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Dawe, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * Thematic user communities collaborate to contribute to the development of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure

Dawei, L.[Lu] Co Author Listing * imaging analysis of asynchronous bistatic SAR with parallel tracks, The

Dawes, L.[Laughlin] Co Author Listing * Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning for Bone Age Classification
* Vertebral Compression Fracture detection using Multiple Instance Learning and Majority Voting

Dawes, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Soil Moisture & Snow Properties Determination with GNSS in Alpine Environments: Challenges, Status, and Perspectives

Dawes, T. Co Author Listing * Anatomically Constrained Neural Networks (ACNNs): Application to Cardiac Image Enhancement and Segmentation

Dawes, T.J.W. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Bi-Ventricular Segmentation of Cardiac Images by a Shape-Refined Multi- Task Deep Learning Approach
* Prediction of Clinical Information from Cardiac MRI Using Manifold Learning
Includes: Dawes, T.J.W. Dawes, T.J.W.[Timothy J. W.]

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