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Ijaz, U.Z.[Umer Zeeshan] Co Author Listing * email: Ijaz, U.Z.[Umer Zeeshan]: uzi20 AT eng cam ac uk
* Computational strategies for protein quantitation in 2D electrophoresis gel image processor for Matlab
* Concentration distribution estimation of fluid through lectrical impedance tomography based on interacting multiple model scheme
* Dynamic phase boundary estimation using electrical impedance tomography
* Effect of Current Injection Patterns on Dynamic Electrical Resistance Imaging for Fast Transient Processes
* Electrical resistance imaging of a time-varying interface in stratified flows using an unscented Kalman filter
* Electrical Resistance Imaging of Two-Phase Flow Through Rod Bundles
* Mammography phantom studies using 3D electrical impedance tomography with numerical forward solver
* Moving interfacial boundary estimation in stratified flow of two immiscible liquids using electrical resistance tomography
* Nondestructive dynamic process monitoring using electrical capacitance tomography
* Nonstationary phase boundary estimation in electrical impedance tomography based on the interacting multiple model scheme
* Nonstationary phase boundary estimation in electrical impedance tomography using unscented Kalman filter
* Particle Swarm Optimization Technique For Elliptic Region Boundary stimation In Electrical Impedance Tomography
* Phase boundary estimation in electrical resistance tomography with weighted multi-layered neural networks and front point approach
* Sensitivity map generation in electrical capacitance tomography using mixed normalization models
Includes: Ijaz, U.Z.[Umer Zeeshan] Ijaz, U.Z.
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