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Liss, A. Co Author Listing * Combining Remotely Sensed Environmental Characteristics With Social And Behavioral Conditions That Affect Surface Water Use In Spatiotemporal Modelling Of Schistosomiasis In Ghana
* Extending Lkn Climate Regionalization With Spatial Regularization: An Application To Epidemiological Research
* Linking Satellite Remote Sensing Based Environmental Predictors To Disease: An Application To The Spatiotemporal Modelling Of Schistosomiasis In Ghana
Includes: Liss, A. Liss, A.[Alexander]

Liss, J. Co Author Listing * Articulation Entropy: An Unsupervised Measure of Articulatory Precision

Lissek, H. Co Author Listing * Observation of Vehicle Axles Through Pass-by Noise: A Strategy of Microphone Array Design

Lissner, I.[Ingmar] Co Author Listing * Analyzing small suprathreshold differences of LCD-generated colors
* Image-Difference Prediction: From Grayscale to Color
* Toward a Unified Color Space for Perception-Based Image Processing
* Upgrading color-difference formulas
Includes: Lissner, I.[Ingmar] Lissner, I.

Lissoni, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Green Infrastructure for Natural Water Retention Using Copernicus Global Land Products

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