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Namdar, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Land use and land cover classification over a large area in Iran based on single date analysis of satellite imagery

Namdar, R.[Razieh] Co Author Listing * Climate Change and Vulnerability: The Case of MENA Countries

Namdari, S.[Soodabeh] Co Author Listing * Time Series of Remote Sensing Data for Interaction Analysis of the Vegetation Coverage and Dust Activity in the Middle East

Namdarpour, F.[Farnoosh] Co Author Listing * Using genetic programming on GPS trajectories for travel mode detection

Namdeo, A.[Anil] Co Author Listing * Investigation of older driver's takeover performance in highly automated vehicles in adverse weather conditions

Namdeo, V.[Varsha] Co Author Listing * effective detection of COVID-19 using adaptive dual-stage horse herd bidirectional long short-term memory framework, An

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