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Mouillot, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Coral Reef Fish Detection and Recognition in Underwater Videos by Supervised Machine Learning: Comparison Between Deep Learning and HOG+SVM Methods

Mouillot, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Can We Go Beyond Burned Area in the Assessment of Global Remote Sensing Products with Fire Patch Metrics?
* Global Burned Area Mapping From European Satellites: The Esa Fire_cci Project
* Regional Equivalent Water Thickness Modeling from Remote Sensing across a Tree Cover/LAI Gradient in Mediterranean Forests of Northern Tunisia
* Soil Drought Anomalies in MODIS GPP of a Mediterranean Broadleaved Evergreen Forest
Includes: Mouillot, F.[Florent] Mouillot, F.

Mouine, S.[Sofiene] Co Author Listing * Advanced shape context for plant species identification using leaf image retrieval
* Combining Leaf Salient Points and Leaf Contour Descriptions for Plant Species Recognition
* Plant species recognition using spatial correlation between the leaf margin and the leaf salient points

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