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Jarna, A. Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Geological Mapping and Modeling Activities at the Geological Survey of Norway
* Managing Geological Profiles in Databases for 3D Visualisation
* Semi-Automatic Versus Manual Mapping of Cold-Water Coral Carbonate Mounds Located Offshore Norway
Includes: Jarna, A. Jarna, A.[Alexandra]

Jarnagin, S.T.[S. Taylor] Co Author Listing * Mapping Spatial Thematic Accuracy with Fuzzy Sets

Jarnagin, W.R. Co Author Listing * Improving Registration Robustness for Image-Guided Liver Surgery in a Novel Human-to-Phantom Data Framework
* Mechanics-Based Nonrigid Registration Method for Liver Surgery Using Sparse Intraoperative Data, A

Jarne, A.[Adolfo] Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality for Training Diagnostic Skills in Anorexia Nervosa: A Usability Assessment

Jarnevich, C.[Catherine] Co Author Listing * CO-RIP: A Riparian Vegetation and Corridor Extent Dataset for Colorado River Basin Streams and Rivers

Jarnikov, D.[Dmitri] Co Author Listing * Client intelligence for adaptive streaming solutions
* Predicting head trajectories in 360deg virtual reality videos
* Supervised Two-Stage Transfer Learning on Imbalanced Dataset for Sport Classification
Includes: Jarnikov, D.[Dmitri] Jarnikov, D.

Jarnot, R. Co Author Listing * Development of an On-Board Wide-Band Processor for Radio Frequency Interference Detection and Filtering

Jarnstedt, J. Co Author Listing * Forest variable estimation using a high-resolution digital surface model
Includes: Jarnstedt, J. Järnstedt, J.

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