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Aytekin, C.[Caglar] Co Author Listing * Automatic Object Segmentation by Quantum Cuts
* Category independent object proposals using quantum superposition
* Data Set for Camera-Independent Color Constancy, A
* Deep multi-resolution color constancy
* Learning graph affinities for spectral graph-based salient object detection
* Learning to rank salient segments extracted by multispectral Quantum Cuts
* novel shadow restoration algorithm based on atmospheric effects for aerial images, A
* Probabilistic saliency estimation
* Quantum mechanics in computer vision: Automatic object extraction
* Railway Fastener Inspection by Real-Time Machine Vision
* Salient object segmentation based on linearly combined affinity graphs
* Spatiotemporal Saliency Estimation by Spectral Foreground Detection
* Visual saliency by extended quantum cuts
Includes: Aytekin, C.[Caglar] Aytekin, «.[«aglar] Aytekin, C. Aytekin, «.
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Aytekin, O.[Orsan] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of VHR images using type information of local structures acquired by mathematical morphology
* Local Primitive Pattern for the Classification of SAR Images
Includes: Aytekin, O.[Orsan] Aytekin, ÷.[÷rsan]

Ayten, K.K. Co Author Listing * Single image dehazing based on multiscale product prior and application to vision control

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