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Narvaez, F.[Fabian] Co Author Listing * Quaternion-Based Method to IMU-to-Body Alignment for Gait Analysis, A
Includes: Narvaez, F.[Fabian] NarvŠez, F.[FabiŠn]

Narvekar, A.[Abhijit] Co Author Listing * Humans versus algorithms: Comparisons from the Face Recognition Vendor Test 2006

Narvekar, N.D.[Niranjan D.] Co Author Listing * H.264/SVC memory architecture supporting spatial and course-grained quality scalabilities, An
* No-Reference Image Blur Metric Based on the Cumulative Probability of Blur Detection (CPBD), A
Includes: Narvekar, N.D.[Niranjan D.] Narvekar, N.D.

Narvekar, P.S. Co Author Listing * Soil Moisture Retrieval Using L-Band Radar Observations

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