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Elfiky, N. Co Author Listing * Color Constancy Using 3D Scene Geometry Derived From a Single Image

Elfiky, N.M.[Noha M.] Co Author Listing * Automation of dormant pruning in specialty crop production: An adaptive framework for automatic reconstruction and modeling of apple trees
* Compact and adaptive spatial pyramids for scene recognition
* Discriminative compact pyramids for object and scene recognition
* Measuring and modeling apple trees using time-of-flight data for automation of dormant pruning applications
* Multi-view face recognition from single RGBD models of the faces
* Novel Benchmark RGBD Dataset for Dormant Apple Trees and Its Application to Automatic Pruning, A
* Novel Visualization Tool for Evaluating the Accuracy of 3D Sensing and Reconstruction Algorithms for Automatic Dormant Pruning Applications, A
Includes: Elfiky, N.M.[Noha M.] Elfiky, N.M.
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Elfitri, I. Co Author Listing * Multichannel Audio Coding Based on Analysis by Synthesis

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