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Lams, P. Co Author Listing * Digital Processing of Chest Radiographs

Lamsaddak, K. Co Author Listing * Multi-agent simulation of the Moroccan conventional insurance sector

Lamsal, K.[Krishna] Co Author Listing * Spectral Retrieval of Eucalypt Leaf Biochemical Traits by Inversion of the Fluspect-Cx Model

Lamsal, L.[Lok] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Trace Gas (NO2 and O3) Variability in South Korean Coastal Waters, and Implications for Remote Sensing of Coastal Ocean Color Dynamics

Lamsrichan, P. Co Author Listing * Embedded Image Coding using Context-Based Adaptive Wavelet Difference Reduction

Lamsters, K.[Kristaps] Co Author Listing * Surface Characteristics, Elevation Change, and Velocity of High-Arctic Valley Glacier from Repeated High-Resolution UAV Photogrammetry
* UAV and GPR Data Integration in Glacier Geometry Reconstruction: A Case Study from Irenebreen, Svalbard

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