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Bue, A.D. Co Author Listing * Seeing the Sound: A New Multimodal Imaging Device for Computer Vision

Bue, B.D. Co Author Listing * Automated Labeling of Materials in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Autonomous Spectral Discovery and Mapping Onboard the EO-1 Spacecraft
* Leveraging in-scene spectra for vegetation species discrimination with MESMA-MDA
* Machine Detection of Martian Impact Craters From Digital Topography Data
* Real-Time Atmospheric Correction of AVIRIS-NG Imagery
* Spectral and Radiometric Calibration of the Next Generation Airborne Visible Infrared Spectrometer (AVIRIS-NG)
Includes: Bue, B.D. Bue, B.D.[Brian D.]

Bue, I.[Isabel] Co Author Listing * Intertidal Bathymetry Extraction with Multispectral Images: A Logistic Regression Approach
Includes: Bue, I.[Isabel] Bué, I.[Isabel]

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