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Ngoc, C.S.N.[Chau Sang Nguyen] Co Author Listing * Realtime arbitrary-shaped template matching process
Includes: Ngoc, C.S.N.[Chau Sang Nguyen] Ngoc, C.S.N.[Chau-Sang Nguyen]

Ngoc, H.B.B.[Huy Binh Bui] Co Author Listing * Shape recognition based on a video and multi-sensor system
Includes: Ngoc, H.B.B.[Huy Binh Bui] Ngoc, H.B.B.[Huy-Binh Bui]

Ngoc, N.P.[Nam Pham] Co Author Listing * Bitrate adaptation for seamless on-demand video streaming over mobile networks
* HTTP/2 Push-Based Low-Delay Live Streaming Over Mobile Networks With Stream Termination
* Probabilistic Adaptation Method for HTTP Low-Delay Live Streaming over Mobile Networks, A
* Quality Improvement for Video On-Demand Streaming over HTTP
* Study on Quality Metrics for 360 Video Communications, A
* Terminal QoS for Real-Time 3-D Visualization Using Scalable MPEG-4 Coding

Ngoc, Q.N.[Quynh Nguyen] Co Author Listing * flexible tensor block coordinate ascent scheme for hypergraph matching, A

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