of Joint Wireless Communication and High-Resolution SAR Imaging Using Airborne MIMO Radar System
* Forest Data Collection Using Terrestrial Image-Based Point Clouds From a Handheld Camera Compared to Terrestrial and Personal Laser Scanning
* FW-GAN: Flow-Navigated Warping GAN for Video Virtual Try-On
* Golden Ratio: The Attributes of Facial Attractiveness Learned By CNN
* Image-Quality Enhancement of Objects in Turbid Media by Use of a Combined Computational-Photonics Approach
* Implementation of the OFDM Chirp Waveform on MIMO SAR Systems
* Improved Non-local Iterative Back-Projection Method for Image Super-Resolution
* Improving the Calibration of Suomi NPP VIIRS Thermal Emissive Bands During Blackbody Warm-Up/Cool-Down
* In-situ measurements from mobile platforms: An emerging approach to address the old challenges associated with forest inventories
* Integrated GNSS/INS/LiDAR-SLAM Positioning Method for Highly Accurate Forest Stem Mapping, An
* International Benchmarking of the Individual Tree Detection Methods for Modeling 3-D Canopy Structure for Silviculture and Forest Ecology Using Airborne Laser Scanning
* Investigating the Feasibility of Multi-Scan Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Characterize Tree Communities in Southern Boreal Forests
* Joints Relation Inference Network for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Learning mean progressive scattering using binomial truncated loss for image dehazing
* Lesion Segmentation in Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI of Breast
* Look into Person: Self-Supervised Structure-Sensitive Learning and a New Benchmark for Human Parsing
* Low-Velocity Small Target Detection With Doppler-Guided Retrospective Filter in High-Resolution Radar at Fast Scan Mode
* Measuring Leaf Water Content with Dual-Wavelength Intensity Data from Terrestrial Laser Scanners
* Meta R-CNN: Towards General Solver for Instance-Level Low-Shot Learning
* Multi-loss Regularized Deep Neural Network
* Multipath Scattering of Typical Structures in Urban Areas
* Multistage Object Detection With Group Recursive Learning
* Nonparametric Variational Auto-Encoders for Hierarchical Representation Learning
* Novel GNSS Technique for Predicting Boreal Forest Attributes at Low Cost, A
* Personalized Recommendation of Social Images by Constructing a User Interest Tree With Deep Features and Tag Trees
* Recognizing Focal Liver Lesions in CEUS With Dynamically Trained Latent Structured Models
* Recurrent 3D Pose Sequence Machines
* Recurrent Topic-Transition GAN for Visual Paragraph Generation
* Reinforcement Cutting-Agent Learning for Video Object Segmentation
* Repairing Sparse Low-Rank Texture
* RGB-T object tracking: Benchmark and baseline
* Road Recognition From Remote Sensing Imagery Using Incremental Learning
* Saliency analysis and region-of-interest extraction for satellite images by biological sparse modeling
* Saliency Analysis via Hyperparameter Sparse Representation and Energy Distribution Optimization for Remote Sensing Images
* Scale-Aware Fast R-CNN for Pedestrian Detection
* Separating hypersurfaces of SVMs in input spaces
* Sharp feature extraction in point clouds
* Small Object Detection in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images Using Feature Fusion and Scaling-Based Single Shot Detector With Spatial Context Analysis
* Soft Transfer Learning via Gradient Diagnosis for Visual Relationship Detection
* SP-NAS: Serial-to-Parallel Backbone Search for Object Detection
* Sparse Bayesian Learning Based Three-Dimensional Imaging Algorithm for Off-Grid Air Targets in MIMO Radar Array
* Sparse-View CT Reconstruction Method Based on Combination of DenseNet and Deconvolution, A
* strong bilayer appearance model for human pose estimation from a high freedom still image, A
* Temporal Dynamic Graph LSTM for Action-Driven Video Object Detection
* Test of Automatic Building Change Detection Approaches, A
* Three-dimensional trajectory tracking of an underactuated AUV based on fuzzy dynamic surface control
* TILT: Transform Invariant Low-Rank Textures
* Towards Multi-Pose Guided Virtual Try-On Network
* Two-Cylinder and Multi-Ring GBSSM for Realizing and Modeling of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Wideband MIMO Channels
* Under-canopy UAV laser scanning for accurate forest field measurements
* Understanding Scenery Quality: A Visual Attention Measure and Its Computational Model
* Unwrapping low-rank textures on generalized cylindrical surfaces
* Video-Based Person Re-identification by Deep Feature Guided Pooling
* Vision-Dialog Navigation by Exploring Cross-Modal Memory
* Visual attention inspired distant view and close-up view classification
* Visual Question Reasoning on General Dependency Tree
* Waveform Features for Tree Identification
Includes: Liang, X.[Xinan] Liang, X.[Xinlian] Liang, X. Liang, X.[Xiao] Liang, X.[Xi] Liang, X.[Xun] Liang, X.[Xiuju] Liang, X.[Xiwen] Liang, X.[Xinyan] Liang, X.[Xu] Liang, X.[Xingdong]
85 for Liang, X.

Liang, X.C.[Xiao Chuan] Co Author Listing * novel R-Q model based rate control scheme in HEVC, A
Includes: Liang, X.C.[Xiao Chuan] Liang, X.C.[Xiao-Chuan]

Liang, X.D.[Xiao Dan] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Geometry-Aware Human Motion Prediction
* Attentive Contexts for Object Detection
* Blending-Target Domain Adaptation by Adversarial Meta-Adaptation Networks
* CIRL: Controllable Imitative Reinforcement Learning for Vision-Based Self-driving
* ConnNet: A Long-Range Relation-Aware Pixel-Connectivity Network for Salient Segmentation
* Deep Human Parsing with Active Template Regression
* Deep Structured Scene Parsing by Learning with Image Descriptions
* Deep Variation-Structured Reinforcement Learning for Visual Relationship and Attribute Detection
* Dual Motion GAN for Future-Flow Embedded Video Prediction
* Dynamic-Structured Semantic Propagation Network
* Generative Semantic Manipulation with Mask-Contrasting GAN
* Graphonomy: Universal Human Parsing via Graph Transfer Learning
* Guest editorial: Image/video understanding and analysis
* Human Parsing with Contextualized Convolutional Neural Network
* Improving Deep Binary Embedding Networks by Order-Aware Reweighting of Triplets
* Instance-Level Human Parsing via Part Grouping Network
* Interpretable Structure-Evolving LSTM
* Is Faster R-CNN Doing Well for Pedestrian Detection?
* Layout-Graph Reasoning for Fashion Landmark Detection
* Learning Personalized Modular Network Guided by Structured Knowledge
* Learning to Segment Human by Watching YouTube
* Learning to segment with image-level annotations
* Look into Person: Joint Body Parsing & Pose Estimation Network and a New Benchmark
* LSTM-CF: Unifying Context Modeling and Fusion with LSTMs for RGB-D Scene Labeling
* Matching-CNN meets KNN: Quasi-parametric human parsing
* Modulation Module for Multi-task Learning with Applications in Image Retrieval, A
* Object Region Mining with Adversarial Erasing: A Simple Classification to Semantic Segmentation Approach
* Peak-Piloted Deep Network for Facial Expression Recognition
* Perceptual Generative Adversarial Networks for Small Object Detection
* Performance of Airborne C-Band PolInSAR Data on Forest Growth Stage Types Classification, The
* Proposal-Free Network for Instance-Level Object Segmentation
* RCAA: Relational Context-Aware Agents for Person Search
* Real-to-Virtual Domain Unification for End-to-End Autonomous Driving
* Reasoning-RCNN: Unifying Adaptive Global Reasoning Into Large-Scale Object Detection
* Rethinking Knowledge Graph Propagation for Zero-Shot Learning
* Reversible Recursive Instance-Level Object Segmentation
* Scale-Aware Fast R-CNN for Pedestrian Detection
* Scale-Aware Pixelwise Object Proposal Networks
* Semantic Object Parsing with Graph LSTM
* Semantic Object Parsing with Local-Global Long Short-Term Memory
* Spatial-Aware Graph Relation Network for Large-Scale Object Detection
* STC: A Simple to Complex Framework for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Toward Characteristic-Preserving Image-Based Virtual Try-On Network
* Towards Computational Baby Learning: A Weakly-Supervised Approach for Object Detection
* Unified Algorithm for Channel Imbalance and Antenna Phase Center Position Calibration of a Single-Pass Multi-Baseline TomoSAR System, A
* Unsupervised object-level video summarization with online motion auto-encoder
* Vision-Language Navigation With Self-Supervised Auxiliary Reasoning Tasks
Includes: Liang, X.D.[Xiao Dan] Liang, X.D.[Xiao-Dan] Liang, X.D.[Xing-Dong]
47 for Liang, X.D.

Liang, X.F.[Xue Feng] Co Author Listing * AFD-Net: Aggregated Feature Difference Learning for Cross-Spectral Image Patch Matching
* Biologically inspired framework for spatial and spectral velocity estimations
* color neuromorphic approach for motion estimation, A
* Combined Radial Basis Function Model for Fingerprint Distortion, A
* Cross-Spectral Image Patch Matching by Learning Features of the Spatially Connected Patches in a Shared Space
* deep learning framework for remote sensing image registration, A
* External and internal learning for single-image super-resolution
* Face super-resolution via bilayer contextual representation
* Fingerprint Matching Using Minutia Polygons
* How Does the Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition Help Internal and External Learnings for Super-Resolution
* Inlier Estimation for Moving Camera Motion Segmentation
* Linear Time Algorithm for Binary Fingerprint Image Denoising Using Distance Transform, A
* Low-light image enhancement using Gaussian Process for features retrieval
* Multi-subregion face recognition using coarse-to-fine Quad-tree decomposition
* Near-linear Time Algorithm for Binarization of Fingerprint Images Using Distance Transform, A
* Photo Shot-Type Disambiguation by Multi-Classifier Semi-Supervised Learning
* Robust Noisy Image Super-Resolution Using l1-norm Regularization and Non-local Constraint
Includes: Liang, X.F.[Xue Feng] Liang, X.F.[Xue-Feng]
17 for Liang, X.F.

Liang, X.G.[Xiang Guo] Co Author Listing * hybrid features learning model for single image haze prediction, A
Includes: Liang, X.G.[Xiang Guo] Liang, X.G.[Xiang-Guo]

Liang, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Co Author Listing * Automatic sub-category partitioning and parts localization for learning a robust object model
* Cluster Sampling Method for Image Matting via Sparse Coding, A
* Deep Blind Image Quality Assessment with Visual Importance Based Patch Score, A
* DOOBNet: Deep Object Occlusion Boundary Detection from an Image
* Improved Hybrid Model for Automatic Salient Region Detection, An
* Integrating Boundary Cue with Superpixel for Image Segmentation
* Light Space Cascaded Shadow Maps for Large Scale Dynamic Environments
* Real-Time Camera Tracking Using a Global Localization Scheme
* Triangular Mesh Based Stroke Segmentation for Chinese Calligraphy
* Unsupervised image segmentation using global spatial constraint and multi-scale representation on multiple segmentation proposals
* Visual saliency guided textured model simplification
Includes: Liang, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Liang, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Liang, X.H.[Xin-Hong]
11 for Liang, X.H.

Liang, X.J. Co Author Listing * Assessing and refining the satellite-derived massive green macro-algal coverage in the Yellow Sea with high resolution images
* Individual Tree Crown Segmentation of a Larch Plantation Using Airborne Laser Scanning Data Based on Region Growing and Canopy Morphology Features
Includes: Liang, X.J. Liang, X.J.[Xiao-Jun]

Liang, X.L.[Xin Lian] Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling of Coarse Fluvial Sediments Based on Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Automated Stem Curve Measurement Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Automatic Stem Mapping Using Single-Scan Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Autonomous Collection of Forest Field Reference: The Outlook and a First Step with UAV Laser Scanning
* Biomass Estimation of Individual Trees Using Stem and Crown Diameter TLS Measurements
* Comparison of Laser and Stereo Optical, SAR and InSAR Point Clouds from Air- and Space-Borne Sources in the Retrieval of Forest Inventory Attributes
* Detecting Changes in Forest Structure over Time with Bi-Temporal Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* Diameter distribution estimation with laser scanning based multisource single tree inventory
* Extrinsic Calibration of 2D Laser Rangefinders Based on a Mobile Sphere
* Filtering Airborne LiDAR Data Through Complementary Cloth Simulation and Progressive TIN Densification Filters
* Improved 3D Stem Mapping Method and Elliptic Hypothesis-Based DBH Estimation from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* International benchmarking of terrestrial laser scanning approaches for forest inventories
* Is field-measured tree height as reliable as believed: A comparison study of tree height estimates from field measurement, airborne laser scanning and terrestrial laser scanning in a boreal forest
* SOMH: A Self-Organizing Map Based Topology Preserving Hashing Method
* Terrestrial laser scanning in forest inventories
* Towards Automatic Single-sensor Mapping By Multispectral Airborne Laser Scanning
* Use of a Hand-Held Camera for Individual Tree 3D Mapping in Forest Sample Plots, The
Includes: Liang, X.L.[Xin Lian] Liang, X.L.[Xin-Lian] Liang, X.L.[Xiao-Long]
17 for Liang, X.L.

Liang, X.M.[Xing Ming] Co Author Listing * AVHRR GAC SST Reanalysis Version 1 (RAN1)
* Deep Learning Trained Clear-Sky Mask Algorithm for VIIRS Radiometric Bias Assessment, A
* Preliminary Inter-Comparison between AHI, VIIRS and MODIS Clear-Sky Ocean Radiances for Accurate SST Retrievals
Includes: Liang, X.M.[Xing Ming] Liang, X.M.[Xing-Ming]

Liang, X.N.[Xian Nuan] Co Author Listing * Bio-inspired Group Modeling and Analysis for Intruder Detection in Mobile Sensor/Robotic Networks
Includes: Liang, X.N.[Xian Nuan] Liang, X.N.[Xian-Nuan]

Liang, X.O.[Xia Ohui] Co Author Listing * Unified Deep Metric Representation for Mesh Saliency Detection and Non-Rigid Shape Matching, A
Includes: Liang, X.O.[Xia Ohui] Liang, X.O.[Xia-Ohui]

Liang, X.P.[Xian Peng] Co Author Listing * Image segmentation fusion using weakly supervised trace-norm multi-task learning method
Includes: Liang, X.P.[Xian Peng] Liang, X.P.[Xian-Peng]

Liang, X.Y.[Xiao Yun] Co Author Listing * k-space sharing 3D GRASE pseudocontinuous ASL method for whole-brain resting-state functional connectivity, A
* Landscape Sustainability Evaluation of Ecologically Fragile Areas Based on Boltzmann Entropy
* Reconfigurable Platform for MPEG-4 Encoder Based on SOPC, A
Includes: Liang, X.Y.[Xiao Yun] Liang, X.Y.[Xiao-Yun] Liang, X.Y.[Xiao-Ying]

Liang, X.Z.[Xue Zhang] Co Author Listing * Analysis and improvement of Marr's algorithm for image reconstruction
* Impact of Fire Emissions on U.S. Air Quality from 1997 to 2016: A Modeling Study in the Satellite Era
* Learning Efficient Single-Stage Pedestrian Detectors by Asymptotic Localization Fitting
Includes: Liang, X.Z.[Xue Zhang] Liang, X.Z.[Xue-Zhang] Liang, X.Z.[Xin-Zhong] Liang, X.Z.[Xue-Zhi]

Liang, Y. Co Author Listing * Adaptive extended piecewise histogram equalisation for dark image enhancement
* Adaptive Hierarchical Detection Method for Ship Targets in High-Resolution SAR Images, An
* Adaptive spatiotemporal background modelling
* Anchor-Based Self-Ensembling for Semi-Supervised Deep Pairwise Hashing
* Applications of Wavelet Packets Decomposition in Iris Recognition
* Assessment of Influence of Image Processing On Fully Automatic UAV Photogrammetry
* Automatic annotation of liver computed tomography images based on a vessel-skeletonization method
* Automatic Material Classification Using Thermal Finger Impression
* Balancing Performance and Fairness in P2P Live Video Systems
* bidirectional adaptive bandwidth mean shift strategy for clustering, A
* Cascading classifier with discriminative multi-features for a specific 3D object real-time detection
* Classification of Non-Tumorous Facial Pigmentation Disorders Using Improved Smote and Transfer Learning
* Color image compressive sensing reconstruction by using inter-channel correlation
* Common Crucial Feature for Crowdsourcing Based Mobile Visual Location Recognition
* Decomposition and matching: Towards efficient automatic Chinese character stroke extraction
* Developing DCE-CT to Quantify Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity in Breast Tumors With Differing Angiogenic Phenotype
* Dual Pursuit for Subspace Learning
* Edge-Preserving Texture Suppression Filter Based on Joint Filtering Schemes
* Effective Content-Aware Chroma Reconstruction Method for Screen Content Images
* Efficient Image Processing Method Based on Web Services for Mobile Devices, An
* Ensemble-driven support vector clustering: From ensemble learning to automatic parameter estimation
* Face Hallucination Through KPCA
* Face Hallucination under an Image Decomposition Perspective
* Face hallucination with imprecise-alignment using iterative sparse representation
* Fast algorithm for HEVC intra-coding implemented by preprocessing
* Fast EPILE Combined With FBM for Electromagnetic Scattering From Dielectric Targets Above and Below the Dielectric Rough Surface, The
* Fast Time-Domain SAR Imaging and Corresponding Autofocus Method Based on Hybrid Coordinate System, A
* Frequency Domain Backprojection Algorithm Based on Local Cartesian Coordinate and Subregion Range Migration Correction for High-Squint SAR Mounted on Maneuvering Platforms, A
* Frequency tracking techniques of power systems in coloured noises
* Frequency-Domain Imaging Algorithm for Highly Squinted SAR Mounted on Maneuvering Platforms With Nonlinear Trajectory, A
* Functional imaging in small animals using X-ray computed Tomography: Study of physiologic measurement reproducibility
* Fuzzy C-Means Clustering With Local Information and Kernel Metric for Image Segmentation
* Ground Object Recognition Using Combined High Resolution Airborne Images and DSM
* Holons Visual Representation for Image Retrieval
* Image super-resolution by textural context constrained visual vocabulary
* Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction via L1_2 and S1_2 Regularizations
* Implementing Word Retrieval in Handwritten Documents Using a Small Dataset
* improved noise-robust voice activity detector based on hidden semi-Markov models, An
* Incorporating image degeneration modeling with multitask learning for image super-resolution
* InSAR Time-Series Analysis of Land Subsidence under Different Land Use Types in the Eastern Beijing Plain, China
* Large-Scale Isolated Gesture Recognition Using a Refined Fused Model Based on Masked Res-C3D Network and Skeleton LSTM
* Location Determination In Urban Environment from Image Sequences
* Low-rank and sparse matrix decomposition based on S1/2 and L1/2 regularizations in dynamic MRI
* LSTM Multiple Object Tracker Combining Multiple Cues
* Modified Equivalent Range Model and Wavenumber-Domain Imaging Approach for High-Resolution-High-Squint SAR With Curved Trajectory, A
* Modified omega-k Algorithm for HS-SAR Small-Aperture Data Imaging, A
* Multi-modal feature fusion for geographic image annotation
* New Content-based Hybrid Video Transcoding Method, A
* Noise-Robust Voice Activity Detector Based on Hidden Semi-Markov Models
* Nonlocal Spectral Prior Model for Low-Level Vision
* Novel 3-D Motion Estimation Algorithm for Multireference Frame in H.264/AVC, A
* novel deep network and aggregation model for saliency detection, A
* Optimised image retargeting using aesthetic-based cropping and scaling
* Orthographic Reflectance Image for Planar Target Localization in Low Density TLS Point Clouds
* Pixel-Level Discrete Multiobjective Sampling for Image Matting
* Pose-invariant 3D face recognition using half face
* Power-Rate-Distortion Analysis for Wireless Video Communication Under Energy Constraints
* Precise Crop Classification Using Spectral-Spatial-Location Fusion Based on Conditional Random Fields for UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* quadratic programming based cluster correspondence projection algorithm for fast point matching, A
* Real-Time Detection of Driver Cognitive Distraction Using Support Vector Machines
* Real-Time VBR Video Traffic Prediction for Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
* Reassembling Shredded Document Stripes Using Word-Path Metric and Greedy Composition Optimal Matching Solver
* Region-Based Context Enhanced Network for Robust Multiple Face Alignment
* Rejection of mismatched correspondences along the affine epipolar line
* Response to Letter Regarding Article: Developing DCE-CT to Quantify Intra-Tumor Heterogeneity in Breast Tumors With Differing Angiogenic Phenotype
* Route-Based Dynamics Modeling and Tracking With Application to Air Traffic Surveillance
* Sample Fusion Network: An End-to-End Data Augmentation Network for Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition
* Semi-coupled dictionary learning with applications to image super-resolution and photo-sketch synthesis
* Simultaneous Stationary Scene Imaging and Ground Moving Target Indication for High-Resolution Wide-Swath SAR System
* Single image rain removal with reusing original input squeeze-and-excitation network
* Sparse Pixel Recognition of Primitives in Engineering Drawings
* Support vector description of clusters for content-based image annotation
* synthesised word approach to word retrieval in handwritten documents, A
* Target State and Markovian Jump Ionospheric Height Bias Estimation for OTHR Tracking Systems
* Two-Step Processing Method for Diving-Mode Squint SAR Imaging With Subaperture Data, A
* Vertigo Effect on Your Smartphone: Dolly Zoom via Single Shot View Synthesis, The
Includes: Liang, Y. Liang, Y.[Yi] Liang, Y.[Yun] Liang, Y.[Yu] Liang, Y.[Yan] Liang, Y.[Ying] Liang, Y.[Yuan] Liang, Y.[Yudong] Liang, Y.[Yue] Liang, Y.[Ye] Liang, Y.[Yajing] Liang, Y.[Yanchun]
76 for Liang, Y.

Liang, Y.B.[Yu Bin] Co Author Listing * Color-Based Segmentation of Point Clouds
* Estimation of Winter Wheat Production Potential Based on Remotely-Sensed Imagery and Process-Based Model Simulations
* Perspective Intensity Images For Co-registration Of Terrestrial Laser Scanner And Digital Camera
Includes: Liang, Y.B.[Yu Bin] Liang, Y.B.[Yu-Bin]

Liang, Y.C.[Yu Chen] Co Author Listing * Bilinear Embedding Label Propagation: Towards Scalable Prediction of Image Labels
* Fuzzy-Statistics-Based Affinity Propagation Technique for Clustering in Multispectral Images, A
* Fuzzy-Statistics-Based Principal Component Analysis (FS-PCA) Method for Multispectral Image Enhancement and Display, A
* Incremental and Decremental Affinity Propagation for Semisupervised Clustering in Multispectral Images
* novel efficient local illumination compensation method based on DCT in logarithm domain, A
* Self-adaptive SVDD integrated with AP clustering for one-class classification
* Study and Improvement of Iris Location Algorithm
* YouTube-VOS: Sequence-to-Sequence Video Object Segmentation
Includes: Liang, Y.C.[Yu Chen] Liang, Y.C.[Yu-Chen] Liang, Y.C. Liang, Y.C.[Yan-Chun]
8 for Liang, Y.C.

Liang, Y.D.[Yu Dong] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Feature Learning With Foreground Attention for Person Re-Identification
* Image Quality Assessment Using Similar Scene as Reference
* Learning to describe color composition of visual objects
* Single Image Super-Resolution with a Parameter Economic Residual-Like Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Liang, Y.D.[Yu Dong] Liang, Y.D.[Yu-Dong]

Liang, Y.F.[Yong Fang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Techniques for Simultaneous Optimization of Visual Quality and Battery Power in Video Encoding Sensors
* Color Channels Decorrelation by ICA Transformation in the Wavelet Domain for, Color Texture Analysis and Synthesis
* Lowering the Complexity of Multi-view Encoding through Dynamic Segmentation and Registration of Video Object
* Motion Estimation for Content Adaptive Video Compression
* multistage fast motion estimation scheme for video compression, A
* On using hierarchical motion history for motion estimation in H.264/AVC
* Power and Distortion Optimization for Pervasive Video Coding
Includes: Liang, Y.F.[Yong Fang] Liang, Y.F.[Yong-Fang] Liang, Y.F.[Yu-Feng]
7 for Liang, Y.F.

Liang, Y.H.[Yuan Heng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Graph Learning for Unsupervised Feature Selection
* Broken-Ray Videometric Method and System for Measuring the Three-Dimensional Position and Pose of the Non-Intervisible Object
* Colouring vehicle threat and minimising threat avoidance trajectory cost for adaptive vehicle collision defence system in active safe driving
* Joint hypergraph learning and sparse regression for feature selection
* Method of Evaluating Table Segmentation Results Based on a Table Image Ground Truther, A
* Remote Sensing Retrieval of Total Phosphorus in the Pearl River Channels Based on the GF-1 Remote Sensing Data
* Study on the Background Parameter Quantization Method of Remote Sensing Data Processing
* Unsupervised Feature Selection by Graph Optimization
Includes: Liang, Y.H.[Yuan Heng] Liang, Y.H.[Yuan-Heng] Liang, Y.H.[Yong-Hui] Liang, Y.H.[Ying-Hsin] Liang, Y.H.[Yan-Hui] Liang, Y.H.[Ye-Heng] Liang, Y.H.[Yi-Hong]
8 for Liang, Y.H.

Liang, Y.J. Co Author Listing * Advances in channel-adaptive video streaming
* Analysis of Packet Loss for Compressed Video: Effect of Burst Losses and Correlation Between Error Frames
* Combined Forecasting Method of Landslide Deformation Based on MEEMD, Approximate Entropy, and WLS-SVM
* DSNet: Deep and Shallow Feature Learning for Efficient Visual Tracking
* Fault recognition using an ensemble classifier based on Dempster-Shafer Theory
* Learning Target-specific Response Attention for Siamese Network Based Visual Tracking
* Low-latency video transmission over lossy packet networks using rate-distortion optimized reference picture selection
* Network-Adaptive Low-Latency Video Communication Over Best-Effort Networks
* Prescient R-D optimized packet dependency management for low-latency video streaming
* Spatial-Spectral Fusion Based on Conditional Random Fields for the Fine Classification of Crops in UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Study of a Gray Genetic BP Neural Network Model in Fault Monitoring and a Diagnosis System for Dam Safety
Includes: Liang, Y.J. Liang, Y.J.[Yue-Ji] Liang, Y.J.[Yan-Jie] Liang, Y.J.[Yi J.] Liang, Y.J.[Ya-Jing]
11 for Liang, Y.J.

Liang, Y.L.[Yu Ling] Co Author Listing * Video Supervoxels Using Partially Absorbing Random Walks
Includes: Liang, Y.L.[Yu Ling] Liang, Y.L.[Yu-Ling]

Liang, Y.M.[Yan Mei] Co Author Listing * Deconvolution methods for image deblurring in optical coherence tomography
* Human Object Inpainting Using Manifold Learning-Based Posture Sequence Estimation
* Learning Atomic Human Actions Using Variable-Length Markov Models
* Linear production game solution to a PTZ camera network
* Pedestrian detection and tracking at crossroads
* RST-Tolerant Shape Descriptor for Object Detection, An
* Signal processing for sidelobe suppression in optical coherence tomography images
* Video object inpainting using manifold-based action prediction
Includes: Liang, Y.M.[Yan Mei] Liang, Y.M.[Yan-Mei] Liang, Y.M.[Yu-Ming]
8 for Liang, Y.M.

Liang, Y.Q.[Yi Qing] Co Author Listing * email: Liang, Y.Q.[Yi Qing]: yliang AT advco com
* Arbitrary downsizing video transcoding using fast motion vector reestimation
* Arbitrary downsizing video transcoding using H.26L standard
* Classified Vector SPIHT Forwavelet Image Coding
* Efficient virtual network transmission using correlated equilibrium on Xen-based platform
* Multiple Motion Detection Using Genetic Algorithms
* new nonlocal variational bi-regularized image restoration model via split Bregman method, A
* On the methods and performances of rational downsizing video transcoding
* Simulation of Urban Scale Expansion Under the Restriction of Land Price Based on GIS and CA
* System and method for object identification and behavior characterization using video analysis
* Video transcoding for fast forward/reverse video playback
Includes: Liang, Y.Q.[Yi Qing] Liang, Y.Q.[Yong-Qing] Liang, Y.Q.[Yong-Quan] Liang, Y.Q.[Yi-Qing] Liang, Y.Q.[Yan-Qing]
11 for Liang, Y.Q.

Liang, Y.R.[Yen Rong] Co Author Listing * Association of Environmental Factors in the Taiwan Strait with Distributions and Habitat Characteristics of Three Swimming Crabs
Includes: Liang, Y.R.[Yen Rong] Liang, Y.R.[Yen-Rong]

Liang, Y.S.[Yan Shou] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Open Source Data Containers for Handling Big Geospatial Raster Data
Includes: Liang, Y.S.[Yan Shou] Liang, Y.S.[Yan-Shou]

Liang, Y.X.[Yi Xiong] Co Author Listing * Exploring regularized feature selection for person specific face verification
* Feature selection via simultaneous sparse approximation for person specific face verification
* Generalizing relevance weighted LDA
* Multi-task GLOH feature selection for human age estimation
* Uncorrelated linear discriminant analysis based on weighted pairwise Fisher criterion
Includes: Liang, Y.X.[Yi Xiong] Liang, Y.X.[Yi-Xiong]

Liang, Y.Y.[Yan Yan] Co Author Listing * Abnormal gesture recognition based on multi-model fusion strategy
* Multiple object tracking by reliable tracklets
* Roadside unit location for information propagation promotion on two parallel roadways with a general headway distribution
Includes: Liang, Y.Y.[Yan Yan] Liang, Y.Y.[Yan-Yan] Liang, Y.Y.[Ying-Yi] Liang, Y.Y.[Yun-Yi]

Liang, Y.Z.[Yan Zhen] Co Author Listing * Advancing the PROSPECT-5 Model to Simulate the Spectral Reflectance of Copper-Stressed Leaves
* VrR-VG: Refocusing Visually-Relevant Relationships
Includes: Liang, Y.Z.[Yan Zhen] Liang, Y.Z.[Yan-Zhen] Liang, Y.Z.[Yuan-Zhi]

Liang, Z. Co Author Listing * 3D-GLCM CNN: A 3-Dimensional Gray-Level Co-Occurrence Matrix-Based CNN Model for Polyp Classification via CT Colonography
* Benchmark for Edge-Preserving Image Smoothing, A
* Bus Signal Priority Control Method Based on Video Detection Technology at Urban Intersection
* Context-Dependent Effect of Urban Form on Air Pollution: A Panel Data Analysis, The
* Contrast Enhancement by Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering
* Coupled Level Set Framework for Bladder Wall Segmentation With Application to MR Cystography, A
* Delta-density based clustering with a divide-and-conquer strategy: 3DC clustering
* Efficient Reconstruction Method for Nonuniform Attenuation Compensation in Nonparallel Beam Geometries Based on Novikov's Explicit Inversion Formula, An
* EM Approach to MAP Solution of Segmenting Tissue Mixtures: A Numerical Analysis, An
* Evaluation of an Efficient Compensation Method for Quantitative Fan-Beam Brain SPECT Reconstruction
* Exploring the Combined Effect of Urbanization and Climate Variability on Urban Vegetation: A Multi-Perspective Study Based on More than 3000 Cities in China
* Extracting Information From Previous Full-Dose CT Scan for Knowledge-Based Bayesian Reconstruction of Current Low-Dose CT Images
* Fast Intra Mode Decision Algorithm for H.264/AVC Video Coding
* FGN: Fully Guided Network for Few-Shot Instance Segmentation
* Hybrid L1-L0 Layer Decomposition Model for Tone Mapping, A
* Learning for Disparity Estimation Through Feature Constancy
* Local Semantic Siamese Networks for Fast Tracking
* Low-Dose Dynamic Cerebral Perfusion Computed Tomography Reconstruction via Kronecker-Basis-Representation Tensor Sparsity Regularization
* Multiobject Tracking by Submodular Optimization
* NMF-Based Comprehensive Latent Factor Learning with Multiview Data
* Novel Analytic Quantization-Distortion Model for Hybrid Video Coding, A
* novel approach to extract colon lumen from CT images for virtual colonoscopy, A
* Online Link Strength Trend Model Based on Content and Topology
* Optimization of Spatiotemporal Clustering for Target Tracking From Multisensor Data
* Penalized Weighted Least-Squares Approach to Sinogram Noise Reduction and Image Reconstruction for Low-Dose X-Ray Computed Tomography
* Real-Time Superpixel Segmentation by DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm
* refinement framework for background subtraction based on color and depth data, A
* Refining a region based attention model using eye tracking data
* Relative Saliency Model over Multiple Images with an Application to Yarn Surface Evaluation
* Retrieval-based cartoon gesture recognition and applications via semi-supervised heterogeneous classifiers learning
* Robust Low-Dose CT Sinogram Preprocessing via Exploiting Noise-Generating Mechanism
* Salient object detection using content-sensitive hypergraph representation and partitioning
* Salient-SIFT for Image Retrieval
* Security Analysis of Multimedia Encryption Schemes Based on Multiple Huffman Table
* Self-Learning With Rectification Strategy for Human Parsing
* Spectral CT Reconstruction via Low-Rank Representation and Region-Specific Texture Preserving Markov Random Field Regularization
* Statistical Characteristics of Raindrop Size Distribution in the Monsoon Season Observed in Southern China
* Temporal Video Denoising Based on Multihypothesis Motion Compensation
* Texture Feature Extraction and Analysis for Polyp Differentiation via Computed Tomography Colonography
* Unified Framework for Depth Prediction from a Single Image and Binocular Stereo Matching, A
* unified reconstruction framework for both parallel-beam and variable focal-length fan-beam collimators by a Cormack-type inversion of exponential Radon transform, A
Includes: Liang, Z. Liang, Z.[Ze] Liang, Z.[Zhou] Liang, Z.[Zheng] Liang, Z.[Zhen] Liang, Z.[Zhang] Liang, Z.[Zhenqing] Liang, Z.[Zhengfa]
41 for Liang, Z.

Liang, Z.F.[Zi Fei] Co Author Listing * 3D MRI image super-resolution for brain combining rigid and large diffeomorphic registration
* Learning Parallax Attention for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
* Multi-Level Context Ultra-Aggregation for Stereo Matching
Includes: Liang, Z.F.[Zi Fei] Liang, Z.F.[Zi-Fei] Liang, Z.F.[Zheng-Fa]

Liang, Z.G. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction and Visualization of 3D Models of Colonic Surface

Liang, Z.H.[Zi Heng] Co Author Listing * Creative Flow+ Dataset
* Picture Decomposition Algorithm Using a Pictoral Information Measure, A
Includes: Liang, Z.H.[Zi Heng] Liang, Z.H.[Zi-Heng] Liang, Z.H.[Ze-Huan]

Liang, Z.J.[Zhu Jin] Co Author Listing * Integrating multi-stage depth-induced contextual information for human action recognition and localization
Includes: Liang, Z.J.[Zhu Jin] Liang, Z.J.[Zhu-Jin]

Liang, Z.L.[Zhen Lin] Co Author Listing * Attention-Based Dense LSTM for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Event Detection by Velocity Pyramid
Includes: Liang, Z.L.[Zhen Lin] Liang, Z.L.[Zhen-Lin] Liang, Z.L.[Zhuo-Lin]

Liang, Z.P.[Zhi Pei] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Signal Processing Meets Nuclear Spins
* Automated Image Registration by Maximization of a Region Similarity Metric
* Automated Registration of Multimodality Images by Maximization of a Region Similarity Measure
* Compressed-Sensing MRI With Random Encoding
* Data-Consistent Linear Prediction Method for Image-Reconstruction from Finite Fourier Samples, A
* Dynamic Imaging by Model Estimation
* Dynamic imaging by object modeling and estimation
* efficient method for dynamic magnetic resonance imaging, An
* Estimation of the joint probability of multisensory signals
* Exploiting the Dependencies in Information Fusion
* Fast algorithms for GS-model-based image reconstruction in data-sharing fourier imaging
* Further analysis of interpolation effects in mutual information-based image registration
* Fusing Audio and Visual Features of Speech
* generalized series approach to MR spectroscopic imaging, A
* hybrid NN-Bayesian architecture for information fusion, A
* Image Reconstruction From Highly Undersampled (k,t)-Space Data With Joint Partial Separability and Sparsity Constraints
* Improved Model-Based Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging
* Joint spatiotemporal statistical analysis of functional MRI data
* Landmark-based shape deformation with topology-preserving constraints
* Maximum cross-entropy generalized series reconstruction
* model-based method for phase unwrapping, A
* Model-Based MR Parameter Mapping With Sparsity Constraints: Parameter Estimation and Performance Bounds
* Parallel MRI Using Phased Array Coils
* Partial Radon Transforms
* Shape Deformation: SVM Regression and Application to Medical Image Segmentation
* Special Issue: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Its Signal Processing
* Template Deformation Constrained by Shape Priors
* Thresholding Based on Maximum Weighted Object Correlation for Rail Defect Detection
* Toward a neuroscope: a real-time imaging system for evaluation of brain function
* Unwrapping of MR Phase Images Using a Markov Random Field Model
Includes: Liang, Z.P.[Zhi Pei] Liang, Z.P.[Zhi-Pei] Liang, Z.P. Liang, Z.P.[Zheng-Ping]
30 for Liang, Z.P.

Liang, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Co Author Listing * Binaural Loudness Spectra Analysis of Individualized Binaural Room Impulse Responses
* Comparison of Principal Components Analysis on Linear and Logarithmic Magnitude of Head-Related Transfer Functions
* How Well Can IMERG Products Capture Typhoon Extreme Precipitation Events over Southern China?
* Multihypothesis Motion-Compensated Temporal Filter for Video Denoising, A
* Study on Measurement Methods of Masking Thresholds
Includes: Liang, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Liang, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang] Liang, Z.Q.[Zhen-Qing] Liang, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qin]

Liang, Z.R.[Zheng Rong] Co Author Listing * Automatic centerline extraction for virtual colonoscopy
* Benefits of angular expression to reconstruction algorithms for collimators with spatially varying focal lengths
* Detecting Bladder Abnormalities Based on Inter-layer Intensity Curve for Virtual Cystoscopy
* Fast Analytical Reconstruction Of Gated Cardiac Spect With Non-uniform Attenuation Compensation
* Feasibility Study of Extracting Tissue Textures From a Previous Full-Dose CT Database as Prior Knowledge for Bayesian Reconstruction of Current Low-Dose CT Images, A
* Haustral Fold Segmentation of CT Colonography Using Ridge Line Detection
* Image matching for translation, rotation and uniform scaling by the Radon transform
* Improved Curvature Estimation for Shape Analysis in Computer-Aided Detection of Colonic Polyps
* Novel Dual LevelSets Competition Model for Colon Region Segmentation, A
* theoretical solution to MAP-EM partial volume segmentation of medical images, A
* Total Variation-Stokes Strategy for Sparse-View X-ray CT Image Reconstruction
Includes: Liang, Z.R.[Zheng Rong] Liang, Z.R.[Zheng-Rong]
11 for Liang, Z.R.

Liang, Z.S.[Zao Shan] Co Author Listing * efficient forgery detection algorithm for object removal by exemplar-based image inpainting, An
Includes: Liang, Z.S.[Zao Shan] Liang, Z.S.[Zao-Shan]

Liang, Z.S.J.[Zhang Sheng John] Co Author Listing * Privacy preserving crowd monitoring: Counting people without people models or tracking
Includes: Liang, Z.S.J.[Zhang Sheng John] Liang, Z.S.J.[Zhang-Sheng John]

Liang, Z.W.[Zhi Wen] Co Author Listing * Augmenting Heteronanostructure Visualization with Haptic Feedback
* Correlation between Spectral Characteristics and Physicochemical Parameters of Soda-Saline Soils in Different States
* Integration of semantic and visual hashing for image retrieval
Includes: Liang, Z.W.[Zhi Wen] Liang, Z.W.[Zhi-Wen] Liang, Z.W.[Zheng-Wei] Liang, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei]

Liang, Z.X.[Zhen Xiao] Co Author Listing * Joint Map and Symmetry Synchronization
* Learning Transformation Synchronization
* Path-Invariant Map Networks
Includes: Liang, Z.X.[Zhen Xiao] Liang, Z.X.[Zhen-Xiao]

Liang, Z.Y.[Zhen Ying] Co Author Listing * Recognition Algorithm for Letter Digital Images Based on the Centroid, A
* Robust Stereoscopic Crosstalk Prediction
Includes: Liang, Z.Y.[Zhen Ying] Liang, Z.Y.[Zhen-Ying] Liang, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yuan]

Liang, Z.Z.[Zhi Zheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive weighted learning for linear regression problems via Kullback-Leibler divergence
* analytical algorithm for generalized low-rank approximations of matrices, An
* Blockwise projection matrix versus blockwise data on undersampled problems: Analysis, comparison and applications
* Correlation classifiers based on data perturbation: New formulations and algorithms
* Feature extraction based on Lp-norm generalized principal component analysis
* Feature selection for linear support vector machines
* Fine-Resolution Mapping of Soil Total Nitrogen across China Based on Weighted Model Averaging
* High-dimensional discriminant analysis and its application to color face images
* Improving Rainfall Erosivity Estimates Using Merged TRMM and Gauge Data
* Interest filter vs. interest operator: Face recognition using Fisher linear discriminant based on interest filter representation
* Kernel direct discriminant analysis and its theoretical foundation
* Majorization-Minimization Approach to Lq Norm Multiple Kernel Learning, A
* metasynthetic approach for segmenting handwritten Chinese character strings, A
* Multiple kernel learning from sets of partially matching image features
* Multiple kernels for generalised discriminant analysis
* note on two-dimensional linear discriminant analysis, A
* Novel Null Space-Based Kernel Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition, A
* Real-time segmentation of various insulators using generative adversarial networks
* regularization framework for robust dimensionality reduction with applications to image reconstruction and feature extraction, A
* Similarity measures on intuitionistic fuzzy sets
* theoretical analysis of GLRAM and its applications, The
* Two-Dimensional Fisher Discriminant Analysis and Its Application to Face Recognition
* Uncorrelated discriminant vectors using a kernel method
Includes: Liang, Z.Z.[Zhi Zheng] Liang, Z.Z.[Zhi-Zheng] Liang, Z.Z.[Zong-Zheng] Liang, Z.Z.[Zhi-Zhen] Liang, Z.Z.[Zi-Ze]
23 for Liang, Z.Z.

Lianos, K.N.[Konstantinos Nektarios] Co Author Listing * VSO: Visual Semantic Odometry
Includes: Lianos, K.N.[Konstantinos Nektarios] Lianos, K.N.[Konstantinos-Nektarios]

Liansheng, L.[Liu] Co Author Listing * Secure Internet-Based Personal Identity Verification System Using Lossless Watermarking and Fingerprint Recognition, A

Lianwen, J.[Jin] Co Author Listing * Precise detection of Chinese characters in historical documents with deep reinforcement learning

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