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Ruan, C.[Chao] Co Author Listing * Identification of Wheat Yellow Rust Using Spectral and Texture Features of Hyperspectral Images
* Integrating Growth and Environmental Parameters to Discriminate Powdery Mildew and Aphid of Winter Wheat Using Bi-Temporal Landsat-8 Imagery

Ruan, D.Y.[Dan Yang] Co Author Listing * Comparison of DCT and Gabor Filters in Residual Extraction of CNN Based JPEG Steganalysis
Includes: Ruan, D.Y.[Dan Yang] Ruan, D.Y.[Dan-Yang]

Ruan, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * Deep learning for real-time image steganalysis: a survey

Ruan, G.Y.[Gai Yan] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Sampling Methods for Validation of Remotely Sensed Fractional Vegetation Cover
Includes: Ruan, G.Y.[Gai Yan] Ruan, G.Y.[Gai-Yan]

Ruan, H.[Hang] Co Author Listing * Robust Adaptive Beamforming Using a Low-Complexity Shrinkage-Based Mismatch Estimation Algorithm

Ruan, H.H.[Hong Hua] Co Author Listing * Aboveground Biomass Estimation of Individual Trees in a Coastal Planted Forest Using Full-Waveform Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* Estimating Canopy Structure and Biomass in Bamboo Forests Using Airborne LiDAR Data
* Estimating Tree Volume Distributions in Subtropical Forests Using Airborne LiDAR Data
* Prediction of Forest Structural Parameters Using Airborne Full-Waveform LiDAR and Hyperspectral Data in Subtropical Forests
Includes: Ruan, H.H.[Hong Hua] Ruan, H.H.[Hong-Hua]

Ruan, J.[Jiandong] Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis of AB-tree
* Reweighted sparse subspace clustering
Includes: Ruan, J.[Jiandong] Ruan, J.[Jishou]

Ruan, J.Q.[Jia Qiang] Co Author Listing * TextSnake: A Flexible Representation for Detecting Text of Arbitrary Shapes
Includes: Ruan, J.Q.[Jia Qiang] Ruan, J.Q.[Jia-Qiang]

Ruan, J.W.[Jia Wei] Co Author Listing * Spatial-spectral classification of hyperspectral images: A deep learning framework with Markov Random fields based modelling
Includes: Ruan, J.W.[Jia Wei] Ruan, J.W.[Jia-Wei]

Ruan, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * Improved mean shift target tracking based on self-organizing maps

Ruan, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * adaptive template matching-based single object tracking algorithm with parallel acceleration, An
* Geographic Analysis Of Optimal Signage Location Selection In Scenic Area, A
Includes: Ruan, L.[Li] Ruan, L.[Ling]

Ruan, M.H.[Ming Hao] Co Author Listing * Calibration of 3D Sensors Using a Spherical Target
Includes: Ruan, M.H.[Ming Hao] Ruan, M.H.[Ming-Hao]

Ruan, N. Co Author Listing * Study On High Resolution Membrane-based Diffractive Optical Imaging On Geostationary Orbit

Ruan, Q. Co Author Listing * CSMMI: Class-Specific Maximization of Mutual Information for Action and Gesture Recognition

Ruan, Q.Q.[Qiu Qi] Co Author Listing * Binary Gabor Statistical Features for Palmprint Template Protection
* Combining Adaptive PDE and Wavelet Shrinkage in Image Denoising with Edge Enhancing Property
* Discriminant spectral analysis for facial expression recognition
* Dual Two-Dimensional Fuzzy Class Preserving Projections for Facial Expression Recognition
* Facial expression recognition based on graph-preserving sparse non-negative matrix factorization
* Facial Expression Recognition via Sparse Representation
* Fuzzy discriminant projections for facial expression recognition
* Gabor-Based Improved Locality Preserving Projections for Face Recognition
* Gabor-based multi-scale Illumination Normalization model for face recognition
* Gait Recognition Using Procrustes Shape Analysis and Shape Context
* Graph-Preserving Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization With Application to Facial Expression Recognition
* Hessian Semi-Supervised Sparse Feature Selection Based on L_2,1/2 -Matrix Norm
* Hierarchical and Spatio-Temporal Sparse Representation for Human Action Recognition
* Illumination Invariant Bimodal Method Employing Discriminant Features for Face Recognition, An
* illumination normalization model for face recognition under varied lighting conditions, An
* Improved 2DLPP Method on Gabor Features for Palmprint Recognition, An
* Independent Gabor Analysis of Discriminant Features Fusion for Face Recognition
* Independent Gabor Analysis of Multiscale Total Variation-Based Quotient Image
* Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Palmprint Recognition
* Learning effective features for 3D face recognition
* Multiple metric learning with query adaptive weights and multi-task re-weighting for person re-identification
* Multiview Hessian Semisupervised Sparse Feature Selection for Multimedia Analysis
* Novel Mathematical Model for Enhanced Fisher's Linear Discriminant and Its Application to Face Recognition
* Object Removal By Cross Isophotes Exemplar-based Inpainting
* Orthogonal Discriminant Neighborhood Preserving Embedding for facial expression recognition
* Orthogonal Tensor Neighborhood Preserving Embedding for facial expression recognition
* Palmprint Recognition with Improved Two-Dimensional Locality Preserving Projections
* Projection-optimal tensor local Fisher discriminant analysis for image feature extraction
* Region of Interest Watermarking Based on Fractal Dimension
* Region-Based Shock-Diffusion Equation for Adaptive Image Enhancement
* Robust sparse bounding sphere for 3D face recognition
* Secure semi-blind watermarking based on iteration mapping and image features
* Semi-supervised sparse feature selection based on multi-view Laplacian regularization
* Similarity weighted sparse representation for classification
* Sparse feature selection based on graph Laplacian for web image annotation
* Tensor rank one differential graph preserving analysis for facial expression recognition
* Three-dimensional face recognition under expression variation
Includes: Ruan, Q.Q.[Qiu Qi] Ruan, Q.Q.[Qiu-Qi]
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Ruan, R.[Rengui] Co Author Listing * Atomic Clock Performance Assessment of BeiDou-3 Basic System with the Noise Analysis of Orbit Determination and Time Synchronization
* Kinect Depth Holes Filling by Similarity and Position Constrained Sparse Representation
* Selecting attentive frames from visually coherent video chunks for surveillance video summarization
Includes: Ruan, R.[Rengui] Ruan, R.[Ruolin] Ruan, R.

Ruan, R.Y.[Rong Yao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Tracking for Simple Linear Plants with Unknown Control Direction
Includes: Ruan, R.Y.[Rong Yao] Ruan, R.Y.[Rong-Yao]

Ruan, S. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Motion and Reconstruction of Coronary-Arteries from Biplane Cineangiography
* 3D automated lymphoma segmentation in PET images based on cellular automata
* 3d medical image segmentation approach based on multi-label front propagation
* Accurate tumor segmentation in FDG-PET images with guidance of complementary CT images
* Advanced Multimedia Power-Saving Method Using a Dynamic Pixel Dimmer on AMOLED Displays
* Binary pattern matching from a local dissimilarity measure
* Binary-image comparison with local-dissimilarity quantification
* Brain tissue classification of magnetic resonance images using partial volume modeling
* Brain tumor segmentation from multiple MRI sequences using multiple kernel learning
* Comparison of 2D and 3D region-based deformable models and random walker methods for PET segmentation
* Detection of Brain Activation from MRI Data by Likelihood-Ratio Test
* Eikonal-based region growing for efficient clustering
* evidential classifier based on feature selection and two-step classification strategy, An
* fast binary-image comparison method with local-dissimilarity quantification, A
* Feature selection and patch-based segmentation in MRI for prostate radiotherapy
* framework of fuzzy information fusion for the segmentation of brain tumor tissues on MR images, A
* Fusion and classification of multi-source images by SVM with selected features in a kernel space
* Fuzzy Markovian Segmentation in Application of Magnetic Resonance Images
* Graph cut segmentation technique for MRI brain tumor extraction
* Graph cut segmentation with a statistical shape model in cardiac MRI
* Joint Tumor Segmentation in PET-CT Images Using Co-Clustering and Fusion Based on Belief Functions
* Kernel feature selection to fuse multi-spectral MRI images for brain tumor segmentation
* Knowledge-based segmentation and labeling of brain structures from MRI images
* Multi-kernel SVM based classification for brain tumor segmentation of MRI multi-sequence
* multi-label front propagation approach for object segmentation, A
* Multilabel statistical shape prior for image segmentation
* new similarity measure using Hausdorff distance map, A
* novel scheme of face verification using active appearance models, A
* Ornamental Letters Image Classification Using Local Dissimilarity Maps
* Prediction of Lung Tumor Evolution During Radiotherapy in Individual Patients With PET
* Quotienting Impertinent Camera Kinematics for 3D Video Stabilization
* Segmentation of anatomical structures from 3D brain MRI using automatically-built statistical shape models
* Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images Using Fuzzy Markov Random Fields
* Segmenting Multi-Source Images Using Hidden Markov Fields With Copula-Based Multivariate Statistical Distributions
* strong bilayer appearance model for human pose estimation from a high freedom still image, A
* topology preserving non-rigid registration algorithm with integration shape knowledge to segment brain subcortical structures from MRI images, A
* Tumor segmentation by fusion of MRI images using copula based statistical methods
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Three-dimensional Brain Images
Includes: Ruan, S. Ruan, S.[Su]
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Ruan, S.J.[Shanq Jang] Co Author Listing * Accurate Motion Detection Using a Self-Adaptive Background Matching Framework
* Adaptive thresholding algorithm: Efficient computation technique based on intelligent block detection for degraded document images
* Crowd Gathering Detection Based on the Foreground Stillness Model
* Histogram shrinking for power-saving contrast enhancement
* Image Quality Analysis of a Novel Histogram Equalization Method for Image Contrast Enhancement
* Scene Analysis for Object Detection in Advanced Surveillance Systems Using Laplacian Distribution Model
Includes: Ruan, S.J.[Shanq Jang] Ruan, S.J.[Shanq-Jang] Ruan, S.J.

Ruan, T. Co Author Listing * Rearranging Online Tubes for Streaming Video Synopsis: A Dynamic Graph Coloring Approach

Ruan, W. Co Author Listing * Faster Seam Carving for Video Retargeting
* Reliable and Practical City Map generation at 1:1000 or 1:500 scale based on five control points recification of digitized images

Ruan, W.J.[Wei Jian] Co Author Listing * Multi-Correlation Filters With Triangle-Structure Constraints for Object Tracking
Includes: Ruan, W.J.[Wei Jian] Ruan, W.J.[Wei-Jian]

Ruan, W.X.[Wen Xin] Co Author Listing * Experimental evaluation of two iterative reconstruction methods for induced current electrical impedance tomography
Includes: Ruan, W.X.[Wen Xin] Ruan, W.X.[Wen-Xin]

Ruan, X.[Xiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color Independent Components Based SIFT Descriptors for Image Classification
* Amulet: Aggregating Multi-level Convolutional Features for Salient Object Detection
* Canonical correlation analysis of local feature set for view-based object recognition
* Co-Bootstrapping Saliency
* Color Independent Components Based SIFT Descriptors for Object/Scene Classification
* Combining motion and appearance cues for anomaly detection
* Contour detection via random forest
* Deep Multi-task Attribute-driven Ranking for Fine-grained Sketch-based Image Retrieval
* Deep networks for saliency detection via local estimation and global search
* Dense and Sparse Reconstruction Error Based Saliency Descriptor
* Detect Globally, Refine Locally: A Novel Approach to Saliency Detection
* Discriminative Generative Contour Detection
* Global Selection vs Local Ordering of Color SIFT Independent Components for Object/Scene Classification
* Hand posture recognition using finger geometric feature
* Human body segmentation based on independent component analysis with reference at two-scale superpixel
* Image Categorization by Learned Nonlinear Subspace of Combined Visual-Words and Low-Level Features
* Image recognition by learned linear subspace of combined bag-of-features and low-level features
* Learning to Detect Salient Objects with Image-Level Supervision
* Living without Menu Bar: A Shape Retrieval Based Word Editor
* Multilinear Supervised Neighborhood Embedding of a Local Descriptor Tensor for Scene/Object Recognition
* Pattern Mining Saliency
* Pose estimation and body segmentation based on hierarchical searching tree
* Ranking Saliency
* Saliency Detection via Dense and Sparse Reconstruction
* Saliency Detection via Graph-Based Manifold Ranking
* Saliency Detection with Multi-Scale Superpixels
* Saliency Detection with Recurrent Fully Convolutional Networks
* Salient object detection via bootstrap learning
* Salient object detection via global and local cues
* Salient Object Detection via Multiple Instance Learning
* Salient Object Detection with Recurrent Fully Convolutional Networks
* Sample-Specific SVM Learning for Person Re-identification
* Semi-supervised and Interactive Semantic Concept Learning for Scene Recognition
* Sketch Retrieval via Dense Stroke Features
* Sketch retrieval via local dense stroke features
* Technical Framework for Shallow-Water Bathymetry With High Reliability and No Missing Data Based on Time-Series Sentinel-2 Images
* Video anomaly detection based on locality sensitive hashing filters
* View-Based Object Recognition Using ND Tensor Supervised Neighborhood Embedding
* Visual saliency: A manifold way of perception
Includes: Ruan, X.[Xiang] Ruan, X.
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Ruan, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Co Author Listing * Concave Hull Methodology for Calculating the Crown Volume of Individual Trees Based on Vehicle-Borne LiDAR Data, A
* Integrating Island Spatial Information and Integer Optimization for Locating Maritime Search and Rescue Bases: A Case Study in the South China Sea
Includes: Ruan, X.G.[Xiao Guang] Ruan, X.G.[Xiao-Guang]

Ruan, X.K.[Xiu Kai] Co Author Listing * Blind Nonlinear Channel Equalization Using Kernel Processing
Includes: Ruan, X.K.[Xiu Kai] Ruan, X.K.[Xiu-Kai]

Ruan, X.W.[Xiang Wei] Co Author Listing * Coherent Scatterers Detection with Polarimetric SAR Sub-Aperture Analysis
* Highway Bridge Detection Based on PCA Fusion in Airborne Multiband High Resolution SAR Images
* Performance Experiment of Classification Using Chinese Airborne Multi-Band and Multi-Polar SAR Data
Includes: Ruan, X.W.[Xiang Wei] Ruan, X.W.[Xiang-Wei]

Ruan, Y.[Yang] Co Author Listing * Discriminative descriptors for object tracking
* Energy-based video tracking using joint target density processing with an application to unmanned aerial vehicle surveillance
* Fast and robust template matching with majority neighbour similarity and annulus projection transformation
* HarDNet: A Low Memory Traffic Network
* High-resolution tomographic diffractive microscopy in reflection configuration
* Weakly Supervised Multiclass Video Segmentation
Includes: Ruan, Y.[Yang] Ruan, Y. Ruan, Y.[Yi] Ruan, Y.[Ying]

Ruan, Y.C.[Ying Chao] Co Author Listing * Dual function optic sleep preventing device for vehicle drivers

Ruan, Y.P.[Yao Ping] Co Author Listing * Lightweight searchable screen video recording
Includes: Ruan, Y.P.[Yao Ping] Ruan, Y.P.[Yao-Ping]

Ruan, Z.[Zheng] Co Author Listing * Comparing and Merging Observation Data from Ka-Band Cloud Radar, C-Band Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave Radar and Ceilometer Systems

Ruan, Z.M. Co Author Listing * Derivation of Digital Terrain Model in Forested Area with Airborne LIDAR Data

Ruan, Z.W.[Zhi Wei] Co Author Listing * Deformable Part-Based Model Transfer for Object Detection
* Local matting based on sample-pair propagation and iterative refinement
* new framework for on-line object tracking based on SURF, A
* Subcategory Clustering with Latent Feature Alignment and Filtering for Object Detection
Includes: Ruan, Z.W.[Zhi Wei] Ruan, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei]

Ruan, Z.X.[Zhi Xing] Co Author Listing * Accurate Determination of Glacier Surface Velocity Fields with a DEM-Assisted Pixel-Tracking Technique from SAR Imagery
* Constructing a High-Accuracy Geometric Model for Moon-Based Earth Observation
* Deriving Ice Motion Patterns in Mountainous Regions by Integrating the Intensity-Based Pixel-Tracking and Phase-Based D-InSAR and MAI Approaches: A Case Study of the Chongce Glacier
* Evolution of Surge-Type Glaciers in the Yangtze River Headwater Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Wavelet-Based Topographic Effect Compensation in Accurate Mountain Glacier Velocity Extraction: A Case Study of the Muztagh Ata Region, Eastern Pamir
Includes: Ruan, Z.X.[Zhi Xing] Ruan, Z.X.[Zhi-Xing]

Ruane, L.M. Co Author Listing * Two-Level Pipelined Systolic Array for Multidimensional Convolution

Ruangchaijatupon, N.[Nararat] Co Author Listing * Novel Performance Evaluation Method of the Fingerprinting-Based Indoor Positioning, The

Ruangyam, P.[Pathompong] Co Author Listing * 3-dimensional face pose and shape estimation based on relaxed model fitting optimization
* efficient region-based skin color model for reliable face localization, An
Includes: Ruangyam, P.[Pathompong] Ruangyam, P.

Ruano, A.[Aitor] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Automated Maneuvering at the 2016 Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge
* Novel multi-feature Bag-of-Words descriptor via subspace random projection for efficient human-action recognition
Includes: Ruano, A.[Aitor] Ruano, A.[Arturo]

Ruano, J. Co Author Listing * Perceptually Equivalent Resolution in Handheld Devices for Streaming Bandwidth Saving

Ruano, P.[Patricia] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the SBAS InSAR Service of the European Space Agency's Geohazard Exploitation Platform (GEP)
* Sentinel-1 DInSAR for Monitoring Active Landslides in Critical Infrastructures: The Case of the Rules Reservoir (Southern Spain)

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