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Mojsejenko, D. Co Author Listing * Right Ventricular Strain, Torsion, and Dyssynchrony in Healthy Subjects Using 3D Spiral Cine DENSE Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Mojses, M.[Matej] Co Author Listing * Assessing Non-Photosynthetic Cropland Biomass from Spaceborne Hyperspectral Imagery
* Towards Detection of Cutting in Hay Meadows by Using of NDVI and EVI Time Series

Mojsilovic, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive image segmentation based on color and texture
* Adaptive perceptual color-texture image segmentation
* Analysis and characterization of myocardial tissue with the wavelet image extension
* Capturing Image Semantics with Low-level Descriptors
* Categorization using semi-supervised clustering
* Characterization of Visually Similar Diffuse Diseases from B-Scan Liver Images with the Nonseparable Wavelet Transform
* Classification of the Ultrasound Liver Images with the 2Nx1-D Wavelet Transform
* Color quantization and processing by Fibonacci lattices
* Computational Model for Color Naming and Describing Color Composition of Images, A
* Extraction of Perceptually Important Colors and Similarity Measurement for Image Matching
* Extraction of perceptually important colors and similarity measurement for image matching, retrieval, and analysis
* High-utility pattern mining: A method for discovery of high-utility item sets
* Image segmentation by spatially adaptive color and texture features
* Matching and Retrieval Based on the Vocabulary and Grammar of Color Patterns
* Method for Color Content Matching of Images, A
* method for color naming and description of color composition in images, A
* On the Selection of an Optimal Wavelet Basis for Texture Characterization
* Optimal Color Composition Matching of Images
* Perceptually based Color Texture Features and Metrics for Image Retrieval
* Perceptually-tuned multiscale color-texture segmentation
* Semantic based categorization, browsing and retrieval in medical image databases
* Semantic-Friendly Indexing and Quering of Images Based on the Extraction of the Objective Semantic Cues
* Texture Analysis and Classification with the Nonseparable Wavelet Transform
* Variational Approach to Recovering a Manifold from Sample Points, A
* Vocabulary and Grammar of Color Patterns, The
* Wavelet Domain Features for Texture Description, Classification and Replicability Analysis
Includes: Mojsilovic, A. Mojsilovic, A.[Aleksandra]
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