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Kerber, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * framework for digital sunken relief generation based on 3D geometric models, A

Kerbiche, A. Co Author Listing * Robust Video Watermarking Approach Based on Crowdsourcing and Hybrid Insertion

Kerbiriou, P. Co Author Listing * Dataset and Pipeline for Multi-view Light-Field Video
* High Speed Sequential Illumination With Electronic Rolling Shutter Cameras
Includes: Kerbiriou, P. Kerbiriou, P.[Paul]

Kerboeuf, S. Co Author Listing * Improving QoE and Fairness in HTTP Adaptive Streaming Over LTE Network

Kerbosch, J. Co Author Listing * Algorithm 457: Finding All Cliques in an Undirected Graph (H)

Kerby, G. Co Author Listing * Halftone Blending Between Smooth and Detail Screens to Improve Print Quality With Electrophotographic Printers

Kerbyson, D.J. Co Author Listing * Coherent Circle Hough Transform, The
* heterogeneous M-SIMD architecture for Kalman filter controlled processing of image sequences, An
* Hierarchical Multiple-SIMD Architecture for Image Analysis
* Passive Estimation of Range to Objects from Image Sequences
* Performance evaluation of the hierarchical Hough transform on an associative M-SIMD architecture
* Realistic image synthesis of plant structures for genetic analysis
* Size invariant circle detection
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