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Nikaido, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Phase-Based Image Registration Algorithm for Dental Radiograph Identification, A

Nikam, B.R. Co Author Listing * Climate and Lulc Change Scenarios To Study Its Impact On Hydrological Regime

Nikam, S.B.[Shankar Bhausaheb] Co Author Listing * Co-occurrence Probabilities And Wavelet-based Spoof Fingerprint Detection
* Curvelet-based fingerprint anti-spoofing
* Fingerprint Anti-Spoofing Using Ridgelet Transform
* Gabor Filter-Based Fingerprint Anti-spoofing

Nikam, V.P.[Virendra P.] Co Author Listing * Robust and Secure Transmission over Insecure Channel through Higher Level Bit Replacement

Nikan, S.[Soodeh] Co Author Listing * Human face recognition under occlusion using LBP and entropy weighted voting
* Local gradient-based illumination invariant face recognition using local phase quantisation and multi-resolution local binary pattern fusion
* modified technique for face recognition under degraded conditions, A

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