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Drue, C.[Clemens] Co Author Listing * Observations of Wintertime Low-Level Jets in the Coastal Region of the Laptev Sea in the Siberian Arctic Using SODAR/RASS
Includes: Drue, C.[Clemens] Dre, C.[Clemens] (Maybe also Druee, C.)

Drue, S.[Siegbert] Co Author Listing * Circle Location from Intensity and Range Data Using the Singular Value Decomposition
* Efficient Detection and Extraction of Color Objects from Complex Scenes
* Invariant Object Recognition with Discriminant Features Based on Local Fast-fourier Mellin Transform
* SENROB vision-system and its philosophy, The
* Stereo Matching with Implicit Detection of Occlusions
Includes: Drue, S.[Siegbert] Dre, S.[Siegbert] (Maybe also Druee, S.)Drue, S. Dre, S. (Maybe also Druee, S.)

Druet, A. Co Author Listing * Video Compression with Binary Tree Recursive Motion Estimation and Binary Tree Residue Coding

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