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Ekin, A.[Ahmet] Co Author Listing * Automated diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease using image similarity and user feedback
* Automatic Extraction of Low-level Object Motion Descriptors
* Automatic soccer video analysis and summarization
* Coupled Nonparametric Shape and Moment-Based Intershape Pose Priors for Multiple Basal Ganglia Structure Segmentation
* Integrated semantic-syntactic video event modeling for search and retrieval
* Medical image search and retrieval using local binary patterns and KLT feature points
* Parametric Description of Object Motion Using Emus
* Probabilistic Information Fusion Approach to MR-based Automated Diagnosis of Dementia, A
* Robust dominant color region detection and color-based applications for sports video
* Segmentation of Anatomical Structures in Brain MR Images Using Atlases in FSL: A Quantitative Approach
* Semantics of multimedia in MPEG-7
* Shape analysis of brain ventricles for improved classification of Alzheimer's patients
* Temporal Segmentation of Video Objects for Hierarchical Object-Based Motion Description
Includes: Ekin, A.[Ahmet] Ekin, A.
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Ekin, L. Co Author Listing * Datum Transformation of Spatial Data and Application In Cadastre

Ekin, S. Co Author Listing * Gesture Recognition Using Reflected Visible and Infrared Lightwave Signals

Ekinci, E.[Ekin] Co Author Listing * brain tumour classification on the magnetic resonance images using convolutional neural network based privacy-preserving federated learning, A

Ekinci, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * AAM-based palm segmentation in unrestricted backgrounds and various postures for palmprint recognition
* Automated Cell Nuclei Segmentation in Pleural Effusion Cytology Using Active Appearance Model
* Automatic panorama with auto-focusing based on image fusion for microscopic imaging system
* Developing a contactless palmprint authentication system by introducing a novel ROI extraction method
* Gait Recognition Using Multiple Projections
* Improved gait recognition by multiple-projections normalization
* Kernel Principal Component Analysis of Gabor Features for Palmprint Recognition
* Learning Based Single Image Super Resolution Using Discrete Wavelet Transform
* Novel Approach on Silhouette Based Human Motion Analysis for Gait Recognition, A
* Random forest-based tuberculosis bacteria classification in images of ZN-stained sputum smear samples
* Road Junction Recognition and Turn-offs for Autonomous Road Vehicle Navigation
Includes: Ekinci, M.[Murat] Ekinci, M.
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Ekinci, R.[Remzi] Co Author Listing * Soil Moisture Estimation over Vegetated Agricultural Areas: Tigris Basin, Turkey from Radarsat-2 Data by Polarimetric Decomposition Models and a Generalized Regression Neural Network

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