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Kayhan, C.K.[Cavit Kerem] Co Author Listing * Patch-Level Nuclear Pleomorphism Scoring Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Kayhan, F. Co Author Listing * Constructive Interference for Generic Constellations
* Power Minimizer Symbol-Level Precoding: A Closed-Form Suboptimal Solution

Kayhan, M.[Mert] Co Author Listing * Deep Attention Based Semi-supervised 2d-pose Estimation for Surgical Instruments

Kayhan, O.S.[Osman Semih] Co Author Listing * Hallucination In Object Detection: A Study In Visual Part Verification
* Humans Disagree With the IoU for Measuring Object Detector Localization Error
* PUNet: Temporal Action Proposal Generation With Positive Unlabeled Learning Using Key Frame Annotations
* t-eva: Time-efficient t-sne Video Annotation
* Tilting at windmills: Data augmentation for deep pose estimation does not help with occlusions
Includes: Kayhan, O.S.[Osman Semih] Kayhan, O.S.[Osman S.]

Kayhan, S.K.[Sema Koc] Co Author Listing * effective 2-stage method for removing impulse noise in images, An
* Efficient robust filtering technique for blocking artifacts reduction
Includes: Kayhan, S.K.[Sema Koc] Kayhan, S.K.[Sema Koç]

Kayhanian, H.[Hamzeh] Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional tumour microenvironment reconstruction and tumour-immune interactions' analysis

Kayhko, J.[Jari] Co Author Listing * Automated Counting and Characterization of Dirt Particles in Pulp
* Estimation of Bubble Size Distribution Based on Power Spectrum
* Framework for developing image-based dirt particle classifiers for dry pulp sheets
Includes: Kayhko, J.[Jari] Käyhkö, J.[Jari] (Maybe also Kaeyhkoe, J.)

Kayhko, N.[Niina] Co Author Listing * Mapping Natural Forest Remnants with Multi-Source and Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data for More Informed Management of Global Biodiversity Hotspots
* Participatory mapping of forest plantations with Open Foris and Google Earth Engine
* Reducing classification error of grassland overgrowth by combing low-density lidar acquisitions and optical remote sensing data
Includes: Kayhko, N.[Niina] Käyhkö, N.[Niina] (Maybe also Kaeyhkoe, N.)Käyhkö, N. (Maybe also Kaeyhkoe, N.)

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