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Missaoui, I.[Ibrahim] Co Author Listing * Gabor Filterbank Features for Robust Speech Recognition

Missaoui, O. Co Author Listing * Land-Mine Detection With Ground-Penetrating Radar Using Multistream Discrete Hidden Markov Models
* Optimal feature weighting for the continuous HMM
* Optimal feature weighting for the discrete HMM
Includes: Missaoui, O. Missaoui, O.[Oualid]

Missaoui, R.[Rokia] Co Author Listing * Effective Approach Towards Content-Based Image Retrieval, An
* Extraction of Salient Features for Image Retrieval Using Multi-scale Image Relevance Function
* Fast object localization using multi-scale image relevance function
* Similarity measures for efficient content-based image retrieval

Missier, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Social Network Images with Deep Learning Models to Fight Zika Virus

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