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Onrubia Pintado, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Novel Pole Photogrammetric System for Low-Cost Documentation of Archaeological Sites: The Case Study of Cueva Pintada
* Sensor Fusion for 3d Archaeological Documentation and Reconstruction: Case Study of Cueva Pintada in Galdar, Gran Canaria
Includes: Onrubia Pintado, J.[Jorge] Onrubia-Pintado, J.[Jorge] Onrubia-Pintado, J.

Onrubia, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Experimental Evidence of Swell Signatures in Airborne L5/E5a GNSS-Reflectometry
* L-Band Vegetation Optical Depth Estimation Using Transmitted GNSS Signals: Application to GNSS-Reflectometry and Positioning
* Retrieval of Significant Wave Height and Mean Sea Surface Level Using the GNSS-R Interference Pattern Technique: Results From a Three-Month Field Campaign
* RFI Detection and Mitigation for Advanced Correlators in Interferometric Radiometers
* Satellite Cross-Talk Impact Analysis in Airborne Interferometric Global Navigation Satellite System-Reflectometry with the Microwave Interferometric Reflectometer
* Single-Pass Soil Moisture Retrieval Using GNSS-R at L1 and L5 Bands: Results from Airborne Experiment
* Wind Direction Signatures in GNSS-R Observables from Space
Includes: Onrubia, R.[Raul] Onrubia, R.
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Onrust, B. Co Author Listing * 3D Model Based Imdoor Navigation System for Hubei Provincial Museum, A

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