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Azri, S. Co Author Listing * 3d Model for Indoor Spaces Using Depth Sensor
* Abstract Topological Data Structure for 3D Spatial Objects
* Cell Complexes Topological Links for Buildings in CityGML
* Classified and clustered data constellation: An efficient approach of 3D urban data management
* Comparative Analysis of Various Camera Input for Videogrammetry
* Dendrogram Clustering for 3D Data Analytics In Smart City
* Development of 3d City Model Using Videogrammetry Technique
* Development of Mobile Application for Gated and Guarded Community Management
* Review On Measuring Entrepreneurs' Social Behaviour Via Spatial Analysis Techniques, A
* Spatial Adjacency Analysis of Citygml Buildings Via 3d Topological Data Structure
* Towards 3d Smart Campus Via 3d City Modelling
* Urban Heat Island Micro-mapping Via 3D City Model
Includes: Azri, S. Azri, S.[Suhaibah]
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