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Iscen, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Dense Region Detectors for Image Search and Fine-Grained Classification, A
* Efficient Diffusion on Region Manifolds: Recovering Small Objects with Compact CNN Representations
* Efficient Large-Scale Similarity Search Using Matrix Factorization
* Fast Spectral Ranking for Similarity Search
* Graph-based particular object discovery
* Hybrid Diffusion: Spectral-Temporal Graph Filtering for Manifold Ranking
* Label Propagation for Deep Semi-Supervised Learning
* Local Orthogonal-Group Testing
* Mining on Manifolds: Metric Learning Without Labels
* Revisiting Oxford and Paris: Large-Scale Image Retrieval Benchmarking
* Snippet Based Trajectory Statistics Histograms for Assistive Technologies
* Unsupervised Object Discovery for Instance Recognition
* What Is Usual in Unusual Videos? Trajectory Snippet Histograms for Discovering Unusualness
Includes: Iscen, A. Iscen, A.[Ahmet]
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