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Fickel, G.P. Co Author Listing * evaluation of stereo matching methods for view interpolation, An
* Multiview image and video interpolation using weighted vector median filters
* Stereo Matching and View Interpolation Based on Image Domain Triangulation
* Stereo matching based on image triangulation for view synthesis
Includes: Fickel, G.P. Fickel, G.P.[Guilherme P.]

Fickus, M. Co Author Listing * Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging for Stellar Spectroscopy
* Phase Retrieval with Polarization

Fickus, M.C.[Matthew C.] Co Author Listing * Active Mask Segmentation of Fluorescence Microscope Images
* Automated colitis detection from endoscopic biopsies as a tissue screening tool in diagnostic pathology
* Images as Occlusions of Textures: A Framework for Segmentation
* Voting-based active contour segmentation of fMRI images of the brain
Includes: Fickus, M.C.[Matthew C.] Fickus, M.C.

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