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Falzon, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Analyse de texture hyperspectrale par modélisation markovien
* Analysis Of Low Bit-Rate Image Transform Coding
* gauss-markov model for hyperspectral texture analysis of urban areas, A
* Low Bit Rate Image Coding over Bases
* Multiscale Analysis Model Applied to Natural Surfaces, A
* Satellite image restoration in the context of a spatially varying point spread function
* Singularity Analysis and Derivative Scale-Space
Includes: Falzon, F.[Frederic] Falzon, F. Falzon, F.[Frédéric]
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Falzon, O.[Owen] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Pipeline that Uses Thermal and RGB Images for the Recognition of Holstein Cattle, A

Falzone, P. Co Author Listing * Extending a Mobile Device with Low-Cost 3D Modeling and Building-Scale Mapping Capabilities, for Application in Architecture and Archaeology

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