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Arsic, D.[Dejan] Co Author Listing * Applying Bayes Markov chains for the detection of ATM related scenarios
* Applying multi layer homography for multi camera person tracking
* Automated pose estimation in 3D point clouds applying annealing particle filters and inverse kinematics on a GPU
* Cue-independent extending inverse kinematics for robust pose estimation in 3D point clouds
* Dense point-to-point correspondences between 3D faces using parametric remeshing for constructing 3D Morphable Models
* Graphical Model for unifying tracking and classification within a multimodal Human-Robot Interaction scenario, A
* Graphical Models for real-time capable gesture recognition
* Multi camera person tracking applying a graph-cuts based foreground segmentation in a homography framework
* Multiple Camera Person Tracking in multiple layers combining 2D and 3D information
* Non-rigid registration of 3D facial surfaces with robust outlier detection
* PROMETHEUS: heterogeneous sensor database in support of research on human behavioral patterns in unrestricted environments
* Robust tracking of facial feature points with 3D Active Shape Models
* Submotions for Hidden Markov Model Based Dynamic Facial Action Recognition
* Tracking using Bayesian inference with a two-layer Graphical Model
Includes: Arsic, D.[Dejan] Arsic, D.
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Arsigny, V. Co Author Listing * Clinical DT-MRI Estimation, Smoothing, and Fiber Tracking With Log-Euclidean Metrics
* Fast and Log-Euclidean Polyaffine Framework for Locally Linear Registration, A
* Log-Euclidean Polyaffine Framework for Locally Rigid or Affine Registration, A
* novel family of geometrical transformations: Polyrigid transformations. Application to the registration of histological slices, A
Includes: Arsigny, V. Arsigny, V.[Vincent]

Arsikere, H. Co Author Listing * Estimating Speaker Height and Subglottal Resonances Using MFCCs and GMMs

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