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Duguay Tetzlaff, A.[Anke] Co Author Listing * Climatological Drought Monitoring in Switzerland Using EUMETSAT SAF Satellite Data
* Cloud Detection with Historical Geostationary Satellite Sensors for Climate Applications
* Improving Land Surface Temperature Retrievals over Mountainous Regions
* Meteosat Land Surface Temperature Climate Data Record: Achievable Accuracy and Potential Uncertainties
* Performance Assessment of the COMET Cloud Fractional Cover Climatology across Meteosat Generations
Includes: Duguay Tetzlaff, A.[Anke] Duguay-Tetzlaff, A.[Anke]

Duguay, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * Incorporating Aleatoric Uncertainties in Lake Ice Mapping Using RADARSAT-2 SAR Images and CNNs
* Lake Ice-Water Classification of RADARSAT-2 Images by Integrating IRGS Segmentation with Pixel-Based Random Forest Labeling
* Microwave Backscatter From Arctic Lake Ice and Polarimetric Implications
* Pan-Arctic Land Surface Temperature from MODIS and AATSR: Product Development and Intercomparison
* Remote Sensing of Environmental Changes in Cold Regions: Methods, Achievements and Challenges
Includes: Duguay, C.[Claude] Duguay, C.

Duguay, C.R.[Claude R.] Co Author Listing * Application of GNSS Interferometric Reflectometry for the Estimation of Lake Ice Thickness
* Assessing the Performance of Methods for Monitoring Ice Phenology of the World's Largest High Arctic Lake Using High-Density Time Series Analysis of Sentinel-1 Data
* Estimation of Water Quality Parameters in Lake Erie from MERIS Using Linear Mixed Effect Models
* Ice Freeze-up and Break-up Detection of Shallow Lakes in Northern Alaska with Spaceborne SAR
* Improvement of Lake Ice Thickness Retrieval From MODIS Satellite Data Using a Thermodynamic Model
* Investigating the Influence of Variable Freshwater Ice Types on Passive and Active Microwave Observations
* Monitoring Bedfast Ice and Ice Phenology in Lakes of the Lena River Delta Using TerraSAR-X Backscatter and Coherence Time Series
* Observing Scattering Mechanisms of Bubbled Freshwater Lake Ice Using Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 (C-Band) and UW-Scat (X- and Ku-Bands)
* Semi-Automated Classification of Lake Ice Cover Using Dual Polarization RADARSAT-2 Imagery
Includes: Duguay, C.R.[Claude R.] Duguay, C.R.
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Duguay, M. Co Author Listing * Snow Cover Maps from MODIS Images at 250 m Resolution, Part 1: Algorithm Description
* Snow Cover Maps from MODIS Images at 250 m Resolution, Part 2: Validation

Duguay, Y.[Yannick] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Classification in SubArctic Regions Using Fully Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 Data
* Potential of C and X Band SAR for Shrub Growth Monitoring in Sub-Arctic Environments

Dugud, R.[Rakesh] Co Author Listing * Joint Segmentation and Image Interpretation Using Hidden Markov Models

Dugue, A.G. Co Author Listing * Shape from Texture by Local Frequencies Estimation
Includes: Dugue, A.G. Dugué, A.G.

Duguet, L.[Landry] Co Author Listing * Fast Dejittering Approach for Line Scanning Microscopy, A

Duguleana, M. Co Author Listing * Comparing Innovative Xr Systems in Cultural Heritage. a Case Study
* eHERITAGE Project: Building a Cultural Heritage Excellence Center in the Eastern Europe
* Time-Travelling with Mobile Augmented Reality: A Case Study on the Piazza dei Miracoli
Includes: Duguleana, M. Duguleana, M.[Mihai]

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