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Ghosal, A. Co Author Listing * Location-Wise Predetermined Deployment for Optimizing Lifetime in Visual Sensor Networks, A

Ghosal, D.[Deepanway] Co Author Listing * All-in-One: Emotion, Sentiment and Intensity Prediction Using a Multi-Task Ensemble Framework
* Security Vulnerabilities and Protection Algorithms for Backpressure-Based Traffic Signal Control at an Isolated Intersection
Includes: Ghosal, D.[Deepanway] Ghosal, D.[Dipak]

Ghosal, K. Co Author Listing * Aesthetic Image Captioning From Weakly-Labelled Photographs
* Image Aesthetics Assessment Using Graph Attention Network
* Jointformer: Single-Frame Lifting Transformer with Error Prediction and Refinement for 3D Human Pose Estimation
Includes: Ghosal, K. Ghosal, K.[Koustav]

Ghosal, S.[Sugata] Co Author Listing * email: Ghosal, S.[Sugata]: ghosal AT amherst com
* Deep deformable registration: Enhancing accuracy by fully convolutional neural net
* Detection Of Composite Edges
* Edge detection using orthogonal moment-based operators
* Efficient Query Modification for Image Retrieval
* Fast Scalable Algorithm for Discontinuous Optical-Flow Estimation, A
* Fast Translation Invariant Multiscale Image Denoising
* Hierarchical Partitioned Least Squares Filter-bank for Fingerprint Enhancement
* iPURE: Perceptual and User-friendly REtrieval of Images
* Learning Partitioned Least Squares Filters for Fingerprint Enhancement
* Moment-Based Unified Approach to Image Feature Detection, A
* On Algebraic Smoothing: Theory and Results
* Orthogonal Moment Operators for Subpixel Edge Detection
* Range Surface Characterization and Segmentation Using Neural Networks
* Robust Optical Flow Estimation
* Robust Optical-Flow Estimation Using Semi-Invariant Local Features
* Segmentation of Range Images: An Orthogonal Moment-Based Integrated Approach
* Target Detection in Foveal ATR Systems
* Zernike moment-based feature detectors
Includes: Ghosal, S.[Sugata] Ghosal, S.[Sayan] Ghosal, S.
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Ghosal, S.S.[Soumya Suvra] Co Author Listing * Are Vision Transformers Robust to Spurious Correlations?

Ghosal, V.[Vidyut] Co Author Listing * Face Classification Using Gabor Wavelets and Random Forest

Ghose, D.[Debasmita] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Improved Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation in Satellite Images
* Fast Accurate Fish Recognition with Deep Learning Based on a Domain-Specific Large-Scale Fish Dataset
Includes: Ghose, D.[Debasmita] Ghose, D.[Debasish]

Ghose, S.[Sanchita] Co Author Listing * AutoFoley: Artificial Synthesis of Synchronized Sound Tracks for Silent Videos With Deep Learning
* Connectionist Approach for Clustering with Applications in Image-Analysis, A
* Connectionist Approach for Gray Level Image Segmentation, A
* Connectionist Approach for Peak Detection in Hough Space, A
* coupled schema of probabilistic atlas and statistical shape and appearance model for 3D prostate segmentation in MR images, A
* deep one-shot network for query-based logo retrieval, A
* Fast Multiatlas Selection Using Composition of Transformations for Radiation Therapy Planning
* FoleyGAN: Visually Guided Generative Adversarial Network-Based Synchronous Sound Generation in Silent Videos
* Graph cut energy minimization in a probabilistic learning framework for 3D prostate segmentation in MRI
* Joint Visual Semantic Reasoning: Multi-Stage Decoder for Text Recognition
* MetaHTR: Towards Writer-Adaptive Handwritten Text Recognition
* Modeling Extent-of-Texture Information for Ground Terrain Recognition
* Mumford-Shah functional based variational model with contour, shape, and probability prior information for prostate segmentation, A
* Non-Linear Diffeomorphic Framework for Prostate Multimodal Registration, A
* Point Matching Using Asymmetric Neural Networks
* probabilistic framework for automatic prostate segmentation with a statistical model of shape and appearance, A
* Spectral clustering to model deformations for fast multimodal prostate registration
* Statistical Shape and Probability Prior Model for Automatic Prostate Segmentation
* Supervised Learning Framework for Automatic Prostate Segmentation in Trans Rectal Ultrasound Images, A
* UDBNET: Unsupervised Document Binarization Network via Adversarial Game
* Weighted likelihood function of multiple statistical parameters to retrieve 2D TRUS-MR slice correspondence for prostate biopsy
Includes: Ghose, S.[Sanchita] Ghose, S. Ghose, S.[Shuvozit] Ghose, S.[Soumya]
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Ghose, T. Co Author Listing * Fractal Dimension Estimation For Texture Images: A Parallel Approach

Ghosh Roy, R. Co Author Listing * On-Line Legal Aid: Markov Chain Model for Efficient Retrieval of Legal Documents
Includes: Ghosh Roy, R. Ghosh-Roy, R.

Ghosh, A. Co Author Listing * AB Initio Tomography With Object Heterogeneity and Unknown Viewing Parameters
* Acquiring Axially-Symmetric Transparent Objects Using Single-View Transmission Imaging
* Aggregation Pheromone Density Based Image Segmentation
* Aggregation pheromone metaphor for semi-supervised classification
* Automatic Segmentation and Inpainting of Specular Highlights for Endoscopic Imaging
* AvatarMe++: Facial Shape and BRDF Inference With Photorealistic Rendering-Aware GANs
* AvatarMe: Realistically Renderable 3D Facial Reconstruction In-the-Wild
* Basis Illumination Approach to BRDF Measurement, A
* black-box adversarial attack strategy with adjustable sparsity and generalizability for deep image classifiers, A
* BRDF Acquisition with Basis Illumination
* Change detection for moving object segmentation with robust background construction under Wronskian framework
* Change Information Based Fast Algorithm for Video Object Detection and Tracking, A
* Classification of Objects and Background Using Parallel Genetic Algorithm Based Clustering
* Conditional Deep Generative Model of People in Natural Images, A
* Context-Sensitive Technique for Unsupervised Change Detection Based on Hopfield-Type Neural Networks, A
* Contrastive Learning Improves Model Robustness Under Label Noise
* Crowd-Driven and Automated Mapping of Field Boundaries in Highly Fragmented Agricultural Landscapes of Ethiopia with Very High Spatial Resolution Imagery
* Deep feature extraction in the DCT domain
* Deep Implicit Surface Point Prediction Networks
* Deep Polarization Imaging for 3D Shape and SVBRDF Acquisition
* DeepPool: Distributed Model-Free Algorithm for Ride-Sharing Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
* DGPose: Deep Generative Models for Human Body Analysis
* Digital image processing technique including improved gray scale compression
* Distributed differential evolution algorithm for MAP estimation of MRF model for detecting moving objects
* Do We Really Need Gold Samples for Sample Weighting under Label Noise?
* Dynamic Narratives for Heritage Tour
* Effect of illumination on automatic expression recognition: A novel 3D relightable facial database
* Entropy based region selection for moving object detection
* Estimating Surface Normals from Spherical Stokes Reflectance Fields
* Exploring the effect of illumination on automatic expression recognition using the ICT-3DRFE database
* Fast mean filtering technique (FMFT)
* FewFaceNet: A Lightweight Few-Shot Learning-based Incremental Face Authentication for Edge Cameras
* Fiber Enhancement in Diffusion-Weighted MRI
* Fine-Grained Material Classification Using Micro-geometry and Reflectance
* Food Recognition in the Presence of Label Noise
* Foreground Segmentation Using Adaptive 3 Phase Background Model
* High-Magnification Multi-views Based Classification of Breast Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Cell Samples Using Fusion of Decisions from Deep Convolutional Networks
* Holographic Implementation of a Binary Associative Memory for Improved Recognition
* Hyperspectral imagery for disaggregation of land surface temperature with selected regression algorithms over different land use land cover scenes
* Identifying Dry-Season Rice-Planting Patterns in Bangladesh Using the Landsat Archive
* Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Correlation
* Image-based separation of diffuse and specular reflections using environmental structured illumination
* Index of Area Coverage of Fuzzy Image Subsets and Object Extraction
* Indistinct Frame Detection in Colonoscopy Videos
* Infoprint: Information Theoretic Digital Image Forensics
* Integration of deep feature extraction and ensemble learning for outlier detection
* Integration of Gibbs Markov Random Field and Hopfield-Type Neural Networks for Unsupervised Change Detection in Remotely Sensed Multitemporal Images
* Interactive Sketch Fill: Multiclass Sketch-to-Image Translation
* Investigations in Psychological Stress Detection from Social Media Text using Deep Architectures
* Kernelized Fuzzy Modal Variation for Local Change Detection From Video Scenes
* Label Correlation Propagation for Semi-supervised Multi-label Learning
* Learned Two-Plane Perspective Prior based Image Resampling for Efficient Object Detection
* Learning Sparsity-Promoting Regularizers Using Bilevel Optimization
* Machine Interpretation of Patterns: Image Analysis and Data Mining
* Maximum a Posteriori Estimation of Linear Shape Variation With Application to Vertebra and Cartilage Modeling
* Measurement Based Appearance Modelling
* MEQA: Manifold embedding quality assessment via anisotropic scaling and Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
* Morphological and Linear Scale Spaces for Fiber Enhancement in DW-MRI
* Multi-agent Diverse Generative Adversarial Networks
* Neural Network, Self-Organization and Object Extraction
* Non-parametric modified histogram equalisation for contrast enhancement
* novel automated magnetic resonance image segmentation approach based on elliptical gamma mixture model for breast lumps detection, A
* novel fuzzy classifier based on product aggregation operator, A
* novel intuitionistic fuzzy soft set based colonogram enhancement for polyps localization, A
* Numerical Schemes for Linear and Non-linear Enhancement of DW-MRI
* Object Background Classification Using Hopfield Type Neural Network
* Object Detection From Videos Captured by Moving Camera by Fuzzy Edge Incorporated Markov Random Field and Local Histogram Matching
* Partially Camouflaged Object Tracking using Modified Probabilistic Neural Network and Fuzzy Energy based Active Contour
* Planning for Sustainable Cities in Africa: Experiences, Challenges and Prospects of Monitoring Geospatial Indicators
* Practical and Scalable Desktop-Based High-Quality Facial Capture
* Pretrained Equivariant Features Improve Unsupervised Landmark Discovery
* Real-Time Adaptive Histogram Min-Max Bucket (HMMB) Model for Background Subtraction
* Recognition of Hand Gesture Image Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Relation Preserving Triplet Mining for Stabilising the Triplet Loss in Re-identification Systems
* Remote Sensing Image Classification: A Neuro-fuzzy MCS Approach
* Robust generalised quadratic discriminant analysis
* Robustness of Shape Descriptors to Incomplete Contour Representations
* Satellite-Based Observations Reveal Effects of Weather Variation on Rice Phenology
* SDCA: a novel stack deep convolutional autoencoder- an application on retinal image denoising
* Segmentation of remotely sensed images with fuzzy thresholding, and quantitative evaluation
* Semi-supervised Deep Generative Model for Human Body Analysis, A
* Semi-supervised Learning with Multilayer Perceptron for Detecting Changes of Remote Sensing Images
* SINE: SINgle Image Editing with Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
* Spatial constraint Hopfield-type neural networks for detecting changes in remotely sensed multitemporal images
* Stable feature selection using copula based mutual information
* Stacked U-Nets for Ground Material Segmentation in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Stratification of Patients With Liver Fibrosis Using Dual-Energy CT
* Synthesis of Compositional Animations from Textual Descriptions
* Towards Structured Analysis of Broadcast Badminton Videos
* Traffic Control in a Mixed Autonomy Scenario at Urban Intersections: An Optimal Control Approach
* Use of aggregation pheromone density for image segmentation
* VEA: Vessel Extraction Algorithm by Active Contour Model and a Novel Wavelet Analyzer for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection
* Wavelet-Feature-Based Classifiers for Multispectral Remote-Sensing Images
* Wrapper based feature selection in hyperspectral image data using self-adaptive differential evolution
Includes: Ghosh, A. Ghosh, A.[Abhijeet] Ghosh, A.[Ashish] Ghosh, A.[Anarta] Ghosh, A.[Arka] Ghosh, A.[Asish] Ghosh, A.[Arnab] Ghosh, A.[Aritra] Ghosh, A.[Aniruddha] Ghosh, A.[Aurobrata] Ghosh, A.[Atish] Ghosh, A.[Anurag] Ghosh, A.[Anirudha] Ghosh, A.[Arpan] Ghosh, A.[Arindam] Ghosh, A.[Angshuman] Ghosh, A.[Avrajit] Ghosh, A.[Anupam] Ghosh, A.[Amit] Ghosh, A.[Atin] Ghosh, A.[Ahona] Ghosh, A.[Adhiraj] Ghosh, A.[Abhik] Ghosh, A.[Anindita] Ghosh, A.[Arnob]
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Ghosh, A.K.[Anjan Kumar] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Performance Evaluation of ICA-Based Architectures for Face Recognition
* Classification Based on Hybridization of Parametric and Nonparametric Classifiers
* High dimensional nearest neighbor classification based on mean absolute differences of inter-point distances
* Multiscale Classification Using Nearest Neighbor Density Estimates
* On Perfect Clustering of High Dimension, Low Sample Size Data
* On Visualization and Aggregation of Nearest Neighbor Classifiers
* probabilistic approach for semi-supervised nearest neighbor classification, A
Includes: Ghosh, A.K.[Anjan Kumar] Ghosh, A.K.[Anil K.] Ghosh, A.K.
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Ghosh, B.[Bidisha] Co Author Listing * Development of Hybrid Models to Estimate Gross Primary Productivity at a Near-Natural Peatland Using Sentinel 2 Data and a Light Use Efficiency Model
* Drone Image Segmentation Using Machine and Deep Learning for Mapping Raised Bog Vegetation Communities
* Dynamic Prediction of the Incident Duration Using Adaptive Feature Set
* Multivariate Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Using Time-Series Analysis
* nested drone-satellite approach to monitoring the ecological conditions of wetlands, A
* Weather Adaptive Traffic Prediction Using Neurowavelet Models
Includes: Ghosh, B.[Bidisha] Ghosh, B.

Ghosh, B.J. Co Author Listing * Image segmentation based on multiresolution filtering

Ghosh, B.K.[Bijoy Kumar] Co Author Listing * Finite-Time Velocity-Free Rendezvous Control of Multiple AUV Systems With Intermittent Communication
* Geometric Active Deformable Models in Shape Modeling
* Geometric deformable model and segmentation
* Modeling and Estimation of the Dynamics of Planar Algebraic Curves via Riccati Equations
* Perspective Theory for Motion and Shape Estimation in Machine Vision, A
* Spatio-temporal continuous wavelet transforms for motion-based segmentation in real image sequences
Includes: Ghosh, B.K.[Bijoy Kumar] Ghosh, B.K. Ghosh, B.K.[Bijoy K.]

Ghosh, C.[Chandrima] Co Author Listing * Simulating Parallel Internal Column Contextual Array Grammars Using Two-dimensional Parallel Restarting Automata with Multiple Windows

Ghosh, D.[Debashis] Co Author Listing * Adaptive binarization of severely degraded and non-uniformly illuminated documents
* analytic approach for generation of artificial hand-printed character database from given generative models, An
* Automatic Generation of Route Control Chart From Validated Signal Interlocking Plan
* Bidirectional Mapping-Based Domain Adaptation for Nucleus Detection in Cross-Modality Microscopy Images
* Cardiac Motion Estimation from Echocardiographic Image Sequence using Unsupervised Active Contour Tracker
* Continuous Hand Gesture Segmentation and Co-articulation Detection
* Exploring the self similar properties for monitoring of air quality information
* Fast Codeword Search Algorithm for Real Time Codebook Generation in Adaptive VQ
* Geospatial Modelling for Delineation of Crop Management Zones Using Local Terrain Attributes and Soil Properties
* In-Path Oracles for Road Networks
* Material Classification Using Morphological Pattern Spectrum for Extracting Textural Features from Material Micrographs
* Multi-Oriented Text Extraction in Stylistic Documents
* Multi-resolution mobile vision system for plant leaf disease diagnosis
* Multiscaled Multi-Head Attention-Based Video Transformer Network for Hand Gesture Recognition
* novel method for straightening curved text-lines in stylistic documents, A
* Novel Modified Mel-DCT Filter Bank Structure With Application to Voice Activity Detection, A
* On Dempster-Shafer and bayesian detectors
* robust iterative super-resolution mosaicking algorithm using an adaptive and directional Huber-Markov regularization, A
* Robust twin support vector regression based on rescaled Hinge loss
* Script Recognition: A Review
* survey on image mosaicing techniques, A
* XDNet: A Few-Shot Meta-Learning Approach for Cross-Domain Visual Inspection
Includes: Ghosh, D.[Debashis] Ghosh, D. Ghosh, D.[Devleena] Ghosh, D.[Dibakar] Ghosh, D.[Debajyoti] Ghosh, D.[Debabrata] Ghosh, D.[Debdas] Ghosh, D.[Dipanjan]
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Ghosh, D.K.[Dipak Kumar] Co Author Listing * Edge detection using ACO and F ratio
* Hand gesture recognition using DWT and F-ratio based feature descriptor
* Local directional ZigZag pattern: A rotation invariant descriptor for texture classification
* On an algorithm for Vision-based hand gesture recognition
* Reversed Image Signal Processing and Raw Reconstruction. AIM 2022 Challenge Report
Includes: Ghosh, D.K.[Dipak Kumar] Ghosh, D.K.[Dipon Kumar]

Ghosh, G.[Gargi] Co Author Listing * CiT: Curation in Training for Effective Vision-Language Data
* Direct Construction of Optimal Z-Complementary Code Sets with Even Lengths by Using Generalized Boolean Functions
Includes: Ghosh, G.[Gargi] Ghosh, G.[Gobinda]

Ghosh, H. Co Author Listing * Content-based classification of graphical document images
* density based method for automatic hairstyle discovery and recognition, A
* Effective Visualization and Navigation in a Multimedia Document Collection Using Ontology
* Histogram of gradient magnitudes: A rotation invariant texture-descriptor
* Indexing of multilingual news telecast using audio-visual keywords
* Managing Document Images in a Digital Library: An Ontology Guided Approach
* Smart Water Management: An Ontology-Driven Context-Aware IoT Application
* Study on Size Optimization of Scanned Textual Documents, A
* Telecom Inventory Management via Object Recognition and Localisation on Google Street View Images
Includes: Ghosh, H. Ghosh, H.[Hiranmay]
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Ghosh, I.[Indranil] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Causal Interactions and Predictive Modelling of Financial Markets Using Econometric Methods, Maximal Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transformation and Machine Learning: A Study in Asian Context

Ghosh, I.D.[Ishita De] Co Author Listing * Identification of personality traits from handwritten text documents using multi-label classification models
* investigation into automated age estimation using sclera images: a novel modality, An

Ghosh, J. Co Author Listing * Active Learning Approach to Hyperspectral Data Classification, An
* Analysis of decision boundaries in linearly combined neural classifiers
* Best-bases feature extraction algorithms for classification of hyperspectral data
* Blind Image Quality Assessment Without Human Training Using Latent Quality Factors
* Comparative Study of Three Paradigms for Object Recognition: Bayesian Statistics, Neural Networks, and Expert Systems, A
* Discovering important people and objects for egocentric video summarization
* Estimating the Bayes Error Rate Through Classifier Combining
* Exploiting Class Hierarchies for Knowledge Transfer in Hyperspectral Data
* Hidden Annotation in Content Based Image Retrieval
* Investigation of the Random Forest Framework for Classification of Hyperspectral Data
* Knowledge Reuse in Multiple Classifier Systems
* Linear Feature Extractors Based on Mutual Information
* Multisensor Integration for Scene Classification: an Experiment in Human Form Detection
* Nearest-Manifold Classification with Gaussian Processes
* privacy-sensitive approach to distributed clustering, A
* Retinally Reconstructed Images: Digital Images Having a Resolution Match with the Human Eye
* Semisupervised Learning of Hyperspectral Data With Unknown Land-Cover Classes
* Spatially Adaptive Classification of Land Cover With Remote Sensing Data
* Structural Adaptation in Mixture of Experts
* Unified Model for Probabilistic Principal Surfaces, A
Includes: Ghosh, J. Ghosh, J.[Joydeep] Ghosh, J.[Joumana]
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Ghosh, J.K. Co Author Listing * Indian topographical map symbols understanding system
* Reference data preparation for complex satellite image segmentation
Includes: Ghosh, J.K. Ghosh, J.K.[Jayanta Kumar]

Ghosh, K.[Koushik] Co Author Listing * affinity-based new local distance function and similarity measure for kNN algorithm, An
* Comparison Between an HVS Inspired Linear Filter and the Bilateral Filter in Performing Vision at a Glance through Smoothing with Edge Preservation
* Early Vision and Image Processing: Evidences Favouring a Dynamic Receptive Field Model
* Enhancing face matching in a suitable binary environment
* Estimation of facial expression intensity from a sequence of binary face images
* Exemplar-Free Continual Transformer with Convolutions
* fast VLSI architecture of a hierarchical block matching algorithm for motion estimation, A
* Granger Causality Driven AHP for Feature Weighted kNN
* HVS Inspired Robust Non-blind Watermarking Scheme in YCbCr Color Space, An
* Hybrid Deep Architecture for Robust Recognition of Text Lines of Degraded Printed Documents, A
* kNN Classification with an Outlier Informative Distance Measure
* Multi-Latent GAN Inversion for Unsupervised 3D Shape Completion
* Neuro-visually inspired figure-ground segregation
* Outlier detection using neighborhood rank difference
* Phenology Analysis Of Forest Vegetation To Environmental Variables During Pre- And Post-monsoon Seasons In Western Himalayan Region Of India
* probabilistic framework for dynamic k estimation in kNN classifiers with certainty factor, A
* Proposing new methods in low-level vision from the Mach band illusion in retrospect
* Some Insights Into Brightness Perception of Images in the Light of a New Computational Model of Figure-Ground Segregation
* Test Point Specific k Estimation for kNN Classifier
* Understanding image structure from a new multi-scale representation of higher order derivative filters
Includes: Ghosh, K.[Koushik] Ghosh, K.[Kuntal] Ghosh, K.[Kripabandhu] Ghosh, K.[Kausik] Ghosh, K. Ghosh, K.[Krishnendu]
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Ghosh, L.[Lidia] Co Author Listing * Music-Induced Emotion Classification from the Prefrontal Hemodynamics

Ghosh, M.[Mayukh] Co Author Listing * Cell Tracking in Video Microscopy Using Bipartite Graph Matching
* MO-QoE: Video QoE using multi-feature fusion based Optimized Learning Models
* neural-evolutionary approach for feature and architecture selection in online handwriting recognition, A
* Novel Approach for Structural Feature Extraction: Contour vs. Direction, A
* Plasmodium vivax segmentation using modified fuzzy divergence
* Probabilistic prediction of malaria using morphological and textural information
* SEN: Stack Ensemble Shallow Convolution Neural Network for Signature-based Writer Identification
Includes: Ghosh, M.[Mayukh] Ghosh, M.[Monalisa] Ghosh, M. Ghosh, M.[Moumita] Ghosh, M.[Madhumala] Ghosh, M.[Mridul]
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Ghosh, M.K. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy shape based motion evaluation of left ventricle using genetic algorithm
* GA based approach for boundary detection of left ventricle with echocardiographic image sequences, A
* Monitoring the coastline change of Hatiya Island in Bangladesh using remote sensing techniques
* Non-rigid cardiac motion quantification from 2D image sequences based on wavelet synthesis
Includes: Ghosh, M.K. Ghosh, M.K.[Manoj Kumer]

Ghosh, N.[Nirmalya] Co Author Listing * Bayesian based 3D shape reconstruction from video
* Evolving Bayesian Graph for Three-Dimensional Vehicle Model Building From Video
* How current BNs fail to represent evolvable pattern recognition problems and a proposed solution
* Incremental Unsupervised Three-Dimensional Vehicle Model Learning From Video
* Incremental Vehicle 3-D Modeling from Video
* Psychological Adaptive Model For Video Analysis, A
Includes: Ghosh, N.[Nirmalya] Ghosh, N.

Ghosh, P.[Partha] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Likelihood Estimation With One-Way Flows
* Chaotic firefly algorithm-based fuzzy C-means algorithm for segmentation of brain tissues in magnetic resonance images
* Curbing Pandemic Through Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Priority Aware Mobility Scheduling
* D-Extract: Extracting Dimensional Attributes From Product Images
* Depth Completion Using a View-constrained Deep Prior
* Detection of Metadata Tampering Through Discrepancy Between Image Content and Metadata Using Multi-task Deep Learning
* Efficient and Robust Detection of Duplicate Videos in a Large Database
* Empowering Smart Cities: A Comprehensive Edge Computing Framework for Enhanced IoT Situation Awareness
* Estimating Contribution of Water Flow Components to Kameng River Basin Using Hydrological Modelling
* Face Recognition from Images with High Pose Variations by Transform Vector Quantization
* Fast and efficient computation of stereo depth maps
* Generalized simultaneous registration and segmentation
* GIF: Generative Interpretable Faces
* LD-ZNet: A Latent Diffusion Approach for Text-Based Image Segmentation
* Learning Graphs for Knowledge Transfer with Limited Labels
* Nonconservative Flow Field for Robust Variational Image Segmentation, A
* Object Tracking with Ratio Cycles Using Shape and Appearance Cues
* Populating 3D Scenes by Learning Human-Scene Interaction
* Reference-based probabilistic segmentation as non-rigid registration using Thin Plate Splines
* Retina Layer Segmentation and Spatial Alignment of Antibody Expression Levels
* Robust dynamical model for simultaneous registration and segmentation in a variational framework: A Bayesian approach
* Robust Simultaneous Registration and Segmentation with Sparse Error Reconstruction
* Stacked Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Networks for Action Segmentation
* Understanding Center Loss Based Network for Image Retrieval with Few Training Data
Includes: Ghosh, P.[Partha] Ghosh, P.[Preetam] Ghosh, P.[Pushpendu] Ghosh, P. Ghosh, P.[Pinaki] Ghosh, P.[Prasanta] Ghosh, P.[Pallabi] Ghosh, P.[Pratim]
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Ghosh, P.K.[Pijush K.] Co Author Listing * Algebra of Polygons through the Notion of Negative Shapes, An
* Indecomposability Problem in Binary Morphology: An Algorithmic Approach, The
* Mathematical Model for Shape Description Using Minkowski Operators, A
* Mathematical Morphological Operations of Boundary-Represented Geometric Objects
* Multiple Spectral Peak Tracking for Heart Rate Monitoring from Photoplethysmography Signal During Intensive Physical Exercise
* On Negative Shape
* Robust Whisper Activity Detection Using Long-Term Log Energy Variation of Sub-Band Signal
* SFNet: A Computationally Efficient Source Filter Model Based Neural Speech Synthesis
* Solution of Polygon Containment, Spatial Planning, and Other Related Problems Using Minkowski Operations, A
* Support Function Representation of Convex Bodies, Its Application in Geometric Computing, and Some Related Representations
Includes: Ghosh, P.K.[Pijush K.] Ghosh, P.K. Ghosh, P.K.[Prasanta Kumar]
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Ghosh, R.[Ratul] Co Author Listing * Deep Representation Learning Characterized by Inter-Class Separation for Image Clustering
* deep transfer learning framework for mapping high spatiotemporal resolution LAI, A
* Exploring the self similar properties for monitoring of air quality information
* hybrid scheme of image compression employing wavelets and 2D-PCA, A
* Investigating Convolutional Neural Networks using Spatial Orderness
* Moving target detection in thermal infrared imagery using spatiotemporal information
* Performance Evaluation of Parallel Structure from Motion (SfM) Processing with Public Cloud Computing and an On-Premise Cluster System for UAS Images in Agriculture
* Rician noise removal in magnitude MRI images using efficient anisotropic diffusion filtering
* RNN based online handwritten word recognition in Devanagari and Bengali scripts using horizontal zoning
* Study of two zone-based features for online Bengali and Devanagari character recognition
* Toward Large-Scale Mapping of Tree Crops with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Deep Learning Algorithms: A Case Study of Olive Orchards in Morocco
Includes: Ghosh, R.[Ratul] Ghosh, R.[Rahul] Ghosh, R. Ghosh, R.[Rohit] Ghosh, R.[Ripul] Ghosh, R.[Rajib] Ghosh, R.[Ranjan]
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Ghosh, R.P. Co Author Listing * multiple-classifier system for recognition of printed mathematical symbols, A

Ghosh, S.[Surajit] Co Author Listing * Aboveground Forest Biomass Estimation by the Integration of TLS and ALOS PALSAR Data Using Machine Learning
* AdVerb: Visually Guided Audio Dereverberation
* Aggregation Pheromone Density Based Image Segmentation
* Aggregation pheromone metaphor for semi-supervised classification
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Bokeh Effect Synthesis: Methods and Results
* Analyzing the Long-Term Phenological Trends of Salt Marsh Ecosystem across Coastal LOUISIANA
* Assessing the Performance of the Satellite-Based Precipitation Products (SPP) in the Data-Sparse Himalayan Terrain
* Attention W-Net: Improved Skip Connections for Better Representations
* AUTO-G: Gesture Recognition in the Crowd for Autonomous Vehicle
* Automated 3D Muscle Segmentation from MRI Data Using Convolutional Neural Network
* Automatic Gaze Analysis: A Survey of Deep Learning Based Approaches
* Automatic Group Affect Analysis in Images via Visual Attribute and Feature Networks
* Automatic Prediction of Group Cohesiveness in Images
* AV-GAZE: A Study on the Effectiveness of Audio Guided Visual Attention Estimation for Non-profilic Faces
* Bayesian Adaptive Beamformer for Robust Electromagnetic Brain Imaging of Correlated Sources in High Spatial Resolution
* Bridging the Gap Between Computational Photography and Visual Recognition
* Change detection for moving object segmentation with robust background construction under Wronskian framework
* Class-incremental Learning via Deep Model Consolidation
* Combining content and structure similarity for XML document classification using composite SVM kernels
* Composite Script Identification and Orientation Detection for Indian Text Images
* Context-Sensitive Prediction of Facial Expressivity Using Multimodal Hierarchical Bayesian Neural Networks
* Context-Sensitive Technique for Unsupervised Change Detection Based on Hopfield-Type Neural Networks, A
* Deep Network Pruning for Object Detection
* Designing an Experience Sampling Method for Smartphone Based Emotion Detection
* Detecting closely spaced and occluded pedestrians using specialized deep models for counting
* Distributed differential evolution algorithm for MAP estimation of MRF model for detecting moving objects
* Exemplar-Free Continual Transformer with Convolutions
* Experimental Evaluation of LIDAR Data Visualization Schemes
* Explanation and Use of Uncertainty Quantified by Bayesian Neural Network Classifiers for Breast Histopathology Images
* Face identification from low resolution near-infrared images
* Fast bilateral filtering of vector-valued images
* Fast Bright-Pass Bilateral Filtering for Low-Light Enhancement
* Fast Scale-Adaptive Bilateral Texture Smoothing
* Feature analysis for automatic classification of HEp-2 florescence patterns: Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Auto-immune diseases
* Formal Methods for Validation and Test Point Prioritization in Railway Signaling Logic
* FPGA implementation of semi-fragile reversible watermarking by histogram bin shifting in real time
* Framework for Content-Based Image Identification with Standardized Multiview Features
* general framework for reconciling multiple weak segmentations of an image, A
* Glitch in the matrix: A large scale benchmark for content driven audio-visual forgery detection and localization
* gradient-based hybrid image fusion scheme using object extraction, A
* Guided Filtering of Hyperspectral Images
* Heuristical Feature Extraction From Lidar Data And Their Visualization
* Hybrid Path Planner for Efficient Navigation in Urban Road Networks through Analysis of Trajectory Traces
* ICDAR 2015 competition on Robust Reading
* IEGAN: Multi-Purpose Perceptual Quality Image Enhancement Using Generative Adversarial Network
* Image downscaling via co-occurrence learning
* improvement on thinning to handle characters with noisy contour, An
* Incorporating Fuzziness to CLARANS
* Joint Learning of Full-Structure Noise in Hierarchical Bayesian Regression Models
* Kernel-Based Image Filtering: Fast Algorithms and Applications
* Labelling the Gaps: A Weakly Supervised Automatic Eye Gaze Estimation
* LSTM-DNN based Approach for Pain Intensity and Protective Behaviour Prediction
* Lucky DCT aggregation for camera shake removal
* Machine Learning Techniques for Phenology Assessment of Sugarcane Using Conjunctive SAR and Optical Data
* MARLIN: Masked Autoencoder for facial video Representation LearnINg
* Mobile periocular matching with pre-post cataract surgery
* MTGLS: Multi-Task Gaze Estimation with Limited Supervision
* Multi scale mirror connection based encoder decoder network for text localization
* multi-modal automatic image registration technique based on complex wavelets, A
* Multi-Scale Association between Vegetation Growth and Climate in India: A Wavelet Analysis Approach
* Multi-scale attention guided pose transfer
* Multiscale Diagnosis of Mangrove Status in Data-Poor Context Using Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images: A Case Study in Pichavaram Mangrove Forest, Tamil Nadu, India
* Nonparametric learning for layered segmentation of natural images
* Novel feature extraction technique for content-based image recognition with query classification
* novel spatio-temporal Siamese network for 3D signature recognition, A
* novel spatio-temporal Siamese network for 3D signature recognition, A
* Object Detection From Videos Captured by Moving Camera by Fuzzy Edge Incorporated Markov Random Field and Local Histogram Matching
* OCR system for the Meetei Mayek script, An
* On Fast Bilateral Filtering Using Fourier Kernels
* On Learning Density Aware Embeddings
* One-Stage Object Referring with Gaze Estimation
* Optimized Fourier Bilateral Filtering
* Partially Camouflaged Object Tracking using Modified Probabilistic Neural Network and Fuzzy Energy based Active Contour
* Personalizing Gesture Recognition Using Hierarchical Bayesian Neural Networks
* Predictive models for multibiometric systems
* Pruned non-local means
* Ptychnet: CNN based fourier ptychography
* Quantum-soft Qubo Suppression for Accurate Object Detection
* Regularize, Expand and Compress: NonExpansive Continual Learning
* Reliable pedestrian detection using a deep neural network trained on pedestrian counts
* Reliable pose estimation of underwater dock using single camera: A scene invariant approach
* Reshaping inputs for convolutional neural network: Some common and uncommon methods
* RGB-D Face Recognition using Reconstruction based Shared Representation
* Robust object tracking using correspondence voting for smart surveillance visual sensing nodes
* Robust, Resilient and Reliable Architecture for V2X Communications
* Role of Group Level Affect to Find the Most Influential Person in Images
* Scalable and Accurate Self-supervised Multimodal Representation Learning without Aligned Video and Text Data
* Scene Aware Person Image Generation through Global Contextual Conditioning
* SeLFVi: Self-supervised Light-Field Video Reconstruction from Stereo Video
* Semi-supervised Learning with Multilayer Perceptron for Detecting Changes of Remote Sensing Images
* Sensor Network Design for Smart Highways
* Shared Parameter Model for Gesture and Sub-gesture Analysis, A
* simple and robust algorithm for the detection of multidirectional scratch from digital images, A
* Some classification algorithms integrating Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence with the rank nearest neighbor rules
* Spatial constraint Hopfield-type neural networks for detecting changes in remotely sensed multitemporal images
* Speak2Label: Using Domain Knowledge for Creating a Large Scale Driver Gaze Zone Estimation Dataset
* STEFANN: Scene Text Editor Using Font Adaptive Neural Network
* Structured Deep-Learning Based Approach for the Automated Segmentation of Human Leg Muscle from 3D MRI, A
* Surface fitting in SPECT imaging useful for detecting Parkinson's Disease and Scans Without Evidence of Dopaminergic Deficit
* Taking a HINT: Leveraging Explanations to Make Vision and Language Models More Grounded
* Talisman: Targeted Active Learning for Object Detection with Rare Classes and Slices Using Submodular Mutual Information
* Third Order Backward Elimination Approach for Fuzzy-Rough Set Based Feature Selection
* TIPS: Text-Induced Pose Synthesis
* Two-phase Dynamic Routing for Micro and Macro-level Equivariance in Multi-Column Capsule Networks
* Understanding Deep Learning Techniques for Image Segmentation
* Use of aggregation pheromone density for image segmentation
* What's in the Flow? Exploiting Temporal Motion Cues for Unsupervised Generic Event Boundary Detection
* Wrapper based feature selection in hyperspectral image data using self-adaptive differential evolution
Includes: Ghosh, S.[Surajit] Ghosh, S.[Sreyan] Ghosh, S.[Susmita] Ghosh, S.[Sujoy] Ghosh, S.[Shuvankar] Ghosh, S.[Sayantari] Ghosh, S. Ghosh, S.[Shreya] Ghosh, S.[Sanjay] Ghosh, S.[Sushobhan] Ghosh, S.[Saptarshi] Ghosh, S.[Shamita] Ghosh, S.[Surjya] Ghosh, S.[Susanta] Ghosh, S.[Subarna] Ghosh, S.[Sudip] Ghosh, S.[Saurav] Ghosh, S.[Soumya] Ghosh, S.[Soumik] Ghosh, S.[Suddhasheel] Ghosh, S.[Suman] Ghosh, S.[Sampreeti] Ghosh, S.[Sonaka] Ghosh, S.[Swarnendu] Ghosh, S.[Somik] Ghosh, S.[Subimal] Ghosh, S.[Subhankar] Ghosh, S.[Spandan] Ghosh, S.[Souvik] Ghosh, S.[Soumyadeep] Ghosh, S.[Shalini] Ghosh, S.[Subir] Ghosh, S.[Swaroop] Ghosh, S.[Shatadal] Ghosh, S.[Saikat] Ghosh, S.[Soumen] Ghosh, S.[Sourav]
108 for Ghosh, S.

Ghosh, S.K.[Subir Kumar] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for computing diffuse reflection paths in polygons
* Aligning Salient Objects to Queries: A Multi-modal and Multi-object Image Retrieval Framework
* Beyond visual semantics: Exploring the role of scene text in image understanding
* Data-driven approaches for meteorological time series prediction: A comparative study of the state-of-the-art computational intelligence techniques
* Detection of climate zones using multifractal detrended cross-correlation analysis: A spatio-temporal data mining approach
* Efficient indexing for Query By String text retrieval
* Exploring spatial dependency of meteorological attributes for multivariate analysis: A granger causality test approach
* Fractal image compression: a randomized approach
* Graph-Theoretic Approach for Studying the Convergence of Fractal Encoding Algorithm, A
* High Resolution Temporal Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices for Specific Crop Identification
* Hybrid Path Planner for Efficient Navigation in Urban Road Networks through Analysis of Trajectory Traces
* Improving the Performance of Deep Learning Based Speech Enhancement System Using Fuzzy Restricted Boltzmann Machine
* Landslide Identification from IRS-P6 LISS-IV Temporal DATA: A Comparative Study Using Fuzzy Based Classifiers
* Learning Cross-Modal Deep Embeddings for Multi-Object Image Retrieval using Text and Sketch
* Linear Time Algorithm for Computing the Convex Hull of an Ordered Crossing Polygon, A
* Linear Time Algorithm for Obtaining the Convex Hull of a Simple Polygon, A
* Note On Convex Hull Algorithms, A
* novel automated magnetic resonance image segmentation approach based on elliptical gamma mixture model for breast lumps detection, A
* novel intuitionistic fuzzy soft set based colonogram enhancement for polyps localization, A
* Optimisation of Fuzzy Based Soft Classifiers for Remote Sensing Data
* Query by string word spotting based on character bi-gram indexing
* SDCA: a novel stack deep convolutional autoencoder- an application on retinal image denoising
* semBnet: A semantic Bayesian network for multivariate prediction of meteorological time series data
* Sliding Window Framework for Word Spotting Based on Word Attributes, A
* Soft Computing Approach for Liquefaction Identification Using Landsat-7 Temporal Indices Data
* Spatial Interpolation to Predict Missing Attributes in GIS Using Semantic Kriging
* Spatio-Temporal Prediction of Meteorological Time Series Data: An Approach Based on Spatial Bayesian Network (SpaBN)
* Statistical and Machine Learning Models for Remote Sensing Data Mining: Recent Advancements
* Sustainable and Transferable Traffic Sign Recognition for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Text box proposals for handwritten word spotting from documents
* Two Stage Recognition Scheme for Handwritten Tamil Characters, A
* VEA: Vessel Extraction Algorithm by Active Contour Model and a Novel Wavelet Analyzer for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection
Includes: Ghosh, S.K.[Subir Kumar] Ghosh, S.K.[Suman K.] Ghosh, S.K.[Soumya K.] Ghosh, S.K. Ghosh, S.K.[Swarup Kr] Ghosh, S.K.[Soumya Kanti]
32 for Ghosh, S.K.

Ghosh, S.M.[Sujit Madhab] Co Author Listing * Canopy Height Estimation Using Sentinel Series Images through Machine Learning Models in a Mangrove Forest
* Predicting the Forest Canopy Height from LiDAR and Multi-Sensor Data Using Machine Learning over India
* Species-Level Classification and Mapping of a Mangrove Forest Using Random Forest: Utilisation of AVIRIS-NG and Sentinel Data
Includes: Ghosh, S.M.[Sujit Madhab] Ghosh, S.M.[Sujit M.]

Ghosh, S.S.[Swarnendu Sekhar] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Process Regression Model for Crop Biophysical Parameter Retrieval from Multi-Polarized C-Band SAR Data
* Improving Detection And Recognition Of Degraded Faces By Discriminative Feature Restoration Using GAN
Includes: Ghosh, S.S.[Swarnendu Sekhar] Ghosh, S.S.

Ghosh, T.[Tilottama] Co Author Listing * Aladdin's Magic Lamp: Active Target Calibration of the DMSP OLS
* Annual Cycling of Nighttime Lights in India, The
* Annual Time Series of Global VIIRS Nighttime Lights Derived from Monthly Averages: 2012 to 2019
* Cross-Matching VIIRS Boat Detections with Vessel Monitoring System Tracks in Indonesia
* Cross-Sensor Nighttime Lights Image Calibration for DMSP/OLS and SNPP/VIIRS with Residual U-Net
* Dimming of Lights in China during the COVID-19 Pandemic, The
* Dimming of Lights in India during the COVID-19 Pandemic, The
* DMSP-OLS Radiance Calibrated Nighttime Lights Time Series with Intercalibration
* Effective Deep Learning for Semantic Segmentation Based Bleeding Zone Detection in Capsule Endoscopy Images
* Extending Nighttime Combustion Source Detection Limits with Short Wavelength VIIRS Data
* Extending the DMSP Nighttime Lights Time Series beyond 2013
* Indicators of Electric Power Instability from Satellite Observed Nighttime Lights
* Less is more: A minimalist approach to robust GAN-generated face detection
* Measuring Gas Flaring in Russia with Multispectral VIIRS Nightfire
* VIIRS Day/Night Band: A Flicker Meter in Space?, The
Includes: Ghosh, T.[Tilottama] Ghosh, T. Ghosh, T.[Tanusree]
15 for Ghosh, T.

Ghosh, T.K.[Tanmai K.] Co Author Listing * innovate approach for retinal blood vessel segmentation using mixture of supervised and unsupervised methods, An
* Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation: A Semi-supervised Approach

Ghosh, U.[Uttam] Co Author Listing * AI Based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Intelligent Transportation System
* Blockchain-Enabled Sustainable Safety Management Framework for Connected Vehicles, A
* Graph-based modelling of superpixels for automatic identification of empty shelves in supermarkets
* Novel Vote Scheme for Decision-Making Feedback Based on Blockchain in Internet of Vehicles
* Secure Blockchain Enabled V2V Communication System Using Smart Contracts, A
Includes: Ghosh, U.[Uttam] Ghosh, U.[Udita]

Ghosh, U.K.[Uday Kumar] Co Author Listing * Potentials of Airborne Hyperspectral AVIRIS-NG Data in the Exploration of Base Metal Deposit: A Study in the Parts of Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Ghoshal, A. Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Networks for Distant Speech Recognition
* Online Automatic Speech Recognition With Listen, Attend and Spell Model
* Regularized Subspace Gaussian Mixture Models for Speech Recognition

Ghoshal, D.[Dibyendu] Co Author Listing * Edge detection in electron microscopy biological images using statistical dispersion
* new approach for high density saturated impulse noise removal using decision-based coupled window median filter, A
* Segmentation of images through curve fitting analysis by modified Vandermonde matrix and modified Gram-Schmidt method
* study on genetic expression programming-based approach for impulse noise reduction in images, A
* study on regression spline based local minima approach for gaussian noise reduction in images, A

Ghoshal, J. Co Author Listing * Neuro Fuzzy Approach to Pattern-Recognition

Ghoshal, R.[Ranjit] Co Author Listing * Recognition of Bangla text from scene images through perspective correction
* Variance Based Image Binarization Scheme and Its Application in Text Segmentation, A

Ghoshal, S.[Somoballi] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction from Micro-CT Slices for Non-Destructive Viewing inside a Fossil
* 3D reconstruction of spine image from 2D MRI slices along one axis
* Channel and Floodplain Change Analysis over a 100-Year Period: Lower Yuba River, California
Includes: Ghoshal, S.[Somoballi] Ghoshal, S.

Ghoshal, S.P. Co Author Listing * hybrid backtracking search algorithm with wavelet mutation-based nonlinear system identification of Hammerstein models, A

Ghoshdastidar, B.[Biswanath] Co Author Listing * Automated ovarian follicle recognition for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Ghoshdastidar, D.[Debarghya] Co Author Listing * Spectral Clustering with Jensen-Type Kernels and Their Multi-point Extensions

Ghoshdastidar, K.[Kakoli] Co Author Listing * Automated ovarian follicle recognition for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Ghoshdastidar, S.[Sudarshan] Co Author Listing * Automated ovarian follicle recognition for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Ghoshw, I. Co Author Listing * VLSI Implementation of an Efficient ASIC Architecture for Real-Time Rotation of Digital Images

Ghosn, J.[Joumana] Co Author Listing * Feature-Based Face Recognition Using Mixture Distance

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