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Kuprashvili, N.[Nana] Co Author Listing * CH Digital Documentation and 3D Survey to Foster the European Integration Process: The Case Study of Geguti Palace in Kutaisi, Georgia

Kuprik, I.[Irina] Co Author Listing * Personal identification based on acoustic characteristics of outer ear using cepstral analysis, Bayesian classifier, and artificial neural networks

Kupriyanov, A. Co Author Listing * Food Vulnerability And Alluvial Farming for Food Security in Central Dry Zone Area of Myanmar
* Regions of Interest in a Fundus Image Selection Technique Using the Discriminative Analysis Methods
Includes: Kupriyanov, A. Kupriyanov, A.[Alexander]

Kupriyanova, Y.[Yuliya] Co Author Listing * On the problem of gradient calibration in diffusion weighted imaging

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