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Ntalampiras, S. Co Author Listing * Modeling the Temporal Evolution of Acoustic Parameters for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Novel Holistic Modeling Approach for Generalized Sound Recognition, A
* Probabilistic Novelty Detection for Acoustic Surveillance Under Real-World Conditions
* PROMETHEUS: heterogeneous sensor database in support of research on human behavioral patterns in unrestricted environments
Includes: Ntalampiras, S. Ntalampiras, S.[Stavros]

Ntalianis, K.[Klimis] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised sports video particles annotation based on social latent semantic analysis
* Video abstraction in social media: Augmenting facebook's EdgeRank algorithm in video content presentation

Ntalianis, K.S.[Klimis S.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Multi-Agent Web Image and Associated Keywords Retrieval System, An
* automatic scheme for stereoscopic video object-based watermarking using qualified significant wavelet trees, An
* Automatic Videoconference Objects Watermarking Using Object Adapted Qualified Significant Wavelet Trees
* Chaotic Video Objects Encryption Based on Mixed Feedback, Multiresolution Decomposition and Time-Variant S-Boxes
* Efficient Summarization of Stereoscopic Video Sequences
* Implicit visual concept modeling in image/video annotation
* Non-sequential Video Structuring Based on Video Object Linking: An Efficient Tool for Video Browsing and Indexing
* On the Fly Semantic Annotation and Modelling of Multimedia
* Tube-embodied Gradient Vector Flow Fields for Unsupervised Video Object Plane (VOP) Segmentation
* Video object articulation using depth-based content segmentation approaches
* Video Object Watermarking Based on Moments
Includes: Ntalianis, K.S.[Klimis S.] Ntalianis, K.S.
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