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Naphade, M. Co Author Listing * 2018 NVIDIA AI City Challenge, The
* 4th AI City Challenge, The
* 5th AI City Challenge, The
* 6th AI City Challenge, The
* 7th AI City Challenge, The
* CityFlow: A City-Scale Benchmark for Multi-Target Multi-Camera Vehicle Tracking and Re-Identification
* Classification of video events using 4-dimensional time-compressed motion features
* PAMTRI: Pose-Aware Multi-Task Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification Using Highly Randomized Synthetic Data
* Simulating Content Consistent Vehicle Datasets with Attribute Descent
Includes: Naphade, M. Naphade, M.[Milind]
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Naphade, M.R.[Milind R.] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Filtering and Browsing Utility of Automatic Semantic Concepts for Multimedia Retrieval
* Audio-Visual Event Detection using Duration Dependent Input Output Markov Models
* Co-Training Non-Robust Classifiers for Video Semantic Concept Detection
* Detecting Semantic Concepts Using Context and Audio/Visual Features
* Discovering recurrent events in video using unsupervised methods
* Exploring semantic dependencies for scalable concept detection
* factor graph framework for semantic indexing and retrieval in video, A
* factor graph framework for semantic video indexing, A
* Fade-in and fade-out temporal segments
* Generalized Multiple Instance Learning Algorithm for Iterative Distillation and Cross-Granular Propagation of Video Annotations, A
* Generalized Multiple Instance Learning Algorithm with Multiple Selection Strategies for Cross Granular Learning, A
* Greedy Performance Driven Algorithm for Decision Fusion Learning, A
* high-performance shot boundary detection algorithm using multiple cues, A
* Inferring Semantic Concepts for Video Indexing and Retrieval
* Interactive content-based retrieval of video
* Interactive search fusion methods for video database retrieval
* Learning regional semantic concepts from incomplete annotation
* Learning Sparse Multiple Cause Models
* Learning visual models of semantic concepts
* Method for content-based temporal segmentation of video
* Modeling semantic concepts to support query by keywords in video
* multi-modal system for the retrieval of semantic video events, A
* Multimedia Research Challenges for Industry
* Multimedia Understanding: Challenges in the New Millennium
* Normalized classifier fusion for semantic visual concept detection
* On supervision and statistical learning for semantic multimedia analysis
* Over-complete representation and fusion for semantic concept detection
* Probabilistic Framework for Semantic Indexing and Retrieval in Video, A
* Probabilistic multimedia objects (multijects): a novel approach to video indexing and retrieval in multimedia systems
* Recognizing High-level Audio-visual Concepts Using Context
* Semantic Indexing of Multimedia Content Using Visual, Audio, and Text Cues
* Semantic Video Indexing Using a Probabilistic Framework
* Semantics reinforcement and fusion learning for multimedia streams
* Semi-Supervised Cross Feature Learning for Semantic Concept Detection in Videos
* statistical modeling approach to content based video retrieval, A
* Statistical Techniques for Video Analysis and Searching
* Video texture indexing using spatio-temporal wavelets
* VideoAL: A novel end-to-end MPEG-7 video automatic labeling system
* Visual Concepts for News Story Tracking: Analyzing and Exploiting the NIST TRECVID Video Annotation Experiment
Includes: Naphade, M.R.[Milind R.] Naphade, M.R. Naphade, M.R.[Milind Ramesh]
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