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Loce, R. Co Author Listing * Spatially Varying Gray Component Replacement for Image Watermarking

Loce, R.P.[Robert P.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive image enhancement filter
* Area mapping employing reference clusters for high quality noninteger resolution conversion with enhancement
* Compact rendering for processing binary high addressability images
* Compact-dot reproduction of scanned halftone screens
* Conditions for Color Misregistration Sensitivity in Clustered-dot Halftones
* Digital Document Imaging
* Document image segmentation using loose gray scale template matching
* Driver Cell Phone Usage Detection from HOV/HOT NIR Images
* Feature recognition using loose gray scale template matching
* Image resolution conversion method that employs statistically generated multiple morphological filters
* Inverting input scanner vibration errors
* Logic filters for resolution conversion of digital images
* Logically Efficient Spatial-Resolution Conversion Using Paired Increasing Operators
* Loose-gray-scale template matching
* Mean-Absolute-Error Representation and Optimization of Computational-Morphological Filters
* Method and apparatus employing erosion-based filter pairs for image mapping
* Method and apparatus for modeling and reconstruction of halftoned images
* Method and apparatus for the resolution enhancement of gray-scale images that include text and line art
* Method and apparatus for using rotatable templates within look-up tables to enhance image reproduction
* Non-integer image resolution conversion using statistically generated look-up tables
* Passenger Compartment Violation Detection in HOV/HOT Lanes
* Precision of morphological representation estimators for translation invariant binary filters: Increasing and nonincreasing
* Restoration of Images Scanned in the Presence of Vibrations
* Robust Morphologically Continuous Fourier Descriptors I: Projection-Generated Descriptions
* Robust Morphologically Continuous Fourier Descriptors II: Continuity and Occlusion Analysis
* Scene-independent feature- and classifier-based vehicle headlight and shadow removal in video sequences
* System and method for enhancement of image contour fidelity
* Systems and methods for rotating high addressability images
* Systems and methods for template matching of multicolored images
* use of first-order structuring-element libraries to design morphological filters, The
Includes: Loce, R.P.[Robert P.] Loce, R.P.
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