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Getreuer, P.[Pascal] Co Author Listing * Automatic Color Enhancement (ACE) and its Fast Implementation
* Chan-Vese Segmentation
* Contour stencils for edge-adaptive image interpolation
* Contour Stencils: Total Variation along Curves for Adaptive Image Interpolation
* Fast, Trainable, Multiscale Denoising
* Gunturk-Altunbasak-Mersereau Alternating Projections Image Demosaicking
* Image Demosaicking with Contour Stencils
* Image Interpolation with Contour Stencils
* Image Interpolation with Geometric Contour Stencils
* Image stylisation: from predefined to personalised
* Image zooming with contour stencils
* Linear Methods for Image Interpolation
* Local Kernels That Approximate Bayesian Regularization and Proximal Operators
* Malvar-He-Cutler Linear Image Demosaicking
* Roussos-Maragos Tensor-Driven Diffusion for Image Interpolation
* Rudin-Osher-Fatemi Total Variation Denoising using Split Bregman
* Survey of Gaussian Convolution Algorithms, A
* Total Variation Deconvolution Using Split Bregman
* Total Variation Inpainting Using Split Bregman
* Ultrasonic Communication Using Consumer Hardware
* Variational Model for the Restoration of MR Images Corrupted by Blur and Rician Noise, A
* Zhang-Wu Directional LMMSE Image Demosaicking
Includes: Getreuer, P.[Pascal] Getreuer, P.
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