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Nougaret, J.L. Co Author Listing * Information Appliance Capable of Seamless Screen-display Atop Printed Matter: Towards Paper-anchored Hypertext and Multimedia, An

Nougrara, Z. Co Author Listing * Semi-automated Extraction of Retinal Blood Vessel Network with Bifurcation and Crossover Points

Nouguier, F. Co Author Listing * GO4 Model in Near-Nadir Microwave Scattering From the Sea Surface, The
* Nonlinear Ocean Wave Reconstruction Algorithms Based on Simulated Spatiotemporal Data Acquired by a Flash LIDAR Camera
* Onto a Skewness Approach to the Generalized Curvature Ocean Surface Scattering Model
* Sea Surface Kinematics From Near-Nadir Radar Measurements
* Sea Surface Microwave Scattering at Extreme Grazing Angle: Numerical Investigation of the Doppler Shift
* Sea Surface Radar Scattering at L-Band Based on Numerical Solution of Maxwell's Equations in 3-D (NMM3D)

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