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Geusebroek, J.M.[Jan Mark] Co Author Listing * Amsterdam Library of Object Images, The
* Color and Scale: The Spatial Structure of Color Images
* Color constancy from physical principles
* Color constancy using 3D scene geometry
* Color constancy using stage classification
* Color differential structure
* Color edge detection by photometric quasi-invariants
* Color Invariance
* Color Invariant Determination of Material Changes in Reflection and Transmission of Light
* Color invariant object recognition using entropic graphs
* Color Textons for Texture Recognition
* Compact Object Descriptors from Local Colour Invariant Histograms
* Comparing compact codebooks for visual categorization
* Depth Estimation Via Stage Classification
* Depth Information by Stage Classification
* Edge and Corner Detection by Photometric Quasi-Invariants
* Emotional valence categorization using holistic image features
* Fast Anisotropic Gauss Filtering
* Fragmentation in the vision of scenes
* Genre-based search through biomedical images
* Image retrieval and segmentation based on color invariants
* Invariant Representations in Image Processing
* Kernel Codebooks for Scene Categorization
* Learning-based encoding with soft assignment for age estimation under unconstrained imaging conditions
* Material-specific adaptation of color invariant features
* Measurement of Color Invariants
* Measurement of Color Texture
* Minimum Cost Approach for Segmenting Networks of Lines, A
* Performance evaluation of local colour invariants
* Physical Explanation for Natural Image Statistics, A
* Quasi-Periodic Spatiotemporal Filtering
* Robust Scene Categorization by Learning Image Statistics in Context
* Salient object detection: From pixels to segments
* Semantic Pathfinder: Using an Authoring Metaphor for Generic Multimedia Indexing, The
* Six-Stimulus Theory for Stochastic Texture, A
* Stages as Models of Scene Geometry
* Stochastic Structure of Images, The
* Texture classification with minimal training images
* Visual Word Ambiguity
Includes: Geusebroek, J.M.[Jan Mark] Geusebroek, J.M.[Jan-Mark] Geusebroek, J.M.
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Geuss, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Communicating Information in Virtual Reality: Objectively Measuring Team Performance

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