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Le Tan, D. Co Author Listing * On-Device Scalable Image-Based Localization via Prioritized Cascade Search and Fast One-Many RANSAC

Le Tan, D.K. Co Author Listing * Enhancing feature discrimination for unsupervised hashing
* Simultaneous compression and quantization: A joint approach for efficient unsupervised hashing
* Simultaneous Feature Aggregating and Hashing for Large-Scale Image Search
Includes: Le Tan, D.K. Le-Tan, D.K.[Dang-Khoa]

Le Tanou, J. Co Author Listing * Constant Quality Control Based on Temporal Distortion Backpropagation in HEVC
* Gradient-Based Tone Mapping for Rate-Distortion Optimized Backward-Compatible High Dynamic Range Compression
* Optimal Adaptive Quantization Based on Temporal Distortion Propagation Model for HEVC
* Rate-distortion optimization of a tone mapping with SDR quality constraint for backward-compatible high dynamic range compression
Includes: Le Tanou, J. Le Tanou, J.[Julien]

Le Tarnec, L. Co Author Listing * Proof of Convergence of the Horn-Schunck Optical Flow Algorithm in Arbitrary Dimension, A

Le Tien, T.[Thuong] Co Author Listing * Sparse Representation Wavelet Based Classification
* Using weighted dynamic range for histogram equalization to improve the image contrast
Includes: Le Tien, T.[Thuong] Le-Tien, T.[Thuong]

Le Toan, T.[Thuy] Co Author Listing * Estimation and Mapping of Forest Structure Parameters from Open Access Satellite Images: Development of a Generic Method with a Study Case on Coniferous Plantation
* Forest Biophysical Parameter Estimation Using L- and P-Band Polarimetric SAR Data
* Forest Modeling For Height Inversion Using Single-Baseline InSAR/Pol-InSAR Data
* Ground-Based Array for Tomographic Imaging of the Tropical Forest in P-Band
* Temporal Survey of Polarimetric P-Band Scattering of Tropical Forests
Includes: Le Toan, T.[Thuy] Le Toan, T.

Le Tourneur, G. Co Author Listing * LISTEN: a system for locating and tracking individual speakers

Le Traon, Y.[Yves] Co Author Listing * Evasion Attack STeganography: Turning Vulnerability Of Machine Learning To Adversarial Attacks Into A Real-world Application
* LGV: Boosting Adversarial Example Transferability from Large Geometric Vicinity

Le Troter, A. Co Author Listing * Model-Driven Harmonic Parameterization of the Cortical Surface: HIP-HOP
* Soccer Field Detection in Video Images Using Color and Spatial Coherence
Includes: Le Troter, A. Le Troter, A.[Arnaud]

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