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Kyochi, S.[Seisuke] Co Author Listing * direction-adaptive image coding using two-dimensional direct lifting wavelet transform, A
* Fractional cycle spinning via modulated lapped transform for overcomplete image representation
* Gradient-domain image decomposition for image recovery
* Hadamard-Coded Supervised Discrete Hashing on Complex and Quaternion Domain
* Image Boundary Extension With Mean Value for Cosine-Sine Modulated Lapped/Block Transforms
* Image enhancement method for underwater images based on discrete cosine eigenbasis transformation
* novel design of criticially sampled contourlet transform and its application to image coding, A
* Regularity-Constrained Fast Sine Transforms
* regularization approach for bayer reconstruction in lossy image coding by inverse demosaicing, A
* simplified lattice structure of two-dimensional generalized lapped orthogonal transform (2-D GenLOT) for image coding, A
* Variable Macropixel Spectral-Spatial Transforms With Intra- and Inter-Color Decorrelations for Arbitrary RGB CFA-Sampled Raw Images
Includes: Kyochi, S.[Seisuke] Kyochi, S.
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