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Kudryashev, M.[Mikhail] Co Author Listing * Fast Cross Correlation for Limited Angle Tomographic Data

Kudryavtsev, V. Co Author Listing * Comparing Near-Coincident C- and X-Band SAR Acquisitions of Marine Oil Spills
* Estimation of Sea Surface Current from X-Band Marine Radar Images by Cross-Spectrum Analysis
Includes: Kudryavtsev, V. Kudryavtsev, V.[Vladimir]

Kudryavtsev, V.N.[Vladimir N.] Co Author Listing * Ka-Band Dual Copolarized Empirical Model for the Sea Surface Radar Cross Section
* Low-Frequency Sea Surface Radar Doppler Echo
* Modulation of Ka-Band Doppler Radar Signals Backscattered From the Sea Surface
* Sea Surface Ka-Band Doppler Measurements: Analysis and Model Development

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